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Alojs Pecuh

M, b. 26 August 1899, d. February 1965
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Birth*26 August 1899Alojs Pecuh was born on 26 August 1899.1 
He was the son of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Death*February 1965Alojs Pecuh died in February 1965 at Slovenia at age 65.2,3 
Name Variation Alojs Pecuh was also known as Lojzek Pecuh. 
Name Variation Alojs Pecuh was also known as Alojzij Pecuh.1 
Name Variation1965 As of 1965, Alojs Pecuh was also known as Alozj Pecuhovi Pecohovi is the plural version of the surname so the name an the stone indicated "Pecuhs" are buried there.2 


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Amalija Pecuh

F, b. 5 May 1908, d. 16 March 1992
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Birth*5 May 1908Amalija Pecuh was born on 5 May 1908.1,2 
She was the daughter of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Marriage*circa 1930Amalija Pecuh married Joze Kovac circa 1930 at Slovenia (Austria).3 
Death*16 March 1992Amalija Pecuh died on 16 March 1992 at Slovenia at age 83.3,2 
Nickname Amalija Pecuh also went by the name of Malika Pecuh.1 
Married Namecirca 1930 As of circa 1930,her married name was Kovac.3 


Joze Kovac b. 1907, d. 1965


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Amilja Pecuh

F, b. 1 March 1901, d. 21 January 1989
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Birth*1 March 1901Amilja Pecuh was born on 1 March 1901.1 
She was the daughter of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Birth1 May 1901Amilja Pecuh was born on 1 May 1901 at Slovenia.2 
Death*21 January 1989She died on 21 January 1989 at Slovenia at age 87.2 
Name Variation Amilja Pecuh was also known as Milika.2 
Nickname Amilja Pecuh also went by the name of Millika. 


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Antonia Pecuh

F, b. 3 April 1898, d. 31 January 1982
Antonia Mahnich at wedding of Carole Mrak and Robert T. Howey 11 August 1979.
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Birth*3 April 1898Antonia Pecuh was born on 3 April 1898 at Bucecovci, Križevci pri Ljutomeru, Prlekija, Stajerska, Austria (now Slovenia).1,2,3 
She was the daughter of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Marriage*15 September 1923Antonia Pecuh married Anton Mahnich, son of Josef Mahnich and Josephine (?), on 15 September 1923 at St. Michael's R. C. Church (Sacred Heart RC Hungarian Church), Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.1,4,5,2,6 
Death*31 January 1982Antonia Pecuh died on 31 January 1982 at Zebrugg Memorial Hospital, Riverside, Riverside Twp., Burlington Co., New Jersey, at age 83.7,8,3 
Burial*circa 4 February 1982She was buried circa 4 February 1982 at New Cathedral Cemetery, Front & Erie Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.9
NoteFamily was in Bucecovci, Prlekija. There is no church in Bucecovci. Church family attended was probably in Krizevci according to Frank Pajkurich. 
Residencebefore 27 November 1920She lived before 27 November 1920 at Ljutomer, Prlekija, Slovenia.2 
Immigration*27 November 1920She immigrated on 27 November 1920 to Ellis Island, New York, New York; Passenger Record: Pecuh, Antonija, Ethnicity: Yugo-Slav., Place of Residence: Sloverine, Yugo-Slav., Date of Arrival: 27 Nov 1920, Age on Arrival: 22y, Gender: F, Marital status: S, Ship of Travel: Rochambeau, Port of Departure: Le Havre, Seine-Inferior, France

Page images include mother Mathilde Peonk, destination Philadelphia, PA, in possession of $10. Going to visit cousin Franz Heiger (or Heigen) of 1718 Harvard? St., Phila. Antonija does not intend to return to her country of origin and intends to become a citizen. Handwritten notes list authy file 99342/247 9/7/35 (is this application for citizenship?). Height is listed at 5'7". Departed LeHavre 16th Nov.10,11 
Immigration27 November 1920She immigrated on 27 November 1920 to Ellis Island, New York, New York, USA; According to Carole Mrak Howey, her grandmother Antonija Pecuh told her that she was on Ellis Island for 3 days. They were not calling out her name properly and she did not recognize that she was being called for processing. This may explain some of the markings on the ships manifest that look like a name was crossed out and the name "Antonija Pecuh" was written in later.12 
Name Variation27 November 1920 As of 27 November 1920, Antonia Pecuh was also known as Antonija Pecuh.10 
Married Name15 September 1923 As of 15 September 1923,her married name was Mahnich.1 
Naturalization4 December 1935She was naturalized on 4 December 1935 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Petition for naturalization.2 
Residence*11 March 1936She lived on 11 March 1936 at 2671 Aramingo Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.13 
Naturalization*11 March 1936She was naturalized on 11 March 1936 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; oath of allegiance.14,15 
Residence*27 April 1942She and Anton Mahnich lived on 27 April 1942 at 6246 Brous Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.16 
Event-Misc*between 6 June 1956 and 26 June 1956Antonia Pecuh was wrote an account of her trip to Europe by ship 1956.
On The Atlantic Ocean
An account of a traveller
(Transcribed verbatim from handwritten notes by Antonia Pecuh Mahnich by
Carole Mrak Howey, January/February 1997)

Dear Children,     

     Just to let you know, that I am feeling fine, and I am enjoying my trip very much. The ocean is calm, just like if you were riding on the table. I slept all night trough. Only one thing happen to me and I am very happy that I was lucky enough, that I discovered it before it wen trough, at about 10:30 I went down to the dining room with my lady friends to get some water, and when we sat down and start talking, that lady Lucija that works on board the ship, come over to me and ask me from where I am coming. Than I said from Phila, and than she ask me if I know a Sam Bosolin, and I said yes and she said that he told her to take good care for me and than we keep on talking and one of the officers overheard that I came from Philadephia and than he ask me what is my name and when I told him he was so happy, he said they had been looking for me all over ship, and they where just going to send a cablegram to Phila., to find out if I left or not. Just imagine what could happen if you heard that I wasnt on the boat, when you was so sure that you left me there, thank the good lord, they find me before it reach you. I am feeling fine an am having a wonderfull time with everybody it is just like a big family. Last night we have for supper, roast veal, mjoki, rice with peas, salata and very good bread coofe and a orange. This morning for breakfast (6/6) I have coofe two eggs butter and bread. Everybody seems to be enjoying the trip. For dinner we have soup, veal cutlets, french fries, salad, coffee and torte, 3 PM we have tea and cookies, for super again, Salami and ham, then we have roast beef, mashed potatoes and string beans coffe and bread, after we went up on deck and we hear somebody singin and we all join them and they bring harmonica and everybody was having a good time. About 10:30 I went to sleep and I didn't sleep to good, because I sleept in the afternoon for about two hours.

7/6 (6/7)

Get up about 6:45 about 7 a.m. the bell was ringing time to go and get breakfast. The breakfast: two soft boiled eggs couffe bread butter and marmaled and butter. After breakfast we went on the deck and have again singing and fun. Twelfe o clock dinner, soup very delicious egg omelet, roast chicken roast potatos cole slaw soup [underlined in red pencil] coaffe and puding very delicious, they have a wonderfull cook. I am afraid when I get home I will be so fat that nothing want fit me. This afternoon I want go to sleep so I could sleep beter at night. The wheater is real nice everybody is on the deck. Super consist of spageti with sauce, calemari, cucumber and tomato salad, coffee, cake butter and bread all you wanted. I seat by table number one right next to the kitchen and Lucija always comes and ask me if I need more or how I am feeling, she is real nice. Every night we have something new, there are two guys with harmonica and is plenty singing we play canasta also. There is real fine yung felow 20 years old, he was in Chicago for 6 months learning aviation and now he is going home to Zagreb.

8/6/56 (6/8/56)

Last night I sleept very well all night. Everything was fine all night, and this morning we have rain and the ocean is a little rough, but nothing much. I hope that will stay like that. Tea at 3 o clock, Super we have, soup, roast pork, potatos, salad califlower, cooffee bread and butter. After super we stay in lounging room I played canasta for a while, than we start singing and haveing fun. About 11:30 went to sleep.


Get up 6 o clock in the morning get washed and dressed. 7. o clock breakfast cooffe, salami, bread marmalade, butter, all you want to get. For dinner we have soup, boiled beef (soup meat) curley cabbage fried potatos, stewed tomatos, bread, very good desert, also red dalmatian vine, the couple I seat with at the same table and me we get togheter and get a bottle off vine for one dolar, this we have for 3 days with our meals. At 3. oclock we have tea and cookies. The weather today is beutiful and the ocean as calm as water in a dishpan, everybody is having a good time and enjoying the sun. Today I meet Mr. & Mrs. Pesoli and their daughter they are going back to old country from New York. They know bozo, Frank, Paoletich and all their families also Ned and Anita a very nice couple. We are now just half way to Casablanca. How are little Franki Tony and my sweet little Carole are they mising me I am mising them very much I hope everybody is fine and dandy as I am myself until now. Super tonight consist of soup, veal tender, brocoli, french fries, salata,black cooffee, butter bread desert we have a big pear. After super we vent out for fresh air until 8:30 than I went to play canasta until 11. oclock after that everybody come together and we where singing, dancing and have music, harmonica, guitar and a drum that lasted until about 2:30 oclock. After that I took shower and went to bed.

10/6/56 (6/10/56)
I rise at 6:15 get washed and dressed than I went out for fresh air, the wheather is beautiful and the ocean verry calm you don't even notice being on the ship. Breakfast at 7:30. Coofee butter, bread, marmalade and svicer cheese, after breakfast out on deck again for a little exercise. Today I meet a real nice couple from Philadelphia. They live out their where is Beatrice Flowers in Brron Mar and to my surprise he is Slovenian Mr. Pogacar and she is Irish verry nice couple, they are both born in Cleveland and he talk Slovenian real nice, she know just a few words, he is an enginer and she social worker they both have college education. They will leave ship in Genova and than they will travel by auto, they have all the arangements with triple AAA. They ask me to go with them, but I can on account of my bagege. They will look me up in Zagreb or Maribor. They are staying for 6 weeks and will leave by aeroplane. The time is going so fast, right now I hear the bell ringing which mean that is time for dinner. We have first sliced boiled ham a sweet pivckle, than soup, roast chicken, roast potatos fried eggplant, ice cream coffee. Dinner is over now for some excersise pr going for a nap. Every day I meet more new people just now I meet a men from W.VA. he is a member of SNPJ also all his family by the name Mr. Perkovich. I was really verry impressed when he was telling me when he left old country and his living in the United States. We have tea at 3 oclock, than we play a little piacle, at about 5:30 went out and spied far far away another ship, everybody seems to be verry happy to see somebody else on the big wide open ocean, untill now we met 4 ships. For super last night we have soup, steak, mashed potatos, salata, boiled strudel filled with meat verry delicious, bread butter cooffe and orange. After super went up on the deck in a little while somebody tap me on my shoulder and here was my spanish lady friend a verry nice person and she said to me kosce vola plaja di canasta si ha, and I said bona signora me plaja canasta and her answering to me a ki swe bona signora mia gracia. On our way to the lounging room we met Mr. Pezoli Captain of the Adriatic Seabord then we got him to play canasta and than we met a young student from Suscek by the name Ivan and he went and play with us, me and spanjolka won 3 games Ivan and Captain Pesoli one game. At 11:30 went to sleep. The wheater still is beutifull. Last night I saw another ship far far away.

Monday morning get up at 6:45 got washed and dressed, than I went in to next room to see my friend Tonika from DuBois Pa. and another by the name Anika she is from Greenville Pa. and still two more from Chicago one was Matilda and the other Franka, at 7:30 we went for breakfast coaffe salami bread butter and marmalade, after breakfast we went out on the deck there I meet Mr. and Mrs. Pogacar a very nice couple, than we sat down and we have a nice conversation about different things in old country and we where admiring the beutiful ocean and a rainbow around the sun it look so beutiful, that you can not turn away. We have to use a blanket to cover ourselves it was verry breese. 12 oclock down for dinner the menu was soup, roast veal with filling, fried potatos, string beans with tomatos for desert was puding, coaffee after dinner out again for fresh air and in a little while I went down to play canasta with Mr. Perkovich, Spanjalke [probably that Spanish woman referred to previously] Mr. Paul from Misouri and myself. Me and Spanjalke won 2 games. After the canasta for tea and cookies then again to play a game of canasta at 6:15 super time, macaroni with gravie, fried fish, cucumber salad cole slaw and green peppers, bananas and coffee. After souper again we went out on the deck and have some fun with different people and a little excersise (new page) the deck, than it stardet to get cool then I went down to the lounging room. On the way down I met Spanjalka and she ask if I wanted to play canasta and I reply she signora, then we got Mr. Perkovich and Mr. Paul a nice old gentleman from St. Louis Misuori, now we trow the cards to find how will be to partners. Spanjalka and Mr. Petrovich and Mr. Paul and me. Until today I had such a luck on the canasta that they started to call me canasta champion. As I find out so far most off the people is going to Zagreb off the first stop is Zagreb. After the canasta game I have a nice chat with the two gentlemen Mr. Paul and another from San Francisco from wich I didnt get his name, they are both retired one is a bulding contraktor and the other is on goverment pension. He worked for goverment for 39 years. He told me he gets 150.00 a month pension. After that we all retire for the night.

12/6/56 (6/12/56)

Tuesday morning. The first this morning I heard that we may arrive by tomorrow to Casablanca. The weather outside this morning is a little cool. For breakfast I have coaffee one scrambled egg buter and bread after that I went out on deck and it was verry breese outside. I stayed out for about 1 hour and half than I went back to the lounging room where I met again Mr. & Mrs. Pogacor from Brn Mar PA. Have a little chat with them than they called me to go and play canasta with Mr & Mrs. Pezelj from Kostrena and little Ivan. Than the bell ring for dinner, now I wont explain anymore what we have, because is about the thing as the previous week, maybe now and than a little change. Today is really cold outside, real strong cold winds, everybody seems to love to stay inside. After super again canasta game, and after a lttle later I started to feel sick in the stomach and I had headache so I wen and took two aspiring tablets and than I took a tablet for my stomach, and than in about 5 oclock in the morning (13/6) I get up to make a trip to the washroom and I.....after that I still feel sick, and didn't get no breakfast, for dinner I had a little soup. The ocean today is rough but fortunate the boat dont rock much, only we have a few persons sick with a cold, otherwise everything is under control. Everybody is asking when do we get to Casablanca, just now I heard that we will arrive today at about 5 oclock in the afternoon. The water is still rough Last night I slept wonderfull and am feeling fine. Today (14/6/56) I have my breakfast, but nothing much, only a cup of coffee. Well I am happy because at least we will reach Casablanca today as they said, then wi will spend 2 if not 3 days there and after that wi will continue for Africa Tangiers. Well at last we reach Casablanca, everybody was happy, when we saw land and at last the beutifull city Casablanca. We arrive at 6. oclock. Then we got anchored outside and the next morning we pull into a port. One really has to be right here and see for himself, how much uncivilized people are still around. No matter, how much somebody would tell you and tried to describe it still wouldnt be enough, butt you have to see for yourself. After breakfast first thing in the morning I wanted to go to the ship "Crna Gora" which was docked in next pier from our ship I said to my friends I like to go and find out, maybe my daughter mother in law is on there, and of course everybody was willing to go along. Nobody can go out by himself, because of those natives. When we got to Crna Gora we meet lots of friends, but there was no Mrs. Pajkurich. After our return to our ship, we have our dinner, and than we got togheter and said we will go into City of Casablanca sideseeing and get some postal cards to send to our families and friends. We walked quite a distance from the "Hrvatska" and oh boy what can you all see is really unbelievable, the natives are all around right on bare floor and sleeping, dirty unclean oh my you wonder and think to yourself, how lucky you are that you aint one of them. When we reach the gates, there where African French soldiers and we told they are going to stop us for passport, but they didnt we continue on and we could see from far a U.S.S. Club for American soldiers and seamens. Wee walked in and ask if somebody tralked English Americano, there was a sales girl selling postal cards and all kinds souvenirs. So we bought some cards and stamps, than we sat down to wright them and mail them. This was a lovely place, they have a jutebox and they where playiong the yellow rose from texas and right you get homesick. From there we continue are walk in to the city, but the first day we didnt see much and we walked back to Hrvatska, we got back in time for super. After super I hear somebody calling Teta Tonicka and there was Mr. & Mrs. Pogacar and said to me we just have a new friend a Slovenec from Broklyn his name was Mr. Obresa and he is second mate on a American ship. And than we really where singing Slovenian songs. After he left our ship I went to sleep, and sleep where good, butt I was a little afraid of those natives because they told, that they would steal the watch of your waist, while they where working on the ship, they told us to keep are doors and windows locked.

Saturday 6/16/56

     Saturday morning I wanted to go and see some more of the city, because I was told, how beutiful it is. Many of them said that they wanted to go, butt nobody seems to be ready and then and gentleman from California come to me and ask me if I wanted to go to the city, and I said of course I would love to go if I have company. So he said okey than lets go and I bet we walked for about 3 1/2 hours, and wee really did see some beutifull city, if I didnt see with my own eyes I would never belived. I will tell you all about when I see you on my return home. After we return from the city it was time for dinner, after dinner we went again visiting on another Yugoslav ship, S. S. Pula, which docked right next to us in meanwhile when wee went to the city. On this ship I again meet a Slovenian from near by Mribor. When wee started to talked he asked me where I am coming from U.S.A. and when I told him from Philadelphia PA He asked if I live somewhere near by Pichmond and when I told him, yes, he asked me if I know a Slovenian by the name Frank Rak, and from than on we really have plenty to talk about. He asked if I see F. Rak to tell him, that he meett mee, his name was Ivan I forgot the last name. The trip is really verry ineresting. When I parted with my Spoanish lady friend from casablanca we kissed and say goodby and tears come to both of us. I believe if she stayed on for the rest of the trip I would learn spanish.

Sunday 17/6/56 (6/17/56)

     Today is Sunday morning, the crew worked all night loading in order to finish the cargo and we pulled out from casablanca at 6 A.M. Now we are due in Tangiers tonight at 6.P.M. The trip so far is really like a miracle it is unbeliveble, that a ship like this go so smooth I dont think there is one person sea sick yet. Well we are continueing are trip to Tangiers Africa, right outside of Casablanca we have verry heavy fog they have to blow the whistle all the while and they have to travel by radar, thank god this didnt last to long I say for about 1 1/2 hour and after that we have verry beutifull wheather everybody was outside on the deck and then in about 1 oclock wee started to see shore again far away and wee where getting closer and closer to the shore than I would say where traveling for about 3 hours right along the shore, oh what beutifull sights, and wee see so many fish jumping in the ocean following the shipp and here wee really did see lots of fisherman. Well wee arive to Tangiers 6. oclock and when we where getting close there was allready another cargo ship from Yugoslavia the name was Dinara and than come Mrs. Pezel to me and asked me if I know Captain Mate Kovaievic. I said yes, than she told me he was on Dinara. So we meet again, he is a reall nice person. When we got to Tangiers we have to wait for about 1/2 hour before we could go to the pier, Dinara was suposed to be first, but they gave us the chance, because we have pasengers. Before we docked the natives got on board the ship selling souveniers, but seems to me that those people here in Tangiers are much more civilised than they where in Casablanca.

Monday, 18/6/56 (6/18/56)

     This morning I get up before 5 oclock than I took shower and got myself all ready to go after the breakfast and than in to the city of Tangiers to explore the civilisation off Tangiers. We went in a group off 7 and we got ourself a guid, to show us the places of interest. The guid happens to be a seventeen year old Arabian boy which in 1951 stowaway with Yugoslav ship to Rijeka, and he remained there for 5-6 months and in that time he learned how to speak English. He asked if we wish to go up to the castle where Sultan lives or was he living with his 30 wifes. So we started to walk up to that castle, but soon after that we where sorry, because of what we saw on our way up it really was something. Why? [underlined twice in red pencil, red questionmark] as you know is pretty strong, butt I almost havew to give up, because off what you see there is something, that I will never be able to describe, butt you really have to be there and see it for yourself. But as we say in America I dont want to be a chicken so we continue even if we have one much older lady with us than myself, we have to keep waiting for her because it was verry steep and such a small and narrow alleys and so many natives, that it was hard to pass by, butt with some efforts and a little courage we finally reach the castle, butt all the while I have to keep my nose, because the smell from the natives was such I belive they dont know what a toilet is. When we reach the castle there we got another guid which took us all over the castle and was explaining to us all about where Sultan and his wives where taking bath and where Napoleon was and we saw a 419 year old grave from an infant. The Castle by itself is 439 years old and all the work in there was made by the slaves, he explain to us all the history about Sultan his marriages and his wives trouseu [underlined once in red pencil], and I must say I wasnt sorry I made that journey up there. While we where walking up we here in one place some children chirpen and we ask what they where doing there siting on the floor in a dark room without light with a piece of paper in hand and he told us, that this kindergarden. Continuing back home or to the ship which is my home now until I reach Rijeka, everything made bad impression on me. When I got back to the ship I was telling them what I saw and they wouldnt belive me, because they where in the latest modern city, where all or most of the rich lives, so it was hard to belive or to explain. (So the next day I made mine mind up and said I have to go and see the new city of Tangier.)

Tuesday 19/6/56 (6/19/56)

     This morning I went in company off to elder gentlemen and we went to the new part of Tangiers. Well after that I got much better impression. Here are only the little better standing people and off course most off the England, U.S.A. and French Capitol, the city is beutiful and plenty of everything, on the marked one could find anything he want. After our return back to the ship we started preparing to leave Tangier Africa. I saw them putting on the ship huge verry big fish must more 300-500 lb big this was for Gibraldor. We left Tanger-Africa 6 P.M. and we arrive to Gibraltar at 9 P.M. Than we left the anchor down and waited for Pilto and Dr. After their arrival we where told that we have to wait until next morning to unload. I went to bed about 11 P.M. and slept verry good.

Wednesday 20/6/56 (6/20/56)

     This morning I get up at 5 oclock wich I told, this was the right time, butt later I fund out it was 1 hour latter, and that we have European time. I belive we will leave Gibraltor around 12 A.M. or 1 A.M. Yesterday we have verry high winds, butt didnt do any harm to us so far all the sailing was verry verry smooth. 20/6/56
     As I said we left Gibraltor excatly at 1. P.M. and while we where going for about 20 hours until next morning about 9 oclock I noticed seating on the deck a suden change in our course, before we where going striaght line and then I noticed that sun was dissapearing from our deck. Than I went on the other side off the deck and I noticed a big curve on the ocean. In about one hour one off the officers came around and told all the people who have cameras, please not to use them, because we are going to a nearest Spanish Port and than he told us that we have a verry sick passenger on the ship and he has to be taken to hospital it was a woman which came abord the ship in Tanger with her husband, while anyway her heart trouble. When we arrive to that Spanish port they say it was okey but after we arrived, they didn't want to except the passenger, because they said they don't have no business or trade with Yugoslavia. In about 1 hour they have about 50 millitarry persons on the dock and they where runing back and forth and finally in about 2 ½ hour they took the sick woman off the ship and putt her in ambulance and took her husband with her with the promise that he will not talk to anybody, and than we where on our course again butt with this we lost about 8 hours time. We where supposed to arrive in Genova on Friday evening the 22nd off June and now they said we get there sometime Saturday morning around 1.A.M. Thank God so far everything okey. Port Allecante Spain

Friday 22/6/56

     Today we have a little bad weather and the ship is going up and down like a cradle, everybody was complaining with stomach and headache and you could see very few people at the breakfast table, this was the first time that they have to keep the door closed on one side, every now and than the waves would slam against the ship with terified force. But thank god this didn't harm me in any way. I had been around and having fun with everybody. Well anyway this didn't less to long, only for about 6 hours and than we have again smooth sailing. At about 7 oclock this evening we heard for the first time Yugoslav radio program from Ljubljana and this realy lift everybody spirits, you could see the smiling faces again. I stayed up until 11.30 than I went to my cabin wishing to see next morning the Italia city off Genoa.

Saturday 23/6/56 (6/23/56)

     This morning get up reall early because I was afraid that mised to be the first one to see the shore off Italia, sure enough I was the first up on deck and waching verry closelly when we arrive to genoa was about 6 oclock in the morning and word got at verry quickly that we where in Genova, butt than again I lost two off my good friend Mr. & Mrs. Pogacar, they left the ship in genoa and than they hired a car from tripple A.A.A. and went for two weeks side seein in Italia and than they will go to Yugoslavia for 3 weeks and after that leaving from Paris with airoplane for U.S.A> they will be home sometime around 15th off august, they promise to call Gloria when they get home. Maybe you could get in touch with them and they will explain you all about. Well when we said godby to them and wished them bon voyage on their trip trough Italia, by that time all the formalites where trough and then we where told that we could leave the ship everybody received a special pass and than we left for our journey trough the city of Genoa we walked and walked until I got so tired that I couldn't stand any more up. Than we got back to the Hrvatska. In the evening we played canasta and talk about what we see in the city and than to bed again until next morning.

Sunday 24/6/56 (6/24/56)

     We get up and out again. We where told, that would be a sin not to go and see a cemetary here in Genova, I am realy not sorry that I went and see that, this was really something to see. Here we met all kinds off people, their where even 20 Rusian student there, here also we met lots off Yugoslav people I mean the one that run away from home. I am verry sorry I missed to get a souvenir, because one would be unable to explain what he or her saw there it is unbelivable.

Monday 25/6/56 (6/25/56)

     Monday morning I get up real early as usely, once I am up I can stay any more in bed so I get up about 5:30 get washed and dressed and than I took my paper and pen and went to the salon sit downand start to write my diary.Oh yes, Sunday night we had a visitor, a Slovene barber wich has his barber shop her in Genova, while we where walking by his busines and he heard us talking he come out and ask us if we where from Slovenia and two of the felows went to his place and got haircut in his place and they invite him to come on Hrvatska and he did than I ask him if he know for a good beuty salon and he told me, that he has a friend who speak verry good Croation, so on Monday morning we went there and tree off us got a verry good hair wash and set for one buck. And while we where walking back to the ship we met 3 guys from Hrvatska and they took us to a fine pastry store and they bought all kinds of good pastry wich we took back to the ship and most off us have a verry good time eating them. And after that another canasta game, imagine I am champion off canasta on the Hrvatska. Well it is a verry long trip, butt certainly it is also verry interesting. Well we left Genova last night or better said Tuesday morning 12.15 AM.

Tuesday 26/6/56 (6/26/56)

     Now we are going on to Italia I was told we will arrive there at about 7.30 or 8 oclock A.M. They said we will spend there a few hours, off course it depends if we get the parking space for our ship, as we said in America. And the from there we will go to napoli Italia, and there we probably spend another day ot two. Last night I have been taking to officer Boris Glovan and he told me I really should go ogg in Napolio, because there is a lot to see, for instance the old city off Pompei and that I should go to the wonderfull Isle off Capri, if we will have enough time to leave. Well we arrive in Livorno about 7.30 A.M. and right after that come Italian pilot to take the shipp in to the port. As soon we got there, they pull down the plank and they told us that we can go out right after we got out visas stamped. Right after breakfast everybody start together and see what we are going to do. A young student come over to me and ask me if I could help him to organise about 10 person, so we could go and see the leaning tower off Pisa. He said he would go to the City and fined out if we could get a bus. Well he left and was back in about half an hour and told me that we are going in afternoon and the bus will cost only 240 lira wich is about 42 cents in American money. Then we got organised for the trip to Pisa in the afternoon this is about 25 miles from Livorno. Now we said we have enough time to go and see city off Livorno, this really is a beutifull and clean city, butt one could surely see, what damage was done in last war, this really must be something. I bought myself a pair off sandals and 2 yards off plastic table cover material it cost me only 1 dollar. We walked and walked untill we got so tired, that I was verry happy when I got back to the shipp for our dinner. After dinner we left right away to go see Pisa. Mr. Perkovich say hello to everybody. This really was a wonderfull trip out to Pisa and a wonderfull city and that leaning tower is very interested and oh boy what a catedrall, when I return we will have plenty to talk about. We left Livorno 7>30 P.M. and they said we will arrive to Napoli Italia 6/27 around 12 P.M. Just now we where passing Isle off Stromboli. The trip so far is like a big dream it is wonderfull. Everybody is getting more and more exciting.

Wednesday 6/27/56

     The 3rd mate Boris Glovan told me we will be there at about 12 oclock P.M. and sure enough we arrive just 12 P.M. I spend some time up on the bridge with Boris as he invited me to come up, his watch is in the morning 8-12 and he told that I can have a beutifull vie all around from up there, he is a real nice fellow. He also is verry anxious to be home, his and his son birthday is on Friday. We are just arriving and the pilot is coming on board the ship. Also the doctor and the finance people are waiting to come and see that everything is in order. Right now everybody is rushing around and asking one and other, who want to go to see City off Pompei, this is an old Roman city about 2 thousand years old which was burn down or all covered with lava by a Pompei vesuv [Vesuvius]. To my sorrow I missed out on that trip, butt I took a walk in to the city to look around I walked and walked untill I got so tired, that I ask my company to return back to shipp. Now we are trying to organize a trip for tomorrow morning to go to Pompei it is about 25 miles out from Napoli. The trip will cost about $1.50 or $2.00. The city here one could see sufer plenty during last war, butt to my surprise it seems to me they more business than in America. And the people in the city all seems to be well fed and also dressed. The trafic in the city is just as bad as it is in the states, the only difference, here is so much motor cikle, that one really must be very carefull to pass or cross the street, they fly by you like lightning.

Thursday 6/28/56

     This morning I get up 6 oclock, get washed and dressed, and than I went to the sallon. Than Lucija call me down to the dining room and she gave me coffee and she told me that I am the best passenger on this ship. After breakfast we left to go to Pompei. There is really plenty to see.This is about 2000 years old city covered by lava. I will talk more about when I return to the states.

Friday 6/29/56

     We left Napoli about 6 oclock last night and this morning at 5 oclock I take a look through the window and [unintelligible] and a nice city I quick get out to start to investgate where we are and they told me that we are just passing [Messina?] [one word underlined in red pencil with a small red ? on top] Italia and Calebria around the boot off Italia. Last night at about 8 oclock I send a Radiogram to Aunt Mary.

[The pen obviously ran out of ink at this point.] between 6 June 1956 and 26 June 1956. 
Event-Misc28 December 1956She was arrived from Trieste aboard the ship Saturnia on return from her trip to Slovenia. on 28 December 1956 at New York, New York.17 

Census Data

8 April 1930Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaAntonia Pecuh and Anton Mahnich appeared on the census of 8 April 1930 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; I can't be sure that this Frank RAK is Frank MRAK. Some of the evidence fits, especially that he is listed as immigrating in 1922, the fact that he is married with no wife present in the household and first married at age 20. His age is hard to discern on the copy.18
4 April 1940Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaAntonia Pecuh appeared on the census of 4 April 1940 in the household of Anton Mahnich at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.19


Anton Mahnich b. 14 January 1894, d. 21 October 1948
Marriage*15 September 1923Antonia Pecuh married Anton Mahnich, son of Josef Mahnich and Josephine (?), on 15 September 1923 at St. Michael's R. C. Church (Sacred Heart RC Hungarian Church), Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.1,4,5,2,6 
Children 1.Aurelia Mary Mahnich+ b. 23 May 1924, d. 16 Apr 1999
 2.Gloria Frances Mahnich+ b. Oct 1925, d. 23 Aug 2004
 3.Thomas Mahnich1
 4.Anthony Stanley Mahnich b. 11 Dec 1928, d. 29 Jun 1979


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    Aurelia, 16, daughter, born PA
    Gloria, 14, daughter, born PA
    Anthony Stanley, 11, son, born PA.

Elisabet Pecuh

F, b. 19 November 1906, d. 15 January 1987
Last Edited29 Mar 2010
Birth*19 November 1906Elisabet Pecuh was born on 19 November 1906 at Slovenia.1,2 
She was the daughter of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Death*15 January 1987Elisabet Pecuh died on 15 January 1987 at Slovenia at age 80.2 
Nickname Elisabet Pecuh also went by the name of Lizika Pecuh.1 


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Felix Pecuh

M, b. 5 August 1905, d. 11 August 1990
Last Edited29 Mar 2010
Birth5 June 1905Felix Pecuh was born on 5 June 1905.1 
Birth*5 August 1905He was born on 5 August 1905 at Slovenia.2 
He was the son of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Death*11 August 1990Felix Pecuh died on 11 August 1990 at Slovenia at age 85.2 
Name Variation Felix Pecuh was also known as Feliks Pecuh.1 


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Francek Pecuh

M, b. 8 October 1895, d. 28 March 1948
Last Edited29 Mar 2010
Birth2 October 1895Francek Pecuh was born on 2 October 1895 at Slovenia.1 
Birth*8 October 1895He was born on 8 October 1895.2 
He was the son of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Death8 March 1948Francek Pecuh died on 8 March 1948 at Slovenia at age 52.1 
Death*28 March 1948He died on 28 March 1948 at age 52.2 
Name Variation Francek Pecuh was also known as Franc Pecuh.2 


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Ivan Pecuh

M, b. 12 February 1833
Last Edited27 Jun 2001
Marriage*circa 1830Ivan Pecuh married Maria Erhatich, daughter of Franz Erhatich and Maria Jansenkovich, circa 1830. 
Birth*12 February 1833Ivan Pecuh was born on 12 February 1833.1 
He was the son of Mattias Pecuh and Maria Semlich


Maria Erhatich b. circa 1810
Children 1.Jakob Pecuh2 d. a 22 Jul 1956
 2.Marko Pecuh+ b. 24 Apr 1868, d. 8 Nov 1914


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  2. [S137] Photograph in collection of Robert T. Howey.

Jakob Pecuh1

M, d. after 22 July 1956
Last Edited10 Apr 2005
Jakob Pecuh was the son of Ivan Pecuh and Maria Erhatich.1 
Death*after 22 July 1956Jakob Pecuh died after 22 July 1956.1 


  1. [S137] Photograph in collection of Robert T. Howey.

Johan Pecuh

M, b. 21 August 1893, d. 11 September 1962
Last Edited29 Mar 2010
Birth*21 August 1893Johan Pecuh was born on 21 August 1893 at Slovenia.1,2 
He was the son of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Death*11 September 1962Johan Pecuh died on 11 September 1962 at Slovenia at age 69.2 


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Josef Pecuh

M, b. 5 March 1910, d. 20 January 1999
Last Edited29 Mar 2010
Marriage*Josef Pecuh married Eva (?)
Birth*5 March 1910Josef Pecuh was born on 5 March 1910 at Slovenia.1,2,3 
He was the son of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Death*20 January 1999Josef Pecuh died on 20 January 1999 at Volkermarkt, Karten, Austria, at age 88; SSDI lists date of death as 21 Jan 1999. Aurelia Pajkurich notes list death as 21 Jan 1999.4,2,3 
Name Variation Josef Pecuh was also known as Pepe Pecuh. 
SSN*between 1958 and 1960His Social Security Number was 159-34-2952 between 1958 and 1960 at Pennsylvania.2 

Family 1

Child 1.John Gottlieb4

Family 2

Eva (?) b. 9 December 1927, d. February 2010


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Maria Pecuh

F, b. 26 March 1890, d. 6 June 1979
Last Edited29 Mar 2010
Birth*26 March 1890Maria Pecuh was born on 26 March 1890 at Slovenia.1,2 
She was the daughter of Marko Pecuh and Mathilde Podplatnik
Death*6 June 1979Maria Pecuh died on 6 June 1979 at Slovenia at age 89.2 
Name Variation Maria Pecuh was also known as Marija Pecuh.1 


  1. [S118] Antonia Pecuh Mahnich, Antonia Pecuh Mahnich Notes.
  2. [S562] Notes by Aurelia Mahnich Pajkurich.

Marko Pecuh

M, b. 24 April 1868, d. 8 November 1914
Last Edited29 Mar 2010
Birth*24 April 1868Marko Pecuh was born on 24 April 1868.1,2,3 
He was the son of Ivan Pecuh and Maria Erhatich
Birth24 December 1868Marko Pecuh was born on 24 December 1868.4 
Marriage*11 February 1895He married Mathilde Podplatnik, daughter of Franz Podplatnik and Gertrude Zinko (Zeinko), on 11 February 1895. 
Death*8 November 1914Marko Pecuh died on 8 November 1914 at Slovenia (Austria) at age 46.2,3 


Mathilde Podplatnik b. 21 November 1869, d. 26 February 1942
Children 1.Maria Pecuh b. 26 Mar 1890, d. 6 Jun 1979
 2.Johan Pecuh b. 21 Aug 1893, d. 11 Sep 1962
 3.Francek Pecuh b. 8 Oct 1895, d. 28 Mar 1948
 4.Antonia Pecuh+ b. 3 Apr 1898, d. 31 Jan 1982
 5.Alojs Pecuh b. 26 Aug 1899, d. Feb 1965
 6.Amilja Pecuh b. 1 Mar 1901, d. 21 Jan 1989
 7.Felix Pecuh b. 5 Aug 1905, d. 11 Aug 1990
 8.Elisabet Pecuh b. 19 Nov 1906, d. 15 Jan 1987
 9.Amalija Pecuh b. 5 May 1908, d. 16 Mar 1992
 10.Josef Pecuh+ b. 5 Mar 1910, d. 20 Jan 1999


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Mattias Pecuh

Last Edited27 Jun 2001
Note* (an unknown value).1 


Maria Semlich
Child 1.Ivan Pecuh+ b. 12 Feb 1833


  1. [S21] Nazi Geburtsurkunde Document, name spelled Matthias Petschuch.

Margaretha Pedersdotter (Baner)

F, b. 1619, d. 12 April 1680
Last Edited29 Apr 2005
Birth*1619Margaretha Pedersdotter (Baner) was born in 1619 at Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden. 
She was the daughter of Peder Gustafsson Baner and Hebbla Claesdotter Fleming
Death*12 April 1680Margaretha Pedersdotter (Baner) died on 12 April 1680. 
Note*Person Source.1 


  1. [S78] Unknown author, Ancestral File (LDS). Manual or via

Pehr Pedersson (Sparre)

M, b. 30 October 1633, d. 7 June 1669
Last Edited29 Apr 2005
Birth*30 October 1633Pehr Pedersson (Sparre) was born on 30 October 1633 at Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden. 
He was the son of Peder Ericsson Sparre and Elsa Arvidsdotter (Posse)
Death*7 June 1669Pehr Pedersson (Sparre) died on 7 June 1669 at Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, at age 35. 
Burial*15 May 1670He was buried on 15 May 1670 at Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden. 
Note*Person Source.1 


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Hugh Pedrick1

Last Edited14 Jan 2006


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    1785, March 9. Inventory, £637.7.3, made by Edward Bradway and James Stretch. Lib. 17, p. 511.

(?) Peeble

Last Edited15 Feb 2014
Death*(?) Peeble died; Y. 
Marriage*He married Sadie Mae Wingate


Sadie Mae Wingate b. 30 January 1900, d. 10 February 1985

Beatrice Allen Penn1

F, b. 7 September 1960, d. 11 May 2014
Last Edited25 Jul 2014
ChartsDescendants of Robert Howey
Marriage*Beatrice Allen Penn married Jeffrey K. Donnally.2 
Birth*7 September 1960Beatrice Allen Penn was born on 7 September 1960.1 
She was the daughter of William Penn and Beatrice Howey.1 
Death*11 May 2014Beatrice Allen Penn died on 11 May 2014 at Cumberland Manor, Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., New Jersey, at age 53.2 
Married NameHer married name was Donnally.2 


  1. [S230] Unknown author, Cumberland Co. Families, p. B-31, B-32.
  2. [S318] Unknown author, Obituary, Beatrice "Bea" Alice (Penn) Donnally, age 53 of Millville, passed away Sunday morning, May 11, 2014 at Cumberland Manor in Bridgeton, after a lengthy illness.

    Born in Lakewood, she grew up in Cumberland County and was a life long area resident.

    Bea was a homemaker, and a member of the Fairton Christian Center.

    She loved gardening, interior decorating, and she enjoyed refurbishing old homes.

    Bea is survived by her loving husband Jeffrey K. Donnally; her mother Beatrice; one sister Darlene Thompson; five brothers, Eugene Howey, Danny Flumerfelt, Danny Cavalier, David Collins, and William Penn; her sisters in law, Pauline Chalfant and Constance Caban; and a special thanks to her dear friends, Vera Bohn, and Art and Cindy Elbertson for all their help during her illness.

    A private memorial service will be at a later date by the family.

    Arrangements are under the direction of Christy Funeral Home, Millville.

    Memories and expressions of sympathy for Beatrice Donnally may be shared on the Obituary Tribute Wall at:

    Published in The Daily Journal on May 13, 2014
    Print | View Guest Book
    Funeral Home
    - See more at:…

Richard Penn1

Last Edited3 Jan 2004


  1. [S345] Salem County Unrecorded Deeds at Gloucester County Historical Society, Gloucester County Historical Society
    Unrecorded original Salem County deeds - transcribed by Val Caulfield 2 Jan 2004

    Thomas and Richard Penn, Esquires by their attorneys Richard Peters and Lynford Lardner, Gentleman of the city of Philadelphia to Thomas Harris of Fairfield Township in the County of Cumberland, Province of New Jersey, yeoman.

    Deed of Indenture 13 May 1758 for all residual lands the Penns held right to in Pennsneck, NJ.

    Recital establishes right of their father, William Penn, Proprietor and Governor of Pennsylvania, who's will included a tract of Land commonly called Penns-neck, situate in the County of Salem, Province of New Jersey and lies included in the following boundaries.Viz: Bounding westerly on the Delaware River, Northerly on Oldmans Creek and southerly and easterly on Salem Creek and a line that runs from said Salem Creek to Oldmans creek known by the name of Pilesgrove line, which may by several conveyances more at large appear.

    Goes on to say that Wm. Penn by his attorneys, disposed of a considerable part of the said tract to sundry persons, reserving to himself and his heirs forever, certain Annual Rents called Quit rents.

    Also a part within Pennsneck granted by deed from one John Berry being about 1074 acres - which combined with the other above described parcel, is estimated to contain 7,012 acres.

    And how William Penn being possessed of the said lands and Quit Rents, by his last Will and Testament, duly signed and published about the beginning of March 1712, did direct that the residuary of his Estate ( which these lands are included) should be conveyed to his children by his wife Hannah, as she should think fit. And so his sons, John, Thomas and Richard Penn by virtue of the will of their father and by some other conveyances became seized of the said land, part of which are hereafter granted.

    And the said John Penn by his last Will and Testament, bearing date the 24th day of October 1746, bequeathed to his brother Richard Penn, all his right, title and inheritance in NJ which he claimed by right of his father, William Penn.

    And Thomas and Richard Penn, so thereby being seized did appoint the said Richard Peters and Lynford Lardner by an Instrument in Writing dated the 4th day of March 1746/7, to sell and dispose of all their lands in NJ , which Power of Attorney is recorded in the Secretary's Office in Burlington in Book H, p. 76.

    Now this indenture witnesses that Thomas and Richard Penn by their attorneys Richard Peters and Lynford Lardner for consideration of the sum of L779 ( and 15 shillings interlined) current lawful money of Pennsylvania, do grant to Thomas Harris.... lands remaining, estimated to contain about 5,300 acres with 60 -? allowance for roads within Pennsneck, with overplus and Quitrents, profits etc.

    Signed and sealed by Thomas Penn, Richard Penn, Richard Peters and Lynford Lardner.