1780 - 1883.

[Collated and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, under
Authority of Chapter 249 of the Acts of the Year 1884.]

Wright & Potter Printing Company, State Printers.
18 Post Office Square.

1868 - 1871

* means name changed because of adoption.
Jan. 13, Sarah Jane Jameson* to Sarah Jane McGinnis, Boston.
Feb. 3, James Freeman to James Goldthwaite Freeman, Boston.
Feb. 3, Willie Hammond Kenney to Willie Hammand Hosmer, Boston.
Feb. 3, George Washington Thaxter* to Warren Everton Chase, Boston.
Feb. 17, Chessman Field Pollard* to Chessman Pollard Vinson, Boston.
Feb. 24, Martin Timothy Flanagan to Timothy James Martin, Boston.
Mar. 2, Corrilla Evadne Hansom* to Corilla Frances Kittredge, Boston.
Mar. 2, Ellen McKinney* to Ellen Gannon, Boston.
Mar. 16, Frances Louisa Snaith to Louisa Calkins Francis, Boston.
Mar. 16, Corydon Porter Stockman to Charles Porter Stockman, Boston.
Mar. 23, Elizabeth Oliver to Carrie Elizabeth Stone, Boston.
Mar. 23, Mabel Vickery* to Mabel Linnell, Boston.
Mar. 30, Samuel Allen Gilpatrick to Samuel Allen Gilbert, Boston.
Mar. 30, Nellie Gertrude Luxton* to Alice Luella Martin, Boston.
Apr. 13, Julia Bissell LeCain* to Julia Bissell Kendall, Boston.
Apr. 13, Mary Catherine LeCain* to Mary Catharine Kendall, Boston.
May 18, Charles Henry Dugan to Charles Oliver Parker, Boston.
June 8, John Edward Brown* to William John Driscoll, Boston.
June 8, Walter Rochwood* to Walter Rockwood Stedman, Boston.
June 22, Patrick Barry to George Marshall Barry, Boston.
June 29, Roland Barnard Murphy to Roland Murphy Barnard, Boston.
Aug. 10, Caroline Frances Yallalee* to Carrie Frances Harding, Boston.
Aug. 17, Lilian Gertrude Hooper* to Helen Gertrude Whiting, Boston.
Aug. 24, Lillie Gertrude Steele* to Lillie Gertrude Pease, Boston.
Aug. 31, William Joseph Shorts* to William Joseph Alexander, Boston.
Sept. 7, George Washington Colomy to George Washington Chesley, Boston.
Sept. 7, Ida Etta Foote* to Gertrude Scolley, Boston.
Sept. 14, George Wilson Vinal to George Odiorne Wilson, Boston.
Sept. 21, Henry Augustus Meiring to Henry Augustus Eiler, Boston.
Oct. 5, Edward A. Sly to Edward A. Stevens, Boston.
Oct. 5, John Amory Lowell Putnam to John Pickering Putnam, Boston.
Oct. 12, Emma Frances Burns* to Emma Frances Chenoweth, Lynn.
Oct. 12, Mansfield Haskins to Thomas Mansfield Haskins, Boston.
Nov. 2, Edward Hamilton Osgood to Hamilton Osgood, Chelsea.
Dec. 7, Ida May Smith* to Melvina Eunie Chapman, Topsfield.
Dec. 28, Louis May* sometimes called Louis Shales to Louis Shales, Boston.

Jan. 14, May L. Goodwin* to Gertrude Plumer, Lynn.
Mar. 3, Frank Morse Morrison* to Frank Philip Morse, Boston.
Mar. 3, Richard Walden* to Charles Henry Colby, Lynn.
Mar. 3, Annetta Robinson Sargent* to Annie Florence Cressey, Lynn.
Apr. 14, George Batchelder* to George Eliphalet Patterson, Beverly.
May 5, John Francis LeBaron Patch to John Francis LaBaron, Ipswich.
June 16, Eliza Ellen Willey* to Harriet Ellen Wiley Russ, Salem.
July 7, Iva Teresa Bartlett* to Iva Theresa Holley, Salem.
July 7, Amos Warren Dorman to Warren Dorman, Lynn.
July 21, Georgianna Welch* to Georgianna Welch Poland, Danvers.
Sept. 1, John George Murray* to George Murray Foster, Peabody.
Sept. 1, William Henry Lombard to William Henry Ilsley, Georgetown.
Oct. 13, Laura Brown* to Carrie May Ingersoll, Manchester.
Oct. 20, Edwin Little to Edwin Colman Little, Newbury.
Oct. 20, Arthur Stickney to George Arthur Stickney, Newbury.
Nov. 10, Hannah Woodbridge to Anna Woodbridge, Andover.
Dec. 8, Elliott Howard Stevens* to Elliott Howard Weston, Lawrence.
Dec. 8, George L. Young* to Charles G. Trueworthy, North Andover.
Dec. 15, Ruth C. Bullard to Ruth C. Ware, Andover.

Jan. 7, Fred Peter Haggerty* to Fred Prince Crane, Lowell.
Jan. 14, Elizabeth F. Wilson* to Elizabeth Burbank Smith, Charlestown.
Feb. 25, Emmaetta S. Coburn* to Emma Coburn Davis, Lowell.
Mar. 10, Stephen Dustin Carey to Albert Dustin Haynes, Charlestown.
Mar. 24, Catharine Sheaha* to Arabella Call, Charlestown.
Mar. 24, Joanna Batchelder Rackliff* to Joanna Batchelder Chadbourn, Brighton.
April 14, Sarah Ann Umpleby* to Sarah Ann Hyde, Lowell.
April 28, Eva Robins Taylor* to Eva Marian Bullock, Cambridge.
May 12, Nellie McNally* to Nellie Bartlett Snow, Newton.
June 2, Mary Lizzie Ellis* to Mary Lizzie Whitaker, Ashland.
June 9, Addie Drew* to Addie Lyford, Lowell.
June 23, Nancy Grace Stevens* to Nancy Grace Thompson, Lowell.
June 23, George Bradley Hobbs to George Butcher, Cambridge.
Sept. 1, John Clifford* to George Kelly, Cambridge.
Sept. 1, Anna Ednah Whitney Phipps* to Emma Lizzie Tighlman Barker, Cambridge.
Sept. 1, Emily May Hayes* to Emma Theresa Currie, Melrose.
Sept. 8, Georgianna Floyd* to Georgianna Garfield, Waltham.
Sept. 8, Mary Collins* to Mary Collins Merrill, Hopkinton.
Sept. 22, Annie Lee* to Sarah Annie Allen, Charlestown.
Oct. 6, John Green* to George Washington Fogg, Medford.
Oct. 13, Anna White Warren* to Anna White Draper, Marlborough.
Nov. 17, John Henry Greenhalgh* to John Henry Harrison, Lowell.
Nov. 17, Isaac Fletcher Greenlaw to Cyrus Fletcher Nasson, Lowell.
Nov. 17, Emma Merrill Spear* to Lilian Emma Starbird, Malden.
Nov. 17, George Hamilton* to George Hamilton Stimson, Lowell.
Dec. 1, Minard Stygles to Daniel Minard Webber, Woburn.
Dec. 8, Francis Levi Page* to Willis Luther Gould, Woburn.
Dec. 22, Patrick Flanagan to Daniel Howell Brown, Wayland.

Jan. 7, Alice Theresa Willard to Alice Theresa Willard Warren, Worcester.
Jan. 7, Emma Estella Balou to Emma Estella Lyons, Milford.
Feb. 4, Betsey Adams to Sarah Betsey Lemon, Webster.
Mar. 3, Mary Eliza Smith to Mary Eliza Henry, Holden.
Mar. 3, John Thomas White to Leon Ira Temple, Southborough.
Mar. 3, Susan Horton Spooner to Susie Spooner Temple, Southborough.
Mar. 3, Ellen Lucinda Nurss to Ellen Lucinda Haskell, Oakham.
May 5, Sidney Lynmore Heywood to Sidney Lynmore Winch, Winchendon.
May 5, Edward Alexander Gates to Edward Alexander Bragg, Grafton.
May 12, Thomas Dumphy to Thomas Michael Dumphy, Starbridge.
May 19, Peter McGowan to Emerson Peter McGowan, Worcester.
May 20, Forest Verr Peck to Clarence Reno Marshall, Fitchburg.
June 2, Ella L. Whittemore to Ella L. Butler, Worcester.
June 9, Sarah Martina Clough to Mattie Sarah Newman, Winchendon.
July 7, William Henry Dow to William Henry Bigelow, Westminster.
Aug. 4, Francis Lefaivre to Francis Dragon, Webster.
Sept. 1, Lilla May Nimms to Lillian Belle Reynolds, Worcester.
Sept. 1, Elmer Rogene Thresher to Elmer Rogene Allen, Oakham.
Oct. 1, Nellie Elizabeth Bolton to Nellie Elizabeth Brigham, Fitchburg.
Nov. 3, Lottie L. Moore to Lottie L. Leslie, Leominster.
Dec. 1, Grace Maria Haggerty to Grace Maria Whitin, Northbridge.
Dec. 1, Julia Taft Dingwell to Julia Taft Parker, Worcester.
Dec. 1, Ida Mabel Thompson to Emma Frances Frary, Holden.
Dec. 1, John Jay Mackenzie to John Jay Kensington, Worcester.
Dec. 1, Milo Leonard Mackenzie to Milo Leonard Kensington, Worcester.

Jan. 7, Lula Maria Gates* to Lula Maria Parsons, Northampton.
Feb. 4, Laura J. Grant* to Jane Laura Miller, Williamsburg.
Apr. 7, William A. Brewster* to William Augustus Reed, Northampton.
Apr. 7, Charlotte Bryant* to Charlotte Rose Clay, Northampton.
Oct. 5, George Kingman* to George Kingman Clarke, Northampton.
Nov. 4, Eliza Wood* to Eliza Potter, Easthampton.
Nov. 4, Abby Jane Roberts* to Abby Jane Augevine, Northampton.
Nov. 4, Mary Clementine Chapin* to Mary Eastman Marshall, Amherst.
Dec. 1, Frederick A. Latham* to Frederick Arthur Cooley, Amherst.

Jan. 28, Justine Emma White* to Justine Emma Bailey, Springfield.
Mar. 3, Anna Winchell* to Anna J. B. Pomeroy, Springfield.
May 5, John Roland Colby* to John Roland Colby Browning, Chicopee.
May 5, Edwin Moulton* to Herbert Samuel Brown, Palmer.
June 2, Jenney Handyside* to Jennie Grace Douglas, Springfield.
Oct. 6, Ella Mabel Eaton* to Ella Habel Carter, Springfield.
Nov. 4, William W. Handyside* to Luther Wallace Bruner, Wilbraham.
Dec. 1, George Franklin Wolcott* to "Name remains same," Agawam.

Mar. 3, ____ Bryan* to Manna A. Powers, Whately.
June 2, Anne E. Gibson* to Anne Elizabeth Coburn, Greenfield.
June 16, Mary Lyons* to Mary Isabel Orcutt, Orange.
Oct. 27, Mary Adeline Hawks* to Mary Adeline Green, Ashfield.
Oct. 27, Emma Maria Hawks* to Emma Maria Stetson, Ashfield.
Oct. 27, Henry Francis Pike* to Henry Francis Latham, Shelburne Falls.
Oct. 27, Charles ____ to Charles Sylvester Whitney, Shelburne Falls.
Dec. 1, Fanny R. G. Streeter to Fanny R. G. Bowen, Colrain.

Mar. 3, Delancy Gasscut to Delancy Glasscut Burbank, Pittsfield.
Apr. 7, "A foundling child" to Minnie E. Van Bramer, Pittsfield.
Apr. 7, Homer Williams Jr. to George Henry McDermott, Pittsfield.
July 29, Alfred Kingsbury to Alfred Morton, Adams.
July 29, Charles H. Miner to Charles Julius Holman, Windsor.
Oct. 6, Thomas W. Clapp to Warren Thomas Clapp Colt, Pittsfield.

Feb. 25, Emma E. Dole* to Emma E. Hawes, Stoughton.
May 5, Eva Clara Adams* to Eva Clara Dix, Dorchester.
June 2, Lydia Sherwin Higgins* to Lydia Higgins Sherwin, Dorchester.
June 2, Sarah B. Goodrich to Sarah B. Doolittle, Foxborough.
June 10, Eleanor F. Mott* to Nellie F. Brown, Cohasset.
June 24, Mary Winslow* to Margaret Reed Derry, Quincy.
Sept. 30, Drusilla Ware* to Hellaxer Colson, Milton.
Nov. 3, Georgianna Perry* to Georgianna Lake, Dedham.
Nov. 4, Harriet N. Storer to Harriet Newell, Weymouth.
Nov. 4, Charles Edward Storer to Charles Edward Newell, Weymouth.

Jan. 17, Edgenora Augusta Potter to Edgenora Augusta Leonard, Taunton.
Mar. 18, Catherine R. Hobbs to Catherine R. Borden, New Bedford.
Mar. 18, Mary E. Hobbs to Mary E. Borden, New Bedford.
Mar. 18, Caroline Hobbs to Caroline Borden, New Bedford.
Mar. 18, Asa James Sherman Lippard to Asa James Sherman, New Bedford.
Mar. 18, Sarah Tucker Lippard to Sarah Tucker Sherman, New Bedford.
Apr. 3, Josephine Fitspatrick to Josephine Fitspartick Porter, Fall River.
Apr. 3, Walter S. Bumpus to Walter S. Tillson, New Bedford.
June 17, Ida Marion Swain to Ida Marion Martin, New Bedford.
Sept. 4, Jerusha G. Nichols to Jessie G. Nichols, Berkley.
Sept. 16, Elisa Emma Morriss to Elisa Emma Gent, Taunton.
Nov. 6, Henry A. Thing to Henry A. Caldwell, New Bedford.
Nov. 6, Jane. H. N. Burk to Jane H. Newhall, Berkley.
Nov. 6, Parentage unknown, to Alfred D. Watson, New Bedford.
Nov. 6, Parentage unknown, to Lenora A. Parker, New Bedford.

Jan. 27, Patrick Kily to Alvin Andrew Kily, Hanson.
Oct. 12, Ida J. Channell* to Ida Cheney Wood, Plymouth.
Nov. 9, George W. Worthen* to George Henry Bourne, Marshfield.
Nov. 23, ____ Marsh* to Sarah Margaret Briggs, Scituate.

Jan. 4, Alfred Gibbons* to Edward Abner Joseph, Newton.
Jan. 11, Lydia Ann Mason* to Lydia Ann Chase, Stratton, N.H.
Jan. 25, Anna Orr to Annie Hillborn, Boston.
Feb. 1, Bertha Eastman* to Mary Eloise Coates, Charlestown.
Feb. 6, Charles Henry O'Brine to Charles Henry Doolin, Boston.
Feb. 8, Emma Augusta Maxwell to Emma Augusta Tirrill, Boston.
Feb. 8, Julia Edwina Maxwell to Julia Edwina Tirrill, Boston.
Feb. 8, Virginia Randall to Alice Brockway, Boston.
Feb. 15, Mary Brennan to Mary Raftery, Boston.
Feb. 15, Fannie Isadore Frye to Fannie Leighton, Boston.
Mar. 1, Theresa Althea Lynch to Theresa Althea Hull, Boston.
Mar. 1, Francis Stockwell Dam to Franklin Bernard Ingalls, Boston.
Mar. 1, Albert Dickinson to Albert Edward Dickinson, Boston.
Mar. 22, Mary Delia Harris to Mary Azelia Lesur, Boston.
Mar. 29, Eugene Herbert Dam to Eugene Herbert Ingalls, Boston.
Mar. 29, Isabella Cornelia Dam to Isabella Cornelia Ingalls, Boston.
Mar. 29, Sarah Eaton Dam to Sarah Eaton Ingalls, Boston.
Mar. 29, Mary Louise Dam to Mary Louise Ingalls, Boston.
Apr. 5, John Donovan to John Franklin Dearington, Boston.
May 24, Mary Ann Holland* to Ann Mary Doherty, Fall River.
May 31, Margaret Theresa Stanley* to Margaret O'Connor, Malden.
Aug. 16, Lizzie Maria Oliver to Lizzie Maria Stone, Boston.
Aug. 23, Mary Brown to Mary McCann, Boston.
Aug. 30, Annie Goodnow* to Grace Somes Welch, Concord.
Aug. 30, William Henry Kernachan to William Henry Kenyon, Boston.
Sept. 6, Elizabeth L. Hastings* to Elizabeth L. Parmelee, Chicago, Ill.
Sept. 20, Elizabeth Koebe to Elizabeth Luttmann (fourth digit blurry), Boston.
Sept. 27, Sherman Leland to William Sherman Leland, Boston.
Oct. 11, Agnes Dorsey to Agnes Sylvester, Boston.
Oct. 18, Elizabeth Ann Edwards* to Mary Eva Adams, Newport, R. I.
Oct. 18, Leonora Isabel Silva to Leonara Martin, Boston.
Oct. 25, Julius Everett Jongenell to Juliua Everett Jongenell Bechthold, Boston.
Nov. 29, Edward Livingston Dana to Edward Livingston Underwood, Boston.
Nov. 29, Betsey Fuller, otherwise called Betsey Blair* to Gertrude Gwynne, Brookline.
Nov. 30, Carrie Sullivan to Carrie Lincoln Jenness, Boston.
Dec. 4, Mary Louise Rose* to Mary Louise Eyssen, Charlestown.
Dec. 13, Annie Rose Delony* to Annie Rose Townsend, Athens, Ga.
Dec. 13, Roberto Willard to Rupert Foye, Boston.
Dec, 27, Charles Augustus Newman White to Charles Newman White, Winthrop.

Jan. 5, Elizabeth Ann Coblents* to Elizabeth Cheever, Beverly.
Jan. 5, Etta Frances Coblents* to Henrietta Standwood Heron, Beverly.
Feb. 16, Ellen Augusta Haskins* to Ellen Augusta Saborn, Rockport.
Mar. 9, Nellie L. Jack* to Nellie L. Nickerson, Haverhill.
Apr. 13, Martha A. Gray* to Martha A. Doe, Rockport.
Apr. 13, John Shaw* to John Daniels Jacobs, Gloucester.
May 18, Frederic Hoyt* to Frederick E. Blye, Haverhill.
May 18, George Louisa Messer* to Carrie Louisa Bott, Peabody.
July 6, Baily Brown* to Frank Failey Currier, Amesbury.
Aug. 2, Emily Josephine Sanborn to Sarah Emily Sanborn, Lynn.
Aug. 3, Orlando Eugene Holmes* to William Orlando Dufrenie, Haverhill.
Aug. 20, Martha Gray Fabens to Martha Webster Fabens, Salem.
Sept. 14, Annie J. Smith* to Annie S. Knox, Lawrence.
Sept. 17, Anna Cogswell Brown* to Anna Cogswell Gardiner, Essex.
Sept. 21, William Janes* to William Webster Spofford, Georgetown.
Oct. 5, Etta Frances Moore* to Etta Moore Fowler, Salem.
Oct. 18, William Franklin Cloon* to William Franklin Millett, Marblehead.
Dec. 16, Ellen Frances Cheever* to Ellen Frances Ramsdell, Stoneham.
Dec. 27, Willie B. Atkins* to Willie B. Burman, Marblehead.

Feb. 23, Cora Elizabeth Drew* to Cora Elizabeth Pebbles, Natick.
Feb. 23, Anna E. Mott* to Anie Elizabeth Roberts, Malden.
Mar. 9, Thomas Wallace* to Thomas Dunn, Marlborough.
Mar. 16, A female child*, to Nettie Blanche Wright, Lowell.
Apr. 6, Margaret Logue* to Annette Fracker, Cambridge.
Apr. 6, Cora May Boynton* to Mabel Perry, Charlestown.
Apr. 13, A female child*, to Annie Mansfield Scott, Lowell.
Apr. 13, Calvin George Pratt* to George Calvin Sawyer, Concord.
Apr. 13, Minnie J. Atwood* to Minnie J. Farnham, Lowell.
Apr. 27, Rufus Schwartz Fenerty* to Frederic Southgate Beck, Somerville.
Apr. 27, A female child*, to Adah Emerson Bates, Cambridge.
May 11, John Harrold* to John Harrold Connolly, Lowell.
May 18, Frank Ward Smith* to Frank Smith Gerard, Cambridge.
May 25, John Edwards* to John Parker Edwards, Cambridge.
May 25, Emilie A. Jackson* to Emilie Adeline Hunt, Reading.
June 8, Lorena Kitchen* to Lorena Campbell, Lowell.
June 22, Augusta Gardner* to Addie Sophia Berry, Charlestown.
June 22, Norman Stygles to George Henry Webber, Woburn.
July 6, William Knapp* to William Ellery Savage, Lowell.
July 13, Benjamin F. Hoar to Benjamin Franklin Wellington, Lincoln.
July 27, Delmena Hill* to Ida Minnie Foster, Charlestown.
July 27, Edmund Taylor to Edmund Morton Taylor, Hudson.
July 27, Charles Damon Welsh to Charles Damon Weld, Wakefield.
July 27, Stephen Peirce Welsh to Stephen Peirce Weld, Wakefield.
July 27, William Franklin Welsh to William Franklin Weld, Wakefield.
Sept. 7, A female child*, to Alice Story Hatch, Newton.
Sept. 28, Edward A. Allbright* to Edward Augustus Walton, Pepperell.
Sept. 28, Augustus Henry Goupee to Augustus Goupille Wesley, Cambridge.
Oct. 5, Eva Alice Howard* to Eva Alice Colburn, Lowell.
Oct. 12, Frederick Alanson Ricker* to Frederick Alanson McCauseland, Brighton.
Oct. 12, William Henry McMichael to William Henry Reed, Charlestown.
Oct. 12, Henry Wilbur McMichael to Henry Wilbur Reed, Charlestown.
Oct. 26, Mary Ellen Regan* to Albena Nialer, Malden.
Nov. 23, Lillie P. Eginton* to Lillie Taylor Eginton Warren, Waltham.
Nov. 23, Susan Simonds Monroe to Susan Simonds Barnard, Woburn.
Nov. 23, Ira Tuttle Gates to Ira George Bates, Cambridge.
Dec. 7, Harry Edgar Martin* to Harry Edgar Putney, Cambridge.
Dec. 7, Emma Louisa Davis* to Emma Louisa Walker, Natick.
Dec. 7, Clara Jane Greenwood* to Clara Jane Greenwood Coolidge, Cambridge.
Dec. 14, Harriet H. Hill* to Hattie Henrietta Evans, Ashland.
Dec. 14, Jane Louisa Hill* to Jennie Louisa Evans, Ashland.
Dec. 28, Mary McLaughlin* to Margaret Ann Hartness, Cambridge.

Jan. 5, George Irving Baily to George Irving Leland, Upton.
Jan. 5, Phebe Josephine Wright to Josephine Elizabeth Remington, Northbridge.
Feb. 2, _____, to Addison Miller Moores, Hubbardston.
Mar. 2, Nettie Gibson to Nettie Electa Wallis, Ashburnham.
Mar. 2, Joshua A. Lane to Frank A. Hadley, Ashburnham.
Mar. 2, Rachel Sarah Cold to Lucy Sarah Goddard, Westborough.
Apr. 6, Eloise Jane Leithead to Lucinda Howe Houghton, Berlin.
May 18, Sarah Ann Fisher to Sarah Ann Fay, Clinton.
May 25, Mark Wm. Loui Tucker to Mark William Loui Phillips, Grafton.
June 15, George Bryant to Frank W. Bradford, Worcester.
July 6, Bessie Taylor to Lillie Bessie Houghton, Worcester.
Sept. 7, Mary A. Goodenough to Mary Alice Hutchinson, Fitchburg.
Sept. 7, Frederick Justin Byrne to Frederick Justin Byrne Adams, Worcester.
Sept. 7, Annie Warren Stewart to Annie Warren Kennedy, Worcester.
Sept. 28, Laura S. Snow to Laura Sophia Snow Woods, Leominster.
Sept. 28, Ann Lillie Haskell to Ann Lillie Dixon, Webster.
Oct. 5, Lilliam M. Hobson to Lilliam May Hildreth, West Boylston.
Oct. 13, Elizabeth Kelly to Bessie Agnes Brown, Barre.
Oct. 19, Patrick McQue to Patrick Colman, Fitchburg.
Oct. 19, Catherine Griffin to Catherine Griffin Carney, Spencer.
Nov. 2, Lottie Hawes to Lottie McFarland, Worcester.

Dec. 7, Mabel A. Hawes to Ellen Mabel Wheeler, New Braintree.
Dec. 21, Hattie E. Lovewell to Hattie Eliza Lovewell Whitney, Gardner.
Dec. 21, Clara Hale to Clara Alice Jones, Worcester.
Dec. 21, George Aaron Parmenter to Charles William Ross, Leominster.
Dec. 21, Addie Wood to Addie C. Lamb, Auburn.

Jan. 5, Charles A. Killany to Charles A. Lilly, Huntington.
Feb. 2, Jennie E. Baldwin to Jennie E. Manchester, Northampton.
Apr. 13, Emma Maria Holmes to Emma Ida Humphrey, Northampton.
June 1, Willie Bemis to Willie Bisbee, Easthampton.
June 1, Albert D. Reed to Albert D. Sanders, Northampton.
Dec. 7, Mary Augusta Weeks to Ada Louisa Russell, Northampton.

Mar. 2, Lizzie E. Noble* to Nellie Eggleston, Westfield.
May 4, Lydia Melvina Warner* to Lydia Melvina Warner Shaw, Palmer.
July 6, Sarah Nellie Sands* to Ellen Sands Bridgman, Springfield.
Sept. 7, Carrie A. Clark* to Carrie Isabella Bush, Springfield.
Sept. 20, Annie Cora Wells* to Annie Cora Higgins, Chicopee.
Oct. 18, Mary McKeever* to Mary McKechnie, Springfield.
Nov. 3, Jane Charlesworth* to Jennie Edith Clapp, Holyoke.
Nov. 3, Hattie Adella Potter* to Hattie Adella Wheeler, Holyoke.

Jan. 5, James H. Hunt to James Hicks, Rowe.
Jan. 9, Edmund B. Hawkes to Edwin Bement Meekins, Buckland.
May 4, Kate D. Duval to Stella Angie Hobart, Sunderland.
May 4, Nellie Hortense Balwin Smedley to Nellie Mary Haman, Shelburne.
Aug. 3, Rhoda Rosanna Chloe Harris to Rosie Chloe Pike, Wendell.
Sept. 7, Hattie Emma Wrisley to Hattie Wrisley Waterman, Shutesbury.
Oct. 27, Mary B. Harris to Mary Estella Reniff, Buckland.

Feb. 2, Dele Prudom to Julia Tromble, Pittsfield.
Apr. 6, A foundling child with no known name, to Belle Inez Wood, Lanesborough.
May 4, Carrie Stone to Carrie Howard, Adams.

Jan. 13, Nellie McLane* to Carrie Ada Derry, Quincy.
Feb. 10, Nellette F. Jackson* to Nellie Florence Partridge, Bellingham.
Mar. 3, Betsey Spear* to Caroline Frances Newcomb, Quincy.
Mar. 9, John B. Brady* to John B. Leddy, Canton.
Mar. 10, Anna M. Gilmore* to Anna M. White, Medway.
Mar. 31, a foundling*, to Myrtilla Geneva Fisk, Medway.
June 23, Catharine Barrett* to Catharine Farrelly, West Roxbury.
July 6, Willie Kimball* to Albert C. Davis, Dorchester.
Sept. 8, Mary H. Newhall* to Mary Harriet Holmes, Canton.
Sept. 22, Maud Claverie* to Maud Claverie O'Niel, Dorchester.
Nov. 17, Charles Simeon Fisher* to Albert Jarvis Hastings, Medway.
Nov. 17, Margaret K. Mixer* to Margaret Kimball, Stoughton.
Nov. 24, Mary Ann Metcalf* to Harreit Mary Ann Metcalf Gay, Franklin.
Nov. 24, Maud E. Page to Mary Elizabeth Page, Dorchester.
Dec. 1, Benjamin Clark Cutler Hardwick to Benjamin Cutler Hardwick, Quincy.

Feb. 5, Thomas J. Backus to Thomas J. Taylor, New Bedford.
Feb. 19, Adelaide E. Francis to Annie Louisa Lincoln, Mansfield.
Mar. 5, Sarah J. Francis to Jennie Augusta Lincoln, Mansfield.
May 7, Gertrude A. Aliff to Gertrude A. Paine, Taunton.
May 21, Ruth Ann Milne to Mary Lee Horton, Taunton.
June 4, Nameless child, to Mary Emily Perry, Somerset.
July 9, George T. Dwelly to George Dwelly, New Bedford.
Aug. 6, Laura J. Brightman to Laura A. Sisson, Westport.
Sept. 3, Adrianna Frances Hinds to Adrianna Frances Strange, Taunton.
Sept. 3, Nameless child, to Walter L. Weaver, New Bedford.
Nov. 5, Gustave Bouffanais to Gustave Tripp, Taunton.

Jan. 11, Antoinette Thomas Smith* to Antoinette Thomas Brett, Bridgewater.
Mar. 8, unknown* to Lydia Cushing, Kingston.
June 28, Patrick Casey to Henry Casey, East Bridgewater.
Nov. 8, Sarah M. Clapp* to Eliza Warren Tilden, Marshfield.

July 19, Andrew R. Luce* to Charles L. Wicks, Tisbury.

Jan. 10, Edith Badger Kennedy* to Gertrude Goddard Davis, Boston.
Jan. 17, Percy Elizabeth Scarborough* to Percy Scarborough Thaxter, Brooklyn, Conn.
Jan. 31, Ella Frances Caine* to Ella Frances Haven, Quincy.
Jan. 31, Charles Homer Lengille* to Charles Howard Wood, Nova Scotia.
Jan. 31, Sarah Jane McLearn* to Daisy Rebecca Jones, Rawdon, N.S.
Feb. 7, Mabel Forrest* to Mabel Forrest Peck, Boston.
Feb. 21, Frank Hartley Turner* to Franklin Henry (Heury?) Walker, Boston.
Mar. 7, Anna Freeland to Anna Freeland Robinson, Boston.
Mar. 21, Martin Atwood Burbank to John Burbank Smith, Chelsea.
Mar. 21, Peter Schmidt* to Charles Fries, Wilkesbarre, I'a (Iowa?)
April 11, Emma Frances Bray* to Emma Frances Colman, Gloucester.
May 2, Harriet Cordelia Tuttle to Harriet Cordelia Hawley, Boston.
May 9, Albert Warren Murphy to Albert Warren, Boston.
May 9, Elizabeth Wentworth Thompson to Elizabeth Wentworth Stevens, Boston.
May 23, Frank Martin* to Frank Martin Scott, Brooklyn, N.Y.
June 13, August W. Frenzel* to Wilfred August French, Boston.
Aug. 1, Sarah Erving Hudson* to Sarah Hudson Murray, Boston.
Aug. 8, Mary Ellen Thayer* to Mary Ellen Vale, Boston.
Aug. 29, Charles Orville Gibson to Charles David Page Gibson, Boston.
Sept. 5, Nellie Laura Gerrit* to Nellie Laura Bemis, Arlington.
Sept. 12, Jennie Frances Barr* to Jennie Frances Gallagher, Boston.
Sept. 26, Mary Tinker* to Mary Josephine Whitmore, Burrillville, R.I.
Oct. 10, Maria O'Byrne* to Fannie Augusta Blake, Boston.
Oct. 24, Flora Stewart* to Lucy Flora Dieterich, Lowell.
Dec. 19, William McGowen* to Robert William Hogg, New York City.
Dec. 19, Gracie McGowen* to Jessie Ingalls Hogg, New York City.

Feb. 1, Pyam L. Johnson to Frank L. Johnson, Lynn.
Feb. 1, Ellen E. Mitchell to Ellen E. Burns, Lynn.
Mar. 19, Mary Herrigan to Emma Frances Hanson, _____.
Apr. 5, Laura Wilkins Toohey to Laura Wilkins, Salem.
Apr. 5, Wendell Phillips Toohey to Wendell Phillips Wilkins, Salem.
Apr. 5, Ellen Wilkins Toohey to Ellen Wilkins, Salem.
Apr. 5, Mary Jane Parshley to Elizabeth Knight Cloutman, Salem.
June 7, James William Colwell to Henry Weston Pierce, Boston.
June 7, Hermon Goodrich to Hermon H. Campbell, Boston.
June 7, George A. Lefavour to Ralph A. Hussey, Beverly.
June 7, Phebe Ann Maxner to Phebe Ann Nason, Lunenburg, N.S.
June 14, Caroline Olive Staples to Caroline Olive Coolidge, Lawrence.
June 14, Anna Morse Webster to Anna Morse Bailey, Lawrence.
June 23, Lizzie Blanchard to Lizzie Ruth Porter, Danvers.
July 5, John Edson to Lyman Howe Perley, Ipswich.
July 19, Susie W. Ross to Susie W. Baker, Newburyport.
Aug. 2, Thomas Batchelder Simonds to Thomas Stanley Simonds, Beverly.
Aug. 2, Charles Saunders Turpin to Charles Turpin Smith, Gloucester.
Sept. 6, Leon De Gardonez Rideout to Leon Rideout, Lynn.
Oct. 4, Martha A. Doe to Martha A. Gray, Rockport.
Oct. 4, Alice Elizabeth Johnson to Alice Elizabeth Johnson Robinson, Lynn.
Oct. 18, Frances E. Bayley to Frances E. Goodwin, Newburyport.
Nov. 15, Angennetta Sargent to Nettie Medbury, Lynn.
Nov. 15, Caroline P. Tebbetts (wife of Hall W. Tebbetts) to Kate P. Tebbetts, Lynn.
Dec. 13, Ida May Dresser to Ida May Morse, Haverhill.

Jan. 4, Hiram McKinnon* to Clarence Stanley Elder, Chelmsford.
Jan. 25, George Dana Winch to George Dana Mansfield, Marlborough.
Feb. 1, Harriet Estes* to Viola Greenwood Marston, Cambridge.
Feb. 8, Emma Louise Pratt* to Emma Louise Tyler, Newton.
Feb. 8, Rena Sherwood Pratt* to Rena Sherwood Tyler, Newton.
Mar. 1, Patrick Foley* to Patrick Gillon, Cambridge.
Mar. 8, Philip Badger* to Frederic Watson Badger, Lowell.
Mar. 22, Ira Franklin Johnson* to Ira Franklin Mason, Malden.
Apr. 5, Mary Stephenson Washburn to Mary Stephen Breed, Medford.
Apr. 26, Flora Ella Chapman* to Flora Ella Bond, Shirley.
May 3, Mary Alice Morris* to Mary Alice Gragg, Bedford.
May 10, Hattie Wallace* to Helen Elizabeth Almy, Somerville.
May 24, Ella Frances Smyth* to Florence May Hamlin, Cambridge.
June 7, Mary Elizabeth Carver* to Mary Bigley Rider, Cambridge.
June 7, Mary Elvira Catlin* to Mary Elvira Marrett, Cambridge.
June 14, Georgianna Wilson* to Elma Florence Gilson, Pepperell.
June 14, Horatio N. Williams Jr. to Horace Percy Howard, Everett.
July 19, Mary Kelly* to Mary Deede, Charlestown.
Sept. 6, Abraham Paul Belmore* to Abraham Paul, Marlborough.
Sept. 6, Mary Lizzie King* to Mary Lizzie Caban, Charlestown.
Sept. 13, Minnie Edna Spiller* to Minnie Edner Thimme, Natick.
Sept. 13, Sarah Elizabeth Fletcher* to Sarah Elizabeth Ingles, Littleton.
Sept. 13, Herbert Norton Oliver to Herbert Fairfield Oliver, Wakefield.
Sept. 27, Laura Louise Morse* to Laura Louise Hall, Lowell.
Oct. 4, Frank Everett White* to Frank Everett Turner, Lowell.
Nov. 1, Alice Putnam* to Cora Alice Fisher, Woburn.
Nov. 1, Abbie Bright Fisk to Abbie Bright Tufts. Charlestown.
Nov. 8, George Henry Butterworth* to George Henry Scott, Lowell.
Nov. 8, Margaret Moynihan* to Margaret Devine, Sudbury.
Nov. 8, William Henry Madden to William Henry Mardeu (Marden?), Stoneham.
Dec. 13, Anna Drew Smith* to Ella Swett Philpot, Wakefield.
Dec. 27, Alice Durant* to Alice Bartlett, Winchester.
Dec. 27, Fred William McMaster to Fred William Masters, Watertown.
Dec. 27, Adelaide A. Wentworth to Adelaide A. Byrns, Somerville.

Feb. 1, Kate Morris to Gertrude Bailey Whipple, Worcester.
Feb. 1, Ida D. M. Gates to Ida Gates Burnham, Bolton.
Feb. 15, Frederick J. Hare to Frederick J. Kendall, Phillipston.
Mar. 1, Frederick A. J. Higgins to Frederick A. J. Richardson, Worcester.
Apr. 5, Lura Estelle Wight to Lura Wight Nelson, Upton.
Apr. 5, Jane Maria Thompson to Jane Della Burt, Northbridge.
Apr. 19, Lizzie Dahlman to Lizzie Doyle, Worcester.
May 3, Mary McGrath to Mary Elizabeth Hyde, Worceter.
May 3, Frances A. O'Brine to Frances A. Bryant, Paxton.
June 7, Frederick Herbert Connor to Frederick Herbert Leary, Rutland.
June 21, George Ford Foskett to George Orville Forde, Gardner.
Sept. 6, Michael Carney to Henry Carlton, Worcester.
Sept. 6, Mary L. Carney to Mary L. Carlton, Worcester.
Sept. 20, Eliza Melinda White to Lizzie Jennie Brigham, Grafton.
Oct. 5, Elmire St. Cyr to Almira Defoe, Shrewsbury.
Oct. 5, Naze St. Cyr to Charles Defoe, Shrewsbury.
Nov. 15, Fred Winn to Fred Winn Parker, Worcester.
Nov. 15, Myron Edson Newell to Myron Newell Ayers, Petersham.
Dec. 20, Emeline Howe to Emeline Bardwell, Southbridge.

Jan. 4, Herbert S. King* to Herbert S. Ring, Huntington.
Mar. 8, Foundling, no name*, to Charles Frederick Peck, Hatfield.
Apr. 5, Walter Frederick Winslow* to Frederick Eugene Beston, Enfield.
May 3, Francis S. Pike to Francis S. Thayer, Amherst.
May 21, Elizabeth Pursey* to Mary Louisa Baker, Amherst.
Oct. 11, Edna Gibbs* to Edna Elizabeth Snow, Enfield.
Nov. 1, Fanny Harthorn* to Fanny Agnes Russell, Hatfield.
Dec. 15, Bridget Ryan* to Catherine Bridget Kearns, Easthampton.

Feb. 1, John M. McKennon* to John Cochrane, Hoyoke.
May 3, Samuel Judson Whaley to Judson William Avery, Holyoke.
Sept. 6, Thomas Crane to Thomas Wallace, Westfield.
Sept. 6, Mary McMaster* to Mary McMastr Spencer, Chicopee.
Dec. 6, Caroline M. Kellogg to Caroline M Fish, Westfield.

Feb. 1, Cincinnatus Shepardson to Edmund Concinnatus Shepardson, Orange.
Feb. 9, Freddie C. Hitchcock* to Freddie Converse Allen, Buckland.
Apr. 5, Sarah Lucretia Ward to Emma Tyler Ward, Greenfield.
May 24, Nettie Gertrude Field* to Nettie Lemira Goodwin, Ashfield.
May 24, William Ellery* to Lutie Lucien Purinton, Buckland.
June 7, Emma ____* to Emma Field Smith, Sunderland.
Sept. 7, Jessie Flora Damon* to Laura Flora Morton, Whately.
Oct. 4, Hattie Maria Sawyer* to Hattie Maria Starkey, Orange.
Dec. 6, Mary Ellen Winslow* to Mary Ellen Smith, Sunderland.
Dec. 6, Harriet Robinson* to Harriet Robinson Migrath, Greenfield.
Dec. 6, Julia A. Stearns* to Julia A. Webster, Northfield.
Dec. 6, Edith Gertrude Hubbard* to Gertrude Hubbard Smead, Shelburne.
Dec. 13, Charles Levere Hall* to Charles Henry Haskell, Wendell.

Apr. 8, James T. Curry* to Charles Lorin Temple, Adams.
May 3, Mary Lizzie Hart to Mary Lizzie Pratt, Lanesborough.
June 7, Achsah B. Searl to Achsah B. Clark, Adams.
July 21, Grove Van Horn* to Grove Crocker, W. Stockbridge.
July 21, David Henry Penlony* to David Henry Wager, Adams.
Oct. 6, Mary Frances Lampman* to Mary Frances Connolly, Adams.
Oct. 6, Lewis Everett Jobin* to Lewis Everett Goodell, Adams.

Jan. 4, John Hair to John I. Kemp, Quincy.
Mar. 1, Edwena J. Sturtevant to Josephine Wales, Randolph.
Apr. 5, John Hawley to John Lyons, Medway.
May 3, Adolphus P. Raymond to Adolphus P. Pool, Weymouth.
May 3, Amie Ann McCannah to Amie Ann Allen, Wrentham.

Jan. 7, Frances Everett Warren to Frances Everett Pope, Fall River.
Jan. 7, Lydia Jane Alden to Annie Millard, Fall River.
Mar. 6, _____, to Helen Worthing Tripp, New Bedford.
Apr. 15, Flora F. Walker to Flora F. Mason, Taunton.
May 6, Robert Wood to Robert Castle, New Bedford.
May 6, Joseph C. Valdans to William C. Murray, New Bedford.
Oct. 7, Edwin G. Kay to Edwin G. Davol, Fall River.
Nov. 18, Alice Louisa Sherman to Alice Louisa Hack, Taunton.

Jan. 10, Alice Isabel Boyd* to Carrie Elizabeth Barrell, Abington.
Jan. 24, Mary Frances Walker* to Mary Frances Poole, Plymouth.
Feb. 14, Addie Pettingail* to Addie Antoinette Upman Brett, Bridgewater.
Apr. 11, Elizabeth Frances Hayden* to Elizabeth Frances Clark, East Bridgewater.
Apr. 11, Isabella Meechan* to Isabella Sheldon, Duxbury.
Apr. 11, Samuel W. Meechan* to Samuel W. Sheldon, Duxbury.
May 9, Mary R. Marshall* to Mary R. Lincoln, Middleborough.
May 9, Leila M. Marshall* to Leila M. Lincoln, Middleborough.
June 13, Carrie Elizabeth Cudworth* to Carrie Josephine Nickerson, Rochester.
Oct. 17, Clara S. Jones* to Clara S. Packard, North Bridgewater.

Jan. 6, Mary E. Skidmore* to Fanny A. Lewis, Tisbury.
Sept. 5, Martha A. N. Bell* to Annie L. Thomas, Tisbury.
Oct. 17, Sarah Edith Hatch* to Ava J. S. Athearn, Tisbury.

Jan. 2, Bertha Coleman* to Bertha Coleman Richardson, Boston.
Jan. 16, An unnamed infant* to Annie Gray Richardson, Braintree.
Feb. 6, Susan Adelaide Phillips* to Susan Adelaide Low, Boston.
Feb. 20, Evelyn Lawrence Taylor* to Evelyn Pettingill, Boston.
Feb. 21, Ormonde Macbrien to Ormonde Macbrien Reid, Boston.
Feb. 27, Emma Hunt* to Emma Hunt Varney, Chelsea.
Feb. 27, Minnie Maud Stewart* to Minnie Maud Stackpole, Boston.
Mar. 6, Minnie Carrol Cooley* to Minnie Carrol Dow, Boston.
Mar. 10, Reliance Freeman Crosby to Gertrude Freeman Crosby, Chelsea.
Mar. 13, George Byron Chapin* to George Byron Adams, Chelsea.
Mar. 13, Alberti Christy* to Grace Irving Whiting, Philadelphia.
Apr. 3, ____ Round* to Sarah Louise Knapp, Boston.
Apr. 3, Grace Maud Belknap* to Grace Belknap Winch, Boston.
May 3, Edward Flood Smith to Edward Flood, Boston.
May 8, Joseph Henry Ridlon Kendall* to Joseph Henry Ridlon, Charlestown.
May 22, Alice Lee Gookin* to Alice Lee, Hampton, N.H.
June 12, Frank Cornin* to Harry Henderson Piper, Boston.
June 26, Francis Davis Baker to Francis Woods Baker, Boston.
July 17, Rosa Sherburne* to Jennie May Aldrich, Boston.
July 18, Fanny Elizabeth Crory to Fanny Elizabeth Benedict, Boston.
Aug. 14, George Franklin Marshall* to George Franklin Marshall Ricketson, New York City.
Aug. 21, Margaret Josephine Wakefield* to Margaret Josephine Maguire, Needham.
Aug. 25, James Edward Savage to James Edward Pollo, Boston.
Sept. 11, Mary Vincent* to Mabel Louise Simmons, _____.
Oct. 23, Anna Vinton Wilde* to Anna Virginia Wilde, Randolph.
Oct. 23, Nelly Porter Childs to Helen Porter Childs, Boston.
Nov. 20, Lucy West Coffin* to Louise West Pray, New Bedford.
Nov. 27, Georgie Hill Marks* to Georgie Hill Emery, Ship Harbor, N.S.
Nov. 27, Henrietta Razour* to Alice Ella Rugg, Chelsea.
Dec. 4, Theodore Razour* to Theodore Fowle, Chelsea.
Dec. 4, Minnie Angeline Sawtelle to Minnie Angeline Holmes, Boston.

Jan. 3, Amelia Beane* to Amelia Butts, Gloucester.
Jan. 3, Cynthia Elvira Watts* to Cynthia Anna Nichols, Lynn.
Feb. 14, Jane Rendle Hainsworth* to Jane Rendle, Lawrence.
Mar. 7, Annie Florence Elwell* to Florence Merlina Bridge, Rockport.
Mar. 7, Henrietta Frances Trask* to Henrietta Frances Standley, Beverly.
Apr. 4, Carrie Emma McIntire* to Carrie Amma Dearborn, Salem.
Apr. 4, George Washington Thomes to George Washington Stanton, Lynn.
Apr. 4, Emme Frances Trask to Emma Frances Standley, Beverly.
May 2, Maria L. Chester* to Maria L. Bates, Marblehead.
May 2, Oscar Watson* to Oscar W. Clark, Wenham.
June 13, Aggie S. Brown* to Aggie S. Colson, Lynn.
Sept. 5, Ella Essulia Sleeper* to Ella Essulia Roberts, Lynn.
Sept. 12, Charles Francis Dresser* to Frank Gurley, Haverhill.
Oct. 3, Jennie L. Durgin* to Jennie Lucy Langley, Lynn.
Nov. 7, John Hurley to John Francis Hurley, Salem.

Jan. 3, Greenough Lincoln Bill* to Charles Greenough Lincoln, Cambridge.
Jan. 10, Mary Ann Riley* to Mary Ann Lynch, Woburn.
Jan. 10, Emma Amanda McCleary* to Gertrude Eloise Drew, Charlestown.
Jan. 17, Charles W. Parsons* to Adelbert Wellington Hay, Lowell.
Jan. 24, Minnie Edna Thimme* to Minnie Edna Carter, Ashland.
Feb. 7, Charlie Glyde* to Charles Edward Lincoln, Natick.
Feb. 28, Mary Elizabeth Arnold* to Mary Arnold Tufts, Newton.
Mar. 28, Arthur Wellesley Newell to Arthur Henry Newell, Cambridge.
Apr. 11, John Carney* to John Francis Mack, Charlestown.
May 2, Edward Ward Hinks to Edward Winslow Hincks, Cambridge.
May 16, Catharine Coughlin* to Catherine Coughlin Robinson, Woburn.
May 23, Silas Edmund Reed to Burkner Franklin Burlington, Wakefield.
May 23, Gracie Getchell* to Gracie Lincoln Harding, Charlestown.
May 23, A female child*, to Lillie Mary Stinehart, Somerville.
June 6, Charles Sullivan* to Charles Timothy Mahoney, Woburn.
June 6, Winifred Constantine* to Winnifred Mitchell, Lowell.
July 11, Peter Christmas to Peter Noel, Marlborough.
July 25, Minnie Hart* to Minnie Clark, Lowell.
Sept. 5, Hattie Heather* to Kittie Mary Newman Sawyer, Newton.
Sept. 5, A female child*, to Nettie Blanche Wright, Lowell.
Sept. 19, Edgar DeWitt Livingston* to Edgar Robert Champlin, Cambridge.
Sept. 26, George Albert Penn* to George Albert Barnes, Lowell.
Nov. 7, Arthur Clinton Shaw* to Wesley Frederick Howard, Ashland.
Nov. 7, James Moroney to James Murray, Waltham.
Nov. 7, Eliza Moroney to Eliza Murray, Waltham.
Nov. 14, Nellie Gertrude Haynes* to Nellie Gertrude Hayward, Ashby.
Nov. 14, Frank Erastus Miller* to Frank Gould Proctor, Ashland.
Dec. 5, Mary Lizette Drake* to Mary Lizette Boyd, Somerville.
Dec. 12, Franklin Henry Walker* to Frank Albert Mansfield, New York.
Dec. 26, Mary A. Reynolds* to Mary Eva Conant, Lowell.

Jan. 3, Sarah Cogans to Sarah Jane Cogans Kelley, Gardner.
Jan. 17, Clara Belle Davis to Clara Belle Withington, Fitchburg.
Feb. 7, John Chicoine to John Bedard, Northbridge.
Feb. 21, _____, to Stella Voila Partridge, Royalston.
Feb. 21, George Hoseman to George Washington Samson, Worcester.
Feb. 21, Sarah A. Cooley to Nellie Gleason, Webster.
Mar. 7, Lillie E. Sheldon to Lillie E. Nichols, Templeton.
Apr. 4, Armet Powers to Frank Arthur Miller, Brookfield.
Apr. 18, Ellen Slimonds to Ellen Slimonds Potts, Clinton.
May 2, ____ Walker to Charles Henry Ellis, Worcester.
May 2, Joanna B. Chadbourn to Joanna B. Radcliffe, Fitchburg.
May 10, James W. Thresher to James W. Potter, Barre.
May 10, Clara JOnes to Clara Silvers, Worcester.
May 10, Cora Louise Weaver to Cora Louise Stone, Leicester.
May 16, Zula E. Evans to Lizzie Luella Rugg, Sterling.
July 18, Franklin Campbell to Franklin Campbell Schultz, Rutland.
Sept. 5, ____ Andrews to Sarah Jane Vizina, Spencer.
Sept. 5, Jennie L. Pierce to Jennie L. Ware, Spencer.
Sept. 5, Mary Ann Drenning to Mary Drenning Temple, Gardner.
Sept. 19, Alice Hussey to Alice Hussey Moran, Athol.
Sept. 19, Minnie L. Laverty to Minnie Locke Jones, Worcester.
Oct. 11, Elizabeth Marsh Everett to Elizabeth March Reed, Brookfield.
Oct. 11, Sumner Haynes Everett to Sumner Haynes Reed, Brookfield.
Nov. 7, Clarence C. Prouty to Clarence Austin Humes, Worcester.
Nov. 21, Mary Chamberlain to Mabel Marian Ballou, Winchendon.
Dec. 5, Henry N. Hunting to Henry Nelson Rice, Hubbardston.
Dec. 19, Frances A. Lewis to Caro. Frances Goulding, Worcester.

July 5, Maria Estelle Woods to Maria Estelle Dearborn, Belchertown.
Nov. 8, Eddie Hawks to Eddie Hawks Goodale, Amherst.

Mar. 21, Elma A. Holcomb* to Elma A. Pratt, Granville.
June 6, Pamelia Witt to Pamelia De Witt, Springfield.
June 6, Edmund Dickinson Witt to Edmund Dickinson De Witt, Springfield.
June 6, Jennette Sophia Witt to Jennette Sophia De Witt, Springfield.
June 6, Timothy Edward McMasters to Timothy Edward Masters, Holyoke.
July 6, William Doyle* to William Thomas Farrington, Holyoke.
Sept. 5, Mary Harris* to Mary Barney, Holyoke.
Nov. 8, Edward C. Dallgster, alias Edwarad C. Keeper to Edward Charles Allen, Westfield.
Dec. 5, William Sullivan* to William Matthews, Springfield.

May 2, Freddie D. Reynolds* to Freddie D. Freeman, Leverett.
May 9, Eva M. Allen* to Eva M. Bass, Warwick.
May 23, Gertie May Hitchcock* to Gertie May Thwing, Hawley.
June 6, Mary Estelle Bortney to Mary Estalla Gunn, Sunderland.
June 6, Arthur William Morse* to Willie Arthur Wright, Northfield.
Aug. 14, Infant child of C. M. Howland* to Herbert Russell Lee, Conway.
Sept. 5, Jessie Watson* to Alice Georgie Rand, Orange.
Dec. 12, Abie Augusta Adams* to Lula Augusta Tenney, Orange.

Jan. 3, Hattie Fleming to Hattie Maria Bentley, Savoy.
Feb. 7, Dora Gray to Dora Gray Fuller, Pittsfield.
Feb. 7, Julia Clark Jenkins to Louisa Jenkins Stebbins, Adams.
Mar. 7, Evelina B. Hicks to Evelina B. Cleghorn, Adams.
Apr. 4, Nellie Bard to Nellie Kaley, Cheshire.
May 3, Julia Evans to Julia Lawrence, Lee.
June 6, Harriet Augusta Avery to Harriet Augusta Hawley, Windsor.
June 6, Lillian M. Hudson to Lillian M. Seymour, Stockbridge.
July 20, Caroline E. Haynes to Caroline E. Ballou, Adams.
Sept. 5, Jennie Etta Butterfield to Jennie Etta Mallery, New Ashford.
Sept. 5, Mary E. Mead to Mary E. Doherty, Pittsfield.
Sept. 5, Margarett Mead to Margrett Doherty, Pittsfield.

Feb. 15, Ebenezer Prince Burgess to Ebenezer George Burgess, Dedham.
Mar. 8, Ada Ellen Beasley* to Ida Helen Sanborn, Quincy.
May 3, Sarah Maria King* to Alice Poyner, Needham.
May 3, Hannah Augusta Hixon to Anna Augusta Hixon, Medway.
June 21, Angeline Turner* to Angeline Toon, Needham.
June 28, William Everett Morton* to William Everett Wortman, Randolph.
___, Almira Frances Stearns to Almira Frances Daniels, Foxborough.
July 26, Francis Welch to Francis Sargent, Medway.
____, James. E. Welch to James E. Sargent, Medway.
Sept. 27, Lucy Ann Wellington* to Florence Louisa Carter, Quincy.
Oct. 4, Charles Henry Aldrich* to Charles Henry Fisher, Norfolk.

Jan. 6, Weston E. De Moranville to Weston L. Cook, Westport.
Jan. 18, William Henry Tallman to William Henry Gifford, Dartmouth.
Mar. 3, Charles D. West to Charles S. Morse, New Bedford.
Apr 7, Name unknown to William H. C. Snow, New Bedford.
Apr. 21, Elizabeth Eveline Hervey to Name unchanged, Attleborough.
June 2, James Michael Kaniry to James Michael Noonan, Taunton.
June 21, Horace C. Hull to James Collins Rockwell, New Bedford.
July 14, William Waring to William J. Waring, Fall River.
July 14, Martin R. Chace to Martin R. Wallace, Fall River.
Aug. 4, Name unknown to Ada Allen, New Bedford.
Oct. 20, William Manchester to William Durfee, Fall River.
Nov. 17, Anna Bragdon to Anna Bragdon Chaffin, Easton.
Nov. 17, Robert W. McBurney to Robert Chaffin Randall, Easton.

Mar. 13, Delphenia W. Shaw* to Delphenia Laustein Wade, Carver.
May 8, Emma F. Paine* to Mary Emma Bourne, Marshfield.
Oct. 23, Emma C. Bolles* to Emma C. Tripp, Marion.
Nov. 13, John E. Robinson to John Washburn, Plymouth.
Nov. 27, Unnamed child* to William Leonard White, Bridgewater.

Apr. 20, Abby N. Clark to Abby Frank Nye, Sandwich.
May 18, Charles P. Valentine to Charles P. Jacint, Provincetown.
May 18, Manuel Valentine to Manuel Pevear, Provincetown.
Sept. 12, Ada Hubert Baxter to Ada Baxter, Dennis.

June 5, Frederick A. Quinnell* to Frederick O. Luce, Edgartown.

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