Coralynn at

Seagrass near Dionis Beach.

Nantucket Vital Records to 1850
Nantucket Genealogies

Land Records
Wills & Estates, pt. 1
Wills & Estates, pt. 2
Wills & Estates, pt. 3

Quakers in Nantucket
Eminent Nantucketers
Other Early Proprietors
Journal re Quakers
Early Settlers
Lines of descent
Lineages with Sources (appendix)

Note: The surnames are not spelled exactly the same in all books.
Paddack, for instance, is spelled Paddock in some books.

Found at the Whaling Museum.

HUGE picture of the harbour taken from the roof of the Whaling Museum. I would resize this, but it's so clear it gives you the feeling you're there. Toggle over to the right to see the entire view.

Hydrangeas in profusion.

Walking to Dionis Beach
which is just on the other side of this hillock.

Part of the shopping district of Nantucket Town. Notice the cobblestone street. (Toggle the space bar over to see the entire view.) These trees are not the usual ones associated with New England; not sure just what they're called, but they're nowhere near as tall.

Nantucket Town.

Dionis Beach.
Dionis beach, from what I can tell, was named for
Dionis Stevens, wife of Tristram Coffin.

Footprints in the sand
Tom Nevers Beach.

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