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Let us begin with Charlemagne, and Alfred the Great. Notice that down quite a few generations we come across Maud/Matilda who married William the Conqueror. I have two (as of 2/16/01) lines back to Wm, this being one, of course (see the other one below), and why not incorporate the Charlemagne & Alfred the Great material into the Wm the 1st and kill two birds with one stone? NOTE: it was his wife Matilda of Flanders (aka Maud) who descended from both Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, whereas William the Conqueror descends from Charlemagne, but not Alfred.


Louis the Pious, Emperor Holy Roman Empire.
Adelaide, Princess of the West
Robert 1, King of France
Hughes the Great, King of France
Hugh Capet, King of France
Robert 11, "The Pious" King of France/ Constance
Adaele, Princess of France/Baudouin V, Count of Flanders

Lineage #2:

Pepin 1, King of Italy
Bernhard, King of Italy
Peppin 11, Count of Peronne
Hubert, Count of Senlis
Sporta (Adella) of Sensis
Richard, Duke of Normandy
Richard 11, Duke of Normandy
Robert, Duke of Normandy
William 1, Duke of Normandy,the CONQUEROR


Alfred the Great, b 849 Wantage, Berkshire, Eng., d 10/28/899

AEfthryth, (dau) who died 6/7/929, m Balwin 11, the Bold, Count of Flanders, b abt 863, d 9/10/918.

Arnolph 1 the Great of Flanders, died 965, and mistress: Alice of Vermandois who was b 910, d 960.

Baldwin 111, Count of Flanders, b abt 940, d 11/1/962 m Matilda Billung, who d 5/25/1008.

Arnolph 11, Count of Flanders, b abt 961, d 988, m Rozela (Susanna) of Italy, who died 1003.

Baldwin 1V, "the Bearded," Count of Flanders, b abt 980, d 5/30/1035, m Ogive of Luxembourg, who d 1030.

Baldwin V, "the Pious," Count of Flanders, b abt 1012, d 9/1/1067 in Lille, France, m Adela Capet, Princess of France, b 1009, d 1/8/1079.

Matilda (Maud) of Flanders, b abt 1031 Flanders, France, d 11/2/1803 Caen, Normandy, m William the Conqueror.

1st Proven Route back to William the Conqueror
William the Conqueror b 1024/ Matilda b 1031.

Henry 1, King of Eng., b 1068/ Matilda "Atheling" Princess of Scotland.

Matilda (Maud) Princess of Eng. b1102/ Geoffrey "le bon" Plantagenet.

Henry 11, King of England b 1133/ Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Eleanor England, Queen of Castille, b 1163/ Alfonse V111-King of Castille.

Bianca of Swabia & Castille b bef 1188/ Louis V111 "the Lion" King of FRance b 1187.

Robert 1, Count of Artois b 1216/ Maud, Princess of Brabant b 1224.

Blanche D'Artois, Princess of France b 1248/ Henri of Navarre b abt 1244.

Jeanne Navaarre, Queen of France b 1272/ Philippe 1V, King of France b 1268.

Isabella, Princess of France b 1292/ Edward 11, King of England b 1284 (AT this point there is another line that goes back to Wm the Conqueror from EDWARD. This line we're currently following is from his wife, so we get two lineages for the price of one.)

Edward 111, King of England, b 1312/ Philippa.

Thomas, Prince of England b 1354-55/ Eleanor de Bohun b 1366.

Anne Plantagenet b 1383/ William Bourchier b 1374. (Anne married twice, and I have descent from both marriages; see linage below.)

William Bourchier b 1412/ Thomasina Hankeford b 1422-23.

Blanche Bourchier b abt 1442/ Bartholomew SAint Leger, b abt 1442.

Ann SAint Leger b 1483/ Alexander Wood b 1480.

Richard Woods b 1532 Weymouth, Dorset, Eng./ Izote Copplestone b abt 1530.

Anne Woods b 1553 Bradford, Dorset, Eng,/ Lawrence Meggs (MEIGS) b 1553.

Vincent Meigs b 1583 Dorset, Eng.,/Emma Stronge,bpt Jan 8, 1580-81, Chardstock, Devon, Eng., d Dec 1, 1658 Guilford, CT.

John Meigs b 2/29/1612 Bradford, Paverill, Sorset, Eng./ Tomasina Fry.

Tryal Meigs b 1646 prob in New Haven, CT/Andrew Ward, b 1646 New Haven, CT.

Peter Ward, b 1676 Middlesex County, CT m Mary Joy(e)b 1680, Middlesex County, CT

Mary Ward/ John Palmer b 1703 of Stonington, New London, CT.

Fenner Palmer b 9/16/1735 Killingworth, Middlesex, CT/ Lydia Buell b 1736 (same.)

Peter Ward Palmer b 1766 Dover Plains, Dutchess, NY/ Polly Osborn b abt 1770 NY.

Ephraim Palmer b 5/27/1788 Mapleton, Saratoga, NY/ Hannah PHELPS b 1/12/1790.

Mary Melissa Palmer b 2/19/1828 Antwerp, Jefferson, NY d 1906 Greig, Lewis NY/ Walter Dewey Hubbard b 2/14/1821 Leyden, Lewis, NY d 1887 Turin, Lewis, NY.

Ella Hubbard b 1853 Turin, Lewis, NY d 1923 Boonville, Oneida, NY/ John Henry Brown b 6/5/1846 Greig, Lewis, NY d 1909 Greig, Lewis, NY.

Wallace Drayton Brown b 6/14/1878 Greig, Lewis, NY d 6/29/1944 Boonville, Oneida, NY/ Ruth Belle Jackson. (My grandparents.)

Second Royal Line (Anne Marbury Hutchinson Line)
A.M.Hutchinson lineage on SamCasey's website, her's is the same as mine.
Take the lineage from William the Conqueror down to Edward III, then:

Edward III b 11/13/1312 Windsor Castle, d 6/21/1377/Philippa of Hainault

Duke Thomas of Woodstock (b 1354-55)/Eleanor DeBohun

Countess Anne Plantagenet of Gloucester of Stafford (b 1383) d 1438/5th Earl Edmund of Strafford (Anne married twice; I descend from both marriages, see above).

Duke Humphrey DeStafford of Buckingham (b 8/15/1402, d 7/10/1460 died in Battle of Northumberland)/ LADY ANNE NEVILLE (b 1494, d 1480) *****see below

Joan/Joanna DeStafford/Sir John Knyvet

Margaret Knyvet(d 1458)/Richard Chamberlain (b ca 1392)

Richard Chamberlain (d 1497 Eng.)/Sibyl Fowler

Anne Chamberlain/Sir Edward Raleigh (b 1470)

Bridget Raleigh/Sir John Cope

Elizabeth Cope (1529 Northamtonshire, Eng, d 9/30/1584)/John Dryden

Bridget Dryden (b ca 1563 Canons, Ashby, Northampton, Eng., d 4/2/1645)/Rev. Francis Marbury

Anne Marbury (b 1591 Alford, England, d 8/20/1643 Pelham Bay, Long Island, NY)/William Hutchinson

Edward Hutchinson b 5/28/1613 Alford, Lincolnshire, Eng., d 8/19/1675 Boston, Suffolk, MA)/Katherine Hamby

Anne Hutchinson (b 11/17/1643 Boston, MA, d 1/10/1716 Newport, RI)/Samuel Dyer

Henry Dyer (b 1674 Newport, RI)/Mary (Royce?)

Marie Anna Dyer (b 9/3/1699)/Noah Phelps

Barrett Phelps (b 9/20/1722 Hebron, Tolland, CT, d 1789 Cambridge, Washington, NY)/Hannah Bigelow

Noah Phelps (b 4/4/1767 Belcher, NY)/Ruth Loveland

Hannah Phelps/Ephraim Palmer

Mary Melissa Palmer/Walter Dewey Hubbard

Ella Hubbard/John Henry Brown

Wallace Drayton Brown/Ruth Belle Jackson

*****LADY ANNE NEVILLE's line back to Edward 111.
parents: Ralph Neville, First Earl of Westmoreland, b 1364 in Castle Raby, Durham, England, d Oct 21, 1425 in same/ Joan deBEAUFORT, b abt 1375 in Chateau de Beaufort, Loire, France, d Nov 13, 1440 in Howden, Yorkshire, England.

Maternal grandparents: John of Gaunt (Lancaster) Plantagenet, b Mar 1339-40 in Flandre-Oriental, Belguim, d Feb 3, 1398-99 in Leistershire, England/Katherine Swynford, b 1350 in Picardy, Somme, France, d 1403.

gr/grandparents (John of Gaunt's parents):
King Edward 111 of England/Countess Phillippa DeHainault.


Saint Margaret of Scotland, daughter of "Atheling" Edward "The Outlaw" Prince of England and Agatha of Germany, was born 1045, Mecseknadas, Hungary. The family was in exile.

Saint Margaret was said to have been beautiful in person and in character, for she captivated Malcolm at once and inspired in him a lifelong devotion. She was devout, civilized, and strong minded. For her charity, humanity and asceticism and for her services to the Church, she was canonized in 1251, but she was regarded a Saint in her own liftime.

Margaret married Malcolm 111 (son of Duncan 1st, killed by Macbeth) was born in 1031 in Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland and died on Nov 13, 1093 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England.

One of the children from this marriage was:

MATILDA "ATHELING" PRINCESS of Scotland, born abt 1080 in Dunferline, Fifeshire, Scotland, died on May 1,1118 in Westminster, Middlesex, England.

Matilda married HENRY 1 "Beauclerc" King of England, son of William the Conqueror & Maud/Matilda, Countess of Flanders, Queen of England.

One of the children from this marriage was:

MAUD/MATILDA, Empress of Germany (she was not German; she had married the Emperor of Germany, then widowed). She was born before Aug 5, 1102 in London, Middlesex, England, and died on Sep 10, 1169 in Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France. She married GEOFFREY V "le Bon" Plantagenet.

One of the children of this marriage was:

HENRY 11, Plantagenet, King of England, born 3/5/1133 in LeMans, Sarthe, France, died on 7/6/1189 Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, France.

Henry 11 married ELEANORE of AQUITAINE.
(from Henry and Elanore, we have lines of descent, see lineages above.)

The Anne Marbury Hutchinson ROYAL line from her all the way down to me, below:

Descent from English Royalty
There is a genealogy of Anne Marbury Hutchinson on the ROYALS site just above this one. There are several Royal lineages on that site, hers being one of them.

Anne Marbury Hutchinson descendants
1. Anne Marbury- christened 7/20/1591 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England. She died 8/20/1643 in Pelham Bay, New York.
Anne married William Hutchinson on 8/9/1612 in London, England.
One of the children from this marriage:
+Edward Hutchinson, born 1613.

2. Edward Hutchinson, born 5/28/1613 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England, died 8/19/1675 in Boston, Suffolk, MASS.
Edward married Katherine Hamby, daughter of Robert Hamby and Elizabeth Arnold, on 10/13/1636 in Ipswitch, Suffolk, England.

One of the children from this marriage was:

+3. Anne Hutchinson born 1643.

3. Anne Hutchinson, born 11/17/1643 in Boston, Suffolk, MASS, died 1/10/1716 in Newport, Rhode Island.
Anne married Samuel DYER, son of William Dyer and Mary Barrett (the Quaker martyr), on 11/17/1663 in Boston, Suffolk, MASS.

One of the children from this marriage was:

+4. Henry Dyer, born 1674.

4. Henry Dyer, born 1674 in Newport, Rhode Island, married Mary________.
One of the children from this marriage was:

+5. Ann Dyer b 1699.

5. Ann Dyer, born 9/3/1699 in Bristol,Rhode Island, married Noah PHELPS, son of Timothy Phelps and Martha Crow.
One of the children from this marriage was:

+6. Barrett Phelps, born 1722.

6. Barrett Phelps was born 9/20/1722 in Hebron, Tolland, CT and died in 1789 in Cambridge, Washington, New York. He married Hannah Bigelow, daughter of David Bigelow and Editha Day, on 2/15/1751.

One of the children from this marriage was:

+7. Noah Phelps, born 1767.

7. Noah Phelps, born 4/4/1767 in Belcher, New York, died in 1813 in Cambridge, Washington, New York. He married Ruth LOVELAND.
One of the children from this marriage was:

+ 7. Hannah Phelps, born 1790.

7. Hannah Phelps, born 1/12/1790 in Cambridge, Washington, New York died 3/9/1828 in Lowville, Lewis, New York. She married Ephraim PALMER, son of Peter Ward Palmer and Polly Osborn, about 1816 in Lowville, Lewis, NY.
One of the children from this marriage was:

+8. Mary Melissa Palmer, born 1828.

8. Mary Melissa Palmer, born 2/19/1828 in Antwerp, Jefferson, New York, died 1/30/1906 in Greig, Lewis, New York. She married Walter Dewey HUBBARD, son of Corodon Hubbard and Lucy Richmond.
One of the children from this marriage was:

+9. Ella Hubbard, born 1853.

9. Ella Hubbard was born 2/3/1853 in Turin, Lewis, New York and died 11/16/1923 in Boonville, Oneida, New York. She married John Henry Brown, son of Caleb Brown and Sarah Ann Vary.
One of the children from this marriage was:

+10. Wallace Drayton Brown, born 1878.

10. Wallace Drayton Brown, born 6/14/1878 in Greig, Lewis, New York, died 6/1/1944 in Boonville, Oneida, New York. He married Ruth Belle JACKSON, daughter of Duane Cyrus Jackson and Josephine Hallock.

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