Locations found in batch C701551

Locations found in batch C701551

Click on the town of interest to go to its entry in the relevant county page or use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the previous page. Please note that there may be some unlikely places listed here since these batches were often subject to transcription errors. Please DO NOT REPORT these - any such reports will not be acknowledged.

Special note about the M700000 and C000000 series batches: The series of batches with numbers beginning with C70 and M70 (mostly from Ireland) often cover a large geographic area. Searching in these batches directly is often not very satisfactory but they are, nevertheless, included on this site for completeness. Better results are often obtained by chance if you happen to encounter the person you are looking for in one of these batches when doing a broader search using the standard familysearch.com search specification pages.

Town  (Church, Chapel  
 or other place)  
County  Country  

Belfast No     Antrim  Ireland  
Pomeroy     Tyrone  Ireland  


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