1780 - 1883.

[Collated and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, under
Authority of Chapter 249 of the Acts of the Year 1884.]

Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers.
18 Post Office Square.

late 1851 - 1859

In compliance with the requirements of chap. 256 of the Acts of the year 1851, and of chap. 148, sect. 14, of Public Statutes, returns of the following changes on names have been received at the department of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, as decreed by the several judges of the probate courts of their respective counties.

(a) means See Blue Book edition of the laws of 1883.
* means name changed by reason of adoption.

Aug. 25, Edwin Hastat, (a) to Edwin Clinton, Boston. Aug. 25, Ellen S. Hatstat (a) to Ellen Clinton, Boston.
Nov. 24, Henry Welles Smith (a) to Henry Fowle Durant, Boston.
Dec. 29, Patrick Coady, (a) to Edward Johnson Coady, Boston.

Nov. 4, Joseph McQuid (a) to Joseph Walton, Amesbury.

Dec. 23, Julia Ardelia Thurston (a) to Julia Ardelia Thurston Allen, Southwick.

Oct. 25, William Henry Mcgrath (a) to William Gray, Roxbury.

Jan. 12, James Lougheed (a) to James Loheed, Boston.
Mar. 1, Bridget Potter (a) to Catharine Minerva Potter, Boston.
Mar. 22, Sophia Agnes Murphoy (a) to Sophia Agnes Hill, Boston.
Apr. 19, David C. Cobb (a) to David Williams, Boston.
April 19, Martha Ann Chase (a) to Martha Ann Hill, Boston.
May 3, Hannah Weld Merry (a) to Anna Weld Merry, Boston.
May 17, Lydia Barrus (a) to Lydia Barrows, Boston.
May 17, Horace Granville Barrus, (a) to Horace G. Barrows, Boston.
May 17, Emmeline Milton Barrus (a) to Emmeline M. Barrows, Boston.
May 17, Lydianna Barrus (a) to Lydianna Barrows, Boston.
May 17, Fanny Forrester Barrus (a) to Fanny F. Barrows, Boston.
May 17, Frank Lewis Barrus (a) to Frank L. Barrows, Boston.
May 31, Jonas Davis (a) to John Davis, Boston.
Aug. 9, Sybel Maria Moors alias Lorilla Maria Moore (a) to Maria Lorilla More, Boston.
Oct. 11, Emma Cecelia Campion (a) to Louisa Simes, Boston.
Oct. 11, Charles Campion (a) to George Simes, Boston.

Mar. 30, David Brown to David Fellows Brown, Newburyport.
May 4, Moses Monarch to Charles Augustus Averill, Salem.
May 18, Winthrop Brown to Henry Ward Brown, Ipswich.
May 18, Philander Basford to Philander Randolph Basford, Danvers. June 8, Michael D. Hart to Michael Desmond Hart, Lawrence.
Aug. 17, Patrick McGinley to Joseph Boynton, Lynn.
Aug. 17, Susan Seeley to Susan Samson, Lynn.
Dec. 7, William S. Babcock to William Babcock Sturgis, Manchester.

May 17, Charles Smith to Charles Skippins, Charlestown.
May 17, Louisa Smith to Louisa Skippins, Charlestown.
Oct. 12, Consider Glass Davis to Sydney Glass Davis, _____.

George W. Rice to George Edward Rice, _____.
Wolf Humes to William Humes, _____.
Horace De Witt Smith to Horace Smith De Witt, _____.
Arthur Stillman to Arthur Stillman Whitney, _____.
George Elbridge Fisher to George Woolsey Elbridge Fisher, _____.

July 6, Ellen Matilda Flinn to Ellen Matilda Draper, Pelham.

Feb. 3, Jonathan Hoar to Jonathan Homer, Monson.
Feb. 3, Caroline Hoar to Caroline Homer, Monson.
Feb. 3, Mary Robbins Hoar to Mary Robbins Homer, Monson.
Feb. 3, Albrert King Hoar to Albert King Homer, Monson.
Feb. 3, George Adams Hoar to George Adams Homer, Monson.
Feb. 3, Rodolphus Hoar to Rodolphus Homer, Monson.
Feb. 3, Pamelia Hoar to Pamelia Homer, Monson.
Feb. 3, Louisa Adelaide Hoar to Louisa Adelaide Homer, Monson.

Mar. 9, Henry Joy (a) to Henry Clay Joy, Hawley.
Dec. 21, Almira Laura Chapin * (a) to Almira L. Bemis, Orange.

July 17, Elizabeth Jane Clapp to Elizabeth Jane Jenkins, Dorchester.
Sept. 18, Mary E. Davis to Eveline Augusts Noyes, Dedham.
Oct. 5, Florence Corbett to Florence Thompson, Dedham.

May 4, George Henry John Ahrenholtz to George Henry John Arnold, Middleborough.
May 4, Elizabeth Ahrenholtz to Elizabeth Arnold, Middleborough.
May 4, Henry Herman to Henry Arnold, Middleborough.
May 4, Patrick Murray to James Murray, East Bridgewater.

Aug. 10, Joseph Mash to Joseph Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, Mary Ann Mash to Mary Ann Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, Joseph E. Mash to Joseph E. Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, George H. Mash to George H. Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, Jane E. Mash to Jane E. Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, Charles W. Mash to Charles W. Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, Edith M. Mash to Edith M. Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, William J. S. Mash to William J. S. Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, Victoria Mash to Victoria Marsh, Sandwich.
Aug. 10, Josephine Mash to Josephine Marsh, Sandwich.

Henry J. Defrees to Henry J. Defriez, _____.

Feb. 7, John Mason Good Parker (a) to Mason Good Parker, Boston.
Feb. 28, Lucy Peabody Greenlaw (a) to Lucy Peabody De Maine, Boston.
Feb. 28, Volta Maurice Greenlaw (a) to Volta Maurice De Maine, Boston.
Feb. 28, George Festus Greenlaw (a) to George Festus De Maine, Boston.
Mar. 7, Bill Tewksbury Jr. (a) to Hermon Bill Tewksbury, Winthrop.
Mar. 28, John C. Gillooley (a) to John C. Williams, Boston.
Apr. 11, Seneca Hill (a) to James Seneca Hill, Boston.
Apr. 18, James McCann (a) to James Bartlett, Boston.
Apr. 18, Carlos Milton McNabb (a) to Carlos Milton Duncan, Boston.
Apr. 18, Frances Juliette McNabb (a) to Frences Juliette Duncan, Boston.
Apr. 18, Mary McNabb (a) to Mary Duncan, Boston.
June 20, Charles Weyman Smith (a) to Charles Smith Weyman, Boston.
June 20, Robert Greeer (a) to John Greer, Boston.
July 18, Michael Coburn (a) to Alonzo Walter Coburn, Boston.
Aug. 22, Ansel Smith Maxham (a) to Andrew Maxham Smith, Boston.
Aug. 29, Franklin Cowdin Merian (a) to Benjamin Franklin Cowdin, Boston.
Aug. 29, Thomas O'Brien (a) to Thomas Charles Brown, Boston.
Sept. 19, James Morrissey (a) to James Herbert, Boston.
Oct. 17, Dennis John McGillycuddy (a) to John Dennis McGill, Boston.
Dec. 14, Patrick Lawler (a) to William Edson Lawler, Boston.

Feb. 1, Jane E. Danforth to Jane E. Niles, Danvers.
May 17, Charles Albert Solarris to Charles Albert Lawrence, Danvers.
June 7, William Pool to William Choate Pool, Rockport.
Nov. 1, Mary Ann Griffin to Susan Swan Griffin, Salem.
Nov. 1, William Henry Hicer to William Henry Parker, Salem.

Jan. 11, Emerson Pepper to Frederick Emerson Willis, Lowell.
May 17, Margaret Grace French to Margaret Grace Hastings, Cambridge.
Nov. 1, Walter Powers to Thomas Walter Powers, Lowell.
Nov. 1, John McCarty to John Mack, Lowell.
Nov. 1, Ann McCarth to Ann Mack, Lowell.
Nov. 1, Charles McCarty to Charles Mack, Lowell.
Nov. 1, Andrew McCarty to Andrew Mack, Lowell.
Nov. 1, John McCarty to John Mack, Lowell.
Nov. 1, Mary Frances McCarty to Mary Frances Mack, Lowell.

Jan. 4, Windsor Adams to Windsor Adams Bowen, Brookfield.
July 5, Major Chamberlin to Andrew W. Chamberlin, Southbridge.
July 5, Emily Todd to Emily S. Walden, Worcester.
July 5, Emily Barber* to Emily Barber Richardson, Winchendon.
Aug. 2, Mary Davis* to Mary Davis Cheney, Holden.
Aug. 2, Nancy Ann Temple* to Nancy Ann Harrington, Worcester.
Oct. 4, James Williams Randles* to James Williams Hagan, Upton. Oct. 4, Jane Head* to Jane Barrows, Clinton.
Dec. 6, Eugene F. Brigham Swan* to Eugene Brigham Fuller, Holden.
Dec. 6, Finette Louisa Miller* to Finette Louisa Bryant, _____.
Dec. 6, Silas Andrew Freeman to Andrew Silas Freeman, Millbury.

Jan. 4, Frances Laura Miller to Sarah Jane Miller, Northampton.
May 3, Albert Henry Saunders to John Henry Damon, Middlefield.
May 3, Nancy Haydon to Nancy Hannum, Williamsburg.
Sept. 6, Perrin Mathews to Charles Perrin Mathews, South Hadley.

Michael Corbett to Charles Corbett, Palmer.
Moses Chapin, 2d, to Moses Whitman Chapin, Chicopee.

Jan. 4, Lois I. Rogers (a) to Mary Lois Drake, Lee.
Oct. 12, Lovain Patridge (a) to Leonard Lovain Rider, Cheshire.

Feb. 26, Anderson Hollingsworth to Ellis Anderson Hollingsworth, Braintree.
May 7, Frederick Graham Howard to Benjamin Chandler Howard, Brookline.

Nov. 1, Michael Marea to Shearman T. Marea, North Bridgewater.

Pardon A. Sisson to Edward R. Sisson, New Bedford.
John Wood to John Franklin Wood, New Bedford.
Cornelius Mahoney to Cornelius Allen White, Raynham.

Jan. 11, Emma Adelaide Ward to Kezia Adelaide Ward, Chatham.
Feb. 8, Robert Austin Lovell to Austin Lovell, Barnstable.
Feb. 8, Forbes Douns to Isaac Downs, Dennis.
Apr. 18, Issac Smith, 2d, to Isaac Harvey Smith, Harwich.
May 17, Alvin W. Rich to Michael A. Rich, Truro.
May 17, Henry Phineas Shaw to Cornelius Henry Shaw, Truro.
Aug. 9, Julia Nye Loring to Julia Annette Loring, Barnstable.

Anna Maria Downs Lord to Anna Maria Downs, Boston.
Danforth Eri Newcomb to Sylvanus Judkins, Boston.
James Sylvester Morphey to James Sylvester Norman, Boston.
John Paine to John Shearer Paine, Boston.
Leonard Lamperts-dorfer to Leonard Lamperts, Boston.
George W. Dunnaway to George W. Jones, Boston.
Daniel L. McGear to Daniel L. Gear, Boston.
Edward William Burrows Thompson to Edward Thompson, Boston.
Francis Boott Brooks to Francis Brooks, Boston.
Philip Keating to Philip Keating Holbrook, Boston.

Jan. 3, John Cronin to John Byron Howard, Salem.
Mar. 7, Catherine Murray to Adelaide Herbert Robinson, Lynn.
June 6, Clara E. Richmond to Bessie Richmond, Marblehead.
July 4, George Hunkins to George Warren, Haverhill.
July 4, Maria E. Hunkins to Maria E. Warren, Haverhill.
July 4, Emma F. Hunkins to Emma F. Warren, Haverhill.
July 4, Helena A. Hunkins to Helena A. Warren, Haverhill.
___, Charles Henry Tiplady to Charles Henry Pierce, Salem.
Oct. 3, Michael L. Whidden to Henry L. Whidden Danvers.
Oct. 17, Caroline Cheswell Story to Caroline Ireland Story, Salisbury.
Nov. 7, Patrick Welsh to William Welsh, Salem.
Nov. 21, Nathaniel Hooper to Nathaniel Leach Hooper, Marblehead.

May 2, Cyrus Frederick Smith to Cyrus Frederick Knight, Brighton.
Aug. 8, Augustus P. Murray* to Charles Fairbanks Morse, Hopkinton.
Aug. 15, Dorcas Maria Chaffin to Maria Dorcas Chaffin, Newton.
Sept. 19, Elizabeth Blood* to Katy Josephine Morrill, Lowell.
Sept. 19, Silva Ann Elliott* to Mary Eliza Townsend, Lowell.
Sept. 19, Abby Ann Ness* to Abby Ann Blake, Lowell.
Oct. 10, Thomas Stone* to Frank Stone Emerson, Melrose.
Nov. 14, Laura Wheeler* to Laura Chapman Wetherbee, Concord.
Nov. 21, Thomas Francis Maguire* to Thomas Francis Murray, Somerville.

Jan. 3, George S. Wicker to George Sherman Wesson, Oxford.
Feb. 7, Ferdinand Holbrook to Emory Holbrook, Grafton.
Feb. 7, James Merritt Leverett* to James Leverett Merritt, Fitchburg.
Mar. 7, Joel Haggett to Joel Hudson, Paxton.
Mar. 7, George Muzzy to George M. Gallup, Brookfield.
Mar. 7, Jane Lemira Barrus* to Jane Lemira Bigelow, West Boylston.
Mar. 7, Nancy Levina Barton to Harriet Nancy Barton, Fitchburg.
Mar. 7, Abby Carolin Lawrence* to Abby Carolin Hastings, West Boylston.
May 3, Eldora Leonora Rawson* to Eldora Rawson Hannum, Douglas.
May 18, Estus Smith Fay* to Estus Smith Russell, Gardner.
May 18, Ella Eliza Fay* to Ella Elizla Russell, Gardner.
June 6, Marion Chapin* to Marion Chapin Thayer, Milford.
June 6, Emily Mentoria Brizzee* to Emily Elizabeth Hyde, Hubbardston.
Sept. 5, Lilla Maria Staples* to Lilla Maria Hastings, Hubbardston.
Sept. 5, Cynthia Augusta Seley* to Clara Seley Houghton, Leominster.
Dec. 5, Georgianna Summers* to Georgianna Bridge, Garnder.

Nov. 7, Silvia Montague Marsh* to Silvia Marsh Montague, Westhampton.
Dec. 5, Eliphaz Elbridge Dickinson to Henry Anderson Dickinson, Granby.

Jan. 3, Edward Warren Osgood to Edward Sherburne Osgood, Springfield.
Aug .22, Louisa Rebecca Eno to Louisa Eno Gillette, Westfield.
Aug. 22, Royal Greenwood to Royal Greenwood Clifton, Westfield.
Sept. 26, Mary Fidelia Sikes to Mary Fidelia Palmer, West Springfield.

Mar. 14, John Dwight Coy* to George Dutton Snow, Bernardston.
Aug. 22, Lucy Maria Locke* to Lucy Maria Smith, Buckland.
Aug. 22, Martha Laurens Locke* to Martha Laurens Smith, Buckland.
Oct. 18, Alexander Browne* to Charles Alexander Smith, Buckland.
Oct. 18, George W. Browne* to George Alfred White Smith, Buckland.

Thomas Demoranville to Thomas Ranville, ____ (no towns mentioned).
Esther Demoranville to Esther Ranville.
Chester L. Demoranville to Chester L. Ranville.
Adeline E. Demoranville to Adeline E. Ranville.
Albert T. Demoranville to Albert T. Ranville.
Lucy I. Demoranville to Lucy I. Ranville.
John H. Demoranville to John H. Ranville.

Mar. 25, John Humphrey to John Humphrey Kelley, Stoughton.
Apr. 4, Abby Jane Calder to Abby Jane Colburn, Dedham.
Apr. 8, Jonathan Franklin Woodside to Franklin Woodside, Roxbury.
May 6, Eliza Ann Fowler to Mary Louisa Boyden, Dedham.
May 13, Manly Fowler to Manly Fowler Cutter, Roxbury.
June 24, Emma Lavinia Fales to Emma May Mann, Canton.
Nov. 25, Michael Grace Read to Alton Grace Read, Roxbury.
Dec. 2, Samuel Knowles Scott to Samuel Scott Knowles, Roxbury.
___, Joseph Monasses to Joseph Silva, Cohasset.

Jan. 6, Frances Ruth Snow to Frances Ruth Maria Snow, Taunton.

Mar. 7, William Henry McCarthey to William Henry Harrison, Hingham.
May 2, Isabella Frances Drew to Isabella Frances Holmes, Bridgewater.
May 15, Deborah Alden Ford to Deborah Alden Tolman, Pembroke.
May 15, Bethia Harrington Ford to Bethia Harrington Cobb, Pembroke.
Oct. 3, Elizabeth Williams Lee to Susan Elizabeth Frost, Abington.

June 20, Eleazer Atwood, Jun. to Eleazer Higgins Atwood, Wellfleet.
Oct. 30, Ida Davis* to Ida Davis Pitcher, Barnstable.

George Barnard to George Barnard Brown, ____ (no towns mentioned).
William Piggot Casey to William Piggot.
James Gilleland to James Gillingham.
Warren Gookin to Warren Plummer Wilder.
Nellie Howe to Emma Frances Colburn.
Susan Dillaway Irish to Susan Dillaway Taylor.
Edwin Augustus Irish to Edwin Augustus Taylor.
James Franklin Irish to Frank Berry Taylor.
Samuel Keep to Samuel Hamilton Keep.
Uriah Thomas Ling to Uriah Thomas Stone.
John McCarter to John Mason Carter.
Martha A. Morrow to Martha A. Morse.
William Roddin to William Brown Adams.
Mary Ann Robinson to Frances Ella Butts.
Henrietta A. Smith to Mary Ann Sharland.
William Brown Adams to William Roddin.
Matilda Allen Fearing to Matilda Fearing Allen.
Mary Elizabeth Fuller to Mary Frances Williams.
John Gilligan to John Gilligan Adams.

April 13, Mary Snethen to Mary Snethan Abbott, Salem.
May 15, James Gott 3d to James Jabez Gott, Rockport.
May 15, Franklin Putnam Fish to Franklin Putnam, Andover.

Jan. 9, Thomas Saunders to Thomas Edward Saunders, Lowell.
Feb. 20, Jackson McCartee to Loring Mason Jackson, Burlington.
Mar. 6, James Alfred Loker to Alfred J. Livingston, Tewksbury.
Mar. 6, Mary Savory Price to Mary Price Savory, Lowell.
Mar. 20, Mehitable S. Benson to Sarah Benson Green, South Reading.
Mar. 20, Frances Ellen Sawyer to Frances Ellen Wright, Lowell.
Apr. 10, Charles Dearth to Charles Howe, Sherborn.
Apr. 10, The wife and three children of the above, _____ Howe, Sherborn.
Apr. 10, John Brown to John Manson Brown, Charlestown.
Apr. 10, Mary Jane Mosman to Mary Jane Smith, Sudbury.
Apr. 10, Michael Powell to Martin Powell, Cambridge.
May 15, Mazelli Augustus Benson to Ellen Benson Baldwin, Reading.
June 5, Idaetta Towne to Idaetta Thompson, Lowell.
June 12, George Washington Robinson to George Dexter Robinson, Lexington.
June 26, Ellen Euseba Montague to Ellen Euseba Sherman, Ashland.
Aug. 21, Malcom Holden to Howard Malcom Holden, Malden.
Sept. 4, Josiah Cooledge McKenney to Josiah Cooledge Hadley, Waltham.
Sept. 18, Patrick Driscoll to Frederick Driscoll, Groton.
Nov. 13, George Michali to George Hayden, Lincoln.
Dec. 4, Charlotte Louisa Hubbard to Ella Frances Gooding, Somerville.
Dec. 18, Nathaniel Palmer to Nathaniel Palmer Leach, Charlestown.
Dec. 18, Elizabeth P. Palmer to Elizabeth Perkins Leach, Charlestown.

Apr. 3, Frances Everline Livermore* to Frances Everline Day, Millbury.
May 1, Caleb Warren Dalrymple to Caleb Warren, Shrewsbury.
May 8, Ezra Batcheller 2d to Ezra Daniel Batcheller, North Brookfield.
June 5, Edward Perkins* to Edward Chalmers Haynes, Leominster.
July 3, Charles Marvin Cleveland* to Charles Cleveland Wheelock, Worcester.
July 3, Edward Alonzo Howe to Alonzo Edward Gibson, Barre.
Aug. 7, Mary Ann Delon* to Laura Mehitable Chamberlain, Southborough.

Apr. 3, Patrick Falvey to Henry S. Falvey, Hadley.
May 1, Emma Cordelia Snow* to Emma Cordelia Hubbard, Williamsburg.
July 3, George Edgar Stowell* to George Stowell Temple, Northamption.
Aug. 7, Susan E. Cook to Susan E. Babbit, Pelham.
Sept. 4, Eliza Maria Gorman* to Eliza Maria Tower, Northampton.

Jan. _, James Rodolphus Hoar to James Rodolphus Homer, Monson.
Feb. _, Abner Post Langdon to Abner Post, Westfield.
Mar. _, Elmira Ann Bond to Almira Ann Dean, _____.
June _, Joseph W. Boot to Joseph W. Wright, _____.
Aug. _, Jenette Marsh to Jennette Gilmore, Springfield.
Aug. _, Eliza Ann Goodell to Mary Ella Street, Springfield.
Nov. _, Phineas Clark to Charles Henry Smith, Chicopee.

Feb. 13, Charles D. Deth to Charles D. Gilmore, Erving.
Dec. 18, Sumner Lincoln to Increase Sumner Lincoln, Rowe.

June 5, Frederick C. Shumway to Frederick Shumway Ford, _____.

Jan. 6, Ella Medora French to Ella Medora French Parker, Quincy.
Apr. 14, Alonzo Howard to Alonzo Potter Howard, Brookline.
May 3, Mary A. Westcott to Mary A. Dascomb, West Roxbury.
May 3, Annette W. Wyman to Annette W. Cobb, Wrentham.
May 26, Ella Josephine Dowe to Ella Josephine Watson, Quincy.
July 1, Lewis G. Seaver to Lewis Seaver Dixon, Dedham.
Oct. 13, Alice Clayton Stoddard to Alice Clayton Baker, Hull.
Nov. 17, Charles Everett Chase to Charles Everett Martin, Foxborough.
Dec. 8, Emeline Gowell to Emeline Gurney, Weymouth.

Jan. 5, Michael Mulliken to Thomas Edward Mulliken White, New Bedford.

Feb. 27, Betsey Maria Pittsley* to Betsey Maria Cahoon, Wareham.
June 5, John Dubbs to John Deering, Hingham.
June 5, Grace Lawrence* to Abby Grace Bracket, Marshfield.
July 3, Lemira Jenness Morrow* to Mary Jenness Perry, Pembroke.
Aug. 28, Henrietta Lewis* to Annette Webster Sawyer, Taunton.
Sept. 24, Peleg Sprague Ellison to William Peleg Ellison, Duxbury.

Mar. 13, Julia Maria Gervassio to Julia Maria Gervassio Oakes, Barnstable.
Mar. 13, Mary Augusta Crocker to Martha Ann Crocker, Brewster.
Mar. 13, Elizabeth Nealus to Elizabeth Rogers, Dennis.
Mar. 13, Inis W. Bearse* to Inis W. Bacon, Barnstable.
Mar. 13, Prince Albert Hinckley* to Prince Albert Fuller, Barnstable.
June 19, Sophia Wilson Hinckley* to Sophia Wilson Hallett, Barnstable.
June 19, William R. Vredenburgh* to William R. Robbins, Harwich.
July 17, Margaret Lyons* to Ellanora Stiff, Barnstable.
Sept. 11, Gorham Brackett to Gorham Brackett Knowles, Yamouth.
Sept. 11, Catharine Martin* to Louisa Maria Sears, Dennis.

Oct. 6, Sarah Briggs to Sarah H. Briggs.
Nov. 15, Franklin B. Chase to Benjamin Franklin Chase.

Phebe Baker to Ida Estella Germain, _____ (towns not mentioned).
Eva Barnard Chase to Mary Eloise Edmands.
Sarah Ann Drown to Sarah Ann Battell.
Annie Ladd to Gertrude Straw.
Albert F. Murphy to Albert Freeman.
Mary E. Murphy to Mary Elizabeth Freeman.
Nathaniel L. Murphy to Nathaniel Murphy Lowe.
James H. Murphy to James Murphy Hurd.
Elizabeth McAdams to Elizabeth Adolphus Piercy.
Oriana Lucetta Marston to Ann Eliza Robbins.
John James O'Halloran to John James Vallelly.
Parmelia Parker to Mary Ann Young.
Anne Maria Porter to Annie Bourne.
Abby Robinson to Sarah Gertrude Babb.
Wallah Redding to Wallah Redding, [the real name of the child was unknown to the petitioners. She is the only survivor of the massacre in the Wallah Wallah Valley, in California. Her white friends found her, and saved her, giving her the name of Wallah Redding, which name the probate court decreed that she should be known by hereafter, Her parents were murdered with the other Indians, at the time above alluded to, and the child was found lying across the mother's breast after the massacre].
Laurette Tibbetts to Laura Ann Winchester.
John Williams to John Russell Williams.

Jan. 15, John Garrety to John Henry Burnham, Ipswich.
Mar. 4, William Ensign Sargent to William Parrott Sargent, Lynn.
Mar. 4, William Clark to William R. Clark, Lynn.
Mar. 25, Francis Brown* to George Francis Carr, Newburyport.
Mar. 25, Almira Ellen Corson* to Emma Judson Cropley, Newburyport.
May 6, Abigail F. Jenkins to Abby F. Jenkins, North Andover.
May 6, Jens Rasmussen to James R. Hamilton, Gloucester.
June 10, Eliza C. Turnbull* to Mary Frances Dockum, Newburyport.
July 1, John Johnson to John George Johnson, Andover.
Sept. 2, Henrietta C. Janes to Henrietta C. Choate, Lynn.
Sept. 2, Samuel J B. Currier to Samuel J. Brown, Salisbury.
Oct. 7, Charles Warren Johnson to Charles Bejamin Johnson, Nahant.

Jan. 8, Francis Harvey Batchelder to George Francis Harvey Batchelder, Charlestown.
Jan. 8, Mary Augusta Walker Page to Mary Page Snow, Cambridge.
Feb. 19, Laura Elizabeth Bradford to Lizzie Ann Fay, Lowell.
Apr. 11, Abba Frances Colby to Anna Josephine Blanchard, Lowell.
Apr. 24, Josephine Elizabeth Wigginton to Josephine Elizabeth Brown, Stoneham.
Aug. 19, Isabella Anthony to Isabella Anthony Gordon, Malden.
Aug. 19, Mary Eliza Anthony to Mary Eliza Wait, Malden.
Aug. 19, Fanny Clark Goddard to Fanny Clark Bigelow, Medford.
Sept. 16, Eveline Hobbs to Alie Allen Hosmer, Lowell.
Oct. 28, Elizabeth M. McEuen to Elizabeth Baker, Framingham.
Dec. 16, Clara Jane Hunt to Clara Jane Orcutt, Cambridge.

Jan. 1, Hannah Adaline Winslow* to Hannah Adaline Cutler, _____.
Feb. 5, Eunice Augusta Drury* to Carrie Augusta Ballard, _____.
Feb. 5, Willam Wendell Drury* to William Drury Wight, Worcester.
Feb. 5, Helen Isabella Howland* to Helen Isabella Chapin, Worcester.
Feb. 5, Mary Jane Waite* to Jennie Waite Whipple, Worcester.
Mar. 4, Andrew H. Ham to Andrew H. Hammond, Worcester.
Apr. 1, Sarah Amarett Cleveland* to Sarah Maria Wheelock, Worcester.
Apr. 1, Frances Ada Hanenstock* to Ada Isabella Brown, Worcester.
Apr. 1, William Edwin Rogers to William Edwin Gilbert, West Brookfield.
May 22, George Orville Ford* to George Ford Foskett, Gardner.
June 3, ____* to Abbie Frances Fisk, Webster.
Sept. 2, Eliza Leighton Randall* to Annie Thayer Chapin, Worcester.

May 6, George Sawyer Tracy to George Sawyer, Belchertown.
May 6, George Andrew Sawyer Tracy to George Andrew Sawyer, Belchertown.
June 3, John Eddy Dunbar Lamberton to John Lamberton, Ware.
Oct. 7, Charles Braman Herrick* to Charles Frank Cole, Huntington.
Dec. 2, Martha Riden* to Mary Eva Lamb, Williamsburg.

Jan. 1, Sarah Jane Moore to Sarah Jane Orswell, _____.

Feb. 12, Sarah Ida Brown* to Sarah Ida Hawkes, Heath.
Feb. 12, Asahel Hawks Coats* to Asahel Coats Hawks, Heath.
Mar. 11, Lucy Maria Harris* to Harriet Ella Goodwin, Charlemont.
Oct. 14, _____,* to Charles Sumner Park, Greenfield.
Oct. 14, Amos Deth, to Amos Dexter, _____.
Oct. 14, Hannah Deth to Hannah Dexter, _____.
Oct. 14, Hiram Deth to Hiram Dexter, _____.
Oct. 21, Michael Barden* to Willis Thomas Crosby, Hawley.
Oct. 21, Mary Ann Barden* to Mary Ann Crosby, Hawley.

Jan. 12, Royal Lincoln Carsley to Royal Lincoln, Roxbury.
Jan. 19, Maria Marinda Bicknell to Marinda Dorr Bicknell, Weymouth.
Mar. 15, Sarah E. T. Burrage to Sarah Burrage Palmer, Roxbury.
Apr. 19, David Webber Gridley to Daniel John Webber, Roxbury.
June 21, Bridget Kenny to Delia Shine, Quincy.
June 21, Mary A. Morris to Mary Ann Page, Stoughton.
Sept. 27, Henry Dewey Cain to Henry Dewey Wilson, Cohasset.
Oct. 11, Mary Augusta Wyman to Augusta Clapp, Dorchester.

Aug. 5, Humphrey Smith to Humphrey Howland Henry Crapo Smith, New Bedford.

Mar. 4, Peter Sprague to Peter N. Sprague, Hingham.
Dec. 1, Mary Ann Fuller* to Annie Isabel Lane, Charlestown.

July 15, Frances Oceana Gifford* to Alice Frances Gifford, Falmouth.
July 15, Augustus Forest Smith to John Forest Smith, Truro.
Aug. 12, John Peroney to John Peroney Eldridge, Barnstable.
Aug. 12, Ebenezer Hallet, Jun. to Ebenezer Alger Hallet, Yarmouth.

William Ross Merrills to William Ross Pease, Edgartown.
William Buckley Norton to William Robert Norton, Tisbury.

Sarah Briggs to Sarah H. Briggs.
Franklin B. Chase to Benjamin Franklin Chase.

Charles C. Amory to Charles Amory, _____ (towns not mentioned).
George Barnard to George B. Oliver.
Chester G. Brown to Gilbert C. Brown.
Mary Biggins to Martha Ella Teear.
Richmond Doyne to Charles R. Doane.
John Dean to John Ward Dean.
Elizabeth Doherty to Elizabeth Ulmar.
Mary M. Donovan to Jenney Brown.
Phebe Ann Eldredge to Anna Eldredge.
William Henry Gray to William Wallis Jenkins.
Mary E. Haden to Elizabeth Frances French.
Manoah Meade Livingston to Montgomery Meade Livingston.
James O'Connor to James Connor.
Ernest H. Ruggles to George Washington Farr.
Mary E. Skelsey to Albertina Renocia Gardner.
Mary J. Salisbury to Mary Jane Felton.
Mary Sonnenberg to Hannah Marilla Belcher.
Charles Sawyer to Charles Alfred Sawyer.
Jessie Turner to Elizabeth Piercy.
Eva Louisa Thomas to Ella Louisa Fullerton.
Ellen Worthen to Ellen Turel Jackson.
Henry Augustus Whitney to Henry Austin Whitney.
Eliphalet G. Williams to Edward Gordon Williams.
Almira E. Watson to Elizabeth Watson Cheney.
Howard A. Watson to Howard Clifton Watson.

May 5, Martha Rafferty to Martha Rogers, Salem.
May 5, the five children of the above (to) ____Rogers, Salem.
May 5, John Torr, 2d to John Stevens Torr, South Danvers.
June 9, Sarah Jane Frink to Sarah Jane Bentley, Haverhill.
Sept. 1, William Tarbox to William Wallingford, Lynn.
Sept. 1, the wife and two children of the above, (to) _____ Wallingford, Lynn.
Dec. 1, Joseph Henry Chandler to Joseph Chandler Jun., Andover.

Jan. 13, Ellar F. Atkinson* to Frances A. McNeill, Lowell.
Jan. 13, Charles Edwin Morrison* to Miles Morse, Hopkinton.
Jan. 13, Abner Thurston Linnikin to Abner Thurston Linnikin Weston, Malden.
Jan. 13, the wife and son of the above (to) ____ Weston, Malden.
Feb. 17, Rebecca Kilby Eaton to Rebecca Eaton Parker, Cambridge.
Feb. 17, Sarah Ann Eaton to Sarah Ann Eaton Parker, Cambridge.
Mar. 3, Emma J. Durant* to Emma Frances Gregory, Waltham.
Mar. 3, Lizzie Ann Fay* to Lizzie Ann Stevens, Lowell.
May 19, Mary Frances Willett* to Mary Frances Hall, Concord.
June 3, Catherine Floyd Clifton* to Ellen Elizabeth Hine, Woburn.
June 30, Zipporah Belcher* to Martha Eugenie Leland, Natick.
Aug. 11, Michael Gorman* to Charles Francis, Marlborough.
Sept. 1, Michael Kavanagh to Edward Kavanagh, Lowell.
Sept. 8, Mary Jane Moore* to Mary Jane Smith, Cambridge.
Sept. 22, Annie Hall* to Nellie Homer, Cambridge.
Oct. 13, Oliver Clough Moore* to Oliver Clough Moore Smith, Somerville.
Oct. 13, Lizzie Whitten* to Emma Whitten Flanders, Lowell.
Oct. 27, Benjamin Gallighan* to Willie Fletcher Robbins, Holliston.
Oct. 27, Delia Maria Starrott* to Emma Maria Phinney, Melrose.
Oct. 27, Emma Althea Daniels* to Emma Daniels Ware, Sherborn.
Nov. 10, Mary Gallagher to Mary E. Walcott, Waltham.

Jan. 6, Charles E. Jones* to Charles E. Whitney, _____.
Feb. 3, Adaline Augusta White* to Emma Banister, _____.
Mar. 3, Mry Louisa Flint to Julia Daniels Flint, Southborough.
May 20, Herbert Stearns White* to Herbert Stearns Lesure, West Boylston.
June 2, Martha Rogers to Martha Bachelor Edwards, West Brookfield.
July 7, Jonathan Austin David to Austin Davis, Oxford.
July 7, Timothy Ide Nicholas to Timotny N. Ide, Milford.
Aug. 4, ____ Pond* to Charles Wallace Bliss, _____.
Aug. 4, Frances Ada Havenstock* to Ada Isabella Gale, Millbury.
Sept. 29, William B. Chesmore* to Herbert Gay Fairbanks, Westborough.
Oct. 6, Emily Jane Farwell to Emily Jane Upton, Fitchburg.

Feb. 3, William Wilcomb Bennett to William Bell, Belchertown.
Apr. 7, Joseph P. Walker* to Joseph Walker Field, Northampton.
July 7, Sophronia Smith Cummings to Sophronia Granger Cummings, Ware.
Oct. 6, Louisa J. Nichols* to Louisa J. Patten, Williamsburg.

Feb. 3, John H. Smith to William H. Burt, _____.
Nov. 24, Sarah Bond to Emely Clark, _____.

Feb. 10, Mary E. Warner to Mary Elizabeth Churchill, Colrain.
Mar. 10, Alma Seaver to Alma Clap, Gill.
Mar. 10, Abby Seaver to Abby Clap, Gill.
Oct. 13, Fanny M. Stimpson to Ida Streeter, Northfield.
Oct. 13, Caroline Hibbard to Caroline Wunsch, Greenfield.
Dec. 15, Marriam Sophia Belden to Marriam Sophia Nash, Whately.

Apr. 7, Nancy E. Lane to Cynthia E. Davis, _____.
Apr. 29, Lovaine Patridge to Leoanrd Lovaine Ryder, _____.

Jan. 17, Mary Isabella Phillips to Mary Isabella Sumner, Dorchester.
May 30, George Luther Clapp to George Fisher Gay, Sharon.
June 6, Francis Edgar Packard to Frank Edgar Packard, Quincy.
Aug. 11, Lewis A. Packard to Elisha Packard, Quincy.
Aug. 15, Sarah Dorr to Grace Ada Howard, Canton.

Jan. 12, Josephine Corbett* to Flora Webster Chamberlain, Abington.
May 18, Helen M. Muirhead to Helen M Gray, Kingston.
July 7, William Henry Cowenskiff to William Henry Cowen, Rochester.
Aug. 4, Henry Alden Humphrey to Henry Peirce Alden, Bridgewater.
Aug. 10, Ann Goodell* to Ann Goodell Hatch, Middleborough.
Aug. 10, Edward Wadsworth to William W. Holmes, Duxbury.

May 14, Eliza B. Drody to Eliza B. Crowell, Barnstable.
May 14, George C. Drody to George Crowell, Barnstable.
May 19, Mary Allen Knowles to Mary Rowe Knowles, Yarmouth.
June 16, Mary Green* to Alice Josephine Cobb, Barnstable.
Dec. 14, Joshua Francis Small to Daniel Francis Small, Provincetown.

George R. Curran to Stukely S. Wescott, _____. (towns not mentioned).
Caroline Tinkham Grinnell to Caroline Grinnell Smith.
Michael Gibbs, Jun. to Melville Shields Gibbs.
George Thomas Gillett to George Thomas Phinney.
Mary McGregor to Gertrude Eleanor Baker.
Newell Campbell Rogers to Newell Rogers Campbell.
Hinman Stevens to Hiram Stevens.
Minnie Stall to Nellis Florine Barton.
Celia Maria Sawyer to Celia Maria Hamilton.
Harriet Ann Webber to Hattie Tarbox.
Charles Forbush Warren to Jonathan Charles Warren.

Feb. 2, Mary Noonan* to Ella Dole, Rowley.
Feb. 2, Albert Knight* to Eli Vickery Bartlett, Marblehead.
Mar. 6, Amos Abbott, 2d, to Amos Chandler Abbott, Andover.
Mar. 30, Conrad Henser to Conrad Henser Brooks, Ipswich.
April 6, Charles Dunn to Charles Wilson, Marblehead.
April 6, Margery Dunn to Margery Wilson, Marblehead.
April 6, Alexander W. Dunn to Alexander W. Wilson, Marblehead.
April 6, Henrietta C. Dunn to Henrietta C. Wilson, Marblehead.
April 6, Thomas W. Dunn to Thomas W. Wilson, Marblehead.
April 6, Mary Ellen Dunn to Mary Ellen Wilson, Marblehead.
June 8, Matthew E. MacDaniel to Matthew E. Daniel, _____.
June 8, Mary Elizabeth MacDaniel to Mary Elizabeth Daniel, _____.
June 8, George Emery MacDaniel to George Emery Daniel, _____.
June 8, Charles Frank MacDaniel to Charles Frank Daniel, _____.
June 8, Elinor J. Brown* to Nellie J. Danforth, Bradford.
July 20, Ellen Kemble Oliver to Ellen Wendell Oliver, Lawrence.
Nov. 2, Mary Ann Meagher* to Arietta Brown, Lynn.
Nov. 16, Horace L. Connolly to Horace Ingersoll, Salem.

Jan. 5, James Richardson* to George Wight, Wayland.
Jan. 26, Eleanor White* to Ellen Metcalf Adams, Melrose.
Feb. 23, Priscilla Alley* to Priscilla Augusta Leathe, Reading.
Feb. 23, George Harris Thompson* to George Harris Welch, Charlestown.
Mar. 23, George Albert Hayward* to George Albert Hayward Richardson, Dracut.
Apr. 6, William Edward Tuckerman to Edward Gustavus Tuckerman, Lowell.
Apr. 13, Sarah Elizabeth Fletcher* to Sarah Elizabeth Dutton, Carlisle.
May 11, Mary Josephine Thomas* to Mary Josephine Pearsons, Lowell.
June 8, Lizzie Sophia Watts* to Lizzie Sophia Raymond, Lowell.
June 22, Evangeline Farrington* to Julia Maria Robbins, Holliston.
June 22, Arethusa Jameson* to Zilla Wetherbee, Newton.
June 22, Henry Bigelow Somes* to Lewis Henry Whitney, Woburn.
Aug. 10, Mary Grace Moore* to Mary Grace Goodnough, Sudbury.
Oct. 5, Emma Loheed* to Hattie Twing, Lincoln.
Oct. 26, Ella Faxon* to Ella Jane Pierce, Holliston.
Nov. 9, Frances Ellen Wight* to Frances Ellen Sawyer, Lowell.
Nov. 23, Eliza Stratton to Eliza Tufts, Charlestown.
Nov. 23, Gustavus Ernest Friedrich Regen* to Gustav Ernst Friedrich Regen Birnstill, Newton.
Dec. 7, Mary Elizabeth Robinson* to Mary Elizabeth Butterfield, Lowell.
Dec. 28, Elizabeth Locke* to Elizabeth Merkle, Cambridge.

Jan. 5, Willie Fairbanks Hubbard* to Willie Fairbanks Knowlton, Holden.
Jan. 5, Frances L. Simpson* to Fannie Louisa Ballard, Worcester.
Mar. 2, Ella Girtrude Jewett& to Ella Girtrude Houghton, Harvard.
April 6, Mary Frances Cunliffe* to Mary Frances Walkden, Worcester.
April 6, Thomas Conroy* to Thomas Conroy Welch, Worcester.
April 6, Dianna Maria Lurena Wood* to Dianna Maria Lurena Johnson, Upton.
June 1, Silas Holt* to Henry Isaac Hilton Mundell, Hubbarston.
June 1, Ann Eliza Jones* to Ann Jones Estey, Worcester.
Aug. 3, Sarah B. Jackman to Sarah B. Whipple, Warren.
Oct. 5, Henrietta Evelyn Morse* to Henrietta Evelyn Morse Hall, Worcester.
Oct. 5, Jane Elizabeth Rice* to Jane Elizabeth Pierce, Worcester.
Oct. 5, Genette Rosella Rice* to Genette Rosella Pierce, Worcester.
Oct. 5, Grace Thatcher* to Minnie Idella Folger, Milford.
Dec. 7, Almirah B. Davenport to Almirah B. Cummings, Mendon.

Jan. 5, Thomas Cogan to Thomas Raymond, Ware.
Feb. 2, Willie Duane Ward* to Willie Duane Selman, Northampton.
April 6, Dwight Thomas Robbins* to Thomas Dwight Woods, Ware.
May 4, Isabella Fowler* to Lida Belle Hawes, Middlefield.
Aug. 3, Mary Ann Savary* to Helen Burleigh, Huntington.
Dec. 7, George Franklin to George Franklin Amidon, Belchertown.

April 27, Clarence Alburtus Taylor* to Clarence Alburtus Wheaton, Wendell.
May 11, Frances S. Stebbins* to Fannie Stebbins Ware, Deerfield.
May 11, William Garrotte, Jun.* to Edwin Max Wilhelmi, Deerfield.

Jan. 5, Lucy Jane Sparks* to Lucy J. Cornell, _____ (towns not mentioned).
Jan. 5, George Wilson* to David W. Gamble.
Jan. 13, Charity Adelia Brennin* to Adelia Brown.
Mar. 2, Jonathan Gross Barnard to John Gross Barnard.
Apr. 6, Juliette Neal* to Juliette Stilson.
May 24, Michael Flannagan to Charles Pitt Frissell.
July 27, Sarah Jane Fleming* to Sarah J. Proctor.
Oct. 13, George Stillman Hart* to George Stillman Clark.
Oct. 13, Elliot Eugene Childs* to Elliot Eugene Clark.

May 8, Theodore Hooton to Walter Henry Brock, Dorchester.
June 5, Mary Louisa Walker to Mary Louisa Chase, Canton.
July 6, John Henry Brightman to Albert Davis Kinsbury, Medfield.

Sidney T. Ford to Elijah T. Ford, Duxbury.

Charles H. Haskell to Charles H. Swift, Dennis.
Cyreno Franklin Pierce to Israel Franklin Pierce, Truro.
Freeman Ryder 2d to Freeman Gage, Harwich.
Willis G. Hallet to Simeon Hallet, Yarmouth.
Henry Baker to Henry H. Baker, Barnstable.
Mary Caroline Whelden to Mary Caroline Bursley, Barnstable.

Nellie Frances Bartlett to Nellie Frances Wright, _____ (towns not mentioned).
Williamina Arrabella Crolius to Williamina Arabella Potter.
Caroline F. Eaton to Betsey Watson Eaton.
John Finegan to John Dillon.
Mary Elizabeth Goodwin to Mary Elizabeth Johnson.
Anna Cordelia Adelaide Hanson to Anna Cordelia Adelaide Johnson.
Heilda Hanson to Sarah Eliza Swasey.
John Munroe Little to John Mason Little.
Henrietta Stewart Robinson to Marietta Stewart Foster.
Elizabeth Schrader to Lizzie Paige.
Charlotte A. Snelling to Charlotte A. Pratt.
William Mathew Smith to William Smith Phillipson.
Mary Elizabeth Walker to Minnie Cecilia Hatchman.

Apr. 5, Josiah Dearborn Clark to George Merrill Clark, Methuen.
Apr. 5, Ella Meady* to Ella Florence Meady Bailey, Salem.
Apr. 19, Lucy E. Goodhue* to Emma L. Johnson, West Amesbury.
May 3, Lewis Tappan to Lewis Northey Tappan, Manchester.
May 3, Annah Frame* to Myra Anna Lane, Gloucester.
June 7, Alexander Cobbau to George Albert Cobbau, Groveland.
June 7, Aquilla R. Baker to William Rich Baker, Marblehead.
July 5, Orrin Ross Maddox to Orrin Maddox Ross, Lynn.
July 5, Michael O'Brien* to Michael Hayes, Georgetown.
Oct. 4, William Otis Dearborn* to William Otis Cheever, Lynn.
Oct. 4, Eva Mathews* to Evalyne Snow, Methuen.
Oct. 18, George Tucker* to William Gale, Haverhill.
Dec. 6, Victoria Stone* to Sarah Livonia Longley, Rockport.
Dec. 6, George W. Bennett* to William C. W. Page, Newburyport.
Dec. 27, William L. Jones* to Albert Sumner Merrill, Amesbury.

Jan. 4, ____ * to Ida Frances Hartwell, Littleton.
Jan. 4, ____ * to Annie Augusta Peirce, Lowell.
Mar. 8, Samuel M. P. Hersey to Samuel M. Plummer, Charlestown.
Mar. 8, Emma Fairbarn* to Emma Lucy Bourne, Charlestown.
Mar. 8, Amelia West* to Carrie Amelia Wing, Newton.
April 26, William Richard Marshall Goodall* to William Richard Dinsmoor, Cambridge.
May 10, Mary Elizabeth Churchill* to Mary Elizabeth Watson, Lowell.
June 7, Ellen Quinn* to Mary Ellen Hamblet, Dracut.
June 14, John Knight 3d to John Gould Knight, Worburn.
June 14, John Mirrorgen to John Forrest, South Reading.
June 28, Emma Frances Gregory* to Emma Frances Hurd, Waltham.
Aug. 9, John Barrett Brewster to John Calvin Brewster, Malden.
Sept. 6, Sarah Jane Card* to Sarah Jane Parker, Woburn.
Oct. 11, Emma Gertrude _____* to Emma Gertrude Lufkin, Cambridge.
Oct. 11, Clara Lavinia Spalding* to Mary Lavinia Tufts, West Cambridge.
Oct. 25, Mary Jane McElmurry* to Mary Frances Turner, Newton.
Nov. 8, Jennie Taylor* to Jennie Augusta Pickering, Waltham.
Nov. 22, Evalyn Maria Brown* to Matilda Fairbanks, Melrose.
Dec. 13, John Stewart* to Franklin Wesley Gardner, Cambridge.

Cyrus Angell to Cyrus Locke, _____ (no towns mentioned).
William A. Frinke to William Augustus Mandell.
Sarah Anna Leonard to Sarah Anna Leonard Howe.
Wilbur Fiske to William Arthur Loud.
Georgiana Salisbury to Georgiana Eliza Rugg.
Martha Ann Peirce to Ann Eliza Wood.
George Harrison Sherwin to George Sherwin.
Craft Eastman to Edward Craft Eastman.
John Carey to John Carey Wood.
Charles Sylvester Hoar to Charles Sylvester Brooks.
Patrick Duffy to John Duffy.
Hartwell B. Staples to Thomas Benton Staples.
Mary Elizabeth Clapp to Mary Elizabeth Clapp Watson.
Charles Follen Blood to Charles Follen Blake.
Helen B. Fish to Emma Eldredge.
Artemas Brigham to Andrew Densmore.
Jennie Rice to Jennie Rice Eaton.
Frank Wilder Messer to Frank Wilder Gibson.
Jessie F. Watson to Jessie Watson Clark.
Elizabeth Colon to Elizabeth Greenwood.
George W. A. Lane to George W. Johnson.
Elizabeth Reynolds to Agnes Aldanah Billings.
George Jones Gage to George Tufts Brackett.

June 7, Willie Albro Mellen* to Willie Albro Curtis, Worthington.
July 5, Clarence H. Williams* to Clarence H. Langdon, Westhampton.

Mar. 1, Isabel Julia Smith* to Isabel Julia Shaw.
July 5, Lizzie Pitman Vaille to Lizzie Chase.
Sept. 13, Elizabeth Francis Bracket* to Elizabeth Frances Tainter.

Feb. 8, Ellen E. Carpenter* to Ellen E. Hovey, Greenfield.
Oct. 11, Mary Ellen Hawks* to Mary Ellen Upton, Charlemont.
Nov. 1, Fanny M. Wells* to Fanny B. Dutton, Colrain.
Nov. 1, Ida Mary Roberts* to Ida Mary Bardwell, Shelburne.

May 3, Edward Homer England* to Edward Homer Rath, Hinsdale.

Anne Smith* to Florence Eliza Brooks, Quincy.
John Chisholm* to Ernest Laighton, Stoughton.
Beulah Wadsworth Sprague Joyce* to Beulah Josephine Hitchcock, Sharon.
Mary Damon* to Cora Ann Daniels, Stoughton.
Frances Louisa Hendrick* to Frances Louisa Field, Brookline.
Elizabeth B. Sanderson* to Liza Studley, Cohasset.
Maria Antoinette Hill to Maria Antoinette Perry, Foxborough.
Frank Ellis Hill to Frank Ellis Perry, Foxborough.

Jan. 4, Joseph Lawton to Joseph Lawton Mosher, _____ (no towns mentioned).
June 7, Emeline A. Rounds to Emeline A. Hathaway.
July 8, Walter Hollis to Ernest Albert Guild.

Juliet C. Morton to Hannah H. Morton, Middleborough.

Addie Maria Crowell to Olivia James Crowell, _____ (no towns mentioned).
Henry Ebenezer Crosby to Henry Ebenezer Atkins.
Eunice Clark Swift to Eunice Cathaine Swift.

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