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This section is in development !!!!

In the United States and elsewhere carnivals,fairs..regional or local still exist. They usually have ONE time per year they operate. Some might host other attractions throughout the year. (such as State Fairs)

This website has a desire to index past known Amusement Parks. Ones still operating are included because they are so few. On many occasions one might say...IGNORE anything that might be a one week affair,etc? I run accross some antique postcards and photo's of fairs,carnivals,etc. at times. I observe some modern pictures of such. So I will reserve this section for Carnivals,Fairs,etc.

There are and were probably MILLIONS of such. In trying to define an Amusement Park its even very difficult as almost every place has had amusement rides set up at one time or another. Urban Parks? Traveling Fairs and Carnivals? The Amusement Park section includes some places that should perhaps be in this section.

This section will be my 'no effort' section. I might throw a few things in here off and on BUT I AM NOT MAKING ANY EFFORT TO COVER THIS SUBJECT EXCEPT PERHAPS A FEW ENTRIES. My life would not be long enough to index these. The website host would not have the room to fit the subject. It might make an interesting subject on a STATE BY STATE basis with somebody dealing with ONE state. As of now I'm trying to construct a site with indexing of past Amusement Parks which in itself could take a lifetime digging up information.

Park Name City
Schenevus Park Schenevus,NY

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