Hullbridge Memories and History

Hello and Welcome !

Hello and welcome to my website about the village of HULLBRIDGE in the County of Essex in England.

Hullbridge has had and still has many colourful and interesting people living there.Many of these people are no longer with us and I feel it would be a real shame if the memory of them is lost in the passing of time.

This website has been published with the hope that people residing or having resided in Hullbridge will help build this site into a historical record about the village by contributng articles containing their memories of times gone by.

Along with peoples memories I also hope to publish a complete list of residents as captured within the Government Census's from 1841-1901, historical details and photo's of the village.

I am currently using my ISP to host this website and as a result I am restricted in the number of pages I can have and the size of files, so I have had to keep this pretty basic.
If this site proves to be popular I will look to move it elsewhere to allow it to grow.

I would like to dedicate this site to my parents,family, friends and neighbours who I have met during the 43 years that I have lived in the village.

I hope you will find some articles of interest to you.