1780 - 1883.

[Collated and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, under
Authority of Chapter 249 of the Acts of the Year 1884.]

Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers.
18 Post Office Square.

1860 - 1867

* means name changed because of adoption.
+ means 'decree has been made for change, but notice of decree not having been yet proved, no certificate has been issued.

Joel Barber to Joel Dwight Barber.
George William Buchanan to George William Buchanan Cains.
Edward Crowninshield to Edward Augustus Crowninshield.
Mariam Goodwin Copp to Miriam Copp Sanderson.
John Carson to Charles Stebbins.
Lizzie Crane to Lizzie Crane Staples.
Ellen Carroll, jun. to Jennie Frances Oliver.
Frances Collins to Martha Saunders Thompson.
Emma Melissa Davis to Emma Melissa Pratt.
Thomas Johnson Entwisle to Thomas Johnson.
Ellen Fitzgerald to Emma Judson Guffefer.
Michael Greene to George Leslie Greene.
Martha Earl Hughes to Martha Avise Earl.
Mary Kingston to Angenora Barber.
William Russell Lane to Russell Lane.
Alexander Lane to Alexander McLane.
Edis Henrietta Nichols to Edis Henrietta Metcalf.
Elizabeth Rogers to Elizabeth Smith.
Margaret Ellen Simpson to Margaret Ellen Stark.
James Munroe Stevens to Munroe Stevens.
William Ellery Albert Thomas to William Ellery Cotton.
George A'Court Webb to George Webb A'Court.
Henry Clarence Wright to Haynes Henry Wright.

Feb. 7, Edward Augustus Baker to Edward Augustus Webber, Beverly.
Mar. 13, Alonzo Eliphalet Hardy* to Alonzo Hardy Humphrey, Lawrence.
Mar. 27, ____ Goodrich* to Ruth Ann Bartlett, Haverhill.
Mar. 27, Jeremiah Morris Spofford to Morris Spofford, Groveland.
May 1, Richard Mead to Richard C. Hale, Rowley.
July 3, Lucinda Marshall to Lucinda Lyford, Andover.
July 3, Alexander Peckham, jun. to Charles Edwin Peckham, Lynn.
July 17, Alice Maude Mary Cook* to Alice Maude Williams, Amesbury.
Sept. 18, Lois Perry Woolley* to Ella Mariah Bagley, Amesbury.

Jan. 3, Robert Chaffin Conant* to Robert Conant Chaffin, Acton.
Jan. 3, Susannah Chaffin Conant* to Susanna Conant Chaffin, Acton.
Jan. 10, Julia Barnes* to Etta Hull, Charlestown.
Jan. 10, Grace Atkins* to Grace Atkins Hull, Charlestown.
Jan. 24, Anna V. Barnard* to Anna V. B. Sanborn, Lowell.
Feb. 14, ____ * to Leo Schnepf, Cambridge.
Mar. 13, Mary Augusta Richards* to Minnie Williams, Holliston.
Mar. 27, Frederick Kent* to Frederick Kent McKenzie, Charlestown.
Apr. 3, Mary Marden* to Ella Francis Martin, Lowell.
Apr. 3, Matilda Goddard Holmes* to Matilda Goddard Allen, Lowell.
May 8, Mary Kate Bowen* to Mary Catherine Bowen Sullivan, Cambridge.
June 5, Sarah Annah Scarlett* to Sarah Annah Gray, Tewksbury.
June 12, Elizabeth Smith* to Lizzie Ann Raymore, Hopkinton.
June 26, William Apel* to Herbert William Duxbury, Cambridge.
Aug. 14, Annie Abbott Gibson* to Annie Abbott Smith, Lexington.
Aug. 28, Abraham Paul* to Abraham Paul Belmore, Marlborough.
Sept. 11, Caroline Effeda Greene* to Effie Locke, West Cambridge.
Sept. 25, Herbert William Duxbury* to William Herbert Apel, Cambridge.
Oct. 9, Rufus Fuller Smith* to Harlow Rufus Foster, Ashby.
Nov. 13, Willie Walsh* to Willie Walsh Monroe, Charlestown.
Nov. 13, Maria Louisa Wainwright to Maria Louise Hayward, _____.

Eliza Ann Barnes to Lizzie Anna Gibson, _____ (no towns mentioned).
Annette M. Covell to Frances Maria Stockwell.
James Albert Carpenter to James Albert Sadler.
George Jonas Gage to George Tufts Brackett.
George W. Green to George Henry Wilder.
Peter Labadore to Peter Marron.
Jenette Louise Parker to Jennie Louise Parker.
Ida Maria Woodward to Ida Maria Hoppin.
Charles Albee to Charles Albee Chickering.
Cora Bradbury to Cora S. Howland.
Harriet Alice Ward to Harriet Alice Putnam.
Edmond John McMannus to Edmond John Morton.

Jan. 3, Emma Virginia Wheeler* to Emma Virginia Burke, Ware.
Dec. 4, Henrietta Josephine Cole* to Henrietta Josephine Stevens, Worthington.
_____, Phoebe Amanda Pierce* to Emma Amanda Ashley, Prescott.

Jan. 3, Fanny Jane Hawks* to Fanny Jane Jennings, Springfield.
Feb. 7, Flora Emergene Stodard* to Flora Emergene Hubbard, Montpelier, Vt.
Apr. 11, Joseph W. Babcock to Joseph E. Webster, Chester.
Apr. 24, Charles Henry Speakman* to Charles Henry Lee, Monson.
May 22, Linnie Maud Collins* to Minnie Harriet Watrous, Palmer.
June 5, Ida Mason* to Josephine Ida Clark, Springfield.
June 12, Henry Nelson* to Henry Nelson Thompson, Wales.
June 19, Samuel J. Harris* to Aaron William Rising, _____.
July 3, Nellie A. Sheldon* to Nellie Louisa Shaw, Chicopee.
Aug. 28, Anna Maria Pierce* to Anna Maria Pease, Westfield.
Dec. 18, Frances McCan to Francis Fuller, Springfield.
_____, Caroline E. McCan to Caroline E. Fuller, Springfield.
_____, Jerome E. McCan to Jerome E. Fuller, Springfield.

Mary Schneider* to Mary Schneider Whitney, Buckland.
John Ferroth* to Christian Hawser, Greenfield.
Nina Estella Wright* to Catharine Wells Ford, Charlemont.
Mary J. Seavery* to Mary Jane Barrus, Conway.

Jan. 1, Ann Doud to Eva Ann Johnson, _____ (no towns mentioned).
Jan. 3, D. Lyon Davidge to Charles Bray Davidge.
Apr. 25, Amy Merilla Williams to Amy Merilla Wright.
May 1, Franklin Secor to Franklin Potter.
July 18, Ellen Maria Potter to Ellen Maria Wood.
July 25, Ida Muller to Ida Keach.
July 25, Harriet Lois Palmer to Elizabeth Annett.
July 25, Charles J. Ferguson to Charles J. Stowell.

Aurilia Jane Angier to Aurelia Jane Hunt, _____ (towns not named).
Francis Balch to Francis Vergines Balch.
William Duncan Foster to William Foster Duncan.
Emma Sawin to Emma Sawin Patten.
Eva L. Smith to Addie Ellis Richardson.
Benie Potter to Flora Ann Reed.
Amelia Hannah Willis to Amelia Hannah Lasuer.
Charles Sumner Stevens to Charles Stevens Ayer.
Martha Jane McAndrews to Martha Jane Grace.
Sarah E. Honey to Amy Elizabeth Pettee.
Harriet Amanda Pond to Harriet Ella Gay.
Mary Ann Maddock to Mary Ann Gay.

Oct. 2, Anne Frances Baker to Annie Frances Davis, _____ (towns not mentioned).
Nov. 9, Harriet Upham to Harriet Upham Andrews.
Dec. 4, Sarah McGurk to Sarah McGurk Reed.
Dec. 4, Frances Borden to Frances Borden Vincent.
Dec. 4, Hannah V. D. Robinson to Hannah Valentine Durfee.
Dec. 4, Fidelia Durfee Robinson to Fidelia Durfee.
Dec. 4, George Durfee Robinson to George Durfee.

Harry Wallen to Harry Franklin Clark.
Emma Thompson to Emma Nelson Hallet.
Huldah Thompson to Addie William Loring.
Harriet Augustus Bartlett to Harriet Bartlett Robinson.
Josephine Hallett Sturgis to Muriel Mary Rogers.
Ellen Jane Sullivan to Hannah Nye.
Atkins Dyer Paine to Elisha Lewis Lombard Paine.
Marshal E. Paine to Marshal Paine Snow.
Henry T. Hallett to Henry T. Coombs.
Alice Maria Osgood to Fanny Maria Hoxie.
Eliza Jones Collins to Eliza Jones Nickerson.

Armond Christian Armondson to Thomas Benson, _____ (towns not named).
Sarah Gertrude Babb to Sarah Babb Hobart.
Dora Betzner to Lizzie Davis Harding.
Blanche Lilliam Brown to Blanche Lillian Blake.
Eva Brown to Eva Maria Briggs.
Frederick Augustus Case to Frederick Augustus Taft.
Fanny Cutter to Fannie Starkey.
Sarah Griffiths to Ella Melissa Wentworth.
Frederick Hannah to Charles Frederick Stevens.
Carrie Lee Hardy to Carrie Oakman Gardner.
George Washington Heard, Jun. to George Farley Heard.
Annie Hitchcock to Caroline Elizabeth Spalding.
Mary Louise Hudson to Ella Louise Scudder.
Matilda Irvin to Maria Osborne.
Isaac H. McCartee to Isaac H. Carter.
Patrick Mahoney to George Henry Miller.
Anna Elizabeth Maiers to Annie Elizabeth Humphrey.
Edward F. Milliken to Edward Milliken Rumery.
Anna Geraldine O'Shahan to Anna Geraldine de Bonneville.
Charles Henry Preston to Charles Frank Hardcastle.
John Turner Welles Sargent to Turner Sargent.
Cecelia Susan Ward to Cecelia Susan Woods.
Walter Weston to James Russell Spalding.
Harriet B. Whitaker to Harriet Burr Whitaker.

Mar. 19, Nancy Norwood Lull to Kate Norwood Lull, Manchester.
May 7, Hattie P. Mayhew* to Hattie Mayhew Perry, Danvers.
May 7, Emeline Augusta Teague* to Emeline Augusta Reith, South Danvers.
May 17, Mary Jane Tullock* to Mary Jane Demsey, Danvers.
June 11, John Taylor to John Zach Taylor, Haverhill.
July 2, Esther Alice Hicks* to Alice Hilliard, Newburyport.
July 16, Jonas S. Sinclair& to John Symonds Dorman, Boxford.
Aug. 6, William S. Dalton* to George William Winn, Salem.
Oct. 1, Emma Jane Getchell* to Emma Florence French, Lynn.
Dec. 18, Stephen Wendell Abbott* to Wendell Phillips Kenney, Lawrence.

Jan. 22, Chester Bradshaw Guild to Robert Bradshaw Guild, Charlestown.
Feb. 26, Robert Dunn* to Albion Robert Clapp, Malden.
Mar. 5, Lucy Ellen Merrill* to Lucy Merrill Eaton, Cambridge.
Apr. 2, Cabot Hoes Whitaker to George Cabot Whitaker, Lowell.
Apr. 2, Abby Frances Eastman* to Abby Frances Morrison, Lowell.
Apr. 9, Thomas Peachy Tukey to Frederick Sumner Tukey, Lowell.
Apr. 9, George Brackett to George Callender Brackett, Somerville.
Apr. 9, Ann Foly* to Ann Reynolds, Cambridge.
Apr. 9, Willie Stone* to Jonathan Huse Brown, Tewksbury.
Apr. 23, Grace Porter* to Grace Porter Simonds, Cambridge.
May 7, Charlotte L. Coburn* to Annette Nicholas, Lowell.
May 28, Louisa Emerline Bixby* to Hattie Alsie Randall, Groton.
June 25, Mary Jane Eginton* to Mary Jane Walker, Newton.
Aug. 13, Dudley C. Boynton to Dudley Chace Mumford, Medford.
Sept. 10, William Gaw* to William Stinson, Cambridge.
Sept. 10, Hatty Jane Rice* to Hattie Jane Marsh, Medford.
Oct. 1, George Marshall* to George Gardner Brown, Lowell.
Nov. 26, Charles Curtis* to Charles Cook, Cambridge.
Dec. 10, Hattie L. Rand* to Hattie Adel Packard, Cambridge.
Dec. 10, Eliza Jane Mayo* to Eliza Jane Pike, Waltham.

Annetta E. Dodge to Annetta Elizabeth Taft, _____ (no town mentioned).
Elizabeth S. Williams to Minverva Florence Balcome.
Charles Lyman Chickering to Charles Lyman Williams.
Caroline Louisa Chickering to Caroline Louisa Williams.
Clara Shepherd to Clara Etta Shepherd.
James Henry Penney to William Henry Gardner.
Herbert Scovell to George Herbert Nichols.
Alexander De Witt Scovell to De Witt Clinton Nichols.
Ella Maria Spooner to Ella Maria Cleveland.
Harriet Augusta Jones to Hattie Augusta Taylor.
Almira H. Rockwood to Almira H. Wood.
Clarissa Augusta Patch to Clarissa Augusta Brigham.
Nellie Phebe Goodman to Nellie Phebe Blood.
Carrie May Thompson to Carrie May Gould.
Eliza Jane Morse to Eliza Jane Rogers.
Benjamin Lee to Benjamin Lee O'Callaghan.
Hattie Fitzgerald to Lucy Hill.

Jan. 5, Caroline J. Hendrichson* to Carrie J. Whitehouse, Boston.
Feb. 5, Emily Sarah Cole* to Emily Sarah Packard, Cummington.
May 14, Frederick Lyman Pittsinger* to Frederick Lyman Kimball, Enfield.
June 4, Margrette Kearney* to Louisa Margrette Macomber, Northampton.
Aug. 13, Mary Elizabeth Gleason* to Lillie Sarah Barnard, Athol.
Oct. 1, Ida Allen* to Ida Hatch, Holyoke.

Mar. _, Ira H. Clagstone* to Ira H. Cain, Holyoke.
_____, William Speakman* to William Everett Nichols, _____.
April _, Monroe Fox* to Monroe Stevens Rising, Granville.
June _, Nellie Eliza Dailey* to Nellie Eliza Willard, Holyoke.
_____, Fanny Estel Dailey* to Fannie Estella Loomis, Holyoke.
_____, George Woodbury Fiske* to George Woodbury Rogers, Holyoke.
July _, Kate S. H. Thompson* to Kate Thompson, _____.
Sept. _, Nellie May Hosford* to Nellie May Clark, Springfield.

Jan. 1, Charles Robert Bolton * to Charles Frederic Clap, Boston.
Feb. 5, Harlekin S. Cross* to Harley Cross Amidon, Rowe.
Mar. 2, Sarah J. Gleason* to Lizzie Field Cushing, Athol.
Mar. 2, Eva Maria Gleason* to Eva Maria Reed, Athol.
Mar. 2, Oscar D. Fisk* to Oscar D. Hapgood, Warwick.
Mar. 28, Eugene Thaxter Gurney* to Eugene Thaxter Williams, Hawley.
Aug. 6, Mary Emma Denslow* to Mary Emma Vincent, Shelburne.
Dec. 3, Sarah Lizzie Geer* to Lizzie Maria Blake, Ashfield.

Jan. 1, Ann Doud* to Eva Ann Johnson, Washington.
June 4, Sarah Sprong* to Sarah Leffingroell, Pittsfield.
July 17, Cora Mambert* to Cora Gibson, Sheffield.
July 24, Charles E. Williams* to Charles E. Sherman, Adams.

Virginia Bird to Mary Elizabeth Drake, _____ (no towns.)
Charles Bird to Charles Bird Wade.
Frederick Knox Wait to Frederic Wait Foster.
Charles Hall Thing to Charles Hall Thwing.
Benjamin F. Cooke to Benjamin F. Cook Cressey.
Horatio Davis to Charles Davis, Jun.
Charles May Livingston to Charles Henry Pierce.

Oct. 1, Annie Elizabeth Taggard to Annie Elizabeth Hoar.
Dec. 3, Ann Eliza Fish to Ann Eliza Gibbs.
Dec. 3, Nellie Frances Trafton Collins to Nellie Frances Trafton Tripp.

Jan. 13, Elinor Hanson to George Elinor Swasey, Boston.
Feb. 10, Caroline Nichols Leach to Caroline Leach Smith, Boston.
Apr. 7, Michael Crosby to Frank Michael Crosby, Boston.
Apr. 14, Abby Amelia Wright to Nellie Gertrude Emery, Boston.
Apr. 28, Mary Tweed to Mary Ahrend, Boston.
May 12, Jacob Corman to Jacob Corman Bopp, Boston.
June 16, Thomas Henry Woodell to Willie Chellis Rowe, Boston.
Oct. 20, Paulina Roney to Sarah Lind Littlefield, Boston.
Nov. 3, Edgar C. Wainwright to Edward Roberts, Boston.
Dec. 15, Annie Murphy to Annie Maria Lincoln, Boston.

Apr. 1, Emma Dodge to Emma Florence Adams, Topsfield.
May 20, Mary E. Cross to mary Emma Delnow, Middleton.
July 1, Olive Durell Stickney to Olive Durell Little, Newbury.
Oct. 7, William Webb to William Webb Russell, Marblehead.

Feb. 11, Ida Peterson to Ida Augusta Kidder, Newton.
Feb. 11, James Robbins to James Arthur Robbins, Watertown.
Feb. 25, Charles Edward Parker to Charles Parker Spalding, Lowell.
Feb. 25, Frederick Augustus Parker to Frederick Parker Spalding, Lowell.
Feb. 25, Walter Hillier to Frederick Arthur Wildes, Charlestown.
Mar. 11, Charles Gallagher to Charles Henry Reed, Somerville.
Mar. 25, Harriet Haynes to Hattie Lambert Osgood, Hopkinton.
Apr. 1, Francis Donavan to George Francis Parsons, Lowell.
May 6, Minnie E. Atchinson to Minnie Eveline Packard, Lowell.
Sept. 9, Adelia B. Black to Adelia Black Williams, Reading.
Oct. 14, Josiah Gould to Josiah Gould Chapman, Woburn.
Oct. 28, Jenney Deloes to Jenny Delves Gibby, Lowell.
Nov. 11, Abbie Frances Ann Libbey to Abbie Frances Ann Coburn, Cambridge.
Nov. 11, Mary E. Bailey to Mary Ellen Danforth, Lowell.
Nov. 11, John Henry Sowersby to John Henry Nichols, Somerville.
Dec. 23, Emily Isabella De Blois to Emma Bertha Wilson, Framingham.

Jan. 1, Louisa Adams to Lillie Louisa Page, Southborough.
Feb. 4, Lizzie Adele Cowdrey to Lizzie Adele Cowdrey Warren, Lancaster.
Mar. 4, Alfred Augustus Hitchcock to Alfred Orsen Hitchcock, Fitchburg.
Mar. 4, Edward Wellman Hitchcock to Edward Wyman Hitchcock, Fitchburg.
Mar. 4, James Wellman Hitchcock to James Ripley Wellman Hitchcock, Fitchburg.
Mar. 4, Peter W. Chamberlain to Frank Wheeler, Petersham.
Mar. 4, Harriet W. Chamberlain to Harriet M. Wheeler, Petersham.
Mar. 4, Arthur Chamberlain to Arthur Wheeler, Petersham.
Apr. 1, Ellathyna P. Muzzey to Ellathyna Lavinia Prouty, Spencer.
Apr. 1, Frances Helen Griggs Pond to Frances Helen Griggs, Grafton.
May 6, Jennie Elouise Stearns to Jennie Hill Munroe, Worcester.
June 3, Albert Augustus Moore to Albert Augustus Kidder, Oxford.
June 3, George D. Mason to George William Cole, Clinton.
July 1, Laura Belle Bartlett to Laura Belle Arnold, Fitchburg.
July 1, Clifford Holman Smith to Clifford Holman Batchellor, Worcester.
Aug. 5, Allen Richard Bennett to George Chauning (Channing?) Holt, Royalston.
Aug. 5, Francis Littlefield to Francis Roper, Princeton.
Sept. 2, George Perry Phillips to George Perry Clark, Spencer.
Sept. 2, Mary Lizzie Byrnes to Nellie Frances Ide, Milford.
Oct. 23, Cora Adams to Cora A. Crocker, Templeton.
Nov. 4, Mary Ward to Mary Ward Whitney, Ashburnham.
Nov. 4, George Lampson Stone to George Lampson Stone Knowlton, Gardner.
Dec. 2, Annie Laura McNally to Annie Laura Wood, Leominster.
Dec. 2, Annie Harrigidon to Lizzie Alice Sanders, Worcester.
Dec. 2, Lizzie Hubbard Ellis to Lizzie Ellis Hubbard, Milford.
Dec. 2, Alfred Merriam to Charles Alfred Merriam, Worcester.
Dec. 2, Abby Ann Steans to Abby Ann Waite, Fitchburg.

Jan. 7, Isabella P. Webster to Isabella P. Clapp, Easthampton.
Feb. 4, Martha E. Stebbins to Martha Antoinette Morton, Hatfield.
Apr. 1, Cornelia Powers to Mary Elizabeth Powers, Westfield.

Feb. 4, ____ Stickney* to Charles Stickney, Westfield.
Mar. 4, Julena Poweres to Julena Julian, Springfield.
June 17, Edward Adams Briggs to Edward Adams Bishop, Russell.
Nov. 5, Adelbert Allyn to Albert Allyn, Holyoke.

Aug. 5, Catharina Pfwsirh (or Phersy) to Catharina Niter, Shelburne.
Sept. 9, Mary Conners to Mary Rosella Lyman, Northfield.
Sept. 9, Georgiana Ripley to Lessie Abigail Moore, Northfield.
Oct. 7, Mary A. Pratt to Mary Nettie Alden, Montague.
Jan. 7, Harriet Severance to Pearl Maxwell, Charlemont.
Feb. 11, Helen Nunny to Nellie Nanny Thompson, Buckland.

Mar. 4, Louisa Williams to Louisa Parker, Adams.
Apr. 1, Gurdon Joyner to Gurdon Hollenbeck, Pittsfield.
May 6, Elizabeth Hamlin to Ida M. Rodgers, Becket.
Dec. 2, Bird W. Powell to Bird W. Gorham, Sheffield.

May 10, Mary Elbridge Higgins to Mary Livermore Stanton, Roxbury.
Aug. 16, George Sumner Joy to George Sumner Goldthwait, Weymouth.
Sept. 20, Hannah Adelaide French to Annie Adelaide French, Quincy.

Jan. 7, Lavinia Case to Lavinia Knapp, Taunton.
Jan. 21, Rachel Wilson to Kate Mundell Jones, Taunton.
Apr. 4, Unknown to Lizzie B. Eddy, Swanzey.
Aug. 1, Alfred H. Potter to Alfred H. Fisher, New Bedford.
Sept. 5, George Clinton to George Clinton Bliss, New Bedford.
Sept. 5, Hattie Farrell to Mary Elizabeth Newcomb, Taunton.

Apr. 1, Julia A. Moore to Julia A. Sylvester, Hanover.
Aug. 11, Mabel W. Leathers to Mabel W. Lowell, Abington.
Oct. 28, Hannah C. Sears to Hannah Sears West, Rochester.

May 20, Samuel Young to Edward Francis Young, Chatham.
May 20, Samuel Young, Jun. to Edward Francis Young, Jun., Chatham.
June 17, Amanda M. Baker to Amanda Maria Skinner, Dennis.
June 17, Ida Ann Smithurst to Isa Mary Fuller, Lynn.
June 17, John Smith 2d to John Smith Kemp, Wellfleet.
June 17, John Vira Williams to George Vira Williams, Wellfleet.

Jan. 26, Sylvia Dana Eaton to Grace Dana Homer, Boston.
Feb. 16, Bridget Ann O'Brien to Bridget Ann Kehoe, Boston.
Mar. 9, Mary Josephine Pearsons to Mary Josephine Thomas, Boston.
Mar. 16, Maria J. Harris to Edith Jane Chase, Boston.
Apr. 6, Eliot Guild to Samuel Eliot Guild, Boston.
Apr. 13, Georgianna Marion Watson to Georgianna Marion Thompson, Boston.
Apr. 27, George Winfield Young to George Winfield Siegrist, Boston.
Apr. 27, Leander Sebastian Streeter to Lee Streeter, Boston.
May 11, Carrie Louisa Marshall to Carrie Louisa Pycott, Boston.
June 8, John Josephs to John Cooper, Boston.
June 22, Elena Hatch Keenan to Harriet Maria Johnson, Boston.
June 29, John Henry Burbeck to Francis Herbert Short, Boston.
Aug. 10, Fanny Lincoln to Fanny Lincoln Bowdlear, Boston.
Nov. 30, Catharine Fitzgibbon to Catharine Sullivan, Boston.
Dec. 14, Charles Augustus Ferdinand Weuskowsky to Charles Ferdinand Bowers, Chelsea.
Dec. 14, Sarah Weuskowsky to Sarah Bowers, Chelsea.
Dec. 14, Caroline Louisa Weuskowsky to Caroline Louisa Bowers, Chelsea.

Jan. 6, Hattie Newell Card to Hattie Newell Sanborn, Groveland.
Feb. 3, ____ Decatur to Clara W. Carey, Lynn.
Mar. 17, Eddie Higgins to Edward D. Smith, Danvers.
Apr. 7, Susan Davis to Susan Eliza Meader, Newburyport.
Apr. 7, Martha Goodwin to Ellen Buffinton Kehew, Salem.
May 5, Charles Edward Wilson to Charles Edward Burrill, Swampscott.
Sept. 8, Ida Watts to Mary Ida Waterhouse Smith, Andover.
Oct. 6, Ruth N. Leavitt to Lizzie Leavitt Main, Marblehead.
Oct. 6, Eliza Gilbert Pearce to Eliza Pearce Peabody, South Danvers.
Nov. 3, John Mowry to John Welsh, Amesbury.

Mar. 24, Charles Callahan to Charles Edwards Hall, Somerville.
Apr. 14, Mary Frances Brigham to Mary Frances Barnard, Marlborough.
Apr. 14, Francis E. Symmes to Frances Edward Clark, Newton.
June 9, Lucy Angelia Law to Lucy Angelia Stone, Framingham.
June 9, Nancy M. Conant to Annie M. Conant, Stow.
June 9, Louise Prentiss Warren to Helen Talcott Warren, Charlestown.
Sept. 1, William Henry Clough to William Henry Peabody, Dracut.
Sept. 1, Martin Peabody Clough to Martin Peabody, Dracut.
Jan. 27, Sylvanus Judkins* to Danforth E. Newcomb, Medford.
Feb. 3, Marietta Montgomery* to Marietta Sherman, Lowell.
Feb. 10, Lillie Catharine Shattuck* to Lillie Catharine Bass, Lowell.
Feb. 10, Mary Ellen Copperthorn* to Minnie Treat Allen, Newton.
Feb. 24, Mary Ann Lindsay* to Mary Lindsay Patten, Billerica.
Mar. 10, Angelina Gibson* to Annie Proctor Weston, Cambridge.
Mar. 10, John A. Gilbson* to Edward Henry Weston, Cambridge.
Mar. 10, Mary Ella Huntress* to Mary Ella Fall, Malden.
Mar. 24, Jennie Paul* to Jennie Laura Hardy, Natick.
Apr. 28, Jennie Elliot Coolidge* to Jennie Elliot Cotting, Marlborough.
May 26, ____* to Clara Frances Woods, Shirley.
May 26, Marble Jennie Adams* Elizabeth Ann Robertson, Lowell.
June 2, Annie Little Eaton* to Annie Little Emerson, Lowell.
June 9, Charles Laush* to Charles Wilde, Malden.
June 23, Florence Evalina Mead* to Minnie Ferris Cottle, Belmont.
Aug. 11, William Turner* to William Turner Maxwell, Ashby.
Sept. 1, Alice Severns* to Alice Parker, Lowell.
Sept. 8, Cornelius Beeden* to Cornelius Kain, Brighton.
Sept. 22, Emma Esther Withy* to Rosa Emma Stinehart, Weston.
Oct. 27, John Henry Moore* to John Henry Shorey, Cambridge.
Nov. 24, Adie Foster* to Adie Florence Putnam, Charlestown.
Dec. 8, Susan Elizabeth Kidder* to Susie Belle Bemis, Waltham.

Jan. 6, Francis Walter Haynes to Charles Francis Wight, Hopkinton.
Apr. 7, Amelia Andi Mahan to Caroline Amelia Burbank, Worcester.
Apr. 7, Luke Cram to Luke Remington, Fitchburg.
Apr. 7, Sarah Abigail Cram to Sarah Abigail Remington, Fitchburg.
Apr. 7, Charles Ansel Cram to Charles Ansel Remington, Fitchburg.
Apr. 7, George Luke Cram to George Luke Remington, Fitchburg.
Apr. 7, Walter Davis Cram to Walter Davis Remington, Fitchburg.
May 20, Fannie L. Taylor to Fannie Taylor Stratton, Athol.
July 7, Margaret Elizabeth Rogers to Helen Henrietta Davis, Templeton.
Sept. 1, Charles E. Sawyer to Charles Sawyer Barrows, Worcester.
Oct. 20, Louisa Gaede to Paulina Kencher, Clinton.
Dec. 1, Hannah Flora May Gill to Flora May Jones, Worcester.

Jan. 6, Nellie Parsons to Nellie Parsons Bray, Northampton.
Jan. 6, Robert Brennan to Clarence Dewey Ogden, Northampton.
Jan. 13, Delilah Nichols to Ida Frances Arnold, Pelham.
Jan. 13, Mary Ann Devine to Mary Ann Rigley, Amherst.
Apr. 7, Freddie Stanley to Freddie Sawyer, South Hadley.
July 7, Julia Almeda Newman to Julia Almeda Newman Dickinson, Hatfield.
Oct. 6, Helen M. Upton to Helen M. Taylor, Amherst.
Nov. 3, Mary Campbell to Nellie M. Thayer, Williamsburg.
Nov. 3, Mully Flanagan to Henry Clinton Frissel, Northampton.

Jan. 6, Ella Dora Young* to Ella Dora Bartlett, Springfield.
Feb. 3, Jason Theodore Morse+ to Jason Morse, Brimfield.
Feb. 3, Jane M. Hosley+ to Jane M. Phelps, Springfield.
Feb. 3, Joel N. Clark+ to Joel Norton, Blandford.
Apr. 28, Lydia Jane Bishop* to Jennie Elva Palmer, Palmer.
Sept. 22, Lewis P. Knight* to Lewis P. Watson, Holyoke.
Nov. 4, Corinna Josephine Davidson* to Corinna Josephine Chase, Springfield.
Nov. 4, Ada Clark* to Ada Chase, Springfield.
Dec. 1, Jason C. Case* to Jason C. Hathaway, Chicopee.
Dec. 1, Elnora Violetta Thayer* to Ella Viola Comins, Palmer.
Dec. 1, Joel N. Clark to Joel Norton, Blandford.

Feb. 10, George Hall to George Hall Baker, Hawley.
May 26, Stillman Clark Turner to Stillman Clark Carter, Hawley.
Aug. 4, Abbie Maria Kenney to Abbie Maria Jones, Deerfield.
Aug. 4, Nancy Ellen Death to Ellen Anderson, Montague.
Aug. 4, _____ to Willie Bush, Greenfield.
Sept. 1, Emma Boswell to Emma Melinda Bardwell, Shelburne.
Oct. 27, Mary Elizabeth Clark to Mary Elizabeth Sanderson, Whately.

June 2, Alice Johnson to Alice Hannah Bacon, Adams.
July 22, Willie Gilbert to Willie Thomas Comstock, Great Barrington.

Jan. 17, Nancy Gordon to Nancy Maria Dow, Quincy.
Mar. 28, Anna Cora Bower to Anna Bower Hibbard, Roxbury.
Apr. 4, Elizabeth P. Wilbur to Elizabeth F. Grover, Foxborough.
Apr. 7, Jennie Brown to Florence Evylyn Snell, Dedham.
Aug. 15, Henry Packard to Henry Thomas Packard, Quincy.
Sept. 1, Clarance B. Clark to George W. Wilcox, Wrentham.

Jan. 2, John B. Vandenhough to John Bowers, Somerset.
Jan. 2, William Lyman Vandenhough to William Lyman Bowers, Somerset.
Feb. 6, Emma S. Upton to Emma S. Monroe, New Bedford.
Feb. 6, Emma Peyser to Emma Peyser Hyman, New Bedford.
June 5, James L. S. Russell to James Russell Tracy, Raynham.
July 10, Adeline F. Cole to Adeline F. Slade, New Bedford.
Aug. 21, George Heighlints to Geore Haworth, Taunton.
Nov. 6, Mary Ellen McKim to Nellie Delano, New Bedford.
Dec. 4, Mabel Alice Hall to Annie Mabel Maxham, Taunton.

Feb. 24, Adeline L. Coots* to Hattie Tyler Cobb, North Bridgewater.
Feb. 24, Helen P. Wood* to Helen Pierpont Cobb, North Bridgewater.
July 13, Lizzie F. Griffith* to Florence W. Harris, Wareham.
Oct. 26, Fannie Frisbie* to Fannie Frisbie Gibbs, Wareham.
Nov. 23, Harry M. Packard* to Isaac M. P. Brett, North Bridgewater.
Nov. 23, Sarah J. Nye* to Emma Sarah Lane, Abington.

Feb. 10, Isaac Hall 2d to Isaac Freeman Hall, Dennis.
Aug. 11, Muriel May Rogers to Murial May Downs, Dennis.
Sept. 8, Agnes Whitmore Simmons to Mary Lewis Simmons, Barnstable.
Dec. 8, Betsey Ann Kelley to Betsey Ann Kelley Hamblin, Yarmouth.

Jan. 19, Tristram Ripley* to Tristram R. Holley, Edgartown.

Jan. 4, Maria Fitzgibbon to Maria Havey, Boston.
Mar. 21, Louis Paul Otis to Alfred Lewis Baury, Boston.
Mar. 28, Robert Miller Slater to Howard Randolph Bowers, Boston.
Apr. 11, Isaac Davenport Fisher to Davenport Fisher, Boston.
Apr. 11, Charles William Brown to Gardner Charles Brown, Boston.
May 9, Ella Walsh to Carrie Ella Judkins, Boston.
May 16, Lillian Cornis to Lilliam Webster Brown, Boston.
June 6, Arthur Latham Rowell to Arthur Latham Clough, Boston.
June 27, James Henry Very to James Henry Wakefield, Boston.
Oct. 3, William Thomas Ashton to William Thomas Bancroft, Boston.
Nov. 14, Richard Godfrey to Richard Irwin, Boston.
Dec. 5, Mary P. Nye to Bertha Lincoln Putnam, Boston.
Dec. 5, Abigail Libby Coverley to Abby Libby Lunt, Boston.
Dec. 19, Gracie Emma Thomas to Gracie Emma Kelley, Boston.
Dec. 19, Sophia Beck to Gertrude Hatchman, Boston.

Feb. 2, William E. Fisher* to William E. Prentiss, Marblehead.
Mar. 1, Mary Jane Fremont* to Alice Fremont Willey, South Danvers.
June 7, Annie Elizabeth King to Annie Fabens King, Salem.
June 7, Mary Jane Howe* to Mary Jane Bridges, Newburyport.
June 14, Harry Dow to Harry Dow Moray, Lawrence.
June 14, Mary Emma Bean* to Emma Bean Chase, Lawrence.
July 5, William Fitzgibbon* to William Fitzgibbon Erwin, Gloucester.
Aug. 2, Maria Emma Ingalls to Emma Williston Ingalls, Andover.
Aug. 2, Elizabeth D. Howe to Elizabeth Howe Richards, Lynn.
Oct. 4, Eva Adelaide Cheneworth* to Emma Frances Burns, Lynn.
Oct. 11, Eva Adelaide DeWolf* to Eva Adelaide Smith, Gloucester.
Oct. 18, William Carr Moreau* to William Charles Anderson, Groveland.
Dec. 13, Lizzie Maria Withey* to Lizzie Maria Higgins, Lawrence.

Jan. 26, Susan Elizabeth Ames* to Susan Elizabeth Sparhawk, Brighton.
Jan. 26, Rhoda Jane Ames* to Rhoda Jane Sparhawk, Brighton.
Feb. 5, Fanny M Hunt* to Fanny Hamilton Flint, Cambridge.
Mar. 22, John Alexander Jennison* to John Alexander Holmes, Wayland.
Apr. 5, Charles Fremont Chapman* to Charles Henry Pierson, Wilmington.
Apr. 5, William P. L. Chapman* to William Justin Damon, Reading.
Apr. 12, Eugene Hall* to William Henry Gurney, Natick.
Apr. 26, Anne Stewart* to Anne Crowley, Malden.
May 10, William Parker Lewis* to Samuel William Fowler, Malden.
June 14, Sarah Jane Carroll* to Sarah Jane Twitchell, Hopkinton.
June 14, Annie A. Cushman* to Annie Augusta Hastings, Woburn.
Aug. 9, Kenneth John Brown to Kenneth John Ware, Medford.
Sept. 6, Charles Henry Pratt* to Charles Henry Lovett, Lowell.
Sept. 6, Clara W. Weeks* to Clara W. Smith, Lowell.
Sept. 13, George Fred. Mortimer Nowlan* to Fred. Mortimer Bell, Malden.
Sept. 27, Nellie Hoyet* to Hattie Mills, Groton.
Oct. 4, Mary Catharine Houghton* to Mary Cathareine Beath, Cambridge.
Oct. 11, Mary Elizabeth Kenedy* to Merriam Farrington, Holliston.
Nov. 22, Horatio Griffin* to Horace James, Medford..
Dec. 13, Harry Ellison Chase* to Harry Ellison Seaver, Charlestown.
Dec. 13, Emma Jane Parker* to Emma Mehitable Morse, Marlborough.
Dec. 13, Leslie Frances Martin* to Leslie Frances Adams, Lowell.
Dec. 27, Lida Cecelia Pearl* to Ida Webb, Waltham.

Mar. 1, Evelyn E. Tidd to Evelyn E. Plummer, Warren.
Feb. 2, Edwin Tyson Townsend to Edward Townsend, Spencer.
April 5, Sarah Maria Farnum to Sarah Maria Taft, Unxbridge.
April 5, Mary Ann Dowd to Mary Ann Darney, Worcester.
April 5, Catharine Dowd to Catharine Gernhard, Worcester.
May 3, Nellie Brown to Nellie Wakefield, Worcester.
May 3, Arthur W. Conant to Arthur Warren Conant Loverwell, Gardner.
June 7, Cassie Vernom Miller to Cassie Vernon Miller Long, Westborough.
June 7, Annie Dowd to Annie Vail, Worcester.
June 7, Nettie Maria Norcross to Nettie Maria Martin, Worcester.
June 7, Susie Adams to Susie A. Dodd, Paxton.
July 5, Margaret Josephine Perry to Margaret Louise Humphrey, Milford.
Aug. 2, Georgie E. Smith to Ella Maria Sibley, Westborough.
Aug. 2, Hattie Ann Spooner to Hattie Ann Brown, Leicester.
Sept. 6, Stephen Edward McGann to Stephen Edward McGann Finnesty, Milford.
Sept. 6, Clara Etta Gould to Nellie Elizabeth Hatch, Leicester.
Sept. 6, Joseph Washington Estabrook Lindsay to Joseph Ira Lindsay, Grafton.
Sept. 29, Cora M. Gould to Cora M. Wheaton, Leicester.
Nov. 1, Lucy Caroline Brooks to Lucy Caroline Warner, Harvard.
Nov. 1, Eva Kendall to Eva Merton Clemence, Worcester.
Nov. 1, William Arthur Cummings to William Arthur Eager, Leominster.
Nov. 1, Ernest Buck to Ernest Clapper, Millbury.
Dec. 6, Lizie E. Hubbard to Lizie H. Ellis, Milford.

Jan. 5, Frank Fiske to Frank Fiske Brown, South Hadley.
Jan. 5, William A. Turner to Leon Ellsworth Beals, Northampton.
Mar. 1, Emily Adelaide Livingston to Katie Emma King, Plainfield.
Apr. 14, Joseph W. Porter to Wellington Joseph Patterson, Huntington.
Sept. 6, Curtis R. Graves to Curtis R. Smith, Amherst.
Oct. 11, Lucy Ellen King to Lucy King Dikeman, Northampton.
Nov. 1, Ella J. Bushnell to Ella J. Warner, Williamsburg.
Feb. 2, George Sidney Brown to George Sidney Hamilton, Blandford.
Mar. 15, Frederick B. Winchell to Frederick B. Rogers, Chester.
Apr. 5, Charles Bates to Charles Weaver, Chicopee.
Apr. 5, Clara Eva Harvey to Clara Eva Easton, Southwick.
June 7, Mary Butler to Minnie W. Pinkham, Sprigfield.
June 7, Mary M. Simons to Mary M. Burt, Longmeadow.
July 5, Mary Ida Simons to Cora Bell Clark, Chester.
July 5, Alia Eveline Thompson to Alia Eveline Kendall, Chicopee.
July 5, John Neal to John N. Capen, Springfield.
July 17, Charles Dinkle to Frederick Briggs Converse, Monson.

Feb. 2, Alice F. Dunbar to Alice F. Munson, Greenfield.
Feb. 9, Franklin E. Turner to Lyman F. Griggs, Ashfield.
Feb. 9, James Hicks to James Hicks Hunt, Rowe.
May 3, Henrietta E. Smith to Henrietta Emeline Wilson, Shutesbury.
May 3, Minnie Maria Hall to Minnie Maria Pierce, Buckland.
June 7, Abigial Thomas to Abbie Maria Willis, Buckland.
July 5, Sarah Nunney to Sarah Sprague, Buckland.
Aug. 2, Elizabeth A. Dawson to Mary Ella King, Buckland.
Aug. 2, Emily Nunney to Emily Nunney Brown, Buckland.
Sept. 6, William E. Martin to William Arthur Cook, Heath.
Oct. 25, Ada Johnson to Ada Johnson Powers, Shelburne.
Oct. 25, Daniel P. Johnson to Daniel Johnson Powers, Shelburne.
Oct. 25, Lucinda Melessa Payne to Beadie Melessa Payne, Buckland.
Dec. 6, Carrie B. Vose to Carrie Belle Harris, Charlemont.

Mar. 18, Laura Ellen Shattuck to Ellen Jane Ballou, Adams.

Feb. 13, William Sherman Elliot to William Sherman Fellows, Milton.
Feb. 27, Frank W. Slater to John Franklin Bowling, Foxborough.
Apr. 2, Charles Mansfield to Charles Henry Mansfield, Needham.
Apr. 16, Nellie Baker Spring to Helen Amelia Shaw, _____.
July 2, Esther H. P. Stevens to Esther H. P. Sumner, Foxborough.
Aug. 20, Frank Ellis Perry to Frank Ellis Hill, Foxborough.
Aug. 27, Henry Ambrose Heeling to Henry Lomasney Kirby, Roxbury.
Nov. 5, Margaret Cunningham to Mary Ella Burroughs, _____.

Feb. 5, Emma Louisa Caneau to Emma Louisa Dean, Taunton.
Feb. 15, Hannah Louisa Pratt to Hannah Louisa Stanley, Taunton.
Feb. 19, Mary Ella Black to Mary Ella Hunt, Taunton.
Mar. 16, Caroline Elizabeth Cheatham to Caroline Elizabeth Bosworth, Attleborough.
July 8, Alice Almy Davol to Almy Cartwright, Somerset.
Aug. 19, Hester Henrietta Pratt to Hester Henrietta Fuller, Rehoboth.
Sept. 16, Emma Theresa Harriman to Emma Allen Battelle, Taunton.

June 12, Irene Allen Taylor* to Irene Allen White, Duxbury.

June 21, Charles Ellis to Charles Sears, Dennis.
June 21, Frederick Joseph Crocker to Frederick William Crocker, Barnstable.
Nov. 3, Minnie Fletcher Howe to Minnie Fletcher Luscombe, Provincetown.

Sept. _, James Ross Gardner to James Ross, Nantucket.

Jan. 9, Abby Jennette Smith to Emma Jennette Ford, Stow.
Jan. 16, Henrietta Clapp to Henrietta Beckwith, Boston.
Jan. 30, Anna Livingston to Annie Blanche Twombly, Cambridge.
Feb. 20, Clara Blanchard to Clara Paddleford Holden, Charlestown.
Feb. 27, Margaret Curry to Margaret Ellen Cotter, Framingham.
Mar. 13, Sarah Louise Craig to Sarah Louise Craig Hale, Sprinfield.
Mar. 20, William Henry Farren to William Henry Winslow, Boston.
Apr. 17, Anna Maria Bennett to Anna Maria Naylor, Boston.
May 1, Julia George to Julia George Kilpatrick, Lawrence.
May 29, Charles Wragg, alias Charles Wray to Henry Dale, Boston.
June 5, Louis Powers, otherwise called Louis Sawyer to Louis Sawyer Whitcomb, Litchfield, Me.
June 12, Hannah Elizabeth Donovan to Hannah Elizabeth Pratt, St. John, N.B. June 12, Agnes Riona Smith to Clara Morse, Boston.
June 12, Almira Susan Teed to Nellie Hunter Morrison, Rovingstown, Me.
June 26, Margaret Elizabeth Reynolds to Margaret Wendell Reynolds, Boston.
Aug. 7, Hubert Kent Sutton to Hubert Kent Reynolds, Boston.
Aug. 7, Estella Louisa Penney to Estella Young, Malden.
Aug. 14, Edward Moses to Edward Heath Spooner, Boston.
Aug. 28, Isabelle Smith to Helen Louisa Bailey, Boston.
Sept. 4, Sarah Elizabeth Williams to Sarah Elizabeth Brown, Boston.
Sept. 18, Elizabeth Mulhearn to Elizabeth Murphy, Boston.
Sept. 25, Robert Carr Tubbs to Robert Carr Dunham, Boston.
Oct. 9, Henry Boynton to Joseph Henry Binney, Somerville.
Oct. 9, Frederic Myers to Frederick Manson Brooks, Boston.
Oct. 16, Edward Stanley Tubbs to Edward Stanley Dunham, Boston.
Oct. 23, Osgood Harriman to Osgood Harriman Sewall, Chatham, N.H.
Oct. 30, Feridoon J. R. Wood to Feridoon Wood Parents, Boston.
Nov. 6, Josiah Carr Tubbs to Josiah Carr Dunham, Boston.

Jan. 10, Mary Ellen Gingras* to Mary Ellen Firth, Methuen.
Feb. 7, Francis Prestis Blaney to Stephen Francis Blaney, South Danvers.
Mar. 9, Jesse Goodnow to Jesse Gardner Gould, Lawrence.
Mar. 21, Luella Johnson* to Anna Lenora Burrill, Newbury.
June 6, Florence L. Worthen to Florence Louise Greene, Haverhill.
June 13, Ada Augusta Lord* to Ada Augusta Hodgman, Lawrence.
July 5, Isabell Jane Gilson* to Isabell Jane Smith, Bradford.
Aug. 1, Frank William Chase* to Frank William Chase Folsom, Georgetown.
Sept. 5, Daniel Collins* to Daniel Collins Smyth, Lynn.
Oct. 3, Sarah Elizabeth Frederic* to Elizabeth Goddard Stone, Marblehead.
Oct. 3, George Dudley Abbott to Stephen Woodbury Abbott, Beverly.
Oct. 10, George Scarth* to George Fanton, Gloucester.
Nov. 7, Leonora Williams* to Leonora Brice, Lynn.
Nov. 7, Anna Janett Williams* to Anna Janett Brice, Lynn.
Nov. 14, Georgianna Scott* to Georgianna Scott French, Lawrence.
Dec. 5, Emeline W. Stannard* to Emeline Stannard Laroch, Gloucester.
Dec. 5, Jennie L. Stannard* to Jennie Stannard Estabrook, Gloucester.
Dec. 12, George B. Tubbs to George B. Dunham, Lynn.
Dec. 12, Christianna S. Tubbs to Christianna S. Dunham, Lynn.

Jan. 10, John Hannibal Augustus Rollins to John Augustus Rollins, Charlestown.
Jan. 10, Susan Ann Senior* to Anna Jane Shackley, Cambridge.
Jan. 24, Helen Grey Trask* to Helen Maria Grey, Tewksbury.
Feb. 14, Darius Messer to Darius Morton Messer, Stoneham.
Apr. 11, Ella Frances Stevens* to Emma Louisa Shory, Cambridge.
Apr. 11, Ida Louisa Waterman* to Ida Louisa Whitney, Medford.
May 23, Sarah E. Poor to Sarah E. Hartshorn, Reading.
May 23, Ella Augusta Poor* to Ella Augusta Hartshorn, Reading.
May 23, Benjamin Richmond* to Benjamin Roundy, Medford.
June 13, Benjamin Pinkus* to George Rafalgen Stimpson, Somerville.
June 13, Addie Maria Bennett* to Amy Eager Gates, Medford.
Aug. 22, Bertha Hankin* to Bertha Tucker, Newton.
Sept. 12, Grace Hankin* to Grace Plummer, Brighton.
Oct. 10, George Haven Dugan to George Dugan Haven, Somerville.
Oct. 24, Thomas Frederick Carr* to Thomas Frederick Eames, Framingham.
Nov. 14, Lottie Louisa Green* to Lottie Louisa Garfield, Groton.
Nov. 14, Nellie E. Rideout* to Nellie Emogene Flood, Lowell.
Dec. 12, Mabel Ada Brown* to Mabel Alden, Ashfield.
Dec. 26, Alexis Dufresne* to Alexis Rivard Lavigne, Jr., Woburn.

Jan. 3, Frank Lincoln Marshall to Frank Marshall Kendall, Leominster.
Feb. 7, Fannie Maria Dadnum to Fannie Maria Philips, Fitchburg.
Feb. 7, Hattie Frances Brockway to Hattie Frances Coolidge, Berlin.
Mar. 7, William Harrison Webber to William Harrison Carlton, Brookfield.
Mar. 7, Willard Clark to Charles Willard Clark, Milford.
Mar. 7, Maria Brown Pettis to Emeretta Frances Farwell, Boylston.
Apr. 4, Perez O'Hearn to Charles Henry Brown, Upton.
Apr. 4, Richard O'Hearn to William Rawson, Upton.
Apr. 4, Ellen Parker to Ellen Butler, Mendon.
May 2, Michael McKenzie to Charles Elmer McKenzie, Northbridge.
May 2, Anna Nickerson Baker to Anna Elizabeth Warren, Upton.
May 2, Mary Jane Morgan to Mary Jane Mellen, Fitchburg.
May 23, Frederick Seaver to Frederick Seaver Madden, Milford.
June 6, Hiram Samson to Hiram Elwin Piper, Charlestown.
July 5, Andrew Belcher to Edwin Vincent Lilley, Milford.
Sept. 5, Lura May Stearns to Lura Jane Amidon, Holden.
Sept. 5, Charles Henry Russell to Charles Henry Hawes, Oxford.
Sept. 5, Freddie Duncan Putnam to Freddie Duncan Loring, Worcester.
Sept. 5, ____ Russell to Nellie Mabel Weaver, Boston.
Oct. 10, Edward Everett Smith to Edward Potter Newell, Northbridge.
Oct. 10, Ella Nora Smith to Ella Nora Newell, Northbrige.
Oct. 18, Alice E. Findell to Alice Emma Marble, Ashburnham.
Oct. 20, Sarah Frances Harrington to Sarah Harrington Goddard, Barre.
Dec. 5, Anna Francelia Coots to Anna Frencelia Howe, North Bridgewater.
Dec. 5, Tearney McMurry to Tearney Cryne, Milford.

Jan. 3, Clara Eliza Baker to Clara Eliza Weeks, Worthington.
Jan. 3, John Smith to John S. Cooke, South Hadley.
June 6, George M. Boice to George M. Gaylord, Hadley.
June 6, Cora D. Boice to Cora D. Spooner, Hadley.
Aug. 1, Carrie E. Harwood to Carrie Amelia Harwood, Northampton.
Aug. 1, Levi G. Bliss to George C. Montague, Granby.
Aug. 1, Cyrene J. Bliss to Cyrene J. Montague, Granby.
Aug. 1, Lillie M. Damon to Lillie M. Brown, Goshen.
Oct. 3, Jennie Sinclair to Jennie L. Field, Northampton.
Dec. 5, Sarah Jane Judd to Sada Jane Judd, South Hadley.

Jan. 3, Frederick Hart* to Frederick Henry Moore, Granville.
Feb. 7, Hattie Maria Bancroft* to Hattie Maria Chamberlain, Granville.
Feb. 7, Henry Clarence Bancroft* to Henry Clarence Chamberlain, Granville.
Feb. 21, Frances Ruthella Gott* to Frances Ruthella Dewey, Agawam.
Mar. 7, Ida May Owen* to Ida May Allen, Springfield.
Mar. 7, Nettie Owen* to Nettie Owen Allen, Springfield.
Mar. 11, Winnifred Grant* to Winnifred Grant Plummer, Springfield.
Apr. 4, Oscar Newton Warriner* to Oscar Newton Allen, West Springfield.
July 11, Eva A. Squires* to Eva Amelia Chandler, Springfield.
Oct. 3, Jennie Elva Palmer* to Jennie Elva Davis, Palmer.
Oct. 17, Frank A. Hills* to Frank Lewis Day, Springfield.
Oct. 17, Minnie Elvira Madison* to Minnie Elvira Cook, Westfield.
Dec. 5, Ernest L. Paine* to Albert Henry Brierly, Springfield.

Mar. 7, Clara Isabella Sweetser to Clara Isabella Armstrong, Sunderland.
June 6, William Arthur Cook to William Earford Martin, Rowe.
Sept. 5, Eva Stella Howard to Eva Stella Lyman, Montague.
Sept. 5, George N. Butler to George Lincoln, Sunderland.
Oct. 3, Maggie L. Murphy to Maggie L. Clapp, Montague.
Oct. 3, George William Simter to George William King, Greenfield.
Oct. 24, Emma A. Clark to Emma Adelade Carpenter, Rowe.
Dec. 11, Oscar S. Cole to Oscar Stephen Ripley, Leverett.
Dec. 12, Martha E. Williams to Martha Emogene Haskell, New Salem.

Apr. 4, Mary Murphy to Mary Toban, Hinsdale.
Apr. 26, Hubert T. Trowbridge to Hubert T. Haradon, Savoy.
Apr. 26, Fanny E. Trowbridge to Sarah Eudora Haradon, Savoy.
Sept. 5, Franklin Potter to Franklin Secor, W. Stockbridge.

Jan. 28, Mabel Georgianna Burrill* to Georgianna Clinton Burrill, Brookline.
Mar. 4, Harriet Hitchborn to Harriet Louisa Hitchborn, Brookline.
Mar. 11, Evelyn Lucinda Kerr* to Evelyn Lucinda Bullard, Canton.
Mar. 11, Sarah Maria Beless* to Sarah Maria King, Needham.
Apr. 1, Ada Parker* to Ada Parker Roberts, Fitzwilliam, N.H.
May 13, Juliet Mann* to Eliza Ella Goldthwait, Randolph.
May 16, Outis Fisk* to Elona V. Fisk, Medway.
May 27, Eben Wheeler Onion to Eben Wheeler Warren, Brookline.
May 27, Alice Jane Onion to Alice Jane Warren, Brookline.
May 27, Willard Douglass Onion to William Douglass Warren, Brookline.
May 27, George Onion to George Warren, Roxbury.
May 27, Isabel Onion to Isabel Warren, Dorchester.
May 27, Rebecca Winslow Onion to Rebecca Winslow Warren, Roxbury.
May 27, Willard Onion Jr. to Willard Warren, Brookline.
May 27, Mary Pollard Onion to Mary Allisson Warren, Brookline.
May 27, Ella Frances Onion to Ella Frances Warren, Brookline.
June 3, Mary Louisa Yeaton* to Mary Louisa White, Paris, Me.
June 6, Harriet Coy* to Harriet Brewster, Oxford, Me.
July 1, Mary Jane Dearing* to Mary Jane Jenkins Dearing, Boston.
Aug. 26, Abba Louisa Russell* to Abba Louisa Ward, Cambridge.
Sept. 23, Reuben Hill Gilbert to Richelieu Hill Gilbert, Roxbury.
Oct. 21, Joseph Robinson Hodge to Joseph Robertson, Quincy.
Nov. 11, Frances Adelaide Thayer* to Frances Adelaide Dyer, Bridgewater.

Jan. 20, Betsey B. Cummings to Betsey Bradley Allen, Dartmouth.
Feb. 3, George William Joseph to George Joseph Moulton, New Bedford.
Feb. 15, Abram L. Allen Percival* to Abrahm L. Allen, [Late Providence, R.I., now New Bedford].
Feb. 17, Nellie Josephine Hill* to Nellie Josephine Craig. [Late Foxborough now Attleborough].
May 5, Abby Harriet Sherman* to Abby Harriet Pratt, New Bedford.
May 19, Edward L. Hathaway* to Edward L. Smith, [Late Berkley, now Taunton].
June 2, Lilian Frances Hathaway* to Lillian Francis Clapp, Taunton.
June 13, Annie E. Marston to Annie E. Crosby, Taunton.
June 21, Emma P. Baldwin* to Emma P. Tobey, New Bedford.
Aug. 16, Sophronia R. Crocker* to Annie B. Dunham, New Bedford.
Oct. 20, Mary Anna Leydon* to Mary Anna Dean, Taunton.
Dec. 1, Mary Elizabeth Duncan* to Eliza Francis Kerrigan [Late Boston, now Taunton].
Dec. 1, Francis Edward Tucker* to Francis Edward Bowring [Late Norton, now Taunton].
Dec. 15, John Otis Drake* to Charles Henry Jenkins, Taunton.

Apr. 10, Mary Lizzie Thayer to Lizzie Lena Ellis, Duxbury.
June 26, John Hannum to John H. Burrell, Abington.
Sept. 11, Lizzie E. Rogers to Lizzie E. Pittee, Plymouth.

Jan. 16, Nettie Packard* to Nettie Louisa Packard, Edgartown.
June 5, Harry H. Ferguson to Harry Adams Norton, Edgartown.

Jan. 1, Emma Giles Merrill to Emma Giles Cormier, Boston.
Jan. 29, Nancy Anna Harriman to Anna Norris Philbrook Drake, Boston.
Jan. 29, Winfield Scott Harriman to Winfield Scott Drake, Boston.
Feb. 26, Frederica Howes Briggs to Lillian Frederica Briggs, Boston.
Mar. 5, Carrie Thacher Briggs to Carrie Briggs Sargent, Boston.
Mar. 12, Nelson Hollis Fisher to Nelson Edgar Hollis, Boston.
Apr. 9, Marietta Flaherty to Marietta Martis, Bridgewater.
Apr. 9, Laura Amelia Hathaway to Carrie Amelia Fairfield, Taunton.
Apr. 23, Mary Ellen Webb to Mary Ellen Dinsmore, Portland, Me.
May 21, Mary Jessie Tubbs to Mary Jessie Allison, Boston.
May 21, Charlotte Elizabeth Tubbs to Charlotte Elizabeth Allison, Boston.
June 4, James Molony to James William Taylor, Boston.
June 4, Mary Louisa Molony to Mary Louisa Taylor, Boston.
June 18, Frances Alice Bacon to Alice Frances Anna Murch, Cambridge.
Aug. 6, Samuel M. Druif to Samuel Whitebone, Boston.
Aug. 6, Eunice Fry Minerd to Annie Tyler, Chelsea.
Aug. 20, Zillah Marina Stacy to Zillah Marina Andrews, Boston.
Oct. 1, Charles Chase to Frederick William Herchenroder, Boston.
Oct. 1, Sarah Elizabeth Williams to Lizzie Wood Allyn, Danvers.
Nov. 5, Chas. Henry Wheelwright Chamberlain to Charles Wheelwright Chamberlin, Boston.
Nov. 26, Eliza Marshall to Amice Belle Hinckley, Boston.
Dec. 17, Susan Elizabeth Clark to Elizabeth Tyler Clark, Boston.
Dec. 24, Isaac Humphrey Houston to Frank Key Houston, Boston.

Jan. 9, Margaret Carr* to Winnie Margaret Burns, Lawrence.
Jan. 9, Lottie Clark* to Lizzie Lord Perkins, Andover.
Feb. 6, Jonathan Waldo, Jun. to John Waldo, Andover.
Feb. 6, ____ Leavitt* to Carrie Augusta Swett, Swampscott.
Apr. 3, Francis Crohan to Francis Dixie, Marblehead.
Apr. 3, Franklin Porter Currier Cole* to William Henry Lovell, Newburyport.
Apr. 3, Andrew Ward Spence to Andrew Ward, Salem.
May 15, Mary Ann Lloyd* to Mary Ann Bickerton, Lynn.
June 5, Ema Frances Burnham* to Emily Burnham Agge, Haverhill.
June 5, Annie Laura Martin* to Annie Laura Taylor, Lynn.
June 12, Harry Lawrence Millett* to Harry Millett Eames, Andover.
July 3, Mary Ward Burchmore to Mary Ward Rowell, Salem.
July 3, Sarah Clifton Burchmore Ross to Sarah Clifton Whitmore, Salem.
July 3, Anna White Kimball* to Anna Kimball Copeland, Haverhill.
Aug. 7, Martha McGovern to Martha Dana, Saugus.
Aug. 7, William Edward Smith* to John Albert Smith, Ipswich.
Oct. 9, George Alphonso Coffin* to George Albert Graffan, Salem.
Nov. 6, Warren Ayres Fisk* to Warren Fowler, Lynn.
Dec. 4, Edward Poole Stevens to James Edward Poole Stevens, Andover.

Feb. 13, Margaret Hegarty* to Annie Margaret Floyd, Weston.
Feb. 13, (a male infant) to James Durno Maitland, Cambridge.
Mar. 13, Florence M. Mansur* to Nellie Florence Whittemore, Groton.
Mar. 13, Joseph W. Morrison* to Joseph Morrison Wilson, Dracut.
Apr. 10, Laura Belle Arnold* to Laura Belle Bartlett, Groton.
Apr. 10, Oliver Hazard Benson* to Charles Calvin Leland, Natick.
Apr. 10, Lucy Frances Benson* to Jennie Wolcott Leland, Natick.
May 22, Louisa Ann Howe to Annie Louisa Howe, Marlborough.
June 5, Joseph H. D. Hayes* to Joseph Henry Douglass Hayes, Lowell.
June 5, Helen E. Clarke to Helen Eliza Cowdrey, Acton.
June 26, Dudley Taylor Kidder to Dudley Cotton Redpath, Malden.
June 26, Charles Wellington to Charles Wellington Cragin, Ashby.
June 26, Francis Evans* to Frank Bean, Marlborough.
Aug. 14, Minnie Brennan* to Lillian Louisa Lancey, Newton.
Aug. 14, Mary Emma Sleeper* to Mary Emma Brooks, Cambridge.
Aug. 14, George Edward Sleeper* to Edward Brooks, Cambridge.
Aug. 14, Evelina Sleeper* to Evelina Brooks, Cambridge.
Aug. 14, Angus Horn Morrow* to Arthur Horn Bradford, Boxborough.
Aug. 14, George Young Morrow* to George Young Hutchins, Acton.
Aug. 14, William Trow Morrow* to William Trow Mason, Acton.
Aug. 14, Mary Frances Mansfield* to Mary Mansfield Morse, Natick.
Sept. 4, Sally W. Wetherbee to Sally Whitcomb Green, Ashby.
Sept. 11, Robert Conant Chaffin to Robert Chaffin Conant, Lowell.
Sept. 11, Charles Ira Eaton* to Charles Ira Ellis, Stoneham.
Sept. 11, Carrie Chandler Fish* to Carrie Chandler Paul, Newton.
Sept. 25, Julia Lucius* to Julia Abbott, Lowell.
Oct. 9, Agnes Isabella Meldrum to Susan Cooke Meldrum, Cambridge.
Nov. 27, Elmira Gillespie to Elmira Morse, Waltham.
Nov. 27, Emily Louisa Gillespie to Emily Louisa Morse, Waltham.
Nov. 27, George Washington Gillespie to George Washington Morse, Waltham.
Nov. 27, Carrie Augusta Gillespie to Carrie Augusta Morse, Waltham.
April 9, Mary Lizzie Thayer to Lizzie Lena Ellis, Duxbury.
June 11, Robert Matthews to Robert Richardson, Plymouth.
June 25, Sarah J. Lucas to Nettie Reed, Duxbury.
Aug. 27, Albert Webster Sprague to Arthur Loring Jacobs, Hingham.
Oct. 8, Anna Maria Pearson to Annie Maria Thrasher, Plymouth.
Dec. 24, Lucy Ann Hersey to Lucy Ann Field, East Bridgewater.

Jan. 9, Albert C. Smith to Albert C. Vincent, Dennis.
May 15, Clara B. Fisher to Clara B. Blackinton, Sandwich.
Aug. 14, Flora H. Crowell to Flora H. Nickerson, Harwich.

Sept. 13, William Henry Rogers to Wm. Henry Jones, Nantucket.

Jan. 21, Susannah Odessa Benedict* to Susannah Odessa Tune, Boston.
Jan. 21, Addie Maria Eldridge* to Agnes Lee Calder, Plymouth, N.H.
Feb. 4, William Henry Chase* to William Henry Nutter, Boston.
Feb. 4, Matthew Lynch to Matthew Leeds, Boston.
Feb. 11, James Henry Sutherland to William Henry Bartholomew, Durham, C.E.
Feb. 25, Mary Donovan* to Idia Olivia McCurdy, Boston.
Feb. 25, Nellie Maria Huntress* to Nellie Everett Perkins, Haverhill.
Mar. 18, Hiram Bingham Chamberlain to Frank Hiram Chamberlain, Boston.
Mar. 25, Willie Edwin Loomis* to Willie Edwin Harding, Chelsea.
April 15, Adelaide Russell* to Mildred Miers Fox, Chelsea.
April 29, John Norris Page to John Paige Prescott, Boston.
May 13, Emma Allen Battelle* to Emma Theresa Harriman, Taunton.
June 10, George Washington Murphy to George Washington Freeman, Boston.
June 10, Henry Augustus Smith to Henry Smith Waldron, Boston.
June 17, Miriam White Cary to Miriam White Priest, Boston.
June 26, Albert Burroughs Short to Albert Burroughs, Boston.
Aug. 12, Carrie Susannah Savage* to Elizabeth Davis Stowell, Danvers.
Aug. 12, Mary Ellen Thorp* to Mary Ellen Martin, Boston.
Aug. 26, Edward Francis Blaisdell to Frank Blaisdell Wilder, Boston.
Aug. 26, Euphemia Fenno Tudor to Fenno Tudor, Boston.
Aug. 26, Charles Frederic Young* to William Henry Haley, Boston.
Sept. 2, John Prince Larkin Thorndike to John Larkin Thorndike, Boston.
Sept. 9, Mary Alice Croker to Elizabeth Kennedy, Boston.
Oct. 8, Mary Adams Blancher* to Mary Blancher Kingsbury, Cambridge.
Oct. 8, Samuel Hinckley to Samuel Parker Hinckley, Boston.
Oct. 8, Eva Jackson* to Eva Andrews, Montreal, Canada.
Oct. 8, Abby Maria Smith to Caroline Maria Smith, Boston.
Nov. 11, Ellen Watson* to Ellen Watson Johnson, Boston.
Dec. 30, Walter Charles Nickerson* to Walter Charles Johnson, Boston.

Mar. 5, Frank Reed* to Frank Carr Stearns, Lynn.
Apr. 9, Mary B. Hinkley* to Mary B. Burgess, Gloucester.
Apr. 16, Nellie Chapman to Nellie M. Roundey, Marblehead.
May 11, Easter Ellen McGraw* to Easter Ellen Parker, Lawrence.
May 11, Sarah Jane McGraw* to Sarah Stevenson, Lawrence.
May 11, Samuel McGraw* to Samuel Battye, Lawrence.
May 21, Kingsley G. Norton* to Evander Sherman Brummitt, Danvers.
June 4, Linette Adams* to Susan Williamenor Smith Thomas, Lynn.
June 4, Jane Theresa Weeks* to Mary Marshall, Rockport.
July 16, Edgar Warren Barrett* to Charles Henry Vincent, Lynn.
July 16, Sarah Elvina Migreault* to Sarah Alvina Charon, Lawrence.
Aug. 6, Sarah Maria Adams* to Sarah Alley Aborn, Lynn.
Aug. 6, ____ Lufkin* to James Frederic Haskell, Essex.
Sept. 17, Lizzie Howard Chase to Lizzie Howard Chase Folsom, Georgetown.
Sept. 17, Amanda Welch to Amanda Gertrude Smiley, Lynn.

Jan. 8, Alice Dascomb* to Alice Maria Cleland, Natick.
Feb. 12, Charles Greenough Lincoln* to Greenough Lincoln Bill, Framingham.
Feb. 12, George Edward Lincoln* to George Edwin Parmenter, Waltham.
Feb. 12, Oliver Craven Phillips* to Oliver Craven Parker, Woburn.
Feb. 26, Joseph Allen Smith* to William Jason Tolman, Newton.
Feb. 26, Ada F. Williams* to Myrtle Madaline Bullard, Hudson.
Mar. 12, Fred W. Jenness* to Fred Wellman Jenness, Lowell.
Mar. 26, Walter Aiken* to Frederick Willis Patterson, Charlestown.
Apr. 2, Maria A. Burns to Maria Arnold French, Lowell.
Apr. 23, Margaret Jane Woods* to Margaret Jane Hodge, Lowell.
Apr. 23, Susie Carr* to Nellie Eliza Morse, Lowell.
May 14, Ellen Bean* to Edna Gertrude Parker, Lowell.
May 14, Sarah E. Rogers to Sarah Evelyn Atkins, Cambridge.
June 4, John Keenan* to John Birkenhead, Lowell.
June 25, James Thomas Penn* to James Thomas Lord, Chelmsford.
June 25, Arthur Bemis* to Arthur Greenwood, Marlborough.
Aug. 13, Edgar Ames Dean* to William Edgar Holmes, Holliston.
Aug. 13, George Edward Dixon* to Joseph Dixon Lane, Jun., Lowell.
Aug. 13, Annette E. Wallace* to Nettie Jennie Gibson, Marlborough.
Aug. 13, Mary Elizabeth Belcher Patten to Mary Florence Patten, Waltham.
Aug. 13, William Durant Bullard to William Bullard Durant, Cambridge.
Aug. 27, Mary Ann Flavin* to Mary Ann Flynn, Marlborough.
Sept. 10, Albert Heidenrich* to Herbert Reed Brigham, Marlborough.
Sept. 10, Freddie Heidenrich* to Feddie [sic?] Ellsworth Wilkins, Marlborough.
Sept. 10, Flora Holt* to Annie Florence Whitney, Natick.
Oct. 1, Ella Jane Hemphill* to Ella Hemphill Perry, Malborough.
Oct. 8, Chastina Cullis Gould* to Chastina Cullis Holbrook, Charlestown.
Oct. 22, Benjamin Roundy* to Benjamin Richmond, Melrose.
Oct. 22, Cora E. Whittemore* to Cora Maria Newhall, Malden.
Nov. 12, Bessie Lena Robbins* to Harriet Folsom, Somerville.
Dec. 10, Mary Heald Underhill to Mary Heald Dix, Woburn.
Dec. 24, Franklin Augustus Keene* to Frankin Augustus Young, Cambridge.
Dec. 24, Nellie Fairbank* to Nellie Hammond, Wayland.

Jan. 1, Frances Taylor to Addie La Francies Sessions, Worcester.
Feb. 5, Julia Emma Sullivan to Emma Julia Meriam, Worcester.
Feb. 5, Frederic Tatman Sullivan to Frederic Tatman Meriam, Worcester.
Feb. 5, Sarah Ellen Browning to Sarah Ellen Boyce, Spencer.
Feb. 5, Mary Lizzie Hymes to Mary Lizzie Jaquith, Ashburnham.
Mar. 5, (Name unknown) to Helen Eliece Flint, Ashburnham.
Mar. 5, (Name unknown) to Anna Frances Hubbard, Holden.
Mar. 5, Sarah G. Kittredge to Sarah G. Osborn, Harvard.
Mar. 5, Cora Luella Thresher to Cora Luella Harwood, Barre.
Mar. 5, George Henry Sanger to George Henry Lackey, Milford.
Apr. 2, Charles W. O. Bailey to Charles William Cook, Lunenburg.
May 7, (Name unknown) to Flora Estella Lakin, Paxton.
May 21, Mary Blake to Ella Josephine Haskell, Harvard.
May 23, Delia Ellsworth Lane to Delia Mary Lane, Ashburnham.
June 4, Cora Ella Holbrook to Cora Ella Hunt, Milford.
June 4, Minietta May Hymes to Minietta May Bean, Ashburnham.
June 4, Agnes Arabella Aldrich to Agnes Aldrich Barry, Worcester.
June 4, Cynthia Rosella Bartlett to Cynthia Rosella Page, Lunenburg.
June 11, Mary Ella Ainsworth to Ella M. Bowker, Athol.
July 2, Eva Arabella Randall to Eva Arabella Lord, Templeton.
July 2, Alice Eldora Randall to Alice Eldora Lord, Templeton.
July 2, Frederick Howard Randall to Frederick Howard Lord, Templeton.
Sept. 3, Fidelle Asenath Edwards to Fidella Asenath Temple, Worcester.
Sept. 3, Ella Slate Edwards to Ella Slate Woodruff, Worcester.
Oct. 1, Joseph Malbeuf to Joseph Bonneville, Worcester.
Nov. 5, Frank T. Miller to Frank T. Little, Phillipston.
Nov. 5, Josephine Rich to Nellie Maria Johnson, Templeton.
Nov. 5, Anna Mabel ____ to Anna Mabel Sly, Worcester.
Dec. 3, Rose Alma Worthing to Mina Florence Revere, Worcester.
Dec. 3, Caroline A. Hiscox to Caroline A. Grayson, Worcester.
Dec. 3, Harriet Elizabeth Swain to Harriet Elsie Warner, Harvard.

Jan. 1, Nettie Grace Dodge* to Nattie Grace Searle, Northampton.
Feb. 5, Luther Eaton* to Frederick Arthur Crouch, Southampton.
Apr. 2, Nellie P. Bray* to Nellie Parsons, Northampton.
June 4, Edward Whiting Harris to Edward Harris Bell, Southampton.
July 2, Mertie Frances* to Mertie Frances Hall, Northampton.
Aug. 20, Clara R. Watson* to Clara R. Bardwell, Granby.

Mar. 5, Sarah Ella Roberts* to Sarah Ella Hendrick, Holyoke.
Mar. 5, Francis P. Miles* to Francis Plimpton Keyes, Springfield.
May 7, Ellen Clifford* to Nellie Emma Moore, Springfield.
July 2, Joseph Loveglen* to Joseph Francis Runell, Holyoke.
Nov. 5, Mary Celinda Roberts* to Annie Elizabeth Nevers, Springfield.
Nov. 5, Nameless* to Cora Taylor Smith, West Springfield.
Dec. 14, Hattie Annie Bailey* to Hattie Annie Lyman, Chester.

Feb. 12, Matthew Nunney* to Matthew Nunney Barlow, Buckland.
Aug. 6, Henry Bryan* to Wm. Henry Smith, Whately.

Mar. 5, Martha Elliott to Carrie Elliott Warner, Pittsfield.
June 4, Lillie M. Brown to Lillie May Harder, Williamstown.
Nov. 12, Emma Louisa Savage to Emma Louisa Chickering, Pittsfield.
Dec. 3, Carrie Bell to Carrie Bell Deming, Hinsdale.

Feb. 9, ____ Tripp to Flora Estella Pond, Foxborough.
Apr. 13, Francis Cragin to Francis Henry Fullerton Cragin, Roxbury.
May 25, Almira R. Noyes to Almira B. Allen, Roxbury.
June 29, Job Ramsbottom to Job Wilson, Walpole.
June 29, Mary Elizabeth Ramsbottom to Mary Elizabeth Wilson, Walpole.
June 29, John Arthur Ramsbottom to John Arthur Wilson, Walpole.
June 29, Anna Florence Ramsbottom to Anna Florence Wilson, Walpole.
June 29, Eleanor Ramsbottom to Eleanor Wilson, Walpole.
Aug. 20, Sada Hall to Lillia Reeves, Walpole.
Aug. 24, Frederick Ellis Simpson to Frederick Ellis Broad, Milton.
Aug. 31, Mary Ellen Lines to Mary Ellen Shaw, Braintree.
Oct. 1, Lottie L. Clapp to Lottie C. Beal, Cohasset.
Oct. 5, Etta M. Loomis to Gertrude Maria Bruce, Franklin.
Oct. 19, William James Todd to William James Wright, Brookline.
Oct. 19, Charles Francis Tood to Charles Francis Wright, Brookline.
Oct. 19, John Wright Todd to John Russell Wright, Brookline.
Nov. 9, William Everett Wortman to William Everett Morton, Randolph.
Nov. 16, Samuel Maddock to Thomas Blanchard, Canton.
Nov. 23, Mary Elizabeth Todd to Mary Elizabeth Wright, Brookline.
Nov. 23, ____ Daniels to Mary Ann Metcalf, Franklin.
Dec. 14, Frances L. Mansfield to Mary Louisa Austin, Roxbury.
Dec. 14, Mary Celia Conlan to Emily Clara Bainard, Roxbury.

Jan. 4, Edward Richardson to George Edward Richardson, Easton.
Feb. 1, Clarence M. Allen to Clarence M. Allen, New Bedford. [trans note: I know, I don't see any change in the name either.]
Apr. 5, Mary Elizabeth Tucker to Mary Elizabeth Compton, New Bedford.
June 7, Alexander Bathurst Fuentes Wood to Alexander Bathurst Wood, New Bedford.
Sept. 6, Anna Handy to Anna Otis Bunn, Fall River.
Sept. 6, Cora Evelin Tripp to Cora Evelin Remington, Taunton.
Oct. 18, Ida Haskell to Winifred Jane Newcomb, Taunton.
Oct. 18, Adela Francis Sherry to Adela Francis Porter, Taunton.
Dec. 6, William Donney to Aloysius Rooney, Taunton.

Jan. 14, Carrie Holmes* to Carrie Holmes Paty, Plymouth.
Jan.28, Eliza Roach* to Eliza Jane Rowe, North Bridgewater.
Mar. 11, Addie Augusta Henderson* to Marcia Ripley Cobb, Kingston.
Mar. 11, Hattie A. Whitcomb* to Hattie Whitcomb Peterson, Duxbury.
Mar. 25, Harriet Frances Perry* to Clara Maud St. Clair, North Bridgewater.
Apr. 8, Noah Torrey Hathaway to Walter Lloyd Hathaway, Abington.
Dec. 9, Annie C. Peirce* to Annie P. Raymond, Plymouth.

April 19, Millie Freenan to Millie Washburn Young, Orleans.
May 21, Matilda Adelaide Lavendar to Sophronia Adelaide Lacount, Provincetown.
May 21, John Thompson to John Thompson Gage, Harwich.
Oct. 16, Rosalia King to Angie Thomas Whelden, Provincetown.

Mar. 14, Benjamin M. Hussey to James S. Hussey, Nantucket.
Aug. 26, Ida Cora Dupung to Alice Cushman, Nantucket.

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