Critz Family History


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This page contains a transcribed copy of the handwritten notes of Christine Critz Ayers, who restored and lived in the Hamon Critz, Jr. (1760 - 1828) house. Christine, the daughter of William Critz, was born on 17 June, 1904, and died on December, 1995.I want to give special thanks to Bill Ayers, Christine's son and my cousin, for allowing me the honor of posting these notes on my web site. I want to also thank my cousin Camilla Hoy for furnishing me copies of the notes.

Hamon CRITZ, Sr. immigrated to America from the Alsace-Lorraine Germany when the country was thinly settled, and Indians and wild animals posed a problem. Fort Mayo, near Stella, VA, was a place of safety. My Mother's cousin, Mary FAIR, told me that her grandparents, the KOGERS, had a feeling of uneasiness all of one day, so that night they went to the fort and during the night the Indians raided their place and took several saddle horses.

The rocks from the foundation of the old fort may still be seen on the river banks since the river was channeled through the Fort by the ANTHONY family to avoid a big bend around by the knoll.

In the History Of Henry County By Maude C. Clements, reference is made to Hamon Sr. who died in 1807.

In the Economic And Social Survey of Patrick County, by Connor and King, Hamon Sr. was camping on Spoon Creek in Patrick County now, but Lunenburg County then, in 1747 where he settled and became a leading citizen.

In Halifax County Court House Pleas Book I, page 177, John Fredrick MILLER and Hamon CRITZ, Sr. came into court and took the usual oaths to his Majesty's person and government and repeated and subscribed the test in order to get their naturalization in 1753

In 1752 Pleas Book I, page 62, on the motion of Hamon CRITZ, SR. ordered that he be added to the general list of tithables.

In the Pittsylvania County Court House, Chatam, VA, June 21, 1765 David JONES, 400 ac on (Bears) Branch adj ig DANDRIDGES upper line where run Hamon CRITZ, SR. 400 ac on a branch of Spoon Creek beginning at a Poplar mark [*unclear] (thence) adj ig his said line.

I asked Richard GRAVELEY, Martinsville, VA, a historian of some note, where Bears Branch is. He said above Stuart on Peters Creek. He located it when he was re-running the VA - NC line surveyed by Richard BYRD of Colonial VA using Byrd's maps and notes. Many of the places were still recognizable he said, and his slides of the survey very interesting.

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Page II

I have located some of these land records below the golf course at Gordon TRENT'S, so if it looks as if Hamon Sr. was a big land holder. Henry County Court House, Deed Book III, page 411: Hamon CRITZ, SR. to Jacob CRITZ for the sum of 100 Pounds, 400 acres. According to "How My Ancestors Came To America", Jacob, brother of Hamon Sr. arrived in 1749.

In the Virginia Magazine and Biography, Vol. 19, 1911, page 425, library in Norfolk, VA: Mathias EVERSON of Pittsylvania County, VA Oct. 18, 1771(will probated Feb. 26 1774) Wit: Jacob GOLDEN, Phillip SMITH, William WEBB, Hamon CRITZ, Leg., Hamon CRITZ, SR. my well beloved friend whom I constitute, make and ordain my only and sole heir of all my estate.

Surveyors Book #1, page 131, Chatam Court House, Pittsylvania County, VA. Land Oct. 6, 1802 for Hamon CRITZ, 57 acres of land by part of a land office treasury warrant of 1,000 acres to Peter SAUNDERS, 21 Dec. 1781, No. 10091 on Spoon Creek and its waters, bounded as follows, etc, etc. (*there is a small map hand drawn, then)

Surveyors Book #1, page 53: Hamon CRITZ SEN' line etc, etc. Deed George HAIRSTON and John McMILLAN.

Surveyor Book I, page 55: Surveyed Feb. 8, 1794 for Hamon CRITZ, 96 acres by part of a land office treasurers warrant of 1,000 acres issued to Peter SAUNDERS Dec. 21, 1781.

Surveyor Book I, page 56: Sept. 19, 1794 to Abram PENN, 270 acres, part of a land office treasurers warrant issued to Peter SAUNDERS on June 20, 1782.

Martinsville Court House, Henry County, VA. May 12 1788, Hamon CRITZ SR. to Jacob CRITZ for the sum of 100 pounds, 425 acres. Deed Book III, page 411.

March 30, 1789, David GILLIAM for the sum of 30 pounds, sold a tract of land lying in County of Henry (now Patrick) on the waters of North Mayo River, 100 acres ajoining Hamon CRITZ, SR'S line. Deed Book III, page 492.

Hamon CRITZ SR was appraiser of the estates of John FRANS, Joseph ADAMS, John RUSSELL, Mary LOGAN and David CLARK.

NOTE: Brunswick was an original county. Lunenburg County was created in 1720 from Brunswick. Halifax County was created in 1752 from Lunenburg. Pittsylvania County was created in 1767 from Halifax. Henry County was created in 1777 from Pittsylvania. Patrick County was created in 1791 from Henry. Originally Virginia had only three counties, although it extended west to the Mississippi River.

In Henry County Court House, many references are made to Hamon Sr. as a land appraiser. In one record he had appraised a number of estates, one being that of Mary LOGAN (on preceeding page). In a later record, he was allowed $5.00 to bury Mary LOGAN. Poor Mary, perhaps she lost her land.

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The above is just an example of the many records in Henry, Pittsylvania, Halifax and Patrick counties. I am told by Irine McLindon that there are records also in Lunenburg County.

Hamon Sr. owned and lived on what is now called "the Old Simmons Place" above Critz. The home was on a knoll overlooking a lovely valley with Spoon Creek rising in the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the right, Just a mile away and flowing through the valley. It's possible he was building this home in 1747 while camping on Spoon Creek.

The home is no longer there, but an excavation which may have been the ice house may be a little of foundation, completely covered with vines (* apparently a complete line is missing at this point.) seen, and unbeliveably a bed of orange Day Lillies which seemed to follow the family and have taken over at the home of his son Hamon Jr., where Christine Critz AYERS, his great, great granddaughter, now lives. I see them no where else.

The cemetary is below the house towards the creek. Hamon Sr. is buried there with his son Col. Hamon Jr. and other family members. Col. Hamon's stone is no longer there. I am told cousin Bob CRITZ took the stone to Winston-Salem to have a record of his dates. In 1973 the DAR erected a grave marker in the cemetary at the Critz Baptist Church.

My father, William Gabriel CRITZ, 1871-1953, my Aunt Nannie MARTIN, and a neighbor, Jim TRENT remembered the old house. My father said it was a tall house with long front steps [*several illegible words] which would indicate a dining room and a kitchen on the ground or basement floor. I assume it was like the "Old Matthew MOORE House". The date was woven in the chimney bricks built in 1780 in Stokes County, NC near Moore's Spring and Moore's Knob, which had the long front steps. The dining room and kitchen had a dirt floor and a tremendous fireplace which would burn a log ten feet long. I'm told it is being restored.

My father said that in the end of the living room a niche had been built in the wall to fit a very tall grandfathers clock which would impress a boy. I think I found this clock at aunt ____ Kings Mountain Leaksville-- very tall clock. Great grandfather Gabriel sold it to a Mr. TUGGER for $7.00. I think it was to tall for his house.

Hamon Sr. was one of the first Justices Of The Peace of Pittsylvania County (Surveyor Book II, page 131, Chatam City Court House).At that time, Justice Of The Peace was an important office.

< So far we have found Hamon Sr. had a brother named Peter and one named Jacob and a wife named Dinah[*FN1]. In the "Social and Economic Survey of Patrick County" by Connor & King, it stated a big Military 4th of July Celebration was held at Jacob's house during the War Of 1812.

It also seems the name "Hamon" was a family sur-name since we have found a John William HAMON, perhaps on the wife's side.

The only descendants of these that I know, is Mrs. Odis EAKER of Danville, VA, a descendant of Peter CRITZ, born in 1750 Lincoln County NC. His grandson, Joel CRITZ lived in Missouri.

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Hamon CRITZ, JR. was a Colonel in the American Revolution. He was born in what was then Henry County, before 1760 (1756)(date accepted by DAR) [* actually it was Halifax County at that time, HG]died in Patrick County on August 5, 1858. He was married to Nancy Elizabeth DALTON of Albermarle county VA on March 1, 1786. She was the daughter of Robert DALTON and granddaughter of Samuel DALTON who lived through one whole century, 1699-1802(some sources say 1805). Irene McLINDON suggests he may have met her when he was escorting British prisoners from NC to Albermarle County, VA. She (Nancy) was born in 1763 died 1858.

Col. Hamon married soon after the war in 1786 and built a home for his bride at Critz Depot. Even tho he received a number of land grants, it is evident his home is built on land from his father, Hamon Sr., just a mile distant. His home is now restored and occupied by his great, great granddaughter, Christine Critz AYERS. [another Member of the family now occupies the home, HG]

Captain CRITZ (he is referred to as Col Critz in Records). We could not verify Col, so the DAR accepted Capt. I'm told records were not well kept in those days. (By Irene Dalton McLinden)


Capt. CRITZ served in revolutionary War in Col. Abram PENN'S regiment, the only body of organized troops to leave this new section of scattered homes in Henry County. They began their march from **Beaver Creek on March 11, 1781, marched to the assistance of General GREENE at Guilford and took part in the Battle Of Guilford Court House on March 25, 1781. We hear of them again at Eutaw Springs, and finally they were at the surrender at Yorktowne on Oct. 19, 1781.

He was appointed Capt. of Virginia Militia for five years and on the following March commanded a company of Henry County Militia,served five tours, one of them in the Carolinas in 1780, served one tour after Tories in the Tory settlement in the mountains in 1779, Served one tour guarding and escorting British prisoners from SC to Albemarle County VA in 1781. There is a record in the Henry County Court House of Col. CRITZ buying supplies for the army, ___, grain, etc.

Col. Hamon CRITZ was a member of the Virginia House Of Delegates: 1826-Clark PENN and Hamon CRITZ, 1827-John TATUM and Hamon CRITZ, 1842-1843-Hamon CRITZ (Hamon III). (History Of Patrick County, Connor & King)

**This Beaver Creek is on the VA/NC line near Madison, NC. Col. James HUNTER's home, of Revolutionary War fame, is on this creek. Cousin Hallie McCABE PRICE pointed it out to me as Beaver Island Creek. Col. HUNTER's home (our g.g.g.g.grandfather on grandmother's side) is still standing. The cemetary is there with markers dating back to the seventeen hundreds. Much of our family history is in Rockingham County, NC. The DALTON home still stands nearby. [two illegable lines are at the bottom of page.]

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Col. Hamon CRITZ, JR. and his wife, Nancy Elizabeth DALTON had the following children:

1. Frederick, bd Dec 1786, m - Nancy FRANS
2. Sarah (Sallie), bd Jan 1788, m - Abram PENN JR.
3. William (Billy), bd July 1790, m - Polly HARRISON
4. Hamon III, bd March 1792, never married
5. Gabriel, bd Feb. 1794, m - Mary McFarland DALTON
6. Elizabeth (Betsy), bd July 1795, never married
7. Peter, bd July 9, 1797, m - Polly MOORE*
(* Peter Critz married Mary MOORE, daughter
of Reuben MOORE, Dec 17, 1824. Record in
Danbury, Stokes Co., NC court house.
8. Nancy, bd Aug 1799, m - James Hunter DALTON
9. Polly, bd Nov 1802, m - Floyd WEBB
10. Archelaus, bd Dec 1804, m - Lovvenia Stovall PENN

Children of Col. Hamon CRITZ from pension application of Mrs. Nancy CRITZ dated Jan. 14, 1844. The age of Mrs. Critz was given as 81 in 1844. She stated she had misplaced records and could not remember dates.

Some brief remarks about the children of Col. Hamon CRITZ, JR.

Frederick, born December 1786, oldest son of Col. Hamon, married Nancy FRANS, daughter of Carter FRANS[FN2], on Jan. 12, 1812.(Patrick County Court House) The FRANS were a well respected family when I was a child. The old brick home of the FRANS family still stands in the vicinity of John ANTHONY'S, a physician brother was related to the CUMMINGS family. Frederick was wealthy and owned the Penn Farm at Penn's Tank, a side track and water tower near Spencer, VA, on the railroad. His children were Peter, Hamon and (Susan mentioned later)

Archelaus married a sister of Jeff PENN and relocated to the Chinquapenn Farm at Reidsville, NC.

Hamon, son of Frederick, married Sallie FRAZIER. He owned the farm now owned by Palmer PRUIT and Dick HARBOUR (this was in 1925). This farm is just beyond Patrick Springs on the mountain road that goes by the Methodist Church and enters Route 58 at Witts Animal Hospital. It's on a curve, on the right, two story, white with trees. Hamon died during the War Between The States and is buried in the garden, a field now in cultivation. When I was there in 1969, a very kind elderly lady showed me where the cemetary was said to be. I am sure she was right because Jonquils were blooming in profusion, which would indicate a cemetary.

I know nothing of Peter. Susan follows in a later chapter on Billy CRITZ.

Sarah Sallie, daughter of Col. Hamon, married Abram PENN, JR. and went to Kentucky and Tennessee. Nothing more is known of them except Abram Jr. was given power of attorney over Sallie's estate, and several children were mentioned.(*Research of Barbara Baughan.)

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*It is not clear how Frederick was related to the Penn Farm. But the story is that Frederick owned the farm before it went to PENN. PENN started the tobacco business and the railroad would not build the kind of siding he wanted, so he got mad and moved to Reidsville, NC and the Chinquapenn Farm.

William (Billy), born July 1790, son of Col Hamon, married Polly HARRISON, a member of President William Henry HARRISON'S family, and grandfather of cousin Billy DALTON, who gave me much of this history. Cousin Billy [Dalton] married Sarah Ellen CRITZ. Billy CRITZ'S home was near Wayside Church in the five forks area, later the John HAZELWOOD home place. He died of heart disease in 1863 Polly, who was an invalid, died a short while later. Cousin Billy said "Grandma and Grandpa lived by themselves. They had a colored man who waited on them, Uncle George. Aunt Mandy SHELTON came and took them to spend the rest of their lives with her, and are buried there. Big Tom SHELTON came and got Uncle George to live with him. When he died, he was buried in Uncle Tom's graveyard with "due respect".In 1970, after an afternoon search, Nanny Ruth TERRY and I finally found the graveyard. It was in heavy woods, brush, briars, deep fallen leaves, fallen markers, complete desolation and sadness.

From my search I judge Billy CRITZ to have been a well known and highly respected man. From his line comes Nannie Ruth COOPER TERRY'S family, Critz VA., Robert SMITH'S family who married Frances CRITZ, Stuart, VA., Cousin Bob CRITZ who married Lucy REYNOLDS (of the tobacco family) and died around 1924, Cousin Billy and Hamon DALTON'S family, the Amanda SHELTON and CRITZ families in Missouri, whom I helped gain DAR in 1924 and others that I know slightly.

Billy CRITZ and Polly HARRISON were cousin Billy DALTON'S, Garnet's father's grandparents. Their children were:

A) William, married Susan CRITZ (above mentioned daughter of Frederick)
B) Hamon, married Lavenia SHELTON
C) Martha, married Big Tom SHELTON
D) Amanda (oldest), married James SHELTON
E) Mary, married Lee ANGLIN*
F) Sarah (Sallie) Ellen, married Hamon DALTON (parents of cousin Billy DALTON)
*Lee ANGLIN was extremely "mean" according to Kate Spencer, Norfolk, VA. B, C and D above who married SHELTONS, moved to Missouri back when cousin Billy DALTON'S children were growing up. He showed me the organ he bought from them.(see above) Fulton Missouri, I think.

Billy CRITZ'S son, (A) William married Susan CRITZ (before mentioned), daughter of Frederick CRITZ, his first cousin. Their home is what is now known as the Old Ed MARTIN Place, on the before mentioned road through Patrick Springs. It was a big yellow house occupied by the Rarers(sic) and burned. The cemetery is there and a shack across the road. Dates from the cemetary:

Susan Critz, born Jan. 6 1821, died Nov 26 1876
William Critz, born Oct. 15, 1824, died Sept. 22, 1871

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Page VII

Frederick Critz, ____ ___ __ ____, died 1852
Mary Alice _____ ____ ___ __ ____, died 1850
Nancy(SIC) _____ ____ ___ __ ____, died 1854
Robert, Winston Salem

Frederick died of appendicitis when 16 years old. William died of Danville Fever and Susan of Cancer. The girls died of Diptheria. Robert was left. He married Lucy of the Reynolds tobacco people and went to Winston-Salem. Robert died around 1924.

This was given me by J. W. Billy DALTON, who remembered it as well as yesterday.

Hamon, III, fourth child of Col. Hamon was never married. He died just prior to Dec. 24, 1843, according to a legal paper in my possession. Hamon, III was wealthy. Leaving no heirs, his property was the subject of a big suit instituted by one Tandy HUTCHENS, trying to collect Hamon's brother Peter's part in payment of a debt of $372.46. It seems Peter was never able to pay the debt, so he secretly loaded his wagon, hitched his oxen one night and went to Okitibbeha (sic), Mississippi. Tandy HUTCHENS, to say the least, was greatly vexed. It is doubtful if poor great Uncle Peter ever paid it. That was a big sum in that day. It is said in a letter written by Mrs. Anne MONTGOMERY that Great Uncle Peter was a poor manager. Hamon, III was a member of the House Of Delegates, 1842-1843.

Peter's place was what is now Sheppard's Mill. The Mill is of ancient construction. The house burned and was rebuilt on the same foundation. The central chimney looks to be 14 feet square in cellar. The front steps are square rocks, 5 or 6 feet long and stacked up. [there is a drawing of the steps here.) The cemetery is above the house.

Gabriel CRITZ, the fifth child of Col. Hamon, married Mary McFarland DALTON. Their history follows.

Betsy, the sixth child of Col. Hamon, was born 1795. She never married.

Peter, Col. Hamon's seventh child, born 1795 [note: earlier, on pg. he was shown with bd 1795], married Mary (polly) MOORE on Dec. 17, 1824. He is the one who loaded his wagon, hitched his oxen and moved to Mississippi one night. His descendants are scattered across the deep south, along with Archelaus', and its difficult to know which is which. According to a letter from Frank CRITZ, he went to Oktibbeha, Mississippi.

Polly CRITZ, bd Nov. 1802 married Floyd WEBB.

Nancy, bd Aug. 1799, married James Hunter DALTON, ancester of all the Daltons that married all the Critz. I know very little about them. Nancy lived at Homer Plaster's place. A cemetery is there. Cousin J. W. Billy and cousin Hamon lived at Patrick Springs. Cousin Billy's family follows at the end of this. I. D. McLINDON'S father told her that Nancy and Gabriel traded the land that Col.

2002 Henry H. George


Hamon gave them. Col. Hamon left the homestead at Critz to Nancy, and cousin Sam DALTON'S place to Gabriel, and they traded. This is Homer PLASTER'S place on Patrick Springs Road. It was bought recently by a Winston-Salem man, who moved and rebilt it in Winston-Salem. Cousin Susan BURROUGHS was last of "family" to live there, daughter of cousin Hamon. One of the Critz Cemeteries is across the road. I erected a stone at Gabriel's grave.

Archelaus, the youngest child of Col. Hamon, married Lavinia Stovall PENN. Cousin Billy said she was a sister of Jeff PENN. They moved to Taledega, Alabama. Its not clear when they left Virginia. According to a letter from Frank CRITZ, Fulton, Miss., Sept. 29, 1958, some of the older children were left in Virginia. Archelaus died in Starkville, Mississippi on Sept. 12, 1882.

Please see the following correspondence about Archelaus.

I exchange Christmas Cards with Bob and Katie CRITZ in Dallas, Texas, and also correspond with Mrs James Critz in Fort Worth, Texas and helped several to trace their lines. Bob and Katie have writen us, also Nancy POPE has been twice a descendant of Peter. I took her over to the mill.

This ends Col. Hamon Critz, Jr.'s Family. This is Archelaus the rich branch of the Critz family. I Have a picture of George Critz who was a judge on the Supreme Court Of Texas. A handsome picture of Frank Critz, born in Alabama on June 19, 1846. He was recognized by many as the greatest lawyer Mississippi ever produced.

The families of Gabriel and Hamon follow.

Beginning Gabriel Critz, son of Col. Hamon Critz, Jr.

Gabriel, 4th son of Col. Hamon and great grandfather of Christine Critz Ayers, was born Feb. 1794 in what is now Patrick County, VA. Gabriel married Mary McFarland Dalton, bd Feb. 14, 1798, dd April 11, 1845 in Critz, married May 18, 1819. Mary was the daughter of Nicholas Dalton, bd April 4, 1770 and Rachel Hunter, bd Nov. 30, 1774 and died Aug 23, 1863.

Mary McFarland was a sister of James Hunter Dalton who married Nancy, sister of Gabriel. Mary McFarland's grandfather was Col. James Hunter of Revolutionary War fame. A monument erected to Col. Hunter for bravery stands at the Guilford Battle Ground Park in Alamance County, NC. "He was such a mighty thorn in the side of the British that a price was put on his head."

Gabriel inherited the home at Critz Depot, now owned by Christina. He owned many acres of land and slaves. His sale at his death, and possibly his will, may be seen in the Patrick County Court House. They sold two big stills and a little one...government stills. D. G. Hamby, clerk of Court said "don't feel bad, My ancesters bootlegged." Someone said the boys and the slaves drank it as fast as they made it, but only two of Grandma's five sons drank. My father "Will" did not drink. One son, Tom, died when a baby. My grandmother Kitty holds the record of the prettiest names for her sons. They were Bill, Bob, Jim, Sam, Joe and Tom. Her daughters had pretty names too, Mary, Cora Lee,

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Page IX

Susan and Nancy Charlotte. Aunt Nancy Charlotte went into a trance and changed hers to Nannie Ware [illedgable].

To get back to the sale--They sold a cow and a calf for $10.00, a cow, calf and three sheep for $13.00, 13 shoats (pigs) for $6.50. The sale is recorded in the Court House in Stuart, VA.

I remember the last slave house. It had two rooms and a half attic, built of logs. It was half-way between the house and the big Walnut corner tree on the path to the springs. Aunt Isabella and Uncle Anthony King lived there. Mama would go to vist Aunt Isabella after he died, and she always served Ruby and me. She kept a fire summer and winter. We drooled while she put a black skillet on the coals in the fireplace and scrambled us eggs to put between split biscuits. Ollie, evedently her granddaughter, lived with her and was around grandma's house much of the time. Aunt Isabella's children persuaded her to move to Martinsville. Papa, Ruby and I went to visit her when we went Christmas shopping in Martinsville, and Papa blew mine and Ruby's tobacco patch money, $16.00, on our Christmas presents. Nancy was a baby and Mama had to stay home with her. We bought Nancy a teddy Bear. Mama never did get over such rank extravagance. She learned that day she could not trust papa with money.

Getting back to Aunt Isabella, she cried over us, she wasn't happy and the house was a shack. We didn't see her again.

James Tatum destroyed the foundation of her house, which would be of interest now.

The still house was on a branch that runs at the foot of hill back of my house, and was always called the still house branch. My dog Mandy, being a Labrador Retriver, goes down to retrive and take baths on the coldest days.

Ollie, [Aunt Isabella's granddaughter,] stayed at Grandmas' a lot. She was grown, had nothing else to do. She looked after Ruby an me some, and we went to the fair on train in Martinsville, and she went along to look after us. Big stuff! Grandma would often say when she arrived, "How's Isabella?" "She sick. Cain't eat nothing cep-n she got chicken and ham." Grandma would go in the Smoke House, cut some ham and send her.

The last time Sallie Cox visited me we were laughing over these old tales. For instance Great Grandfather Gabriel was said to be a highly respected man. He had an Ox named Berry. One morning this old woman arrived roaring mad and said Old Berry, the night before, ate a thousand of her cabbage heads; To which Great Grandfather Gabriel said "Well darn Berry's stomach." Sallie said they went to the law about it, and as she was questioned, she reduced the cabbage heads by one hundred heads at a time, 'till old Berry just ate a normal meal.

Beginning the children of Gabriel, 5th son of Col. Hamon Critz:

I. Charlotte, bd Dec. 21, 1821, dd Mar. 13, 1900. She was the second wife of Edward (Ned) Tatum, married Oct. 31, 1839. She lived at Nettle Ridge in a house later owned by Tommy and Kathleen Tatum. My father said Aunt Charlotte was such a busy woman that she "walked in a run" and carried a big ring of keys at her waist. Supplies had to be kept locked from the slaves.

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I remember her was at the side, on the edge of the lawn, no glass in the window, just an open shutter. The food had to be cooked and carried to the dinning room in the "Big House", which must have been difficult, tho it was a nice looking house. This was due to so many houses burning in that day.

Charlotte was the second wife of Ned Tatum. They were married Oct. 31, 1839. Their children are:
A] Rachel Tatum married ___ McCabe
1. Hollie McCabe, married Robert Price
2. May McCabe, never married
3. Fleet McCabe, never married
4. Rachel McCabe, married Hunter Tatum
5. Dixie McCabe, married Marshall Hairston
6. Janie McCabe, married ____ Williams
7. Anna McCabe, married Edward Tatum
children of Anna and Edward Tatum: Bea, Sue, Ned,
Annie Royal, Jeanette, Frank and Margaret

B] Henry Lee Tatum, never married

C] Mary Etta Tatum, married ____Banner

D] Susie Tatum, married _____Loudon

E] Martha Tatum, married Edgar Murphy (first cousin)
Children of Martha and Edgar Murphy: Ada Leach, Powell, Lee,
Mary, Huldah(sic) and Frank

F] Jimmy Tatum, married Ida Murphy (first cousin)
Children of Jimmy and Ida Tatum:
2]Edward, married Anna McCabe (see #7, a 1st cousin)
3]Jimmy, married Dee Tatum
children of Jimmy and Dee Tatum:

4]Ida, married Bud Leach
children of Ida and Bud Leach:
b]Lena Mays

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Page XI

[** There is a page, #32, missing from the notes. HG]

II. Hamon Critz, married Betty Frost from Kittery, Maine Sept. 12, 1854. She is a relative of the poet, Robert Frost.

R. J. Reynolds went to Daltonia, NC, near Statesville, Mocksville and Hamptonville, and paid Uncle Hamon $1.00 to go with him. Hamon settled there. He married Betty and inherited the Frost Home. It burned and was rebuilt. It's at Mocksville, NC and in a bad state of disrepair. Sadie's family wanted to restore it but it belonged to Hamon's son Walter, who married a young woman in his middle age, was killed soon after, and she controls it. Daltonia (above) was the home of Uncle John Hunter Dalton, and is a mansion.
Children of Hamon and Betty Critz:
A]James Edgar Critz, bd- Dec. 16, 1862, dd- Feb. 7, 1935
married Mary Johnson, bd- Dec 16, 1867, dd- Nov. 24, 1962
B]Walter H. Critz, bd- Apr. 26, 1876, dd- 1919
married Alice Blalock, bd- Sept. 2, 1867, dd- Jan. 29, 1943
C]Bessie Critz, bd- Jun 26, 1873. dd- 1949
married C. A. Dearman

This was an enjoyable trip. We visited Great Uncle Hamon's home, his son James Edgar's home, James Edgar's son Earl Hamon's and Sadie's home. Sadie is still living, and her son Huburt quit his dairy farming (haying) and took us over to Harmony to lunch, and then to all the cemetaries and churches. I have corresponded with Sadie's son Billy and Janice for years, ever since they all visited us several years ago. We all fell in love.

They visited in 1974 and Earl Hamon was handsome and in good health, but died shortly after their visit. These are (Uncle Hamon) (Living) Cooper's ancesters, and in 1977 he and (Living) took Bettie Tatum and me down there. Being (Living's) family, he knew them all and we had a marvelous time. Cousin Lillian had visited the family in Kittery, Maine.

Of Uncle Hamon's family,I knew
D] Mary Henrietta born Nov. 24, 1855. She married
Thomas Millard George, a teacher. They lived in Mt. Airy, NC.
The children of Thomas and Mary George:
1]Wesley Critz George- Professor in Chapel Hill, NC
2]William F. George - once ran a gas station in Critz.
3]Mabel George, married William Hoy
4]Lillian George, married Ben Cooper

Lillian became Principal of Critz School around 1918. I took Latin under her for two years. Then Annie Sue Fulton became our teacher. It seems Cuz Lillian had taught us the short "A" pronunciation, and according to Miss Annie Sue, we must have the long "A". So we did the whole book over, another year and a half.

2002 Henry H. George

Page XII

Cousin Lillian was a strong disciplinarian and I don't mean maybe. For instance - One time we had to learn this long rule about "Crim"{sic]. When she walked in the door I forgot it and took the punishment. I liked it, we at least learned something. After teaching many years she married B. H. Cooper, Superintendent of schools for Patrick County. One child, (Living), married (Living) Lane of Stantonsburg, NC and live in Stuart, VA.

E]Emma Susan CRITZ, bd - May 22, 1860, married Tom Gabe TATUM
Children of Emma and Tom TATUM:
1]Betty TATUM, never married (loved Abe)
2]Tommy TATUM, married Kathleen HYLTON
children of Tommy and Kathleen TATUM
b]William, married Polly RUSS(sic)
c]Robert, married ______ WHITE
d]Emma Susan

3]Hamon TATUM, married Georgia TURNER

3] Hamon TATUM married Georgia TURNER, granddaughter of GreatAunt Rachel TURNER, Grandpa's sister. Hamon, Georgia and Cuz. Lillian lived behind the gymnasium in the section foreman's house in Critz, and taught school. She had red hair and wore such pretty blue serge Middy Suits. She died when her first child George TATUM was born. Georgia was buried at Aunt Rachel's, above Stuart. When Hamon died, she was moved to Nettle Ridge with him.

I do not know the other children of GreatUncle Hamon CRITZ.

Cousin Walter and Cousin Edgar used to visit Grandma's when I was a child.

Cousin Emma (above) used to visit at Grandma's when Mama & Papa still lived with them, and Mama said she was her favorite. We lived with Grandma until I was Eight years old.

III. Jane CRITZ, daughter of Gabriel CRITZ, married Abram (Abe)FOSTER, on Dec. 19, 1838. Their children were:
A]Martha FOSTER, married Johnny TATUM and lived on old 58
below Hunter TATUM'S, on the left.
Children of Martha and Johnny TATUM:
1]Hunter, married Rachel McCABE
2]Cabell, married May ____ a beautician at Stuart.
3]Mary, married _____ McCRARY in Tennessee.
4]Abe, never married. He was in love with Betty TATUM, a cousin.
5]Walter, married Dora ____
6]Wofford, married Garnet TATUM. Dozen children.

B]Ruth FOSTER, married Tom Benton TATUM

2002 Henry H. George


Children of Ruth and Tom TATUM:
1]Willie TATUM, married Susie PENN
children of Willie & Susie
a]Louise Ross
b]Myrtle Walker

2]Loula TATUM, married Charles LEACH - had Hunter Gillian LEACH
3]Johnny TATUM, married Nora GILES (parents of Garnet TATUM above)
4]Eddie TATUM, married Bessie WAGONER (a piano teacher)
5] Mary TATUM, married William GLADSTONE
6]Charlie TATUM, married Nora KOGER
children of Charlie & Nora TATUM:
b]Roy, married Frances ______
i]Benton, married Pearl TOWLER

children of Benton & Pearl TATUM:
(1)Marie, (2)Beatrice, (3)Towler, (4)Douglas, (5)Pryor, (6)Raymond

C]Lelia FOSTER, married Dr. HILL. Moved to NY.

D]Charlotte FOSTER, married Ben PHILPOTT, a surveyor.

E}Bessie FOSTER, Twin, never married.

F]Mattie Gold FOSTER, Twin, never married.

G]Lelia FOSTER, married _____CORNS, killed in auto accident

H]Abil FOSTER, married Sarah DALTON, bd- Nov. 27, 1850. They were married on Sept 24, 1868. Sarah died Dec. 1899. She was the daughter of William DALTON and his wife Mary Jane.
1]Charlie, married Mattie GREEN, suicide.
2]Will, married _____ WIMBUSH (Mama's old flame)
3]Robert, married Fannie WHITE, (sister French Brown)
4]Minnie, never married
5]Susie, never married
6]Peter, married Susie TURNER
8]Larkin, married Myra ANTHONY - Vera Kiger

2002 Henry H. George

Page XIV

*Note:These (Abel's family) lived in the old McArthur house on the road from Critz to Stella, next door to Mama's(Grandma Betty). Mama grew up with them. Sarah would come and bring them all and they would have to have a snack. Same at Grandma Critz house. They used to laugh about the food giving out & Aunt Cora calling the boys to come dig more potatoes.

I]Edd FOSTER, married Lizzie PENN, sister of Susie PENN who married Willie TATUM. They lived at the Old Foster Place at Stella, Mama's neighbors.
Children of Edd and Lizzie FOSTER
1]J. E., died young
2]Charles, died young
3]Clarence, died young
4]Penn, Collinsville, VA
5]Tom, married Gertrude ____, Chicago
6]Aubrey, married Julia COOPER,
7]Hallie Ethel, bd-Oct 6, 1887 married John Virgil ANTHONY, bd-Mar 5, 1886
Children of Ethel & John:
a]Nannie Elizabeth, bd-Jan 1, 1914
b]John Virgil, bd-Aug 12, 1915
c]Charles Graves & d]Clarence Edmond are twins,bd-July 30, 1917
e]Thomas Arthur, bd-May 31, 1919
f]William Penn, bd-Jan 12, 1921
g]Douglas Mark, bd-Dec 23, 1922
h]Hallie Mae & i]James Maxwell are twins, bd-Mar 10, 1926
j]Richard Myron, bd-Dec 18, 1929

To go back to Abil and Sarah FOSTER's children; One time Mama and Aunt Ruth saw them coming. They went up on the roof and hid. Grandma was disabled, so she called and called them, to come and serve, but the Devil would not let them. But they loved Grandma and did feel guilty.

We lived on the farm near Salem Church and visited Grandma Betty, often on the wagon, about three miles, at Stella. One day we were passing Cousin Edd FOSTER'S. We children had good eyes and long tongues and we saw a Peach Tree with lovely Peaches, right near Cousin Edd's house, and of course wanted some. Papa just drove the wagon out under the tree, shook the tree into the wagon and drove on.

Some times we stopped for a short visit. Cousin Lizzie was as slow as Molasses in January. She cooked one thing at a time and set it off before she started the next, according to Ruth CRITZ. This was breakfast.

(The FOSTER children,Grandmas' neighbors)
I talked with Nancy and she remembered they came down the railroad track, al nine of them, in line. They always wanted honey and bread. On this day Mama and Aunt Ruth went upstairs and crawled out the window on the roof. The honey was in the cellar on back of house. Grandma Betty could go in kitchen but could not go in cellar, so they didn't get honey and biscuits that day.

2002 Henry H. George

Page XV

Robbie(III/H/3) had children by a GILLEY woman, then married French Brown's sister, Fannie. When Mama got with French she always mentioned Robert's straying from the straight and narrow, and it took the rest of the day to praise him streight to heaven.

IV]Samuel CRITZ - son of Gabriel, married Evalina SIMMONS on Sept 1, 1855. They lived in Mt. Airy, NC. I remember his visiting Grandpa when I was a child. I know nothing about them.

V]Susan CRITZ, - daughter of Gabriel, married Joshua WALL Dec. 19, 1866 and had no children. Dixie HAIRSTON showed me Susan's old home on the edge of Leaksville, NC. It is a big, square, white house, very lovely. It has been restored or kept in good repair.

VI] Rachel CRITZ, daughter of Gabriel, married Edgar TURNER on Mar. 12, 1859. A nice old home still stands above Stuart on Mt. Airy Road at the road camp. It is in bad shape. Billy Ayers thought the stairway was lovely, and the house was plastered. They owned a fine farm on creek, below Creasey Chapel Methodist Church. I'm told Aunt Rachel had a path across the bottom land and creek to the church. He died and she later married a HINES. I don't know her children. Aunt Rachel died around 1919. I remember her well.

VII] Mary Henrietta CRITZ, (Aunt Babe), youngest child of Gabriel, bd-16 June 1842, dd-1918, married Joseph Bouldin KING on Dec 19, 1867, and lived in Leaksville, NC. They were a highly respected, important family, and I have some of the King history--educators and inventers. I remember her visits to Grandma's. She always dried the dishes, wiped between each prong of the fork, lined them up on the table and the line always got crooked. That impressed me.

I knew her three children, Nannie, Frank and Berta. Berta played the Organ at Grandma's funeral, and was very beautiful. She lived to be around 100 years old. I visited her after I moved back from Norfolk. She lived in a big old home and was still a Southern Belle (Leaksville, NC).

She showed me a Grandfather Clock that she had bought from ____ TUGGLE who bought it from Grandfather CRITZ for $7.00. It was the tallest one I ever saw, and would not have fitted the low ceilings in this house. I wonder if it was the one in Hamon, 1st house, where the niche was cut? Cousin Berta later sent me the white vase now on my kitchen mantle. I think Aunt Babe's husband was a doctor??

[ There is a page of notes missing, here. HG]
VIII] William Dalton CRITZ,son of Gabriel and head of the present Critz Family, was born Nov. 21, 1833 and died May 10, 1925. Married Christine Elizabeth (Kitty) FLIPPIN, born June 17, 1841, died May 1, 1925. They married May 24 1859.

My Grandfather was a kind, good man. They tell of the time when he rode on horseback "day and night" trying to keep a relative from being hanged. I've always heard that if you trace your family tree far enough, you will find a monkey in it. (* There is a note to the side of this paragraph which states "Tom Gabe Tatum who helped hang a man. A nephew, Betty"[skips a space]"Tatum father')

Around 1892 he gave land for the Critz Baptist Church and cemetary, but all denominations were to use it. My mother tells of his going one

2002 Henry H. George

Page XVI

night to hear a Holiness preacher. They were sitting in the living room when Grandpa runs in, bareheaded, looking over his shoulder. "Whats the matter William?" says Grandma. "Listen Kitty! Don't you hear them?" says Grandpa.

Then they had a preacher who said he put green "eye goggles" on his cow and she ate a field of broom-straw. Grandpa said it was a lie and he would not listen to him again. He was gloriously saved when he was 90 years old, under Mr POTEAT, and Baptized in the creek in Dec.

One Sunday AM, May 10, 1925, he left the breakfast table, went put on his hat.(Linwood & I were living here then.)He came to the kitchen door, smiling, and said, "I've come to tell you good-bye." "I'm going home." He went outside, started toward the church, and fell dead.

He did not like to work, they said, but went to the field and sat on the stumps and watched the boys work... That is until Uncle Sam put tacks in the top of all the stumps. A family joke.

Great Grandmother Mary McF. died May 11, 1845 here on the homestead, and Great Grandfather Gabriel married Nancy STRONG, Dec 16, 1847 Rockingham Co, NC. Grandpa was given the homestead to take care of Nancy. Grandpa loved, respected and quoted her all of his life. Papa was her favorite, and she gave him the walnut desk and table from the STRONG family. Russell & Ruth CRITZ got the desk away from Aunt Susie, and Papa gave Nancy, her name sake, the table.

Cousin Mary Critz GEORGE said she was grown before she knew Nancy wasn't her real Grandmother. What a lovely woman.

Aunt Nannie said that when Nancy died, Grandpa rode horseback to Mayo Baptist Church in Henry County to get a minister to preach the funeral. He charged $25.00. She did not say if he conducted the funeral.

She is buried at the Sam Dalton Place, where cousin Susan BURROUGHS lived, later called the Slate Place. Gabriel and Mary are buried there also, along with many of the older family members. Tommy CRITZ, Papa's brother is buried there.

In 1970, I erected a marker to Gabriel's grave. He is between his two wives. Also erected a marker to Col. Hamon in the Critz Baptist Church Cemetary.

Aunt Susie said when Nancy died, her Casket sat across or in front of the door where my piano now sits. She was fairly stout, it was in May, they did not enbalm then, and flies came in and they closed the casket and put limbs of Alder bushes on top; a fly deterent used in that day.

Aunt Nannie said Uncle Bob (Robert Edgar) was born the next day, after Great grandmother Nancy was buried. He was born May 24, 1877.

2002 Henry H. George

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