The Houghton/Haughton Surname Project

This is a genealogical site attempting to gather and distribute information on the descendants and ancestors of all the Houghton/ Haughton individuals and families who have immigrated to the United States from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and other countries.

It is also the largest world wide site for comparing Houghton lines from any country.

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The Houghton/Haughton Surname in the United States

The Houghton Surname Project is a genealogical research site dedicated to the Houghton/Haughton surname in the United States and to Houghton DNA lines throughout the world. It is an attempt to gather and distribute information on the descendants of Ralph and John Houghton of Lancaster, Massachusetts, John Houghton of New Jersey, and all Houghton/Haughton lines, who have immigrated to the United States. I am updating John Wesley Houghton's 1912 Houghton Genealogy for future publication.

The Houghton Project database currently has 86,000 Houghton/Haughton individuals and their spouses and descendants (45880 Houghton and 6881 Haughton surname individuals). If you are a Houghton or a Haughton descendant, please consider contributing your ancestry or descendancy. Any data submitted to the Houghton Project will be cited to the contributor in the final publication and the contributor will be noted on the website. If you need help with your Houghton/Haughton research, please contact me:

Email Dr. Charles J. Vella  

Send any Houghton/Haughton descendancy data you want to contribute to the Houghton Project (I can use Gedcom, TMG, FTM, PAF, Word/WordPerfect/Dos Text formats) to the above email address or use the input method below. I use The Master Genealogist V. 8 as my genealogy program.

Please use the following citation if you use data from this site: "Houghton Surname Project, compiled by Charles J. Vella, PhD"

About the Author: Why is a Vella researching Houghtons?

Origin of the Houghton Surname Project
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Genealogical Proof in the Current Houghton Database

Houghton Genealogical Proof

The Current Work:

Current Work in Houghton Project

Houghtons in the US Census 1790-1930

Houghton Surname in US Censuses 1790-1940

Houghton Bibliography: Sources and Census Data

Bibliography and Sources for the Houghton Surname Project

If a source is cited in the bibliography, then all the data in that source is currently in the Houghton Surname Project databast. As an example, all of the information in John Wesley Houghton's 1912 Houghton Genealogy is included in the database.

The Houghtons of Lancaster MA and the Hoghton Tower Hoghtons

The Theory of a Connection of the American Houghtons to the Hoghtons of Hoghton Tower of Preston, England

Conclusion: Despite many historical theories, there is no current genealogically valid evidence for any known English ancestry for either John Houghton or Ralph Houghton of Lancaster, MA.

Anyone claiming such a connection is invited to send valid genealogical evidence.

The Early Houghtons

The Earliest Houghton Immigrants to America


A listing of the earliest Houghton/Haughton immigrants to America

Notable Houghtons/Haughtons

A selection of notable Houghtons — The famous, infamous, and some just interesting

Notable Houghtons

John Houghton of Lancaster Ma (~1624-1684)

Ralph Houghton of Lancaster MA (~1624-1705 

The History of Houghton/Haughton Research

A History of Houghton Research

A brief listing of all prior Houghton researchers

Houghton Surname Geographic Distribution

Houghton Surname Geographic Distribution

A listing of the number of Houghton surname individuals throughout the world


 Houghton Documents in the Possession of Dr. Charles J. Vella

Houghton Documents

I will research anything in these documents if requested.

Join the world wide Houghton/Haughton DNA Database

The Houghton/Haughton DNA Project

FamilyTree DNA


Current Number of Dna Volunteers: Eighty-eight  Contributors


Houghton DNA Results


Confirmed Houghton DNA Lines

Houghton Icons

 Icons Used in this database to identify different Houghton/Haughton Lines

 Houghton Lineage Icons

Houghton Database Indexes

Houghton Database Indexes

Major Houghton genealogies (descendants are marked by colored icons in the actual Surname Index).

Clicking any surname in blue in any index will transfer you to their descendants or ancestors.

Master Index 

Surname Index

Master Place Index

Search the Houghton Database

Search for any name in the Houghton Database (names in quotes are more specifically searched).
Once a page is found, clicking on a blue highlighted name takes you to that name.

Search the Houghton Database by specific name

Other Indexes

Houghtons in the Military

Slave Holding Houghtons & Haughtons

African American Houghtons & Haughtons

Native American Houghtons

Houghton DNA Project Volunteers

Contributors to the Houghton Project

Correspondents to the Houghton Project

Descendancy Charts

Descendancy Chart of Ralph Houghton of Lancaster MA

Descendancy Chart of John Houghton of Lancaster MA

Descendancy Chart of John Houghton of New Jersey

Descendancy Chart of Elijah Houghton of Virginia

Submission of New Information to Houghton Surname Project

Submission of New Houghton Information

Houghton Surname Web Links

Houghton Surname Web Links

Houghton List Server on Rootsweb

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HOUGHTON-L- [email protected]

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You will receive a Welcome message providing full details for sending messages to this group.

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