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COPYRIGHT:Everything on this Site is under Copyright. This site is non-profit,educational,non-commercial. This site involves HISTORY. As in writing a book SOURCES must be used. I attempt to credit any source where its known and possible. (for example I have decades of photocopies..the source?) If there is any objection as to ownership of anything on this site please Email webmaster with some proof. Just because you copied something from a 1909 book you don't own the information that anybody can get from the same book,etc.

I have information sent to me all the time including photo's/images. I do not know the ownership at times nor have the ability to know such.

This website exists under FAIR USE clauses of Copyright Law as written by Congress.---- not some websurfer's opinion on such matters.

I make no money from this hobby effort. As of now it's a HOBBY. I really don't care if information from this site is used elsewhere but if somebpdy spent 37 years constructing something happiness is having people just duplicate the whole site?

Furthur...I welcome all submissions. Anybody have any old information or pictures they are willing to submit? You get full credit.

THIS IS SUPPOSSED TO BE FUN but when it comes to HISTORY it often turns into a nightmare vs. those that wish to make history commercial. Only they have the right to post history to the web? They own the 'History of Rootsweb'? (just an example)

Read the Copyright language on some websites these days. Although court decisions are rendered all the time nothing has changed in Copyright Law in the last few years. Where do people get some of these legal facts? --- it is Violation of Copyright Law,etc.etc. to save anything you see on a web page in your computer,etc.etc. If they don't know it everything viewed with your computer is saved in your computer if it be TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES. Maybe in index.dat's? Never to be deleted? The recent laws were pushed by the music industry and motion picture industry and some don't know the difference between viewing a web page and 'downloading'. The difference?


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