Locations found in batch C093451

Locations found in batch C093451

The following towns were found in batch number C093451. If the town name is a clickable link, clicking on it will take you to its entry in the relevant county page where you will find other batches for that town listed. To return to the previous page use the "Back" button on your browser. Please note that there may be some unlikely places or incorrect counties for the town listed here since these batches were often subject to transcription errors. Please DO NOT REPORT errors of this type - any such reports will not be acknowledged.

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Town  (Church, Chapel  
 or other place)  
County  Country  

Stockport     Cheshire  England  
Bolton_Le_Moors     Lancashire  England  
Bury     Lancashire  England  
Newchurch     Lancashire  England  
Oldham     Lancashire  England  
Spotland     Lancashire  England  
Tottington     Lancashire  England  
Almondbury     Yorkshire  England  
Almondbury  (Near)  Yorkshire  England  
Armitage     Yorkshire  England  
Barnsley     Yorkshire  England  
Berry_Brow     Yorkshire  England  
Blackburn     Yorkshire  England  
Crosland     Yorkshire  England  
Crosland  (Crosland Factory)  Yorkshire  England  
Crossland Hill     Yorkshire  England  
Cumberworth     Yorkshire  England  
Darfield     Yorkshire  England  
Farnley Hey     Yorkshire  England  
Folly Hall In Huddersfield     Yorkshire  England  
Golcar Brow     Yorkshire  England  
Halifax     Yorkshire  England  
Hall Bower     Yorkshire  England  
Holmfirth  (Near)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield     Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Butternab)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Castle Houses)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Cropland Moor)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Crosland Moor)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Dasyroud)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Gravland)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Heaton Fold)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Hidden Bridge)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Huff)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Hugh Green)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Near)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Nepton)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Neukaith)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Oaks)  Yorkshire  England  
Huddersfield  (Yews)  Yorkshire  England  
Jackson_Bridge     Yorkshire  England  
Kildwick     Yorkshire  England  
Kingston_Upon_Hull     Yorkshire  England  
Kirkburton     Yorkshire  England  
Kirkby_Overblow     Yorkshire  England  
Kirkheaton     Yorkshire  England  
Leeds     Yorkshire  England  
Lockwood     Yorkshire  England  
Lockwood  (Near)  Yorkshire  England  
Marsden     Yorkshire  England  
Marsden  (Old Mill)  Yorkshire  England  
Meltham     Yorkshire  England  
Near Almondbury     Yorkshire  England  
Near Holmfirth     Yorkshire  England  
Netherton By Huddersfield     Yorkshire  England  
Newsham     Yorkshire  England  
Paddock Foot     Yorkshire  England  
Penistone     Yorkshire  England  
Pershow     Yorkshire  England  
Rotherham     Yorkshire  England  
Saddleworth     Yorkshire  England  
Salford In Huddersfield     Yorkshire  England  
Sandal_Magna     Yorkshire  England  
Scholes Moor     Yorkshire  England  
Silkstone     Yorkshire  England  
Steps     Yorkshire  England  
Taylor Hill     Yorkshire  England  
Templenewsam     Yorkshire  England  
Thornhill_By_Dewsbury     Yorkshire  England  
Thurlstone     Yorkshire  England  
Yew Green In Huddersfield     Yorkshire  England  
Aberdeen     Aberdeen  Scotland  
Galashiels     Selkirk  Scotland  


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