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1. Brown/Vary lineage [inc. "My other Brown lineage"].
2. Mayflower Ancestors
3. Hubbard genealogy

The first name I have is CALEB BROWN, (Sr.), who died in Stephentown, Albany County (later Rensselaer County), but where he was born is not proven. Family 'traditon' has it that he came from RI. Haven't found his birth there as yet, or in MA or in CT. Strong evidence from census that Caleb Sr. had not only Caleb Jr., but a son named Peter as well. (plus who knows what other children. His son was:

CALEB BROWN,(Jr.) b 12/29/1753, Stephentown, Albany, NY, d 1/8/1817 same place, but the County name had by then changed to Rensselaer, m Sarah Elwell (b 1759, d 1786).

JOHN C. BROWN was b 6/24/1781 in Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY and died 9/29/1835 in Greig, Lewis, NY
John married Zada MEAD
Children from this marriage were:

CALEB BROWN, b 10/25/1817 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY, d 10/18/1882 in Greig, Lewis, NY (m Sarah Ann VARY)

Reua Brown, b 11/5/1806 in NY State.

Sarah Brown b 3/16/1809 in NY State.

Caleb Brown b 5/10/1812 in NY State died young.

Martha Brown b 7/11/1813 in NY State.

Nathan R. Brown b 4/2/1820 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY.

Wellington Brown b 12/13/1824 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY. m Jane Harris. (If you have any data on the Harris lineage, please contact Harry Nye at )

Amanda Brown b 1/26/1828 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY.

Almira Brown b 4/8/1830 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY.

CALEB BROWN (listed above now marries Sarah Ann Vary, and her lineage is below):


Generation #1
Thomas VERY, b apx 1600, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England m Bridget (possibley Scudder)
One of their children:

Generation #2:
Samuel VERY, b 10/6/1622, Strood, Kent, England, m Alice WOODIS.
He died winter of 1683 in Salem, Essex, MA.
Alice died after 1716 in Salem, Essex, MA
One of their children:

Generation #3:
Samuel VERY, b. 1649, Salem, Essex, MA., d apx 1697, same.
m Abigail ARCHER, who died after 1697, Salem.
One of their children:

Generation #4:
John VERY, b apx 1680, Salem Essex, MA., d 1720, same.
m. Hannah NURSE, who was b 7/22/1687 in Salem, Essex, MA.
One of their children:

Generation #5:
Samuel VERY, b 10/20/1718, Salem, Essex, MA.
m. Susannah Page (Paige),b. 3/6/1720 Charlestown, Middlesex, MA.
One of their children:

Generation #6
SAMUEL VARY, b 1740 (of) Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, NY, d 12/22/1807 in Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY. He married Hannah, who was b abt 1743 in Rensselaer County, NY.

Samuel Vary, b 9/24/1764, Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY, d 10/9/1833 in Ghent, Columbia County, NY. married Esther Thomas (b 4/4/1769, d 7/16/1860.)

NATHAN VARY, b 3/6/1766, Dutchess County, NY, d 1/7/1851, Ava, Oneida County, NY.

Simeon Vary, b 3/2/1768, Dutchess County, NY, d 5/6/1842, married (1) Mary Rose b 1770, d 1821, m (2) Polly.

Gideon Vary, b 1770, Dutchess County, NY married Mary Woolley.

Patience Vary, b abt 1772, Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY., d in Fredonia, NY, m Silas Thomas.

William T. Vary, b 12/19/1773, Dutchess County, NY., d 10/1848, Sparta, Ontario, Canada, married Mehitable Thomas, in 1793, Stephentown, NY (she b 10/13/1775).

Willet Vary, b 12/19/1773, Dutchess County, NY., d 11/4/1830, m Hannah Gardner (who d 8/4/1835, Orleans County, NY).

Richard H. Vary, b 9/2/1776, Dutchess County, NY., d 2/2/1839, m Deborah Foster (b 10/25/1784, d 8/22/1864).

Hannah Vary, b abt 1780, Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY., d Ap 1815, Bennington County, VT., m Daniel Dawley, (b 6/29/1771, Berkshire County, MA.)


NATHAN VARY, b 3/6/1766, Dutchess County, NY, d 1/7/1851 in Ava, Oneida County, NY. He married (1) Mary Sheldon in Stephentown, NY, dau of Benjamin Sheldon and Anna Allen. She was b 1766 in Stephentown, NY and d 11/6/1814 in same.
He m (2) Phoebe Carrier. She was b 10/9/1786 and d 2/11/1865.


Anna Vary, b 1789, Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, d 12/14/1814, m Benjamin LOCKE.

Clark Vary, b 1/13/1792, Stephentown, NY, d 1874, m (1) Abigail Carrier in 1817 (she d 1827) then m (2) Mercy Carr in 1829 (she b 2/22/1798)

WILLETT VARY, b 12/9/1794, Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, d 3/22/1875, Harrisburg, Lewis, NY.

Polly Vary, b abt 1796 Stephentown, NY.

Lucy Vary, b 11/23/1798 Stephentown, NY, d 2/26/1885, m Harry Dunham in 1819 (he b 6/25/1795, d 10/8/1850.)

Margaret Vary, b Mar 1801, Stephentown, NY, d 12/21/1818.

Hannah Vary, b abt 1803, Stephentown, NY m Gilbert Bailey.

Nathan Vary, b 6/25/1806 Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, d 6/15/1853 m Catherine Turner in 1829.

Ermina Vary, b abt 1808, Stephentown, NY m James Pitts.

Patience Vary, b abt 1810, Stephentown, NY m Silas Thomas.


WILLETT VARY, b 12/9/1794 in Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, d 3/22/1875 in Harrisburg, Lewis County, NY. He married (1) Polly ALLEN in 1817(dau of John Allen & Sarah Kendall, Polly b 7/20/1796 in Stephentown, NY, d 5/18/1838 in Ava, Oneida County, NY. (2) Zada Mead, widow of John C. Brown, dau of Enos Mead & Martha Valentine, she b 1788 in Rensselaer Cty., NY, d 6/6/1873.

Children of Willett Vary & Polly Allen:

SARAH ANN VARY, b 12/14/1818 Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, d 1/3/1903, Lyons Falls, Lewis, NY m Caleb BROWN in 1840.

Stephen Sheldon Vary, b 5/19/1821, Stephentown, NY, d 1/30/1909, m Paulina A. Smith, b 1823, d 3/10/1905 Harrisburg, Lewis, NY.

Polly Vary, b 3/23/1824, Stephentown, NY, d 12/1/1908, m Lee Woodard in 1848.

Willett Vary, b 1/6/1827, Stephentown, NY, d 8/1/1870, m Maria Ann Wilson in 1863 in Harrisburg, Lewis, NY.

Hannah Emogene Vary, b 8/12/1830, Rensselaer County, NY, d 3/10/1897, m John C. Wright in 1858 (he b 1824, d 5/29/1881).

John B. Vary, b 4/14/1833, Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, d 5/28/1924, m (1) Sarah Hart, b 12/10/1835, Putnam, Washington County, NY, d 4/16/1871. m (2) Maria Ann Wilson, b 1832.

Lucy Priscilla Vary, b 10/27/1837, Ava, Oneida, NY, d 11/12/1862, m John Lasher in 1861.

Prissa Azuba Vary, b 10/27/1837, Ava, Oneida County, NY., d 8/22/1829, Denmark, New York.


SARAH ANN VARY, b 12/14/1818 Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, d 1/3/1903 in Lyons Falls, Lewis, NY., married CALEB BROWN in 1840 in Greig, Lewis, NY, son of John Brown and Zada Mead. He b 10/25/1817 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY, d 10/18/1882 in Greig, Lewis, NY.

Children of Sarah Ann Vary & Caleb Brown:

Mercy Ellen Brown, b )ct 1840, Greig, Lewis, NY, d 10/11/1854.

Nathan Edgar Brown, b 5/5/1843 Greig, Lewis, NY, d 1903 Blue Springs, Nebraska, m Martha Bishop in 1869 in Greig.

JOHN HENRY BROWN, b 6/5/1846, Greig, Lewis, NY, d 3/25/1909, Greig.

Lyman Willett Brown, b 9/30/1848, Greig, Lewis, NY, d 11/3/1908 m (1) Glenetta Bodner (2) Clara A. Higby (3) Flora Turner.

Charles Chester Brown, b 5/5/1851, Greig, Lewis, NY, d 5/16/1908 m Nellie A. Myers in 1881.

Alice Cordelia Brown, b 2/28/1853 in Greig, d 1860.

Caleb Brown, b 11/22/1855, Greig, NY d 8/14/1860.

Carrie Ellen Brown, b 12/6/1857, Greig, Lewis, NY, d 6/13/1939 Lyons Falls, Lewis, NY

Irving Caleb Brown, b 3/20/1860 Greig, Lewis, NY d 12/14/1927 Syracuse, NY, m Charlotte Corser in 1879 Lyons Falls, Lewis, NY. (she b June 1861, d 8/22/1934).


WALLACE DRAYTON BROWN, b 6/14/1878 Greig, Lewis, NY d 6/1/1944 Boonville, Oneida, NY. m Ruth Belle Jackson. **MY GRANDPARENTS**

Charles Dewey Brown b 7/11/1875 in Greig, NY d 8/12/1944 Boonville, Oneida, NY, m Mae E. Higby in 1896 in Greig, NY (she b 9/3/1874, d 1/21/1970).

Frank Earl Brown, b 11/24/1878 Greig, Lewis, NY, d 12/21/1945 in SanLorenzo, California. m Lillian Karlan in 1904 (she b 12/4/1886, Boonville, d 11/25/1963 Calif.)

John Willet Brown, b 2/13/1884 Greig, NY, d 6/24/1884 (d as infant) in Greig, Lewis, NY.


Abraham Brown, died 1650? Watertown, MA, m. Lydia, d. 1686 Watertown, MA.

Jonathan Brown, b. 1635, m. Mary Shattuck.

Abraham Brown, b. 8/26/1671, Watertown, Middlesex, MA. m. Mary Hyde in 1691, she born 6/21/1673 in Newton, Middlesex, MA, d. 1723.

Samuel Brown, b. 7/21/1703, Watertown, Middlesex, MA., m Mercy Patterson in 1721, d. 2/17/1784 Stockbridge, Berkshire, MA. Mercy Patterson b. 9/1/1702 Watertown, MA, d. 1774.

Mercy Brown, b. 10/7/1724 Watertown, Middlesex, MA., m John Chamberlain in 1740. John b. 3/26/1721, Newton, Middlesex, MA.

Elizabeth Chamberlain, b. 6/27/1741, m. 1760 Stephen Hallock, she died 1812. Stephen b. 10/31/1736, Setauket, Suffolk, Long Island, NY, d. 1801 Richmond, Berkshire, MA.

Content Chamberlain Hallock, b. 1/6/1766, Richmond, Berkshire, MA, m. Lydia -------, died 12/4/1847 in Lewis County, NY.

George H. Hallock, b. 9/8/1811, Lewis County, NY, m. abt 1837 Cynthia Carter, he died 1856 in Lewis County, NY. Cynthia b. 4/21/1815 Lowville, Lewis, NY, d. 1/8/1894 Binghamton, Broome, NY.

Josephine Hallock, b. 9/27/1848 Lewis County, NY. m Duane Cyrus Jackson in 1871, died 12/30/1911 Binghamton, Broome, NY. Duane Cyrus Jackson b. 6/6/1841 Leyden, Lewis, NY, died 6/16/1908 Port Leyden, Lewis, NY. (tried to beat a train across a RR crossing).

Ruth Belle Jackson, b/ 9/15/1879 Leyden, Lewis, NY, m Wallace Drayton Brown (from my other Brown line chronicled elsewhere on this page). My grandparents.

Mayflower Ancestors

I have five Mayflower Passenger ancestors:

Thomas Rogers
John Rogers (b 1606) - Anna Churchman
Abigail Rogers (b 1641) - John Richmond
Edward Richmond (b 1665(
Josiah Richmond (b 1697)- Mehitable Deane
Gershom Richmond (b 1723) - Phebe Richmond (b 1726) Second cousins.
Gershom Richmond (b 1748) - Susanna Edson
Galen Richmond (b 1774)- Sarah Whitman (b 1777)
Lucy Richmond (b 1801) - Corodon Hubbard (b 1797)
Walter Dewey Hubbard (b 1821) - Mary Melissa Palmer (b 1828)
Ella Hubbard (b 1853)- John Henry Brown (b 1846)
Wallace Drayton Brown (b 1878)- Ruth Belle Jackson. MY GRANDPARENTS.

Richard Warren/Elizabeth
Nathaniel Warren/Sarah Walker
Mercy Warren/Jonathan DeLaNoye (Delano)
Jonathan Delano/Amey Hatch
Thomas Delano/Lois
Hannah Delano/Reuben Doty
Lois Doty/Ichabod Murray
Sophia Murray/Phederus Carter
Cynthia Carter/George Hallock
Josephine Hallock/Duane Cyrus Jackson
Ruth Belle Jackson/Wallace Drayton Brown
Wallace Harland Brown MY DAD.

Edward Doty(b 1598)/Faith Clarke
Joseph Doty(b 1651)/Deborah Hatch (dau Walter Hatch and Eliz. Holbrook)
John Doty (b 1688)/Elizabeth
Samuel Doty (b 1713)/Zerviah Lovell
Reuben Doty (b 1745)/Hannah Delano
Lois Doty (b 1767)/Ichabod Murray
Sophia Murray (b 1788)/Phederus Carter
Cynthia Carter (b 1815)/George Hallock
Josephine Hallock (b 1848)/Duane Cyrus Jackson
Ruth Belle Jackson (b 1879)/Wallace Drayton Brown
Wallace Harland Brown (b 1906) MY DAD.

Stephen Hopkins (b 1580)/Mary (1st wife, who d)
Constance Hopkins (b 1607)/Nicholas Snow
Stephen Snow (b 1636)/Susannah Deane(Rogers)
Ebenezer Snow (b 1676)/Hope Horton
Susanna Snow (b 1699)/Roger Thomas
Ebenezer Thomas (b 1727)/Abigail Brooks
Eunice Thomas (b 1767)/Timothy Hubbard
Corodon Hubbard (b 1797)/Lucy Richmond
Walter Dewey Hubbard (b 1821)/Mary Melissa Palmer
Ella Hubbard (b 1853)/John Henry Brown
Wallace Drayton Brown (b 1878)/Ruth Belle Jackson
Wallace Harland Brown (b 1906) MY DAD.

Francis Cooke/Hester Mayhieu
Jane Cooke/Experience Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell/John Washburn, Jr.
Elizabeth Washburn/James Howard
Elizabeth Hayward(Howard)/Thomas Buck
Matthew Buck/Elizabeth Fenno
Thomas Buck/Silence Brett
Cyrus Buck/Silence Howard
Cemantha Buck/James Jackson
Duane Cyrus Jackson/Josephine Hallock
Ruth Belle Jackson/Wallace Drayton Brown
Wallace Harland Brown MY DAD.

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HUBBARD Genealogy

Coralynn's HUBBARDS of Connecticut

Note: There were 2 George Hubbards who emigrated to New England in the early 1630s. There is no known parentage for either of them. One was Guilford George who married Mary Bishop and died in Guilford, CT.
The other was my ancestor, the George Hubbard who married Elizabeth Watts and moved to and died in Middletown, Middlesex County, CT.

The Emigrant generation:
GEORGE HUBBARD b apx 1601 in England m Elizabeth Watts b 1622 England (both died in Middletown, Middlesex, CT.)


*DANIEL HUBBARD, b 12/7/1645 Hartford, CT, d 11/9/1704 Haddam, Middlesex, CT. married Mary CLARK.

Mary Hubbard b 1/16/1641-42 Middletown, Middlesex, CT, m Thomas RANNEY.

Joseph Hubbard b 12/10/1643 Middletown, CT m Mary Porter.

Samuel Hubbard b May 1648 Middletown, CT m Sarah Kirby.

George Hubbard b 1650 (died unmarrued).

Nathaniel Hubbard b Dec 1652 Middletown, CT m Mary Earle.

Richard Hubbard b July 1655 Middletown CT m Martha Cornwell.

Elizabeth Hubbard b 1/15/1659-60 Middletown, CT m Thomas WETMORE.

*DANIEL HUBBARD b 12/7/1645 married Mary Clark (b abt 1634 in CT, d 1673 in Haddam, CT) dau of William Clark and Elizabeth.


**DANIEL HUBBARD (only child of this couple. Mary Clark died shortly after his birth and his father re-married. Daniel was sent to live with his Clark grandparents in Haddam.) b 12/16/1673 Haddam, CT, d bef 1/14/1756 Haddam, Middlesex, CT. married on 12/8/1697: Susannah BAILEY (b abt 1674 of Haddam, CT) dau of John Bailey. She died 12/2/1719 in Haddam.


Mary Hubbard b 12/25/1698 Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

***Daniel Hubbard b 9/1/1701 Haddam, CT.

Susanna Hubbard b 11/23/1703 Haddam, CT.

Elizabeth Hubbard b 4/18/1706 Haddam, CT m Ebenezer Munger.

Hannah Hubbard b 1708 Haddam, CT m Elisha Cone.

Martha Hubbard b Aug 1711, Haddam CT m Abraham Stow.

Thomas Hubbard b 1/2/1712-13 Haddam, CT m (1) Sarah Wakeley (2) Elizabeth Snow.

Jeremiah Hubbard b 2/1/1715-16 Haddam, CT m Alice Shaylor (Shailer, Shayler, many spellings).

***DANIEL HUBBARD b 9/1/1701 Haddam, Middlesex, CT d 3/11/1755 Haddam, married Temperance SHAYLOR (Shayler, Shailer, many spellings). She was b 7/25/1704 in Haddam, CT.


Joel Hubbard b 1/19/1726-27 Haddam, CT.

Daniel Hubbard b 3/1/1727-28 Haddam, CT, m Eunice CLARK.

Samuel Hubbard b 7/21/1731 Haddam, CT m Sarah SMITH.

James Hubbard b 12/28/1732 Haddam CT, m Hepsibah SMITH.

****TIMOTHY Hubbard, b 4/22/1734 Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Aaron Hubbard b 5/22/1735 Haddam, CT m Damaris WAKELEY.

Edmund Hubbard b 3/2/1736-37 Haddam, CT.

Job Hubbard b abt 1739 Haddam, CT. d 1822 Haddam, m Thankful Clark. Buried in Old Ponsett Cemetery, Pokorney Rd., Haddam, CT. (corrected 9/27/01).

Martha Hubbard b abt 1743 Haddam, CT m Benjamin BURR.

****TIMOTHY HUBBARD b 4/22/1734 Haddam, CT married Sarah BAILEY (b abt 1738 in Haddam.)


*****TIMOTHY Hubbard b 7/7/1767 Haddam, CT d 2/8/1866 in Leyden, Lewis, New York.

Calvin Hubbard b 3/31/1765 Haddam, CT.

Abigail Hubbard b 6/12/1770 (twin) Haddam, CT.

Michael Hubbard b 6/12/1770 (twin) Haddam, CT.

Leander Hubbard b 5/8/1773 Haddam, CT.

Martha Hubbard b 11/20/1776 Haddam, CT.

*****TIMOTHY HUBBARD b 7/7/1767 Haddam, Middlesex, CT, married Eunice THOMAS who was b 10/6/1767 in CT.


Florinda Hubbard b 1808 in CT, d 12/23/1891.

Thomas Hubbard b in CT, d in 1879, m Mary _________.

Roxana Hubbard b 1788 in CT, d Oct 1826 in NY state, m Salmon Douglas.

Abigail Hubbard b 1794 in CT, d 1/31/1845, m Nathan Post.

Amanda Hubbard b 1806 in CT., d 7/26/1857 in Leyden, Lewis County, NY.

Demas Hubbard b 1814 in Lewis County, NY m Aaron Stone.

Timothy Hubbard b 1810 in Leyden, Lewis, NY, m Denise.

******CORODON Hubbard b 6/26/1797 in CT, d 3/5/1891 in Turin, Lewis, NY m Lucy RICHMOND (who was b 10/25/1801 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA, dau of Galen Richmond & SArah Whitman.)


*******WALTER DEWEY HUBBARD b 2/14/1821 in Leyden, Lewis, NY, d 12/14/1887.

Sarah Hubbaard b 1826 in Lewis County,NY d 7/28/1847.

Curtis C. Hubbard b 1829 in Lewis County, NY d 4/25/1882 m Adelia Conkey.

Orlando Hubbard b 1831 Lewis County, NY d 2/6/1894, m (1) Charlotte (2) Emeline.

Marcus Hubbard b 1834 in Lewis County, NY d 12/9/1860, m Elizabeth________.

Electa Hubbard b 1837 Lewis County, NY m __________Whitney.

Amanda Hubbard b May 1850 Lewis County, NY d 1/9/1918 m Charles Kentner.

********WALTER DEWEY HUBBARD, b 2/14/1821 in Leyden, Lewis County, NY d 12/14/1887, m Mary Melissa PALMER (who was b 2/19/1828 Antwerp, Jefferson County, NY, d 1/30/1906 in Greig, Lewis, NY, dau of Ephraim Palmer and Hannah PHELPS.)


*********ELLA HUBBARD b 2/3/1853 Turin, Lewis, NY d 11/16/1923 in Boonville, Oneida, NY.

Emma Hubbard (twin to Ella) b 2/3/1853 Turin, Lewis, NY, d 6/29/1880 m Wallace Fisher on July 3, 1870 (he was b Jan 1850 NY)

James Munroe Hubbard b 11/2/1847 Turin, Lewis NY, d 4/14/1865,

Sarah Hubbard b 11/15/1849 Turin, Lewis, NY.

Sarah Aurelia Hubbard b 10/22/1857 Turin, Lewis, NY d 9/22/1859 (2 yrs of age) in Turin.

Hattie Hubbard b 4/14/1865 Turin, Lewis, NY d 7/28/1952 Boonville, Oneida, NY m Nathaniel Foster Sargent on 2/23/1891 (he b 3/30/1849, d 3/19/1918 Boonville, Oneida, NY).

********ELLA HUBBARD b 2/3/1853 Turin, Lewis, NY, m John Henry BROWN who was b 6/5/1846 in Greig, Lewis, NY, d 3/25/1909 in Greig, Lewis, NY.


*********WALLACE DRAYTON Brown, ab 6/14/1878 Greig, Lewis, NY d 6/29/1944 Boonville, Oneida, NY m Ruth Belle Jackson. (These are my grandparents).

Charles Dewey Brown b 7/11/1875 in Greig, Lewis NY d 8/12/1944 Boonville, Oneida, NY m Mae E. Higby (she b 9/3/1874 d 1/21/1970.)

Frank Earl Brown b 11/24/1878 Greig, Lewis, NY d 12/21/1945 in SanLorenzo, Alameda, Calif., m Lillian Karlen (she b 12/4/1886 Boonville, d 11/25/1963 Calif.)

John Willet Brown b 2/13/1884 Greig, Lewis, NY d 6/24/1884 (d as infant) Greig, Lewis, NY.

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