Berryville Memorial Cemetery
Berryville Memorial Cemetery
Carroll County Arkansas

Brought to you by Carroll County Historical Society & TheThree Sisters

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Explanation of Records
These names are from the listing of the Berryville Cemetery in the Historical Society Records. Reading started in 1984 and was completed in 1988 by Gene Norris. Graves were numbered from North to South; rows begin at the West side going East. The grave number and rows from the two lists are completely different.
These records are from Nelson Funeral Service. The names and dates are not from gravestone readings. The date is the date the grave was used. Usually this is the date of death, but not always. Rows are numbered completely differently from the listing from the Historical Society stone readings. Both sets of records are presented here for your convience.
Number Name DOB DOD   Name Block Row Plot Grave Date of Use  
Order in Orig. List Name Date of Birth Date of Death   Name Location Location Location Location Date of Use (Usually date of death)