1780 - 1883.

[Collated and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, under
Authority of Chapter 249 of the Acts of the Year 1884.]

Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers.
18 Post Office Square.

1880 - 1883

* means name changed by reason of adoption.

Jan. 5, Mabel Harvey Stone* to Mabel Wortley Owen, Auburn, Me.
Jan. 5, Mary Ella Geddes to Mary Ella Edmands, Boston.
Jan. 5, Virginia Vanderbilt Geddes to Virginia Vanderbilt Edmands, Boston.
Jan. 12, George W. Bishton* to Ralph Bishton Eastman, Boston.
Jan. 12, Edith Haynes* to Mabel Edith Clough, Boston.
Jan. 19, Lauretta Berry* to Lauretta Boston, Boston.
Feb. 16, Mary Olive Philpot* to Mary Olive Joy, Boston.
Feb. 16, Frank Lawrence Wyman* to Wilford Clark, Chelsea.
Feb. 16, Charles William Gallagher O'Connell* to Charles William Swift, Boston.
Mar. 8, James M. Cary to John Le Roach, Boston.
Mar. 15, Walter Wellington Doland to Walter Wellington Jackson, Boston.
Mar. 15, ___ Sinclair* to Harry Hiram Piper, Boston.
Mar. 22, Frank Mack* to Solon Edward Gilmore, Boston.
Mar. 22, Bertha Frances Davenport* to Bertha Lillian Taylor, Boston.
Apr. 5, Joseph Lyman Andrews to Joseph Andrews, Boston.
Apr. 12, Walter Cox* to Walter Cox Green, Chelsea.
Apr. 19, Katie McCann* to Gracie Jones Simpson, Boston.
May 3, Michael Dobrinsky to Isadore Michael Dubrin, Boston.
May 3, Alfred Poole Howard* to Matthias Francis Shields, Boston.
May 10, Adelaide Payson Schirmer* to Adelaide Payson Voge, Boston.
May 10, Edwin Atherstone Damant* to Edwin A. Stowe, Boston.
May 17, Catherine Walsh* to Esther Payson Damon, Boston.
May 31, Catharine Wright* to Grace A. Restarrick, Boston.
June 7, Catharine Murray* to Ellen O'Neil, Boston.
June 14, Mary James* to Mary Eloise Bates.
June 14, Lilian Logan* to Lilian Jackson Barrus, St. John, N. B.
June 21, Mary Rose* to Mary Gomes, Flores, Azores.
June 28, Charles O'Hara and Charles Trench, Boston.
July 19, William Armstrong* to William Wallace Flagg, Arlington.
Sept. 6, Herbert Warren to Herbert Langford Warren, Boston.
Sept. 13, John Temple* to John Benjamin Francis Rawson, Boston.
Sept. 13, Frank Wilson* to Harold Franklin Smith, Boston.
Sept. 13, Emma Keene* to Gertrude Rust, Boston.
Sept. 13, Fanny Cronin* to Maud Louise Crowell, Boston.
Sept. 13, Lora Newton Martin* to Lora Maud Barbour, Boston.
Oct. 4, Alice Gertrude Homer* to Alice Gertrude Keller, Boston.
Oct. 4, Rubina Josephine Webber* to Rubina Josephine Webber Martin, Pueblo, Col.
Oct. 11, Ida Dobbins* to Ida Mary McKenney, Boston.
Oct. 18, Florence Naomi Safford* to Florence Naomi Sprague, Boston.
Oct. 18, Frederick Morton Currier* to Frederick Morton Weale, Boston.
Oct. 25, Henry Goodsell to Henry Hyland, Boston.
Oct. 25, James E. Murphy to James E. Ballard, Boston.
Nov. 1, John Reynolds to John Phillips Reynolds, Boston.
Nov. 8, Daniel Graham alias Willie Elmer Clark* to William Arnold Goodspeed, Boston.
Nov. 8, Grace Eleanor Densmore Smith* to Grace Eleanor Smith, Dover.
Nov. 15, Ida Parker Clifford* to Lillian Maud Paine, Boston.
Nov. 22, Mabel Wood McLearn* to Mabel Wood Johanna Helena Lehrich, Boston.
Nov. 22, Mary Gallagher* to Charlotte Fitzgerald, Boston.
Nov. 29, Alice Canavan* to Alice Sharper, Boston.
Nov. 29, Teresa Foster* to Josephine Maria von Jelagin, Boston.
Dec. 20, George Perry* to George Benjamin Jerris, Plymouth.
Dec. 20, James McCann* to James Cummings, Boston.
Dec. 20, ___ Stickney* to Helen Rex Keller, Boston.
Dec. 20, Edward Prouty* to Edward Henry Cohen, Lynn.
Dec. 27, Elizabeth W. Southwood* to Ada Noble, Boston.

Jan. 5, Martin Edward Flaherty to Martin Edward Ferris, Gloucester.
Jan. 5, Frederick Sherwood Webb to Frederick Webb, Salem.
Jan. 5, Eva Belle West* to Eva Belle Perham, _____.
Jan. 19, La Roy Sunderland Champion* to La Roy Sunderland Bowler, Beverly.
Feb. 2, Mary Courtney* to Annie Courtney Trask, Boston. [I know, Boston is in Suffolk county].
Feb. 2, Arthur Mason Newell* to Arthur Newell Cook, Dover.
Feb. 2, Ethel Isaella Turgerson* to Allester Ethel Clarke.
Feb. 16, Caroline Dunakin* to Jennie Williston, _____.
Mar. 1, Joseph Burke* to Marshall Edwin Simmons, Belmont.
Mar. 15, Jennie Christie Smith* to Jennie Maria Churchill, Salem.
Mar. 22, Mary Ellen Smith* to Minnie Morton, Andover.
Mar. 22, Willis Lovell* to George Willis Patten, _____.
Apr. 5, Ida Florence Dudica* [surname hard to read] to Ida Florence Cook, Salem.
Apr. 5, Robert Moore* to Robert Moore Hulme, Schenectady, N.Y.
Apr. 5, Lewis E. Woodbridge* to Lewis E. Heckler, Greenfield, N.H.
Apr. 19, Alvah Woodbury Bailey to Alvah Bailey Woodbury, Beverly.
Apr. 19, Winifred Hamilton Lindley* to Winifred Hamilton Willcomb, Newburyport.
Apr. 26, William Patrick Foley* to William Mehlman, Gloucester.
May 24, Elizabeth Bell Ethridge* to Bell E. Forbush, Boston.
June 14, Alice Crowther* to Alice Phinney, Lawrence.
June 28, Rufina M. Thurlow to Rufina M. Kimball, Lawrence.
July 6, Joseph E. Merchant* to Joseph E. Pamer, Gloucester.
July 12, Evelina Comeau* to Evelina Conant, _____.
Sept. 20, Elvira Nelson* to Ella Maud Webster, Boston.
Sept. 20, Julia Elizabeth Young* to Elizabeth Julia Griffin, Middleton.
Oct. 18, Mary Forsy* to Mary Marcoux, Haverhill.
Oct. 18, Lavinia Anderson* to Luenia Anderson Keene, Boston.
Oct. 18, Nellie Porter Battles to Ellen Porter Battles, Lawrence.
Oct. 25, Thomas Copley Amory to Copley Amory, Nahant.
Nov. 15, Annie Mansfield Boynton* to Annie Mansfield Skinner, Lynn.
Dec. 6, Annie Maria Hart* to Annie Maria Lundell, Gloucester.
Dec. 6, Arthur Raymond Winter* to Charles Hastings Breed, Framingham.
Dec. 20, Anna Bell Plouf* to Anna Holland Mungin, Lawrence.
Dec. 20, Mary Lina Plouf* to Mary Lena Mungin, Lawrence.

Jan. 6, Edward Oayson Marshall* to Edward Payson Favor, Somerville.
Jan. 6, Charles Richardson Marshall* to Charles Richardson White, Cambridge.
Jan. 13, Stella Mary ____* to Stella Mary Finley, Somerville.
Jan. 13, Thomas Joseph Jones* to Thomas Joseph Ryan, Marlborough.
Jan. 27, Edward Francis Shepard* to Frederick Morton Fiske, Weston.
Jan. 27, Etta Coleman* to Alice Small, Newton.
Jan. 27, Eva E. Bates* to Eva Bates Corey, Waltham.
Feb. 24, Theodore Ware* to Horace Louis Cilley, Cambridge.
Mar. 16, John Brewer Hildreth to John Lewis Hildreth, Cambridge.
May 4, Rita M. Eaton* to Rita Maria Maloy, Somerville.
May 18, _____* to Mary Jane Moorhouse, Lowell.
May 18, Bessie Maria Knowles* to Bessie Maria Lawrence, Pepperell.
May 18, Henry Franklin Dwinnell* to Franklin Russell Spear, Melrose.
May 25, Charles Roscoe Bassford to Charles Roscoe Craig, Marlborough.
June 8, ___ Heyward* to William Albert Doucett, Stoneham.
June 8, Ellen L. Hammond* to Ada Florence Wright, Cambridge.
June 8, Joseph E. Burgeron* to Joseph Elmo Leblanc [or Leblane], Lowell.
July 6, Cora Alice Butler* to Cora Alice Groeschner, Watertown.
July 13, Alice Sullivan* to Marjorie King, Newton.
July 27, Charles Augustus Brinnick* to Charles Augustus Chamberlain, Newton.
Sept. 7, Henrietta Counterway* to Nettie Ella Littlefield, Somerville.
Sept. 21, Hugh Short* to Albert Tice, Lowell.
Sept. 21, Henry Warren Taylor* to James William Flynn, Cambridge.
Sept. 28, Beulah Henrietta Parsons* to Bertha Louise Cameron, Cambridge.
Oct. 12, Gracie May Thompson* to Gracie May Little, Lowell.
Oct. 12, George Lindsey Pray* to Clinton Beach Haley, Cambridge.
Nov. 2, Charles Ryan* to Charles Sumner Silsby, Lunenburg.
Nov. 9, Mary Jane Coakley* to Mary Jane Murphy, Newton.
Nov. 9, William Vincent Smith to William Smith Carter, Arlington.
Nov. 9, Alice Parkman Smith to Alice Parkman Carter, Arlington.
Nov. 23, Ida Hyde* to Dora Elizzie Leland, Newton.
Dec. 7, Henry Hay* to Henry Kennedy, Somerville.
Dec. 7, Sarah Elizabeth Ellis to Sarah Lilian Ellis, Marlborough.
Dec. 14, Albert Henry Putnam to Henry Albert Putnam, Marlborough.
Dec. 28, Edward Ruthvern Macdonough* to Edward Ruthven Barnes, Cambridge.
Dec. 28, Charles Barnes Macdonough* to Charles Barnes, Cambridge.

Feb. 3, Richard Barry to Charles Joseph Foster, Worcester.
Feb. 3, Moses Milkman to Alfred Spencer Lowell, Worcester.
Feb. 17, Annie Louisa Gay* to Belle Hallett Keene, Milford.
Feb. 17, Thomas Salmon to Thomas Henry Aldrich, Uxbridge.
Feb. 24, Charles Edward Flint* to Charles Edward Merritt, Fitchburg.
Mar. 2, Charles Jones* to Charles Corbin, Webster.
Mar. 16, George Frederick Renney* to George Frederick Burnell, Boylston.
Mar. 16, Jennie Waldmyer Foster* to Jennie Foster Chapin, Northborough.
Mar. 16, Rose Mary Elizabeth McDonald* to Effie Grace Green, Spencer.
Mar. 16, Leonia Isabell Gould* to Leonia Isabell Hutchinson, Fitchburg.
Mar. 16, Josephine Brooks* to Clara Barton Taylor, Worcester.
Apr. 6, Florence Edgar Benjamin to Frank Edgar Benjamin, Fitchburg.
Apr. 20, George Franklin Willard to George Franklin Gray, Warren.
May 4, Anna Maria C. Katherina Fahring* to Anna Maria Katherina Pferdekamp, Clinton.
May 4, Gerhard Henry Fahring* to Gerhard Henry Pferdekamp, Clinton.
May 4, Sophie M. Fahring* to Sophie M. Pferdekamp, Clinton.
May 18, Sarah Frances Smith* to Florence Mabel Gates, Worcester.
June 1, Blanche Warren* to Blanche Warren Learned, Worcester.
Sept. 14, Lillian Force* to Lilliam Sherman, Milford.
Oct. 13, Isaletta Belle Thompson* to Etta Belle Smith, Petersham.
Oct. 19, Josephine Eglentine Caya* to Josephine Eglentine Maynard, Southbridge.
Dec. 21, Hattie Belle Rathburn* to Hattie Belle Guilford, Hardwick.

Jan. 6, Annie Goss* to Annie Goss Dolby, Worthington.
Feb. 3, Frank L. Thayer* to Frank L. Bennett, Amherst.
Mar. 2, Bernice Ann Loring* to Bernice Ann Clark, Huntington.
Apr. 6, Henry Rawson* to Willard Francis Bryant, Chesterfield.
Apr. 6, Nettie Ellen Jackson* to Nettie Jackson Clark, South Hadley.
June 1, Thomas McGrath to Thomas Francis McGrath, Hadley.
Aug. 3, Susan M. Tilden* to Susan M. Engram, Chesterfield.
Oct. 12, Emma Linda Jackson* to Emma Linda Curtis, Belchertown.
Nov. 3, Fred Eugene Rawson* to Fred Eugene Bartlett, Chesterfield.
Dec. 7, Cora E. Howe* to Cora E. Cook, Amherst.

** means adopted without change of name.

Feb. 16, Florence Mabel Ritter* to Olga Charlotte McFethries, Longmeadow.
Mar. 2, Edward Anderson* to Edward Beiser, Springfield.
Mar. 2, Edward Franklin Bourke* to Edward Albert Parker, Wilbraham.
Mar. 2, William Henry Bourke* to William Edwin West, Wilbraham.
Apr. 6, Zaidee Priscilla Thompson* to Zaidee Thompson Knight, West Springfield.
Apr. 6, Emily M. Williams to Emily M. Ferry, Chicopee.
Apr. 17, Charles Walcott Merriam** to Charles Walcott Merriam, Springfield.
May 11, Maria Waters* to Minnie Maria Parmenter, Palmer.
May 19, Lester Emery Converse* to Lester Emery Bradway, Wales.
July 6, Ella Francis Barnes** to Ella Francis Barnes, Westfield.
July 6, Ida May Palmer* to Ida May Presset, Springfield.
Aug. 3, Esper Phelps* to Esper Crosby, West Springfield.
Sept. 7, Daiey Langguth* to May Warren Farmer, Springfield.
Sept. 7, Raymond T. Erwin* to Raymond Irving Lewis, Springfield.
Sept. 21, Fanny Bent Gowdy* to Fanny Bent Bishop, Springfield.
Dec. 7, Mabel Young Titus* to Mabel Young, Springfield.
Dec. 8, Hattie May Dean** to Hattie May Dean, Springfield.

Mar. 2, Theresa Grollmann* to Theresa Grollmann Sommers, Shelburne.
Apr. 22, Kate Leyden* to Katie Leyden Hartley, Montague.
July 6, Arlon Orcutt Moffatt* to Arlon Orcutt Holden, Hawley.
Aug. 3, Lottie Swartz* to Lottie Russell Shirley, Conway.
Aug. 3, Henry G. Bowman* to Henry G. Vincent, Heath.
Oct. 5, Frank L. Nelson Hastings to Frank L. Nelson, Warwick.
Dec. 10, Rosa Brennan* to Rose Emma Cobb, Greenfield.

Feb. 3, Anna M. North* to Anna M. Dean, Adams.
Feb. 3, Arthur Jannette* to Arthur Varno, Adams.
Feb. 3, Delia Jannette* to Delia Murray, Adams.
Mar. 3, Daisy E. Stone* to Daisy E. Haskins, North Adams.
May 4, Mary Elizabeth Osborne* to Mary Elizabeth Powers, Pittsfield.
May 4, Charles Crew* to Charles Thomas Kirk, Pittsfield.
May 5, Grace Shufelt* to Grace Pixley, N. Marlborough.
June 1, Sarah Jones* to Lillian B. Culvernhouse, North Adams.
July 22, Lida F. Moulton* to Lida F. Goodnow, North Adams.
Nov. 3, Myrtle Hall* to Elsie L. Boyd, North Adams.
Dec. 7, Ivodell Tower* to Ivodell Waters, Adams.
Dec. 7, Mary L. Mundry* to Mary L. Minteaux, Pittsfield.
Dec. 7, Irene Washburn* to Rosa Adams, Lee.

Jan. 14, Georgianna Glover Arnold* to Georgianna Glover Derry, Braintree.
Jan. 21, Harriet Allen* to Bessie Howard Farnham, Randolph.
Feb. 11, Alice Levan* to Edith Dana Tucker, Milton.
Feb. 18, Gilbert Nathaniel Weaver* to Harry Weston Badger, Quincy.
Mar. 3, William Robinson* to William Francis Collins, Medway.
Mar. 3, Charles Lamb* to Charles Alozo Thayer, Dedham.
June 23, Isabel Estelle Capen* to Isabel Capen White, Canton.
June 23, Henry McCall* to Harry Allen Norton, Dover.
June 23, Mable Peterson* to Anna Mabel Newcomb, Quincy.
Sept. 15, Jennie Frederica Carlson* to Hattie Ardell Poole, Hyde Park.
Sept. 15, Jesse Cooper* to Jessie Cooper Mears, Quincy.
Sept. 15, Sarah Ellen Cooper* to Nellie S. Hanna, Quincy.
Sept. 22, Hattie Elizabeth Shepard* to Hattie Elizabeth Bennett, Hyde Park.
Oct. 20, Hattis Osgood* to Hattie B. Derby, Needham.
Nov. 3, John Wesley Kilpatrick to John Wesley Williams, Hyde Park.
Dec. 15, Winnifred Camille Sampson* to Camille Jane Osgood, Sharon.

Feb. 9, Elizabeth Marr* to Lizzie Adams Brown, Abington.
May 24, George H. Stevens* to Albert Leslie Simmons, Plymouth.
July 12, Sarah E. Pratt* to Sarah E. Bryant, Middleborough.
Sept. 13, Bernard James* to Fred Loring Corthell, Hingham.
Oct. 18, George Greeley* to George Henry Tighe, Brockton.
Dec. 27, Annie Maria Parsons* to Anna Maria Thrasher, Plymouth.
Dec. 27, Jennie G. Walling* to Jennie G. Hatch, Hanover.

Jan. 2, Alcy R. E. Young to Alcy R. E. Swift, Fall River.
Jan. 16, Phebe Ann Hewlett to Annie Macomber, Taunton.
Feb. 6, Nellie Fits to Winnifred Louise Harding, Boston.
Feb. 6, Mary Ann Grady to Mary Ann Carrot, Fall River.
Feb. 6, Joseph Dimech to Frederick Scholes, Fall River.
Feb. 6, Ida M. Hanherson to Ida M. Clemens, Taunton.
Mar. 19, Clara Fone to Clara Amanda Blachler, Boston.
Mar. 19, Sarah E. Ramsey to Sarah E. Macomber, Fall River.
Apr. 2, Ruby Marlow to Ruby Ellen Altham, Fall River.
May 7, Maria Bittencourte to Maria Sylvia, New Bedford.
May 21, Olive J. Hadwen to Olive J. Braley, New Bedford.
June 18, Cora P. Wilcox to Cora Estelle Tinkham, Fairhaven.
July 2, Abraham Luce to William Aldens Johns, New Bedford.
Aug. 6, Maria Francisa de Rosa to Maria Francisca Machado, Gloucester.
Aug. 6, Martha N. Smith to Clara May Smith, New Bedford.
Sept. 3, Alice Isabella Beeden to Alice Clark, Dartmouth.
Sept. 24, Wilbert Watts to Wilbert Baldwin, Boston.
Oct. 1, Thomas Suter Palmer to Thomas Palmer Harrison, Fall River.

Jan. 13, Angie Holway* to Angie Bell, Provincetown.
June 15, Arthur Emerson Thompson* to Arthur Emerson Swift, Falmouth.
Aug. 10, Charles A. Bray* to Charles A. Williams, Wellfleet.

Jan. 10, Joseph Silver* to Joseph Buswell, Boston.
Jan. 10, Sarah Anna Street* to Sarah Anna Gaines, Chelsea.
Jan. 17, Anna Newton Cole* to Anna Newton Harding, Ashland.
Jan. 24, Joseph Eleazer Raymond Piper to Joseph Eleazar Raymond, Boston.
Jan. 24, Hattie Gertrude Henry* to Hattie Gertrude Lord, Boston.
Feb. 7, Arthur Cephas Hoar to Arthur Cephas Whitney, Boston.
Feb. 14, Grace Crowningshield Barrington* to Florence Crowningshield Grout, Boston.
Feb. 21, Mary Ann Dooley* to Ann Schmehl, Boston.
Feb. 21, Milly Messer* to Nettie May Clark, Boston.
Feb. 21, Elizabeth Antoinette Gould* to Elizabeth Gould Billings, Boston.
Mar. 7, Marcia Jane Louisa Freeman to Marcia Jane Louisa Fogg, Boston.
Mar. 14, Daniel McCarthy* to Daniel Moore, Boston.
Mar. 21, Herbert Leslie Woods* to Herbert Leslie Woods Morse, Brooks, Me.
Mar. 21, Mary Cynthia Dunlop to Mary Cynthia Josephs, Boston.
Mar. 21, Mary Elizabeth Dunlop to Mary Elizabeth Josephs, Boston.
Mar. 21, William Henry Sullivan to George William Fenlee, Boston.
Mar. 21, Frances Sullivan to Frances Fenlee, Boston.
Mar. 21, Edward Foster Morse* to James Edward Simmons, Chelsea.
Mar. 21, Lulu Pearl Foster* to Lulu Pearl Whiting, Boston.
Mar. 28, Loro Newton Cameron* to Mildred Blanche Sampson, Boston.
Mar. 28, Arthur Murray* to Arthur Murray Grout, Boston.
Mar. 28, Nellie Proctor* to Jessie Helena Morrison, Lynn.
Apr. 18, Eunice Gross* to Edith Alvena Richards, Boston.
Apr. 18, Elizabeth Hayes* to Hattie May Bean, Boston.
May 2, Mary M. O'Connor* to Mary M. Whelan, Boston.
May 2, Bessie Felton* to Bessie Mildred Gammon, Boston.
May 9, William Cameron* to Willie Castle Woodbury, Boston.
May 16, Mary Bateman* to Mary McCurdy, Boston.
May 16, William McIntyre* to William Barker Peirce, Boston.
May 23, Siegesmund Theodore Boetticher to Siegesmund Theodore Becker, Boston.
June 6, Mary Gray* to Mary Ella Guild, Boston.
June 13, Hattie Bence* to Hattie Elvira Harding, New Haven, Ct.
June 13, Frank Lester Sweetser* to Frank Lester Logan, Portsmouth, N.H.
June 13, Nellie Palfrey Sweetser* to Nellie Palfrey Logan, Portsmouth, N.H.
June 20, Ella Maria Mann to Ella Maria Adams, Boston.
June 20, Frances Floribel Mann to Frances Floribel Adams, Boston.
June 20, Horace Herbert Mann to Horace Herbert Adams, Boston.
June 27, Hannah Stone* to Hannah Brown, Boston.
June 27, Nellie Murphy* to Mabel Alice Pittee, Boston.
June 27, James Rutherford Seavey* to Henry Beckwith Smith, Boston.
June 27, Althea Theresa Herring to Althea Theresa Butters, Boston.
July 11, Midget Day* to Annie Eugenia Crawford, Holyoke.
July 25, William F. Luby* to William F. Stephens, Boston.
Sept. 5, Frans Albin Simmerstrom to Frans Albin Norman, Boston.
Sept. 5, Evelyn Cecil Stanley* to Bessie Evelyn Johnson, Boston.
Sept. 5, Annie Lizzie Morse* to Annie Lottie Anderson, Chelsea.
Sept. 5, Lucy Austin* to Grace Brown Dodge, York, Me.
Sept. 12, Alice Gertrude Dadmun to Alice Gertrude Hosmer, Boston.
Oct. 3, Lottie Josephine Sessler* to Lottie Melissa Johnson, Boston.
Oct. 10, Walter Marshall Cutler to Marshall Cutler, Boston.
Oct. 24, Charles Willis Lee* to Charles Willis Lee Thornton, St. Albans, Vt.
Oct. 31, Charles Henry Bartlett Peterson* to Ralph Charles Sulloway, Plymouth.
Oct. 31, Russell Swain Munroe to Russell Munroe, Boston.
Oct. 31, Michael Granville Shean to Oscar Granville Bolton, Boston.
Nov. 7, Mary Ellen Doliver* to Ellen Prince, Boston.
Nov. 14, Emma Gordon* to Grace Lillian Ray, Boston.
Nov. 14, Mary Ellen Mansfield Heggerty* to Daisy Gertrude McFarland, Boston.
Nov. 14, Mary Agnes Jackson* to Daisy Mainjoy, Stow.
Nov. 14, Dora Elizabeth McDermott* to Mildred Eudora Smith, Boston.
Nov. 14, George Morris* to George Edward Emerson, Boston.
Nov. 14, William Caspar Sessler* to William John Sullivan, Boston.
Nov. 21, Louis Gurki to Louis Crown, Boston.
Nov. 28, Mabel Wilson Bishop* to Carolina Rebecka Morise, Boston.
Nov. 28, Mabel Davison* to Maud Ethel Quimby, Boston.
Nov. 28, Lillie Mabel Hall* to Ellen Jane Booth, Boston.
Nov. 28, Mary Josephs* to Violet Isabel Taylor, Boston.
Nov. 28, Ada Pitman* to Ida Boyce, Franklin.
Nov. 28, William Shuler* to George Huntington Martis, Boston.
Nov. 28, Thomas Frederick Donahue to Frederick Thomas, Boston.
Dec. 5, Alice Greenwood Reed* to Effie May Green, Boston.
Dec. 12, Robert Latta Doyle to Robert Henry Latta, Boston.
Dec. 12, Jennie Maud Henderson* to Jennie Maud Turner, Boston.
Dec. 12, Willie Concannon* to William Swain, Boston.
Dec. 19, Ernest Leon* to Percy Farnum, _____.

Jan. 3, Mary Readdey* to Lillian Swett Greeley, _____.
Jan. 10, Joseph Judd* to Joseph Henry Scott, Lawrence.
Jan. 10, Margaret Judd* to Margaret M. Birch, Lawrence.
Jan. 17, Lillian M. Bruce* to Lillian M. Thwing, California.
Jan. 17, William Edward Janes* to William Edward Robbins, Lynn.
Jan. 17, Edith May Janes* to Helen Edith Nourse, Lynn.
Feb. 7, Harry Jackson to Harry King Jackson, Salem.
Feb. 7, Thomas H. Pynn to Thomas H. Penn, Newburyport.
Feb. 21, Hattie Belle Langill* to Lizzie Belle Otto, _____.
Mar. 14, Wendell Phillips Kenney to Stephen Wendell Abbott, Lawrence.
Mar. 14, Martha A. Smith* to Martha A. Thornley, Hyde, Eng.
Mar. 21, Geroge Arthur Williston* to George Williston Field, Salem.
Apr. 18, Catharine A. O'Connell* to Catharine A. Donahue, Lawrence.
May 16, William Blake* to Herbert Coryoden Dennett, Boston.
June 20, Ellen J. Greeley to Ellen J. Tilton, Newburyport.
July 8, Harriet Eliza Reid to Harriet Eliza Sargent, Gloucester.
July 18, Bertha Adaline Zeigert* to Bertha Steen Flint, Boston.
July 25, ___ Laughlin* to Ellen Kelley, Haverhill.
Sept. 12, Carrie C. Crosby* to Carrie C. Rooks, Eddington, Me.
Sept. 12, Emily Robinson* to Emily Heys, Lawrence.
Sept. 19, Mattie Warren* to Mabel Florence Churchill, Marblehead.
Oct. 3, William Sherman Harris* to William Sherman Taylor, Newbern, N.C.
Oct. 3, Emma Jane Whittemore to Emma Whittemore Crowell, Beverly.
Oct. 24, Eva O. Spates* to Eva O. Pike, Rockport.

Jan. 11, Claude W. Ellis* to Claude Wilfred Fisher, Malden.
Feb. 8, Agnes Maud Marshall* to Agnes Maud Robinson, Lowell.
Mar. 1, Jessie Shorey* to Bessie Luella Adams, Lowell.
Mar. 22, Eva Maud Williams* to Eva Maud Bolles, Pepperell.
Mar. 22, Charles C. Sleeper* to Charles Sleeper Young, Lowell.
Mar. 22, Mabel Pierce Harding* to Mabel Lovell Daniels, Holliston.
Mar. 22, Hulbert Carr Walsh* to Hulbert Carr Griffin, Lowell.
Apr. 5, Willarad Branigan to Willard Elmes, Waltham.
Apr. 5, Gertrude A. Rockwood* to Mary Gertrude Hemenway, Woburn.
Apr. 5, Mary Elizabeth Bowden* to Marilla Thompson, Framingham.
Apr. 26, Walter Stover* to Thomas Henry Holland, Townsend.
May 10, Edith Ella Wells* to Bessie Atkinson Little, Framingham.
May 24, Maggie Emery* to Carrie Emery, Belmont.
May 24, Alice Gardner Sandford* to Alice Gardner Davis, Everett.
June 14, George Cunnabell to George Cunnabell Howard, Cambridge.
June 14, Lilly Wilbur* to Lilla Ella Gould, Lowell.
June 14, John McManus* to John Sinnott, Bedford.
June 14, Edward Francis Richards* to Edward Francis Richards Saunders, Natick.
July 5, Eva Clark* to Eva Leavens Davis, Everett.
July 5, Sarah Isabel Wilton* to Sarah Isabel Page, Cambridge.
July 26, Joseph Donovan* to Joseph Burke, Marlborough.
June 26, Eva Bates Corey to Eva May Corey, Watertown.
June 26, Hugh Alfred Flinn to Hugh Alfred Lee, Waltham.
June 26, William Herd Greenlees to William Herd Greenleaf, Waltham.
June 26, Jane Herbert Greenlees to Jane Herbert Greenleaf, Waltham.
Sept. 6, Mary Bird Cowdry to Mary Bird Lawrence, Wakefield.
Sept. 6, Frank Gunderway* to Frank Morandus, Somerville.
Sept. 20, Charles H. Swett* to Ambroke Charles Thissell, Dracut.
Sept. 27, William Wallace Whitten* to William Whitten Hildreth, Natick.
Oct. 4, Ralph Saunders Kingsley* to Harry William Rockwell, Somerville.
Oct. 11, Abby Dorothy Tetlow to Abbie Dorothy Kimball, Malden.
Oct. 25, George N. Lucian to George Nicholas Banfield, Lowell.
Oct. 25, Ethel Corinne Wellington to Ethel Corinne Boynton, Cambridge.
Nov. 1, Grace Wood to Grace Abbot Wood, Lowell.
Nov. 1, George Clerendon Cotting to Philip Clarendeon Cotting, Marlborough.
Nov. 15, Frederick Woodward* to Glanwood Frederick Braun, Everett.
Nov. 15, Mary Ames* to Lizzie Brandon Scofield, Somerville.
Nov. 22, Margaret Frances Williams Cowland* to Emma Frances Smith, Cambridge.
Dec. 6, James Clark* to James Arthur Perkins, Framingham.
Dec. 27, Edith Treadworth Gilson* to Mary Abigail Glasgow, Cambridge.
Dec. 27, Eveline Augusta Barnes* to Eveline Augusta Flagg, Wilmington.

Jan. 4, ___ Burns* to Edgar E. Fisk, Gardner.
Jan. 4, Lula Grafton* to Lula Rebecca Lovewell, Hubbardston.
Jan. 4, Hattie Bell Rathburn to Hattie Bell Guilford, Hardwick. [see Dec. 21, 1880].
Jan. 4, Sarah Pyne to Sarah McFarland, Worcester.
Jan. 4, Alfred Henry Damon to Albert Boutelle Damon, Fitchburg.
Jan. 18, Eva Lenora Wheeler* to Eva Lenora Day, Berlin.
Feb. 15, Charles Henry Damon* to Charles James Powell, Fitchburg.
Feb. 15, Alice Jessie Goodrich* to Jessie Alice Cady, Grafton.
Mar. 1, _____ to Ethel Wheeler Lewis, Fitchburg.
Mar. 1, Fannie Taylor Higgins* to Fannie Taylor Litchfield, Berlin.
Mar. 15, Octave Coron* to Octave Landerville, Warren.
Mar. 15, Frank S. Coron* to Frank S. Tremblay, Warren.
Mar. 15, Mary Coron* to Mary Maranda, Warren.
Apr. 5, Carl King* to Carl King Bancroft, Phillipston.
Apr. 5, Philomaine Coron* to Philomaine Mathew, Brookfield.
Apr. 26, Alice Estella Boughton* to Estella Jones Cuthbert, Fitchburg.
May 3, Nettie Garfield Olvier* to Mabel Maria Frost, Worcester.
May 3, Anna F. Mars* to Mabel Maria Reed, Worcester.
May 24, Allen G. Wood* to Allen Gordon Buttrick, Lancaster.
May 24, Ralph Arnold* to Walter Chamberlain Whittier, Fitchburg.
July 5, Grace Evaline Pierce* to Gracie Stevens, Oxford.
July 19, Bertha Shaw* to Edith Eleanor Gunn, Northbridge.
July 19, ____ Clark* to Ethel Susie Jordan, Worcester.
July 19, Florence May Holman* to Florence May Norwood, Worcester.
Sept. 6, Adah Harriet Dorman to Adah Harriet Fisher, Worcester.
Sept. 20, Ann Gruby* to Ann Keveny, Southbridge.
Sept. 27, Ida Sawtell* to Ida M. Hall, Fitchburg.
Oct. 4, Sarah Wilson* to Jennie Mabel Rugg, Gardner.
Nov. 1, Abbie J. Fitton* to Abbie J. Austin, Worcester.
Nov. 15, Flora Dell Reynolds* to Flora Dell Twitchell, Fitchburg.
Nov. 22, ___ Foster* to Edith Florence Porter, Athol.
Dec. 6, Josephine Read* to Josephine Maud Henderson, Northbridge.
Dec. 6, James May* to James May Austin, Worcester.
Dec. 20, Mamie Jane Perry to Florence May Wheeler, Athol.

Jan. 4, Elizabeth Collard* to Elizabeth Grace Kellogg, Goshen.
Jan. 11, Grace Maud Chamberlain* to Evelina Genevieive Bishop, Northampton.
Feb. 1, _____* to Celia Miranda Hinckley, South Hadley.
Mar. 1, H. Bessie Deacon* to Grace Maud Lindsay, Easthampton.
Apr. 5, James Arthur Scott* to James Arthur Wainwright, Easthampton.
May 3, Willie H. Wormsley* to Charles Frederick Wilson, Amherst.
May 3, George Eugene Mumford* to George Eugene Mumford Mayor, Goshen.
May 10, _____* to Chester William Dunlap, Enfield.
Nov. 1, Grace M. Clark* to Grace M. Shaw, Cummington.

Jan. 4, Harriet Louisa Warner* to Mabel Ione Morgan, Chicopee.
Feb. 1, Lina Delle Moody* to Lina Delle Strong, Springfield.
Feb. 8, Lillian Eunice Miller* to Lillian Eunice Wright, Palmer.
May 3, Florence Irene Strandberg* to Florence Irene Hibbard, Springfield.
May 10, Leonard Stickney Shaw* to Leonard Stickney Chapin, Sprinfield.
May 17, William Oliver Scott* to Frederick Otis Reed, Westfield.
July 5, Alice Leonard* to Alice Gertrude Westman, Black Hawk, Col.
July 5, Eliza Jane Grady* to Eliza Jane Whooly, Holyoke.
July 5, Wilbur Randolph Ladd, Jun. to Wilbur Allin Ladd, Holyoke.
Aug. 2, Anna Theresia Wiemer* to Anna Theresia Funke, Springfield.
Sept. 6, _____* to Florence Amelia Rising, Springfield.
Oct. 20, Joseph Loiselle* to Joseph Robert, Holyoke.
Nov. 7, Georgianna Fuller* to Lena Grace Palmer, Palmer.

June 21, Roxanna E. Davis* to Cora M. Simonds, Northfield.
July 5, Lizzie McGee* to Lizzie E. Miner, Greenfield.
Sept. 6, Della F. Davis* to Della F. Ellis, Montague.

May 3, Clara C. Winchester* to Clara C. Church, North Adams.
July 19, James D. Howe* to James D. Harder, Pittsfield.
Sept. 6, Mary Ann Wilson* to Mary Wilson McColgan, Pittsfield.
Sept. 6, Emma A. Redding* to Emma A. Crispell, West Stockbridge.

Feb. 16, Georgia Augusta Stevens* to Edna Gertrude Wilson, Wrentham.
Mar. 19, Susie Elizabeth Newbury* to Susan Elizabeth Coombs, Wrentham.
Apr. 20, Emma Louise Zeecher, alias Bertha Pye* to Elsie Maud Billings, Brookline.
June 8, May Reynolds* to Henrietta Edith Wod, Wellesley.
June 15, Clara Elizabeth Cargill* to Elizabeth Cargill Weatherbee, Cohasset.
July 6, Minnie Madella Carter* to Minnie Madella Cram, Weymouth.
Sept. 7, Jessie Brown Calligan* to Jessie Callagan Weston, Needham.
Sept. 7, Albert Everett Sawyer to Albert Everett, Norwood.
Nov. 16, Fanny Leonard* to Bertha Louise Blake, Franklin.

May 9, Mary Jane Ferguson* to Mary Jane Luddy, South Abington.
May 9, Alice Belle Joslyn* to Alice Belle Lyon, Bridgewater.
Oct. 10, Emmanuel Francis Freemefreddo to Emmanuel Francis McHenry, Plymouth.

Jan. 7, Benjamin Ashworth* to Benjamin Forster, Safford, Eng.
Jan. 7, John Franklin Mather to Frank Pomery Mather, Fall River.
Jan. 7, Mary E. Jones* to Mary E. Brown, New Bedford.
Jan. 21, Charles A. Morso* to Charles A. Harvey, Taunton.
Feb. 4, Harriet Byron Alden* to Harriet Byron Viall, Fairhaven.
Mar. 4, Elisabeth Briggs to Elisabeth Stewart, Attleborough.
Mar. 4, Mary Elisabeth Goff* to Mary Elisabeth Cox, Taunton.
Mar. 18, Arthur Hayes Robert* to Harrie Arthur Scribner, Boston.
Apr. 1, Ada Swain Prouty* to Ida Stella Sanford, New Bedford.
Apr. 1, Rosa Rich* to Cassie Leona Gold, Boston.
Apr. 15, George L. Root* to George L. Staples, Providence, R.I.
May 6, Gertrude E. Foster* to Gertrude E. Scott, New Bedford.
May 6, Herbert H. Jackson* to Herbert H. Mitchell, New Bedford.
June 3, Eugene B. Lowe to Eugene B. Lee, Attleborough.
June 17, Meribah Jane Lawton* to Name unchanged, Fall River.
Aug. 5, Mary Anna Sylvester Backus* to Mary Anna Sylvester Demers, New Bedford.
Aug. 5, _____, to Grace Blanchard Peirce, New Bedford.
Sept. 2, Elmer A. Moacomber* to Elmer Albert Eddy, Taunton.
Nov. 4, Nellie Folger Prouty* to Nellie Eudora Johnson, New Bedford.
Nov. 4, Louisa Harrington* to Louisa Maria Taylor, Fall River.

June 21, Albert Snow to Albert Clarence Snow, Yamouth.
Aug. 9, Georgianna M. Voudy* to Mabel Betsie Sears, Dennis.
Aug. 9, Mary Alice Morse* to Mary Alice Fish, Barnstable.
Aug. 9, Cora Ada Blake* to Ada Cora Fisher, Barnstable.

Jan. 2, Albert Frederick Poor to Albert Frederick Winslow, Boston.
Jan. 2, Christina McFarland* to Christina Sellon, Boston.
Jan. 2, Mary Jerome* to Mary Farrell, Martha's Vineyard.
Jan. 9, Laura Esther Barron to Laura Esther Hall, Boston.
Jan. 16, George Hastings to George Henry Hastings, Boston.
Jan. 16, Edward Everett Powers* to Everett Edward Walker, Abington.
Feb. 6, Alice P. Barton* to Bertha P. Hayden, Somerville.
Feb. 6, Hattie Evelyn Sessler* to Hattie Josephine Davies, Boston.
Feb. 13, Mary Elizabeth Murphy to Mary Elizabeth Douglass, Boston.
Feb. 13, Annie P. Rose* to Annie Rose Pratt, Malden.
Feb. 13, Eva Minnie Elliott* to Eva Minnie Gardner, Boston.
Feb. 20, William Clarke* to William Clarke Cross, Chelsea.
Feb. 27, John F. Bogan* to John F. Dwight, Boston.
Feb. 27, Caroline Fuller* to Cora Edna Hensble, or Hensbie, Boston.
Feb. 27, Percy Young* to Spurgeon Percy Gifford, Boston.
Feb. 27, Mary Ann Heatherstone Harvey* to Mabel Burleigh, Boston.
Mar. 13, _____* to Walter D. Griggs, _____.
Mar. 20, Joseph McNeal* to Joseph Paul Dustram, Prince Edward Island.
Mar. 27, Mary Ellen Powers* to Mary Ellen Lawton, Boston.
Apr. 3, Isabella Chisholm* to Florence Lorette Hart, Boston.
Apr. 3, Helena Wallace* to Lulu Dickerman, Boston.
Apr. 17, Bessie Arleen Townsend* to Minnie Alice Richardson, Brigewater.
Apr. 17, Penelope Moore to Nellie Moore Taylor, Boston.
Apr. 24, John Colby* to John Turner, Boston.
Apr. 24, Curtis Adams Le Moyne* to William Francis Cox, Boston.
Apr. 24, Gertrude Cox Le Moyne* to Emma Gertrude Box, Boston.
Apr. 24, Alice Maud Smith* to Grace Matilda Welch, Boston.
May 15, Anna Wallace* to Annie Leah Kelley, Boston.
May 15, Patrick-henry McSulvin to Henry Sulvin, Boston.
May 15, Carroll Grant* to Carroll Raymond Newbert, Boston.
May 22, _____* to Fred. H. Griffith, Boston.
May 22, Thomas Jones* to Bert Arthur Gordon, Boston.
May 22, Mary Kelly to Mary Carpenter, Boston.
May 22, Augusta Greenfield* to Augusta Weiss, Boston.
Aug. 29, Gertrude Smith* to Gertrude Magrath, Boston.
June 19, Leonie Cox* to Leonie Nanine Crowell, Boston.
June 19, Barney McAlpine* to Thomas O'Brien McCabe, Boston.
July 3, Minnie Louise Holway* to Minnie Louise Cross, State of Maine.
July 10, Child of Catherine Haley* to Elizabeth Cheney Sanger, Boston.
July 10, Bertha May Thompson* to Florence Edna Mears, Boston.
July 10, Mary Ann Johnson* to Mabel Elizabeth Sanford, Boston.
July 10, Grace Elizabeth Panton* to Gracie Evelyn Gale, Boston.
July 10, Bridget Daly* to Catherine Mahon, Boston.
July 17, Charlotte Gordon Hoyt* to Emeline Pike Walton, Boston.
July 17, Carrie Louise Parker Welch* to Carrie Louise Parker Tobias, Boston.
July 24, William Matthews* to William Clifton Redder, Boston.
July 31, Theodore Banchor Ellis* to Ray Eugene Robie, Boston.
Sept. 4, Minnie Rich* to Minnie Isaacs, Boston.
Sept. 4, Ella P. Emerson to Ella P. Bowden, Boston.
Sept. 4, Annie E. Bain* to Annie E. Coffey, Boston.
Sept. 11, Alice Henry* to Alice Keivenaar, Chelsea.
Oct. 2, Palmer McDonnell* to James Skinner, Boston.
Oct. 2, Mabel Williams* to Lena Saloma Banister, Boston.
Oct. 2, Florence E. Dennett* to Florence D. Sibley, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Oct. 9, Arthur Harold Elliot* to Arthur Harold Miller, Boston.
Oct. 9, Mary O'Farrell* to Mary Esprit, Boston.
Oct. 16, John Thomas* to John McArthur Butterfield, Chelsea.
Oct. 16, George Emil Hoffert to George Emil Homer, Boston.
Oct. 16, Julia Hickey* to Harriet Julia Green, Boston.
Oct. 23, Charles Henry Moore* to Albert Francis Lyons, Boston.
Oct. 23, Bertha ___* to Grace Chickering Brown, Syracuse, N.Y.
Oct. 30, Alma Ethel Wilson* to Clara Farwell Hemingway, Boston.
Oct. 30, Mary Isabelle Corbett* to Eva Emery Coolbroth, Boston.
Nov. 6, Ephraim Dodge Potter to William Potter, Boston.
Nov. 6, Joseph Boyle McGucklan* to George Mayott, Boston.
Nov. 13, William E. Maccue* to William E. Birkmaier, Manchester, N.H.
Nov. 20, Thomas Edward Shiel* to Thomas Edward McCarthy, Boston.
Nov. 27, Philip Carr* to Frank Faulhefer, Boston.
Nov. 27, Mary Clyde Pain* to Florence Campbell Davis, Boston.
Nov. 27, John Ritter* to John Sargent, Boston.
Dec. 4, Alice Cosman Gray* to Alice Aritta Potter, Boston.
Dec. 18, Ethel R. Patter* to Ethel L. Wilson, Boston.
Dec. 18, Louise Riche McKim to Roge Coolidge McKim, Boston.

Jan. 9, Mary Louisa Rano* to Annie Louisa Currier, Worcester.
Feb. 6, Gracie Maud Bailey* to Gracie Maud Whitehouse, Haverhill.
Mar. 6, Bessie May Brown* to Bessie Wilson Trask, Lynn.
Mar. 6, Bertie Lewis Tirrell* to Harry Lewis Howard, Salem.
Mar. 13, Theodore Bird Porter* to Charles Porter Noyes, Camden, Me.
Apr. 3, Minnie Quimber Connor* to Helena Perkins Mackie, Brookline.
Apr. 3, Lillie Sparrow* to Helen Florence Libbey, Boston.
Apr. 17, Irene Bowley* to Irene Bowley Usher, Lynn.
Apr. 17, Joseph Warren Fields* to Joseph Warren Johnson, Peabody.
May 1, Rufus Gifford to Rufus Babcock Gifford, Salem.
June 12, Millie Belle Prescott* to Millie Belle Noyes, Methuen.
June 26, Georgie May Ryan* to Georgie May Ring, Boston.
July 3, Catherine Smith* to Clara Marie Hamilton, Gloucester.
July 3, Annah Laskey to Annie Dodge, Peabody.
July 24, Clemmie M. Buzzell* to Clemmie M. Todd, Newburyport.
July 24, Susie E. Buzzell* to Susie E. Todd, Newburyport.
Oct. 9, Estella Blanche Meady* to Estella Maud Johnson, Salem.
Oct. 9, Mary Sullivan* to Mary Sullivan Fay, Boston.
Oct. 9, Lulu A. Dore* to Lulu Dore Abbott, Methuen.
Oct. 23, Everett Wellington Norris* to Everett Wellington McDonald, Gloucester.
Nov. 13, Maude Davis* to Ella Florence Evans, Lawrence.
Nov. 13, Grace Ethel Webster* to Grace Ethel Butler, Lawrence.
Nov. 27, ___ Armstead* to John Clifford Parker Woods, Newburyport.
Nov. 27, Blanche O. Ingersoll* to Lillian Earle, Gloucester.
Dec. 4, Everett Herrick* to Everett Joshua Higgins, Gloucester.
Dec. 4, Martha Claribel Wormstead to Martha Claribel Stevens, Lynn.
Dec. 18, Sadie Mary Carlson Nelson* to Sarah Adaline Hinckley, Southbridge.

Jan. 10, Edith Young to Edith Loring Young, Cambridge.
Jan. 10, Jennie Emerton* to Jennie Emerton Wheeler, Lowell.
Jan. 24, Rosaline Coston* to Rosaline Covill, Medford.
Jan. 24, Ellen Maria McBride* to Nellie Lillie Cooper, Woburn.
Jan. 24, Vivia Amanda Maloney* to Vivia Amanda Hathaway, Arlington.
Jan. 24, James Bartholemew Hartley to James Bartholemew Hardy, Somerville.
Feb. 7, George Edward Little* to George Edward Gennery, Lowell.
Feb. 14, Owen Bent* to Harry Wayne Richards, Lexington.
Feb. 14, Daisy Reilley* to Emily Chace Taylor, Melrose.
Feb. 14, Albert Hawkins* to William John McClellan, Medford.
Feb. 28, Margaret Munroe Davis* to Flora May Chamberlin, Watertown.
Feb. 28, John Golden* to Charles Fletcher Shaw, Watertown.
Feb. 28, Sarah King* to Mary Julia Wheeler, Stoneham.
Feb. 28, Mary Rich* to Maud Louisa Kendall, Watertown.
Feb. 28, William J. Boston* to William John Orcutt, Cambridge.
Feb. 28, John Houston to John Houston Forsaith, Lowell.
Mar. 14, William Crooks* to William Hines, Stoneham.
Mar. 28, Lewis Webster* to Herbert Louis Osborn, Medford.
Mar. 28, Bessie Abbie Hall* to Bessie Abbie Adams, Wayland.
Mar. 28, Charles Moody Hall* to Charles Moody Adams, Wayland.
Mar. 28, Josephine Smith* to Josephine Eliza Robinson, Sudbury.
Mar. 28, Abbie Clifford* to Abbie Pingree, Hopkinton.
Apr. 4, Herman Larch to Henry Herman Sommerman, Cambridge.
Apr. 4, Theodore Johnson* to Theodore Alaric Peck, Cambridge.
Apr. 11, Sarah Etta Martin* to Sarah Etta Huntoon, Lowell.
Apr. 25, Florine Avesta Hogan to Florine Avesta Elliott, Cambridge.
May 2, Herbert Garfield McBaine* to Herbert Garfield Blake, Somerville.
May 23, Orrin Sampson* to Wilmot Estes Mayhew, Medford.
June 13, Henry B. McBaine* to Henry Bevins Bourne, Franklin.
June 27, Joseph Henry Linnell* to Joseph Henry Parker, Woburn.
June 27, Katie Chapman* to Edna Blanch Cairns, Cambridge.
July 11, Lizzie Angeline Hotchkiss* to Lizzie Allen Rochwood, Holliston.
July 18, Lula Bell Scott* to Lula Bell Scott Mann, Cambridge.
July 25, Irene Rockwell* to Irene Rockwell Severence, Medford.
July 25, Theodore Baldwin* to Theodore Baldwin Whitaker, Waltham.
July 25, Delia Christiansson* to Delia Cornelia Anderson, Waltham.
July 25, Frederic Ellis* to Howard Winthrop Burge, Waltham.
Sept. 5, Isabella Rebecca Wilde Spinney* to Isabella Wilde Spinney Matthew, Woburn.
Sept. 5, Hannah Thomas Crane to Hannah Thomas Brainard, Somerville.
Sept. 5, Sophia Annis Curtis to Frankie Spaulding Curtis, Hudson.
Sept. 12, Edla Charlotte Anderson* to Edla Charlotte Coes, Cambridge.
Sept. 12, Harry W. Burns* to Henry Llewellyn Bixbee, Malden.
Sept. 12, Edward Francis Fitzgerald* to Frank Barnard, Somerville.
Sept. 12, Mary Dudley Keane* to Mary Greenfield, Everett.
Sept. 26, Harry Van Duzee to Harold Van Duzee, Newton.
Oct. 3, Daisey Kendrick* to Amy Plimpton Fiske, Newton.
Oct. 10, Hattie May Hunter* to Hattie May Rich, Malden.
Oct. 24, Henry Barry Conroy* to Franklin Theodore Meanor, Marlborough.
Oct. 23, Orlando Poskitt to Orlando Austin Poskitt, Malden.
Nov. 7, Etta Louise Jordan* to Sybil Louise Richards, Natick.
Nov. 7, Minnie Matilda Beck* to Minnie Emeline Hague, Malden.
Nov. 7, Clarence Harrington* to Edward Isherwood, Lowell.
Nov. 14, John W. McKenney* to William Stevens, Groton.
Nov. 14, Carl Augustus Carter* to Carl Augustus Eaton, Cambridge.
Nov. 28, Mark Chllson* to Forrest Otto Copithorn, Natick.
Nov. 28, Maud Regan* to Abbie Maud Jenness, Bedford.
Nov. 28, Florence Greenwood Taber* to Nellie Alice Burke, New York.
Dec. 5, Etta S. Muzzey to Etta S. Pease, Lowell.
Dec. 26, Mabel Young* to Mabel Verne Parker, Acton.
Dec. 26, Violet Gordon* to Maud Viola Dwyer, Cambridge.

Jan. 3, Edward Sanford Fuller to Edward Sanford Crawford, Oakham.
Jan. 17, Sarah Janette Carpenter to Sarah Janette Hall, Upton.
Jan. 17, Alice F. Harrington to Fannie Harrington Bullard, Westborough.
Feb. 7, Warren W. Blakley to Warren W. Paine, Milford.
Feb. 7, William Frank Smith to William Frank Bliss, Brattleboro', Vt.
Feb. 7, Caroline A. L. D. Barribeault to Eva Barribeault, Spencer.
Feb. 7, Ralph Ernest Bowker to Ralph Ernest Jackson, Winchendon.
Mar. 7, Margaret Mitchell to Edith Elizabeth Gunn, Northbridge.
Apr. 4, Mary Lizzie Day to Mary Lizzie Day Thompson, Fitchburg.
Apr. 4, Edith Baker to Georgiana Jeanne Spaulding, Milford.
Apr. 11, Minnie F. Parkman to Minnie F. Bicknell, Mendon.
Apr. 18, Henry Richardson to Henry Moody Mann, Worcester.
Apr. 18, Mabel Louisa White to Mabel Louisa Fay, Worcester.
Apr. 25, Laura Maria Crehore to Laura Minerva Sidney, Fitchburg.
May 10, Leroy Alfred Goodrich to Alfred Leroy Mitchell, Grafton.
May 16, Edith Louisa Hill to Edith Elizabeth Smith, West Boylston.
May 16, Ada May Clark to Jennie May Burt, Northbridge.
June 6, Addie C. Howe to Addie C. Warfield, Milford.
June 20, ___ ____, to Hattie Mabel Hudson, Worcester.
July 5, George Henry Symonds to Henry Symonds Greeley, Leominster.
July 18, Flora B. Anthony to Flora B. Aldrich, Upton.
July 18, Eleanor Wight to Eleanor Morgan, Worcester.
July 18, Edith Howard Davis to Edith Howard Robinson, Worcester.
Sept. 5, Frank P. Burnham to Frank Andrews Rixford, Northbridge.
Sept. 5, Frank Dimond Spiller to Frank Ralph Spiller, Northbridge.
Sept. 19, Clara Bell Barton to Clara Bell Leonard, Hubbardston.
Sept. 19, Henry Francis Barton to Henry Francis Leonard, Hubbardston.
Sept. 19, Bertha Mabel Pratt to Bertha Mabel Brewer, Spencer.
Oct. 3, Elizabeth E. Fogarty to Elizabeth Norton, Webster.
Nov. 7, Annie Louisa West to Annie Louisa Hastings, Westborough.
Nov. 21, Maude H. Payne* to Maude H. McConnell, Worcester.
Nov. 21, Michael Angelo Breen to Michael Angelo Shampagn, Dudley.
Nov. 21, Frederick Kennedy Grover to Frederick Merick Smith, Southbridge.
Nov. 28, Edward B. Turner to Charles Frederick Batchelder, Worcester.
Dec. 19, Susan E. Reed to Susan E. Rolfe, Worcester.
Dec. 26, James Alfred Bishop to Alfred Green Knight, Southborough.
Dec. 26, Edmund Bishop to Edmund Green Knight, Southborough.
Dec. 26, Anna Melinda Bishop to Annie Mary Knight, Southborough.

Jan. 3, Agnes L. Moore* to Agnes L. Hunt, Williamsburg.
Jan. 3, Albert S. Wright to Albert S. Fairfield, Williamsburg.
Jan. 3, Clara E. Wright to Clara E. Fairfield, Williamsburg.
Feb. 7, Emma L. Davis to Emma L. Dickinson, Amherst.
Feb. 7, Lilly Sullivan* to Bertha M. Kelso, Huntington.
Apr. 8, Margaret Fornier* to Margaret Clapp, Northampton.
May 2, Lillian M. Rich* to Lillian M. Smith, Amherst.
May 2, Mary J. Babcock* to Mary J. Brown, Northampton.
Aug. 1, Paul R. Bridgman* to Paul B. Lyman, Belchertown.
Sept. 5, Michael J. Russell* to Myron J. White, Hadley.
Oct. 3, Florence G. Rich* to Florence E. Young, Amherst.
Nov. 8, Mabel Atkins* to Mabel Winter, Ware.

Feb. 21, Grace Buchanan* to Grace Bartlett, Chicopee.
Feb. 21, Lottie Burke* to Charlotte Lawler, Spingfield.
Mar. 7, Elizabeth Sweeney* to Bessie May Gile, Springfield.
Mar. 7, Mary Alice Sweeney* to Mary Alice Dunbar, Westfield.
Mar. 7, Flora Atwood* to Florence Adeline Miller, Springfield.
Apr. 4, Charlotte Emeline Buxton* to Charlotte Emeline Hough, Westfield.
May 2, Margaret Griffin* to Minnie Bryant, Holyoke.
May 9, Jennie M. Chapin* to Jennie M. Belden, Monson.
May 23, Henry Temple* to Lewis Henry Fortin, Springfield.
June 24, _____* to Faith L. Atwood, Springfield.
Sept. 5, Emeline Chatfield* to Emma Winchester, Westfield.
Oct. 3, Lucy Janet Bryant* to Lucy Bryant Foster, Springfield.
Nov. 9, Jesse Alzina Flanery* to Jesse Alzina Howard, Chicopee.
Nov. 28, Josephine May Bond* to Josephine May Messier, Wibraham.

Mar. 14, Lyman H. Crandall* to Lyman H. Doolittle, Gill.
Mar. 23, Cora Bell Ward* to Cora Bell Marshall, Montague.
Mar. 23, Carrie Dell Ward* to Carrie Dell Marshall, Montague.
May 23, Almon Bronson Flanigan to Almon Bronson, Charlemont.
Oct. 3, ___ Rice* to Bernice Rice, Rowe.

Mar. 7, Nettie C. Bates to Nettie E. Bartlett, Pittsfield.
Mar. 7, Maria Bevelton to Jessie evelton Bartlett, Pittsfield.
Apr. 13, Lena Wein to Marion Helena Russell, Pittsfield.
Apr. 13, Margaret McIntire alias Bertha Magdalena to Bertha Magdalena Russell, Pittsfield.
Apr. 13, Henrietta Stephenson to Henrietta Solert, Pittsfield.
Apr. 13, Emon Martin to Emon Cardinal, Adams.
Apr. 13, Mary Powers to Mary Snyder, Pittsfield.
Apr. 13, Leland Jay Swan to Leland Jay Hall, North Adams.
June 6, Margaret Hicock to Margaret Collins, Pittsfield.
Sept. 5, Blanche Astings to Blanche Astings Snow, W. Stockbridge.
Dec. 5, Elizabeth Rice to Minnie M. Dyke, North Adams.

Feb. 15, William Ward Bakie* to George William Cottle, Norwood.
Mar. 22, Adeline Packard Gibson* to Grace Adeline Thayer, Quincy.
Mar. 22, Harry Richards Marble* to Carl Neilson Tucker, Milton.
Apr. 12, Dennis Craige* to Russell Weston Badger, Quincy.
Apr. 12, Walter Rice* to Raymond Palmer Delano, Hyde Park.
Apr. 12, Harriet Powers Smith* to Hattie Pearl Gleason, Dedham.
Apr. 19, Edward Gardner Bowden* to Edward Gardner Bowditch, Braintree.
Apr. 19, William Campbell* to William Campbell Ellis, Walpole.
June 7, Maud Cameron Campbell* to Florence Everett Belcher, Bellingham.
July 26, Liliam Foster Bernstien, alias Lilian Foster Bouvey* to Lilian Foster Turner, Milton.
Dec. 20, Mary Jane Bouvey* to Mary Bouvey Smith, Sharon.
Dec. 20, Bessie Eldridge* to Gertrude Lfa. Sawyer, Medfield.

Jan. 23, Lewis F. Haskins, Jr.* to Ernest F. Bumpus, Wareham.
Feb. 13, Albert W. Holmquest* to Albert Watfried Petter, Wareham.
Feb. 13, George E. Dempsey* to George E. D. Eschemback, Brockton.
Apr. 10, William Ives* to William Ives Jeffries, Middleborough.
Apr. 24, Frank Eugene Heath* to Joseph E. Wrightington, Middleborough.
Nov. 13, George Henry John Ritter to George Henry John Arnold, Middleborough.

Feb. 1, Minnie Rose to Anna Thompson, Dartmouth.
Apr. 7, Mary Elizabeth Harps to Mary Elisabeth Munroe, New Bedford.
May 5, Elmer E. Dunn to Elmer E. Simmons, Fairhaven.
May 19, _____ to Mary Frances Ginnodo, Attleborough.
May 19, Mary Dickinson to Mary Turner, Fall River.
May 19, Mary O'Donnell to Mary Murphy, Fall River.
June 2, Agnes Carney* to Name unchanged, Fall River.
July 7, Charles Edwin Manchester to Charles Edwin Grinnell, Attleborough.
Aug. 4, Mary Elisabeth Carroll to Anne Hallam, Fall River.
Aug. 4, Helen S. D. Kent to Mary Whitman Deane, New Bedford.
Aug. 4, Mary J. Kelley to Mary J. Murphy, Fall River.
Aug. 4, Stephen Franklin Aiken to Stephen Franklin Allen Jay, New Bedford.
Aug. 4, Elisabeth Lowe to Catherine Lowe, New Bedford.
Oct. 6, Lena Francis to Mabel Josephine Holloway, Taunton.
Oct. 6, Maude B. Ramsey to Maude B. French, Fall River.
Oct. 6, Mary Ann King, alias Brennan to Delight Brown Macomber, Fall River.
Nov. 3, William Henry Ryder to William Henry Frates, New Bedford.
Nov. 3, Freddie Weston Freeman to Charles Martin Childs, New Bedford.
Nov. 3, Norman Burt Gilman to Francis Lyman Gilman, New Bedford.
Nov. 3, Michael Gardalla to Amadeo Clorite, New Bedford.
Nov. 3, Agnes May Haskins to Agnes May Braley, Taunton.
Dec. 1, James William Everett to William Everett Spooner, Fairhaven.

May 17, Nettie M. Totman to Nettie Mabel Young, Provincetown.

Nov. 16, William Pierce to William Irving Sandsbury, Nantucket.

Jan. 1, Sadie Hynes* to Sadie Hynes Niles, Boston.
Jan. 8, Rose O'Hara* to Gracey Farrell, Boston.
Jan. 15, Hannah Bradbury Talcott to Hannah Bradbury Goodwin, Boston.
Jan. 22, Florence Adelaide Currier* to Edith Marcella Wells, Boston.
Feb. 5, Elizabeth Stewart McLeod* to Edith Maranda Hyatt, Boston.
Feb. 5, Emma Christina Leonard* to Winifred Hopkins Moore, Boston.
Feb. 12, William Lubben* to Willis Mark Willoby, Boston.
Feb. 12, Etta Carlisle* to Eleanor Christina Affew, Boston.
Feb. 26, Helen Josephine Gay* to Helen Josephine Eastman, Boston.
Feb. 26, Mary Nagle* to Florence Lyle Bent, Boston.
Feb. 26, Faith Rhind* to Ethel Euphemia Lawson, Boston.
Feb. 26, George Philip Williams* to Philip Harvey Vose, Boston.
Mar. 5, Edith Pearl Rich* to Lula May Bacon, Boston.
Mar. 12, Oscar Peel to Frank Crosbie, Boston.
Mar. 12, Mary McGee* to Mary Mcgee Williams, Boston.
Mar. 12, Bertha Louisa Cross* to Alberta Carrie Morgan, Lyndon, Vt.
Mar. 20, Emily Gay* [changed by supreme court on appeal] to Mabel Reynolds Herriman, Boston.
Mar. 26, Mabel Miller* to Libby Mabel Nicholson, Boston.
Mar. 26, Salma Lyon to Louis Aldrich, Boston.
Apr. 2, Estella Willett* to Estella Baker, Burlington, Vt.
Apr. 16, Martha Barker Hall to Martha Wolcott Hall, Boston.
Apr. 30, Florence Edna Cowling Starr* to Florence Edna Cowling, Boston.
Apr. 30, Cora May Stewart* to Phebe Ozeete Sawin, Boston.
May 7, Mary Elizabeth Rhind* [second letter of surname hard to read] to Lydia Love Houck, Boston.
May 7, Joseph Sullivan* to Frederick Eugene Tyler, Boston.
May 7, Lilla White Moore to Lilla Moore Fairbanks, Boston.
May 28, Florence Harris* to Madora Bell Hatch, Boston.
June 4, _____* to James Joseph McLaughlin, Boston.
June 4, Herman L. Oakes* to Herman L. Robinson, Boston.
June 11, Maud Driskell* to Dora Hunter Saunders, Cambridge.
June 11, Jacquittia McCandless* to Jacquittia Shafer, Boston.
June 11, George Tyler Tornton* to George Jackson McNamara, Boston.
June 18, Herbert Mulligan* to Herbert Jacobs, Boston.
June 25, Alice Maud Pitman Hogan* to Edith May Griffin, Boston.
July 2, Mary Ellen Witherington* to Mary Ellen Brannan, Boston.
July 9, Ida Gertie Chessman* to Ida Gertie Joselyn, Boston.
July 30, Daisy Norwood* to Myrtle Florence Freeman, Boston.
Aug. 20, Elizabeth Writer* to Elizabeth Hodgkins, Boston.
Aug. 20, Mary Louisa Baker* to Lillie May Robinson, Amherst, N.H.
Sept. 3, ___ O'Connor* to Herbert Cecil Daly, Boston.
Sept. 10, Lewis Goldberg to Lewis Harris Kaplan, Boston.
Sept. 17, William Herbert* to William Fredrick Johnson, _____.
Oct. 1, Ida May Griffin* to Ida May Macdonald, Shelburne, N.S.
Oct. 1, Thomas John Gray to Turrell Fales Gray, Boston.
Oct. 1, Rachel Tobey, alias Rachel Tobey Amos Robbins* to Lottie Van Horton Banks, Mashpee.
Oct. 1, Philip Mason* to William Madden, _____.
Oct. 1, Annie Louisa Hastings* to Annie Louisa West, Westborough.
Oct. 8, Eunice Hayward* to Laura May Bell, _____.
Oct. 8, Anderson Alexander Reeve Kamoffsky* to Anderson Alexander Reeve, Boston.
Oct. 8, Mabel Johnson* to Flossie May Freeman, Pictou, N.S.
Oct. 15, Robert Cutler Hinckley to Robert Hinckley, Boston.
Oct. 22, ___ Wilson* to Fanny Eleanor Guenther Winther, Boston.
Oct. 22, Lafayette Banks to Lafayette Foster, Boston.
Nov. 5, Josephine McDonough* to Annie Josephine McDonough, Boston.
Nov. 5, Richard Ratcliffe Bond* to George Henry Chase, Cambridge.
Nov. 5, Frederick Foley to Frederick Atherton, Boston.
Nov. 5, Benjamin Franklin Foley to Benjamin Franklin Atherton, Boston.
Nov. 12, Alfred Maurice Spalding to Fred Maurice Spalding, Boston.
Nov. 12, Gracie Harcourt or Maggie Harcourt or Maggie Harcove* to Grace Elva Kellogg, Boston.
Nov. 12, Mary Hughes Lane* to Alice Mary Lewis, Boston.
Nov. 12, Maude Gertrude Lottie Spear* to Maude Gertrude Tutton, Boston.
Nov. 19, Henry August Linnemann to Henry Smith Linnemann, Boston.
Nov. 19, William Lowell* to William Augustus Stukey, Boston.
Nov. 19, Hattie DeLong* to Hattie Stevens Clark, Boston.
Nov. 19, Grace Briscoe* to Grace Maud Dickinosn, Hull.
Nov. 26, Grace Edna Hittinghine to Grace Edna Martin, Boston.
Nov. 26, Mary Josephine Smith* to Mary Josephine Heath, Boston.
Nov. 26, Philip Burckhart to William Harris, Boston.
Dec. 10, George Henry Quinland to George Harvey Gray, Boston.
Dec. 10, Frank Taylor* to Frank Wentworth, Newton.
Dec. 17, John Stewart* to Walter Alexander Shannon, Lowell.
Dec. 17, Roswell Dash Mayhew* to Francis Addison Brown, Boston.
Dec. 17, Elizabeth Sanchez* to Ella Celetta Lee, Boston.
Dec. 17, Ella L. Walker* to Ella L. Heal, Chelsea.
Dec. 17, Mabel Duffle or Duffie* to Mabel Agnes Stephens, Boston.
Dec. 24, Lydia Love Houck* to Edith Houck Boyd, Quincy, Ill.
Dec. 31, George Roland Noyes* to George Roland Spinney, W. Newbury.

Jan. 1, Gertie Macabe* to Eliza Ann Dickson, Amesbury.
Jan. 1, Maud L. Pompelio to Maud L. Willey, Georgetown.
Jan. 15, Nellie Lois McGrath* to Nellie Lois Langley, Lynn.
Jan. 15, Alba M. Burns to Alba Marcus Markey, North Andover.
Feb. 5, Mary Elizabeth Mackey* to Mary Elizabeth White, Gloucester.
Feb. 5, Harry J. Manson* to Harry Manson Moore, Haverhill.
Feb. 19, Susan Frances Coburn* to Susan Frances Johnson Coburn, Lowell.
Feb. 19, Arthur Sherman* to Arthur Franklin Macey, Boston.
Feb. 19, Sarah Kate Chamberlin to Kate Howe Chamberlin, Nahant.
Feb. 26, Frank Erwin Hawkes* to Frank Erwin Bayley, Newburyport.
Feb. 26, Bertie Alvin Morse* to Horace Bertrand Baldwin, Lynn.
Apr. 16, LeRoy Vincent* to LeRoy Vincent Ray, Boston.
May 14, Grace Edith Dunderdale* to Grace Edith Emmott, Lawrence.
May 14, Annie Morton Tyler* to Annie Tyler Mooers, Lawrence.
June 4, Daniel Campbell* to Frank Woodbury Kenney, Athol.
June 4, Samuel Smith Willey* to Elmer Ellsworth Bickford, Barrington, N.H.
June 18, Annie Minahan* to Mary Elizabeth Minihan, Lawrence.
June 25, Hattie May Bradley* to Harriet May Dockum, West Newbury.
June 25, Elizabeth A. Ingersoll* to Elizabeth Anna Elwell, Gloucester.
July 23, ___ Sampson* to Blanche Flora Whitney, West Brookfield.
July 23, Lilliam Josephine Sargent* to Lillian Josephine Berry, Beverly.
Aug. 6, Charles A. Nourse to Charles A. Chase, Salem.
Sept. 3, Nellie Susan Dow* to Adeline Jane Graham, Salisbury.
Sept. 17, Anastasia Collins* to Anastasia Landers, Andover.
Sept. 17, John Joseph Collins* to John Joseph Roche, Andover.
Sept. 24, Louise Ellen Dow* to Grace Hinckley Folger, Salisbury.
Sept. 24, Willie Munroe* to Herbert Wilson Smart, Tewksbury.
Sept. 24, Gladys Elizabeth Pearson* to Constance Abbot, Beverly.
Oct. 15, ___ Thomas* to Alberta May Mansfield, St. John, N.B.
Nov. 5, Edna Alzada Matthias* to Edna Alzada Smith, Somerville.
Nov. 5, Hattie G. Snell alias Allen* to Harriet Andrew Allen, Beverly.
Nov. 12, Mabel Florence Foote* to Mabel Florence Pressey, Haverhill.
Nov. 12, Charles H. Read, alias Charles Henry Farrell* to Raymond Irving Marks, Lawrence.
Nov. 19, Alice May Douglass* to Esther Maud Bunker, C. Elizabeth, Me.
Nov. 19, Alice Adelaide Pease* to Mabel Adelaide Lord, Salem.
Nov. 19, Lilla May Peavey* to Mary Lilla Sweeney, Belfast, Me.

Jan. 9, Helen Francis Barney* to Maud Carrie Greenleaf, Watertown.
Jan. 9, Mary Wilbur Faunce* to Mary Wilbur Moore, Wilton, N.H.
Jan. 16, John Henry Sands* to Harold Fred Sinclair, Lowell.
Jan. 23, Joseph Antona Barnedine* to Joseph Charles Powell, Cambridge.
Jan. 23, Harold Wilson Taylor* to Harold Wilson Dale, Stoneham.
Jan. 23, Amos Lawrence Bond to Lawrence Bond, Newton.
Feb. 13, Adda Viola Spalding to Adda Viola Knowles, Somerville.
Feb. 13, Agnes Melita Spalding to Agnes Nelita Knowles, Somerville.
Feb. 27, Alice Farquhar* to Christis Ann Kate Campbell, Spring Hill, Wilton, Pr. Quebec.
Mar. 6, William Frederick Schickendantz to William Frederick Schick, Medford.
Mar. 6, Harry Davis Hearn* to Garnder Holway Osgood, Medford.
Mar. 13, Freddie Doyle* to Frederick Bryant, Newton.
Mar. 13, Frank Eugene Risk* to Frank Sanderson, Framingham.
Mar. 13, Nicholas Davis* to Charles Aubrey Kemp, Stoneham.
Mar. 20, Cora Adelaide Fletcher* to Cora Adelaide Turner, Townsend.
Mar. 27, Franklin Calhoun Yantis* to Franklin Calhoun Pillsbury, Winchester.
Mar. 27, Joel Horace Yantis* to Joel Horace Pillsbury, Winchester.
Mar. 27, John Dix Yantis* to John Dix Pillsbury, Winchester.
Mar. 17, William Herbert Abbott* to William Herbert Abbott Whitney, Malden.
Mar. 27, Addie May Happennie* to Ida May Holbrook, Malden.
Mar. 27, John Manton* to Rouello Prescott Ranger, Lowell.
Apr. 3, Lizzie Gertrude Clifford* to Lizzie Gertrude Dayton, Somerville.
Apr. 24, Name unknown* to Albert Francis Sawyer, Cambridge.
May 8, Owen Slater* to Owen Slater McCourt, Newton.
May 15, Eveline Scott May* to Florence Mabel Coburn, Lowell.
June 5, Lawrence Joseph Coughlin to Lawrence Coolidge, Framingham.
June 5, Andrew McGlenn Walsh* to Francis Wilbur Carey, Marlborough.
June 12, William Francis Cook* to William Francis Sullivan, Somerville.
June 26, Sophia Little Tirrill* to Carrie Little Howarth, Saxon Stat'n, Butler County, Pa.
June 26, Joseph O'Connell* to Joseph Cadogan, Lawrence.
July 3, Louisa May Brettain* to Berenice Evangeline Guilford, Waltham.
July 3, Ethel Corina Newman* to Ethel Corina Nichols, Cambridge.
July 3, Walter Whitney Newman* to Walter Whitney Nichols, Cambridge.
July 10, Annie Lycholm to Annie Lycholm Gowing, Wilmington.
July 10, Annie Irving* to Lilliam Emma Pratt, Waltham.
July 24, Arthur Otis Tyler* to David Sherman, Westford.
July 24, John Edward Blake* to Charles Edward Felch, Natick.
July 24, Florence May* to Edith May Marshall, Natick.
Sept. 4, Horace Mann Smith* to Horace Mann Stetson, Medford.
Sept. 4, Gertrude Lowe* to Mabel Gertrude Mann, Medford.
Sept. 4, Ada Eudora Avery to Ada Eudora Scott, Somerville.
Sept. 11, Carrie Louise Avery* to Carrie Louise Scott, Somerville.
Sept. 25, Mary Frances Taylor* to Ruth Alice Gray, Medford.
Oct. 23, Minnie Ames* to Minnie Irene Cross, Medford.
Oct. 23, Julia Emma Dreiling* to Julia Emma Axtman, Cambridge.
Nov. 6, Harriet Olevia Kilcup* to Harriet Olevia Wood, Wayland.
Nov. 13, Patrick James Wilkinson to James Francis Wilkinson, Cambridge.
Nov. 13, William Edgar Doucet* to James Edgar Doucet Marygold, Stoneham.
Nov. 13, Franklin Charles Brennan* to Franklin Charles Henthorne, Newton.
Nov. 20, Odessa Mettie Hendrick* to Odessa Mettie Cummings, Stoneham.
Nov. 27, Bertha Waugh* to Goldy Annie Scribner, Lowell.
Dec. 11, Edith McBean* to Edith Turner, Malden.
Dec. 11, Maud Abbie Gray* to Maud Abbie Kempton, Richmond, N.H.

Jan. 2, Ralf Everett Newell to Edgar Eugene Lamb, Royalston.
Jan. 2, Marvin E. Luby to Marvin E. Tucker, North Brookfield.
Jan. 16, William Taylor to William Taylor Mitchinson, Worcester.
Jan. 16, Mary Amelia King to Mary Amelia Bourque, Webster.
Feb. 20, Louisa Green to Louise Toupin, Sutton.
Feb. 27, Catharine Jackson to Catharine Kelley, Clinton.
Mar. 20, Elizabeth ____ to Elizabeth Gibson, Worcester.
Mar. 20, John Cahill to John Cronin, Worcester.
Apr. 3, Bertha C. Lawless to Bertha Alice Pike, Athol.
May 1, ___ ____ to Helen Louise Shepard, Southbridge.
May 15, William A. Flagg to William A. Blaisdell, Worcester.
June 5, Elizabeth Maria Watson to Annie Guard, Fitchburg.
June 5, George Sidney Altenburg to George Sidney Altenburg Patterson, Worcester.
June 19, Ella Idella Ware to Anna Idella Henshaw, Worcester.
June 19, ___ Foster* to Eva Vesta Allen, Holden.
July 3, David Hayward to Edward Blanchard, Worcester.
July 3, Josephine Emmaux, alias Lamore, to Josephine Ward, Webster.
July 17, Jennie Gertrude Peckham to Mabel Gertrude Gerry, Fitchburg.
Aug. 10, Hattie Mabel Pease to Hattie Mabel Bolio, Sturbridge.
Sept. 4, ___ ____ to Alvin Joseph Bouchard, Worcester.
Sept. 4, Esther McQuestion to Esther Isabel Knight, North Brookfield.
Sept. 4, Richard Ellsworth McNally to Richard Ellsworth Hazard, Mendon.
Sept. 25, Annie O'Neil to Hester Annie Carr, Westminster.
Sept. 25, John Hickey to John O'Connor, Fitchburg.
Oct. 2, Flora Dell Twitchell to Flora Dell Reynolds, Fitchburg.
Oct. 2, Jennie R. McNamara to Mary Olive Howe, Princeton.
Oct. 16, Lilla Hall to Edith Lilla Newton, Woodstock, Ct.
Nov. 6, Henry Edwards Jackson to Henry Edwards Bathrick, Shrewsbury.
Nov. 6, Nellie Ducey to Mabel Louise Hyde, Southborough.
Nov. 20, William B. Babcock to William Bush Holmes, Worcester.
Nov. 20, Sadie Clark to Sadie Luella Glazier, Barre.
Nov. 20, Fannie Tremayne Forbes to Fannie Forbes Hamel, Clinton.

Jan. 2, Gertrude F. Atkins* to Gertrude F. Hawks, Goshen.
Mar. 6, Anna Dugan* to Anna Sullivan, Ware.
Mar. 6, Patrick J. Dugan* to Patrick F. Sullivan, Ware.
Apr. 3, Rosa Chatfield* to Rosa Kitty Thayer, Williamsburg.
May 1, Grace Rogers* to Grace Macomber, Chesterfield.
June 5, Walter Scott Morseman* to William Walter Skiff, Northampton.
July 3, Lillian Williams* to Carrie Emma Gardner, Plainfield.
Sept. 4, Mary A. Estabrook* to Mary A. Kellogg, Amherst.
Nov. 7, Joseph Roswell Estabrook* to Joseph Lyman Wait, Williamsburg.

Jan. 2, Delia Lillian Dickinson* to Della Lillian Woods, Chicopee.
Jan. 2, Pearl May Eggleston* to Pearl Irene Browning, West Springfield.
Jan. 2, Ann Eliza Horton* to Ann Eliza Clark, Springfield.
Jan. 2, Louisa Caroline Stephen* to Minnie Wagner, Springfield.
Jan. 2, Helen Mabel Elliott* to Helen Mabel Bemis, Springfield.
Jan. 30, Patrick Kelley to William George Sherman, Springfield.
Feb. 6, _____* to Howard Richmond Young, Springfield.
Mar. 6, Emma F. Buxton* to Emma Florence Smith, Chicopee.
Mar. 9, Fred Braymon Clarke* to Fred Clarke Green, Springfield.
Mar. 9, Florence Bennett Fisher* to Florence Bennett Cook, Springfield.
Apr. 3, Arthur A. Feneuf, Jun.* to Arthur James Cranston, Springfield.
Apr. 3, Lilly May Ward* to Lilly May Beaudry, Springfield.
May 5, Eliza McCrohan* to Unchanged, Holyoke.
May 8, Florence Butler* to Florence Ella Sherman, Palmer.
May 15, Maud O'Donnell* to Unchanged, Holyoke.
June 23, Mary Elizabeth Feneuf to Mary Elizabeth Cranston, Springfield.
June 25, Charles Mayr to Charles Mayo, Springfield.
Aug. 1, Emma Mary La Breck* to Emma Mary Bourrassa, Springfield.
Aug. 1, Emma Nickson* to Emma Nickson Dunham, Holyoke.
Sept. 4, Maud Mason* to Maud Rebecca Stewart, Russell.
Nov. 3, Terrence O'Donnell* to Terrence William Gling, Russell.
Dec. 18, Carrie J. Allen* to Carrie Jane Maxfield, Westfield.

Jan. 2, Orbert Prew* to Orbert Huguenin, Montague.
Feb. 6, Leroy Mitchell* to Leroy Foster Frary, Deerfield.
June 5, Rosa A. Phinney* to Rosa A. Bacon, Orange.
June 5, Jennie C. Wight* to Jennie Culver, Shelburne.
Sept. 4, Rose McCabb* to Lena M. Guilford, Ashfield.

Jan. 3, Catherine Haley* to Catherine Manian, Lee.
Jan. 3, Mary Ann Haley* to Mary Ann Manian, Lee.
Feb. 6, Mabel Curtin* to Mabel Grace Burns, Lee.
May 1, Bessie Anna Wheeler* to Bessie Anna Merry, Pittsfield.
May 1, Mabel R. Hawkins* to Mabel R. Pepoon, Stockbridge.
July 19, Eva Ashley* to Eva Day, Adams.
July 19, Lizzie Baker* to Lizzie Bertrand, Adams.
Sept. 4, Helen Mabel Kenney* to Helen K. Parsons, Lenox.
Sept. 5, Mabel Luella Hemenway* to Mabel Luella Curtis, Stockbridge.
Oct. 4, Minnie O. Connell* to Minnie Alice Darby, North Adams.
Dec. 4, Walter Wheeler* to Arthur B. Young, Pittsfield.

Feb. 7, Laura Frances Derby* to Laura Frances Turner, Weymouth.
Feb. 14, Ada Dyer* to Ada Ives Quincy, Brookline.
Apr. 4, Ethel Ninette Dalton* to Ethel Nenette Moon, Medfield.
Apr. 18, Roxa Isabella McGinnis* to Isabella Roxa Gray, Walpole.
May 2, Mary Olive Dalton* to Mary Elizabeth Haynes, Medfield.
May 16, Knoollie Walker* to Alice Winifred Foster, Hyde Park.
June 6, Emma Hellen Gertrude Dalton* to Emma Hellen Gertrude Hatch, Dedham.
June 6, Louise Lehmann* to Marion Louise Foster, Hyde Park.
June 6, Agnes McCredie Wilson* to Agnes Graham Troup, Bookline.
July 18, Bertie Smith Colohan* to Alfred Henry Inkley, Weymouth.
Sept. 5, Helen Knox Wilson* to Helen Wilson Potter, Brookline.
Sept. 19, Orbal Keiver Thayer* to Obal Keiver Hunter, Medway.
Sept. 26, John Brosnan* to John Clifford Brosnan, Holbrook.
Nov. 7, Robert Wesley Pond* to Robert Wesley Hodges, Foxborough.
Nov. 7, Mary Littlefield to Mary Long, Randolph.
Nov. 21, Frederick Ayer* to Frederick Ayer Drake, Stoughton.
Nov. 21, Mary Ann Read to Mary Read Keith, Stoughton.

Jan. 8, Nelly Elizabeth Gillman* to Nelly Elizabeth Wade, Rockland.
Jan. 8, Bertha L. Battles* to Bertha L. Huckins, Brockton.
Jan. 8, George Henry John Ritter to George Henry John Arnold, Middleborough.
Feb. 12, Emmanuel Francis Fiumefredo [surname hard to read: could be Finmefredo, ??] to Emmanuel Francis McHenry, Plymouth.
May 28, Harris Lindsay* to Henry Lindsay Sanford, Bridgewater.
June 11, Alfred William Mackie to Fred William Mackie, Brockton.
July 9, Harriet Waters* to Annie Weld Edson, East Bridgewater.
July 9, Nellie Rose Reagan* to Nellie Rose Porter, Brockton.
July 9, Minnie Christian Atwood* to Minnie Lee Atwood, Brockton.
July 9, Helen F. Blake to Helen F. Stetson, Bridgewater.
Sept. 24, William Arthur Bullard to Arthur Harold Burnett, Brockton.
Oct. 8, Leon Hilton Fish* to Leon Hilton Nash, Pembroke.

Jan. 5, Nellie B. Owens to Nellie B. Chaffee, Providence, R.I.
Jan. 19, Sadie Lawton Haigh to Sadie Lawrence Fisher, Taunton.
Feb. 16, Joseph Leslie Allen to Leslie Allen Bedell, Taunton.
Mar. 2, Florence Naomi Spragg to Florence Naomi White, Easton.
May 4, Freeman Everett Ward to Freeman Frederick Baldwin, Easton.
June 1, Julia Ann Padelford to Julia Ann Peirce, Rehoboth.
July 6, Margaret Elizabeth McCafferty to Margaret Elizabeth Cote, Fall River.
July 6, Catherine W. Burns to Catherine W. McGuire, Fall River.
Sept. 7, Samuel Counsel to Samuel Counsel Sidebotham, Fall River.
Sept. 7, Nancy Davis to Ida May Rounds, Rehoboth.
Oct. 5, Fred S. Reeves to Fred S. Rhodes, Fall River.
Oct. 10, William Jackson to William James Daily, Mansfield.
Nov. 2, Maud B. Child to Maud Child Coffin, New Bedford.
Nov. 2, Henry Roseberry to Frank Henry Wales, Mansfield.
Nov. 2, Lillian Roseberry to Fannie Lillian Wales, Mansfield.
Nov. 16, Jeremiah Doyle to Jeremiah Harrington, Fall River.
Dec. 7, Fannie D. Tripp to Fanny Elizabeth Frasier, New Bedford.

Apr. 16, Sophia M. Swain to Emma Walker Mayhew, Tisbury.
Sept. 3, Presberry Luce to Presberry Sherwood Luce, Tisbury.
Oct. 15, Beatrice Fuller to Daisy May Wesley, Cottage City.
Oct. 15, Lizzie C. Harrison to Lizzie H. Rice, Cottage City.

___, Nellie V. Haskell to Nellie Vernon Folger, Nantucket.