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The Hazel Park Historical Commission is governed by the following from the Hazel Park City Code.
Chapter 2.48 Hazel Park City Code
Hazel Park Historical Commission
2.48.010 Created
2.48.020 Composition-Vacancy
2.48.030 Organization
2.48.050 Duties
2.48.060 Acceptance of moneys

2.48.010 Created.
There is created and constituted in and for the city a commission to be known as the Hazel Park Historical Commission
(Ord. 379 § 1 1966)

2.48.020 Composition-Vacancy
The Hazel Park Historical Commission shall be composed of an indefinite number of members, but not less than five, appointed by the council for two-year terms. Furthermore, the librarian for the city and the head school librarian shall be ex officio members without voting right. vacancies occurring other than expiration of term may be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by the city council. Members may be removed by the majority vote of the city council when it deemed in the best interest of the historical commission and the city.
(Ord 552 s 1, 1974: Ord. 379 § 2 1966)

2.48.030 Organization
The historical commission shall organize expeditiously and elect a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a secretary from among their number. Furthermore, they shall adopt bylaws and establish procedural rules and provide for an annual organization after new appointments are made. Once each year, it shall be the duty of the historical commission to make a detailed report of its activities to the city council. 
(Ord. 379 § 3, 1966)

2.48.040 Compensation
Members of the historical commission shall receive no compensation for their services.
(Ord. 379 § 4, 1966)

2.48.050 Duties
It shall be the duty of the historical commission to prepare and keep current an inventory of the historical sites and buildings in the city, which, in it's judgment, have historical value as to warrant preservation or development, to publish such inventory, and to cooperate with the owners of such sites and buildings in devising and carrying out appropriate means for their preservation or development. It shall also be the duty of the historical commission to collect materials illustrative of the history of Hazel Park and to deposit such materials in those public institutions or educational institutions within the city which the commission deems most suitable for their safe preservation and use. The commission may, from time to time, publish historical studies related to the city. The commission shall classify, arrange, index, and preserve historical records so that they may be available for public use.
(Ord. 379 § 5, 1966)

2.48.060 Acceptance of moneys

The historical commission shall have the power, with the consent of the city council, to accept donations of money, personal property, and real estate for historical purposes. Such donations shall vest in the city subject to the control of the historical commission in accordance with the deed, devise, bequest, or grant of such property. Gifts of money shall be deposited in special accounts by the city treasurer from which disbursements shall be made by resolution of the historical commission, subject to concurrence or the city council.
(Ord. 379 § 6, 1966)