John Clough, immigrant ancestor, was born in England in 1613. He was twenty-two years old when he sailed from England for America in 1635 April 11, in the ship "Elizabeth." The name for many generations has been variously spelled, Clow, Cough, pronounced to rhyme with "how," Cluff, and Chuffe, pronounced as written. The established spelling Clough seems to be the proper way.
John Clough deposed in 1691 that his age was seventy-seven years, thus substantiating the approximate date of his birth obtained at emigration. He may have lived at Boston for a time, but it is difficult ot prove whether John Clough of the Boston records is John of Watertown or John of Salisbury. John of Watertown was a tailor. The John Clough of this pedigree settled in Salisbury, was a proprietor there as early as 1639, and a house carpenter by trade. He had a second grant of land in 1640, and others later. He was admitted a freeman May 18, 1642, and took the oath of fidelity, 1650, and was a commonoer and taxpayer 1650. The general court granted to John Clough, then of Boston, a lot of land at Salisbury (see Hoyt's families) March 13, 1638-39, the record stating that he had served his master four years, indicating that he was either apprenticed to learn his trade of carpenter or was bound out for a term - a common way of paying passage money. Or he may have been a prisoner of war. It seems most likely that he was apprenticed at Boston in some family that he knew in England and with whom he came to this country. He must have been counted a desirable citizen even as a young man, or he would not have been granted land by the general court. He died July 26, 1691, and his will was proved Nov. 3, following. He made bequests to his wife Martha; sons John, Samuel and Thomas; son-in-law Daniel Merrill; daughter Elizabeth Horne and Sarah Merrill; the children of daughter Martha, wife of Cornelius Page, late of Andover, and other grandchildren.
He married (first) Jane _____, who died Jan. 16, 1679. He married (second) Jan. 15, 1686, Martha Cilley of Sibley.
Children of John and Jane Clough:
1. Elizabeth, born Dec. 16, 1642; married _____ Horne.
2. Mary, July 30, 1644; died before her father.
3. Sarah, June 28, 1646; married, May 14, 1667, Daniel, son of Nathaniel Merrill.
4. John, March 9, 1648-49; married, Nov. 13, 1674, Mercy Page.
5. Thomas, May 29, 1651.
6. Martha, March 22, 1654.
7. Samuel, Feb. 20, 1656-57; married Aug. 31, 1679, Elizabeth Brown.

(I) Peter Clough, a descendant of John Clough in the fifth or sixth generation, settled like many others of his descendants in New Hampshire. Many of them lived at Henniker, Weare and in the vicinity of Portsmouth, N.H. He settled afterward in Vermont, and died there Feb. 3, 1845.
He married (first) Sept. 11, 1808, Polly Tower. He married (second) Aug. 12, 1821, Hannah Perham.
Children of his first wife:
Charles, David W., John Henry, William (mentioned below), Fanny and Adeline.
Children of second wife:
Harry, George, Mary and Eliza.
His widow lived after his death at Townsend, Vermont.

(II) William, son of Peter Clough, was born at Westminster, Vermont, Feb. 11, 1813, died Jan. 28, 1901. He moved with his parents to Malone, Franklin county, N.Y., when he was twelve years old. He had a common schools education. At the age of eighteen he came to Peru, Clinton county, N.Y. and established a furniture store. He was a cabinet-maker, having learned his trade from his father. He built up a large and flourishing trade and continued in business with much success until in 1895 he retired, selling his business to his two sons, Franklin H. and Leslie M. Clough. In politics he was Republican; in religion, a Methodist.
He married (first) Cynthia Garlick; (second) Dec. 30, 1857, Amarilla, born April 4, 1830, at Isle La Motte, Vermont, daughter of Jeremiah and Speedis (Holcomb) Cooper.
Children of first wife:
1. Martha, married Robert Day; had no children.
2. Mary, married Earl Olcott; had no children.
3. Albert, enlisted in the civil war from Plattsburgh and died in the service.
Children of second wife:
4. William E., born Oct. 27, 1858, at Peru; married Jan. 7, 1885, at West Chazy, N.Y., Cornie E., daughter of Hiram Clark, of West Chazy; children: Bessie L., born July 6, 1891.; Ruth M. Oct. 18, 1897.; Mahlon C., Dec. 20, 1904. 5. Franklin H., Nov, 12, 1864, mentioned below. Leslie M., Dec. 29, 1869, mentioned below.; Jesse, April 27, 1873; married Mrs. Emily Clark of Peru: have no children.

(III) Franklin H., son of William Clough, was born in Peru, Nov. 12, 1864, and was educated in the public schools of that town. He was clerk in his father's store from an early age until 1895, when in partnership with his brother, Leslie M., he succeeded his father and they have continued together with the greatest success ever since. In addition to his mercantile business he has flled the office of deputy collector of customs in the Champlain district and has resided at Rouse's Point since Oct. 16, 1901. He was supervisor of Peru for six years (1896 - 1901) and is well known throughout the county. He is a member of the Ausable River Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of Keeseville; Plattsburgh Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; De Soto Commandry and Oriental Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Troy, and has held various offices in these Masonic lodges from time to time. In religion he is a Methodist.
Franklin H. Clough married, dec. 22, 1886, Nellie C. Lewis, of Peu, born June 28, 1869, daughter of Eli and Elizabeth (Finn) Lewis.
Children, born at Peru:
1. Claudia, July 7, 1893.
2. Frances Maud, June 13, 1896.
3. Marion (twin), Nov. 14, 1900.
4. Mildred (twin), Nov. 14, 1900.

(III) Leslie M., son of William Clough, was born Dec. 29, 1869. He attended the public schools of Peru and Plattsburgh and graduated from the Plattsburgh High school. He was clerk in his father's store for a number of years, and in 1895 with his brother, Franklin H., succeeded to the business under the name of Clough Brothers. He is a member of Au Sable Lodge, Free Masons, of Keesville; Plattsburgh Chapter, De Soto Commandry, and Oriental Temple. In politics he is a Republican; in relgion a Methodist.
He married Aug. 31, 1892, in Peru, Carrie, born in Peru, daughter of Adnrew and Clara (Meed) Craig. Her father was born in Beekmantown, N.Y., her mother in Canada, daughter of Francis Meed, of Vermont and Canada.
Children: Corrine A., born Sept. 10, 1894. Kenneth, June 28, 1902.