Mrs. Mary Houghton

F, #58231

Mary E. Houghton

F, #58232

Michael Houghton

M, #58233

Neil Houghton

M, #58234

Patrick Houghton

M, #58235

Patrick Houghton

M, #58236

Richard Houghton

M, #58237

Richard Houghton

M, #58238

Mrs. Rufus H. Houghton

F, #58239




Rufus H. Houghton b. c 1820, d. 1878
Marriage*Mrs. Rufus H. Houghton married Rufus H. Houghton

Mrs. Sarah A. Houghton

F, #58240

Stephen Houghton

M, #58241

Thomas Houghton

M, #58242

William E. Houghton

M, #58243, b. circa 1851


Birthcirca 1851MA, USA, age 69 in 1920 census
1920 Census1920Boston, Suffolk Co., MA, USA, age 69, paints salesman


Ellen (?) b. c 1869
Marriage*William E. Houghton married Ellen (?) 

Elizabeth (?)

F, #58244




Michael Houghton b. c 1873, d. b 1890
Marriage*Elizabeth (?) married Michael Houghton, son of James Houghton and Mary A. (?)

Frederick Houghton

M, #58245

George Houghton

M, #58246

Henry Houghton

M, #58247

James R. Houghton

M, #58248, b. February 1873


BirthFeb, 1873NY, USA, age 27 in 1900 census; age 40 in 1910 census; age 50 in 1920 census; age 72 in 1940 census
Marriagecirca 1893mar 7 years in 1900 census
1900 Census1900Manhattan, New York Co., NY, USA, age 27, book binder
1930 Census1930Lyndhurst, Bergen Co., NJ, USA, age 61, married, none


Margaret (?) b. Mar 1873
Marriage*James R. Houghton married Margaret (?) on circa 1893 mar 7 years in 1900 census. 

Vasconcellas Houghton

M, #58249

John J. Houghton

M, #58250, b. circa 1840, d. before 1888


Birthcirca 1840England, age 40 in 1880 census
Mil. Serv.Union Army, Comp D, 133rd NY Inf
1880 Census1880Kings (Brooklyn), NY City, NY, USA, age 40, a laborer
Deathbefore 1888Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA


Julia (?) b. Oct 1852
Marriage*John J. Houghton married Julia (?) 

Julia (?)

F, #58251, b. October 1852


BirthOct, 1852Ireland, age 30 in 1880 census; age 47 in 1900 census; age 55, NY, in 1910 census
1880 Census1880Kings (Brooklyn), NY City, NY, USA, age 40, a laborer
1900 Census1900Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA, age 47, widow; housekeeper; 9 births, 6 living;
1910 Census1910Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA, age 55, widow, 7 children born, 4 living


John J. Houghton b. c 1840, d. b 1888
Marriage*Julia (?) married John J. Houghton

Nathaniel T. Houghton

M, #58252

Peter Houghton

M, #58253

John R. Houghton

M, #58254, d. before 1888


Deathbefore 1888(wife a widow)


Susan (?)
Marriage*John R. Houghton married Susan (?) 

Susan (?)

F, #58255




John R. Houghton d. b 1888
Marriage*Susan (?) married John R. Houghton

Thomas F. Houghton

M, #58256, b. May 1841, d. 5 March 1913
Father*John Houghton
Mother*Catherine Deveraux b. c 1817

Notable Houghton

     Notable Houghton: American architect; designed 10 Catholic Churches in NY and MA.


BirthMay, 1841Ireland, age 39 in 1880 census; age 59 in 1900 census; age 68 in 1910 census
Mil. Serv.between 1861 and 1863NY, USA, US Navy; steward, NY & asst. paymaster 1864-1865; on North Carolina, Conneticut
Marriagecirca 1870mar 30 years in 1900 census
1880 Census1880Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA, age 39, architect
1900 Census1900Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA, age 59, architect; and Sarah Turner, niece, Jun 1875, 24, NY
1910 Census1910Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA, age 68, architect, own business; no children
DeathMar 5, 1913Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA
BurialHoly Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA


Mary E. Keely b. 1 Jan 1847, d. 28 Mar 1918
Marriage*Thomas F. Houghton married Mary E. Keely on circa 1870 mar 30 years in 1900 census. 

William J. Houghton

M, #58257

Dr. Levi Burr Houghton MD

M, #58258, b. 13 August 1853, d. 1 May 1909
Father*Orrin Houghton b. 29 Sep 1812, d. 3 Jan 1883
Mother*Louisa Burr b. c 1814, d. 30 Apr 1881


BirthAug 13, 1853Sidney, Delaware Co., NY, USA, age 4 in 1855 census; age 8 in 1860 census; age 18 in 1870 census; age 28 in 1880 census; Loren B. Houghton: Wellsbridge, NY;
also Sidney, Delaware Co., NY
1880 Census1880Otsego, Otsego Co., NY, USA, age 28, a student of Dr. James Cossaart
MarriageApr 27, 1903Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA
DeathMay 1, 1909Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA, at his home, 702 St. Mark's Ave; certif. 8485; age 56
BurialSylvan Lawn Cemetery, Greene, Chenago Co., NY, USA

Family 1

Kate Macdonald d. 21 Jul 1889
Marriage*Dr. Levi Burr Houghton MD married Kate Macdonald

Family 2

Eleanor Whitley b. 17 Mar 1872, d. 1940
Marriage*Dr. Levi Burr Houghton MD married Eleanor Whitley on Apr 27, 1903 at Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, USA

George H. Houghton

M, #58259

Lafayette Houghton Bunnell M.D.

M, #58260, b. 1824, d. 1903
Father*Dr. Bradley Bunnell b. 26 Jan 1784, d. 1856
Mother*Charlotte Houghton b. 19 Apr 1788, d. 1845


Birth1824Rochester, NY, USA
Mil. EnlsWI, USA, of the Mariposa Battalion, one of the discoverers of the Yosemite Valley; late surgeon 36th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers
Author1880Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, USA, Author:      Bunnell, Lafayette Houghton, 1824-1903.
Title:      Discovery of the Yosemite, and the Indian War of 1851, which led to that event / by Lafayette Houghton Bunnell.
Imprint:      Chicago : Fleming H. Revell, [1880]
Description:      331 p. : ill; 21 cm.

Discovery of the Yosemite and the Indian War of 1851 with led to that event, G.W. Gerlicher, 1911

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1880-1892, by L. H. BUNNELL,
In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

This reprint of the single most important original source regarding the early history of Yosemite Valley was long out of print. Written by the medical officer of the Mariposa Battalion, the first group of Euro-Americans ever to enter Yosemite Valley, the book chronicles a number of key historical events beginning in 1851 including discovery, the Yosemite Indian conflicts, the naming of various landmarks and more. And what makes it so valuable is Dr. Bunnell's first-person perspective.
Death1903Homer, MN, USA


Sarah H. Smith b. Mar 1824, d. 1902
Marriage*Lafayette Houghton Bunnell M.D. married Sarah H. Smith on 1859.