1780 - 1883.

[Collated and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, under
Authority of Chapter 249 of the Acts of the Year 1884.]

Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers.
18 Post Office Square.

1876 - 1879

* means name changed because of adoption.

Jan. 10, May Rose Carlton* to Florence May Pike, Boston.
Jan. 10, Josephine Spain* to Josephine Pagani, Boston>br> Jan. 17, Edward Everett Balch* to Edward Everett Kidney, Manchester, N.H.
Jan. 24, Elizabeth W. Work to Elizabeth W. Cushing, Boston.
Jan. 31, Martha Elizabeth Keith to Martha Elizabeth Dickinson, Boston.
Feb. 21, Clarence Henry Foster* to Clarence Henry Orth, Boston.
Feb. 28, Solomon McNeal Dickey to Neal Solomon Dickey, Boston.
Feb. 28, Lawrence Conway* to Edward Lawrence Boss, Boston.
Mar. 6, Rosa Lewis Warren* to Mary Elizabeth Hildreth, Boston.
Mar. 13, Minnie Frasier* to Jennie A. Stuart, Chelsea.
Apr. 10, John Joseph Brennan* to John Joseph Donahoe, Boston.
May 8, Charles Upham to Charles James Upham, Boston.
May 15, Herbert Whiting Mahoney to Herbert Merrill Whiting, Boston.
May 29, Frank Willard Seabury to Frank Seabury, Boston.
May 29, Ida May Morrison* to Lydia Ann Stewart, Boston.
May 29, Katie Fullington Shields* to Katie Fullington Higgins, Boston.
June 12, Isaac Taylor Hoague to Isaac Theodore Hoague, Boston.
June 19, Mary Ann McGowan* to Mary Ann McLaren, Boston.
June 19, Henry Palmer* to Henry Johnson, Boston.
June 26, Mabel Bray to Mabel Winslow, Boston.
June 26, Clevenger Allston Powers* to Clevenger Allston Eastman, Boston.
June 26, Charles Parker Smith* to Charles Parker Simmons, Boston.
July 17, Mabel Dunbar Warren* to Mabel Sumner Power, Boston.
Aug. 7, Geneva Chase* to Mary Leavitt Mallon, Taunton.
Sept. 18, Jane E. Parker* to Elizabeth Loudon, Monson.
Oct. 9, Ellen Cleora Hartwell* to Ellen Cleora Gamage, Harvard.
Oct. 16, Frederick Judd Smith* to Frederick Judd Robinson, Boston.
Oct. 23, William Murphy* to Tony William Washburn, Boston. Nov. 6, Daisy Dudley Le Seur* to Helen Bessie Rothwell Fernald, Milford.
Nov. 13, Jeannette Eastman* to Gertrude Viana Byam (looks like Bvam), Boston.
Dec. 4, Ellen Elizabeth Littlefield* to Nellie Kezar Littlefield, Boston.
Dec. 11, Lucette Brown Rogers to Lucette Webster, Boston.
Dec. 11, Clarence Greenlaw* to Clarence Libby, Boston.
Dec. 18, Imogene Bailey* to Florence Imogene Crosby, Marblehead.

Jan. 10, Sarah E. Thurston* to Sarah T. Osgood, Haverhill.
Jan. 10, Georgiana Colburn Ward* to Georgiana Colburn Soper, Lawrence.
Jan. 24, Henry Emerson Raymond* to Henry C. Emerson, Salem.
Feb. 21, Grace A. Woodbridge* to Grace Maria Gray, North Andover.
Mar. 13, Octavia Grace Brown* to Grace Brown Noyes, Haverhill.
Mar. 27, Charles Leslie Ordway to Charles Leslie Currier, Newbury.
Apr. 3, Charles Steele to Charles Wallis Steele, Salem.
Apr. 17, Alma Maria Raddin* to Alice Upton King, Peabody.
Apr. 24, George Winchester Smith to Winchester Smith, Salem. [no return of notice].
May 1, Sarah Anna Sophia Bounell* or Bonnell, to Annie Bubier Gregory, Marblehead.
May 1, William Edgar Gammel* to Edgar Gregory, Marblehead.
May 8, Mabel Allard* to Flora Mabel Woodman, Lynn.
May 15, Nellie H. Cushing* to Nellie H. Williams, Gloucester.
May 15, Estella Perkins* to Estella Clemons Kemp, Lynn.
Aug. 7, Stepto C. Bridges to Stephen Burger, Salem. [no return of notice].
Aug. 7, Alice Hews* to Carrie Grata Haynes, Marblehead.
Aug. 7, ____ Towle* to Fanny Woodbury Towle Foster, Salem.
Aug. 7, Alice Maria Barnard* to Alice Maria Lewis, Lynn.
Sept. 2, Eli Everett Boynton to Everett Boynton, Swampscott.
Sept. 11, Katie Bogen* to Katie O'Brien, North Andover.
Oct. 16, Harry P. Collins* to Harry P. Abbott, Andover.
Oct. 16, Sarah O'Brien* to Sarah Ella Lakeman, Lynn.
Oct. 16, Mary Otis* to Emma Jane Halsted, Rockport.
Nov. 6, Gertie Elvira Lee* to Gertie Elvira Lee Cook, Saugus.
Nov. 15, George William Douglass Strout to George William Douglass, Salem.
Nov. 20, Laura Ann Harwood* to Laura Harwood Gregory, Marblehead.
Nov. 20, Grace Williams* to Grace Nevada Jellerson, Lynn.
Nov. 27, Willie Haight* to William Daniel McCarn, Salem.
Nov. 27, Mary Augusta Lowell to Agnes Augusta Lowell, Salisbury.
Dec. 4, Mary Robbarts, alias Mary Reynolds Robinson* to Anna Monroe Warren, Gloucester.
Dec. 4, Julia Augusta Bartlett* to Julia Augusta Halsted, Rockport.
Dec. 16, Arthur Owen Neal to Arthur Parker Neal, Lawrence.
Dec. 16, Austin Parker Orren Neal to Austin Parker Neal, Lawrence.
Dec. 18, Nellie Edna Goldsmith* to Nellie Edna Purbeck, Salem.
Dec. 28, Mary Ellen Moore to Mary Seccomb Moore, Salem.

Jan. 11, Edward Everett Hunt to Edward Harlow Duston, Lowell.
Jan. 11, Dillian Emmagene Rowe to Emmagene Rowe Cochran, Hudson.
Jan. 18, Maud Williams to Maud Edna Kenerson, Cambridge.
Jan. 25, William Bridges to William James Gafney, Cambridge.
Feb. 1, Lizzie Jane Hubert to Lizzie Jannette Raymond, Malden.
Feb. 8, Onslow Leroy Moody to Winslow Leroy Leadbetter, Weston.
Mar. 23, Alice Gordon Campbell to Alice Gordon Hayes, Lowell.
Mar. 28, Herbert Eugene Conant to Herbert Eugene Pebbles, Natick.
Mar. 28, Lucy Perry Conant to Lucy Perry Pebbles, Natick.
Mar. 28, Clara Amelia White to Clara Amelia Parker, Woburn.
Apr. 11, Georgia E. Eggleston to Georgia Eggleston Duane, Springfield.
Apr. 25, Hattie Jones to Hattie Pinkham, Lowell.
Apr. 25, Kate Farr Blodgett to Kate Blodgett Farr, Lowell.
Apr. 25, Richard Yapp to Richard Yapp Nelson, Boxborough.
May 2, Carrie Hallet Norton to Carrie Norton Turnbull, Stoneham.
May 2, Blanch Smith to Lillian Blanch Bunker, Cambridge.
May 2, Patrick Callahan to John Patrick Callahan, Cambridge.
May 16, Edwin Barclay to Edwin Sanderson, Lowell.
May 23, Charles Edwin Booth to Charles Edwin Ramsdell, Cambridge.
June 13, Nancy Jane Cook to Nancy Jane May, Groton.
June 13, Margaret O'Hare to Margaret Magoun, Medford.
June 27, Charles Eben Williamson to Harvey Whitney Wilder, Somerville.
June 27, Franklin Webster Hardy to Franklin Webster Seavey, Natick.
June 27, Charles Everett Hoar to Charles Everett Wright, Cambridge.
July 18, Claud Augustus Davis to Claud Augustus Swasey, Lowell.
July 25, Robertine Geoffrion to Tiny Maria [or Marin] [or Marla or....], Lowell.
July 27, John Kane to John Kane Currier, Malden.
Sept. 5, Joseph Story to Warren Clark Potter, Cambridge.
Sept. 19, Kate May Dyer to Kate May Usher, Lowell.
Nov. 14, Grace Susan Horton to Grace Horton McClary, Waltham.
Nov. 21, Catharine Manning to Minnie Electra Pettigrew, Lowell.
Dec. 12, Mindora Fisher Daggett to Maud Fanny Dyar, Marlborough.

Jan. 4, Lefe Maria Hall to Minnie Pray, Webster.
Feb. 1, Hattie Orinda Smith to Harriet Oriana Wood, Millbury.
Feb. 15, George Henry Thomas to John Whitefield Griswold, Ashburnham.
Feb. 15, Catherine Kenney to Mary Catherine Brewer, Clinton.
Apr. 4, Roxa Temple Stone to Rose Tennyson Stone, Princeton.
June 20, Ida M. Cambridge to Ida M. Bliss, Worcester.
June 20, ___ ____, to William Henry Larhna [hard to read letters of surname], Ashburnham.
July 5, Emily F. Pettet to Emily F. Remington, Southbridge.
July 16, Cora Augusta Davis to Cora Augustua Commeau, Winchendon.
July 18, Alice Maud Conant to Alice Maud Conant Buck, Warren.
July 18, Charles Enzas Patrick to Charles Enzas Frenney, Gardner.
Sept. 5, Etta Florence Smith to Florence May Peck, West Boyleston.
Sept. 5, Fred Ransom Taylor to Ransom Fred Taylor, Worcester.
Sept. 19, William White to Paul Clifton Wheeler, North Brookfield.
Sept. 19, Emma R. Howard to Isabella Thurston Barrett, Fitchburg.
Sept. 19, Etta Coffin to Helen Louise Utley, New Braintree.
Nov. 7, Bertha May Brigham to Agnes Helen Aldrich, Mendon.
Dec. 5, Nellie Baldwin to Mabel Lucretia Prouty, Spencer.
Dec. 5, Ethel F. Davis to Ethel Frances Montgomery, Leominster.
Dec. 19, Robert McKenna to Harry Robert Lovell, Worcester.

Jan. 4, Robert Allen Vandalinda* to Robert Allen Burnham, Easthampton.
Jan. 4, Fred A. Boynton* to Fred A. McMaster, Amherst.
Feb. 1, Caroline Emon* to Caroline Milo, Hadley.
Mar. 7, Joseph Alden Packard to Joseph Alden, Plainfield.
May 2, Ada Adell Smith* to Ada Adell Tower, Chesterfield.
May 2, Alice Bertha Smith* to Alice Bertha Keith, Granby.
May 9, Winnona A. Blair* to Winonna A. Bruce, Belchertown.
Dec. 5, Kate Mauren* to Kate M. Guernsey, Amherst.
Dec. 5, Amasa D. Skinner* to Amasa D. Nelson, Amherst.

Feb. 1, George Herbert Tuck to George Herbert Wright, Holyoke.
Feb. 1, Thomas Allen Macnamara to Thomas Arthur Allen, Springfield.
Mar. 7, Catherine Reilly to FAyolin Julia Hyde, _____.
Mar. 7, Frank Collins to Frank Gates Merriam, Springfield.
Mar. 7, Anna L. Barton to Anna L. Randall, West Springfield.
May 2, Louise Fay Kelley to Louise Fay, Westfield.
June 6, Clarence Van Deusen Fansler to Clarence Van Deusen, Westfield.
July 4, Iza Dritte Dixon to Iza Dritte Abbey, Palmer.
Sept. 5, Mary Jane Lagney to Mary Jane Beauchamp, Holyoke.
Sept. 12, Jennie E. Hastings to Jennie E. Brainard, Palmer.
Sept. 19, Lyman Root Harris to Lyman Root, Westfield.
Oct. 3, Grace Chenery Brown to Grace Chenery Foote, Newton.
Oct. 3, Esther Maria Hood to Esther Maria Angus, Springfield.
Oct. 3, Winfred Luther Howard to Winfred Howard Churchill, Springfield.
Oct. 3, Mabel Anna Howard to Mabel Anna Churchill, Springfield.
Nov. 8, Mattie Laura Graves to Caroline Estella Chapin, Springfield.
Nov. 8, Jessie May Pepperell to Jessie Mary Parker, Tewksbury.
Nov. 28, Lillian Lestina Foster to Lillian Lestina Shamp, Springfield.

Feb. 1, (Infant) Walker* to Frank Adelbert Peck, Shelburne.
Mar. 14, (Infant) Wilby* to Jennie Lillian Jacobs, Brattleboro', Vt.
June 24, Estella Haley* to Estella H. Knapp, Warwick.
June 24, Annie Lewis Sampson* to Anna Lewis Carpenter, New Salem.
July 5, Mabel A. Blakslee* to Mabel A. Dexter, New Salem.

Jan. 4, Lillie B. Haydon to Lillie Bell Lee, Becket.
Jan. 6, Emma J. Shattuck to Emma Josephine Haley, Adams.
Apr. 4, Mary Adeline Veats to Ada line Jacobs, Dalton.
June 6, Eva May Hemenway to Eva May Corbit, Pittsfield.
July 20, Carrie Alice Towle to Delight E. Lindsey, Adams.
Sept. 5, Hattie Augusta Murray to Hattie Augusta French, Pittsfield.
Sept. 5, Harriet Eliza Batey to Hattie Augusta Carpenter, Richmond.
Dec. 5, William B. Boss to William B. Boss Arnold, Adams.

Apr. 19, Violet Leonora Brooks* to Violet Brooks Pond, Norwood.
July 5, Ella Hattie Cobb* to Ella Hattie Blake, Wrentham.
Nov. 8, Patrick Mullen to Henry Mullen, Quincy.
Dec. 6, James Wadsworth Sampson* to Arthur Ashley Sprague, Quincy.

Jan. 21, Hannah W. Borden to Annie W. B. Baker, Fall River.
Feb. 18, Elisabeth Heunt to Cecilia Gertrude Heinich, Fall River.
Mar. 17, John Valentine to George J. Leonard, Taunton.
Apr. 7, Luella F. Davis to Luella F. Winslow, Fall River.
Apr. 7, Mary Anne Hasey to Mary Anne Duffy, Fall River.
Apr. 7, Teresa Hasey to Teresa Duffy, Fall River.
Apr. 21, Margaret M. Miles to Lillie M. Holmes, Taunton.
May 5, Elmer Atwood to Melvin Ellis Butler, Everett.
May 5, Frederick Augustus Sampson to Frederick Augustus Haskell, Taunton.
May 5, Clarence Johnson to Clarence Crapo, New Bedford.
Sept. 1, Josie E. Wetherell to Minnie Josie Robbins, Attleborough.
Nov. 3, Joanna Louise Saarat to Joanna Louise Hansen, Attleborough.
Nov. 3, Moses Russell to George Taber Fuller, New Bedford.
Dec. 1, Charles Leslie Fairbanks to Charles Leslie Fairebanks Paull, Somerset.
Dec. 15, Ernest Armstrong Cole to Ernest Armstrong Brown, New Bedford.

Jan. 24, Mary Gunn* to Mary McMinamy, Brockton.
Feb. 28, George H. Barden* to George H. Meserve, Abington.
Apr. 17, Rebecca C. Thompson to Rebecca C. Silsby, Brockton.
June 12, Sarah J. Evans* to Sadie M. Swift, Plymouth.
Oct. 23, Perly L. Horn* to Perly L. Perry, Hanover.

Mar. 14, Matilda F. Cahoon to Matilda F. Simpson, Harwich.
July 18, Almira Wilson to Almira Hallet, Yarmouth.
Aug. 8, Everett Kindall Wilson to Everett Kendall Hallet, Yarmouth.
Aug. 8, Alice Maud Wilson to Alice Maud Hallet, Yarmouth.

Sept. 4, Alonzo Manual* to Alonzo Mason Ripley, Edgartown.

Jan. 8, Cora Estella Carter* to Cora Estella Powers, N. Conway, N.H.
Jan. 8, Willie Wallace Lewis to Willie Wallace Lunt, Boston.
Jan. 22, Marcia Harris Clarke* to Nellie May Sunbury, Portland, Me.
Jan. 22, Alice Dunbar Coe* to Alice Dunbar Heustis, Boston.
Jan. 22, Nettie Maria Ferrell* to Nettie Maria Battelle, Chelsea.
Jan. 27, Georgina Scott Page* to Jessie Anna Prescott, Boston.
Feb. 19, Daniel P. Walker* to Daniel Walker Brintnall, E. Wakefield, N.H.
Feb. 26, James Quinn* to Jerome Buonaparate Look, Athol.
Mar. 5, Joseph Riley* to Joseph Dolan, Boston.
Mar. 5, Thomas Riley* to Thomas Dolan, Boston.
Mar. 5, Edward Riley* to Edward John McCauley, Boston.
Mar. 19, Frank Wright* to Frank Wright Hawes, Abington.
Mar. 26, John Francis Walch to John Francis Martin, Boston.
Apr. 2, _____* to Jennie May Twiss, Chelsea.
Apr. 2, Mary Jane McNabb to Mary Wright, Boston.
Apr. 9, Edward Walter Allen* to Edward Walter Kitchen, Boston.
Apr. 23, Ada Fisher* to Ada Fisher Laurence, Boston.
Apr. 23, George Augustus Piper to George Augustus Raymond, Boston.
Apr. 30, Frank A. Smith to Frank A. Locke, Boston.
Apr. 30, James Stewart Kibbey to James Stewart King, Boston.
May 21, John O'Neal to John Neal, Boston.
May 28, Joseph John Liever to Joseph John Todd, Boston.
June 25, Mabelle Louise Frye to Mabelle Louise Southwick, Boston.
July 2, Maria Frances Welch* to Maria Frances Emerson, Swampscott.
July 9, Clara Angeline Murphy* to Clara Angeline Hadley, Lynn.
July 9, Frederick Weeks* to Frederick Joseph Shields, Boston.
July 16, Elizabeth Mason* to Theresa Pauline Smith, Boston.
July 30, Emily Kronenwirth* to Emily Schuth, Somerville.
Aug. 6, Frederick S. Howard* to Frederick S. Fowler, Boston.
Sept. 3, Henry Wallace Green* to Henry Wallace Sargent, Cotuit.
Sept. 10, Charles Wheeler Clark* to Frederick Henry Weld, Boston.
Oct. 8, Elizabeth McNulty to Elizabeth Burns, Boston.
Oct. 8, James McNulty* to James Burns, Boston.
Oct. 8, Mary T. McNulty* to Mary T. Burns, Boston.
Oct. 8, Ellen McNulty* to Ellen Burns, Boston.
Oct. 8, Charlotte Hartshorn* to Elizabeth Gray Cabot, Germantown, Pa.
Oct. 8, Ellen Maud Mallon* to Harriet Maud Day, Boston.
Oct. 29, _____* to Florence Pearl Garland, Boston.
Oct. 29, Jessie Agnes McGregor* to Mabel Parkington, Boston.
Oct. 29, John Morgan* to Frederick Douglas Hall, Boston.
Oct. 29, William Roche to Charles Christopher Grover, Boston.
Nov. 5, George Frellick* to Arthur Lane Sampson, Boston.
Nov. 5, Henry Byron Means* to Henry Means Bowles, Boston.
Nov. 5, Francis Joseph McWill* to Francis Henry Blair, Boston.
Nov. 12, Frank Mack* to Frank Washington Barrows, Boston.
Nov. 12, Rollin Thorne Hayden to John Ellerton Vassail [or Vassall] Hayden, Boston.
Nov. 19, Susie Laura Tucker* to Susie Caroline Nason, Lawrence.
Nov. 26, Anna Laura Staple* to Laura Elliot Cunningham, Boston.
Nov. 26, Charles Henry Hall* to Charles Frederic Gustin, Boston.
Nov. 26, Emma Corliss Partlow* to Emma Isabella Nichols, Boston.
Dec. 3, Maria Gertrude Mcdonald* to Blanche Emily Moulton, Boston.
Dec. 3, Mary Tolles Edgerton* to Adelia Landon, Boston.
Dec. 10, Bradford Gibbs to Franklin Bradford Gibbs, Boston.
Dec. 17, John Henry Bohaker to John Henry Bowker, Boston.
Dec. 31, Abby Budson* to Mabel St. Armand Stone, Boston.
Dec. 31, Caroline Amelia Wait* to Lottie McLean, Boston.
Dec. 31, Julia Wood* to Ida Gertrude Norton, Boston.

Feb. 5, Nellie Flynn* to Nellie Flynn Quarters, Lynn.
Feb. 5, George McVane* to Frank Malcolm Vella, Lynn.
Mar. 19, Annie Ellen Connors* to Annie Ellen Wilkinson, Lawrence.
Mar. 21, Aaron Hill Ethridge to Walter Hill Ethridge, Salem.
Apr. 30, Clarence Eguene Ramsden to Clarence Eugene Robinson, Lawrence.
May 8, Clarence Waters Jenkins to Lawrence Waters Jenkins, Salem.
May 28, Sarah Thurston Osgood* to Sarah Elizabeth Thurston, Amesbury.
June 11, Alfred Thorndike Lee* to Lewis Thorndike Armstrong, Lynn.
June 25, ____ Alden* to Charles Melvin Hoyt, Newburyport.
July 9, James Henry Smith* to James Henry Loffin, Salem.
July 9, Eva Maud Wildes* to Eva Maud Hubbard, Georgetown.
July 9, John Joseph Withy to John Withy Bell, Andover.
July 11, Lydia Thompson to Lydia Messervey, Marblehead.
July 16, Ida May Jones* to Ida May Butterfield, Lawrence.
July 23, Charles Augustus Robinson* to Charles Augustus Lanzey, Lynn.
Sept. 10, Frederick Coveney* to Charles Frederick Greenleaf, Lawrence.
Sept. 15, Eva Dalrymple to Evaline Creesy, Salem.
Oct. 22, Sadie Victoria Squires* to Gertrude Clifton Austin, Gloucester.
Nov. 12, Florence Mabel Smith* to Alice Sargent Haskell, Beverly.
Nov. 12, Enoch Howard Stacy* to Enoch Howard Butler, Bradford.
Dec. 3, Herbert S. Palmer* to Herbert S. Cushman, Somerville.
Dec. 17, Catherine Connelly* to Catherine Healey, Lynn.
Dec. 17, Laura May Hunt* to Laura May Hunt Deland, Salem.

Jan. 9, Mary Elizabeth Cragen to Bertha Crane Stone, Newton.
Jan. 16, Mary Etta O'Niel to Mary Etta Harris, Lowell.
Jan. 16, Carrie Edna Jones to Carrie Edna Russell, Lowell.
Jan. 16, Dora Bell Jones to Dora Bell Russell, Lowell.
Jan. 16, George Hall Jones to George Hall Russell, Lowell.
Jan. 23, Abbie Frances Hall to Abbie Frances Dennison, Cambridge.
Feb. 27, Carlotta Mann to Carlotta Thompson, Lowell.
Mar. 13, Elizabeth Mary Tully to Elizabeth Mary Crosby, Billerica.
Mar. 27, Gertrude Ellis to Clara Rebecca Robinson, Lexington.
Mar. 27, Katie E. Felch to Evelyn Katie Waters, Newton.
Mar. 27, Rachel Scott to Rachel Wagner, Maynard.
Apr. 3, Nellie Anderson to Ella Moulton, Cambridge.
Apr. 3, Minnie May Bodwell to Daisy Affelhoy, Malden.
Apr. 3, Sarah Lee Bartlett Ryan to Sarah Lee Bartlett, Cambridge.
Apr. 10, Annie E. Connor to Annie Elizabeth Connor Baker, Malden.
Apr. 10, Charles Dexter Boutelle to Charles Dexter Appleton, Cambridge.
Apr. 24, Augustus Bernard Carter Berg to Edgar Francis Viles, Waltham.
May 1, Mary E. Young to Mary Elizabeth Bickford, Sherborn.
May 8, Emma Louise Ashton to Emma Louise Blood, Natick.
June 5, Carrie Alger to Carrie Shattuck, Townsend.
June 26, Walter Clark Macy to Walter Emerson, Melrose.
July 24, Effie Abbie Cross to Effie Abbie Bailey, Cambridge.
July 24, Florence Sibyl Wyman to Ina Florence Wiggin, Stoneham.
Sept. 25, Grace Horton McCleary to Susan Grace Horton, Chelsea.
Oct. 2, Charles Henry Belgen to Charles Henry Bemis, Stow.
Oct. 9, Margaret Sears to Maud Berdine Hodgdon, Somerville.
Oct. 9, Bertha Grace to Jennie Kimball Jewett, Malden.
Oct. 9, James Arthur Bradshaw to James Arthur Doyle, Cambridge.
Oct. 23, Susan Maria Chamberlain to Nettie Coffin, Winchester.
Oct. 23, Marnie Burns to Marnie Lincoln, Somerville.
Oct. 23, Stella E. Beaman to Stella E. Reed, Westford.
Nov. 6, Adeline Hackett to Edith Helen Poole, Waltham.
Nov. 6, Grace Johanson to Grace Buzzell, Everett.
Nov. 6, Chevletta Francis Thomas to Mabel Blanch Atwood, Lowell.
Nov. 13, Annie Cunningham to Gracie Adna Chapin, Lowell.
Nov. 20, Edith Marion Wetherbee to Edith Marion Wetherbee Spaulding, Dunstable.
Nov. 20, Grace Welch to Gracie Annie Felch, Lowell.
Nov. 20, Alice Blodgett to Gertrude Boynton Hayward, Somerville.
Nov. 27, Robert Henry Hannah to Robert George Simmons, Woburn.
Dec. 4, Estha Valentine Wiggin to Helen Maria Eastman, Melrose.
Dec. 4, Emma Florence Davis to Gertrude May Davis, Lowell.
Dec. 11, Woodbury Wallace Sweeney to Woodbury Wallace Smith, Wakefield.
Dec. 11, Francenia H. Pratt to Francenia H. Jackson, Waltham.
Dec. 11, William Albert Pratt to William Albert Jackson, Waltham.
Dec. 11, Ama Francenia Pratt to Ama Francenis Jackson, Waltham.
Dec. 11, Ida May Pratt to Ida May Jackson, Waltham.

Jan. 16, _____, to Maud Eliza Wilder, Sterling.
Jan. 16, _____, to Ernest Warren Howe, West Boylston.
Jan. 16, Emma E. Hastings to Emma Hastings Gladwin, Worcester.
Jan. 16, Charles Edwin Chamberlain to Charles Edwin Chamberlain Marble, Sutton.
Feb. 6, Walter Henry Barrell to Walter Henry Wallace, Winchendon.
Feb. 6, Mary Jane Rivers to Mary Jane Blair, West Boylston.
Mar. 20, H. Norman Grover to Norman Grover Smith, Westborough.
Mar. 20, Maud Clary to Emily Louisa Harper, Dudley.
Mar. 20, John Herbert Whitney to John Herbert Hapgood, Leominster.
Mar. 20, Oscar Paine Ellison to Oscar Paine Chase, Northbridge.
Apr. 17, George W. Wright to Oscar Frederick Ball, Holden.
Apr. 17, Lydia Adelaide Robinson to Bertha Adelaide Willard, Harvard.
May 1, George Edgar to George Edgar Heald, Southbridge.
May 1, Rosa E. Elliott to Rosa Elmira Elliott Aldrich, Oxford.
June 5, Hattie Francena Clemans to Alice Maria Holman, Westborough.
June 5, Joseph H. Whalon to Joseph Henry Lashna, Ashburnham.
June 5, Charles M. Whalon to Charles Moses Stainbridge, Fitchburg.
June 5, Harriet Louisa Landers to Harriet Louise Landers Jefferds, Milford.
June 19, Flora Augusta Sherman to Flora Augusta Johnson, Worcester.
July 17, William Dyer to William Dyer Sullivan, Leominster.
July 17, Minnie Adams to Lillie Adams Rand, Clinton.
Sept. 4, Lillie Adams Rand to Susan Permelia Smith, Clinton. [trans. note: is it just me or did this person keep her new name less than two months?]
Sept. 4, Charlotte Amanda Landers to Charlotte Amanda Mackowen, Milford.
Sept. 18, Cyrus Bertram Combs to Cyrus Bertram Black, Princeton.
Oct. 2, Gertrude M. Farrar to Gertrude M. Fletcher, Lancaster.
Nov. 6, Agnes P. Bohonan to Lillian Agnes Willard, Fitchburg.
Nov. 20, Arlon Jason Moore to Arlon Jason Jeffers, Northbridge.
Nov. 20, Emma L. Farwell to Gracie Emma Hutchinson, Fitchburg.

Jan. 9, Bertha H. Maurer* to Bertha H. Baker, Amherst.
Jan. 9, Herbert Holden* to Herbert P. Bardwell, Northampton.
Feb. 6, Walter S. Hodge* to Walter F. Gaylord, Amherst.
July 3, Annie O. Donnell* to Annie Fahey, Northamton.
Dec. 5, Grace E. Chester* to Grace Evelyn Dyer, Plainfield.
Dec. 5, Mabel Scott* to Jennie Mabel Sears, Plainfield.

Jan. 2, Minnie Elizabeth Goodrich* to Minnie Estelle Henry, Wales.
Feb. 6, Carl M. Townsend* to Carl Standish Meacham, Chicopee.
June 5, Lewis Raymond Bucklin* to Louis Raymond Miller, Springfield.
Sept. 4, Kate Fitzgerald* to Kate Hayes, Springfield.
Sept. 4, George Avery Burbank* to George Avery Butterfield, Sprinfield.
Sept. 4, Emily Etta Miller* to Etta Miller Kelly, Chicopee.
Sept. 21, Ella Louisa Freeborn* to Edith Ella Abbott, Holyoke.
Oct. 2, Lillie A. Frohlick* to Lillie A. Miller, Westfield.
Nov. 7, Susie Aloney Benson* to Susie Aloney Wilbur, Springfield.
Nov. 22, Dennis Mahoney to William Dennis Mahoney, Palmer.
Dec. 4, Henry Taylor* to Henry Taylor Moran, Wilbraham.

May 22, George Weaver* to Charles W. Amidon, Montague.
Dec. 4, James M. Sweeney to James M. Duncan, Shelburne.

Jan. 4, Clarence Daniels to Clarence Daniels Mallery, New Ashford.
Mar. 13, Maud Elizabeth Mullins to Maud Elizabeth Farrar, Lee.
May 1, George Benoit to George Benoit Gordon, Washington.
May 1, Nicholas Paddock to Nicholas Carpenter, Stockbridge.
May 1, Lizzie Mason to Lizzie Carpenter, Stockbridge.
June 5, William Henry Sanders to William Henry Sanford, Pittsfield.
Sept. 4, Bertha Watson to Bertha Watson Young, Lee.
Sept. 4, Theodore Pomeroy Whittelsey to Theodore Pomeroy Whittelsey Power, Pittsfield.
Sept. 4, Charles Whittelsey to Charles Whittelsey Power, Pittsfield.
Oct. 2, Adelia Sarah Dickinson to Sarah Emily McCarthy, Pittsfield.
Nov. 7, Lettie Bell Lewis to Lettie Bell Carpenter, Pittsfield.
Nov. 7, Thomas Kidd to Thomas Charles Hahneman, Pittsfield.
Dec. 5, Grace Mason to Grace Yale, Stockbridge.

Jan. 24, Anna H. Fisher* to Anna H. Ware, Wrentham.
Feb. 28, Mary Alice Thomas Roach* to Carrie Milton Tucker, Milton.
Feb. 28, Roy Sumner Smith* to Roy Sumner Paine, Foxborough.
Apr. 11, Walter John Welsh* to Walter John Hade, Quincy.
May 16, Mary Elizabeth Pierce* to Sadie Frances Dodge, Medfield.
June 20, ___ ___ Snell* to Ellis Gilbert Simpson, Needham.
June 20, Grace Howell Smith* to Grace Howell Pond, Norwood.
July 25, Clara Amelia Howard* to Clara Amelia Johnson, Hyde Park.
Nov. 7, Lillian Bryant* to Hope Beatrice Hayes, Brookline.
Nov. 14, Nellie Hutchinson* to Nellie Webb Allen, Braintree.
Oct. 3, Caroline Elizabeth Cheetham* to Caroline Elizabeth Southwick, Needham.
Dec. 19, Johanna Bates Bramble* to Mabel Bates Burt, Milton.

Jan. 5, Rachel Cartledge to Rachel Crighton, Fall River.
Jan. 12, Ada Medora Carrier to Ada Medora Leonard, Taunton.
Feb. 2, William Mitchell to William Mitchell Briggs, Fall River.
Mar. 30, Eldo Alden Hackett to Eldora Alden Hathaway, Taunton.
Apr. 6, Sarah Crowther to Lena J. Peircy, Fall River.
Apr. 20, Jennie Geagan alias Galligan to Ella Jane Mattison, Fall River.
May 11, Mary S. S. Robinson to Mary S. S. Thomas, New Bedford.
May 25, Mary Ann McIntire to Cornelia Swift Aiken, Westport.
June 15, Sarah Maria Walker to Sarah Maria Cooley, Taunton.
July 13, Welcome Square Leonard to Welcome Square Borden, Westport.
Aug. 3, Catherine Lowe Hankerson to Elizabeth Lowe, New Bedford.
Nov. 2, James E. Crowther to Alfred E. Rainford, New Bedford.
Nov. 2, Mary Hannah Crowther to Mary Hannah Higham, New Bedford.
Nov. 2, Charles Delano to Charles Ezra Potter Delano, New Bedford.
Nov. 23, Margaret Ann McKenzie to Margaret Ann McPhee, Attleborough.
Nov. 30, Nellie A. Hall to Nellie A. Hopkins, Norton.

Jan. 8, Mary I. Costello* to Mary Isabella Clifford, Kingston.
Jan. 22, Estella W. Pratt* to Ella Pratt Stone, Carnver.
Feb. 12, Samuel Bibley* to George Heance, Plymouth.
Apr. 9, Etta Brown* to Ellen Thayer Bourne, Marshfield.
June 25, _____ * to Marion Whiton Sprague, Hingham.
Sept. 10, Lucy F. Vail* to Sarah Palmer Stone, Carver.
Oct. 15, Selina Seldin* to Selina Haldin, Brockton.
Oct. 15, Barnabas Clark Ellis to Clark Ellis, Plymouth.
Nov. 12, Ira F. Hackett* to Ira F. Hathaway, Wareham.
Nov. 26, Moritz Krame* to Warren N. Landers, Brockton.
Dec. 10, Anna E. Lucas* to Anna E. Dunham, Plymouth.
Dec. 10, Idella Dean Almy* to Grace Idella Robbins, Carver.
Dec. 24, Lillian Adelaide Patterson* to Lillian Adelaide Gayner, Brockton.

Feb. 13, Clarence Austin Smith to Clarence Austin Cook, Provincetown.
May 14, Edward Grant Wixon to Remark E. Wixon, Dennis.
June 19, Thomas W. Easterbrooks to Thomas Smith Easterbrooks, Barnstable.
Oct. 22, Otis E. Hawes to Otis E. Kelley, Dennis.

Jan. 7, Henry Malone* to Charles Howard Lombard, Boston.
Jan. 7, Lillian Eva Tucker* to Lillian Eva Brickett, Lawrence.
Jan. 7, Lily O'Rourke* to Eva Minerva Smith, Boston.
Jan. 14, Gertrude Maud Williams* to Gertrude Susan Sherman, Boston.
Jan. 14, Annie Dillminard* to Alberia Waters, New York City.
Jan. 14, M. Stanislaus Ochs to Stanislaus Xavier Boswin, Boston.
Jan. 21, Ellen Judge* to Nellie Judge Harrison, Boston.
Jan. 21, Allie Jeanette Austin* to Allie Jeanette Squire, Boston.
Jan. 21, Alna Jane Austin* to Alna Jane Squire, Boston.
Jan. 21, Edith Elizabeth Leach, formerly Lizzie Cronin* to Nellie McLaud, Boston.
Jan. 21, Joseph Jacob Hoffert to Joseph Homer, Boston.
Feb. 4, Mary Moore Dean* to Mary Moore Walker, Boston.
Feb. 4, William McDonald* to George Edmond Dunham, Boston.
Feb. 11, Colestia Mary Smith* to Marabell Ruth Mason, Boston.
Feb. 18, Alice Richardson* to Lina Gertrude Hanson, Boston.
Feb. 18, Lizzie Mabel Norcross* to Hattie Mabel Tate, Boston.
Feb. 18, Elizabeth Augusta Elliott* to Elizabeth Elliott Reed, Boston.
Feb. 18, Louis Roberts Whitehouse* to Lou Allen Whitehouse Browne, Boston.
Feb. 25, Arthur Adams* to Arthur Howard Whitney, Boston.
Feb. 25, Ellen Frances Hews* to Emma Nickerson, Boston.
Feb. 25, Mary Elizabeth Hoffer* to Mary Lizzie Sprague, Boston.
Mar. 4, Lizzie Wood Marple* to Lizzie Wood Thompson, Boston.
Mar. 4, Emma Celia Whittemore* to Pamelia Dana Whitney, Boston.
Mar. 4, Francis Henry Mattrass* to Edward Everett Balch, Boston.
Mar. 4, Maud ____ * to Olla Maud Blackwood, Boston.
Mar. 11, Emma Marshall* to Gertie May Wainwright, Boston.
Mar. 11, Frankie Brown* to Frank Walter Bishop, Boston.
Mar. 11, Marietta Wallace* to Alice Frances Raymond, Boston.
Mar. 18, Mary Jane Gercett* to Adrith Hoyt, Boston.
Mar. 18, James Albert Fletcher* to James Albert Hanscom, Boston.
Mar. 25, Gertrude Musso Purrington* to Josie Ella Silsby, Boston.
Apr. 1, Mary Brown Noyes* to Harriet Allen Bedlington, Boston.
Apr. 15, Mary Donovan* to Mary Emma Whiteside, Boston.
Apr. 15, Mary Stewart* to Cora Edith Burnham, Boston.
Apr. 22, Oscar Alexis Simmerstrom to Oscar Alexis Norman, Boston.
Apr. 29, Isabella Graham* to Isabella Frances Belcher, Boston.
Apr. 29, Mary Elizabeth Hayes* to Rebecca Eunice, Hill, Boston.
Apr. 29, Blanche May Howe* to Blanche May Gerrish, Boston.
May 6, Dora Bachelder* to Dora Smith, Wakefield.
May 6, Leland Peters* to Leland Weeks, Boston.
May 6, Francis James Peters* to Francis James Weeks, Boston.
May 6, John Wood Boldthwait* to Frank Ayres Daggett, Boston.
May 6, Eugene Sanborn* to Asa Howard Emery, Boston.
May 13, Leroy Owens* to Cuthbert Parkhurst Redder, Boston.
May 13, Edwin Bliss Wright* to George Otis Eaton, Boston.
May 20, Willy Curley* to Willie Weeks, Boston.
May 20, Jennie Marzynski to Jennis Mason, Boston.
May 20, Waldo Henry Marzynaki to Waldo Henry Marzynski Mason, Boston.
May 20, William Myers* to Frederick Mercer, Boston.
May 20, Alice Loring* to Florence Isabelle Garrett, Boston.
May 20, Richard Tuttle Bradlee* to Willy Charles Erras, Boston.
May 27, Rollin Allain Goodenough to Stanislas Allain Farley, Boston.
May 27, Alfred O'Connor, alias Grant* to Frederick Grant Young, Boston.
May 27, Frank Henry Dewey* to Frank Dewey Hodgkins, Boston.
May 27, Wendell Jones Faber* to Ernest McGauley, Boston.
May 27, Henry Frank Dewey* to Henry Dewey Hodgkins, Boston.
May 27, Eleanor Shattuck Goodenough to Eleanor Shattuck Farley, Boston.
June 3, John Thomas Tyman* to George Herbert Cameron, Boston.
June 3, Eva Hyde* to Ella Frances Pierce, Boston.
June 3, Grace Richards Hitt to Grace Richards Drake, Boston.
June 3, Fred Crouse Piper to Fred Crouse Raymond, Boston.
June 3, Josiah Fletcher Osgood to Fletcher Osgood, Chelsea.
June 10, George Peterson* to Thomas Charles Robertson, Boston.
June 10, Carrie May Hurley* to Carrie May Dodge, Boston.
June 17, Ruth Preston* to Ida May Clifford, Boston.
June 17, William Williams* to Frank Crane, Boston.
June 17, Eva Adeline Brown* to Eva Adeline Black, Boston.
June 24, Arthur Henry Crompton* to Arthur Henry Wright, Boston.
July 22, Lillian Wilkinson Spellman* to Lilliam Wilkinson Potter, Boston.
July 22, Gertrude Fuller* to Rae Blanche Silsby, Boston.
July 29, Mary C. Clark to Mary C. Reynolds, Chelsea.
July 29, Agnes Gardner* to May Marcy Henderson, Boston.
Aug. 19, Lucy Evans* to Jennie Alice Bovyer, Boston.
Aug. 19, Grace Gouldrop* to Betha Viola Grindle, Boston.
Sept. 16, Lillian Bell Lyon* to Ethel Elmira Ford, Boston.
Sept. 23, John Christopher Brickley to John Christopher Brickley Bryant, Boston.
Sept. 23, Bertha Elsasser* to Bertha Elsasser Ryan, Boston.
Sept. 23, Catherine Elsasser* to Catherine Elsasser Russell Laforme, Boston.
Sept. 30, Frank Chapman* to William Howard Hill, Boston.
Sept. 30, Augusta Frederika Moses* to Augusta Frederika Reuter, Boston.
Oct. 7, Laura Louise Hall* to Laura Louise Morse, Lowell. [trans note: I thought Lowell was in Middlesex coutny].
Oct. 28, Child of Annie E. Newell* to Ethlyn Gertrude Wood, Boston.
Oct. 28, Katie Alma West* to Kathleen Hamilton Malloch, Boston.
Oct. 28, Mary Eliza Lee* to Ethel Mary Cheney, Boston.
Nov. 4, Mary Jane Gordon otherwise Mary Hines* to Ellen Maria Murphy, Boston.
Dec. 9, Patrick Francis Flaherty to Patrick Flaherty Ferris, Boston.
Dec. 16, Grace Elizabeth Madden* to Florence Agnes Humphrey, Boston.
Dec. 23, Flora Fleming* to Ruth Ruby Frost, Boston.
Dec. 23, Lucius Clark Edwards, Jun.* to Louis Shirley Chase, Boston.
Dec. 23, Minnie Engel Schemmel* to Georgianna Williams, Boston.
Dec. 30, Minnie Smith* to Lillian Pierce Howard, Boston.

Jan. 7, Emma Bohring* to Emma Brown, Salisbury.
Jan. 19, Susan Myrtle* to Susan Gardner, Methuen.
Jan. 28, Caroline Goldie* to Eva Maud Emlyn, Lynn.
Feb. 4, Arthur P. Lincoln* to Arthur P. Poor, Danvers.
Feb. 18, Josephine Rollins* to Josephine Beaver, Salem.
Feb. 27, Eva Louise Dalrymple to Eva Louisa Creesy, Salem.
Apr. 1, Paul Sieber, alias Jacob Sieber* to Willie Everett Hollis, Lynn.
Apr. 1, Elizabeth Adelaide Stevens* to Elizabeth Florence Potter, Boxford.
Apr. 8, Charles A. Kent* to Charles A. Clark, Beverly.
Apr. 15, Frank Perry* to Frank Hoyt, Newburyport.
Apr. 15, Hattie Childs* to Helen Adelaide Butler, Lynn.
Apr. 22, Margaret Florence Charlotte Olson* to Ann Allison Crawford, Lawrence.
May 6, Frederick Norman Sherwood* to Frederick Sherwood Webb, Salem.
May 13, Eleanor May* to Gertrude May Banks, Haverhill.
May 27, Mary E. O'Brine to Mary E. Emerson, Haverhill.
June 10, James Goodhue* to James Goodhue Tuttle, Salem.
June 24, Elizabeth W. Soule to Elizabeth W. Pike, Salisbury.
Oct. 7, Jessie M. Noyes* to Jessie Malcalm Hutchins, Lynn.
Dec. 15, Charles Walter Allston to Charles Walter Allston Thurston, Lynn.

Jan. 1, Susan Parsons to Miniola Landry, Lowell.
Jan. 1, Lilly Abbott, alias Lilly Edinborough to Eva Carrie Wright, Medford.
Jan. 15, Frederick H. Hathaway to George Melvin Wascott, Newton.
Jan. 22, Hattie Livingstone to Hattie Jane Buchanan, Lowell.
Feb. 5, Charles Frederick Gifford to Charles Frederick Raymond, Cambridge.
Feb. 5, Emma Anderson to Anna Maria Newhall Clough, Cambridge.
Feb. 5, Herbert Lincoln Crawford to Lincoln Crawford Heywood, Belmont.
Feb. 5, Clara Forbush Cutler to Clara Adelaid Forbush, Natick.
Feb. 12, Marion Marks to Harriet Hartwell Knowlton, Lowell.
Mar. 5, Esther Ann Roberts to Mary Etta Kimball, Wakefield.
Mar. 5, William T. Pierson to Harrie Elton Ward, Somerville.
Mar. 12, Emma Axtell to Emma Louise Hinckley, Malden.
Mar. 19, Susan E. Chase to Susan Everline Wheeler, Somerville.
Mar. 26, Mary Jones to Grace Emily Cooper, Natick.
Apr. 9, Maude Florence McInnes to Maude Florence Collins, Medford.
Apr. 23, Harold Moore to Harold Woodbury Davis, Waltham.
Apr. 23, Albert James Fisher Kelley to Ralph Ernest Mayhew, Cambridge.
May 7, Charles Miller to Henry Parks Sherman, Wayland.
May 14, Grace Abbie Colburn to Grace Abbie Gates, Framingham.
May 21, Gertrude Ball to Gertrude Fairchild, Stoneham.
May 28, Frank P. Burgin to Frank Penly Briggs, Ayer.
May 28, Fred B. Burgin to Fred Byron Briggs, Ayer.
June 4, May A. Colburn to Maud Coburn, Hopkinton.
June 25, Lydia Lincoln Choate to Lydia Lincoln Choate Wright, Sudbury.
July 16, Louis James Munroe to Louis James McDonnell, Lowell.
July 16, Jennette Lizzie James to Jennette Lizzie Stratton, Lincoln.
July 23, Mary Adellah Thayer to Mary Adeliah Howorth, Malden.
Aug. 6, Isabella White to Isabella Stephenson, Cambridge.
Sept. 3, _____, to Charlotte Marie Therese Wieland, Medford.
Sept. 17, Jennie E. Clifton to Mabel Jane Trombley, Lowell.
Sept. 24, Arthur W. Richardson to Arthur Warren Richardson, Woburn.
Oct. 22, Susie McGonigle to Susie Doherty, Stoneham.
Oct. 22, Mabel Jane Trombley to Maud Clifton Pinkham, Lowell.
Nov. 19, Nellie E. Freeman to Nellie Endora Booby, Lowell.
Nov. 19, Edith White to Edith Brookings White Sanborn, Somerville.
Nov. 19, Gertrude Black to Gertrude Beatrice Gregg, Watertown.
Nov. 26, Evangeline Longfellow to Grace Morrill Teele, Somerville.

Jan. 1, Mary Robinson to Lizzie Scott Buckley, Northbridge.
Jan. 1, Lizzie Bohring to Lizzie Jeannette Perry, Athol.
Jan. 1, Willie Ethan Allen to William Ethan Allen, Worcester.
Jan. 15, Maria Leahey to Maud Anne Kelley, Oxford.
Feb. 5, Katie Baldwin to Florence May Litchfield, Lunenburg.
Feb. 5, ___ ____ to Freddie Gilbert Hale, Royalston.
Feb. 5, Elizabeth A. Patrick to Elizabeth Adelaide Potter, Worcester.
Feb. 19, Caroline Callon to Ellen Caroline Gleason, Sturbridge.
Mar. 5, Michael Harrigan to Frank Webster Allen, Warren.
Mar. 19, Isabella Gould to Mary Bell Harris, Worcester.
Mar. 19, Mabel Pierson Percy to Alice Mabel Talbot, Hubbardston.
Mar. 19, Blanche Pigeon to Jennie Blanche Thompson, Worcester.
Apr. 2, Addie Laura Foster to Addie May Willoughby, Fitchburg.
Apr. 2, Eugene Brigham Fuller to Frank Eugene Brigham, Oakham.
Apr. 9, Sarah Jaques to Sarah Elizabeth Bradbury, Millbury.
May 7, Edward Bassett, alias Edward Hoxie to Charles Sumner Whitney Wright, Harvard.
May 7, Carl Klinschuster to Carl Mohr, Worcester.
May 21, Sylvia Ann Byam to Sylvia Sabry Bemis, Royalston.
May 21, Wallace L. Lane to Wallace L. Sargent, Lancaster.
Sept. 3, Samuel Parkinson to Minot Volney Bastian, Clinton.
Sept. 3, Bessie Maria Acres to Bessie Elizabeth Parmenter, Princeton.
Sept. 17, Susie Lewis to Lizzie Mabel Austin, Oakham.
Nov. 7, Sarah J. Woodward to Sarah J. Billings, Athol.
Nov. 19, George Washington Onthank to George Washington Rice, Southborough.
Nov. 26, Kate Boyle to Maud Rena Walker, Fitchburg.
Dec. 17, ___ ____ to Frances Louisa Doane, Warren.
Dec. 17, Mabel Arbing to Ethel Marion Lillie, Milford.

Mar. 6, Charles Washington to Charles Arthur Cole, Northampton.
Apr. 3, Mary Hannah Fitzgerald to Mary Hannah Eager, Northampton.
June 4, Agnes Bolton to Agnes Bolton Howard, Amherst.
July 2, Florence Ann Frizello to Hattie Mary Redding, Amherst.
Dec. 17, Emma Louisa Barton to Emma M. Sprague, Ware.

Feb. 5, Lottie Annie Estella Lee to Lottie Annie Estella Manegin, Longmeadow.
Mar. 11, Foundling to Gertrude May Smith, Holyoke.
Apr. 2, Grace Miellez [second letter of surname hard to read] to Grace Judson Root, Hartford, Ct.
May 7, Dwight Varnum Dixon to Harry Dwight Tuttle, Holyoke.
June 4, Ralph Howard Farrington to Ralph Howard Nevins, Holyoke.
July 3, Desmond Annie Taisey to Bertha Augusta Smith, Holyoke.
July 3, Frederick Lapworth Eastman to George Gilbert Tucker, Westfield.
Aug. 1, Annie May Ross to Annie May Coomes, Springfield.
Sept. 4, Henry Powell Hughes to Henry Powell Tye, Chicopee.
Nov. 6, Mabel Chandler to Lucy Augusta Barton, West Springfield.
Dec. 3, Lena Davis to Lena Jones, Chicopee.

Jan. 15, ___ ____* to Nettie L. Hale, Gill.
Mar. 5, Isaletta B. Smith* to Isaletta B. Thompson, New Salem.
May 7, Mary A. Burnham* to Eva Turner, Greenfield.
May 21, Ella A. Anthoine* to Ella O. Holman, Montague.
June 4, Emma F. Smith to Emma F. Clifford, Northfield.
Sept. 3, Bela A. Wilds* to George N. Bryant, Ashfield.
Sept. 3, Ellen L. Flagg* to Ellen L. Mack, Orange.
Dec. 3, Walter H. Saxton* to William M. Fisher, Montague.
Dec. 10, James E. Bliss* to James E. Luisea, Orange.

Feb. 5, Alton Wesley Fielding to Alton Wesley Rouse, Tyringham.
Feb. 6, Elizabeth Peterson to Mary Elizabeth Olds, Pittsfield.
Apr. 3, Willard Bainbridge Brown to Charles William Ackerson, Lee.
June 4, Gratia A. Burr to Gratia A. Chamberlin, Dalton.
June 4, Hattie Maria Degothard to Hattie Maria Hall, W. Stockbridge.
July 16, Gertrude Horan to Gertrude Eaton, Pittsfield.
July 16, Evyline Cadwell to Evyline Cadwell Shaw, W. Stockbridge.
July 16, Ellen A. Welch to Ellen A. Dwyre, Hinsdale.
July 18, Fred Darwin Mosher to Fred Darwin Field, Adams.
Sept. 3, Charles P. Welch to Charles P. Ryan, Hinsdale.
Nov. 6, Charles Henry Schultz to George Herman Knapp, Pittsfield.

Mar. 6, Sarah Alice Hoyt to Grace Lillian Bill, Chelsea.
Mar. 20, John Isaac Willett to John Lewis Caldwell, Hanson.
Apr. 17, Mary Dodge to Mary Ella Newton, Boston.
May 22, Marian Chester Flynn to Marian Chester Deane, Machiasport, Me.
July 17, Mary Elizabeth Anderson to Marian Lewis Pierce, Boston. [trans. note: Boston is in Suffolk County].
Nov. 20, William Francis Rourke to Frank Long, Medfield.

Feb. 8, James B. T. Robinson to James B. Thomas, New Bedford.
Mar. 15, Fernando Franklin Hart to Frank Hart Gifford, Dartmouth.
Mar. 22, Anne Sophia Swain to Edith Gray Silva, New Bedford.
Apr. 5, Sarah Elizabeth Harding to Sarah Elizabeth Burgess Harding, Somerset.
Apr. 5, Mary A. H. Shepherd to Mary A. H. Clark, New Bedford.
May 3, Annie Bismore to Annie Bismore Barrett, Dartmouth.
May 3, Isabel Swain Bismore to Isabel Swain Barrett, Dartmouth.
May 3, William Henry Peck to James Butler Sanford, New Bedford.
May 17, Arthur Herbert Wordell to Arthur Herbert Hack, Ned Bedford.
May 24, William Goodwin to William Goodwin Jenney, Foxborough.
May 24, Elle Perett to Minnie Kinghorn Crossley, Fall River.
July 5, Charles Sandford Almy to Charles Sandford Remington, Mattapoisett.
Aug. 2, Edmund Baylies to Edmund Lincoln Baylies, Taunton.
Sept. 6, Alvin H. Mills to Alvin H. Young, Westport.
Sept. 20, Lizzie Terry to Lizzie Terry Williston, New Bedford.
Oct. 11, Bertha Leavett Jackson to Bertha Scott Frink, Attleborough.
Nov. 7, Eliza J. Luscomb to Eliza J. Culver, New Bedford.
Dec. 6, Mary Ellen Sullivan to Mary Ellen Cavanaugh, Fall River.
Dec. 6, Nellie Clifton Gifford to Nellie Clifton Devoll, New Bedford.
Dec. 17, Willie Carlton Sherman to Willie Carlton Cook, Mansfield.

Jan. 14, Joanna O'Donnell* to Isabel Maria Damon, Scituate.
Apr. 15, _____* to Arthur S. Studley, South Scituate.
May 13, John F. Callahan* to Edgar S. Hills, Scituate.
May 13, Mabel A. Blankenship* to Mabel Augusta Curtis, South Scituate.
May 13, Charles E. Glass* to Charles E. Soule, Duxbury.
May 13, Jeremiah Sullivan to Walter Pierce, Hanover.
Aug. 26, Laura A. Walker* to Bertha M. Dobson, South Abington.
Sept. 26, Mary Shefford* to Charlotte Kierstead, Plymouth.
Nov. 11, _____* to Ella Frances Kenerson, Hingham.
Nov. 25, Gertrude B. Gray* to Gertrude Bordin Otis, South Scituate.
Dec. 9, Annie Warren* to Annie Warren Bartlett, Kingston.

Aug. 13, David Look Hallet to Leander Lothrop Hallet, Dennis.

Jan. 13, Alfred Spurr* to Frank Leon Phelps, Boston.
Jan. 13, Julia Sabbatee* to Julia Addie Pike, Boston.
Feb. 3, Julia Viola Pike to Viola Jay Merrill, Boston.
Feb. 3, Grace Flowers to Helen Edith Aldrich, Boston.
Feb. 3, Jennie Richards* to Grace Phelps Woodbridge, Boston.
Feb. 17, Daniel Graham* to William Elmer Clark, Boston.
Feb. 17, Hannah Hallason* to Annie Gwynne Applebee, Boston.
Feb. 17, Frances Farrell* to Effie May Buffum, Boston.
Mar. 3, Helen Allen* to Helrn Lydia Frost, Boston.
Mar. 3, Louia Thomas Chase* to Louia Chase Dennett, Boston.
Mar. 3, William Cody* to William Boyd Roberts, Boston.
Mar. 3, Ina Rosabel Marshfield* to Ina Rosabel Bond, Boston.
Mar. 10, Josephine A. Murphy to Josephine A. Ayers, Boston.
Mar. 10, Henry Grunbaum to Henry Green, Boston.
Mar. 10, Julia Grunbaum to Julia Green, Boston.
Mar. 10, Warren Drew* to Warren Abbott Smith, Boston.
Apr. 7, George Sidney Wheelock to Sidney Wheelock, Boston.
Apr. 14, Mary Ann Berdens* to Anne Platt Kitching, Boston.
May 5, Tina Brown* to Anne McGlinn, Boston.
May 12, Henry F. Schnuck to Henry F. Shaneck, Boston.
May 12, Herman G. Schnuck to Herman G. Shaneck, Boston.
May 12, Frank Burchard* to Frank Campbell, Boston.
May 12, Herbert Walton* to Robert Warren Dill, Boston.
May 19, Mabel Boyd* to Mabel Boykin, Boston.
May 26, Jacob Backhaus to Jacob Becker, Boston.
June 2, Charles Backhaus to Charles Becker, Boston.
June 9, Alice Gertrude Patten to Alice Gertrude Patten Laurie, Boston.
June 9, Herbert Sawyer Patten to Herbert Sawyer Patten Laurie, Boston.
June 16, Benjamin McKinstry Willis to Hamilton Willis, Boston.
June 16, John Holland* to John Holland Driscoll, Cambridge.
June 16, Michael Holland* to Michael Holland Driscoll, Cambridge.
June 30, Sarah Ann Mabel Kendrick* to Sarah Ann Mabel Hurie, Boston.
June 30, Emily Mary Kendrick* to Emily Mary Kendrick Hurie, Boston.
June 30, John William Kendrick* to John William Kendrick Hurie, Boston.
July 7, ___ ____* to Mabel Kaulbach Balch, Boston.
July 14, Earl Moody* to William Edmund Leggett, Boston.
July 14, Grace McDonald* to Grace Belle Dodds, Boston.
July 21, Marietta ____* to Marietta Guardenier, Boston.
July 28, Lizzie May Darrell* to Elsie Dinsmore Keniston, Boston.
July 28, Samuel Manning* to Henry Samuel Dodds, Boston.
Sept. 1, Henry Dubelle* to Henry Willard Starkey, Boston.
Oct. 6, Mary Brennan* to Mary Sullivan, New York City.
Oct. 6, George Brennan* to George Sullivan, New York City.
Oct. 13, Thomas Prudent Yuertein to Thomas Prudent Brown, Boston.
Oct. 27, Emma Justine Cleveland* to Emma Justine Mitchell, Chelsea.
Oct. 27, Mary Wilson* to Nellie Mehitable Davis, Boston.
Nov. 17, Mary Carlan* to Mary Elizabeth McCann, Chelsea.
Nov. 17, Maud Hersey* to Lottie Wheeler Clark, Boston.
Nov. 17, Charles Blanchard* to Charles Blanchard Eaton, Boston.
Nov. 17, George Lewis Trott* to George Lewis Smith, Boston.
Nov. 24, Catherine Hughes* to Mabel Elsie Mochmore, Boston.
Dec. 1, Samuel Tilden* to Joseph Brett Dennison, Boston.
Dec. 8, Ellen Louisa Trott to Ellen Louisa Smith, Boston.
Dec. 8, Mary Dyer* to Cora Ann Harris, Boston.
Dec. 22, Anthony Wayne Strouss to Anthony Wayne Strauss, Boston.
Dec. 22, Alice Gertrude Choate* to Eleanor Howard Dean, Boston.
Dec. 22, John Graham or John Grames to John Graham, Boston.

Jan. 13, Mary Wilson* to Annie Rose Crocker, Woodstock, N.B.
Feb. 17, Katie Cummings* to Kate Blanchard Hill, Jersey City, N.J.
Mar. 10, Stephen Francis Mullin* to Stephen Francis Metcalf, Lawrence.
Mar. 17, Esther A. Bowden* to Alice Atwood Morgan, Topsfield.
Mar. 17, Michael Thomas McDermott to Thomas Riley McDemott, Danvers.
Apr. 7, Thomas Gould, 2d, to Thomas Franklin Gould, Topsfield.
Apr. 14, Lewis Brewster Cobb* to Lewis Brewster Cobb Dolloff, Manchester, N.H.
Apr. 14, Maud Estelle McConihe [or McConibe?]* to Maud Estelle Kimball, Haverhill.
Apr. 28, Mabel Story* to Mildred Suratt, Rockport.
May 19, Katie Corbett* to Katie Corbett Cahill, Boston.
May 19, John Franklin Fall to John Franklin Moulton, Haverhill.
July 7, Florence Ruth Snow* to Mabel Blanche Fogg, New Hampshire.
July 7, Philip Vergnies Learoyd to Francis Bergnies Learoyd, Saugus.
July 14, Henry L. Kenney* to Lyall Henry Coulie, New Bedford.
Sept. 1, Susan McPhee* to Susan Hodgkins, Rockport.
Sept. 1, Ella F. McDuffie to Ella F. Eaton, Salem.
Oct. 20, Carrie Bush* to Carrie Bush Tappan, Ulster, Pa.
Nov. 3, Maud Dyer* to Myra F. Sherman, Lynn.
Nov. 17, Ella Louisa Middlebrook* to Ella Maud Millward, Providence, R.I.
Dec. 15, Mabel Lucretia Hadley* to Jesse Eva Jellison, Cambridge.

Jan. 7, Ann Maria Girdlestone* to Anna Maria Dimond, Newton.
Jan. 14, Grace May Wainwright* to Grace May Gooding, Somerville.
Jan. 28, Nettie Smart* to Maud Evelyn Doore, Lowell.
Jan. 28, Mary Alice Preston* to Mary Alice Hasey, Lowell.
Feb. 4, George H. Lang* to Samuel William Cushing, Waltahm.
Feb. 25, Frederick Wellington to Albert Elbridge Wellington, Somerville.
Mar. 4, Anne Sullivan* to Anne Bell Caverly, Lowell.
Mar. 4, Flora Bell Glynn* to Flora Bell Stinehart, Somerville.
Mar. 18, Anne Baker* to Mabel Annie McCoy, Lowell.
Mar. 25, Edward Freeman* to Fred Freeman Underwood, Framingham.
Apr. 1, Beatriss Kildruff* to Luella Florence McIntire, Somerville.
Apr. 8, Manuel Marcaut* to Wendell Phillips Patterson, Newton.
Apr. 22, George Alfred Washburne* to George Alfred Williams, Lowell.
May 6, Mary Reily to Mary Reily Scully, Malden.
May 6, Albert E. Emery* to Albert Edward Hutchins, Lexington.
May 6, George Willard Brown* to Willard Brown, Lowell.
May 13, Catharine Ensign Henry* to Catharine Ensign Bigelow, Melrose.
May 20, Mary Ellen Eagan* to Mary Ellen Shephard, Lowell.
May 20, Guy Lester Smart* to Albert Henry Briggs, Lowell.
May 20, Mabel Conley* to Mabel May Skiff, Marlborough.
May 27, Gertrude Harrington* to Gertrude May Weeks, Melrose.
May 27, Joseph George Dugnay* to Joseph George Le Blanc, Lowell.
June 10, Alice Drew* to Alice Drew Proper, Lowell.
June 10, William R. Gibbins* to Henry Alexander Brosseau, Cambridge.
June 24, Mary Carroll* to Mary Burns, Cambridge.
July 1, Lettie Jane Anderson* to Lettie Jane Burgin, Waltham.
July 8, Mary Belle Henderson* to May Belle Brooks, Somerville.
July 8, Ida Foster Henderson* to Ida Frances Brooks, Somerville.
July 15, Viva Idella Smart* to Viva Idella Perry, Chelmsford.
July 15, Luther Leland* to Luther Taylor, Hopkinton.
Aug. 19, Josephine Fuller* to Josephine Martin, Cambridge.
Aug. 19, Lewis Center Clark to Edward Lewis Center Clark, Cambridge.
Aug. 23, Frederick Montgomery McKay* to Frederick McKay Montgomery, Cambridge.
Sept. 23, Nancy Locke Richmond to Annie Locke Richmond, Lowell.
Oct. 7, Nellie Maud Philbrick* to Ann Maria Searles, Billerica.
Oct. 7, Hattie Etta Jones* to Mary Emma Hartley, Melrose.
Oct. 7, Nellie A. Burk* to Florence Greenwood Taber, Madlen.
Oct. 7, Fannie A. Fulcher* to Maria Frances Fiske, Weston.
Oct. 14, Mary Ellen Ford* to Grace Eveline Caul, Watertown.
Oct. 14, Daisy Mason* to Lottie May Thomas, Waltham.
Oct. 28, Charles Philbrick* to Charles Bernard Tufts, Billerica.
Nov. 11, Mary Jane Baxter* to Anna Maria Welch, Lowell.
Nov. 18, Charles Hews Greenwood* to Charles Nason Bramhall, Cambridge.
Nov. 25, Maud Ike French* to Maud French Marshall, Lowell.
Dec. 2, Madora Hawes* to Dora Harndon Emerson, Wakefield.
Dec. 9, Mabel Frances Durocher* to Lulu Blanch Marsh, Lowell.
Dec. 23, Charles W. Witherell* to Charles Elliott Curriet, Lowell.
Dec. 23, Maud Clifton Pinkham* to Jennie Etta Clifton, Lowell.

Jan. 7, Alice E. Waltzo* to Alice Evelyn Barrows, Brookfield.
Jan. 21, James T. Haywood* to James T. Black, Sturbridge.
Jan. 21, Mary Alice Haywood* to Mary Alice Black, Sturbridge.
Jan. 21, Elinor Alice Skinner* to Alice Elinor Walker, Clinton.
Feb. 4, Delima Rabert* Delia Fovand, Dudley.
Feb. 4, Joseph Rabert* to Joseph Loiselle, Webster.
Feb. 4, Sarah Elizabeth Johnson* to Cora Louise Spencer, Uxbridge.
Feb. 18, Margaret Grover* to Jennie Amy Taft, Upton.
Feb. 25, Bertha S. Smith* to Bertha S. Lewis, Fitchburg.
Mar. 18, Harvey Clinton York* to George Hayden Smith, Fitchburg.
Apr. 1, Moses Wilber Partridge* to Wilber Partridge Vinton, Dudley.
Apr. 15, Mabel Caniff* to Mabel Fressenden, Templeton.
Apr. 15, Etta Cosseboon* to Etta Adelia Chamberlin, Southbridge.
Apr. 15, Clifton Eugene Parkman* to Clifton Eugene Albee, Dana.
Apr. 15, Pearl Parker* to Pearl Parker Buxton, Milford.
Apr. 15, Anna Richards to Anna R. Brewer, Clinton.
May 6, Brida Sawyer* to Lelia Bertha Wood, Northborough.
June 3, Julia Nellie Kimball* to Gertrude Tyler Gould, Westborough.
June 24, Frank F. Gates* to Robert Franklin Fairbanks, Fitchburg.
July 1, Lilliam Palfrey* to Mary Josephine Johnson, Milford.
July 15, Charles Albee Chickering to Charles Edgar Albee, Dudley.
Sept. 2, Hattie Maria Morse* to Hattie More Taylor, Sutton.
Oct. 7, Ada Louisa Smith* to Ada Louisa Battersby, Petersham.
Nov. 18, Frank Eugene Preston* to Frank Preston Bascom, Clinton.
Dec. 10, Frank Gilbert Hooper* to Leon William Doane, Warren.
Dec. 23, ___ Simonds* to Ethel Susan Brocklebank, Fitchburg.

Feb. 4, Edmund Clark* to Edmund Miles, Amherst.
Feb. 8, Henry Eugene Hudson* to Henry Eugene Rawson, Northampton.
Mar. 4, Inez Ema Damon* to Inez Belle Tileston, Williamsburg.
Apr. 1, Jennie Maria Robinson* to Jennie Adeline Patrill, Greenwich.
May 6, Archie M. Phelps* to Archie Phelps Graves, Hatfield.
Sept. 2, _____ * to William Edward Mather, Hadley.
Sept. 2, Alice Kershaw to Alice Holmes, Ware.
Oct. 7, Kate Bakeman to Kate Conley, Northampton.
Oct. 7, Freddie Durand* to Freddie Randall, Huntington.
Nov. 5, Mary Henrietta Blanchard* to Etta Louisa Bliss, Amherst.

Feb. 18, Cora May Hooper* to Cora May Cady, Springfield.
Feb. 18, Henry Augustine Storey* to Henry Augustine Soper, Westfield.
Mar. 4, Lucy Glyton Stacy* to Lucy Glyton Brown, Monson.
Mar. 19, Ethlyn Day Fowler* to Sadie Holcomb, Enfield, Ct.
Mar. 19, Mary Frances Whittlesey* to Mary Whittlesey Hill, West Springfield.
Apr. 1, Maggie Jarvais* to Margaret Dusseault, Holyoke.
Apr. 29, Calvin Henry Fuller* to George Harrison Herrick, Montgomery.
June 3, Arthur Main Hughes* to Arthur Hughes Whitney, Chicopee.
June 3, Mary Almira Elizabeth Lamson alias Mary Elizabeth Woodward* to Ethel Clare Pember, Vernon, Ct.
Nov. 5, Daisy Mabel Young* to Mabel Young Titus, Springfield.
Dec. 2, Adelbert Storey* to Adelbert Shipley, Westfield.
Dec. 2, Howard Stanton* to Howard Mitchell, Westfield.
Dec. 2, George Wheelock* to George Washington Albert Fox, West Springfield.
Dec. 2, Florence May Jones* to Emma Elizabeth Witham, West Springfield.
Dec. 2, Mabel Evelyn Alden* to Mabel Evelyn Kendall, Ludlow.
Dec. 16, Grace Darling Warner* to Grace Darling Maxwell, Westfield.

Jan. 7, Willie Guile* to Willie Hume, Montague.
Jan. 7, Fred. Guile* to Fred. Hume, Montague.
Feb. 17, Martha Sophia Porter* to Martha Sophia Hall, Northfield.
Mar. 4, Infant child of Caroline P. Douglass* to Helen Frances Church, Shutesbury.
Mar. 11, Florence J. Prouty* to Florence J. Pratt, Orange.
June 17, Fred. L. Rawson* to Fred. L. Phinney, New Salem.
Sept. 2, Hattie Mabel McRay* to Hattie Mabel Hall, Deerfield.
Sept. 9, Ellsworth Foster Rich* to Ellsworth Foster Gardner, Orange.
Oct. 7, Bessie Casey* to Bessie Morgan, Montgue.
Dec. 2, Laura Ninette Wild* to Laura Ninette Gardner, Ashfield.

Apr. 1, Timothy W. Welch* to Timothy W. Pindergrast, Dalton.
May 6, Imogene Hosford* to Rebia L. Bowen, Adams.
July 15, Etta May Nichols* to Etta May Lindsay, Pittsfield.
Sept. 2, George Shear* to George Francis Murphy, Adams.
Sept. 2, Sara C. Shook* to Sarah Shook Hutchinson, Richmond.
Sept. 3, Mary E. Mills* to Mary E. Harper, Great Barrington.
Nov. 5, Isabella Gould* to Isabella Wilson, W. Stockbridge.
Dec. 2, Albert Jones* to Albert J. Richards, Richmond.

Jan. 15, Edith Johnson* to Edith Ann Hinkley, Weymouth.
Jan. 22, Mary Ellen O'Brien* to Mary Ellen Sullivan, Hyde Park.
Feb. 12, Emma Louisa Zeecher* to Bertha May Pye, Sharon.
Mar. 19, Joseph Henry Evoy* to Joseph Newcomb, Norwood.
Mar. 19, Frederick Stone* to Arthur Trafford Brazee, Quincy.
Apr. 2, Ellen McLaughlin* to Nellie Wilmot Parker, Stoughton.
July 22, Susan Lunt Arnold* to Susie Lunt Glover, Quincy.
Sept. 3, Annie Bell Newman* to Annie Bell Partridge, Franklin.
Sept. 24, Joseph Henry O'Brien* to Joseph Henry Sullivan, Hyde Park.
Oct. 8, Anna Cora White* to Cora Louisa Gallagher, Milton.
Oct. 8, Lucy Maria De Forest* to Lucy Maria Talbot, Quincy.
Oct. 15, Hattie Maria Fernald* to Hattie Maria Madan, Weymouth.
Nov. 19, Mary Brown Noyes* to Harriet Allen Bedlington, Canton.
Dec. 17, Emma Sumner Green* to Emma Sumner Cook, Foxborough.

Jan. 10, Alice Mabel Murphy* to Alice Mabel Gibbs, Easton.
Feb. 7, Annie Horton* to Annie Horton Rogers, Dighton.
Feb. 14, John Francis Healey* to John Francis Donahoe, Fall River.
Feb. 21, Ellen Scott* to Ellen Maria Sherman, Dartmouth.
Mar. 14, Norman Lionel Brenton* to Norman Eli Robbins, Attleborough.
Mar. 14, Alice Maud Brenton* to Ella Ruggles Crossman, Norton.
May 16, Carl Henry Roe* to Charles Henry Stearns, Foxborough.
June 6, _____ to Mary Dugan, Fall River.
June 27, Amy Tree Gidley* to Amy Tray Royce, Dartmouth.
July 11, Melsar Merton Peirce* to Melsar Merton Dean, Taunton.
July 11, George Durfee to Thomas Durfee Robinson, Fall River.
Sept. 5, John Fenwick Baker to John Baker, Rehoboth.
Oct. 3, Louisa Andrews* to Lotta Louisa Hardon, Westport.
Oct. 3, Mary Jane Brown* to Edith May Colyar, New Bedford.
Nov. 7, Eva Etta Bismore* to Eva Etta Burlingame, New Bedford.

Jan. 13, Willie Davis* to William B. Johnson, Plymouth.
Mar. 10, Henry Munroe* to William A. Ruble, Plymouth.
Mar. 10, ___ Walker* to Bertha Mabel Dobson, South Abington.
June 9, William Sever Harrison to Alexander Madena Harrison, Plymouth.
Sept. 8, Bertha Gray* to Bertha Gray Hayes, Middleborough.
Nov. 24, ___ Turner* to Grace May Beal, Pembroke.

Jan. 14, Arthur Bingham Collins to Benajah Bingham Collins, Mashpee.
Feb. 11, Fanny Smith Kelley* to Fanny Kelley Haffards, Yarmouth.
Feb. 11, Clara May Jones* to Clara May Hinckley, Eastham.
Mar. 11, Emma Winslow Foster to Ida Winslow Foster, Brewster.
May 19, Simeon W. Fisher* to Henry H. Baker, Falmouth.
Oct. 29, Francis Ollar* to Francis H. Emery, Provincetown.
Nov. 18, John A. Nickerson* to John A. Jones, Falmouth.