IGI Batch Numbers for Merioneth, Wales





IGI Batch Numbers for Merioneth, Wales

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Some towns are listed in the IGI under more than one county. Where batch numbers for a town with the same name have been found in a different county as well as this one, that county appears in the "Other Counties" column as a clickable link (or more than one if appropriate). Clicking this link will take you to the relevant entry on that county's page (which may be either for the same town or for another town elsewhere in the country with the same name).

If you see a ** beside a batch number, this batch either covers more than one location or includes entries with different names/spellings for what may be the same Town, Parish, Church or Chapel. Common such discrepancies are to find both St. and Saint or to have both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of the same name. Sometimes the same town will be listed with a different county even in the same batch. It should be remembered that much of the indexing performed by the LDS was done by people (who were all volunteers, I believe) who were not familiar with the local geography. Clicking on the ** will display a list of alternative locations for that batch.

If dates are available for a batch number they will be shown to the right of the batch number. Some of this information has kindly been provided by James Heald. These dates are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the batch. They may overlap or be consecutive and may have errors and are provided only as a guide to what might be available in the batch in question.

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Town or Parish
   (Church or Chapel)
Births or
Marriages    Other Counties

C057391  1846-1857  

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   (Bethel Calvinistic
C101941  1805-1837  
   (Capel Mawr Calvinistic
C102121  1811-1837  
   (Siloam Independent)C102131  1827-1836  
Bettws Near Corwen
   (Capel Y Gro Calvinistic
C102331  1812-1834  

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C058151  1813-1834  
Corwen Gwyddelwern And Llansantfraid
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C102031  1807-1837  
   (Capel Y Cutiau
C102141  1818-1837  
   (Bethania Baptist)C102521  1815-1837  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C101981  1814-1837  

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Dinas Mawddwy
   (Ebenezer Congregational
    Or Independent)
C102151  1795-1837  
   (Hen Chapel
    Congregational Or
C102161  1795-1837  
   (Juda Chapel West Street
    Particuler Baptist)
C102551  1798-1836  
   (Saint Mary)C057401  1814-1870  
   (Salem Calvinistic
C102181  1807-1837  
Dolgelly Circuit
   (Wesleyan)C102171  1814-1837  
   (Rehoboth Independent)C102321  1829-1837  

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   (Bethesda Calvinistic
C102341  1826-1837  

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Llanbedr Brecon
   (Gwynfryn Calvinistic
C102301  1810-1837  
   (Tryfar Calvinistic
C102291  1812-1835  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C102091  1814-1837  
   (Capel Y Sarney
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C102361  1821-1837  
Llandderfel Llanfor And Llandrillo
   (Bethel Rhydywernen
    Hananeel & Pensingrug
C102351  1816-1837  
   (Salem Calvinistic
C102021  1820-1837  
   (Capel Coch Calvinistic
C102041  1826-1837  
   (Wesleyan Methodist)C102381  1819-1837  
   (Peniel Calvinistic
C102281  1827-1836  
   (Horeb Calvinistic
C102221  1813-1837  
C057411  1814-1836  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C102261  1818-1837  
Llanfair Montgomery
C057421  1813-1838  
Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr
C057431  1813-1843  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C102111  1819-1837  
Llanfihangel Y Pennant Caernarvon
C057441  1814-1865  
Llanfihangel Y Traethau
C057451  1813-1872  
   (Bethel Calvinistic
C102311  1808-1837  
   (Bethel Penrhyn
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C102411  1814-1837  
   (Capel Glan Yr Afon
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C102401  1810-1837  
   (Capel Mynach Calvinistic
C102391  1823-1837  
C057461  1813-1845  
   (Siloam Calvinistic
C101971  1810-1837  
Llangelynin Caernarvon
C057471  1813-1847  
   (Bwlch Calvinistic
C102231  1812-1837  
   (Llwyngwril Calvinistic
C102241  1811-1835  
   (Zion Calvinistic
C102201  1809-1836  
C057481  1813-1852  
   (Capel Y Glyn Calvinistic
C101991  1813-1837  
   (Dissenting Protestants
    Or Independent)
C102511  1813-1865  
Llansantffraid Cardigan
   (Peniel Calvinistic
C101961  1833-1837  
   (Ebenezer Or The Old
    Chapel Presbyterian Or
C102421  1814-1837  
   (Old Or Rhosyfedwan
    Chapel Independent)
C102371  1831-1837  
   (Pandy Calvinistic
C101931  1807-1835  
   (Capel Celyn Calvinistic
C102101  1811-1836  
   (Capel Y Parc Or Park
    Chapel Calvinistic
C102011  1816-1837  
   (Llidiardan Calvinistic
C101951  1814-1837  
   (Tal Y Bont Calvinistic
C102001  1766-1837  

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C057491  1814-1851  
   (Capel Uchaf Calvinistic
C102471  1811-1837  
   (Glanywern Independent)C102431  1811-1837  
   (Capel Brn Y Ffy
    Calvinistic Methodist)
C104471  1811-1837  

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C056421  1813-1840  
   (Calvinistic Methodist)C102441  1802-1836  

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C057501  1813-1875  
   (Cwrt Calvinistic
C102211  1815-1837  
   (Rehoboth Calvinistic
C102191  1812-1837  
C057511  1813-1839  
   (Bethel Calvinistic
C102481  1814-1837  
   (Bethesda Independent)C102491  1807-1871  
   (Bryncrug Calvinistic
C102461  1808-1836  
C057521  1813-1839  
   (Arddlas Calvinistic
C102251  1810-1837  
   (Penstreet Independent)C102451  1790-1837  
   (Scotch Baptist)C102541  1837-1875  

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