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Henry Purgett ca. 1753 - 1837

Information on Henry Purgett and his descendants compiled by Diane Kleinke kleinke@thesurf.com and Judy Griffin jerseygriff@gmail.com. Please email us with comments or information on this family line. A huge thanks to Diane for all of her hard work compiling most of this information!!! Thanks also to all the researchers who have contributed information! Note: Visitors to this page will note that there are many different spellings for individuals in this family line.

1. Henry Purgett (Purgitt, Purget) was born in 1753 near Frederick Town, Maryland [1]

According to information published in Allegheny Passage [2], "The Henry Purgitt after whom Purgittsville is named, was on the Hampshire County, Virginia tax rolls as early as 1782. Joseph Neville’s survey record reports 'then did Henry Purgate enter 400 acres of land on the waters of Mill Creek adjacent to the land of John Moffatt and John Glaze to the north side on Jan.7, 1785'." On 12 December 1794, Henry received a land transfer of 137 ˝ acres on Mill Creek from Elizabeth Fidler (Fiedler), who had obtained the land in a land transfer from her son Jacob on 10 December 1794. Elizabeth was the widow of George Fidler. Henry married Elizabeth and resided in Hampshire County, Virginia. Henry’s large log house is located in Purgittsville on the west side of the highway and at one time it was used as a stage coach stop. Note: Allegheny Passage states that Michael Burkitt or Burkhard is possibly the father of Henry. The author of this book also states in a letter that the possible parents of Elizabeth Fidler/Fiedler are Valentin and Elizabeth Fidler

Described as a small trading villiage in 1863. Population was 33 in 1930.

Purgitsville Old Post Office
Old Post Office

Henry was drafted into the Continental Army in 1778 in Hampshire County, serving for six months. In 1781 he was again drafted and served for 14 days to go after the Tories in the County of Hardy. Since he had no discharge papers, he had to have the testimony of people who knew he was in the war, Frederick High, Henry High, and John Ludwick. He received $64.64 in arrears in 1833 and was allowed $21.55 per year thereafter. More about Henry's Revolutionary War service and his pension application.

The will of Henry Purgett was written 04 February 1835 and was probated on 27 March 1837 [3]. In his will he leaves the 137 ˝ acres of land on Mill Creek to his son William “. . . after the death of my wife and myself together with all my ploughs and horse . . . rest of my property both real and personal to my 6 other children to be divided equally.” His will named Frederick Purget, Mary Recor, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Henry Purget, George Purget, and Rachel Suber. The large log house that was his is now owned by Lawrence High (as of 1988). Historic Hampshire has pictures and articles on the Purgetts [4].

Henry Purgett home Henry Purgett home

Henry Purgett's home, photo taken 2000

(In the opinion of this writer, I believe Henry was married before, as his son Frederick was born in ca. 1786, Henry Jr. was born in 1796/7 , and in the will it is William who gets the 137 ˝ acres which Henry received from Elizabeth Fiedler. This makes me think he was their oldest son. Also, in the enumerations of 1782 and 1784, he is listed as head of family with three people in his household [5]. There is a Purget-High Cemetery in Purgittsville and I think they are buried there. - Diane)

Children of Henry Purgett

  1. Frederick Purgett was born in ca. 1786 in Hampshire County, West Virginia [6]. His son Henry's biography provides most of the information on Frederick [7]. He married Mollie (Mary) Shoemaker who was born in ca. 1788 in West Virginia. See Shoemaker for ancestors of Mollie. Frederick served in the war of 1812. They emigrated to Twin Township, Ross County, Ohio sometime before 1817 when his son Henry was born. Frederick bought one hundred acres in the southern part of Twin Township, Ross County for $175.00 from a Benjamin Turner on 8 September 1819. “. . . he hewed out a farm in the midst of the forest and there spent the remainder of his life. His death occured at the time of the late war. In politics he was a Whig and afterward a Republican.” He later purchased more land which he bought and sold. In February of 1853 he sold a piece of land to the Directors of School District #14 for one penny. By 1850 his property was valued at $5,000, but 1860 the value ws down to $1,200.. When he died, he owned 201 and 3/4 acres. He is listed as a member of the church council of the First session of the Presbyterian Church in Bainbridge in 1841 [8]. Land records of Indiana show an 80 acre purchase for a Frederick Purgit with a home address of Ross County in 1836, which may be the property that his son Henry Purgett moved to in 1840. [9]. According to his son Henry's biography, they had 10 children, all of whom had died but one by 1893. Records show that a son Henry was born in 1817. In the 1850 census of Ross County, Ohio he is listed as 64 years old, his wife as age 62, both born in Virginia. Also listed is a son James, 20 years, and a daughter Rachel, 17 years, both born in Ohio. Sometime between 1850 and 1860 Molly died. In the 1860 census Frederick is listed with his son James, Charles Lee (hired help), Christiana Toops (housekeeper), and Nancy (daughter of Christiana). Christiana Toops may have been the wife of Alexander Toops to whom Frederic sold 40 acres next to his farm in 1853. Frederick signed his will on 29 August 1862. His executor was appointed on 23 February 1863. His estate was inventoried on 3 March 1863 and notice was sent on 24 February 1863. His exact date of death and his grave have not been found. Named in the will are sons James, Henry and Jacob, daughters Mariah, Ann, Darcus and Rachel, and heirs of daughter Sidney. The will states that James was totally incompacitated and unable to provide for or take care of himself. John Addy was named guardian for James and executor of the will. Will of Frederick Purgit.

    Children & Descendants of Frederick

  2. Henry Purget was born in Hampshire County, West Virginia in 1797 and married Rebecca _?_ (born in 1808) [10]. Supposedly, they had four children while in Virginia, but no reference has been found to a first child, except for a listing in census from 1830 as a male child [11]. They then had Polly, Lucy, and Elizabeth, Frederick, Hiram and Sidney [12]. In 1836 they moved to Howard county, Indiana where Frederick, Hiram, Sidney, William H., and Ellen were born [13].

    More on Henry Purget and his descendants

  3. William S. Purget was born in Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1802 and married Sidney Foley (born in 1806, daughter of William Foley born 1745, Leesburg, Loudoun, Virginia) [14]. They had four children, William S., Martha, Granville, and David G. [15]. The 1850 census lists a Julian Sulser, age 2, living with them (or perhaps at the home when the census was taken). William was the son who received the 137 ˝ acres in his father’s will [15]. . This is the property on which the large home is still standing in Purgitsville, West Virginia (photos above). William died on 08 May 1886 [16]. William and Sidney are buried in the Purgitt-High Cemetery near Purgitsville, Hampshire County, West Virginia (see cemetery photos). Janie M. Whitty whittyfun@juno.com is researching the FOLEY line. Her website: www.familytreemaker.com/users/w/h/i/Janie-Whitty/index.html

    More on William S. Purget, his children & descendants

  4. George Purgett was born in Hampshire County and married Ann Cooper on 26 October 1826 in Madison, Ohio (ref, IGI)

  5. Mary Purgett married Jacob Recor [sic Reser] [17].

    More on Mary Purgett, her children & descendants

  6. Elizabeth Purget married George Shoemaker (Benjamin H. Shoemaker, Shoemaker Pioneers. Germantown, Pennsylvania: Privately printed, 1975, p. 376). One researcher has stated that Elizabeth may have had a brother named Michael (no source information). See Shoemaker for more information on Elizabeth and George.

  7. Rachel Purget married Henry SULSER on 15 August 1825 in Hampshire county, Virginia [18]. Henry Sulser was born circa 1804 in Maryland. He may be the son of Adam and Elizabeth Sulser (brother of Henry was James Sulser born ca. 1807-1808 in Maryland). See below for conflicting information on father of Henry Sulser. Henry Sulser first married Rachael Purgit. He then married Mary Ann High on 26 February 1850 in Allegany County, Maryland (Maryland Marriages, 1655-1850). By 1850 Henry Sulser, Mary A., and his children were listed in Hampshire County, VA. Rachel must have died between circa 1846 (birth of Virginia) and 1850. Some researchers list Mary A. as Henry's first wife, Rachel second wife. However, Henry and Mary A. Sulser are found in the Virginia and West Virginia censuses for 1850 and 1860. In 1860 census Henry's children Adam, John, Virginia, David, Martha, William, and Harriet were listed. By 1870 Mary A. Sulser is listed in the Mill Creek, Mineral County, WV census (without Henry): Mary A., age 40, real estated valued at $2,200, personal at $1,000. Listed with her were David C. 17, Martha C. 18(?), William H. 14, Harriet A. 12, Margaret 10, Mary J. 8, and Adam 40. In the 1880 census, Mill Creek, Hampshire County, Mary A. Sulser, age 50, and what is important she is listed as a widow. Living with her in 1880 were William, 22, Tabitha 19 (Margaret from the 1870 census?), and Mary J. 17, and Adam, 49. Apparently Adam never married.

    Children of Henry and Rachel were:

    James William was born circa 1828 in Hampshire county.
    Adam was born circa 1831 in Hampshire county and died on 27 April 1891.
    Abraham was born on 15 May 1834 in Hampshire county and died on 15 November 1916.
    John was born on 30 March 1837 in Hampshire county and died on 30 April 1907 in West Liberty, Putnam county, Missouri, buried in West Liberty Cemetery, Missouri.
    Rachel was born circa 1845 in Hampshire county.
    Virginia was born circa 1846 in Hampshire county.

    Children of Henry and Mary Ann:

    David was born circa 1853 in Hampshire county and died on 28 Jan 1922 in Purgittsville, West Virginia.
    Martha was born circa 1855 in Virginia.
    William Henry was born circa 1856 in Virginia. He married Margaret Frances Bowman on either 14 November 1879 or 17 September 1881 (there are two entries for this marriage).
    Harriet was born circa 1858.
    Margaret was born circa 1860.
    Mary J. was born circa 1863. There is a Hampshire County marriage record for a Mary Jamima Sulser, age 19, married Arnold Benjamin Franklin, age 22, on 09 February 1881.

    Paula Miller found a reference to Rudolph Sulser as Henry's father. Her source is "A History of the Sulser Family," author unknown, dated July, 1979 (copy sent by Jan Larkin to Paula Miller October, 2000). It states: "....The Sulsers are from Switzerland and it is possible that Rudolph Sulser of Baltimore City [Baltimore County] Maryland is the father of Henry...." Paula included the following information on Rudolph (source: Ancestry.com "1790 United States Census:"):

    Rudolph Sulzer
    State: MD Year: 1790
    County: Baltimore
    Township: Baltimore Town

[1]. Henry Purgett file, No. S18170, Pension Application 16977, Virginia, National Archives, Washington.

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[5]. In 1872, Henry is listed as Henry Burkit according to Seldon W. Brannon, Historic Hampshire, Parsons, West Virginia: McClain Printing Company, 1976. In 1784, he is listed as Henry Purget according to the State of Virginia enumerations, Hampshire County - 1784 No. T-498, Roll 3 (Virginia), National Archives, Washington, DC.

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[10]. Henry Purget household, 1850 U.S. census, Howard County, Indiana, population schedule, Monroe township, page 399. Henry Purget, 53, farmer, Va., Rebecca 42, Va., Polly 19, Va., Lucy 18, Va., Eliza 15, Va., Frederick 12, In., Hiram 9, In., Sidney (female) 3, In.

[11]. Article about the move to Indiana said that Henry had 9, children 4 born in Virginia.

[12]. Henry Purget household, 1850 U.S. census, Howard County, Indiana, population schedule, Monroe township, page 399.

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[17]. Hampshire County, West Virginia marriage record #0464941.

[18]. Hampshire County Marriage Bonds, p. 103, film #0833355 to Henry Schultzer.

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