IGI Batch Numbers for Shetland, Scotland





IGI Batch Numbers for Shetland, Scotland

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Some towns are listed in the IGI under more than one county. Where batch numbers for a town with the same name have been found in a different county as well as this one, that county appears in the "Other Counties" column as a clickable link (or more than one if appropriate). Clicking this link will take you to the relevant entry on that county's page (which may be either for the same town or for another town elsewhere in the country with the same name).

If you see a ** beside a batch number, this batch either covers more than one location or includes entries with different names/spellings for what may be the same Town, Parish, Church or Chapel. Common such discrepancies are to find both St. and Saint or to have both hyphenated and unhyphenated versions of the same name. Sometimes the same town will be listed with a different county even in the same batch. It should be remembered that much of the indexing performed by the LDS was done by people (who were all volunteers, I believe) who were not familiar with the local geography. Clicking on the ** will display a list of alternative locations for that batch.

If dates are available for a batch number they will be shown to the right of the batch number. Some of this information has kindly been provided by James Heald. These dates are taken from the detail page of the first entry in the batch. They may overlap or be consecutive and may have errors and are provided only as a guide to what might be available in the batch in question.

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Town or Parish
   (Church or Chapel)
Births or
Marriages    Other Counties

C110011  1855-1867  M110011  1855-1875  
C110012  1737-1820  M110012  1765-1821  
C110013  1868-1875  M110014  1820-1854  
C110014  1820-1854  

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C110021  1855-1867  M110021  1855-1875  
C110022  1751-1854  M110022  1751-1855  
C110023  1868-1875  
C110031  1855-1867  M110031  1855-1875  
C110032  1746-1820  M110032  1746-1820  
C110033  1868-1875  M110034  1819-1856  
C110034  1820-1864  

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C110041  1855-1867  M110041  1855-1875  
C110042  1754-1821  M110042  -1785
C110043  1868-1875  M110044  1820-1855  
C110044  1820-1856  M110045  1852-1854  

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C110051  1855-1867  M110051  1855-1875  
C110052  1728-1854
M110052  1706-1713
C110053  1868-1875  M110054  1820-1854  

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Mid And South Yell
C110061  1855-1867  M110061  1855-1875  
C110062  1723-1821  M110062  1730-1820  
C110063  1868-1875  M110064  1820-1854  
C110064  1820-1857  

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C110071  1855-1867  M110071  1855-1875  
C110072  1775-1819  M110072  1787-1819  
C110073  1868-1875  M110074  1819-1854  
C110074  1820-1854  
C110081  1855-1867  M110081  1855-1875  
C110082  1758-1820  M110082  1788-1821  
C110083  1868-1875  M110084  1820-1854  
C110084  1820-1854  
   (Wesleyan Chapel)C191211  1830-1874  M191211  1844-1878  

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Sandsting And Aithsting
C110091  1855-1867  M110091  1855-1875  
C110092  1733-1819  M110092  1733-1819  
C110093  1868-1875  M110094  1818-1854  
C110094  1820-1854  

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C110101  1855-1867  M110101  1855-1875  
C110102  1709-1821  M110102  1695-1819  
C110103  1868-1875  M110104  1819-1856  
C110104  1820-1854  M197851  -1696  
M197853  -1696  

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C110111  1855-1867  M110111  1855-1875  
C110112  1776-1855  M110112  1797-1859  
C110113  1868-1875  

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C110121  1855-1867  M110121  1855-1875  
C110122  1771-1820  M110122  1773-1820  
C110123  1868-1875  M110124  1820-1855  
C110124  1820-1855  M110125  1743-1794  
C110125  1743-1794  M110126  1742-1751  
C110126  -1745 -175  

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