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Purpose and Focus of this site





Hello there,   this site has been created to help promote and bring a group of people back together to help heal wounds and create laughter out of tears, happiness from pain, bring closure and facilitate communication.    

Instead of leaving the seeds of bitterness, disorientation and destruction where they were placed in people's lives.  Its time we restored that sense of, Mishpaha as this Jewish word for family denotes,  and not as the spirit of it was previously so covertly used to malign for personal gain. 

I won't go into a lot of details here...for that, I've created a more secure closed group for discussion  and to keep things more personable than this public accessible area.  See the links.  :)


    I  recently got a last minute phone call about a birthday party for a long time friend, so I went.  I was pleasantly surprised to see faces at that birthday party that I hadn't seen in a very long time.  A comment was made at that birthday party by this friend.   He mentioned that it would be nice to 'go visit' at 'The Garden's'.  After exchanging contact information and chatting a while, we departed.  

This reunion of sorts got me to thinking and remembering.  Well, conversations continued in the weeks ahead and one person mentioned the difficult feelings they had in returning to the place we remember as 'the Garden's' for a conference, and then the peace they gained from the Creator after having done so.  Others have mentioned a desire to be involved in any gathering that might take place.    So, I decided to create a little website, a possibly way to begin a process of 'getting in touch', so to speak.

    If you were once part of this 'Mishpaha' from The Garden's, I'd like to encourage you to take that first step and  help me create an active network for ongoing communication, support,  and for no other reason than to get back in touch.  There are plenty of people that I would love to hear from again and see their smiling faces, and I suspect there are others who feel the same way,....and think about this for second:  

Why not triumph over the ugly legacy of memories and destroyed lives that we were left with.  Own the good, but release the bad that might be all bottled up inside and not accept the gift that was handed to us.  If you have been able to work past this.....good.  I thought I had, until events brought out feelings that I'd forgotten and buried.  Not good stuff for the soul!  How about those who haven't? How about those long lost friendships?  These 'things' that were buried within only serve to fester, to cause problems in our lives, depression, and the like.... 


    I have a friend that I haven't seen since I was between 18 and 21.  She said something to me then,  wise words to the effect, " Ignoring a problem won't make it go away.  You have to work through it...It must be dealt with.." 

    She was right, her words have stayed with me through the military and life.  She also gave me a little mirror on a wooden base.  It has a picture of a tree on a shoreline with a sailboat out on the water.  I still have it.  On this mirror is written 'PRAY WITHOUT CEASING' 1 Thess. 5:17.   And my prayers are continually with you.

    Our sailboats are out on the waters of life, but we can still keep them connected to each other through prayer, a phone call and even an email every once in a while.  Maybe even have a barbeque someplace and call it a reunion or something, any excuse for good food and a little jewish music.  I had to throw that in. :)


I know  this is only a simple little site, but I hope it will suit the purpose of being a catalyst.  It has only just recently been put together....other additions may be added later.


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