Fort Mitchell Alabama, Creek Indians, Trail of Tears, War of 1812, Georgia Militia, Cantey, Crowell and Whitaker Cemetery

Fort Mitchell Alabama

Fort Mitchell Historical Marker

This Page is devoted to the men who served at Ft. Mitchell and the Southern Indian Tribes who once called this area their home. Click on a photo below to view.

The reason I created this page is to share some photos of Ft. Mitchell with others. My 3x Grandfather was a war of 1812 veteran, who I have since discovered did not serve at Ft. Mitchell. This is where my interest in War of 1812 sites began. Being a native of Eufaula Al and living in Atlanta I pass by this site often.

The Fort Mitchell site is very interesting. It consist of the old fort site where a reconstruction is under way. Very close by is the old burial ground dating back to the earliest occupation of the fort (1813). The only marked graves are pictured below.Adjoining it is the Creek Indian Memorial site which overlooks an Indian ballground site.

Also within the park is the Cantey Family cemetery. A national Cemetery is also located adjacent to the park site.

I won't go into the history of Ft. Mitchell as there are several excellent site's listed at the bottom of this page.

Entrance to Ft. Mitchell, Fort Reproduction and Crowell-Whitaker Cabin.

Entrance to Ft. Mitchell

Fort Mitchell Reproduction


National Historical Landmark

Crowell - Whitaker Cabin

Crowell Cabin Marker

Marked burials adjacent to Old fort.

Tom Carr Headstone

Timpoochee Barnard

Bob Walton Headstone

John Ward Headstone

Mcgillivray Headstone

Creek Indian Memorial site and old Ballground.

Trail of Tears Marker

Square Ground Marker

Origins Marker

Indian Story

Indian Monument

Monument Closeup

Tribe Census Marker

1832 Census

Census Summary

Indian Ball Ground Marker

Ball Ground Overlook

John Crowell Historical Marker

John Crowell Marker

Cantey Family Cemetery - Fort Mitchell Alabama

Go To Cantey Cemetery Photo Page

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