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New England Arnolds
*John Arnold was one of the founders of Hartford, CT

His son,
**Joseph Arnold was one of the founders of Haddam, CT, b 1626 in England (came to the New World at about the age of 10, died 10/22/1691 in E. Haddam, Middlesex County, CT. He married Elizabeth Wakeman and the children were:

***1. Susannah Arnold b 1675 in E. Haddam, Middlesex, CT who married Thomas Brooks (b 1664).

2. John Arnold was born 1662 in E. Haddam, CT.

3. Joseph Arnold was born 3/7/1665-66 in E. Haddam, Middlesex County, CT.

4. Samuel Arnold was born 1668 in E. Haddam, CT. He died 1739.

5. Josiah Arnold was born 1670 in E. Haddam, CT and died Feb 1711-12 in Haddam, CT.

6. Jonathan Arnold was born 1679 in E. Haddam, CT and died Jan 1728-29 in Haddam, CT.

7. Elizabeth Arnold was born 1682 in E. Haddam, Middlesex County, CT.

***Susannah Arnold b 1675 married Thomas (Deacon) Brooks on March 16, 1695-96 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. (He the son of Thomas Brooks and Alice (Marah) Spencer.

Siblings: Abraham, Joseph, Jabez, Mary, Elizabeth, Susannah, Thankful, Sarah, Eunice
****Thomas Brooks b 9/30/1697 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT died 4/3/1781 in Haddam Neck, Middlesex, CT. married Mary Smith, daughter of Benjamin Smith and Elizabeth Wells.

Child from this marriage: (there were no doubt others as well):

*****Abigail Brooks, born 1732 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT died in 1802 Haddam, married on 2/16/1752 in Norwich, New London, Ct. Ebenezer Thomas, son of Roger Thomas and Susanna Snow.

One of their children:
******Eunice Thomas was born 10/6/1767 in Haddam, CT and died 7/26/1845 in Leyden, Lewis County, NY. She married Timothy HUBBARD, son of Timothy Hubbard and Sarah Bailey.

Children of Eunice THOMAS and Timothy HUBBARD

1. Florinda Hubbard, b 1808 in CT. She died Dec. 23,, 1891
2. Thomas Hubbard, b CT, died 1879, m Mary.
3. Roxana Hubbard, b 1788 in CT, m Salmon DOUGLAS, d. Oct. 1826, in NY State.
4. Abigail Hubbard, b 1791 in CT. m Nathan Post. d. Jan. 31, 1845.
5. CORODON Hubbard,(mine), b 6/26/1797 in CT. m Lucy Richmond. d. 3/5/1891 in Turin, Lewis, New York. (see below)
6. Amanda Hubbard, b 1806 in CT. d. 7/26/1857 in Leyden, Lewis, NY.
7. Demas Hubbard, b 1814 in Lewis County, NY, m Aaron Stone.
8. Timothy Hubbard, born 1810 in Leyden, Lewis, NY. m Denise.

CORODON HUBBARD,(see #5 above) m Lucy RICHMOND (she dau of Galen Richmond and Sarah Whitman).
CHILDEN of Corodon Hubbard and Lucy Richmond:

1. WALTER DEWEY HUBBARD, b. 2/14/1821 in Leyden, Lewis, NY, m Mary Melissa Palmer, d. 12/14/1887 (mine).
2. Sarah Hubbard, b 1826 in Lewis County, NY, d. July 28, 1847.
3. Curtis C. Hubbard, b 1829 in Lewis County, NY, m Adelia Conkey, d. 4/25/1882.
4. Orlando Hubbard, b. 1831 Lewis County, NY, m. Charlotte (2) Emeline. d. 2.6.1894.
5. Marcus Hubbard, b 1834 Lewis County, NY, m. Elizabeth, d. 12/9/1860.
6. Electa Hubbard, b 1837 in Lewis County, NY, m. -----Whitney.
7. Amanda Hubbard, b. May 1840 Lewis County, NY, m Charles Kintner, d. 1/9/1918.

WALTER DEWEY HUBBARD, (see child #1 above) m Mary Melissa PALMER, dau. of Ephraim Palmer and Hannah Phelps, was b 2/19/1828 Antwerp, Jefferson, NY, d. 1/30/1906, Greig, Lewis, NY.
CHILDREN of Walter Dewey Hubbard and Mary Melissa Palmer:

1. James Munroe Hubbard, b 11/2/1847 Turin, Lewis, NY, d. 4/14/1865.
2. Sarah Hubbard, b 11/15/1849 Turin, Lewis, NY.
3. Emma Hubbard, (twin), b 2/2/1853 in Turin, Lewis, NY, m Wallace Fisher, d. 6.29/1880.
4. ELLA HUBBARD (mine), b 2/2/1853 in Turin, Lewis, NY, m John Henry BROWN, s. of Caleb Brown and Sarah Ann Vary.
CHILDREN of Ella Hubbard and John Henry Brown:

1. WALLACE DRAYTON BROWN (my grandfather), b. 6/14/1878 in Greig, Lewis, NY, m Ruth Belle Jackson, dau. Duane Cyrus Jackson and Josephine HALLOCK. d. 6/1/1944 Boonville, Oneida, NY.
2. Charles Dewey Brown, b 7/11/1875, Greig, Lewis, NY, m Mae E. Higby, he died 8/12/1944 in Boonville, Oneida, NY.
3. Frank Earl Brown, b 11/24/[?1878], Greig, Lewis, NY, m Lilliam Karlen, he died 12/21/1945 SanLorenzo, Alameda, Calif.
4. John Willet Brown, b 2/13/1844, Greig, Lewis, NY, died as infant on 6/24/1844.


Looking for JOAN ARNOLD
I have no idea if Joan Arnold and I are related, though it's always possible. Since I've been doing genealogy, I have obviously seen that surname a lot, and it made me wonder if I could find Joan anywhere? As you probably know, women are extremely hard to find, even with all the internet tools we now have, as their last names are seldom the names they had when we knew them years ago.

Joan and I and Doreen McCormick shared a flat at 144 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo NY back around 1959-61. (In the picture linked here, she is sitting in the chair. That's me being silly behind her.)
If anyone knows Joan Arnold (born apx 1937 or later) can you email me at:
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