1780 - 1883.

[Collated and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, under
Authority of Chapter 249 of the Acts of the Year 1884.]

Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers.
18 Post Office Square.

1872 - 1875

* means name changed by reason of adoption.

Jan. 1, Ann Elizabeth Johnson* to Martha Robinson, Boston.
Jan. 1, William Henry Parsons* to William Henry Simpson, Sudbury.
Jan. 1, Josephine Swain* to Josephine Swain Osgood, Gullford, N.H.
Jan. 15, Minnie Hill Myrick* to Minnie Hill Myrick Burke, Lewiston, Me.
Jan. 29, Child of Anna McKinnan* to Gracie Evelyn Blaisdell, Newton.
Feb. 19, Annie Bregan* to Annie Connor, Boston.
Feb. 19, Mary Jane Bregan* to Mary Jane Connor, Boston.
Feb. 19, Sarah Bregan* to Sarah Connor, Boston.
Feb. 26, Annie Nelvena Grant to Annie Nellis Beaman, Boston.
Feb. 26, Mary Estella Lewis* to Mary Stella Came, Brunswick, Me.
Mar. 4, Evelyn Louis Menni Bonn* to Evelyn Bonn Goodsell, Taunton.
Mar. 18, Child of Catharine Kerrigan* to William Jacobs, Boston.
Apr. 29, Frederick Franklin Allen* to Frederick Franklin Beaman, Canton, Me.
June 3, Adelaide Johnson* to Ada Fisher, Boston.
June 10, Nicolay Tysland Johnson* to Nicolay Tysland Legranger, Boston.
Aug. 5, Ann Elizabeth Fay* to Ann Elizabeth Wilson, Boston.
Aug. 12, Annie Cavanagh* to Annie Bell, Boston.
Aug. 12, Emma Elizabeth Hudson* to Emma Elizabeth Jenkins, Boston.
Aug. 19, Edward Hill Judkins to Edward Judkins Hill, Boston.
Oct. 7, William Soule* to William Regal, Duxbury.
Oct. 14, Rosa Dunn* to Catharine Esther Beecher, Boston.
Oct. 14, Catherine Coughlan Robinson* to Catherine Coughlin, Boston.
Oct. 14, Lucy Gardner* to Lucy Jane Sanborn, Boston.
Oct. 28, Charlotte Augusta Belcher* to Lottie Belcher Drew, Boston.
Nov. 4, Mary Elizabeth Leonard* to Gertrude Maud Melville, Boston.
Dec. 2, Charles Wayland Edwards to Charles Willard Carter, Boston.
Dec. 2, Lucy Ella Howe Edwards to Lucy Ella Howe Carter, Boston.
Dec. 2, James Melvin Edwards to James Melvin Carter, Boston.
Dec. 30, Jane Brewer* to Emma Anna Cash Hogan, Cambridge.
Dec. 30, Katie Dana* to Katie Neale Dana, Scituate.
Dec. 30, Elizabeth Dury* to Annie Proctor, Bridgewater.

Feb. 6, Frank Herbert Frye* to Frank Frye Buxton, Salem.
Feb. 6, Fred L. Frye* to Fred Frye Getchell, Salem.
Feb. 6, Lula A. Frye* to Lula Grye Symonds, Salem.
Feb. 6, William H. Gilson to Samuel H. Gilson, Gloucester.
Feb. 6, Laura Antoinette Maben* to Laura Antoinette Maben Kinney, Saugus.
Feb. 20, Alphonsus Hallowell* to Alphonsus Bowes, Methuen.
Feb. 20, Florence Hammond* to Florence Allen, Lynn.
Feb. 20, Maggie S. Winston* to Maggie S. Gray, Newburyport.
Mar. 5, Arthur I. Lovett* to Arthur Willis Edwards, Beverly.
Mar. 12, Mary Jones* to Nellie B. Giles, Lawrence.
Mar. 19, Richard Conway to John Charles Fowler, Lynn.
Mar. 19, Josie Emma Ross* to Josie Emma Badger, Boxford.
Mar. 19, Lizzie Ellen Ross* to Lizzie Ellen Badger, Boxford.
Apr. 2, Ellen Driscoll* to Ellen Moore, Salisbury.
May 21, Daniel Burns* to Daniel Carr, 3d, Lawrence.
May 21, Lydia Amey Hoag to Amy Breed Hoag, Lynn.
June 4, Nellie Bailey* to Ida Ella Johnson, Lynn.
June 11, Mina Florence Revere* to Mina Florence Worthing, Lawrence.
June 18, Betsy Jackman Cheney to Maria Hale Cheney, Newburyport.
Sept. 3, Ernest Allen* to William Henry Cripps, Saugus.
Sept. 10, Annie Osgood Stickney* to Annie Osgood Saunders, Lawrence.
Nov. 5, Joseph Martin Plaice* to Joseph Martin Jones, Lynn.
Nov. 5, Luella Stone* to Luella Rich, Lynn.
Nov. 12, Mariah Doe Cann* to Lillian Mabel Couch, Lawrence.
Nov. 19, Jennie A. Tilton to Jennie A. Ordway, Bradford.
Dec. 17, Joseph Albert Corey* to Joseph Albert Roberts, Salisbury.

Jan. 2, Eveline Coe* to Maud Draper Downs, Ashland.
Jan. 23, Herbert Gillis* to Herbert Boynton Sanger, Natick.
Jan. 23, Emma Addie Ryan* to Emma Addie Clayton, Charlestown.
Feb. 13, Mary Ellen Moynihan* to Mary Ellen Grimes, Acton.
Feb. 13, Flora Ann Temple to Florence Eugenie Temple, Marlborough.
Feb. 27, Kate Keenan* to Kate McFarlin, Lowell.
Feb. 27, Elmer Ellsworth Rollins* to George Elmer Barnard, Lowell.
Mar. 12, William Brown* to William Edwin Rogers, Charlestown.
Mar. 12, Mary Emma Brown* to Mary Emma Lewis, Lowell.
Mar. 12, Helena Coke* to Mabel Grace Foster, Malden.
Mar. 12, John Francis Mears* to Manfred Marshall, Melrose.
Mar. 26, Michael Ball* to Francis Maley, Stoneham.
Apr. 2, George Gertrude Rogers* to Georgie Gertrude Burbank, Charlestown.
Apr. 23, Georgie Mabel Streeter* to Georgie Mabel Jacobs, Marlborough.
May 7, Mary Chesman* to Mary Evaline Hutchinson, Cambridge.
May 7, Axie L. Comey* to Axie Comey Palmer, Hopkinton.
May 7, Mary Lucinda Clark* to Mary Lucinda Paddleford, Holliston.
May 14, Thomas G. Collins to Thomas George Otte, Waltham.
June 11, Frederick Ward* to Freddie A. Morse, Hopkinton.
July 9, George S. Morrison* to George Young Allen, Cambridge.
July 16, Edward B. McFarland* to Edward Brewer Martin, Lowell.
July 23, Alfred B. Morse* to Willie Henry Edson, Charlestown.
Sept. 3, Jane Hinman to Jane Damon, North Reading.
Sept. 3, Mary Jane Hinman to Mary Jane Damon, North Reading.
Sept. 3, Frederick Damon Hinman to Frederick Damon, North Reading.
Sept. 3, Eva Hannah Hinman to Eva Hannah Damon, North Reading.
Sept. 17, An infant* to Abby P. Waldo, Lowell.
Sept. 24, Mary Elizabeth Goulette* to Mary Lester McKey, Everett.
Oct. 22, Benjamin Baldwin to Benjamin Chase Baldwin, Lowell.
Oct. 22, Jane Mahoney to Jane Manning, Waltham.
Nov. 12, Annie Kanns* to Winifred Glover, Cambridge.
Nov. 12, Lizzie A. McBaine* to Lizzie Woodworth, Lowell.
Dec. 10, Mary Tyler Peabody to Mary Cranch Peabody, Concord.

Jan. 2, Frances A. Lewis to Caro Frances Goulding, Worcester.
Feb. 20, Margaret Rosalla McCormic to Margaret Rosalla Howe, Spencer.
Feb. 20, Gertrude Amey Jackson to Gertrude Amey Knight, Douglas.
Feb. 20, Edwin Ames Herrick to Edwin Herrick Ames, Worcester.
Mar. 5, Mary Williams Russell to Lizzie Mary Walker, Leominster.
Mar. 5, Mary R. Haworth to Mary Louise Davis, Leominster.
Mar. 5, Alfred Fuller Smith to Alfred Wadsworth Dana, Worcester.
Mar. 5, Daniel Wilbur Morse to Wilbur Francis Morse, Worcester.
Mar. 19, Clarence Arthur Warren to Silas Gleason Warren, Leicester.
Mar. 19, Charles Henshaw Smith to Charles Henshaw Dana, Worcester.
Mar. 19, Charles Frederick Archer to Charles Frederic Waldo Archer, Worcester.
Apr. 2, Ada Wilson to Lilliam Mabel Magoun, Worcester.
Apr. 2, Julia Sullivan to Julia Collins, Worcester.
Apr. 2, Annie Sullivan to Annie Collins, Worcester.
Apr. 2, Lena Elizabeth Thomas to Lena Elizabeth Farwell, Fitchburg.
Apr. 2, Abbie Bullard Boardman to Abbie Bullard Drury, Spencer.
Apr. 2, Martha E. Dyer to Martha E. Felton, Clinton.
Apr. 16, Willie Gilmore Sargent to Willie Gilmore Clark, Hubbardston.
Apr. 16, Georgianna S. Warren to Georgianna Seager Parks, Shrewsbury.
Apr. 16, James Harrigan to James Harrington, West Boylston.
Apr. 23, Frances Aldrich to Grace Mabelle Carter, Leominster.
Apr. 23, Fannie S. Martain to Fannie Martain Pitts, Leominster.
June 4, Harriet Adelaide Macomber to Harriet Addie Richardson, Royalston.
Sept. 3, Mary Ann McGill to Mary Ann Oakes, Harvard.
Sept. 10, William O'Donnell to William Barlow, Milford.
Sept. 17, Emma Crapo to Jessie Willard Freeman, Westborough.
Oct. 15, Alice Reed to Gracie Alice Lagard, Worcester.
Oct. 15, Pasquale Anastace to Joseph Ansello, Worcester.
Nov. 15, Eliza Ann Converse to Eliza Ann Lamson, Worcester.
Nov. 19, Unknown, to Bertha Josephine Hopkins, Worcester.
Dec. 17, Linda Burt to Nellie Jane Emmons, Douglas.

Jan. 2, Susie Grout* to Minnie M. Childs, Williamsburg.
Jan. 2, Henry Gray* to Henry Surrell, Williamsburg.
Apr. 2, Hattie McIntire* to Mary Frances Baker, Northampton.
Apr. 2, John Elgin Pike to John Elgin Williams, Amherst.
Apr. 2, James Harbottle to James Edmonds, Ware.
Apr. 2, Sarah Helen Harbottle to Sarah Helen Edmonds, Ware.
Apr. 2, Charles Frederick Harbottle to Charles Frederick Edmonds, Ware.
Apr. 2, Albert William Harbottle to Albert William Edmonds, Ware.
Apr. 2, Mary Florence Harbottle to Mary Florence Edmonds, Ware.
June 4, Katie Russell* to Katie Russell Fairchild, Easthampton.
June 4, Emma Dell* to Emma Dell Dewey, Huntington.
July 2, Albert Gardner* to Henry Silas Morgan, Greenwich.
Nov. 6, Mary Eugenia Bradley* to Mary Eugenia Dawes, Cummington.
Dec. 3, Roxana Voilette* to Roxanna Lafleur, Northampton.

Feb. 6, Mary Ann Doyle to Mary Ann Kelly, Holyoke.
Mar. 5, Jesse M. Edwards to Frank Edwards Gibson, Holyoke.
Apr. 2, Louisa Smith to Anna Louisa Barton, Springfield.
June 18, Hattie Cady to Hattie Williams, Westfield.
Dec. 17, Lewis Forron to Frank Lewis Holcomb, Southwick.

Feb. 6, Everett Newell* to Everett Newell Dickinson, Bernardston.
Feb. 6, Rosaline Estella Cole* to Rosaline Estella Abell, Conway.
Feb. 13, James S. Clark* to George Everett Taylor, Shelburne.
Mar. 5, Henry Culver Bigelow* to Henry Allen Steele, Shelburne.
Apr. 2, Merrill Austin Moore* to Merrill Austin Holton, Montague.
Apr. 2, Caroline Elizabeth Moore* to Caroline Elizabeth Holton, Montague.
May 28, Clarance Windsor Woodward* to Clarance Windsor Ward, Buckland.
May 28, Wesley L. Bigelow* to Wesley L. Culver, Shelburne.
May 28, Mary E. Bigelow* to Mary E. Culver, Shelburne.
July 2, Emma Tyler Ward* to Emma Willard Tyler, Greenfield.
Aug. 6, Ida J. Shannon* to Ida J. Richardson, Deerfield.

Apr. 5, Clara J. Montgomery to Clara J. Brown, Adams.
May 7, James Melville Anthony to James Melville Davis, Pittsfield.
May 8, Olive C. Scott to Olive C. Palmer, Alford.
July 16, Edgar Preston to Edgar Preston Fairbanks, Pittsfield.
July 16, William J. Muff to William J. Meleer, Adams.
Nov. 6, Mary Angeline Bishop to Mary Bishop Curtis, Stockbridge.
Dec. 3, Thomas Henry Keating to Thomas Henry Gordon, Peru.

Jan. 10, George Terrell* to George Edwin Coleman, Burlington, Vt.
Feb. 14, Frances Lincoln Parrott* to Anna Frances Comey, Quincy.
Feb. 14, ____ ____ Ware* to George Wallaston Walker, Boston.
Feb. 21, Catharine Flanagan to Catharine Frances Swan, Brookline.
Feb. 28, Margaret McClellan* to Marnie Vinal Brooks, Lawrence.
Mar. 6, George Winslow Hardwick to George Henry Hardwick, Quincy.
Apr. 10, Fannie Gertrude Swears* to Fannie Gertrude Pierce, Weymouth.
July 3, Frank Fuller Saul to Frank Edward Fuller, Quincy.
Sept. 11, Edwin E. Young* to Edwin S. Morrill, Boston.
Oct. 2, Silas William Henry How* to Harry Marriot, Needham.
Oct. 2, Rosa Lena How* to Lena Foster, Needham.

Jan. 19, Ada May Palmer to Ada May Hodgson, Mansfield.
Feb. 2, Susan Maria Chase to Maria Louisa Taber, Acushnet.
Mar. 1, Charles S. C. Pierce to Charles Stephen Chace, Swansey.
Apr. 5, Melissa Gifford to Melissa Gifford Lawton, Dartmouth.
Apr. 19, Nameless to Jennien May Fuller, Attleborough.
June 7, Nameless to Lena Clark Bliss, New Bedford.
Aug. 2, Charles Franklin Chace to Charles Franklin Gifford, New Bedford.
Sept. 6, Caroline Brewer to Olive J. Hadwin, Fall River.
Sept. 6, Hannah Reagan to Hannah R. O'Neil, Fall River.
Sept. 6, Arthur Almy Pickering to Arthur Pickering Almy, Fall River.
Oct. 4, Felix Chaquette to Felix Donelson, Fall River.
Nov. 1, Sarah A. Chace to Sarah Candace French, New Bedford.
Nov. 1, Susan Leonora Townsend to Susan Worcester Alden, Fall River.
Dec. 6, Georgianna W. Clark to Georgianna W. Vaughn, Taunton.

Jan. 22, Annie McDonald* to Annie Conry, Abington.
Feb. 12, William Bullen* to Frank Souther, Hingham.
Feb. 12, Lottie M. Hersey* to Annie Louise Shedd, Bridgewater.
Mar. 11, Eliza W. Skiff to Eliza W. Cowen, Rochester.
Mar. 25, Mary R. Lincoln* to Mary Rebecca Shephard, Middleborough.
Apr. 8, Mary Elizabeth Haley* to Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Marshfield.
Nov. 25, Euphenia Hector* to Nellie Josephine Gardner, Bridgewater.
Nov. 25, Georgianna F. Reynolds* to Georgianna F. Packard, North Bridgewater.

Jan. 15, Agusta Lewis to Agusta Heft, Tisbury.
Dec. 2, Willie F. Simpson to Willie F. Saunders, Tisbury.
Dec. 2, Eliza Ann Simpson to Eliza Ann Spencer, Tisbury.

Sept. 12, Charles Macy to Charles H. Macy, Nantucket.

Jan. 13, Lucy Hayden* to Blanche Hamilton Booth, Boston.
Jan. 20, George Witham* to Henry Leon Noyes, Boston.
Jan. 27, Mary Augusta Hyland* to Mary Augusta Ashcroft, Boston.
Jan. 27, Louis Nachmann to Louis Newman, Boston.
Feb. 3, Frances Clara Martin* to Frances Clara Hastings, Boston.
Mar. 10, Albert Gaston* to Albert Ghastin, Boston.
Mar. 10, Albert Millard King to Albert Millard Wiley, Boston.
Mar. 10, Calvin Bradford King to Bradford King Wiley, Boston.
Mar. 24, Maud Blanch Cary* to Ella Louise Chase, Boston.
Mar. 24, Emma Dumpson* to Ardonia Grey, Boston.
Mar. 24, Abby Augusta Dow* to Jean Edson Perkins, Boston.
Mar. 31, Mary Lemist Hanson to Mary Lemist Clarke, Boston.
Mar. 31, Rebecca Haswell Hanson to Rebecca Haswell Clarke, Boston.
Mar. 31, George Lemist Hanson to George Lemist Clarke, Boston.
Mar. 31, Ellen Montresor Hanson to Ellen Montresor Clarke, Boston.
Apr. 7, James William McKenne to James William Hale, Boston.
Apr. 14, Jeremiah Shea to James Farrell, Boston.
Apr. 28, Clarence Abbott Ruggles to Abbott Lawrence Ruggles, Boston.
May 5, Sarah Louise Newhall* to Sarah Louise Hicks, Boston.
May 5, Frank Russell Mundell* to Frank Russell Sargent, Boston.
May 5, Ida May* to Susie Ella Spaulding, Boston.
June 16, Helen Francis Wellington* to Helen Guardenier, West Roxbury.
Aug. 25, Joseph Francis Reed* to Joseph Francis Stanton, West Roxbury.
Sept. 1, John Joseph Currie* to John Joseph Kennedy, Boston.
Sept. 29, Hermann Constantin Lagreze* to Hermann Lagreze Strack, Marburg, Pruss.
Sept. 29, Anna Conway* to Anna Maud Beal, Boston.
Sept. 29, Catherine O'Brien* to Ellen Catherine Welch, Boston.
Oct. 6, Margaret Forbes* to Margaret Glass, Charlestown.
Nov. 3, Edward Bishop* to George Warner Harris, Bedford.
Nov. 24, John Long* to John Daley, Boston.
Nov. 24, George Anson Bennett to George Anson Williams, Boston.
Dec. 15, Charles W. Pratt* to Charles Delphin, Lynn.
Dec. 22, Susan Lynch* to Minnie Louisa McKenzie, Boston.

Feb. 4, Mary Jane Fields to Mary Jane McClosky, Peabody.
Feb. 4, Elizabeth Maria Tarbox to Alice Mary Stuart, Lynn.
Feb. 18, Alice May Larrabee to Alice May Richardson, Lynn.
Apr. 1, Edward Griffin to Edward Warren Babcock, Keene, N.H.
Apr. 15, Hannah Maria Sweeney to Hannah Maria McCarthy, Peabody.
Apr. 15, Margaret Sweeney to Margaret McCarthy, Peabody.
June 3, Lizzie Webb Dean to Elizabeth Dean Webb, Beverly.
June 10, Frederick S. Stone to Frederick S. Wilson, Lawrence.
July 1, Josephine F. Brown to Josephine F. Hurd, Ipswich.
Sept. 9, Ella Martha Johnson to Ella Martha Hale, Lawrence.
Oct. 7, ____ Bryant to James Howard Gregory, Marblehead.
Nov. 4, Melinda Bell Whittier to Minnie Bell Littlefield, Gloucester.
Nov. 11, Flora L. Symonds to Florence Pierce Symonds Buffum, Salem.

Jan. 7, Mary Eva Conant to Ethel Blanch Aldrich, Lowell.
Jan. 14, Lizzie Cronin to Edith Eliza Leach, Brighton.
Jan. 28, Arthur Chester Russell to Arthur Marshall Cheney, Weston.
Jan. 28, Benjamin P. Roberts to Benjamin Payson Palmer, Somerville.
Jan. 28, Martha C. Roberts to Martha Clarissa Palmer, Somerville.
Jan. 28, Harry P. Roberts to Harry Payson Palmer, Somerville.
Feb. 4, Susan Ann McMullen to Susan Ann Ordway, Lowell.
Feb. 11, Luella Frances Colby to Luella Frances Curtis, Lowell.
Feb. 11, Bertram Pierce to Thomas Herbert Shepard, Winchester.
Mar. 4, Joseph Bond Blanchard to Joseph Bond, Jun., Cambridge.
Mar. 4, Walter Henderson Merriam to Walter Henderson, Everett.
Mar. 11, George Alexander McIntyre to George Winslow Southworth, Medford.
Mar. 11, Maud Mary Sawtell to Maud Isablla Hayward, Ashby.
Mar. 25, Ella Prudence Brown to Ella Cora Baker, Marlborough.
Mar. 25, Emma Louise Umberhend to Emma Louise Tarbox, Charlestown.
Apr. 1, John Albert Hufstadder to John Albert Jones, Malden.
Apr. 8, Lizzie Eldora Nichols to Lizzie Eldora Simonds, Charlestown.
Apr. 22, George Ford to George Quinn, Dracut.
May 13, Elmina Charlotte Hunting to Elmina Charlotte Chase, Cambridge.
May 20, Anna Butler to Anna Goodwin, Medford.
May 20, Rachel Hibbert to May Bell Rachel Potter, Lowell.
May 20, Charles Henry Andrews to Charles Henry Whitney, Lowell.
May 27, Mary Ellen Wiley to Minnie Ayer, Conway, N.H.
May 27, Fannie Gertrude Foster to Fannie Gertrude Tompkins, Somerville.
June 10, Frank E. Gay to Frank Lovejoy, Wayland.
June 10, Mary Ida O'Reilly to Mary Ida McDonald, Charlestown.
June 24, Susan A. Gerry to Susan Augusta Hovey, Cambridge.
June 24, Charles Edward Logan to Walter Scott Campbell, North Reading.
July 1, George Moulton to George Moulton Coggeshall, Lowell.
July 8, Ella Josephine Harding to Josephine Harding Batchelder, Holliston.
Sept. 2, Alfred Thibeault to Herbert Andrews Cox, Everett.
Sept. 2, William Dodge to Robert Stanely Sanderson, Newton.
Sept. 9, Marietta Hasling to Bertha Walker, Lowell.
Oct. 7, Mary Ann Clarke to Mary Lamson Clarke, Natick.
Oct. 7, Elizabeth Mahan to Lydia Frederika Mahan, Natick.
Oct. 14, Lilla Eddy to Lillie Maria Dolliver, San Francisco, Cal.
Oct. 14, Mary Lois Bushey to Alice Towle, Brentwood, N.H.
Oct. 28, Eleanor Coleman to Eleanor Bibrim, Charlestown.
Oct. 28, Annie Belle Lund to Annie Belle Harding, Lowell.
Nov. 26, Mary Jane Fletcher to Mary Jane Farrier, Stoneham.
Dec. 9, Lizzie Maud McDonald to Gracy Kemmick, Natick.
Dec. 23, William Alexander Kirk Nevers to George Hardy Duncan, Watertown.

Jan. 7, Georgie Desire Daniels* to Georgie Desire Ford, Grafton.
Jan. 21, Josephine Graceau* to Josephine Cormier, Southbridge.
Jan. 21, Pauline Bailey* to Pauline Estabrook, Milford.
Mar. 18, Winnie Abbie Baldwin* to Winnie Abby Sawin, Templeton.
Mar. 18, Catharine O'Donnell* to Catharine Sheran, Milford.
Mar. 18, Leslie Reynolds* to Leslie Hemenway, Worcester.
Apr. 1, Frank E. Holbrook* to Frank Edward Whitman, Uxbridge.
Apr. 1, Maud Hussey* to Gertrude Mabel Carter, Leominster.
Apr. 15, Virginia Stols* to Virginia Dumas, Webster.
May 6, John Warren Ramsdell* to John Warren Tower, Athol.
May 20, Franklin Campbell Schultz* to Franklin Campbell, Worcester.
May 20, Maud Stuart* to Jennie Maud Tyler, Leominster.
June 17, Mary Brown* to Cora Isabella Walker, Brookfield.
July 15, Mary Amanda Moore* to Carrie May Dodge, Sutton.
July 15, Leona Isabel Stone* to Leona Isbel Dugar, Charlton.
Sept. 2, ____ Dayton* to Grace Hasley, Fitchburg.
Sept. 2, Fannie Hamilton Trumbull to Fannie Hamilton Trumbull Cross, Worcester.
Oct. 7, Walter Edward Richardson* to Walter Edward Stearns, Worcester.
Oct. 21, Georgianna M. Andrews* to Annie Maria Andrews, Leicester.
Nov. 4, George Levi Whitaker* to Bertie Herbert Phelps, Ashburnham.
Dec. 2, Caroline Mable Hartwell* to Caroline Hartwell Goodell, Worcester.
Dec. 16, Alice Amelia Seaborne* to Mary Alice Hill, Sutton.

June 3, Mary Belle McFarland* to Mabel Porter, Williamsburg.
July 2, Grace Louisa Morley* to Grace Marion Rockwell, Middlefield.
July 2, Martha Annette Farnham* to Mattie Anneta Redding, Amherst.
Sept. 2, Mertie E. Wells* to Mertie E. Strong, Easthampton.
Oct. 14, Orilla J. Shearn* to Orilla J. Wright, Belchertown.
Dec. 3, Aldoras Sefton Ornell* to Aldoras Sefton Hendrick, Easthampton.

Feb. 4, Melville S. Harvey* to Bertie Melville Harvey, Palmer.
Mar. 4, Rosetta Maria Converse to Rose Standish Converse, Monson.
May 6, Carrie M. Pierce* to Carrie Boyden, Chicopee.
May 8, Marshall Wilson Bacon to Marshall Wilson Newton, Palmer.
June 3, Mary Elizabeth Phelon* to Mary Elizabeth Phelon, Westfield. [trans. note: I don't see any change in this name.]
June 3, Mary E. Riley* to Mary Ellen Kearns, Holyoke.
Sept. 2, Helen Olive Rogers* to Helen Olive Howe, Chicopee Falls.
Nov. 4, Ella G. Smith* to Ella G. Johnson, Chicopee.
Nov. 4, Benjamin Spear Bryant* to Benjamin Spear, Springfield.
Nov. 4, Robert Henry Smith to Robert Bemis Smith, Holyoke.
Nov. 5, Annie Bell Gustella Wilbur* to Annie Bell Cook, Springfield.

Feb. 11, Charles Pratt Wood* to Charles Pratt Stockwell, Buckland.
Apr. 8, Mary Frances Kisor* to Minnie Eliza Alexander, Northfield.
May 27, Wayne W. Woodward* to Wayne C. Wheeler, Charlemont.
June 3, Mattie C. Franklin* to Mattie Logan Smith, Montague.
Sept. 2, Clara T. Whedden* to Clara T. Mowry, Greenfield.
Oct. 7, Charles S. Beach* to Charles S. Porter, Greenfield.

Feb. 4, Hattie Estella Flouton to Hattie Estella Burnett, W. Stockbridge.
Feb. 4, Francis Carpenter to Francis Varren, Adams.
Apr. 3, Ernest Goodrich to Ernest Towers Goodrich Holwell, Pittsfield.
May 6, Fannie Shepherd to Fannie Porter Bailey, Pittsfield.
May 6, Fred. Temple to Fred. Horton, Cheshire.
July 15, Alice Hoose to Alice Martin, Pittsfield.
Sept. 2, James Melville Davis to James Melville Anthony, Pittsfield.
Sept. 2, Grace Maria Hamilton to Grace Maria Hoose, Pittsfield.
Sept. 3, Herbert White to Herbert Harmon, New Ashford.
Oct. 7, Thomas Connolly to Thomas Butler, Hinsdale.
Oct. 7, Margaret Ellen Connolly to Margaret Ellen Obey, Hinsdale.
Oct. 7, Nellie Hinckley to Nellie Margaret Griffin, Lanesborough.
Oct. 8, William Ham to Allen Munroe Sheldon, Great Barrington.
Nov. 5, Ida Shelter to Ida Amelia Lang, Pittsfield.

Feb. 5, Isabella Theldal Campbell* to Annie Maria Thomas, Weymouth.
Feb. 5, Fanny Gunning* to Amy Greene, Milton.
Feb. 5, Mary Alice Munroe* to Mary Ellen Fay, West Roxbury.
Feb. 5, Samuel Otis* to Samuel Cooper, Boston.
May 21, Charles A. Loring* to Charles Edwin Wood, Dedham.
July 2, Peter Charden Brooks Adams to Brooks Adams, Quincy.
Sept. 3, William Atherton Hewins to William Peter Hewins, Medfield.
Sept. 3, Francis R. Richardson* to Caleb Francis Craft, Stoughton.
Oct. 8, Swan Miller* to Joseph Roberts, Quincy.
Dec. 10, Annie Lorena Ford* to Annie Ford Richardson, Foxborough.

Jan. 3, James Britton to James Britton Wilbar, New Bedford.
Jan. 3, Catherine Klure to Catherine Dempsey, Fall River.
Jan. 3, John Mullaney to John Shaugnessy, Fall River.
Jan. 3, Mary E. Lullaney to Esther Tyrell, Fall River.
Feb. 7, Abby Grafton to Abby D. Kempton, New Bedford.
Feb. 7, Clara Josephine Gifford to Clara Josephne Munroe, Mansfield.
Feb. 7, John McCarty to John Carter Emery, New Bedford.
Mar. 7, Mary Ellen Sale to Name unchanged, Fall River.
Mar. 7, Ellen and Sarah Ann Granger, to Ellen and Sarah Ann Wilkinson, Attleborough.
Mar. 21, Evelyn A. Horr to Evelyn A. Blake, Taunton.
Apr. 18, Nameless, to Elisha Bassett, Freetown.
June 6, Nameless, to Kate Josepha Bartlett, New Bedford.
June 6, Carrie Hayes to Maud Sherwood Boyce, Attleborough.
July 11, Maria L. Gill to Maria L. Meade, Taunton.
Aug. 1, Anna Henderson Moore to Anna Maria Gainsville, New Bedford.
Sept. 5, Horace Perry Howard to Clarence Howard Montgomery, Attleborough.

Mar. 10, Sophronia L. Sampson* to Lilian Sampson Shaw, Hanson.
Mar. 10, Frank Poland* to William Francis Davis, Middleborough.
Apr. 14, Grace Eleanor Carbone* to Grace Eleanor Sivorich, Hull.
Apr. 14, Lizzie May Staples* to Lizzie Staples Holmes, Plymouth.
May 26, Anna Dyke Washburn* to Anna Washburn Burnham, Bridgewater.
June 23, Mary Carlton Howland* to Mary Carlton Reed, Pembroke.
July 8, Francis Bartlett Hervey to David Bartlett Hervey, North Bridgewater.
Sept. 8, Catharine Irwin* to Clara Elizabeth Sinclair, Hingham.
Sept. 8, Elmer E. Jones* to Elmer E. Enos, Plymouth.
Oct. 20, Sarah E. Carr* to Mary E. Reach, North Bridgewater.

Apr. 15, Lydia Ford Backus to Lydia Ford Wood, Barnstable.
Apr. 15, Esther Louisa Sparrow to Esther Louisa Cammett, Barnstable.
Aug. 12, Elizabeth W. Nightingale to Elizabeth Nightingale Marston, Barnstable.

Mar. 3, Hannah Rose Crosby to Aleta Thomas Robinson, Tisbury.
June 2, Essie G. Thaxter to Essie G. Wilbur, Edgartown.
Dec. 1, Elizabeth Elnora White to Elizabeth Elnora Cleveland, Tisbury.

June 12, Lydia W. Francis to Lydia W. Chappel, Nantucket.
June 12, Isabelle A. Kingsbury to Isabeele A. Orr, Nantucket.

Jan. 5, Robert Bulling to Robert Burlen, Boston.
Jan. 5, Fraces Elizabeth Bulling to Frances Elizabeth Burlen, Boston.
Jan. 5, Alfred Henry Bulling to Alfred Henry Burlen, Boston.
Jan. 5, Edith Frances Bulling to Edith Frances Burlen, Boston.
Jan. 5, Estella Boynton* to Sarah Humphrey Buck, New Haven, Ct.
Jan. 12, Maud May Guptill* to Carrie Green Barnes, Boston.
Jan. 19, Patrick Henry Horan* to Henry Horan McCann, Boston.
Jan. 26, Nathan Boenstein* to Nathan Smith, Boston.
Feb. 2, Elizabeth Kearney* to Abby Harriet Furber, Boston.
Feb. 2, Frank Swett to Frank Sweet, Chelsea.
Feb. 9, Mary Ellen Maguire* to Minna Trehandt (or Trebandt), Boston.
Feb. 9, Charles Pottsdamer* to Charles Jefferson Hatch, Boston.
Feb. 16, Mary Moore Walker* to Mary Moore Dean, Boston.
Feb. 16, Abbie Hedge Crowell to Abbie Hedge Hills, Boston.
Mar. 2, Minnie Etta Smith* to Ada Louise Burroughs, Boston.
Mar. 23, Willie Edmund Kirk* to Willie Kirk Tirrell, Chelsea.
Mar. 23, Gilbert Edward Frazier* to Charles Fazier[did they mean 'Frazier'?] Raymond, Boston.
Mar. 30, George Quinn* to Moses Myers, Boston.
Mar. 30, Fannie Blake* to Fanny Maria Cartwright, Boston.
Apr. 6, Bessie Ann Christie* too Bessie Ann George, Boston.
Apr. 13, Belle Wallace Thorndike* to Belle Wallace Brown, Camden, Me.
Apr. 13, Millie Louisa Robinson* to Millie Louisa Wentworth, Boston.
Apr. 20, Grace Darling McAbee* to Grace McAbee Perham, Zanesville, Ohio.
Apr. 20, George Prescott Tay* to George Clinton Clark, West Springfield.
Apr. 20, Patrick Lynch* to Francis Louis Monjet, Chelsea.
Apr. 27, John Murphy to John Downing Murphy, Boston.
May 11, Alice Mason Sumner to Alice Mason, Boston.
May 11, Mary Eliza Russell* to Florence Ring, Boston.
May 25, Francis Eldorus Dwyer* to Francis Eldorus Heminway, Boston.
May 25, Jane Broderick* to Menagh Jane Clarke, Boston.
June 15, Joseph Paysant Bull to Joseph Pazant Bullard, Boston.
June 15, Charles Thompson* to Charles Collins, Boston.
June 15, Clara Bell* to Ora F. Buck, Boston.
June 22, Nellie May Eaton* to Phebe Johnson Woodman, Boston.
June 22, Sarah Ellen McQuade* to Sarah Gertrude Sullivan, Lawrence.
June 29, Albert Frederick Walsh* to Albert Frederick Hennessey, Biddeford, Me.
June 29, Joseph Geo. Lewis Nelson* to Joseph George Fitzmorris, Boston.
July 6, David Cunningham* to David O'Hanlon, Boston.
July 6, Margaret Cunningham to Margaret O'Hanlon, Boston.
July 20, Martha Ellen Warner* to Grace Ellen Dunklee, Boston.
July 27, Margaret Warner* to Lucy Ashcroft, Gr'd Menan, Me.
July 27, George Jepson Smith* to George Jepson, Boston.
Aug. 17, Leonora Chamberlin* to Leonora May Walker, Boston.
Aug. 24, Ida Marsh* to Ada Brewster Richardson, Boston.
Sept. 7, Mary R. Belden* to Mary Belden Wells, Boston.
Sept. 7, George Bohring* to George Thomas Ritchie, Boston.
Sept. 7, Emma Dora Thayer* to Emma Dora Gray, Boston.
Sept. 14, Hannah Brown* to Hannah Stone, Boston.
Sept. 14, Susan A. Murray* to Susan A. Libby, Boston.
Sept. 21, William Hudson Parshley to William Hudson, Boston.
Oct. 26, Eliza Bartlett to Eliza Bartlett Seymour, Boston.
Oct. 26, Mabel Campbell* to Mabel C. Goodwin, Boston.
Oct. 26, John Golding* to Charles Wallace, Bridgewater [trans note: I thought Bridgewater was in Plymouth County. Once in a while they put a town in a county where it doesn't really belong].
Oct. 26, Fanny Davis* to Bessie Lockwood Tucker, Boston.
Oct. 26, William Otis Booth* to William Otis Barnes, Boston.
Oct. 26, Samuel James Staples* to Karl Adolp Spangenberg, Boston.
Oct. 26, Viola Estella Whittier* to Viola Estella McDonald, Boston.
Nov. 16, Ottmar Kammerar to Edward Kammerer, Boston.
Nov. 16, Emma Petis* to Emma Seamon, Boston.
Nov. 30, Anna M. A. Matson* to Cornelia Lee Munson, Boston.
Dec. 7, Charlotte Elizabeth Taylor* to Charlotte Elizabeth Morrison, Boston.
Dec. 7, Charles Smith Osborn* to James Richards Williams, Boston.
Dec. 14, Mary Walcott Almon to Mary Elizabeth Almon, Boston.
Dec. 14, Cora Lawrence* to Ada Seymour, Boston.

Jan. 6, Richard Trask Eaton to Allen Leach Eaton, Beverly.
Jan. 20, Charles Martins to Clarimundo Martins, Salem.
Jan. 20, Benjamin Franklin Vollor to Benjamin Franklin Buffum, Salem.
Feb. 3, Eddie Reed Flint to Eddie Flint Leach, Manchester.
Feb. 10, Minnie A. Mitchell to Maud Adelphia Gilbert, Gloucester.
Mar. 10, Frank Graham to Frank Godin, Haverhill.
Mar. 17, Ella Lee Trask to Ella Lee Wilson, Beverly.
Apr. 7, Charles Steele to Charles Wallis Steele, Salem.
Apr. 7, Warren Horne to Joseph Warren Caldwell, Ipswich.
Apr. 7, James Trimble to James May, Lawrence.
Apr. 7, Sarah C. Tuller to Sarah C. Pulsifer, Gloucester.
Apr. 14, Ernest Hawkins to Ernest H. Winson, Salem.
Apr. 14, Mary Edith Griffin to Mary Edith Knight, Gloucester.
Apr 21, Hattie Isabel Waldron to Hattie Isabel Towne, Topsfield.
Apr. 21, Charles Horace Dixon to Charles Horace Coppen, West Newbury.
Apr. 21, Jessie Dixon to Jessie Coskery, West Newbury.
May 5, Charles Gibson to James P. Clark, Gloucester.
May 5, Katie Strickland to Katie S. Plummer, Swampscott.
July 7, Alice A. Mason to Alice Mason North, Lawrence.
Oct. 5, Sarah Ellen A. Winkley to Sarah Ellen A. Chadwick, Rockport.
Nov. 2, Anna Elizabeth Currier to Anna Elizabeth Proctor, Manchester.
Nov. 9, Frank Dolliver to Frank Orison Freethy, Lawrence.
Nov. 9, Mary Myrtle to Mary Myrtle Pierce, Lawrence.

Jan. 6, Lucy Ann Rahr to Lucy Rahr Emerson, Wakefield.
Jan. 20, Albert Sibley to Albert Sibley Lyon, Wayland.
Jan. 27, Etta Childs to Etta Childs Madigan, Natick.
Jan. 27, Lucy Ann Gould to Annie Black, Cambridge.
Mar. 10, Minnie Corcoran to Marion Lulu Stanley, Malden.
Mar. 17, Lizzie Jane Frasier to Lizzie Jane Hubert, Malden.
Mar. 17, Mary Jane Louisa Dooley to Mary Jane Louisa Johnson, Lowell.
Apr. 7, Sarah Ann Hyde to Sarah Ann Umpleby, Lowell.
Apr. 10, Charles Benjamin Connor to Charles Bradley Manning, Cambridge.
May 20, Catharine Riley to Catharine Rick, Dracut.
June 2, William P. Small to William S. Richards, Cambridge.
June 9, Arthur H. Russell to Arthur Walker, Marlborough.
July 7, Mary Gray to Caroline Elizabeth Brooks, Concord.
July 7, Marshia Magee to Marshia Bachelder, Cambridge.
July 14, Isabel Beedem to Lena Blanch Slack, Malden.
July 14, Anthony Lamb to Samuel Treat Lamb, Cambridge.
July 28, Ellen Kearney to Ellen Stephens, Medford.
Sept. 1, Emeline C. Lock to Martha Hildreth, Nataick.
Sept. 1, John Riley to John Rick, Dracut.
Sept. 22, Evaline Wier to Evalina Wier French, Tewksbury.
Oct. 13, Ann Elizabeth Rush to Ann Elizabeth Edds, Lowell.
Oct. 27, Flora Mabel Place to Flora Mabel Fuller, Natick.
Oct. 27, Edith Blanchard Saunders to Bessie Nichols, Natick.
Oct. 27, Agnes Garrison Freeman to Eleanor Isabella Anderson, Cambridge.
Oct. 27, Ida May Anderson to Ida May Fatal, Cambridge.
Oct. 27, Ellen Stewart to Nellie May Miller, Cambridge.
Nov. 10, Margaret C. O'Hare to Margaret Catharine Grimes, Lowell.
Nov. 10, Albert Rodney Drake to Albert Rodney Parker, Malden.
Nov. 10, Mary Louisa Cowdry to Mary Louisa Tilton, Lowell.
Nov. 17, William Badger West to William Badger Lawrence, Medford.
Nov. 24, Alvin Drake Moonie to Alvin Moonie Wyman, Arlington.
Dec. 8, Lilla Frances Avery to Lilla Frances Brooks, Lowell.

Jan. 6, ____ ____ to Mary Edna Wakefield, Millbury.
Jan, 20, Francis Agan to Francis Willis Brown, Uxbridge.
Feb. 3, Nellie Delia Deane to Nellie Delia Plumpton, Dudley.
Feb. 3, Lewis Harlan Gilman to Lewis Harlan Gale, Worcester.
Feb. 3, William T. Flint to William Flint Smith, Phillipston.
Feb. 3, Fanny Maria Flint to Fanny Maria Smith, Phillipston.
Feb. 17, Belle Marium Baldwin to Belle Marium Bailey, Athol.
Mar. 3, Anne Elizabeth Widdup to Anne Elizabeth Bray, Worcester.
Mar. 17, Mary McGauran to Emma Addie Ellsworth, Boston.
Apr. 7, William Henry Swan to Theodore William Aldrich, Mendon.
Apr. 7, Elizabeth C. Swan to Elizabeth C. Aldrich, Mendon.
Apr. 7, ____ Owens to Ruth Whittemore, Worcester.
Apr. 7, Johanna Crowley to Johanna Murphy, Worcester.
Apr. 7, John Wilson Welch to John Lincoln Harris, Worcester.
Apr. 21, Nellie Bonner to May Violet Montreull, Worcester.
May 5, Joseph Chaffin to Eugene Richard McCoy, Worcester.
May 12, Alice Lillian Bowen to Alice Lillian Fisher, Royalston.
May 12, Minnie Gertrude Knapp to Minnie Gertrude Fisher, Royalston.
May 13, Lizzie Sherburne to Elizabeth Maria Ayres, Petersham.
May 13, Lucy Edith Howe to Edith Wetherell Howe, Petersham.
May 19, Ella A. Baker to Ella A. B. Tenney, Worcester.
June 2, Augustus Hector to Richard Augustus Ford, Worcester.
June 16, Edith Annette Fuller to Edith Annette Fuller Lemoine, Webster.
July 7, David Alexander Allen to James Cook Allen, Worcester.
July 21, Hannah Read Tilden to Anna Read Tilden, Milford.
July 21, Ida Lizzie Hapgood to Mabel Hapgood Holden, Barre.
July 21, William Edward Conkling to William Edward Lovell, Worcester.
Sept. 1, Alice Bell to Alice Bell Proctor, Bolton.
Sept. 1, Charles F. Safford to Charles Hermon Sawyer, Lancaster.
Oct. 6, Mary Olive Given Rankin to Minnie Olive Given Wasson, Boston. [trans note: Boston is in Suffolk County, but I've noticed that for some reason it pops up in a different one from time to time, I have no idea why].
Nov. 3, Emily Morris to Lula Agnes Vinton, Southbridge.
Nov. 17, Margaret Klane to Margaret Allen, Charlton.
Nov. 17, Albert Curtis Maynard to Albert Maynard Rood, Worcester.
Dec. 1, Mabel Wallace Veazie to Mabel May, North Brookfield.
Dec. 1, Nancy T. Stone to Nancy T. Stevens, Northborough.
Dec. 15, ____ Wheelock to Arthur Willis Newell, Gardner.

Feb. 3, Nellie Luden to Mary Eastman Buckman, Northampton.
June 9, Lola Frances Kennard to Frances L. Bridgman, Belchertown.
July 7, Francis Albert Hawkes to Frank Herbert Witherell, Pelham.

Mar. 3, Henry Francoeur* to Henry Fountaine, Northampton.
Apr. 7, Minnie Roberts* to Lucy Agnes Reed, Hartford, Ct.
Apr. 7, Grace Emma Larkins* to Grace Emma Larkins Webber, Minneapolis, Minn.
May 5, John Frederick Gruendler* to John Grederic Buschman, Westfield.
May 5, Grace Taylor* to Grace Hunt Dawes, Northampton.
June 2, Lucy Jane Orcutt* to Lucy Josephine Ames, Washington, Mass.
July 7, Mary Eleanor Emritch* to Grace Evelyn Perry, Westfield.
Sept. 1, Louis Laplant Jr.* to Louis Cummings, Springfield.
Sept. 1, Annie Laplant* to Annie Cummings, Springfield.
Sept. 15, Mary Abbie Ingraham* to Mary Abbie Miles, Greenwich, N.Y.
Oct. 6, Cora Etta Coleman* to Cora Etta Howe, Sprinfield.
Dec. 1, Martha W. Blackwell* to Martha B. Blackstone, Lake City, Minn.
Dec. 15, Sulena Grover* to Sulena Washington, Westfield.

Feb. 10, Cora F. Wilcox* to Cora F. Gilman, Shelburne.
Mar. 3, Charles Whitney* to Charles Andrew Moore, New Salem.
Mar. 3, Mary E. Watson* to May E. Haynes, Charlemont.
Mar. 3, Emma J. Ellor* to Alice J. Dodge, Greenfield.
Mar. 10, George M. Moore* to George M. Mayo, Orange.
May 26, Amelia M. Streeter* to Cora May Bond, Buckland.
June 2, Caroline Gould* to Caroline Emon, Montague.
June 2, Mary J. Gould* to Mary J. Saro, Montague.
June 2, Margaret Gould* to Margaret Levielle, Montague.
June 2, Willie Grant Wilcox* to Willie G. Underwood, Heath.
July 7, (Infant) Clark* to Lottie Graves Purrington, Buckland.
July 7, (Infant) Clark* to Lula Salinia King, Buckland.
Sept. 8, Horace A. Dewey* to William Frederick Hough, Colrain.

Jan. 6, Marvin Dole to William Worth, Clarksburg.
Jan. 6, Alice M. Clark to Alice M. Baker, North Adams.
May 5, Katie Jane Campbell to Katie Campbell Southwick, Adams.
May 6, Fanny E. Ingraham to Fannie E. Orton, Great Barrington.
June 2, Hannah Dickinson to Annie Dickinson Newtn, Lanesborough.
July 23, William Hills to William Howard, Adams.

Jan. 7, William Percy Austin to Percy Austin, West Roxbury.
Jan. 7, Gracie Carlson to Gracie Whiting, Hyde Park.
Feb. 25, Sarah Ann Lumb to Lilliam Louise Bronsdon, Milton.
Feb. 25, Agnes May to Mary Agnes O'Neil, Hyde Park.
Apr. 15, Asa Ansel Jones to Asa Jones Adams, Hyde Park.
June 17, Ellery B. Polsey to Ellery B. Clark, Wrentham.
June 17, Elizabeth A. Polsey to Elizabeth A. Clark, Wrentham.
July 8, Effie Mabel Benson to Mabel Cooper Snow, Hyde Park.
July 22, Charles Francis Pero to Charles Pero Niles, Randolph.
Dec. 2, Annette Baldwin to Jennie Garside, _____.
Dec. 23, Alice Maud Keymes to Alice Maud Newton, Cambridge.

Jan. 2, John William Bradly to John William France, Fall River.
Feb. 6, Edith E. Dodge to Edith E. Cole, Nova Scotia.
Feb. 6, Jenney Buffinton to Jenny Buffinton Ball, Fall River.
Mar. 6, Sarah Frances Gidley to Sarah Frances Royce, Dartmouth.
Apr. 17, Alice Maud Thompson to Mary Jane Day, Chesterfield, N.H.
July 10, Nameless, to Sarah E. Cook, Fall River.
July 10, Annie A. Andrews to Annie A. Robinson, Tiverton.
July 10, Harriet S. Motsler to Harriet S. Ginnodo, Attleborough.
July 10, John G. Motsler to John G. Ginnodo, Attleborough.
July 10, Emma A. Washburn to Emma Sumner Green, Attleborough.
Sept. 4, Nameless, to Jane E. Read, Dartmouth.
Sept. 4, William Edward Coffin to Edward William Gifford, New Bedford.
Nov. 6, Nameless, to Mabel Frances Gurney, Fairhaven.
Nov. 6, Eugene Herbert Albro to Eugene Herbert Cornell, New Bedford.
Nov. 6, Nameless, to Elisa Annie Butts, Fall River.
Dec. 4, Betsey Ann Maria Carr to Annie Maria Carr Rounds, Fall River.

Jan. 10, Lizzie S. Holmes* to Fanny L. Hodge, Plymouth.
Feb. 9, Delbert E. Thompson* to George D. Deane, Marion.
Apr. 13, Isaac M. Rashkowsky to Isaac Marks, Rockland.
May 25, Abby Fisher* to Katie L. Drew, Kingston.
May 25, Zina Cochran* to Zina Cannaway, Rockland.
May 25, ____ Roper* to William F. Meserve, Abington.
Dec. 14, Edith H. Lincoln* to Edith H. L. Hersey, Hingham.
Dec. 14, Sarah E. Whitney* to Sarah E. Denham, Mattapoisett.
Dec. 14, Etta Hiller* to Etta Norveil (or Norvell), Middleborough.
Dec. 28, Albert Kurz* to Albert O. Nichols, Plymouth.

June 16, Lucy P. Bangs to Lizzie Gertrude Myrick, Provincetown.
Oct. 29, Nehemiah Harding Fisher to Irving Harrison Fisher, Provincetown.

Mar. 12, Cora Francis to Cora M. Sandsbury, Nantucket.

Jan. 18, Daisie Marion Penn* to Dasie Marion Burrows, Liverpool, England.
Jan. 18, William Penn* to William Burrows, Liverpool, England.
Jan. 18, Jennie Sargent* to Jennie Ricker, Boston.
Jan. 25, Mary Nagle* to Mary Leomoine, Woburn.
Feb. 15, Emma Jane Bell* to Emma Jane Pulsifer, Cambridge.
Feb. 15, Mary Ann McGurdy* to Mary Ann Bird, Cambridge.
Feb. 15, Margaret McGurdy* to Margaret Bird, Cambridge.
Feb. 23, Anna F. Mahoney* to Anna F. Dunn, Boston.
Mar. 1, Mary Jane Curtis* to Mary Jane Grant, Troy, N.Y.
Mar. 22, Jessie E. Kirkpatrick* to Jessie Elizabeth Gates, Boston.
Apr. 5, Waldo Clarence Haynes* to Joseph Rollins De Castro French, Boston.
Apr. 5, Walter Edward Welch* to Fredie Walter Emerton, Boston.
Apr. 12, Elizabeth Ruddick* tp Eliza Watson, Boston.
May 3, Loammi Crosby to Lew Crosby, Boston.
May 17, Edith Augusta Smith* to Edith Augusta Ham, Boston.
May 17, Andrew Hall Ferdinand to Andrew Ferdinand Hall, Boston.
June 14, Lucy Brackett Wadleigh* to Lucy Brackett Chase, Brooklyn, N.Y.
June 21, Martha Thain* to Carrie Wilson Carpenter, Boston.
June 21, Imogene Russell Harding to Gena Russell Harding, Boston.
June 21, Odelia Baltz* to Matilda Bach, Boston.
June 28, Charlotte White* to Mabel Angel Carter, Dedham.
June 28, Annie Sullivan* to Annie C. Randall, Boston.
July 6, Charles McClellan Murphy to Charles McClellan Ballard, Boston.
July 26, Harry G. Collins to Alberton Deshorne Breding, Boston.
Aug. 9, John Boyce to John Fitzgibbon, Boston.
Aug. 16, Herman Bowers to Herman Wenskowski, Boston.
Aug. 23, Nathaniel William Curtis to Nathaniel Curtis, Boston.
Oct. 11, Marie Koehling* to Marie Saalwaechter, Boston.
Oct. 11, Friedrick Koehling* to Fredrick Saalwaechter, Boston.
Oct. 18, Grace Williams* to Grace Nourse, Cambridge.
Nov. 15, Leonard Marshall Prescott* to Leonard Prescott Hilton, Somersw'th, N.H.
Dec. 6, Saida Gray* to Saida Baker, Boston.
Dec. 13, Thomas Vinton Young to Richard Randolph Shaw, Boston.
Dec. 27, Marvin Sumner* to Mervin Sumner Johnson, Boston.
Dec. 27, Mary Flatley* to Nettie Harris Smith, Boston.
Dec. 27, Ida May Costello* to Alice Goodridge, Cambridge.

Jan. 18, Blanche Augusta Lawrence to Blanche Lawrence Cummings, Andover.
Jan. 25, Pauline Carr to Pauline Wadleigh, Salisbury.
Jan. 25, Claudia Lee Horne to Fannie Spencer Littlefield, Haverhill.
Mar. 1, Frank R. Smith to Frank R. Frost, Haverhill.
Mar. 8, Katie Jane Carter to Katie Jane Robinson, Lawrence.
Mar. 8, Mary Ann Fuller to Maria Annie Dawson, Lawrence.
Mar. 22, Paulina Chambers to Annie Peabody True, Salisbury.
Mar. 22, Arthur Webster Johnson to Arthur Webster Ballard, Salem.
Apr. 12, Hattie Margenson to Hattie Denby, Newark, N.J.
Apr. 19, Hannah Tinker to Hannah Butterworth, Salisbury.
June 14, Ellen Maria Fuller to Nellie Fuller Manning, Rockport.
June 21, Clarence Elmer Bailey to Clarence Elmer Wirth, Peabody.
June 21, Frank Bailey to Edward Oscar Wirth, Peabody.
June 21, Joseph Walter Bailey to Joseph Walter Wirth, Peabody.
Aug. 2, Alice Ruth Legro to Alice Reynolds Hood, Beverly.
Sept. 6, Ada Ingalls Gaskill to Ada Joseph Young, Salisbury.
Sept. 13, Frank Bent to Frank William Holt, Lawrence.
Sept. 13, Anna Maria Corser to Annie Maria Baker, Amesbury.
Sept. 20, Lewis Thorndike Lee to Alfred Thorndike Lee, Lynn.
Oct. 18, Frederick C. Trefethen to Frederick C. Joslyn, Lynn.
Oct. 25, Charlotte Ann Saunders to Charlotte Ann Taylor, Lynn.
Dec. 6, Ida F. Twiss to Ida Twiss Bragdon, Danvers.
Dec. 20, William M. Coffin, Jun. to William M. Gray, Milford, N.H.
Dec. 20, Florence Etta Twiss to Florence Etta Melden, Lynn.

Jan. 5, Viola Fletcher to Alice Maud Jacobs, Marlborough.
Jan. 5, Clara Robinson to Clara Wakefield, Hopkinton.
Jan. 19, William Walters Whitten to William Burr Plunkett, Lowell.
Jan. 19, Frances Gertrude Valentine Sylvester to Frances Gertrude Valentine, Newton.
Jan. 19, Mabel Hedwig Valentine Sylvester to Mabel Hedwig Valentine, Newton.
Jan. 26, Helena Josephine Dick to Helena Josephin Goldsmith, Lowell.
Feb. 9, Joanna McCarron to Josephine Agnes Barnes, Marlborough.
Mar. 9, Cora Mabel Gould to Cora Mabel Hapgood, Ashby.
Apr. 6, Etta Frances Taylor to Etta Frances Palmer, Lowell.
Apr. 6, Lottie Agnes Howe to Charlotta Agnes Holbrook, Ashland.
Apr. 13, Samuel Mitchell to Samuel O'Kelly, Marlborough.
Apr. 13, Ida Lucy Morehouse to Ida Lucy Wells, Lowell.
May 11, Amy Polland to Amy Maier, Cambridge.
May 18, Carrie Isabella Ackerman to Carrie Isabella Hibbard, Hopkinton.
May 25, Ella Frances Collins to Annie Gertrude Hibbard, Somerville.
June 22, Matilda Ann Gregory to Elizabeth Stephens Latimer, Newton.
July 6, Cynthia Louisa Hoffer to Lulu Cox, Cambridge.
July 27, Nellie F. Brigham to Nellie Fay Brigham Belknap, Marlborough.
Sept. 7, Ida Ella ilson to Clara Ella Page, Ayer.
Sept. 14, Emma Keziah Page to Nellie Keziah Farrington, Lowell.
Sept. 28, Jessie Anna Brooks to Jessie Anna Spaulding, Groton.
Oct. 12, George Levi Morse to Joseph Warren Adams, Somerville.
Oct. 12, Herbert William Prouty to Herbert William Estabrook, Natick.
Oct. 26, George Wiley to George Wiley Higgins, Holliston.
Oct. 26, Emma Cutting Bent to Emma Cutting Bent Gray, Framingham.
Nov. _, Anne Max to Anne Max Murphy, Stoneham.
Nov. 23, Ida L. Haven to Ida Lillian Hutchinson, Burlington.
Nov. 23, Mary McNaught to Mary Hutchinson, Burlington.
Nov. 23, John S. McNaught to John Stuart Hutchinson, Burlington.
Dec. 14, Ella Maud Johnson to Maud Ellene Noyes, Somerville.

Jan. 5, Anna Maria Lamb to Anna Maria Wilson, Leicester.
Jan. 5, Charles H. Baylies to Charles H. Warren, Templeton.
Jan. 19, John Carter to John Albion Carter, Petersham.
Mar. 2, Nellie Dascomb Lovejoy to Nellie Dascomb Temple, Gardner.
Mar. 2, Mabel H. Ball to Mabel Stevens Ball, Worcester.
Apr. 6, Frances Maria Eaton to Frances Maria Chase, Milford.
Apr. 20, James Edward White to James Edward Mowry, Douglas.
Apr. 27, _____ to Emmie Clinton Smith, Athol.
June 15, George K. Warner to George W. Lawrence, Fitchburg.
July 6, Harriet Higgins Merrill to Harriet Merrill Marcy, Southbridge.
July 20, Frederick D. Gassett to Frederick Hildreth, Milford.
July 20, Ella Frances Jones to Ella Frances Hale, Leominster.
Sept. 7, Frances Eliza Young to Edna Eliza Morse, Webster.
Sept. 7, Cora Augusta Shaw to Cora Augusta Davies, Winchendon.
Sept. 7, Eugene Manning to Eugene Ames, Royalston.
Sept. 28, Bertha Alace Carlton to Carrie Emeline Young, Templeton.
Oct. 5, Effie Gibson to Alice Effie Kimball, Fitchburg.
Oct. 5, Caro Frances Goulding to Caro Frances Wetherbee, Worcester.
Nov. 2, Willie Henry Akins to Willie Henry Wilson, Leicester.
Nov. 2, Ida M. Davenport to Madge Davenport Ballou, Grafton.
Nov. 16, William Henry Brown to William Henry Sherman, West Brookfield.
Dec. 7, Cora Ella Bradford to Cora Ella Remington, Northbridge.

Jan. 5, Edward Ericson* to Frank Edward Main, Northampton.
Mar. 2, Hattie Munn* to Eliza Bennett, Middlefield.
May 4, Mary Lueser Beaman* to Mary Lueser Lovell, Amherst.
May 4, Charlie Rhood* to Frederic A. Bryant, Chesterfield.
May 4, Frank Wilbur Rhood* to Frank Wilbur Clark, Huntington.
July 6, Edwin J. Beaman* to Edwin J. Ingram, South Hadley.
Sept. 7, Inez Eudora Park* to Inez Eudora Park Butterfield, South Hadley.
Nov. 3, Clarance W. Hunt* to Clarance W. Spooner, Granby.
Nov. 3, George N. Hunt* to Geo. N. Goldthwait, Granby.
Nov. 9, Clara Bell Truesdell Kendall* to Clara Bell Kendall Thayer, Amherst.

Jan. 5, Mary Emma Hodge to Josephine Allen Burton, West Springfield.
Feb. 2, Arabella Horton to Bella Horton Stevens, Westfield.
Mar. 2, Edward Maurer to Edson Bradford Turpin, Springfield.
Apr. 14, Isabella Brown to Bertha Arabel Cook, Springfield.
May 4, John Work to John Dudley Colton, Longmeadow.
May 4, Gertrude Welden Hastings Barrett, Edith Gertrude Johnson, Chicopee.
July 6, Addie Martin to Addie Lupin, Palmer.
July 9, Laura Barney to Laura Barney Wakefield, Wales.
Oct. 16, Nellie Brennan to Nellie Josephine Marvin, Springfield.
Nov. 23, Walter Albert Crowell to Walter Albert Reed, West Springfield.
Dec. 7, Franklin Brown to Frank Watson Halladay, Agawam.

Feb. 9, Luther O. Root* to Charles L. Bullock, Bernardston.
Feb. 9, Geneva L. Searle* to Geneva L. Morse, Montague.
Mar. 9, Jennie L. Rhood* to Jennie L. Lawrance, Conway.
June 1, John McCarty to John Barber, Northfield.
June 1, Etta E. Parker* to Etta E. Bond, Buckland.
July 6, Mary Moore* to Bertha A. Chamberlain, Orange.
July 6, Frank B. Farlin* to Frank B. Graves, Greenfield.
Sept. 7, Flora M. Reynolds to Flora M. Freeman, Shutesbury.
Sept. 7, ____ Seley (infant)* to John G. L. Quinton, Greenfield.
Nov. 3, Geo. W. Loveland* to Geo. W. Gunn, Montague.
Nov. 3, Effie A. Loveland* to Effie A. Gunn, Montague.
Dec. 7, Lula L. Brown* to Lula L. Temple, Heath.
Dec. 7, Sadie R. Brown* to Sadie R. Maxwell, Heath.
Dec. 7, ____ Weston (infant)* to Lillian E. Morton, Whately.
Dec. 7, ____ Cutler (infant)* to Eva M. Parker, Greenfield.
Dec. 7, Oscar S. Ripley* to Oscar S. Williams, Sunderland.
Dec. 14, Daisy Clark to Daisy J. Leland, Orange.

Jan. 5, Agnes Connover to Florence Agnes Butler, Adams.
Feb. 2, David Munn to David Larmary, Becket.
Mar. 2, Thomas Hopper to Thomas Fortune, Hinsdale.
May 4, Louisa Le Barnes to Annie V. Babcock, Pittsfield.
July 20, Lydia Amanda Le Barnes to Lydia Amanda Proper, Pittsfield.
Nov. 3, Ettie Irene Bicknell to Ettie Irene Converse, Dalton.
Dec. 7, Joseph Alexander Marsh to Joseph Alexander Strong, Adams.

Jan. 6, Etta Estelle Knowles* to Etta Estelle Wilbur, Randolph.
Jan. 6, Patrick Treacy* to Patrick Meaney, Brookline.
July 21, Annie F. Richardson* to Annie Lorena Ford Reed, Foxborough.
July 21, Frederick U. Smith* to Frederick Henry Barker, Quincy.
Sept. 1, Mary Rollins* to Mary Malinda Mac Kenzie, Hyde Park.
Dec. 15, McKean Clifford Churchill to McKean Gardner Churchill, Milton.

Jan. 1, Lissie Maria Leslie to Lissie Maria Briggs, New Bedford.
Apr. 2, Earnest A. Born to Charles Armstrong Cole, New Bedford.
June 4, George Gates to Edward Livingston Baker, New Bedford.
June 4, Mary Lydia Orvis to Mary Lydia Weston, Fall River.
July 9, Addie E. Provost to Emma Etoily Peirce, Rehoboth.
Aug. 6, Ladora I. Howland to Dora Elizabeth Shores, Dartmouth.
Aug. 6, Frank H. Stetson to Frank H. Harrison, Fall River.
Aug. 6, Louisa Cook to Louisa Cook Spellman, Taunton.
Sept. 3, Susan Abby Jones to Alice Draper Brown, Woonsocket.
Sept. 3, Margaret Boland to Margaret Galligan, Norton.
Nov. 19, Bertha Frances Briggs to Bertha Frances Wilbar, Taunton.
Nov. 19, Sarah Maria Briggs to Sarah Maria Walker, Taunton.
Dec. 17, Anna Mildred Hall to Millie Kennedy, Easton.

Jan. 11, Flora Staples* to Flora Nichols, Plymouth.
Apr. 12, Margaret E. Hamilton* to Florence M. Holmes, Plymouth.
May 10, Julia Bennett* to Ida May Whittier, Brockton.
June 14, Francis Harrington* to Francis Keough, Brockton.
July 12, Annie Bohring* to Gracie L. Otis, Scituate.
Sept. 27, Myron L. Bryant* to Myron L. Hartwell, Bridgewater.
Nov. 8, Edward J. Maloy* to Edward M. Thomas, Middleborough.
Nov. 8, Frances R. Shaw* to Frances E. Atwood, Plymouth.
Dec. 13, Nathan C. Freeman* to Nathan F. Cook, South Abington.
Dec. 27, Frederic B. Goldsborough* to Albert Raymond, Plymouth.

Mar. 9, Mary Ellen Wilson to Mary Stuart Ellen Wilson, Barnstable.
May 20, Nehemiah Harding Fisher to Irving Harrison Fisher, Provincetown.
Aug. 10, Emma Gage Crowell to Emma Gordon Crowell, Barnstable.

June 7, Josephine Anderson to Josephine Sylva, Edgartown.
July 9, Samuel Smith Daggett Esau to Samuel Smith Daggett, Edgartown.

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