Hawley Genealogy

The Hawley's probably came to  Delaware Co, NY following the Revolutionary War. The Hawley 
Society of America indicates that Harvey Hawley Sr., the earliest documented in our line, 
was living on Long Island, NY  before 1783 and moved then to Harvard, NY. Harvey was 
married to 'the widow Sprague', according to NY marriage registers. Chester Lewis Hawley, 
in an account of his line, states that the present dam on the Delaware river north of 
Downsville, is on the site of the original Hawley farm.

Harvey Hawley Sr. ( ---? )  b. early 1700s, d. ---?, m. before 1785 to Mercy Harvey Sprague.
(Described in the Hawley Society charts as 'the widow Sprague' whose husband (Abel Sprague) 
had been killed by indians in 1781).
   Children: not all known
     Harvey Jr.  b. 18 Apr 1785

>>>>>>>>>>>> 2nd Generation >>>>>>>>>>>>
Harvey Hawley Jr. (Harvey Hawley Sr. ) b. 18 Apr 1785 Harvard, NY, d. 13 Sep 1844 Delaware Co., NY, m. Delaware Co., NY to Charity Lewis b. 4(14?) Mar 1785 Ireland, d. 14 Feb 1859, dau. of --? Lewis and Charity Harvey. Children: Amy b. 31 Jan 1804 Walton, NY Esther b. 16 Mar 1807 Walton, NY Garner b. 15 Jun 1808 Walton, NY Lewis Mortimer b. 2 Mar 1811 Walton, NY Huldah b. 7 Feb 1813 Walton, NY Rachel b. 16 Apr 1814 Walton, NY Catherine b. 23 Apr 1816 Walton, NY Edward Harvey b. ca. 1819 Walton, NY Charity Jane b. 24 Oct 1822 Walton, NY Martha M. b. 24 Aug 1827 Walton, NY
<<<<<<<<<<<< 3rd Generation >>>>>>>>>>>>
Amy Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 31 Jan 1804 Harvard, NY, m. James Gawley. Children: Amy James Jane Esther Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 16 Mar 1807 Walton, NY, d. 28 Apr 1871 (1891?) Delaware Co., NY, m. Alexander Morton, b. 2 Nov 1801, d. 7 Nov 1880 age 79y5d. All of the family are buried in Harvard cem. Children: Mehitabel b. 31 Aug 1839 Walton, NY Harvey Esther Jane d. 7 Mar 1861 Garner Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 15 Jun 1808 Harvard, NY, d. 1884? Downville, NY, m. Julia Elwood according to Chester L. Hawley, (Julia Ann Flood according to Pam Roper. Children: (not necessarily in this order) Delia Jeanette John Lewis William Sarah J(ane) Margaret A. Nathan Hiram W. Charles b. 1846 Garner b. 1848 James A. b. 1852 Zeliette. b. 1855 twin Maryette b. 1855 twin Ophelia Girl died in infancy, drowned in Delaware river Girl died in infancy, scalded to death Girl died in infancy Lewis Mortimer Hawley Sr. (Harvey Hawley Jr. ) b. 2 Mar 1811 Harvard, NY, d. 10? Sep 1884 Downville, NY , m. Phebe Ann Lanfield Children: (not all known, order not known) Johnston Lewis Mortimer Jr. b. 29 Jan 1842 Downsville, NY Julia Adelia Warner b. 1847 Downsville, NY Christina b. about 1850 Oscar b. 1854 Downsville Huldah Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 7 Feb 1813 Downsville, NY, d. 19 Jul 1865, m. 1830 Hancock, Delaware, NY to Benjamin Gee, b. 1811 Delaware Co., NY, d. 20 Sep 1858 Hancock, NY, son of Joseph Gee and Mary 'Polly' Dean/Dann. Children: (all born Hancock, Delaware, NY) Emily Parks b. 16 Aug 1831 Charity b. 1834 Clarissa b. 1836 Priscilla b. 1839 Lucretia b. 1842 Benjamin Franklin b. 4 Jun 1844 Huldah Jane b. 27 Apr 1846 Rachel M. b. 1849 MaryAnn Elizabeth b. 1852 Joseph Harvey b. 19 Nov 1855 Rachel Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 16 Apr 1814 Catherine Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 23 Apr 1816, d. 1901 Chickasaw Co., IA, m.Delaware Co., NY to Charles L. Miller, 1814-1883. Charles and Catherine moved to IA, about 1855. Charles was a Civil War veteran (4th IA Cav). Both are buried in Chickasaw county, IA Children: Polly b. ca. 1835 Dewitt C. b. ca 1837 Adelaide A. 'Addie' b. ca 1839 Charles R. b. ca 1842 died in Civil War? James b. ca. 1845 Hannah M. b. ca. 1847 Lelia b. ca. 1851 Catherine Evalina b. ca. 1853 Edward Harvey Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 23 Sep 1819. d. 17 Sep 1879 Webster Co., NE, m. about 1837 to Angelina Gee, b. 11 Mar 1818, d. 26 Apr 1896, dau. of Joseph Gee and Mary "Polly" Dean/Dann. Children: (*from 1850 census, others from Dawn Hass & Darla Anderson) Hannah Anzilla b. 4 May 1839 Melissa Jane b. 17 May 1841 *Sarah b. abt 1841 (on 1850 census) *John b. abt 1844 (on 1850 census) Harvey Warren b. 16 May 1845 Angelina Alzuma b. 26 Aug 1849 Joseph Edward b. 1 Jun 1852 Lewis Ambrose b. 20 Dec 1855 Charity Jane Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 24 Oct 1822 Downsville NY, d. 23 Dec 1907 Antelope Co., NE, m. 20 Jun 1841 Walton, NY to Earl Gregory Miller b. 16 Jun 1816, d. 7 Jan 1902. Charity and Earl moved with their first 6 children to Chickasaw Co., IA in 1855 and then to Antelope Co., NE in 1883. Both are buried in Clearwater, NE cem. ***(This is Harley and Randys' line) Children: Mary Esther b. 1842 Earl Gregory Jr. b. 1844 Isaac L. b. 26 Dec 1846 Martha Jane b. 1849 Theda Ann b. 1851 Emma A. b. 5 May 1853 Putnam G. b. 15 May 1855 Polly L. b. 1858 Edith b. 1860 Seth Henry b. 3 Jul 1862 Elsie b. @ 1864 Burton J. b. 17 Mar 1867 Martha M. Hawley (Harvey Hawley Jr.) b. 24 Aug 1827 Downsville, NY, m. Alfred/Sam Beers, son of David Beers and Anna Nichols. Children: Sarah Jane b. abt 1850 Harvey W. b. abt 1853
<<<<<<<<<< 4th Generation >>>>>>>>>>
Amy Gawley (Amy Hawley) James Gawley (Amy Hawley) Jane Gawley (Amy Hawley) Mehitabel Morton (Esther Hawley) b. 31 Aug 1839 Walton, NY, d. 14 Feb 1886 Walton, NY, m. 8 Feb 1854 Walton to George Fitch Alverson, b. 15 Apr 1827 Beerstown, NY, d. 9 Nov 1888 Walton, NY. Children: Esther Elizabeth b. 30 Jan 1856 Walton, NY, d. 30 Sep 1897 Davenport IA Emily Jane b. 18 Apr 1858, Walton, NY, d. 1937, m. 20 Dec 1882 to Robert B. Vanakin, b. 1843, d. 1899. Thomas Alexander b. 12 Apr 1861 Walton, NY, d.25 Nov 1940 Bainbridge, NY Damaris Grizel b. 16 Feb 1864 Walton, NY, d. 3 Dec 1930 Glendon, NY Semour Jay b. 24 Sep 1870 Harvard, NY, d. 29 Jan 1935 Catskill, NY Harvey Morton (Esther Hawley) Esther Jane Morton (Esther Hawley) b. about 3 Sep 1842, d. 7 Mar 1861 age 17y6m4d Delia Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) m. 29 Nov 1866 Downsville, NY to Gardner Niles Jeanette Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) m. Lemuel Thomas John Lewis Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) m. Harriet Geraldine Kittle Children: Ida M. b. 1 May 1867 William E. b. 16 May 1871 Walter D.? b. 12 Apr 1876 George W. b. 10? Apr 1880(?) John Wesley. b. 12 May 1883 William Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) Sarah J(ane) Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) Margaret A. Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.), m. H. Kinch. Nathan Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) Hiram W. Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) m. 2 Jul 1879 Colchester, NY to Ellen Brown. Children: Infant died 5 Oct 1882 Charles Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) Garner Hawley Jr. (Garner Hawley Sr.) b. abt 1850, d. Apr 1923, m. Elizabeth M. May. James A. Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) Zeliette Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) b. 1855, m. Daniel P. Chaffee Children: Ida M. b. 1871 James M. b. 1874? Maryette Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) b. 1855, d. 1916, m. Clark Frazier, 1849-1925. Clark is listed in the removals from the Cannonsville cemetery. Ophelia Hawley (Garner Hawley Sr.) b. ??, d. 1925, m. George Hawver Johnston Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley Sr.) b. abt 1836, d. 11 May 1898 hamden NY, m. 1.) Sarah J. Ensline b. abt 1845, d. 13 May 1888, m. 2.) 7 Jan 1889 Fish's Eddy, Delaware Co., NY to Fannie Hallinan (a widow whose husband died 2 Dec 1880. Johnston's CW pension papers cite him as Thomas J. Holloway. Johnson in some sources, Johnston in others. Children: Ulysses b. 6 Sep 1868 (from Johnson's CW pension application ) Antionette 'Nettie' b. 7 Jul 1874 (from Johnson's CW pension application Harry b. abt 1882 (is this the Simon in Johnson's CW pension application?)(He is shown as Harris in the 1880 fedcen, as Simon in the 1900 fedcen.) Lewis Mortimer Hawley Jr. (Lewis M. Hawley Sr.) b. 29 Jan 1842 Downsville, NY, d. 29 Oct 1901 Downsville, NY, m. 1 Jul 1866 Downsville, NY to Elizabeth Margaret Vernold, b. 22 Feb 1850 Colchester, NY, d. 5 May 1925 Arena, NY, dau. of Henry Vernold and Angeline Fuller. Lewis lost a leg at Gettysburg, and was known as 'Peg-Leg-Lew' on the Delaware river, where he rafted logs to market. His descendants claim that he never really had a peg leg, however they admit that he was one of the roughest and readiest of the river raftsmen, an occupation whose participants were not known for delicate constitutions. Two books dealing with the river rafting on the Delaware are "Rafting on the Delaware" and "Holt t'other Way" and tell of a hardy occupation and the men who plied the trade. Children: Charles Oscar b. 11 Mar 1868 Colchester William Miller b. 10 Feb 1870 Anna H. b. 29 Jan 1872 Delancey, NY, cited as Hannah in Lewis' CW pension app Madge b. 4 Mar 1874, d. 1882 Colchester, NY Henry L. b. 22 Mar 1876 Arthur D. b. 30 Sep 1878 George G. b. 2 Nov 1880 Margaret C. b. 24 May 1883 Grace E. b. 5 Apr 1886 Frances Kiziah b. 31 Jul 1888 Elizabeth b. 30 Jul 1887, d. 29 Aug 1888 Julia Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley Sr.) a Julia Hawley death cited 25 Mar 1858, age 15 Walton may be this Julia. Adelia Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley Sr.) m. 4 Jul 1864 to James Johnson. Warner Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley Sr.) b. 1847 Downsville, NY, d. 1925 Downsville, m. abt 1888 to Harriet M. Gregory, b. 1849 Downsville, NY, d. 1931 Downsville, dau. of John Gregory and Nettie Brooks Children: Charlotte b. abt 1880, d. 19 Sep 1881 age 1y Edward b. 1882 Lanfield b. 1884 Ada b. 11 Jul 1885 Harry W. b. 19 Jul 1886 Lewis b. abt 1888 Christina Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley Sr.) Oscar Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley Sr.) b. 1854 Downsville, NY, d. 1906 Downsville, NY, m. Mrs. Mariette Fuller Crawford, b. 1854, d. 1937 Downsville, NY, dau. of Seth Fuller. Children: Harvey J. b. 26 Apr 1883 Pauline Emily Parks Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 16 Aug 1834 Hancock, Delaware, NY, d. 6 Feb 1909 Thomas, WA, m. 31 May 1857 Hancock., NY, second wife of Col. Albert G. Miller b. 31 May 1823 Colchester, NY, d. 27 Oct 1889 Rudd WA, son of Col. A. and Fatina (Gregory) Miller. Albert and Emily moved to Chickasaw Co., IA about 1865, probably following other Miller relatives who had moved there in 1854. *** (This is Delores Kruse' line) Children:: 1.) (from Col. A. and Caroline Fuller. all born Colchester, NY) Emma Annetta b. 11 Jul 1847 Elsie Ophelia b. 30 May 1849 Euphrasia F. b. 21 Jan 1851 Ida Fatina b. 15 Feb 1853, d. 17 Apr 1853 Mary Elizabeth b. 6 Aug 1854 Caroline 20 Jul 1856, d. 28 May 1857 Children: 2.) (from Col. A. and Emily P. Gee) Col. B. b. 24 Mar 1858 Hancock, NY Hannah Maria b. 22 Sep 1859 Hancock, NY Carrie Estella b. 9 Apr 1864 Hancock, NY Kate b. 26 May 1866 Chickasaw Co., IA, d. 11 Sep 1867 Mertie Annetta b. 16 Oct 1869 Chickasaw Co., IA Emily Viola b. 22 Jul 1872 Chickasaw Co., IA Charity Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 1834, m. Henry Lewis. Children: John Jennie Clarissa Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 1836, m. Andrew Gibson. Children: Arthur Matilda May Priscilla Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 1839, m. 1.) William Hood, m. 2.) Rudolphus Heath. Children: 1.) William James George Children: 2.) Maud Bunn George Lucretia Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 1842, m. William Budd. Children: Sarah Thomas Frances Arthur Benjamin Franklin Geee (Huldah Hawley) b. 1844, d. 1921, m. Phoebe Rounds, b. 25 Sep 1854, d. 1912, dau. of Daniel and Catherine (Fisher) Rounds. Benjamin enlisted with Co. F, 144th Reg., N.Y. Volunteers on 17 Aug 1862 and was honorably discharged on 25 Jun 1865 at Hilton Head, SC. Children: Harvey b. 16 Mar 1872 Quincy, WI, m. Anna Elizabeth Beske Minerva b. Jun 1874 Germantown, WI, m. Hiram B. Parker Nettie Edith Hulda Ira Leslie Nellie Huldah Jane Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 27 Apr 1846, d. 1 Mar 1934 Walton, NY, 7 Jan 1862 Harvard, NY to Ephriam Silas Beers, b. 11 Apr 1839 Marvin Hollow, Walton, NY, d. 17 Jul 1907 Beerston, NY, son of Neil and Clarissa (Case) Beers. Children: Harriet Idella b. 23 Oct 1862 Beerston, NY, d. 1936 Walton, NY, m. 2 Mar 1880 So. Walton to Cass W. Byers Martha B. b. 20 Oct 1883, m. 18 Jan 1906 to Leon A. Johnson. Rachel M. Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 1849, m. Calvin Morris Gibson, b. IA. Children: Hulda Ira Franklin Halvorson MaryAnn Elizabeth Gee (Huldah Hawley) b. 1852 Joseph Harvey Gee (Huldah Hawley), b. 19 Nov 1855, m. 27 Aug 1876 Werner, WI to Ida E. Wing, b. 9 Dec 1858 South Troy, UT. Children: Gertrude b. 12 Mar 1877 Pardeeville, WI Vivian (adopted) Polly Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1835 Delaware Co., NY Dewitt C. Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1838 (1836 on cem stone) Delaware Co., NY, d. 19 Jan 1891, m. 25 Dec 1868(I believe this should be 1860) Chickasaw Co., IA to Sophia Sissons 13 Feb 1841 to 24 Jan 1900. Both buried Mt. Carroll cem. Chickasaw Co. Children: (from 1870 federal & 1885 IA census) Eda b. ca. 1861 Willie b. ca. 1863 Nettie b. ca. 1865 Katie M. b. ca. 1869 Hattie T. b. ca. 1870 Clinton J. b. ca. 1871, d. 1940 Mt. Carroll cem Chickasaw Co. Charles B. b. ca. 1874 Hawley Lewis b. 1877 Leslie b. ca. 1879 Jack b. ca. 1881 Adelaide A. Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1839 Delaware Co., NY Charles R/K. Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1842 Delaware Co., NY, Civil War Member of Co. H 4th IA Cav. Buried Mt. Carroll cem. Chickasaw Co. IA. Middle initial is not consistently reported. James Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1845 Delaware Co., NY, d. ---, m. 1.) 19 Oct 1865 Chickasaw Co., IA to Elsie Ophelia Miller, b. 30 May 1849 Delaware Co., NY., dau of Col A.G. and Caroline (Fuller) Miller (they were cousins). m. 2.) 25 Aug 1873 Chickasaw Co., IA to Rosanna Hughs. (note: not sure this second marriage is the same James Miller) Children: (from 1870 fedcen) Maud b. ca. 1868 Charles b. 1870 Hannah M. Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1847 (cem. stone says 1845) Delaware Co., NY, m. 17 Oct 1865 Chickasaw Co., IA to Andrew J. Bray, b. --?, d. 17 May 1893. Andrew was a member of Co.H 4th IA Cav in Civil War. Children: (from 1880 fedcen & 1885 IAcen) Mary L. b. ca. 1866 Clarence Andrew. b. ca. 1873 Guy b. ca. 1876 Edward b. ca. 1878 Charles M. b. 1880 Dee A. b. 1884 Bessie b. ca. 1885 Lelia Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1851 Delaware Co., NY, d. ---, m. 2 Feb 1873 to Robert Henry Smith. Catherine Evalina Miller (Catherine Hawley) b. ca. 1853 Delaware Co., NY, d. ---, m. 17 Jan 1874 Chickasaw Co., IA to C.H. Falls. Hannah Anzilla Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. May 4, 1839 Walton Twp, NY, d. 6 Mar 1863 Walton twp., m. 1 Jan 1956 Walton, NY to Rufus Wakeman, b. 21 Jul 1823, son of Epaphras Wakeman and Abigail Banks. Children: (all born in Walton Twp.) George b. 22 Jun 1857 Francis b. 3 Feb 1859, d. 3 Feb 1859 (stillborn) Lincoln b. 24 Mar 1862 d. 24 Mar 1862 (stillborn) Sarah Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. abt 1841, shown on 1850 census Melissa Jane Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. 17 May 1841 Walton Twp, NY, d. 8 Jul 1907, m. about 1855 to Aaron Fay Granger, b. about 1855. ***(This is Dawn Hass' line. She has more info.) Children: George Eugene b. 1 Jul 1857 Alice Odessa b. 8 Feb 1859 Lyman Edward b. 22 Mar 1861, d. same day Warren Fay b. 22 Mar 1862, d. same day Stella Angeline b. 23 Jul 1865 Jennie Viola b. 28 Apr 1868 Orpha Irene b. 18 Apr 1875, d. same day Ruth J. b. 25 May 1879 John Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. abt 1844, shown on 1850 census Harvey Warren Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. 16 May 1845 Walton Twp., NY, d. Nov.26, 1913, m. about 1867 to Mary Elizabeth Shoemaker b. June 15, 1846 d.1929, Aurora MO ***(This is Darla's Andersons' line.) Children: William Warren b. 6 May 1869 Charles Warren b. 21 May 1871 Mary Francis b. 28 Dec 1873 Henry Tilton b. 26 Aug 1876 Minnie Rosetta b. 2 Sep 1878 Isaac Edward b. 8 Mar 1881 Katie Idelina b. 21 Apr 1883 Margaret Angeline b. 28 Apr 1885 Angeline Alzuma Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. 26 Aug 1849 Walton Twp., NY, d. 30 Mar 1924, m. about 1865 to Levi H. Huffman/(Hoffman?) Levis' last name is spelled differently in different sources. Children: Louisa Jane b. 30 Apr 1867, d. same day Edward Harvey b. 15 Jul 1868, d. same day Alfred Emerson b. 12 Aug 1871 Homer Benjamin b. 20 Jul 1874 Jasper Levi b. 13 Aug 1876 Marshal Ray b. 15 Aug 1881 Ezra Hawley b. 11 Dec 1889 DR. Joseph Edward Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. June 1, 1852, m. 1.) November 27, 1871 to Alice J. Stephenson, b. 3 Mar 1853 St. Joseph Co., IN, d. 25 Dec 1910, m. 2.) 3 Mar 1912 to Rella May Lambert, b. 9 Nov 1879 . Joseph was a doctor and also mayor of Burr Oak, KS. If you go to the Jewell Co.,KS website, he is listed in it. Children: 1.) ( no children from 2nd marriage) Bert A. b. August 28, 1872 Nebraska Edward F. b. May 5, 1875 Nebraska Seth DeZell b. June 26, 1877 Nebraska, m. Vida S. Faidley Julia A. b. June 19, 1880 Burr Oak, KS Lewis Ambrose Hawley (Edward H. Hawley) b. Dec. 20, 1855 d. Aug. 15, 1904, m.? He was killed in a accident. No other info. Mary Esther Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 1842, d. ?, m. 27 May 1859 Chickasaw Co., IA (by Sand Hackley, JP) to James Choate, b.1832 Pickaway Co., OH, d. about 1918 Jackson Co. MO. son of Miles Pierce and Jane (Jordon) Choate. The James Choate family moved to Antelope Co., NE in 1870/71, settling in Blaine Twp and engaged in farming. Later they moved to Republic Co., KS , then Holden, Mo, and the last known address for Mary Esther was Kansas City, MO. Children: Mary Elveda b. 12 Apr 1860 Bradford IA Cora b. 1862 Bradford, IA Grant b. 1864 Bradford, IA Lettie/Jessie? b. 1869 Bradford, IA; died 1871 Antelope Co., NE scalded by hot water Paul E. b. 1871 Antelope Co. NE Wirt W. b. 1876 Rufus P. b. May 1878 Grace J. b. Dec 1884 Earl Gregory Miller Jr. (Charity J. Hawley) b. 2 Oct 1844 Delaware Co., NY, d. 2 Mar 1917 Antelope Co., NE, m. 4 Apr 1876 Antelope Co., NE to Mary J. Snider b. 1852, d. 1933. Earl Jr. moved with several of his brothers and sisters from Chickasaw Co., IA to Antelope Co., NE in about 1872, purchasing and possibly claiming land due to Civil War Veterans. Earl was not wounded in the war, but was shot in an accident at home while taking a gun down from over the fireplace, according to Maisie Miller Phillips, his daughter. Earl and Mary are buried in the Clearwater, NE cem. Children: Earnest I. b. 4 Jul 1877 Myrtle b. 1879, d. 1880? Mabel M. b. Jan 1883 Frank E. b. Mar 1885 (middle initial 'M.' in 1910 census) Blanch b. 1887?, d. prior to 1900 Lena b. 1889, d. 1890 Ida b. 1891, d. 1891 Dwight b. 1893, d. 1894 Maisie Ruby b. Aug 1895, d. ca. 1970s Isaac L. Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 26 Dec 1846 Delaware Co., NY, d. 17 Sep 1913 Antelope Co., NE, m. 21 Feb 1874, Charles City, Floyd Co., IA to Lois Louise Norwood b. 4 Jul 1856, d. 22 Mar 1926, dau of John and Saphrona Norwood. Isaac & Lois moved from Chickasaw Co., IA to Tekamah, NE (with his sister and brother-in-law Theda and Edmond Bonneau) briefly then to Antelope Co., NE in early 1870s. Both are buried in Clearwater, NE cem. Occupation: farming. Children: Elsie b. 11 Feb 1875 Tekamah, NE, d. 13 Feb 1875 Gertrude 'Gertie' b. 10 May 1876 Tekamah, NE Gracie Jane. b. 25 Aug 1878 George C. b. 9 Aug 1881 Earl Gregory b. 14 Mar1883 John Norwood b. 14 Feb 1885 Mary E. b. 22 Nov 1887 Clinton M. b. 10 Mar 1891 Mattie b. 17 Dec 1893 Glenn P. b. 12 Jan 1898 Martha Jane Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 10 Apr 1849 Delaware Co., NY, d. 8 Apr 1922 Yakima Co., WA, m. 28 Mar 1871 Floyd Co., IA (by A.M. Harrison, JP) to John Gardner Connell, b. 19 Mar 1846 MI, d. 18 Jul 1939 Oakland CA. Martha moved with her parents to Chickasaw Co., IA in 1855, then to Antelope Co., NE in 1870s, settling in Blaine Twp. They possibly lived in Neligh for awhile, but are shown in 1900 in Oregon, Baker Co., Sumpter City. (Have a picture -date unknown- showing an 18-mule team drawing a wagon with heavy machinery 'for the Red Boy Mine', in the street of Sumpter). They show up in 1900 fedcen in Clackamas Co., OR. Children: (not all known) Nettie Morilla b. 29 Nov 1871 Antelope Co., NE Ward Beacher b. 27 Jul 1873 Antelope Co., NE Carrie Loy b. 17 Apr 1875 Zamhill Co., OR John Gardner b. 1 Feb 1877 Klicitat Co., WA Gracie Jane b. 10 Feb 1878, d. 28 Jul 1878 Deschutes OR Perlia b. 22 Jun 1879, d. 24 Jul 1879 Umatilla Co., OR Gertie Ann b. 14 Jun 1880, d. 16 Aug 1880 Umatilla Co., OR Agnes Juliette b. 6 Aug 1881 Umatilla Co., OR Burton James b. 7 Sep 1883 Umatilla Co., OR Ray Enoch b. 21 Oct 1885 Umatilla Co., OR Ruth Eleanor b. 18 Dec 1886 Umatilla Co., OR Infant b. abt 1888 Pendleton, Umatilla, OR Cleo b. abt 1890 Milton, Umatilla Co., OR Mark b. abt 1892 Milton, Umatilla Co., OR Theda Ann Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 1851 Delaware Co., NY d. 24 ? 1937 Portland, OR, m. 4 Jul 1870 by C.S. Otis, J.P. Chickasaw Co., NY to Edmond (Joseph?) Bonneau, b. 17 Jan 1847 St. Phillipe de La Prairie, Que., Canada, d. 11 Aug 1942 (The 1942 date is from a Bonneau history. An application for military burial flag states he died 23 Feb 1937) Portland, OR, 13th child of Francis Xavier and Augustine (Poissant) Bonneau of St. Phillipe. Edmond left home at age 16 to become a hatmaker in New York. He joined the Union? Army in 1863 without permission of his parents, then surfaced a few months later at Syracuse, NY in the employ of the U.S. Government, with a secretary, Narcisse Goyette, also of Canada. (His Civil War records show service from 1863 to 25 Jun 1865 in Co. E, 15th Regiment New York Volunteer Cavalry). The next appearance is in Chickasaw Co., IA when he was married. Miller family verbal history (unsubstantiated) says that Bonneaus changed name to Goodwater after moving from French Canada Theda Ann moved with her parents and family from Delaware Co., NY to Chickasaw Co., IA in 1855, with Edmond to Tekamah, NE in ca. 1871, to Antelope Co., NE briefly, back to Chickasaw Co., IA, then in 1879 to Tekamah, NE again, and finally to Portland, OR. Theda Ann and Edmond are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Portland. Children: Bertha Jane. b. 22 Aug 1871 Tekamah, NE Francis Xavier 'Frank' b. 16 Apr 1873 Clearwater Earl Gregory b. 8 Mar 1875 Chickasaw Co., IA Dora Ann b. 27 Jul 1877 Chickasaw Co., IA Ida Mary b. 24 Nov 1879 Tekamah, NE Mabel Pearl b. 29 Jul 1882, d. 9 Mar 1883 Tekamah NE Leah Muriel b. 31 Mar 1884 Tekamah NE Edmond W. Jr. b. 17 May 1887 Tekamah NE Pierre-Elmo 'Peter' b. 16 Feb 1890 NE Joseph-Octave b. 18 May 1893 (Gerald says 10 May) NE Justine Lumona b. 4 Sep 1895 (Gerald says 14 Oct) Emma A. (Annetta?) Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 5 May 1853 Delaware Co., NY, d. 10 Jan 1936 Antelope Co., NE, m. 28 Dec 1879 Charles City, IA (by Job Treuholen, minister) to Charles W. Graham, b. 6 Aug 1848 Lincolnshire, England, d. 10 Nov 1947 Antelope Co., NE; son of Samuel and Sarah Graham b. 22 Jun 1813, d. 14 Apr 1913. Emma moved from Delaware Co., NY with her parents to Chickasaw Co., IA in 1855, then to Antelope Co., NE, where they settled on a tree claim NW of Clearwater. Charley "came to Antelope county in 1873 and hauled freight to the Black Hills, panned for gold and fought Indians". Charles and Emma, along w/ Put Miller and Ida Dunlap, set off from Antelope county, NE before Christmas 1879 in a horse-drawn two-seat cutter (buggy equipped with runners for snow) for Chickasaw county, IA, where their parents lived and where they were married. This was a trip of over 300 miles and must have taken nearly a week. Children: Walter b. Oct 1880 Edith E b. Jul 1882 Ethel S. b. Nov 1884 Albert S. d. 14 Jan 1887 9m 26d (Elbert in 'Memoirs') Arthur B. b. Nov 1888 Harry E. b. Mar 1891 Elsie A. b. Jun 1893 Eunice L. b. Dec 1897 Putnam G. Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b.15 May 1855 Chickasaw Co., IA, d. 26 Jun 1942 Antelope Co., NE, m. 27 Apr 1880 (by Job Treuholen, minister) Ida M. Dunlap b. 18 Feb 1859, d. 8 May 1948. Putnam 'Put' was a farmer, and early educator, extablishing the first school in Clearwater, NE and other Antelope Co., NE schools, serving as principle in at least one. Put and Ida are buried in the Clearwater, NE cem. Put and Ida accompanied (chaperoned?) Put's sister Emma and Charlie Graham on a trip to Iowa in Dec 1879 when Charlie and Emma were married; returning the next spring to be married themselves by the same minister. Children: Maudie J. b. 19 Jun 1881, d. 27 Apr 1883 Harvey D. b. Nov 1884 Pearl M. b. Nov 1886 Guy P. b. Aug 1889 Helen F. b. Dec 1892 Polly L. Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 1858 Chickasaw Co., IA, d. 23 Oct 1939, m. 14 Nov 1881 Chickasaw Co., to George I. Herrington, b. 16 Oct 1847 Winnebago Co., IL, d. 8 Oct ?. George and Polly were engaged in a well-digging and nursery business in Charles City, IA. Both are buried in Charles City. Children: Clair P. b. 1883, d. 1886 Orville b. 1888, d. 1888 Edith Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 1860 Chickasaw Co., IA, d. 1938, m. 29 Nov 1883 Antelope Co., NE to William C. 'Will' Bartsch, b. 1862, Green Lake WI, d. 1937, son of John Carl William and Rosa (Brown) Bartsch. Edith and Will farmed near Royal, NE, Edith taught school and Will was Royal postmaster at one time. Both buried Royal cem. Children: Oscar F. b. 27 Dec 1902 (twin, adopted) Emmett b. 27 Dec 1902 (twin, adopted) Seth Henry Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 3 Jul 1862 Chickasaw Co., IA, d. 27 Mar 1916, m. 15 Jan 1905 Clearwater, NE to Ida Vilone Foster Adams b. 29 Jan 1876, d. 16 Dec 1938 widow of Homer Adams, dau of Henry and Christina (Keller) Foster. Seth moved to Antelope Co. in the early 1880s, taking a tree claim south of Royal, NE, then moved back to Earl Sr.s farm through a trade with his brothers, to care for his parents. This is where Seth and Ida lived thre rest of their lives. Seth became known in the area for breeding and racing horses. Both are buried in the Clearwater, NE cem. Children: Ida Blanche Adams b. 15 May 1900 (dau of Ida by first marriage) Flossie Frieda b. 11 Dec 1905 Harold Earl b. 18 May 1907 Harley Ivan b. 4 Nov 1910 Floyd Burton b. 25 Jul 1912 Cecil Henry b. 7 Oct 1915 Elsie Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. about 1864 died in infancy Burton J. Miller (Charity J. Hawley) b. 17 Mar 1867 Chickasaw Co., IA, d. 29 Dec 1911, m. 1.) 17 Apr 1889 Floyd county, IA (by Charles Noble, pastor of Cong. church) to Mary Elizabeth (Mary J. in Burt's obituary, Mary E. marriage certificate and on tombstone) White b. 25 Mar 1867, d. 14 Jan 1893, dau of James & ---? White of Bremer Co., IA. m. 2.) 1894 to Mary E. Grenier (first white girl child born in Frenchtown). Burt farmed and taught school in Antelope Co. and served one term as County Superintendant of Schools. Burt and Mary E. White are buried in Clearwater, NE cem. Children: Roy B. b. @16 Apr 1890 Ralph W. b. 1892 Sarah Jane Beers (Martha M. Hawley) b. abt 1850, m. Charles Watson. Harvey W. Beerss (Martha M. Hawley) b. abt 1853
<<<<<<<<<< 5th Generation >>>>>>>>>>
Ida M. Hawley (John L. Hawley) b. 1 May 1867 m. ?? ?? Children: Edna May Harry Hawley William E. Hawley (John L. Hawley) m. Emma? Lykes? Children: David E. Walter D. Hawley (John L. Hawley) b. 12 Apr 1876 George W. Hawley (John L. Hawley) b. 18 Apr 1880(?) m. L. Rosan/Roban/Rosa? Children: Althea Claribel John Wesley Hawley (John L. Hawley) b. 12 May 1883, m. 18 Jul 1912 to Anna L. Drew Children: Geraldine A. b. abt 1913 John Wesley Jr. b. abt 1915 Ida M. Chafee (Zeliette Hawley) b. 12 Mar 1871, d. 24 Mar 1934, m. Winfield Decker, d. 31 Dec 1957, age 82 years. Winfield was WWI vet, NT Tech 3060 Eng Tope Co., and is cited in cemetery records as being buried on the Decker farm Turkey Hollow Rd. James M. Chafee (Zeliette Hawley) b. 16 Jan 1874 m. Ellen Frederick Ulysses Hawley (Johnson Hawley) b. 6 Sep 1868, m. Maggie Foursythe Children: Alton J. Anita Antionette 'Nettie' Hawley (Johnson Hawley) b. 7 Jul 1874, m. Jerry Roach. Harry Hawley (Johnson Hawley) b. 1882 (his fathers CW pension papers name Harry as 'Simon'). Charles Oscar Hawleyy (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 11 Mar 1866 Colchester, NY, d. South Salem, NY, m. 8 Apr 1891 to Susan 'Susie' E. Day Children: Edna William Lewis Mortimer III b. Mar 1893 Belle B. b. Dec 1895 (1900 census says born CT) Albert m. Mary Walsh Alice E. b. Mar 1898 (1900 census says born CT) William M. Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 10 Feb 1870 Colchester, NY, d. Jul 1933 Hamden, NY m. 4 Dec 1901 Colchester to Catherine B. Gregory b. 5 Mar 1882 Downsville, dau. of George Gregory and Margaret Thompson. Children: William Henry b. 15 May 1903 Chester Lewis b. 12 Oct 1912 Elizabeth Anna Hannah Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 29 Jan 1872, d. 6 Sep 1943 Delancey, NY, m. 8 May 1888 to John J. Mills d. 15 Jan 1944 (One cem records says 1867-1920). There is a John J. b. abt 1846, shown in 1880 fedcen, with father James and mother Mary. Children: Clara James M. Gertrude b. 7 Feb 1894 J. Raymond Earnest Madge Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 4 Mar 1874, d. 1882, died age 8 years according to Chester Hawley. Henry L. Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 22 Mar 1876, d. Philadelphia 2 Mar 1901. Spanish war vet. Arthur D. Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 30 Sep 1878 Downsville, NY, d. 15 Nov 1957 Delancey, NY, m. 22 Mar 1903 to Naomi Mericle of Handsome Hollow, Hancock., NY. Children: Henry b. 16 May 1904 Clayton b. 7 May 1907 George G. Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 2 Nov 1880, m. Emma Farry. Margaret C. Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. (23 Apr ?) 24 May 1883, d. Union Grove, NY, m. 22 Mar 1902 Downsville, NY to William Hammond. Children: Ray Roy d. 1938 Grace E. Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 5 Apr 1886, m. Hosea Mason Children: Burdett, m. Isabel Turpeck Wendell H. b. 3 Jun 1907, d. 27 Apr 1959, never married. Wilmont drowned in the Delaware river. Frances Kiziah Hawley (Lewis M. Hawley) b. 31 Jul 1888, m. 23 Jun 1907 Downsville, NY to Lowell A. Signor, b. 7 Aug 1888, d. Aug 1982, son of George Signor and Ida Rowe. Children: Hellen d. age 6 months Lowell Arthur b. 21 Jul 1930 South Courtright, NY Elizabeth Agatha b. 8 Apr 1920 Walton, NY Charles LeGrand b. 1 Oct 1908, d. 5 Jan 1909 Walton, NY Edward Hawley (Warner Hawley) b. 1882, never married Lanfield Hawley (Warner Hawley) m. Mrs. Nettie Grant, b. 13 Sep 1880, d. May 1953. Ada Hawley (Warner Hawley) b.July 11,1885 d. Sept. 18, 1952, m. 1.) James Williams, a school teacher. They adopted Alvin and Charlet/Retha?? Cole, m. 2.) 1933 to John Couse. Children: 1.) Alvin (Cole) adopted, lived in Delhi Charlet?/Retha? (Cole) adopted, d. in childhood Harry W. Hawley (Warner Hawley) b. 19 Jul 1886 Downsville, NY, died 27 Mar 1936 Delhi, NY, m. 28 Sep 1922 Delhi, NY to Evelyn Emily Carpenter. Children: Elizabeth Marie b. 25 Aug 1925 Delhi, NY Catherine Hattie b. 31 Aug 1927 Delhi, NY Nellie Ada b. 13 Jan 1933 Delhi, NY Harry Warner b. 15 Oct 1934 Delhi, NY Lewis Hawley (Warner Hawley) b. Feb. 3, 1890 d. Feb 19, 1957, never married. Harvey J. Hawley (Oscar Hawley) b. 26 Apr 1883, d. 22 Mar 1959, m. 20 Jan 1904 Arena, NY to Lula Mae Miller, b. 7 Sep 1886, d. 10 Feb 1964 Loomis Village, Liberty, NY dau. of Franklin Miller and Anna Rad. Both buried in Paige cem, Colchester. Children: Frances Pauline Pauline Hawley (Oscar Hawley) George B. Wakeman (Hannah A. Hawley b. 22 Jun 1857. George Eugene Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 1 Jul 1857. Alice Odessa Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 8 Feb 1859. Lyman Edward Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 22 Mar 1861. Warren Faye Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 22 Mar 1862. Stella Angeline Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 23 Jul 1865. Jennie Viola Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 28 Apr 1868. Orpha Irene Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 18 Apr 1875. Ruth J. Granger (Melissa J. Hawley) b. 25 May 1879. William Warren Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 6 May 1869, m. 1.) Bertha Friend, m. 2.) Mary Scheirmier, m. 3.) Lillie Belle Begley. Children: 1.) (none) Children: 2.) Claude Children 3.) Earl twin Pearl twin Charles Warren Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 21 May 1871, m. 1.) ?? ??, m. 2.) Lillie ?? Children: 1.) Willard Rethia Bessie Helen Children: 2.) Oliver Nola Fern Mary Frances Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 28 Dec 1873, m. M.F. Haynes. Henry Tilton Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 26 Aug 1876, d. 1939, buried Aurora, MO next to his mother Mary Shoemaker Hawley. Children: (from Aurora, MO cemetery stones) Edith Earl Lyn Minnie Rosetta Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 2 Sep 1878, m. O.V. Hembree. O.V. was a doctor and practiced in Dadeville and Greenfield, MO. Children: Ariel Maxine b. 22 Nov 1908 Isaac Edward Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 8 Mar 1881, d. 27 Mar 1967, m. 1.) 1 Jul 1901 MO to Corabelle Crowell, divorced 1906 MO, m. 2.) ?? ??, m. 3.) 24 Mar 1916 Fallsville AR to Lillie Wages, b. 17 Jul 1900 Fallsville AR, d. 3 Jun 1990 Springdale AR. Children 1.: Gladys Marie b. Jun 1902 Muskogee OK Ruth Children 2.: John William Children 3.: Marvin Gasper b. 26 Jan 1917 Mary Margaret b. 28 Feb 1919 Agnes Lorraine b. 5 Jan 1921 Ruby Violet b. 2 Mar 1923 Wauneta Rose b. 15 Feb 1925 Herbert Julet b. 17 Feb 1927 Kathleen Christine b. 10 Nov 1929 Dorothy Fern b. 20 Jul 1931 Thomas Leroy b. 15 Sep 1933 Andrew Booker b. 23 Dec 1935 Joseph Harvey b. 27 Dec 1937 Ira Edri b. 3 Nov 1940 Monroe Leonard b. 16 Oct 1943 Henry William b. 21 Jan 1945 ................... This is an area I(Darla) have been working on for almost 10 years (the second marriage). We are almost positive that he was married and had a family in Texas. After the divorce, He moved to Galveston, TX. We found postcards after my grandmother's death. In these postcards, he mentions a son by the name of John William Hawley. These were dated in 1908 and 1909. **If you have any suggestions on what I should look for to solve this mystery, please tell me . I need to get over this hurdle. ................... Katie Idelina Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 21 Apr 1883, m. Tom Mackey Children: (nor all known) Reba Rose b. 3 Jun 1905 Aurora, MO Greta Fern b. 25 Jul 1908 Aurora, MO Joe Warren b. 22 Feb 1911, d. 1912 Joseph Lyn b. 16 May 1913, d. 17 May 1913 Otto James b. 15 Aug 1917 Margaret Angeline Hawley (Harvey W. Hawley) b. 28 Apr `885, m. A.L. Berry Children: (not all known) Blanche Emmitt Madge (twin) Nadine (twin) Howard Rex Louisa Jane Huffman/Hoffman (Angeline A. Hawley) b. 30 Apr 1867 Edward Harvey Huffman/Hoffman (Angeline A. Hawley) b. 15 Jul 1868 Alfred Emmerson Huffman/Hoffman (Angeline A. Hawley) b. 12 Aug 1871 Homer Benjamin Huffman/Hoffman (Angeline A. Hawley) b. 20 Jul 1874 Jasper Levi Huffman/Hoffman (Angeline A. Hawley) b. 13 Aug 1876 Marshall Ray Huffman/Hoffman (Angeline A. Hawley) b. 15 Aug 1881 Ezra Hawley Huffman/Hoffman (Angeline A. Hawley) b. 11 Dec 1889 Bert A. Hawley (Joseph E. Hawley) b. 28 Aug 1872 Nebraska, m. 27 Nov 1891 to Mae Misner Children: Fara Edward F. Hawley (Joseph E. Hawley) b. 5 May 1875 Nebraska, m. Elizabth Epperson. Children: Joseph Edna Rawlins d. Mar 1961 Nebraska James Alice Agnes Vera (stillborn) Lawrence b. 10 Oct 1911 Nila Maxine Seth DeZell Hawley (Joseph E. Hawley) b. 26 Jun 1877, m. Vida S. Faidley Julia A. Hawley (Joseph E. Hawley) b. 19 Jun 1880 Burr Oak, KS, m. Charles Anderson. Children: Helen b. 19 Jul 1907, d. Nov 1970 Linwood, KS Mabel Roy Hazel Ruby Joseph Bert Edward b. 12 Apr 1910 Seth DeZell b. 10 Sep 1911
<<<<<<<<<< 6th Generation >>>>>>>>>>
Edna May ?? (Ida M. Hawley) m. William Howard. Harry Hawley ?? (Ida M. Hawley) m. Margud Sherman. David E. Hawley (William E. Hawley) m. Bernadine(?) Heller. Althea Hawley (George W. Hawley) m. W. Von B?. Claribel Hawley (George W. Hawley) m. C. Naylor. Geraldine A. Hawley (John W. Hawley Sr.) m. F.P. Rowe. Children: Richard John Wesley Hawley Jr. (John W. Hawley Sr.) m. R. Donnelly. Children: John B. Alton J. Hawley (Ulysses Hawley) Anita Hawley (Ulysses Hawley) Edna Hawley (Charles O. Hawley) m. Max Hilley. William Hawley (Charles O. Hawley) Belle B. Hawley (Charles O. Hawley) m. Richard Webster. 1900 fedcen says she was born in CT, Last lived Danbury, CT Lewis Mortimer Hawley (III?) (Charles O. Hawley) m. Agnes. Albert Hawley (Charles O. Hawley) m. Mary Walsh, last res. Bethel Conn. Alice E. Hawley (Charles O. Hawley) 1900 fedcen says she was born in CT William Henry Hawley (William M. Hawley) b. 15 May 1903, d. 9 Feb 1949/ (4 Sep ?), m. 4 Oct/(28 Sep ?) 1927 Walton, NY to Gladys Mills Wilson, b. 14 Feb 1911, d. 6 Oct 1991 Walton, NY, dau. of Don Mills and Norah Leroy. Children: Barbara b. 16 Aug 1929 Walton, NY. Beatrice b. 17 Aug 1931 Wanda b. 20 Apr 1942 Delhi, NY Nora b. 18 Feb 1945 Chester Lewis Hawley (William M. Hawley) b. 12 Oct 1912 South Salem, NY, d. 2 Jan 1995 Crystal River, Citrus Co., FL, m. 20 Feb 1937 Albany, NY to Frances E. Jones, b. 5 Jul 1913 Utica, NY. Children: Robert Lewis, b. 11 Jan 1938 Albany, NY Richard Earl b. 2 Jan 1942 Albany, NY Elizabeth Hawley (William M. Hawley). Clara Mills (Anna Hawley) m. ?? Finch. Lived in Walton, NY. James M. Mills (Anna Hawley) lived Shinhopple, NY. Gertrude Mills (Anna Hawley) b. 7 Feb 1894, d. 4 Oct 1983, m. 1912 to Wade P. Baxter, 1888-1936. Lived Walton, NY. Children: (2 known) Leo b. 1915, d. 1915 Delmonte R. b. 9 Mar 1920, d. 15 Jan 1968, m. Dorothy Tinker. J. Raymond Mills (Anna Hawley) Earnest Mills (Anna Hawley) m. Ethel ?? Henry Hawley (Arthur D. Hawley) b. 16 May 1904. d. 7 Jan 1970, m. 8 May 1940 to Virginia Gray. Lived Delancy, NY. Clayton Hawley (Arthur D. Hawley) b. 7 May 1907, d. Jul 1986. Last known residence Delancey, NY Ray Hammond (Margaret Hawley) m. Margery Ruff. Roy Hammond (Margaret Hawley, d. 1938. Burdett Mason (Grace E. Hawley) Wendell H. Mason (Grace E. Hawley) b. 3 Jun 1907, d. 27 Apr 1959 Wilmont Mason (Grace E. Hawley) Lowell Arthur Signor (Frances K. Hawley) b. 21 Jul 1930 South Courtright, NY. Elizabeth Agatha Signor (Frances K. Hawley) b. 8 Apr 1920 Walton, NY. Alvin Cole Williams (Ada Hawley) adopted. Charlet?/Retha? Cole Williams (Ada Hawley) adopted. Elizabeth Marie Hawley (Harry W. Hawley) b. 25 Aug 1925 Delhi, NY. Catherine Hattie Hawley (Harry W. Hawley) b. 31 Aug 1927 Delhi, NY, m. Elbert Clarence Cantor b. 9 Nov 1921 So. Webster, Scioto, OH Nellie Ada Hawley (Harry W. Hawley) b. 13 Jan 1933 Delhi, NY, d. 3 Jul 1961 Binghamton, Broome, NY. Harry Warner Hawley (Harry W. Hawley) b. 15 Oct 1934 Delhi, NY, m. 22 Mar 1968 Delhi, NY to Ruth McKee b. 15 Jun 1941 Frances Hawley (Harvey J. Hawley), m. ?? Weisberg. Pauline Hawley (Harvey J. Hawley) Earl Hawley (William W. Hawley) twin. Pearl Hawley (William W. Hawley) twin. Willard Hawley (Charles W. Hawley) Rethia Hawley (Charles W. Hawley) Bessie Hawley (Charles W. Hawley) Helen Hawley (Charles W. Hawley) Oliver Hawley (Charles W. Hawley) Nola Fern Hawley (Charles W. Hawley) Ariel Maxine Hawley (Minnie R. Hawley) b. 22 Nov 1908. Gladys Marie Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. Jun 1902 Muskogee OK. Ruth Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) John William Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) Marvin Gasper Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 26 Jan 1917, d. 13 Oct 1992 Springfield, MO. Mary Margaret Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 28 Feb 1919. Agnes Lorraine Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 5 Jan 1921. Ruby Violet Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 2 Mar 1923, d. 1992 Washington State, m. Cupid Roberts. Wauneta Rose Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 15 Feb 1925, d. 10 Jan 1986 Springdale, AR, m. David Cooper. Herbert Julet Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 17 Feb 1927. Kathleen Chistine Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 10 Nov 1929. Dorothy Fern Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 20 Jul 1931. Andrew Booker Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 23 Dec 1935. Joseph Harvey Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 27 Dec 1937. Ira Edri Hawley (Isaac Hawley) b. 3 Nov 1940, m. 3 Sep 1965 to Donna Johnston, b. 25 Aug 1947. Children: Darla Jean b. 29 May 1966 Monroe Leonard Hawley Isaac E. Hawley) b. 16 Oct 1943. Henry William Hawley (Isaac E. Hawley) b. 21 Jan 1945. Otto Mackey (Katie I. Hawley) Howard Berry (Margaret A. Hawley) Rex Berry (Margaret A. Hawley) Fara Hawley (Bert A. Hawley) m. Harvey Mills. Children: Joyce Evelyn Juanita Mae Myrtle Pauline Joseph Hawley (Edward F. Hawley) Edna Hawley (Edward F. Hawley) m. Torry Avery. Children: Victoria Joan Rawlins Hawley (Edward F. Hawley), d. Mar 1961 Nebraska, m. Louise Wandle, b. 7 Jul 1906, d. 15 Dec 1988 Alliance, NE. Children: Harold Lloyd James Hawley (Edward F. Hawley) Alice Hawley (Edward F. Hawley) m. Lester Kepler. Agnes Hawley (Edward F. Hawley) Lawrence Hawley (Edward F. Hawley) b. 10 Oct 1911, d. 27 May 1993 Lincoln, NE. Nila Maxine Hawley (Edward F. Hawley) Helen Anderson (Julia A. Hawley), b. 19 Jul 1907, d. Nov 1970 Linwood, KS, m. Smith McMullen, b. 10 Aug 1898, d. Dec 1978 Kearney, NE. Children: Mabel Josephine Berry Gene Mabel Anderson (Julia A. Hawley) Roy Anderson (Julia A. Hawley) Hazel Anderson (Julia A. Hawley) m. Roy Schuster. Ruby Anderson (Julia A. Hawley) Joseph Anderson (Julia A. Hawley) Bert Edward Anderson (Julia A. Hawley) b. 12 Apr 1910, d. Dec 1972 Liberal, KS. Seth DeZell Anderson (Julia A. Hawley) b. 10 Sep 1911, d. 27 Jan 1995 Marysville, KS.
<<<<<<<<<< 7th Generation >>>>>>>>>>
Richard Rowe (Geraldine A. Hawley) John B. Hawley (John W. Hawley Jr.) Barbara Hawley (William H. Hawley) b. 16 Aug 1929 Walton, NY m. 28 May 1949 Walton, NY to Frederick Fourtier. Beatrice Hawley (William H. Hawley) b. 17 Aug 1931,, m. 25 Apr 1953 to William Ratcliffe. Wanda Hawley (William H. Hawley) b. 20 Apr 1942 Delhi, NY m. 9 Feb 1961 Walton, NY to Maurice Neale. Nora Hawley (William H. Hawley) b. 18 Feb 1945. Robert Lewis Hawley (Chester L. Hawley) m. Joan Mahrle. Children: Lisa Darren Richard Earl Hawley (Chester L. Hawley) m. Mary Ellen Myer. Children: Chris Darla Jean Hawley (Ira E. Hawley) b. 29 May 1966, m. 22 Dec 1989 to George Anderson Jr., b. 17 Oct 1967. Children: Meghan Rachelle b. 26 Sep 1994 Benjamin Howard b. 2 Jul 1998 Joyce Evelyn Mills (Fara Hawley) Juanita Mae Mills (Fara Hawley) Myrtle Pauline Mills (Fara Hawley) Victoria Joan Avery (Edna Hawley) Harold Lloyd Hawley (Rawlins Hawley)
<<<<<<<<<< 8th Generation >>>>>>>>>>
Adelaid Hawley (John B. Hawley), m. Roderick K. Fitch, b. 3 Nov 1867. Children: (1900 fedcen) Marion b. 8 Jun 1894 Lisa Hawley (Robert L. Hawley) Darren Hawley (Robert L. Hawley) Chris Hawley (Richard E. Hawley Meghan Rachelle Anderson (Darla J. Hawley) b. 26 Sep 1994. Benjamin Howard Anderson (Darla J. Hawley) b. 2 Jul 1998. ====================================================================== *Citation in vital records mentions a Nellie Ada Hawley b. 13 Jan 1933, d. 3 Jul 1963, dau. of Harry W. Hawley & Evelyn Carpenter. *Catherine mentions a 'Christina, Lewis Hawley's daughter'. I don't have her connected, through any other sources, to any parents. Do you know this one? Cem records: Christina Hawley, d. 3 Dec 1891, wife of Henry R. Wilcox Henry Wilcox, no dates given Minerva E. Wilcox d. 10 Oct 1880 age 82 dau. of Henry & Christina ============================= The Society of the Hawley Family, Inc. I have received new information as of 20 Mar 200 on addresses for the Society. To join and receive newsletters: Dues are per year: $10.00/yr. per person, $25.00/yr. per family of 3 or more in the household. Make check payable to: The Society Of The Hawley Family, Inc. Send to: Valeska S. Hawley Hawley Society Membership 4006 Chancery Court, NW Washington, DC 20007 Please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope for return of your membership card. Thank you. The computerized records are accessed at: Arlene and Darryl Jenkins P.O. Box 250 Marshall VA 20116-0250 (540) 364-6911 [email protected]

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