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Teapot Francis Walter Cooke Teapot
has some documents to show you.
Anne Stuart Ann Stuart
will show you the Family Tree.
Revised: 14-Jun-2003
Achsah Rhoda eaton 1903 Achsah has her photo album.
Revised:Jan 17, 2003
Frank and Annie on a bench Frank and Annie will introduce you to some of the family.
Walter Walter will show you the census records he found.
Revised:Monday, January 19, 2004
Emily001b.jpg (2K) Emily will Show you some Links.
A new window will open just close it to return.
lizlat001b.jpg (1K) Liza will show you some Graravestones and inscriptions
johnstuartb.jpg (1K) John Will show you some places.

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