This is compiled from various sources & some dates are estimates. I don't personally have documentation but some should be available through the Mayflower Society &/or the Pilgrim John Howland Society. Many descendants also have information on their websites. I pieced this information together just before Thanksgiving 1999 & have not taken the time to pursue it further.

John HOWLAND was 1 of the 102 passengers who left Sutton Harbor Pier at Plymouth, England on September 6, 1620 on the Mayflower and spent 66 days crossing the Atlantic Ocean. He came as an indentured servant to wealthy Londoner, John Carver, who was to become the first Governor of the New Plimoth Colony in Massachusetts. John Howland was the 13th signer of the Mayflower Compact. He was described by a fellow pilgrim as a "lusty man" -- meaning lively and happy in those days. He was among the party of 10 who were sent out to select locations of their new homes.

John HOWLAND died 23 February 1671, aged above 80 years & is buried at Plymouth Massachusetts. His gravestone is of reddish hue & bears the inscription "Here ended the Pilgrimage of JOHN HOWLAND." He was the last man left of those who came on the Mayflower.
(Handbook of Old Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts)

Elizabeth TILLEY HOWLAND is the only pilgrim buried in Rhode Island.

Some further informaton about the BUCKLAND family is on my Welcome Page and also in the Buckland Photo Section. Some information about the Mayflower Pilgrims is on the Ancestors To America page with a link to a Mayflower website.

This is my family line direct to 4 Mayflower* pilgrims:

Jean Louise HUDSON m Frank John McNAMARA
Bruce Edward HUDSON (1905-1984) m Gladys Ann FRIEDMAN (1907-1972)
Clarence Niles HUDSON (1883-1928) m Blanche Jane SWINGLE (1885-1949)
Hiram T. HUDSON (1840-1923) m Angeline BUCKLAND (1843-1926)
Horace BUCKLAND (1806-1884) m Betsey Ann TENNANT (1808-1897)
Chester BUCKLAND (1782-1854) m Sarah HILLS (1785-1873)
George BUCKLAND (1757-1843) m Elizabeth LATHROP (1756-1843)~~see my picture with their gravestones in Manchester, CT on the BUCKLAND page
Thacher LATHROP (1734- ) m Submit LOOMIS (1736- )
John LATHROP (1734- ) m Ann THATCHER (1697- )
John THATCHER (1639- ) m Lydia GORHAM (1666-1744)
John GORHAM (1620-1675) m Desire HOWLAND (1625-1683)
John HOWLAND* (1599-1671) m Elizabeth TILLEY* (1607-1687)
John TILLEY* (1571-1620) m Joan (HURST) ROGERS* (1567-1621)

Some of my cousins also descended from John Howland include:
Humphrey Bogart, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George W. Bush, 40th Pres., Barbara Bush, President George W. Bush, Jr., and Esther Allen Howland who produced the first American Valentines.

I'd love to hear from you if you have information or documentation about any of the above.

George & Laura Bush sent us a 2001 Christmas card with the family picture! How special!! It may have had something to do with the campaign contribution we sent, 'cause I don't think he knows we're cousins!!!

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