The House of Burnett

The House of Burnett

Chief, James C. A. Burnett of Leys, Banchory, Scotland

Welcome to the House of Burnett's website!

This website is for all those of the name of BURNETT (or variant spellings... see below)**, its origins in Great Britain (Scotland in particular), and its history and traditions wherever in the world the family traveled.
The Burnett family is one of the most illustrious of Scottish families, with a history going back to before the Norman Conquest, an ancient coat-of-arms and a record of many distinguished members in the church, in letters, in the law and in the military.
On these pages you will find a brief history of the family, as well as numerous other Burnett "accoutrements".
**Variant spellings of the name include but are not limited to the following: Burnett, Burnet, Burnette, Bernat, Burnat, Bernet, Burnap, Burnard, Barnard, Barnett, Barnette, Barnet, Bornet, Bornat, Mac Burnet and etc.

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Click on the links to the pages you wish to see.....explore them all! If you have genealogical queries please send an email to our genealogist Mike Burnett at:  [email protected].  Please give as much information as you have as to dates and locations, etc. He will get back to you as soon as possible. We will have a separate page for genealogical queries in the near future. 


Burnett Census Records

The House of Burnett has a few United States Census Records of Burnetts which have now been added to the website.  Many thanks go to Nettie Phillips who provided the records...she spent countless hours transcribing them and wishes to share her research with others.  If you have transcribed census records or other records (marriage, birth, death, etc.) of Burnetts for any area in the world not as yet listed on the site, the House of Burnett welcomes their inclusion on this site.  Please email the House of Burnett for more information.

To view a list of the current Burnett census records on the House of Burnett website, please click here.

Some great links to other pages

The first link is to the home page of one of the preeminent Burnett genealogists around, June Baldwin Bork. Lots of good stuff. There are also a number of general genealogy links and links to Scottish pages as well as links to other Burnett websites. Check them out!!!


A "lightened" example of the Burnett of Leys tartan (modern colors) is used as the background on the pages of the House of Burnett's website

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