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My Research is a GENEALOGY QUEST - DEDICATED TO MY PIONEER ANCESTORS Who Immigrated to a New World then settled this Great Place we call America !

My Genealogy Quest started with me first listening to my parents and grandparents not knowing I should be taking notes for future reference and I would be having to rely on memory alot. I was told of family members who had gone before me, shown pictures , taken to reunions, family churches, family cemetary plots,and now am able to look back and thank my family for teaching me the fundamentals of Genealogy research. I didn't know what a Ahnentafel was then. Pedigree was a term I used for my registered dogs. But I did know who my ancestors were and that Colonial Jamestown and Williamsburg Va , Maryland and Pennsylvania played a big part in who I am. (Also Charleston South Carolina.) North Carolina Counties of Anson and Rowan / Davie were where my family settled as pioneer settlers both before and after they fought in the Revolution . Good hard working American's of European -English-Scots-Irish-Normans-Germans -Dutch-French origins with a Few Native Americans connected. This narrative / report is about Pioneer Settlers - Homesteaders- who traveled to North Carolina in " Conestoga Wagons "along Trading (Paths) Routes first traveled by Native Americans North and South along what we now know as the East Coast of the United States. Some stayed and settled the Carolinas 1750-1790 while others moved the Wagons west to Tennessee or Kentucky , Missouri, Ark, Texas, Indiana, and Oregon or South West to Arizona Others Moved South to Georgia and Mississippi.

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** Charles C Foster is a Published Author of "Conchtown USA" ; A Family Genealogist ; Artist ; Composer and Musician. He is a Genetic Cousin of this author ( fellow descendant of Tilman Foster via Giles Nelson Foster brother of my Grt Grt Grandfather John Murphy Foster)

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My genealogy research got a big jump with the ability to research by computer access to the genealogy net and  first started with me attempting to go back to the times of the Magna Carta with the post Immigration family names Foster, Braswell, Ratliff, and Minnick branching out to connect with the other families of Markland, Orrell, Zimmerman, Davis, Dunn, Tucker, Hinson, Diggs & others. After investing in a good software program for genealogy research and documenting  I found several GENEALOGY  WEB  SITE providers that allowed me to list my family research. Some of the sites I visited &  use are ; Rootsweb, Genealogy .com and FamilyTreeMaker ; all sites that I have Published my Research on line !  ** I was determined to learn the Pedigree of my Grt Grt Grandfather John Murphy Foster and his wife Comfort Ann. I found my Foster Pedigree and much more.

My Primary GEDCOM is kept at  on line but I allow it to be viewed @ Rootsweb WFT click on the below url if you are not a member of

 My most recent  Rootsweb

My Genealogy .com Pages with Pictures Family Genealogy Pages of William LFoster

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 I  also researched my wife's family names of Rice, Franklin, Sheltons , Tweeds , Sevier,  Wallins and Chandleys. Thanks to my mother in-law Ella Sue Franklin -Rice's excellant memory my research grew with help also from my wife's Cousins ( Sharon Rice Honea; Helen Norman & Locella Rice Velthouse) . These Families are listed now in my Rootweb WFT. along with the related Families back to General John Sevier .

Researching the Shelton & Franklin connection  I found a Great Franklin page Descendants of Mary aka Glumalclitch Franklin  WEB site pages by Joe Payne. Mentioned is  Russell (Hugh) Franklin  who is my wife's Franklin  Ancestor.  Descendants of Sir John Shelton (Knight)  Joe Payne made a mistake / error When he left off  Roderick and Sarah  Briggs Shelton  son Roderick b: abt 1798 who married Rachel Moore ****  It was Mr. Paynes report of William D Fanklin as a son of Mary Stevens Franklin by Roderick Shelton.  Research shows Joe Payne's report is correct. FTDNA DNA research proves a 12 for 12 Y Chromozone marker match with the Shelton surname line and the Descendants of Russell Hugh Franklin now confirm Roderick Shelton Sr can be believed as the ancestor of the Descendants of Russell Hugh Franklin.

SSPENCER H.4 RICE (JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born October 20, 1845 in Yancey County, NC, and died March 28, 1920. He married SARAH JANE WALLIN February 05, 1866 in Madison County, NC. She was born 1848, and died WFT Est. 1883-1943. Brenda's Grt Grandparents !
               By researching The Shelton and Franklin Families I learned about the notorious William Duckworth Franklin alias: "DUCK SHELTON. Members of this family  are said to have had links to Cole Younger and Jesse & Frank James.  Stories of Moon Shining WNC Boot Legging .  Mysterious Silver Coins and a link to Sir John Shelton (Knight) .  Also a tragic Civil War story of Brother against brother -neighbor against neighbor involving the Massacare at Shelton Laurel : several WEB site pages provide a Narrative --I found the following using Google search  &


For my research I backed up and verified information with United States census North Carolina 1790 Plus 1800-1930 (hosted @ USGenWeb Census Project)  1850  Census & 1880 US Census. I learned census takers took liberties & spelled names different than how the Family Spelled the name: Example Foster was Forster; Braswell was Bracewell; Orrell was Oriel, Diggs was Degge, Tilman was Tighlman , Lea /Lay  Also in the Doomsday Book (1140-1150AD )  family names originally were not listed as they are used today !!!  

 Also to confuse the researcher  some family genealogist have estimated ages with a year such as 1776 when actually the persons date of Birth could be  5 to 10 years older or younger usually older. There are first name  ( naming patterns ) for English Families somtimes repeated over 2 to 3 generations.  Understanding English males had multiple Families as wives died in child birth  so a husbands age could and many times is 10 to 20 years older than the youngest wife.  Another stumbling block "Death Certificates" even have been found with false information as to parentage via heresay and family legends  that do not match birth records , marriage records and census listing family. 



My FORSTER / FOSTER Family Line goes back to Flanders before they joined with William of Normandy ( William the Conquerer) to move into England & Scotland during (The Norman Invasion) then eventually to 1600 Colonial America . I know this with the help of DNA testing .

The latest genealogy tool has helped connect  Foster Family Genealogist & sharing research. : Example ** Per Alan Foster (Essex, England )." The name Forster came originally from the Latin. It appears in the Magna Carta  on the second or third line where the important officials are named. It reads something like: " to all Archbishops, Bishops, Earls, Barons, Foresters, Sheriffs, " The oldest version Alan has seen written down naming a particular person was dated 1183 AD, and it referred to a Robertus Forestarius  (From #106 Alan's 16 Sep 04 Narrative Foster DNA Project )   Foster < Forster < Forester < Forestarius  (Latin). Also Per Alan Foster "In The British Isles and most parts of Northern Europe family names have been used only for 1,000 years. So while we are in a Haplo Genetic Group called R1b1 and related back to a "Most Recent Common Ancestor" (MRCA )  ; in many cases the MRCA is only found back 1,000 or more .*** To learn more about DNA testing and terms like Alletes , MCRA most recent common ancestor ; Haplo Groug such as R1b1  I hope you will visit FTDNA Surname projects and learn how test samples are collected ; How test are done and cost per particpant. Test are of mouth cells of gums and inner cheek that carry testable DNA Markers Scientist call Alletes- Chromozone alleles. There are Y Chromozone and mtDNA . Y is passed father to son generation to generation while mtDNA are passed by the mother to child. Best explained by my DNA Cousin and fellow tested Foster male: Terry Foster who I Quote "These alleles mutate over time, but slowly enough that you can compare with other living testers and surmise how closely they are related to other living people based on how closely their Y-DNA matches. The math behind all this is mind-numbing. You have to figure out how many alleles are the same and how many are different from the two people you are matching and, where they are different, just how many "steps" are different and what are the mutation rates of the differing Alleles.!"   Terry and I match so close 66 of 67 Alleles we can say we are Family and  share A Most Recent Common Ancestors  Grt Grandfather back 7 generations ---not counting my Generation of the 1940s  but basicly my Grt Grt Grt Grt Grandfather who was born in Virginia in 1752  and died in Davie County North Carolina 90 years later.  My part of the family line stayed in North Carolina  around Old Rowan Co NC , Forsyth Co & Davidson Co NC.   I'm not sure how the Alleles Y DNA is effected by different marriages of the Foster males since it the Y appears pretty steady and solid father to son.  So far Terry and I have other Fosters who have tested and results make us believe  they relate to us 1 or 2 Generations prior to our MRCA.  While others  we know share with us pre and post immigration ancestor Fosters 5 plus generations before immigration were made in the 1600s.  Other genetic research terms related to the testing are Haplo Grouping  R1b1; G group H group etc. that relate to where your ancestors of your blood line group[came  in Europe  as my Fosters moved many centuries ago from the fertile crescent north thru Eastern Europe ; across Northern Europe to western Europe long before Normans invaded  the British Isle from a place called FLANDERS.    For FTDNA click on   

Our Foster DNA project 

My research is after Forster Genealogist Gerry Forster & Dr Billy Glenn Foster Phd. had researched my family line history in England. Where Gerry in an entertaining easily understood narrative relates the following **  

Per the Late Family Genealogist Gerry Forster : He tells us on his WEB site we are of Flemish Origin ! I refer you to: back in "Seventh century AD!  A nobleman named Lyderici, the first man to bear the name “Buc”, was appointed as the first “Royal Forester” of the country of Flanders by Dagobert of Merovingia, King of Frankish Germany and Flanders, in the year 621. With this appointment went the Governorship of all Flanders with his own castle."

Again Quoting Gerry " Lyderic was the only son of Saluart, Prince of Dijon and of Madame Engarde, daughter of Girard (or Gerald), Lord of Rouessilon.  Along with his new appointment as Royal Forester of Flanders, Lyderic was granted what was probably one of the first three coats of arms ever granted. These Buc arms were blazoned as follows: “Gyronny or et azure (gold and blue) of ten pieces, in the middle of an escutcheon gules”. By Richilda, his wife, he had 15 children and he was the first of a dynasty of Counts who governed Flanders.  Antoine, his second son, was First Grand Forester.   Bouchard his third son was named Forester, Lord of Harlebeck.   Estorede, son of the last was named Forester, Prince of Lorraine and Harlebeck. He died 792 AD.   Lyderici II, son of last was named Forester, and titled Count of Flanders and Harlebeck. He died 836 AD.    Enguerrand, son of Lyderic II, named Forester and titled Count of Flanders and Harlebeck.  He built many towns and castles, and died in 852 AD. "

PER GERRY : * " The title of Forester and Count of Flanders then passed to Baldwin I, “Bras de Fer”(Arms of Iron), and his descendants who then held it for several centuries." ** " So that means our basic family group has been around for a total of 1480 years! "    Gerry Forster passed away February 16, 2004  before I could Thank Him. So Quoting him is my way of showing appreciation for his research and work ! 

        We Know from Gerry Forster's works and Dr Billy Glenn Fosters our line did come to England from Flanders  with William of Normandy to Rule and Organize England {“Brythons”, the “Britons” (or “Brigantes” as the Romans called them).Yes Brition was inhabited then by  a several different 5 (Ethnic Groups).** Again Quoting Gerry " No less than five races inhabited Scotland. The Picts, who occupied most of what is today Highland Scotland; the Scots who occupied most of Argyll; the Britons forced up by the Romans out of Northern England into Strathclyde; the “Attacotti” (or Welsh Britons) who took up Galloway. There were also the Angles or Saxons who had recently invaded the southeast of Scotland.  (This is without mentioning the Vikings!)" *** I "William Foster" believe this is why when comparing Our Foster / Forster DNA there  is a variety of different Foster  Lines who don't even match Haplo Group much less test markers . Yet these Fosters or Forsters may have lived both in England and the Colonies as family not sharing whats referred to as a MOST RECENT COMMON ANCESTOR (MALE) nor even knwing this. I refer you to the FOSTERdna SURNAME Project.

        During  the 1200s we know Surnames were not Common and at the time of the Magna Carta 1215 many family genealogist claim We Fosters -Forsters - Foresters recieved our Surname in the first line of the Magna Carta's Preamble ( I quote below text of the Magna Carta  found @ The Yale Law School  Web Site )

"Preamble:" of " The Great Charter of English liberty granted ( under considerable duress ) by King John @ Runnymede on June 15 , 1215 !

            "John, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of  Normandy and Aquitaine, and count of Anjou, to the archbishop, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justiciaries, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all his bailiffs and liege subjects, greetings. "  

       Many then took the surname " Forester " !

      After The Magna Carta we know  Europe was next confronted by " War " and " The Black Death "  both of which our family survived.   Forsters were in Service to King  Edward .

     After the Magna Carta  per Dr Bill G Foster's research Sir Richard Forster fought in the 100 Years War against France with King Edward III at Bordeaux and Crecy. Richard became a general in the Black Prince's army at the Battle of Poictiers in 1356 and was knighted for his part in the battle.

 Forster Family Coat of Arms     Gerry Forster list this as the Coat of Arms

 Sir Richard's son William was b: abt 1355 and married Elizabeth De ORDE b: ABT 1365 in Buckton, Yorkshire, England. William was Knighted for service to King Henry V and served as a General in the battle against France

William b: 1355 & Elizabeth De Orde married ABT 1400 in Buckton, Northumberland, England , Their son Thomas Forster b aft 1400 resided at Buckton, Parish Holy Island, Durham,England & married abt 1430  Joan De ELMERDON b: ABT 1405 in  Embleton, Durham, England** JOAN was CO-heir to The Earldom Angus.

Sir Thomas Forster Knight of Etherston Castle & Joan De Elmedon had a son Thomas FORSTER born in , Etherstone,  England who married Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE  born  in Stanhope Hall, Durham, England . They had Roger Forster who went by the name of FOSTER.  REF Sources: Ancestral File (TM) Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Publication: June 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998

 The Following INFORMATION on the Forsters and Foster comes from the "Genealogy of the Descendants of Roger Foster of Ederston,Northumberland. With Appendix", compiled by Alkman Henry son Foster and published in London by Adam and Charles Black,1897. It has a preface of ix pages and the body of the text runs to 181 pages including the index. There is listed information on a Generation of Forsters with XIX (19) sons of Thomas Forster b: ABT 1485 in of Etherstone, England  who married Elizabeth  FEATHERSTONHAUGH b: ABT 1489 in Stanhope Hall, Durham, England.  One of the Sons was Roger Forster who used the spelling FOSTER.  Roger Foster m: Joan Hussey in 1540. ** This appears to be my Family line. Roger was 17 when he fled from Northumberland, as explained in a letter of Sir John Forster of Bamborough, dated 17 April 1590. This letter was written to Roger's grandson Thomas Foster of Hunsdon, afterwards Judge Sir Thomas Foster.

"COUSIN FORSTER - After righte heartie commendations unto you,ye shall understand I have received your letter wherein you desire to know or your pedigree, for that your grandfather, as ye have learned, descended out of the house of Etherstone, and tok now whether he was one elder, second, or third, or fourthbrother, and wherefore he fled the countrie of Northumberland, I assure you I can trowhlie satisfie you therein; for your grandfather, called Roger Foster, was my great uncle, and there were XIX brothers and he was the second brother. His father was called Thomas Forster, and his mother's name was Featherstonehaugh; his eldest son was called Thomas Forster, who was my great-grandfather; and it happened that four of the said bretheren at a hunting, and rideing homeward through a town called Newham, for the bitting of a greyhound they and a companyof Karrs fell out, and there began bloodshed and feuds which continued until there was but one Karr of the greyhound living;during which time my grandfather and yours and another brotherof theirs, called Nicholas Forster - mine being twenty yearsold, yrs 17 years, and Nicholas, a child of 14, being a-hunting- were waited on by one of the Karrs and two of their allyancecalled Too and King, who sett upon the three brothers and thought well to have slain them at a place besides Branton,where there stands a crosse yet; but the said Two were slain there, and Karr fled, in somuch that after the said slaughter mygrandfather fled to Ridsdale in ye countie, because he was safe there, and yours fled into south parts, of whom I never heard of since yt time till now....
          At my house near Alnwick, 17th April 1590, your loving cousin,
                                                                                                    JOHN FORSTER." 
    From looking at this Genealogy Descendant  Flow Chart below  you can see The Foster Family via Rogers son

Thomas Foster  of Ederston Northumberland !

Main sources of chart : The Visitations of Hertfordshire, 1572 and 1634, p.143.  found

        United  Kingdom Genealogy


           Click on Pg 143  or goto Sally's Place


             So from the above Letter  & the chart we know the Foster Family increases in England !  We are left with a Research " Quest " to find the descendants who may have immigrated to The American English Colonies.

              Just from the above research  there appears to be possibly several lines of Fosters  who descend from the XVIII Siblings of Sir Roger Foster who may have eventually Immigrated to the Colonies of Mass and Virginia during the 1600.    2005-2006 Foster DNA Project points to this theory. The sons of Thomas Foster & Mary Baskervile documented  in the above Chart.

            The Earliest Foster I have found in Colonial Va was a John Foster listed among  settlers living at "the Indian thickett" in Virginia, February 16, 1623/4 . Also a John Foster listed in the Muster of Settlers living at "James Citye" in Virginia. ** Source: Muster of the inhabitants of Virginia settlements  American Plantations and Colonies"Hotten's Lists" found @

              Also listed @ the Hotten's List site for settlers ( Settlers living at "Elizabeth Cittie" in Virginia Feb 07,1624/5   are the Garnett Family of Thomas *Foster Family Tradition has Susan of this family identified as  marrying James Richard Foster and being the Mother of brothers Robert b: 1651 and John Foster b: 1653.

Garnett, Thomas  . . . . . . . . age 40 Arrived on the Swan in 1610

Garnett, Elzabeth  . . . . . . . ..age 26 Arrived on the Neptune in 1618

Garnett, Susan . . . . . . . . .      age 3 Born in Virginia Colony

            Additionally with the help of  Dr Billy Glenn "Bill " Foster and his published research along with  the FosterDNA Project I have been able to research my Pedigree. {Dr Foster is the author of "The Foster Family of  Flanders , England, and America " now available Copies of Dr Foster's Narrative  labeled  "The Immigrant Foster  " or  our "Elusive Immigrant".( by Dr B G  Bill FOSTER ) can be found at  Dr Foster's own site or on a number of Foster related WEB sites : 

 1 ) Gary Foster's site /( The Immigrant Foster )        

 2 )  Faye Moran's  site  has Foster page Labeled   ( "Foster Immigrant" )                               

  3 )  Pam Reid @ her Site "Branches & Roots " .( The Immigrant Foster )

         Dr Foster  gives the Reader a chance to "Form a  theory" of their own of who is their Foster Immigrant  ( Richard A , B ,C - E ) all found in the Tidewater area  in the mid 1600s. But only if you believe your Foster Immigrant was named Richard and referred to as Richard even though some say the (Immigrant of The Southern Foster Lines was James Foster) or  possibly named Richard James Foster or James Richard Foster.  Dr Foster's writings and thoughts must be read then reread and read again.  Even he states & I  Quote : " I hope I have left you completely confused. You must read, reread and reread and then come up with the answer to our "Elusive Immigrant"."   I --William Foster agree with  this !!  There Definately were more than two Richard Fosters . Plus there are at least six James Fosters , three John Fosters . There was a  James Foster on "The America" in 1635 the same year Richard Foster arrived on the "The Safety ". Also in 1635 there was a  Francis Foster on the "The George". All arriving in the Virginia Colony.  Were they brothers , uncles ,cousins or not related at all to each other. Meanwhile Fosters were arriving at the Mass Colony in New England.  Was one of the James Fosters actually James Richard Foster father of Robert , John  and Richard Foster everybody attempts to connect up to for genealogy ?   One thing for sure Richard Foster {son- in -law to Bart Hoskins and the Widow Foster (Dorcas ) Foster Hoskins}  was a Lawyer and a respected member of the Albermarle Colony  South of Present Day Chesapeake and Virginia Beach Va.  He was not the father of  Robert & John Foster up in Essex Co Va . Was The Immigrant actually Jame Foster (1635 Immigrant ) aboard The ship called America who was living in Kingston Parish, Gloucester (now Matthews) County, VA and was a neighbor of  John Garnett ?   

         Sally Moore Koestler  makes the following working hypothesis at her WEB PAGES "Sally's Family Place " : " We are told the early Fosters owned and commanded their own sailing ships and they brought many early settlers from England to Virginia for which they received land grants.  It has been written somewhere that John Foster, Sr. was the son Richard Foster and his wife Elizabeth.  Richard Foster was granted a patent of 200 acres in Gloucester County, VA near what is now Glass Post Office on 1 April 1655. "Richard was the son of Thomas and Mary Baskerville Foster of England." "Richard was the son of Thomas Foster of Hempshire, England."

 ****** In an Effort to promote  further research and discussion into the Forsters and Fosters who Immigrated to America I assisted in the creation of a WEB Site  Foster Quest a good Foster Family Genealogy Site. WEB Master Jared L Foster    allowed me to give input and with Jared's skills of developing a WEB Page " FOSTER QUEST " was Born. ******* ( Please visit : FOSTER QUEST- Started 2004  After what I refer to FOSTER BRAIN STORMING ) . 


           Where Heraldry ( Coat of Arms ), and Castles are discussed and able to be Viewed   [email protected]   I now understand more about Genealogy research via testing and comparison of the Y Chromozone Markers to determine  MRCA " The Most Recent Common Ancestor " in past generations. The Foster DNA project has my line related via testing of the Y Chromozone Markers and comparison to Gary L Foster  who is ([email protected]   and Athol Foster a Foster Family researcher  who has the site (Fosters in Dekalb Co Tenn) where you can view our Foster Crest and Motto      In  Group 7 We all have a MRCA within 500 years. Our next closest MRCA .then appears to be to other groups about the time of the Magna Carta.  We have 36 & 67 marker test results available ! DNA testing , marker comparison and matches of the Y Chromozone  Loci at 12 for 12 markers ; 25 for 25  markers ; and 37 for 37 markers  have helped me make contact with several geneticly close cousins who match my results. Terry Foster and several other Fosters have joined me in sharing our Genealogy research and results of testing and matching markers enugh to tell us we share James Foster born in Essex Co Va  who was a Grandson of "Our Mutual Foster Immigrant " via The Immigrants son John .

                 My research points to my colonial Virginia ancestors before coming to North Carolina where :My Great Grt Grt Grt Grt Grandfather James FOSTER b: 1725 Essex Co who married Susannah Armstrong. James was the son of   John Foster b: 1653 @ Gloucester Va- d: 1734 Essex Co Va .  John's father (James " Richard "  Foster) (Our Immigrant from England ). The Immigrant's Parents were married in England. Thomas R Foster m:  Miss Dorcas Isham who later m: Bart Hoskins after Thomas Foster's death,.Thomas Foster was (a descendant of Thomas Foster & Margaret Browning ). DNA  points to this line !  My 5th Grt James Foster was a son of John Foster of Essex Co Va  abt 1751 first married Susanna ARMSTRONG b: abt 1730 in   Hanover Co.,Virginia ( she was the daughter of Lancelot ARMSTRONG ) Lancelot Armstrong had two daughters Susannah and Mary who both married members of the Essex County Va Foster family of John Foster. In Virginia James Foster and Susan Armstrong had a child born on 10 Mar 1752 who they named William . William had siblings Major and John . James wife Susan died and he married Elizabeth  PARISH on 28 Oct 1759  daughter of Henry Parish of Goochland ,Va.  Elizabeth raised James sons from the first marriage. Elizabeth Foster gave James a daughter who they named Susanah . Susannah married Thomas Foster ; a son Bartlett Foster, a son Anthony Foster and others who were siblings of William Foster. This Colonial Foster Family had descendants who moved from Colonial Virginia  to  North Carolina Colony and Kentucky then Tenn , Mo , Oklahoma , Ark, Texas , and eventually California. 


My 1700s Fosters of Colonial Virginia           moved  to       Flag                     


******************** (  #4th Grt Grt Grt Grt Grandfather William Foster ( Sr )  4th Generation Post Immigration & after Colonial VA )  ************************      

_____________________________________ ______________________________________________  

My North Carolina Foster Line ( Generation # IV post immigration ) Son of Jamess Foster . WILLIAM FOSTER  b: Colonial Va  Mar 1752 & d: Summer of1848 in Davie Co NC. He is reportedly m: to Sarah Lay of Caswell Co.-( Per Charles Foster's familytreemaker report ). There is no middle name known (nmn) for William Foster but in research he is referred to William Foster Sr. Via My Research I now Know William Foster moved down from Charlotte Co  / Goochland Co Virginia where he was Oldest Son of Eleven children of  James Foster and his wives Susannah Armstrong and Elizabeth Parish ( Elizabeth was James' sec wife). I first learned of William Sr from Charles Foster FamilyTreeMaker Report and a Genealogy Report of McKinney Foster ( ( Both Cousins of This writter via 2 different Brothers of My Grt Grt Grandfather John Murphy Foster. I then was assisted in research by Genetic Cousin Gary L Foster who helped me learn William was the son of James via marriage to wife Susannah Armstrong. Elizabeth Parish was William's stepmother and raised him after his birth mother Susannah passed. William met The Lay / Lea & Slade Families via his Foster and Perkins Cousins in the Spotsylvania  Va / Caswell Co NC Area.  This is where and how he met & married Sarah Lay  in Caswell Co ( She was the daughter of Obediah Lay and Granddaughter of John & Martha Slade Lay). William & Sarah made temporary residence Rockingham Co.N.C. near the Lay and Slade Family before moving t;o Rowan Co the Forks of the Yadkin River (now Davie Co NC) *** Since Obediah died before his father Obediah's daughter Sarah was entitled to a Share of John Lays estate. Sarah by this time was married to William Foster. This has caused confusion by Lay Family Genealogist who listed Sarah incorrectly as a child of John Lay . (John and Martha Lay did not have a child Sarah ) They  helped raise her though with  her siblings were her Uncles and Aunts.

Actual Children of John & Martha Slade Lay were : Obediah ; Bird ; Peter : Jesse Valley ; Mary "Polly"& Patsy Lay  per the LFGA . Pittsylvania County, VA & Caswell Co NC is where my Foster Family & Lay ancestors met after John moved from Colonial New England after or during the the Revolution ( Conn. > Colonial Va.> North Carolina ). Martha Slade's family immigrated from England > Baltimore Maryland > Caswell Co NC which was apart of the Hillsborough NC District.  

*****Caswell County, NC Deeds (compiled by Betty Foster, Winston-Salem, NC)and found @

This was posted By Charles C Foster in 1998 !

"DB B pg 93 29 Oct 1772 NC State Grant #370; 50 shillings every 100 acres; John
300 acres in Caswell on Country Line Cr. Beginning at a Bush _ on Isaac
line and on bank of branch running:
Thence with said Denton line E 70 chains and 5O links to a pine, John Graves
Thence with said Graves line N 13 chains to a post oak said Graves corner

Thence his line W 20 chains to a stake his corner
Thence his the said Graves former survey line W 23 chains to pointers his old
Thence with said Graves line N 21 ehain4 to a poplar on said Graves line and
on the bank of Country line Cr.
Thence up said creek as it meanders .to a persimmon tree on the bank of said
creek at the mouth of a branch Then up said branch as it meanders to 1st

"DB L pg 92 18 July 1799 Peter Lay, Patty Lay of Caswell and William Foster
and Sarah his wife of Rockingham Co. NC heirs and legatees of Obediah Lay
decd to Thomas Slade ,for £13, 10 shillinqs their different lots and divisions
of land which fell to them by the death of said Ohadiah Lay decd in Caswell Co
on waters of Country Line Creek, 24½ acres 11½ acres. Wit: Peter Linkler
James Sinkler
Daniel X Thomas
Robert Mitchell, Wit for Peter and Patty signing
/s/Peter X Lay
Patty X l,ay

William Foster
Sarah X Foster

 For the Slade Family ref to :

 My ANCESTRY ON LINE FAMILY TREE site List the Fosters I'm related to back in Virginia post immigration and after migration from Virginia .

 I suspect William may have been married before his Union with Sarah . Also he was old enough to have fought / served in the American Revolution but I have no  knowledge or proof he did. There are several William Fosters credited from Colonial Virginia as serving in the Colonial Army per the genealogy text / The Genealogy Book "The Foster Family " copyrighted 1973 and is found in the Library of Congress Card Cat as 72-93045. One William Foster served under Col Tighlman > William Named his a son Tighlman who went by the name  Tilman  is listed in the 1850 Davie Census as Tighlman Foster.

( After 1800 & after the death of his Father) William Foster, Sr. is found first living in Rockingham Co before moving to Rowan Co N.C. while some of his siblings moved to Tenn and Kentucky following pioneer Daniel Boone. William and Sarah Foster moved down The Great Trading Path from Rockingham Co NC through Old Salem / Wachovia to the Mocksville / Forks of The Yadkin area Pls refer to Trading Path Map located in this report. ***Charles Chuck Foster's research tells us William purchased 30 acres in Rowan County, NC before 1807 (deed not found) then, on 30 Oct 1807 bought 77 acres adjoining Charles McDaniel. Per Family tradition ( stories ) William built a house of heavy posts and beams notched and fitted together. The frame was covered with sheathing then sided with clapboard, the roof was shingled with wood. Tax lists for 1815, 1843, and 1847 show his ownership of 102 acres. This property was in a community with other Foster Families near the Forks of the Yadkin River and Daniel Boone's father Squire Boone's property where Daniel developed his skills.

The 1810 census lists William Foster in Rowan County, NC. With him were his wife, 2 daughters aged from 10-16, and 1 daughter and 2 sons aged from 1-10. Nearby lived Robert Foster, over 45, 1 female (his wife), 35-45, 1 daughter and 1 son aged 16-26, 1 daughter and 3 sons aged 1-10. 

The 1809 Rowan County tax lists in Capt. Samuel Foster's district show William Foster, 107 acres; Robert Foster, 673 acres; Thomas Foster, 600 acres; and James Foster, 100 acres. It seems logical to suppose that these land holdings were adjacent. They were there at the Fork Community area near & East of Mocksville,N.C. along the South Branch of  The Yakin River.

In 1820, William is at least 50. Living with him were 2 females over 45, 1 female and 1 male (probably Tilman) 16-26, and 1 male 10-16. Living nearby were Robert Foster , 45+, Thomas Foster, 26-43, Alsey Foster, James' widow, 45+, Samuel Foster's widow, 26-45, and Elizabeth Foster, 26-45.

The 1830 census lists William with 1 female, aged 70-80 . Living nearby were George Foster, Thomas Foster's wife Elizabeth, Robert Foster, Jr., and Samuel Foster's wife, Elizabeth.

After William's death, his personal property was sold on a credit of nine months on 16 Sept. 1848 by G. N. Hanes, Administrator. It totaled $138.66. On 25 Nov. 1850, William's heirs sold his land to William Hendricks for $70. 1850 Davie Co Census list William's Children.

Children of William & Sarah Foster were :

(1.) MARY ANN" POLLY" FOSTER , b. possibly 1797,  in Rockingham Co NC ; d. after 1840 Davie Co. NC. We know when she was born her Father William Sr was living in Rockingham Co NC before moving to Rowan Co after selling their inheritace from the Lay Estate ( see Above )

*** Mary Foster m: Jeremiah Potts abt : 1826 in Rowan Co NC (see report 910 pg 282 This marriage is mentioned in the Davie Co Heritage Book) Jeremiah was the son of Peter Potts and Mary "Polly Pack ". Mary "Polly "Foster Potts is buried Advance United Methodist Church Cemetery (Old Shady Grove Cemetery ). She was likely named for her mother  Sarah 's Aunt Mary "Polly" Lay  or William's First Wife.

Children of Mary Foster & Jeremiah Potts were:

 ( i )  Andrew Jackson POTTS b: 1827 -----17 FEB 1856 m: Manerva Jarvis daughter of William B & Mary Jarvis

 ( ii ) Francis "Frank" Ashbury POTTS b: 11 JUN 1828 in Davie Co.,NC --03 FEB 1853 m: Letitia CATON

 ( iii )Charlotte POTTS b: 1830 m: Isaiah Temple & then Craver Lanier

 ( iv ) Arch POTTS b: Bef 1830

 ( v ) Jeffrey "Jess" POTTS b: 1835

 ( vi ) Peter POTTS b: 1840 d: 05 Apr 1863

(2.) LUCY ( Lucinda ?  ) FOSTER, Probably b. 1798, Rockingham Co  NC; d. Bef. 1852; m. JOSEPH SIDDON or SIDDEN, 01 Nov 1816, Rowan/Davie Co. NC. Joseph b: abt 1790 d: abt 1835 he was the son of  Joseph Sidden Sr & Mary Antilla Speak . I believe Lucy is buried in the Old Shady Grove Section of Advance United Methodist Church Cemetery, Advance ,Davie County, N.C.

Children of Lucy Foster & Joseph Sidden were :

  1. Adelphia SIDDEN b: 27 NOV 1821 in Davie County,N.C. m: Zadock Myers b: 31 AUG 1820 are buried in Row 13 of  the Advance United  Methodist Church Cemetery ,Davie County ,N.C.
  2. Mary SIDDEN      b: 1823 in Davie County,N.C. d: aft 1850 since  1850 census she is in her brother William's Household
  3. William SIDDEN   b: 1824 in Davie County,N.C. d: 1892 m: Nancy Ann Lenone b: ABT 1832 d: 13 JUL 1895
  4. Mahala Jane SIDDEN b: 3 SEP 1827 in Davie Co.,N.C. d:  3 MAR 1870  she m: John Wesley Shutt b: 9 APR 1823 They are buried in row 10 @ Advance United Methodist Church Cemetery ,Advance ,Davie  Co,N.C.   Myers Page by Fay Moran List the Myers / Sidden Marriage Generation 2

(3.) TILMAN ( Tighlman ) FOSTER , b. 18 May 1800, Probably Rowan/Davie Co. NC; d. 19 Mar 1854, Mocksville, Davie Co. NC. Buried @ Fork Highway 64 Davie Co Row 8, #3, Fork Baptist Church cemetery ***  08 Jan 1825 Tilman Married a young Francis "Fannie" Tucker (1812-1874) daughter of Andrew Tucker (1768-1844) and Levice Rumbley (1771-1843) daughter of Edgar Rumbley a Revolutionary Soldier from Maryland. Francis " Fannie " Tucker was the twin sister of Aaron Tucker. 

Tilman & Frances "Fannie" are my Grt grt grt Grandparents ! 

Later after the death of Tilman  Francis married widower John Banks and they lived briefly in the Jerusalem area of Davie Co before they  moved to Gibson County, Tennessee,  Grt Grt  Grt Grandmother Fannie Tucker Foster Banks  was buried 1874 far away from her first husband Tilman & their children who where buried at Fork Baptist Church.  Tilman & Fancis son's  Giles " Nelson " ; Thomas ; and Daughter Eliza Foster Deadmon also moved to Tenn. for a new Start. Sarah , Nancy Jane , John Murphy , and Azariah stayed in Davie County / Davidson Co & Rowan County area.  Hiram Lindsay and Susannah died without marriage and are buried at Fork Baptist Church Cemetery. 

Children of Tilman Foster & Francis "Fannie " Tucker were :

     ( i )  SARAH ANN FOSTER b: 25 SEP 1827  in Fork / Mocksville area  became the wife of Henry B Casper : They lived in Salisbury ,N.C Sarah Foster Casper and her Children are buried in the Old Lutheran Church Cemetery  She died Nov. 1, 1860  in Salisbury  ,N.C.

     ( ii )  William b: abt 1828 (He is mentioned in Tilman's will)

     ( iii ) NANCY " JANE"  FOSTER b:1830  mentioned in Azariah's  will--d: 12 OCT 1874 she first married John R Henderson  14 May 1858

         John Henderson was b:18 JUN 1823 .  Jane then m:  John Cody 23 AUG 1865  They are buried Cody Family Cemetery /  Concord Methodist Church

     ( iv ) GILES "NELSON"  FOSTER b:1832 in DAVIDSON CO NC ( CSA VET ) d: 5 SEP 1887  --- 1853 in NC  first m: Eliza Saintsing who d: 1857 then he m: Tabitha EDDINGER  after Tabitha died in 1863  He moved to Denmark, Madison Co Tenn  Tilman refers to G. N Foster as Nelson in his will.

     ( v )  THOMAS M FOSTER b: 2 FEB 1833 in FULTON,DAVIE CO d: 18 APR 1877  m: Sarah Jane Banks  30 AUG 1859 &  moved  to Gibson Tenn  Family members later moved to Ark.

     ( vi ) JOHN MURPHY FOSTER b: 3 APR 1836 in DAVIE CO NC (CSA VETERAN )  My Grt Grt Grandfather (see next generation)  John married Comfort "Ann" Orrell  (Daughter of Martha Orrell & Franklin Wood )

     ( vii ) AZARIAH MARCH FOSTER b: 27 MAY 1838 -( CSA )-d: 17 JUL 1904 & is buried @ Fork Baptist Church he married Sarah Caroline Snyder  (1839 - 1914)   Azariah was a prominent Fork Community Merchany !

    ( viii ) SUSANNAH E FOSTER  b: 26 APR 1840 --- d: 12 OCT 1857  b: FORK BAPTIST CHURCH DAVIE CO ROW 8 #4  She never Married.

    ( ix  ) HIRAM LINDSAY FOSTER b: 10 JUN 1842 --d: 5 MAR 1862 in DAVIE CO NC buried FORK BAPTIST CHURCH

    ( x ) ELIZA C FOSTER b: 15 MAY 1844 in DAVIE CO NC m:Thomas Harvey DEADMOND b: 18 MAY 1845 moved to Tenn

    ( xi )  AMANDA Emmaline "EMMA" FOSTER b: 1848  then 17 AUG 1870 She married Edward Brinegar son of  Thomas H Brinegar and Elizabeth Vanm Eaton

    ( xii ) HENRY J FOSTER b: 3 AUG 1850 in DAVIE CO NC d: 29 SEP 1853 b: next to his father at Fork Baptist Church cemetery

(4.)  NANCY FOSTER (William / James / John ), b. 26 Apr 1804, Rowan/Davie Co. NC; d. 23 Jun 1894, Yadkin Co. NC. *** Nancy m: 1838  Willim Gabard b: 3 Oct 1803  . Both buried Courtney Baptist Church Yadkin Co

   ( i )  Rebbeca Gabard b: 20 JAN 1845 in Rowan (now Davie) Co.,N.C.d: 29 Jun 1877   m:William Mason Foster b:27 Jun 1832 he was the son of  Jesse A & Mary "Polly " Gabard Foster

   ( ii )    Sarah Jane GABARD  b: 25 Jul  1846  in Davie Co.,N C d: 10 OCT 1926 Yadkin Co., NC m: John William ALLGOOD b: 9 Jun 1834

   ( iii )Has No ChildrenJohn W GABARD b: FEB 1843 in Davie Co NC  d: Oct 1843

   ( iv )Has No ChildrenNancy Melinda GABARD  b: 11 MAY 1844 d:21 Feb 1915 in , Yadkin Co, N C m: Stanley Samuel MAY b: 23 Aug 1835

(5.) WILLIAM FOSTER, JR.( William Sr / JAMES / JOHN ), b. 30 Apr 1806, Rowan/Davie Co. NC; d. 02 Jan 1897, Davie Co. NC; m.1835 MATILDA MINOR b: Aug1816 .  Matilda was the daughter of Paschal MINOR and Mary (Polly ) HELMSTETER

Notes for WILLIAM FOSTER, JR.: He is  buried in Row 17, #25, Fork Baptist Church, Davie Co. NC

Notes for MATILDA MINOR:d: 4 OCT 1885  She is buried next to her husband, William Foster Jr, in Row 17, #25, Fork Baptist Church.


       ( i )  Tilman Monroe FOSTER b: 23 SEP 1839 in Davie Co. N C;  CSA ( Sergeant with Company B,28th Regiment North Carolina ) Death: 1 June 1922 at 7 pm in North Brook Tp(I), Lincoln Co. N C  18 DEC 1866  m: Mary F Best    He is buried @ Bess Chapel United Methodist Church
Cherryville Lincoln County North Carolina  Find a Grave

      ( ii )    REASON FOSTER b:  1834

      ( iii )   Mary FOSTER b: 1837  married Thomas  P Tutterow  son of David Tutterow and Ruth Bradley. Then she married William L. Foster son of Richard Foster & Eliza GARRIWOOD after America's Death     see find a grave  Center United Methodist Church Cemetery.

      ( iv )  Henry Clay FOSTER b: 3 DEC 1842 in Davie Co. N.C. CSA He enlisted in the Confederate army,Co.F,13th Reg't.NC "The Davie Greys" . He was wounded at Gaines' Mill,VA. 27 June 1862; he rejoined prior to 1 Mar.1863, and was promoted to Sergeant 17 Apr.1863. Death: 5 JUN 1917 in Statesville,N.C. m: 22 JAN 1871 Mary Ann HENDRICKS ( HENDRIX )

 Co F 13 Reg CSA NC  Find A Grave

      ( v )   America E. FOSTER b: 28 DEC 1844 in Davie Co. N.C. She married William L.Foster, son of Richard and Eliza Foster,on 12 Dec.1869 in Davie Co.

      ( vi )  Martha Elizabeth FOSTER b: 8 MAR 1847 in Davie Co. N.C. d: 20 JAN 1898

     ( vii ) William Giles FOSTER b: 3 AUG 1849 in Davie Co. N.C. m: Martha Stewart d: 15 APR 1922 in Davie Co NC

                   Find A Grave : Fork Baptist Church Cemetery

     ( viii ) Ellen T. FOSTER  b: 14 DEC 1855 in Davie Co.N.C.d:  28 JUN 1876  m: 10 APR 1873 Nathaniel Hendrix son of Conrad Hendrix


*********************-My Foster Family Generation ( V )-TILMAN FOSTER  ( Tighlman )**************************************


My Grt Grt Grt Grandfather Tilman nmn Foster b: 18 May 1800. Tilman m: Francis "Fannie" Tucker. Tilman attended Fork Baptist Church {There on Highway 64 @ Fork }. He is Buried in the Church Cemetary a few steps behind the Church. Francis was the daughter of Andrew Tucker and Levice Rumbley ( daughter of Edgar Rumbley) a { Revolutionary Soldier / Rumbley Edgar (Edger) Private, Militia, Capt William Haslett's Company, 28th Battalion}. Francis had a Twin brother named Aaron. This Tucker line moved west where Aaron  is found 1850 Adams,Madison , then 1860 West Locust,Sullivan Co,MO - age 48 married to Nancy Rachel HODSON b: 6 NOV 1813 in Rown Co NC .

Tilman died before his 54th Birth Day  possibly from yellow fever or small pox or Influenza type out break in the Fork / Mocksville area. His younger brother William lived to age 91 and their father lived passed 90 years old.


  • Photo of Tilman's Headstone ( Fork Baptist Church )     There are unmarked graves  in this section of Fosters.

  • I learned of Tilman via   Charles C Foster is known as a Published Author , Artist , Musican , and Foster Family Genealogist in Florida ( ref: )  He wrote and illustrated and supplied photos for  "ConchTown USA" Published in 1991 by Florida Atlantic University Press. He has built Musical Instruments such as a harpsichord and a Viola da gamba.

  • 1850 Davie Co Census Tilman is listed as Tiglman with Francis "Fannie" as family 417A for the Davie Co NC 1850 Census. There is no known middle name for Tilman . The name Tilman is used by this Foster Family line and also the Family line of Robert Foster. Living close to Tilman are descendants of Zenas Foster and wife Dinah Taylor ( Zenas was reported as a descendant of Robert Foster of Essex Co Va & Robert's wife Elizabeth Garnett ) but I recently found reports on his father was James Foster and his mother Elizabeth.  Isaac Hillery FOSTER son of Zenas was Tilman's  neighbor. I believe Zenas and Tilman's father William are buried there in Davie both Tilman and Issac were born in Davie when it was known as  Old Rowan Co. ** Zenas Foster place of birth was Charlotte Co Colonial Virginia //   so was Tilman's father William born in Virginia. **Francis Fannie Tucker Foster after Tilman's death married John Banks & they moved west where she is buried @  New Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Tenn

  • Children of Tilman and Francis Tucker Foster: Per (1850) Davie Co Census  

    1 ) SARAH ANN FOSTER ( b: 09-27-1828-  d: 01 Nov 1860 ) m:1850 Henry  B Casper b: 1829 in Rowan Co North Carolina, She moved to Salisbury NC where the Caspers are buried in The Old Lutheran Church Cemetery Salisbury NC   Sarah was named for her Grandmother Sarah Lay Foster.


  • Children of Sarah Foster Casper & Henry B Casper

  •          I ) Thomas Page CASPER  Birth: 15 AUG 1851 in Rowan Co NC Death: 3 NOV 1852 in Rowan(now Davie) Co.,NC
  • Birth: APR 1855 in ROWAN (now Davie) Co.,NC  > Death: 25 MAR 1862 >Burial: Old Lutheran Church Cemetery Salisbury N.C.
  •         III Susan Virginia CASPER
  • Birth: 13 JUL 1857 in Rowan Co NC >>Death: 1 OCT 1858 in Rowan (now Davie) Co.,NC
  • Burial: Old Lutheran Church Cemetery Salisbury NC
  •         IV Henry CASPER
  • Birth: 26 JUL 1859 in Rowan Co North Carolina,USA  >> Death: 20 OCT 1862
  • Burial: Old Lutheran Church Cemetery Salisbury
  • 2 ) NANCY " JANE "  FOSTER ( 6 FEB 1830 in DAVIE CO NC ) m: John R HENDERSON b: 18 JUN 1823 &  then married John Milton CODY   b: Abt1845      d: Aug. 26, 1912 Iredall Co ,N.C. Nancy "Jane" was named for her fathers sister Nancy Foster Gabard. { Nancy Jane is Buried in the Cody Family Cemetery Near Concord Methodist Church }Her first Husband John Henderson is buried in the Tilman Foster Family Plots at Fork Cemetery . Nancy Janes Children were
    1. Has No Children Flora HENDERSON b: Abt 1856 in Davie Co NC
    2. Has No Children "Eliza "ELIZABETH HENDERSON b: Bef 1859 in Davie Co N C
    3. Has No Children Jesse M CODY b: 1866 in Davie Co --DiedJul. 30, 1928  buried near Jom Milton Cody @ Tabor Presbyterian Church Cemetery Iredall Co NC
    4. Has No Children Avie A CODY b: JAN 1870

    3 ) GILES "NELSON" FOSTER (1832-1887) m:1853 (1) Eliza Saintsing ( Eliza b:abt 1837  d: 1857 )  I believe Eliza was the daughter of Ben Saintsing of Davidson Co NC ----then 1858 Giles Nelson marries ( 2 )  Tabitha Eddinger (1833-1863) She died 1863 while he was off fighting in the Civil War for the CSA {Co. A, 10th Battalion, N. C., Heavy Artillery for the war. He was appointed Artificer 01 Jul. 1862. Transfered to Co. A, 2nd Regt, Confederate Engineer Troops during August 1863}. He later moved to Tenn and is buried @ Denmark Presbyterian Church Madison Co, Tenn  G N Foster was an untaker by trade.

  • 1860 Census we find his brother Hiram Lindsay Foster living with him in Davidson Co. After Hiram Lindsay's death Giles Nelson moves to Denmark Tn. His brother Thomas also moved to Tenn before the 1870 Census.

    1. CRISTOPHER COLUMBUS FOSTER b: 14 FEB 1854 THOMASVILLE DAVIDSON CO NC / died Sep. 20, 1906 Tenn / Buried Hollywood Cemetery Madison County Tenn Find A Grave Memorial# 33338511  He was married to Sally F Moore  (1859 - 1897)
    2. ROBERT A FOSTER  b: 9 OCT 1856   DAVIDSON CO NC died Nov. 12, 1886 Denmark Tenn Madison Co NC buried Denmark Presbyterian Cemetery Madison Co Tenn
    3. CHRISTINA VIRGINIA FOSTER b: 15 NOV 1859  THOMASVILLE  DAVIDSON CO NC died 24 Mar 1931 in ALVARDO,JOHNSON CO TEXAS  She was married to Major Benjamin Hardee

  •       The Giles "Nelson " Family Family Went West to Tenn  !      Tennessee

    4 ) THOMAS M FOSTER (02FEB1833-18APR1877) m:1859 Sarah Banks his step sister ( Sarah's father John Banks a widower m: Widow  Francis Fannie Foster after Tilman's death.) Family moved to Gibson Co. Tn.before the 1870 census. His brother Giles "Nelson " also moved to Madison Co Tenn. as well as their sister Eliza Foster Deadmon wife of Thomas Deadmon. Thomas is buried @ New Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Gibson Co Tenn

    1. Has No Children DeWitt C FOSTER b: 1860 N C ---d: 1935 in San Antonio,Texas
    2. Has No Children Carlton J FOSTER  b: 11 DEC 1862 in Davie Co., NC d: 01 Dec 1905 Gibson Co,Tn. b:Popular Graove Cemetery Gibson Co Tenn
    3. Has No Children Elizabeth "Bettie" Francis FOSTER b: 28 DEC 1865 Davie Co.NC d:  24 JAN 1892  bur Popular Grove Cemetery , Gibson,Co.Tenn
    4. Has No Children Delia Adline FOSTER b: 28 Jun 1868 - d: 15 Dec 1893  Gibson Co Tn m: John M Landrum & they are buried Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery ,Gibson Co Tenn
    5. Has No Children Charles C FOSTER b: 16 NOV 1869 - d: 1894 in Gibson Co., Tn.  buried Popular Grove Cemetery  Dyer, Gibson, Tennessee
    6. Has No Children Samuel Tilman FOSTER b: 19 AUG 1875 in Gibson Co., TN d: 19 DEC 1934 Little Rock,Pulaski Co.,Arkansas : father of CharlesMcKinney              Foster (Foster Historian)
    7.     Annie Bell Foster B: ABT. 1873 in Gibson Co., Tenn
  •     The Thomas M Foster Family went west to Tenn ! Tennessee

    5 ) JOHN MURPHY FOSTER (03APR 1836-16 NOV 1919)m: Comfort"Ann"Orrell Daughter of Martha Orrell . He served in Co.F, 42 Regt, NC. 1 CSA                                       This Family Stayed in North Carolina Flag John Murphy Foster Buried @ Reeds Baptist Church Reeds Cross Roads Davidson Co NC           

    6 ) AZARIAH MARCH FOSTER (27 MAY 1838-17 JUL 1904) m:1859 Sarah C. Snyder (1839-1914) Buried at Fork Baptist Church Davie Co N C.

  • Azariah March Foster

    7 ) SUSANNAH E FOSTER (26 APR1840-12 OCT 1857) buried : Fork Baptist Church Davie Co ROW 8 #4

  • Susannah Susan Foster


  • 8 ) HIRAM LINDSAY FOSTER (10 JUN 1842 -05 MAR 1862) age 19y 8 m buried at Fork Baptist Church Row 8 plot 5 2 over from his father Tilman and next to his sister Susan-/ he worked as a Carpenter apprentice for his brother G N Foster who moved to Tenn later after service in the CSA.

  • Hiram Lindsay Foster

    9 ) ELIZA C FOSTER (b:-15 May 1844 d: 20-FEB 1879) 04 AUG 1864 m: Thomas Harvey  Deadmon ( Deadman or Dedmon )b: 18 May 1845 --they moved to Tenn. Eliza is found in the 1850 Census house hold of her parents Tilman & Francis Foster. She previously has been reported as the daughter of James Foster a possible brother of  Tilman. James' Foster daughter is a different Eliza. * Dedmon family Genealogy list my Line of Davie County Fosters . 

  • Children of Thomas Harvey Deadmon & Eliza C Foster :

    1. Has No Children Sallie F. DEADMON  b: 3 MAR 1866

    2. Has No Children Henry C. DEADMON  b: 19 MAR 1867
    3. Has No Children Ambrose J. C. DEADMON b: 29 JUN 1869
    4. Has No Children Rose B. DEADMON b: 22 JUN 1872
    5. Has No Children Owner O. DEADMON b: 7 FEB 1875
    6.      Suddie C. DEADMON b: 21 NOV 1876
    7. Has No Children Thomas J. DEADMON b: 7 DEC 1878
              This Deadmon family also went West to Tenn.after the Civil War !       Tennessee
  • 10 ) HENRY J FOSTER (03 AUG 1850 - 29 Sep 1853 ) Buried next to Tilman in the Tilman Foster family Plot.  ROW 8 #3    Fork Baptist Church Cemetery.

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    *******************-My North Carolina Foster Family Genearation ( VI )  JOHN MURPHY FOSTER  *************************

  • _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Tilman and Francis' son "JOHN MURPHY FOSTER" b: 03APR 1836-d: 16 NOV 1919 is my Grt Grt Grandfather who married Comfort Ann Orrell Wood ( 17 JAN 1859) in DAVIE CO NC Granddaughter of Daniel Orrell and Susannah Tucker. John served in Comp F, 42 REGT N.C.WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION ALSO CALLED THE CIVIL WAR . HIS OCCUPATION WAS A HOUSE CARPENTER ;HE IS BURIED:@ REEDS BAPTIST CHURCH DAVIDSON CO NC NEAR INTERSECTION OF OLD HIGHWAY 64 AND HWY 150 ROW 9 OF THE CEMETARY. This Family is listed in the Davidson County NC Heritage Book.                   John and Comfort " Ann " Foster were married at Fork Baptist Church

  •  John M Foster proudly served in the Army for the CSA !     Returned to     Flag

  • Grt Grandmother Comfort " Ann " was b: 2 MAR 1843 in DAVIE CO NC  d : 27 JUN 1906 in DAVIDSON CO NC Her mother Martha Orrell named her Comfort after a friend Comfort Clemmons Phelps wife of Col Hiram Phelps. Comfort Ann was called  Ann.

  • Martha Orrell's father was Daniel Orrell Jr born 2 May 1801 in Rowan (became Davie) County. His father was Daniel Orrell Sr born in 1764 in MD and died on 26 Nov 1830 in the area of The Forks of the Yadkin, NC.


    John and Comfort " Ann "along with John's mother & Family members are listed on the Orrell Family Web site along with related Orrell & Markland Family members.

  • Married: 17 JAN 1859 in DAVIE CO NC  and Listed  in 1880 Tyro Davidson Co Census

    Children of John and Comfort  Click to enlarge. " Ann "  Foster

  • 1880 Census
          Tyro, Davidson, North Carolina

  •  Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
     John M. FOSTER   Self   M   Male   W   44   NC   Carpenter   NC   NC 
     Anna FOSTER   Wife   M   Female   W   36   NC   Keeping House   NC   NC 
     George W. FOSTER   Son   S   Male   W   20   NC   Work On Farm   NC   NC 
     Fannie FOSTER   Dau   S   Female   W   18   NC   At Home   NC   NC 
     Marckus FOSTER   Son   S   Male   W   15   NC   Work On Farm   NC   NC 
     Hiram L. FOSTER   Son   S   Male   W   11   NC   Work On Farm   NC   NC 
     Mary A. FOSTER   Dau   S   Female   W   10   NC   At Home   NC   NC 
     Minnie FOSTER   Dau   S   Female   W   6   NC      NC   NC 
     Estella FOSTER 

     ( A ) GEORGE WASHINGTON FOSTER (b: 20 JAN 1860-d: 03 SEP1938) m: Mary Jane Koontz daughter of America Hedrick & Andrew Jackson Koontz.

  •   G.W. Foster (Pictured in D Co Heritage Book Article )272.gif

  • Marriage License: 23 NOV 1881 in Davidson County

  • Event: Married By 24 NOV 1881 in H.H. Hartley
  • Event: Marriage Witness  G.H. Gobble

            Burial : Reeds Baptist Church

  •           ( i )   Wade Willis FOSTER b: 21 AUG 1902 in Davie Co. NC. m: Nannie Wilson Henderson Bailey Forrest 1919 . He died 26 Feb 1956 Lexington, N.C.  He is buried @ North Primative Baptist Cemetery Mocksville, Davie Co.,N.C.


              ( ii )   Fallie Belle FOSTER b: 20 OCT 1882 d: 5 MAY 1976  Reed's,Davidson Co NC. m: John Washington KOONTZ b: 10 SEP 1877

              ( iii )  Hattie FOSTER b: 21 FEB 1884

              ( iv )  Claudie Mae FOSTER b: 2 MAY 1885 / d:16 Jul 1932 m: 22 Dec 1920 Robert Benjamin Sink b: 03 Dec 1883
               ( v )  Ethel FOSTER b: 8 OCT 1887  d: 12 NOV 1955  she  m: George Ellis RIDDELL

  •        ( vi ) Clatie FOSTER b: 27 OCT 1890 d: Aug 1973 m: 1908 Marshall Penix Farabee b: 28 MAR 1890 d: Jul 1983 

               ( vii )  Zella FOSTER  b: 15 APR 1892 m: 1912 James Harper Farabee d: 11 Sept 1912 
               ( viii )  Lola FOSTER   b: 24 JUL 1893 d: abt 1991 Lexington

  •         ( ix ) Infant FOSTER b: 16 JUN 1895

  •        (  x  )  Arthur Ray FOSTER   b: 8 FEB 1897 d: 21 MAY 1940

               ( xi )  Ester FOSTER b: 15 NOV 1898 m: Grover Cleveland LOWMAN b: 29 Dec 1888 -d: 9 Mar 1976 

  • --( B ) MARTHA FRANCIS " FANNIE " FOSTER b: 27 NOV 1861 m: JOHN HENDERSON GOBBLE b: 25 FEB 1857 Francis was named for her Grandmother . SHE died 5 Mar 1898  and is buried at Reeds Baptist Church Cemetery

  • Note: Married by H.H. Hartley, JP, at H.H. 5 Mar 1898 Hartley's Res.
    wit: J.T. M. Foster, G.W. Foster, H.S. Foster.

    1.     Lewis Cleveland Gobble   b: 22 Oct 1884 --d: 30 Dec 1950 m: Virginia Girllar Myers b: 12 May 1889
    2. Has No Children Willis Vestal Gobble         b: 23 Sep 1886 m: Flossie M. Lanier
    3. Has No Children Thurman Monroe Gobble b: 2 Nov 1888 --d:  21 Aug 1896 lived 7 years
    4. Has No Children Fletus Lee Gobble            b: 1 Jan 1891 --d: 1 Mar 1961 m: 9 Nov 1913  Lena Blanche Evans b: 10 Nov 1888
    5. Has No Children Kate M. Gobble               b: 8 Apr 1893 --d:  24 Jul 1971 m: 12 Feb 1911 Grover C. Nance b: 13 Apr 1886
    6. Has No Children Otis Stamey Gobble         b: 8 Nov 1895 --d: 21 May 1974
    7. Has No Children Mary Francis Gobble        b: 25 Feb 1898 died within a year  23 Jun 1898
  •     --( C ) JOHN THOMAS "MARCUS " FOSTER (20 Sept 1865-17 Feb 1940) married LELIA MAE CREWS b: 1875 in Arcadia Davidson Co daughter of William & Nettie Crews whose family is listed at Fay Moran's CREWS WEBPAGE:  They are buried in Winston Salem ( Salem Moravian Graveyard  )

  •  CREWS FAMILY PAGE (Generation 3 )

    1.  Hosia Lee Foster (1892 - 1952)*
    2.  Thomas M Foster (1894 - 1935)*
    3.   Henry Nevoria Foster (1896 - 1968)
    4.  Franklin Eugene Foster (1902 - 1934)*
    5.  Willie Bethea Foster (1904 - 1969)*
    6.  Lynn FOSTER
    7.  Annie Mae FOSTER - ( 1907 – 1994 )
    8.  Virginia FOSTER  ( 1910- 1988 )
    9.  Hattie Lee FOSTER  (1916 – 1971
    10.   John Hiatt Foster (1912 - 1989)*  buried Salem Moravian Graveyard
  • *  --( D )HIRAM " LINDSAY" FOSTER b: 3 SEPT 1867 -d: 25 Mar 1949 m: Sallie Markland they lived in Advance,N.C.

  •           They were married  12 JAN 1892 in FORK BAPTIST CHURCH

  • --( E ) MARY (MOLLY) ALICE FOSTER (b: 15 Jun 1870 -d: 23 Sep 1963) m: Willis Call  * Mary was named for her Grt Grt Aun

             Children of  Molly and Willis
                Lonnie CALL
                Eva CALL
                Essie CALL
                Roy CALL b: 26 Jan 1909 d:  Nov 1984 

    --( F )  MINNIE LEE FOSTER (b: 24 May 1871-d: 04 Sep 1955) m: CHARLES MILLER HAUSER (1868-1946) CHARLES was a son of PHILLIP HAUSER. They lived in WINSTON SALEM FORSYTH CO NC Married: 6 MAY 1893 in Davidson County, North Carolina, USA
                  Minnie is buried @ Oak Summit Methodist, Forsyth County, N C

  • 1900 Census of Forsyth Co., North Carolina
    - E. D. 27, Middle Fork Twp, p. 2 (2 Jun 1900) {8007}

  • Minnie Foster And Charles Hauser's marriage is mentioned on the WEB PAGE by Fay Moran :


  • Children of   Charles & Minnie  

  •       ( 1 )   Maude Edna HAUSER b: 14 NOV 1895 in Forsyth County, N C d: Mar 2000 in Miami, Florida she m: Riley K. Matthews

  •       ( 2 )   Thelma Louise HAUSER b: 16 MAY 1898 she m: George W. CRAFT

              ( 3 )   Dena Lee HAUSER b: 14 OCT 1900 d:  31 Jan 1968

              ( 4 )   Anna Elizabeth HAUSER   b: 6 JUN 1902 --d: 21 Jun 1973 she m: Harry PHILLIPS b: 28 Dec 1900

              ( 5 )   Charles Jennings HAUSER b: 27 APR 1905 m:  Clara CAUDILL

              ( 6 )   Doris Vivian HAUSER b: 7 DEC 1906 ---she m: Theodore Woodson BARNES b: 11 Jul 1899

              ( 7 )  Mary Virginia HAUSER b: 21 NOV 1908 --she m: Vernie R. SNIDER  b: 28 Oct 1903

              ( 8 )   Kenneth John Phillip HAUSER  b: 26 JUL 1911 -d: 10 Mar 1993 Winston-Salem, Forsyth County

              ( 9 )   Marjorie Gwendolyn HAUSER b: 21 APR 1916--d : 30 Dec 1975 m: Conrad STOWE

  • --( G ) STELLA EDNA FOSTER (b:Feb 1877-d: 10 Jun 1900) m: TURNER W DOTY (1868-1946) they lived in  FORSYTH CO NC.  He was the son of Benjamin F Doty & Charity Idol

  • --( H  ) SALLIE BET FOSTER (b: 03 Jun 1880- d: 31 Jan 1966 Winston Salem) m: Mr David Spencer  she is buried in the Waughtown Cemetery Winston Salem NC (Find A Grave Site # 40478945


  •  --( I  ) CHARLES M FOSTER (1882-1934) m: BERTIE ELIZABETH MYERS (1886-1972) daughter of Albert Lindsey Myers and Sarah Park 

     Click to enlarge.

  • Children

    1.   Sallie Lee FOSTER b: 24 Nov 1909 in Reeds / Davidson Co. NC d: 21 Sep 1985 she m: Max Roland MONEY b: 11 Oct 1909
    2.   Lloyd FOSTER b: 24 Nov 1909 in Reeds ,Davidson ,NC, d: 1959 m: Louise MCMAHAN
    3.   Earlie Thomas FOSTER b: 8 May 1912 in Davidson County NC d: 16 Dec 1979
    4.   Leona FOSTER  b: 1919 in Reeds ,Davidson ,NC, d: 1999
    5.   Thurman Wilson FOSTER b: 1920 in Reeds ,Davidson ,NC,d: 1989 
    6.   Laura Mae FOSTER b: 1917 in Reeds ,Davidson ,NC, d: 06-30-2006 m: Alfred "Allie" MALLARD b: 23 NOV 1904 d:11 Apr 1960 

  • --( J ) LOY TILMAN FOSTER b: 15 MAY 1885 DIED 1885

        --( K ) ROBERT LEARY FOSTER (b: 16 Mar 1887- d: 19 Oct 1934)  m  Corrie Rosalee Ferguson Foster (1889 1966                     THEY ARE Waughtown Cemetery  FORSYTH CO ,N C

  •          Children of Robert & Corrie :

  •             Lousie E Foster 1912 –1995      

  •              Jimmie Lee Foster 1921 –2000                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Picture  of some of the above children of John M Foster and Ann Orrell Foster later in life !

  •                        Sallie,Molly,Minnie & Hiram Lindsey Foster    Hiram Lindsey Foster and his Sisters Sallie , Mollie & Minnie  !

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    ********************-My Foster Family Generation ( VII  )- HIRAM "LINDSEY" FOSTER******************************

  • __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

    John & Comfort "Ann" Foster's son HIRAM LINDSEY  "Tump" FOSTER  was my Great-Grand Father who Married Sallie Virginia Markland daughter of Matthew Markland and Elizabeth Ann Zimmerman. They lived in Advance Davie Co N C where my Grandfather Naylor Cary (NC) Foster Sr was born. They later moved to Statesville , N.C. where they retired & lived with their adult children until death. The Fosters are at rest in the Statesville Cemetery. Hiram Lindsey Foster was b: 03 Sep 1867  & d: 25 Mar 1949. Sarah (Sallie)Virginia Markland b: 16 Jan 1866 & d: 23 Apr 1941 Statesville, N.C.  

  • My Markland  family descends from Immigrant Matthew Markland who was born about 1690 in Wiggin, Lancaster, England and died in Prince George's County, MD, June 18, 1744. Immigrant Matthew Markland married Margaret MORLEY   OCTOBER 22, 1722; She was the daughter of  Griffin and Elizabeth Morely.

  • For the Markland / Zimmerman Family : Guy Zimmerman's SITE

    Hiram Lindsey Foster & Sallie  Markland were married: 12 JAN 1892 in FORK BAPTIST CHURCH

         Click to enlarge. Hiram Lindsey & Sallie After their Marriage                        Click to enlarge.  Hiram Lindsey & Sallie Virginia Markland  Foster

  •  Click to enlarge.Advance. N. C                                                       Foster Sisters in Advance , NC

    Children of Hiram "Lindsey" & Sallie Foster

    1. CLYDE C " Pete " FOSTER b: 5 SEP 1892 in ADVANCE ,DAVIE COUNTY NC  m: Daisy Bell Jolly daughter of Edwin Wright Sr. JOLLY 1 b: 13 Dec 1869 in ,Cleveland Co.,NC and : Delia E. SARRATT b: 14 JUL 1873 in Grassy Pond,Spartanburg Co.,SC

  • Clyde "Pete " Foster died Jun 1965 and buried in Statesville, N.C. with Daisy , his parents and his Sisters Ann and Jakie.

  • 2. NAYLOR CARY ( N C ) FOSTER b: 24 SEPT 1894 in ADVANCE ,DAVIE CO NC m: Etta Amellia Minnick

    3. ANN FOSTER b: 24 SEP 1899 in ADVANCE , Davie Co N.C. d: 19 Apr 1993 STATESVILLE , Iredall Co., N.C.

    4. STELLA ELIZABETH FOSTER b: 26 FEB 1902 in DAVIE CO NC m: 25 Nov 1920  David Dewitt Phelps Sr -----She died 09 MAY 1989 




  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • *************-My Foster Family  Generation**( VIII  )  NAYLOR CARY "NC" FOSTER SR ********************

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

    Granddad Naylor Cary Foster m: Etta Amellia Minnick daughter of William "Will" Minnick and Virginia "Jennie" Davis of Russell County, Virginia.(The Minnick family initially moved west to MO)  My father and I are named for William "Will" Minnick and our middle name after Lindsay "Tump"Foster. My grandfather Naylor and Grandmother Etta related allot of family information that helped in my research. 

  •           Naylor Foster @  time of WWI            Click to enlarge.  Naylor Cary Foster" NC "             Foster ( NC )                                                                                          with Etta Amellia Minnick Foster                  


  • Naylor Cary  Foster was a US Army  WW I Veteran  ( 317 )  Field Artillery

  • He was a active member of the ( VFW & American Legion)

  • Naylor was the Grandson of Matthew Markland and Ann Zimmerman of Davie County.see

  • He was the Grt Grandson of Thomas Daniel & Susannah  Zimmerman.    see

  • His Markland Grt Grandparets were NATHANIEL & Mary Polly Orrell Markland see

  • Naylor was a Descendant of Immigrant John Orrell who Immigrated from England to Maryland

  • He was the Descendant of Edgar Rumbley a Patriot of the American Revolution via Edgar's Daughter Nancy Ann who married Daniel Orrell.

  • Naylor Cary Foster, Etta Minnick Foster, Virginia Davis Minnick and William Lindsay Foster Sr are all buried in our Foster Family Plot Highway 64 W Hendersonville,N.C.


  • _______Bill & Sarah Foster visiting with Grt Grandmother Virginia Davis Minnick   Virginia jennie <em>Davis</em> Minnick

  •                                                                                                                               mother of Etta Minnick Foster         __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • *************-My Foster Family Generation**( IX ) WILLIAM LINDSAY FOSTER SR **************************

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Born Oct 04 1922 in Wise Co Va> My father Bill Foster Sr passed away on 22 March 2008 after declining health. He was the eldest of three sons of Naylor NC Foster & Etta Minnick Foster. A Graduate of the 1940 Class @ Hendersonville High School , he attended Western Carolina Teachers College and with the Call to serve in WWII war effort he and his brother Jacob Preston Foster volunteered. Bill recieving a Commission in the USNR and Jacob a Commission in the U S Army Air Corps. Bill while aboard The USS Ellyson saw Service in the North Atlantic Combat Anti Submarine search and Destroy Efforts and later The Normandy Invasion. After WWII he returned to his College Studies and graduated from NC State . He was a Textile Chemist and Researcher until his retirement. Most of all he was My father. He married  Sarah Radcliffe Braswell of Morven NC who he met at WNC Teachers College .

  • Pictured ( William Foster SR & Sarah Braswell )

  •     After Commission                                                        William L Foster Sr ( 1922-2008 )

  • graphic - Seal of the US Navy  He served during WWII aboard The USS ELLYSON DD454   1944 CREDITED WITH SINKING A GERMAN SUB May 1944


  • For the Invasion of France. ( D-Day  June 6 1944 ) aboard The Ellyson covered Ranger's assault on Pointe de Hoc to knock out the heavy gun emplacements reported there. On 25 June ships Company saw action off Cherbourg, blasting gun installations, destroying naval mines and laying a smoke screen for larger fleet units.

  • *******************************************************************************************************************

  •                                                  FOSTER HALL OF HONOR 

  • ********************************************************************************************************************




  • REFER: 1790 Census list the Fosters as Forster in the Rowan County ; then later these families are listed as Foster. Davie County 1850 Census list Tilman as "Tiglman" Foster (His headstone reads Tilman) ---In Old Rowan Co My Foster Family met my Orrell, Markland, Tucker, Zimmerman, and other related families who Homesteaded the area after immigrating from Colonial Maryland and Pennsylvania. (See below Map of  Colonial Trading Wagon  Road used by the settlers to come South )

    A Web site I had found valuable to my research was "Orrell Family Association: --My thanks to Robert Orrell for all his help and support.Unfortunately it was taken off line by ReB Orrell for 2004.**Researchers who visited the Original Orrell Family site could view scanned Bible records of Orrell Etchison that document my family line for the Orrell, Rumbly, Tucker , & Etchison Branches (all Families who settled the North Carolina Area now known as Davie-Davidson-Forsyth Counties.) Robert & Reb Orrell Have published several family Genealogy Text.   NEW ADDRESS FOR THE ORRELL FAMILY

    I found the Will of Daniel Orrell
    Record of Wills NO. H, Page 502 (Rowan Co., NC)  now available on line @


    DAVIE COUNTY,N.C. WEB SITE list the 1850 Census>Davie County North Carolina's WEB SITE.Davie County North Carolina's WEB Site

    What a research resource. Thanks to Elizabeth Harris for your hard work and assistance answering Questions ! I suggest anyone visiting and reading my page to visit The Davie County Site. The 1850 Davie County Census pages list my Family members.Davie County 1850 Census Project

    The Jarvis Family & Other Relatives of Historic Old Salem NC A WEB SITE by Faye Moran*** has excellant data on the WACHOVIA Settlement of FORSYTH CO NC (WINSTON SALEM)-and OLD ROWAN / DAVIE CO AND DAVIDSON CO NC SITE. Including my Families of Shady Grove Township (Advance),N.C.

    Researching my Foster-Markland-Orrell-Zimmerman-Knauss Heritage I found and visit regularly Faye Moran's site: Listing over 200 families who live and lived in the Area Counties around Winston Salem-Clemmons- Davie County- Surry County-Davidson County -Rowan County. Counties where followers of the Moravian faith settled.

    Faye Moran's list : ( Markland Family  ;

    Immigrant Matthew Markland b: abt 1674 WIGGIN,LANCASTER ENGLAND 

     Orrell Family ; Orrell Family

    Immigrant John Orrell I b: 1653 in England

     Immigrant JOHANN CHRISTIAN ZIMMERMAN b: 4 NOV 1726 in HOF,NASSAU-DILLENBURG GERMANY  Faye Moran's page Zimmerman Family 

    ***Other Moravian related families I'm linked to are Heidelberg / Friedburg Community Families. Knauss Family Families that moved to North Carolina from the Emmaus Pa area after originally immigrating to Pa from Germany. Boeckel Family ; Jacob Meyer Family .

  • ***************************************************************************************************************

  • My Ancestors are listed in the Famly pages of the Davie County Heritage Book: 

  •  Zimmerman family (report  1117) is listed on page 358


    My Braswells / Bracewells  via The Immigrant From Grantham

  • Parish, Lincolnshire England  (Rev Robert Bracewell ) to 

  • Isle of Wight Colonial Virginia 

  • Then after a name change to Braswell  -The Family moved into    

  •   Flag North Carolina

        For my Mathernal Side  I am a Braswell descendant of Rev Robert Bracewell via my mother's Father H.E.Braswell Sr. With DNA TESTING of a Braswell male cousin has proved our line back to  Robert Bracewell . A presentation on the Braswell DNA research was done @ our Braswell Family Reunion in MaFarlan @ Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Hosted by Braswell Family Cousin  Lib Jones.

  •    The BRASWELL / BRACEWELL Family of America: ORIGINATED IN THE YORKSHIRE AREA OF ENGLAND originally as Scottish family called Braegds or Breadsall. In the Doomsday Book (1140-1150) the name and family is Braisnelle (Norman French "Braucille). Later the family is referred to as Braycewell (abt 1471) Scotland area before settling in Yorkshire area at the time of Oliver Cromwell when the family spelled the name then Bracewell. In Lincolshire the Family was called de Brauncewell (13 century) Bracewell is derived from the Saxon for " a well on the hillside above the village" Did they control the village water source ? The area and people known as Bracewell ended up as victims of the Norman Conquest and were dispossed by William LeTempest who was granted the Saxon Manor "Bracewell" for loyalty to William the Conquerer.

    My Braswell / Bracewell Line? My mothers side of the family tree starts in Colonial Virginia America during the 1600s after The Rev Robert Bracewell (Braswell) immigrated from England and settled in the Isle of Wight area of Virginia / North Carolina. My Line has been proven by the Braswell dna Project.

  • Rev Bracewell's descendants moved South to Anson County, N.C. after the name changed to Braswell.  It was in Anson County attending Braswell & Ratliff Family reunions and listening to my Grandmother Susan Elizabeth Ratliff-Braswell relate family history that the seeds of genealogy research were planted in my mind.

    Researching the Braswell Family connection recieved alot of help from my distant Cousin Guy E Braswell a Braswell Genealogist before he passed  in 2002. Guy co-authored a book with Judith Braswell Yandle "Proud Members of The Braswell Family" (a book for listing & filling in data for the Allied families of Richard & Penelop Blow Braswell of Wayne County,North Carolina and Rev Robert Braswell of London,England who immigrated to Isle of Wight,Virginia".  Copies of this Book are still available. Guy inspired my research. Members of this line gather each year for a Reunion in McFarlan,N.C at the Methodist Church to share information, good food, and to remember those who have past. 



      # 2. GENERATION :ROBERT BRACEWELL 1550 - 1613

      # 3 rd. GENERATION: (Our Immigrant ) ROBERT BRACEWELL 1611-1668 m: REBECCA ISARD (IZARD) THEY LIVED IN COLONIAL ISLE OF WIGHT VIRGINIA COLONY .Rev Robert Bracewell was christened 13 Oct 1611at St Andrew Holborn . Robert graduated from Oxford & was a Anglican Minister in Isle of Wight Colonial Va. He purchased 300 acres on Blackwater River in Isle of Wight County and assumed the Parish of Lawne's Creek. Rev  Bracewell was elected to the House of Burgesses of Virginia, but since it was not considered proper that a minister hold a political officebut was suspended  "It is ordered by this present Grand Assembly, that Mr. Robert Bracewell, Clark, be suspended . . . since it is unpresidential and may produce bad consequences."

  • Robert Braswell's will was proved 1 May 1668 in Isle of Wight County VA.


    In the Name of God Amen, I ROBERT BRACEWELL beinge very weake & sicke of Body but of perfectt memorie, doe make this my last Will & Testament, Revockeinge all former Wills whatsoever, Imprimis I bequeath my Soule into the hands of my Redeemer, who gave it mee, And my body unto the ground from whence it came to be decently buried, And for those Temporall goods God hath given mee I dispose of them in manner as followeth, I give unto my daughter JANE STOCKES her Children, three cowes, To REBECCA WEST my daughter one Cowe & Calfe And one Cowe & Calfe to the next child she shall have, And the rest of all my Estate unto my two sonns ROBERT and RICHARD whome I make my full & sole executors of this my Will, and the mill I desire shalbe finisht, with what speed may bee And to be lett out, only reservinge corne for themselves, and the p.duce of the Mill to be equally divided betweene them both, And reserved to build a new mill hereafter And when built to be left wholly to my sonne RICHARD Likewise I give Seaven hundred Acres of land, where I now live and sixe hundred Acres att the Western Branch of Nancemond County To be equally divided betweene my two sonnes Robert and Richard Likewise it is my desire that noe part or parcell of the estate shalbe disposed of, nor none of the land, untill they both are of full Age, nor no wayes divided But if it shall please God that either of them shall depart this life before he comes of Age, That then the Survivor shall enjoye the whole Likewise I give unto my Servant ELIZABETH HALL when she shalbe free one heiffer of two yeares of Age And likewise it is my desire That my Loveinge friends MR: RICHARD IZARD And GEORGE GWILLIM to be Guardians unto my Children in the time of theire Minoritie, And to see this my Will performed Likewise I give unto the said RICHARD IZARD & GEORGE GWILLIM, ffortie shillings to each of them, to buy them each one ringe, Likewise I Give unto my Daughter ANN BAGNALL one Cowe & Calfe And one Cowe & calfe to her first Child, if it please God she have any, And likewise it is my desire that my two sonnes, ROBERT & RICHARD shalbe putt to schoole untill they cann both write &­ read And this beinge my Will I testifie it with my hand this,

    In Wittness of                                                                           ROB: BRACELL


               his marke


    Isle of Wight Co.VA Will of Robert Bracewell 15 Feb 1667 prob 1 May 1668 
    This will was proved in open court helf for the Isle of Wight County this
    first day of May 1668 and then recorded Teste John Jenings Clr: Recordes

            On 1 May1668, Mr George Gwilliam and Mr Richard Izard qualified to act as overseers of Robert Braswell's two sons until they might be of age to act as his executors; they were bonded by Mr. Thomas Green and Richard Penny.
     The estate appraised on 11 May 1668 by Gyles Driver, Benjamin Beall, Robert Coleman and Francis Ayres included 63 head of livestock, a servant boy,  a library valued at 500 pounds of tobacco, a sloop, silverware, and cattle at William West's and Mr. Robert Stokes's plantations. W&D B2-p55 IoW VA
      Rebecca Izard signed an account of the estate of the late Mr. Robert Braswell in the hands of Richard Izard on 10 Jan 1669/70.



  • Richard Bracewell, Jr., b.c. 1672, m. Elinor Unknown whom he abandoned in Chowan Precinct, NC, about 1715 and took up with Ann Carver (divo rce then unattainable); died in the midst of much litigation over his estate in Edgecombe County, N.C. between 1753 and 1758; Robert Bracewell b.c. 1674; m. S arah Unknown and died testate in Bertie County, N.C., c.1736; William Bracewell b.c. 1676, m. Mary Unknown and died in Chowan Precinct, N.C. in 1720;Martha, b .c. 1678 and married a Mr. Murphy; Valentine, thought to have been named for hi s mother's family; Ann Bracewell, b.c. 1682; m. Matthew Strickland, Jr.;m. 2nd a Mr. Edwards by 1732. Jacob Bracewell, b.c. 1684 and married Rebecca Unknown; he died c.1719 and his widow remarried to William Wilson by 10 Nov 1724 in Bert ie County; Jane Bracewell, b.c. 1686 in Isle of Wight County, Va.;m, Samuel Wil liams, Jr.; John Bracewell, b.c. 1688. He remained behind and took care of his parents while the rest of his brothers migrated to North Carolina.   


  • BRASWELL, RICHARD-Dec. 7, 1767. Jan. Ct., 1772. Bk. 4, p. 193. Wife & Extx: ELIZABETH, lend all remaining property, reversion to children. Son: SAMPSON, land on Tar River and Nahunta Path; Son: SOLOMON, plantation; Son: RICHARD; Son & Exr: JAMES; Son: WILLIAM; Daus: SARAH, MARY and ELIZABETH, 5S proclamation money each. Wit: THOMAS BRYANT, WILLIAM SHERROD, JOSEPH FORT, SAMSON DILLARD, JAMES GRAY.

  • His will, made in Edgecombe County, NC on 7 Dec 1767, reads:

  • "I, RICHARD BRASWELL of Edgecombe County being in good Helath & of perfect sense & sound mind and memory, for preventing disputes which may arise in my Family about the Estate that I have at my Death do make this my last will & Testament in manner following, that is to say...Imprimis. I give & bequeath to my son SAMPSON BRASWELL & to his Heirs forever a Tract of parcel of Land containing fifty acres more or less & bounded as follows, Beginning at a white Oak his corner on Tar River thence a direct course to a new mark't poplar...being at or near the Nauhunta Path thence along the said path to my back line then down the back line to the said SAMPSON's line then along his line to the white oake the first station...Item. I give & Bequeath to my Son SOLOMON & to his Heirs forever all the Remainder of my Land where I now live & the Land or plantation whereon he now Dweleth. Item. I give my son RICHARD five shillings proclamation money. Item. I give my son JAMES five shillings proclamation money. Item. I give my son WILLIAM five shillings proclamation money. Item. I give my daughter SARAH five shillings proclamation money. Item. I give my daughter MARY five shillings proclamation money. Item. I give my daughter ELIZABETH five shillings proclamation money. Item. I nominate Constitute & Appont my loving wife ELIZABETH & my Son JAMES whole & sole Executor & Executrix of this my last Will and Testament IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixt my Seal this Seventh day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred & Sixty & Seven Signed Sealed & delard to be the last will & testament of RICHARD "R" BRASWELL the subsribers in presence of...THOMAS BRYANT, WILLIAM SHERROD, JOSEPH "X" FORT, SAMSON DILLARD, JAMES GRAY." The will was probated Jan., 1772 The inventor contained 14 Negroes, cash, 29 head of cattle and 53 hogs.


  • RICHARD was born in the part of Bertie Co., NC that later became part of Edgecombe Co., NC in 1741. He moved to Wayne Co., NC before 1776. Wayne Co. is close to Edgecombe Co., NC. In the settlement of his estate, dated 12 Jan 1789, distribution of his property is made among his widow, ELIZABETH the manor plantation, except for 30 acres, during her natural life); son RICHARD, JR. (the "plantation tract of land whereon he now lives," and another tract his father purchased from JOHN YELVERTON); son SHADRACK (part of "the manor plantation after the death of his mother," and 1/2 of a 30-acre tract of pine woods patented by ELIAS FORT); son DAVID ("part of the manor plantation after the death of his mother," and 1/2 of the pine woods.); son SAMPSON (200 acres of a tract patented by ELIAS FORT), son JESSE (the remainder of tract containing 200 acres, and 30 acres of the manor plantation). It was signed by RICHARD BRASWELL, SAMPSON BRASWELL, SHADRACK BRASWELL, DAVID BRASWELL and JESSE BRASWELL. A further distribution gave cattle, certain household goods and slaves to his widow and the same children mentioned above, but also adds RODAH, ANNEY SAUL, JESSE BRIDGERS and MARY BRIDGERS. It is signed by BENJAMIN FORT, THOMAS SAUNDERS, JAMES EDMONDSON and NOAH YELVERTON. Another distribution, dated 7 Feb 1799, alloted to MARY and JESSE BRIDGERS, children of JAMES BRIDGERS and grandchildren of RICHARD, certain money, slaves and cattle. This was signed by JOHN BLOW, JESSE BRASWELL, JOHN SAULS, RICHARD BRASWELL and DAVID BRASWELL. Sep. 13, 1773: RICHARD "of Dobbs County" relinquished the tract that his late father had bought from EPHRAIM PONDER in 1765 to THOMAS FARMER. ( Edgecombe Co., NC Deed Book 2-88; Deed Book C, p. 379). (This deed proves the connection to his father.)

  • Children of Richard IV and Elizabeth

  •     1.  RICHARD  V b: 1755 BERTIE CO, NC m: Penelope Blow Daughter of Benjamin Blow 11 OCT 1778 in WAYNE CO NC

  •     2. SHADRACK b: abt 1753 BERTIE CO, NC

  •     3. DAVID BERTIE CO, NC

  •     4. SAMPSON b:  1757 BERTIE CO, NC d:  21 Dec 1831 m: 21 Dec 1780 Lucretia Wade   
            5. JESSE b: 1765                                    m : Rebecca BLOW

  •     6.  RHODAH  b: 1768

  •     7.  ANNEY

  •      8. MARY   

  •       8th.GENERATION : RICHARD BRASWELL V (1755-1839) m: PENELOPE BLOW  b: 27 OCT 1761 in WAYNE CO NC & they moved to Anson Co.N.C.  ( Penelope Blow was the Daughter of Benjamin Blow b: 1739 in Hertford,NC &  Priscilla Braswell ).Descendants of Immigrant George Blow Sr b: 1623 in Lincolnshire, England & d:1675 James City Co Colonial Va. Richard was an American Revolutionary War veteran. His pension, W4888, application was made October 11, 1832 in Anson County, North Carolina. Richard is listed in the DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition. He was born in July 1755 in Wayne County, North Carolina and was drafted there. In 1812 he moved to Anson County, North Carolina. His widow, Penelope Blow, applied July 25, 1840 in Anson County, North Carolina. Richard and Penelope were married October 1780, and he died August 20, 1839. Penelope died August 30, 1846. Children listed in his pension records were: Richard, Jr., Delaney, Elizabeth, Burel or Burwell, Urvin, Benjamin Blow, Pattey, Bryant and Cullen.

  •     To  View his Pension application

  • Above  document for Richard Braswell  was typed & interpreted by Mary Rayme ([email protected]) descendant of Richard Braswell, using a photocopy of original pension papers available from the National Archives, Pension No.W4888 and a pdf of more complete papers from Carey Braswell. October 15, 2003.]

  •  Captain Benjamin Merrell &The Regulators of Colonial North Carolina Names of North Carolina Regulators
    list Richard Braswell.

    Children of Richard & Penelope after  marriage :  11 OCT 1778 in WAYNE CO NC This generation are the Anson Co / Union Co Braswells today

    1. HIRAM BRYANT BRASWELL   b: 22 OCT 1799 d: 30 APR 1871  m: 1828 CATHERINE TRAVIS PISTOLE
    2. BENJAMIN BLOW BRASWELL b: 28 JUN 1795 d:  1860  m: 1830 Mary BAUCOM
    3. IRVIN BRASWELL  b: 2 MAR 1790 d: OCT 1845 m: Mary ROBERTSON then Hannah WATSON and Elizabeth PORTER
    4. ALLEN BRASWELL b: 18 APR 1801 in NC
    5. Burrell BRASWELL   b: 30 NOV 1787 in Wayne Co NC 
    6. Cullen BRASWELL    b: 18 APR 1801 in North Carolina d: 15 MAY 1869 m: Equilla\Acquilla BAUCOM
    7. Delaney BRASWELL  b: 14 MAY 1784 in Wayne Co NC

     9th.GENERATION : HIRAM BRYANT BRASWELL (1799-1871) m: 17 FEB 1828 CATHERINE PISTOLE b: 11 APR 1807.---d: 9 NOV 1875 She was the daughter of Robertson Pistole  b: 18 JUN 1773 in VA COLONY & ELIZABETH TRAVIS b: 18 NOV 1778.  Robertson was the son of CHARLES PISTOLE b: 15 SEP 1733 in PRINCE GEORGE/DINWIDDIE CO VA & Nancy Robertson b: 1752 in  Colonial Va .

  • This family lived in North Anson Co ( Ansonville / Lanesboro ) Community areea near Red Hill Church.

  • They are Buried on the Old Braswell Farm /Cemetery (Hightower Hill ) Anson Co

    1. Has No Children Edward Travis BRASWELL b: 30 AUG 1830 in Anson Co,NC died as a child
    2.   *HIRAM BROWN BRASWELL b: 4 OCT 1832 d: 1888 m : Mary Jane Boyette ( 1838-1920 )
    3. Has No Children Hampton Bell BRASWELL b: 4 OCT 1832 Died in 1867 serving in the CSA during Civil War
    4.     CHARLES EBEN BRASWELL b: 6 JAN 1841 d: 9 JUN 1900 m: 11 FEB 1871  Lydia M STUBBS  parents of  Sheriff William Sidney Braswell
    5. Has No Children MOLLIE MARY BRASWELL b: 1842 d: Aft 1880 m:  Daniel Pratt  see 1880 Pee Dee / Morven Census
    6. Has No Children GEORGE BRASWELL b: 1844 in NC d: in Texas
    7. Has No Children DUDLEY BRASWELL b: 1849 in NC d: aft 1870

     10th.GENERATION : HIRAM BROWN BRASWELL ( 1832-1888) m: 10 Mar 1856  MARY JANE BOYETTE  ( 1838-1920 ) they  moved to Bethal Church Community south of Wadesboro from Ansonville / Lanesboro area of Northern Anson Co ,N.C. Bethal cross Roads is on High  742 . Mary was the daughter of Stephen Boyette and a Granddaughter of John Keene . Her mother  Catherine's Family were from Kintail, Ross, Scotland ( The McRae Family of Anson Co.via  Immigrant Finlay McRae of Kintail, Ross, Scotland who died @ Sea before his sons and Daughter made it to North Carolina) .Stephan Boyette had 3 marriages I found and two Daughters name Mary ( 1 ) Mary Jane Boyette Braswell & ( 2 ) Mary B Boyette Hildreth.

  •   1880 Anson Co Census list Hiram Brown Braswell as a Buggy Maker

  • Hiram BRASWELL   Self   M   Male   W   47   NC   Buggy Maker      
     Mary J. BRASWELL  Wife   M   Female   W   41   NC   Farmer & Keeping House     
     Lavenia M. BRASWELL   Dau   S   Female   W   17   NC   Home     
     Catherine F. BRASWELL  Dau   S   Female   W   14   NC   Home      
     Mary E. BRASWELL   Dau   S   Female   W   12   NC   Home     
     Charles BRASWELL   Son   S   Male   W   9   NC   On Farm     
     Eugene H. BRASWELL   Son   S   Male   W   4   NC   Home     
     Rosa Ardella BRASWELL   Dau   S   Female   W   2   NC   Home    

    Source Information:
      1880 Census Place  Gulledges, Anson, North Carolina

    2. NORA FLORANCE BRASWELL b: 14 FEB 1860 d: 1 JUN 1892 m: 1878  GEORGE "FRANKLIN" MYERS
    3. LAVINIA MADRA "Aunt Beanie" BRASWELL b: 18 MAY 1862 d: 30 SEP 1930
    4. FLORA ANNA CATHERINE BRASWELL b: 27 AUG 1865 d: 1 OCT 1904 m: Andrew Jackson BROOKS
    5. Flaxie Girtrude BRASWELL b: 1873
    6. ROSA ARDELLA (Aunt " Arrie") BRASWELL b: 6 APR 1878 d: 20 MAR 1951 m:  James Thomas GAINEY
    8. HIRAM EUGENE BRASWELL b: 21 JAN 1876 d: 25 SEP 1952  m: 6 NOV 1907 SUSAN ELIZABETH RATLIFF b: 28 AUG 1887
    9. CHARLES H BRASWELL b: 6 AUG 1870  d: 24 FEB 1941 m: Elizabeth Hamer RATLIFF
  •  11th.GENERATION : HIRAM EUGENE BRASWELL ( 1876 -1952 ) m: 06 Nov 1907 SUSAN ELIZABETH RATCLIFF ( : 1887-1972 )  Both born -Lived - Died in Anson Co N.C.  They are buried in the Morven Cemetery. Susan Eliabeth Ratliff was the daughter of Charles Henry Ratliff  (see My Ratcliff / Ratliff Family section) .Eugene (Bud ) Braswell moved to McFarlan from Bethal in Anson Co . McFarlan  was a new town built on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad  The  Grady Switch just west of  Old Sneedsboro a Port on the Pee Dee River at the NS / SC State Line on what is US Highway 52.

  • Click to enlarge.   H.E. Braswell Home 1905 Click to enlarge. HIRAM EUGENE BRASWELL   abt 1900

    Click to enlarge.Susan Elizabeth (Bess) Ratcliff -Braswell abt 1900                                                                               She was a1961  Justice of the Peace for Anson Co NC                      

  •      Hiram Eugene Braswell Sr  early 1950s


  • Click to enlarge. 1960s (Bess)  and her Children  ( r to l ) Catherine , Merle , Elizabeth  , Eugene , Claire  & { Sarah (  my mother )

  •                                                                             2005            Click to enlarge.

  • Children of Hiram Eugene "Bud "And  Susan Elizabeth " Bess " Braswell

  • ( 1 )  Elizabeth ( Lib ) Braswell Coltrane   Elizabeth Braswell Coltrane (1908 - 1976)*

  •  Lib m: Raymond Fields Coltrane (1907 - 1971)

  • ( 2 )  Edith Merle Braswell  Edith Merle Braswell Green (1910 - 1993)*  She married Eugene A " Monk " Green Sr
  •           Merle & Monk

            Madra  Catherine

  •    Uncle Vincent and Aunt Catherine Braswell Duncan


      Hiram Eugene Braswell Jr    Hiram Eugene Braswell (1916 - 1965)

                Gene Braswell with His mother in Washington D C  about 1963

  •  *******************************************************************************************
  • 12th.GENERATION : SARAH BRASWELL ( 26 May 1922- 20 Nov  2008 )

  • m: WILLIAM L. FOSTER SR. ( 04 Oct 1922- 2008 )

  •           My Parents     Bill Sr & Sarah  Braswell Foster 

  •             My Mother was Sarah Braswell she was born and raised in McFarlan NC at the home her father had built . She was the youngest of the 6 children of Hiram Eugene Braswell and Susan Elizabeth Radcliff . Raised in a Christian Home she graduated from Anson Co Schools to go on and  study Early Childhood eduation and Graduate from  Western North Carolina Teachers College Cullowee NC. She then taught for 37 years in the South Carolina and North Carolina Schools .

  •  13th. this author  William L Foster Jr.  

  • Braswell Geanealogy Library Foy Braswell has a good reference WEB site for our family! *************************************************************************************************


    Below Coat of Arms per Clarence Ratcliff

    Reports for the family tell the story of the Family back to the time of the "Norman Invasion" Radclyffes Descendants of Leofric lll Earl of Mercia !! The name Ratliff / Ratcliff used in America originally relates to the family of Radclyffe Tower in early England.

    Radcliffe Tower Manchester England to William Ratcliff  of Colonial Maryland

  • who along With his son Thomas moved to Anson Co N.C.

    Thomas Ratliff(1756-1830) married (06 Mar 1779 ) Sarah Degge/Diggs daughter of William Degge and Judith Haley.

    With the Help of the research of Clarence Ratcliff , Marion Ratliff , May B. MacCallum  ( Eva Mae Britts notes ) , Howard Hazlewood , Betty Carson ,and Ed Ratliff  I have Found  my Colonial Ratcliff Line started after Ratliffs/Radcliffes/Ratcliffs Immigrated to Colonial Talbot Maryland area from England (Immigrant ) Richard Ratcliff . Then moved South to Anson Co North Caolina where they connected with the Degge/Diggs; Henson/Hinson; and other families I've been able to research.  

                  County Seal

    William Ratcliff (1727-1777/78) migrated from Maryland to Anson County,N.C. He first married Eleanor Ellen Burke- Hall  : 1749 in MARYLAND. Eleanor died in Maryland but we know she was the mother of William Ratcliff's son Thomas (My Ancestor) who was born in Maryland.  William then married Susannah Thomas Curtis in Maryland. Eleanor was the daughter of Thomas Burke / Burk & wife Sarah  QUEENS ANNE CO MARYLAND. Eleanor was first married to Edward Hall  and William & Eleanor were allowed to live on the Hall families Estate until her Death. Then William was not Eligable to continue to reside on that Hall Estate.

  • Only Child of William & Eleanor : THOMAS RATCLIFF b: 1756  (My Ancestor ) Thomas was named for his mother's father. Thomas moved with his Father & Stepmother to North Carolina .                              

    Note: William Ratcliff / Ratliff moved from Queen Anne's County, Maryland to Anson County, North Carolina with his family sometime late in 1769. He settled along the south side of Jones Creek about two miles from the mouth on the southwest side of the Pee Dee River adjacent to 300 acres of land purchased by William Pratt from Archulus Mooreman on 6 Noverber 1769 (Deed Book 7, page 252 witnessed by Stephen Thomas, Stephen Thomas  Jr. and Thomas Mooreman). The Thomas and Mooreman families settled in this area earlier. The 300 acres of land granted William Ratcliff by North Carolina Grant #28 is found recorded in Patent Book 20, page 649, issued 18 April 1771. The land was surveyed on 24 January 1770 by Robert Jarman, Deputy Surveyor, with William Pratt and Stephen Thomas, chainers. Robert Jarman married Mary Ann Pratt, sister of William Pratt, in Queen Anne's County, Maryland before 1760. William Pratt acquired 155 acres of land per Grant #30 recorded in Patent Book 20, page 649 on the same date of 18 April 1771 that was surveyed on 8 March 1770 by Robert Jarman with William Ratliff and Christopher Watkins, chainers. The land grant joined William Pratt's original 300 acres and was just east of William Ratliff with land on both sides of Jones Creek

  •  SUSANNAH THOMAS b: ABT 1722 in MARYLAND she died in North Carolina. 

    William and Susannah had the Following Children

     ( i ) JOHN RATLIFF b: 1761 in NC d: 1841 m: NANCY THOMAS b: 1785 in Richmond NC

     ( ii ) JAMES RATLIFF b: 03 MAR 1783 in QUEENS ANNIE MD married Frances HAMER b: 15 NOV 1769 they settled the Cason Old Field area of Anson Co (Highway 742 South @ SR 1003  Deep Creek / Gullege Area ) James is buried in Cason Old Field Old Ratliff Cemetery

  • Children of James & Frances :

    1.     James Hamer (Col. Jim) RATLIFF b: 24 OCT 1793 m: Mary Jane Grady --d: 15 FEB 1849 in Anson County
    2. Has No Children Susannah (Sooky) RATLIFF b: 28 NOV 1795 --d:  16 JUL 1865
    3. Has No Children Nancy RATLIFF b: 17 MAR 1802
    4. Has No Children Rebecca RATLIFF b: 14 JAN 1804
    5.     Rachel RATLIFF b: 3 SEP 1806 m: Thomas H. GULLEDGE   --she d: 18 SEP 1884
    6. Has No Children Elizabeth RATLIFF b: 1808
    7. Has No Children William H. (Capt. Bill) RATLIFF b: 29 AUG 1809
    8. Has No Children Mary Ann (Miss Ann) RATLIFF b: 19 JUL 1811 --D 1881 b: Old Ratliff Cemetery, Anson Co., Cason Oil Field, NC
    9. Has No Children John RATLIFF b: 12 OCT 1814
  •  ( iii ) WILLIAM RATLIFF JR b: 1760 d: 1819 in Wilcox Ala m: Mary (Polly) HINSON b: Cal 1764 in NC? d:  Bef MAR 1841 in AL

        ( iv ) ZACHARIAH RATLIFF b: 1765 in ANSON CO d:  1833 in Madison Co.,MS  m: Elizabeth Thomas b: abt 1767 in Anson Co.,NC

  • (They Moved to Mississippi)                                Mississippi

  • Children of Zachariah and Elizabeth:

    1. John RATLIFF b: 16 AUG 1799 in Anson Co.,NC
    2. William RATLIFF, SR. b: 12 SEP 1794
    3. Zack RATLIFF b: abt 1797
    4. Rebecca Elizabeth RATLIFF b: 6 JUL 1797 in Anson Co  NC
    5. Hannah RATLIFF b: 21 APR 1801 in Anson Co NC
  •  ( v ) ROBERT CLOTHIER RATLIFF b: 1764 in ANSON CO NC m: Elizabeth Fields  Robert died 1815 in New Orleans La

    1. Has No Children Winefred RATLIFF b: abt 1798
    2. Has No Children Susannah RATLIFF b: abt 1800
    3.     Robert RATLIFF b: abt  1801
    4. Has No Children William RATLIFF b: abt 1802
    5.     John RATLIFF, SR. b: abt 1803
    6. Has No Children Harriet L. RATLIFF b: abt 1804

                    This Ratliff Family moved South to Miss then New Orleans LA

  • ****************************************************************************************************************

  • *******************  Next  Generation  THOMAS RATCLIFF / RATLIFF  son of WILLIAM  *******************************

    My Next RATCLIFF  / RATLIFF Generation in North Carolina is Grt Grt Grt Grt Grandfather Thomas Ratcliff / Ratliff son of William Ratcliff

  • born in 1756 in Colonial  Maryland ---- moved  with his father  to North Carolina and later  died : 1838 in North Carolina

  • Thomas Ratliff is listed as a Relvolutionary War Private  in the " COMPANY OF MILITIA OF CAPTAIN THOMAS HARRIS OF ANSON COUNTY " 9 February 1776 to 8 March 1776 refer to : North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts: Secretary of State, Treasurer's & Comptroller's Papers, Journal "A", (Public Accounts) 1775-1776 (Durham: pub. by author, 1989), part I, pp. 101-104.  located on line

  • 15 OCT 1783 THOMAS RECIEVED 22 lbs from the Salisbury Disrict Auditor's Office for Revolutionary War Claim!

  • 1790 Anson County Census -1800 Census -1810 Census -1820 Census and 1830 Census 

  • 1799 Thomas & His son Elijah are Members of the Piney Grove Meeting house in Marlboro Co across the Pee dee River from his Plantation.  ( Per The Encyclopedia of American Quakers Genealogy by Hinshaw Vol I( { my source Howard Hazlewood }

  •  Thomas and Family would have used The Hailey's Ferry to cross the Pee Dee River from Anson Co to just South of Cordova on THe East Side of The Pee Dee River to attend Meetings  in the Quakers ( Society of Friends )River. It existed from the early 1750s to 1841.

    Thomas m: Sarah Diggs daughter of WILLIAM Diggs DEGGE b: 1734 in LOUSIA CO VA  and JUDITH HALEY Diggs b: 1734/1735 in VIRGINIA COLONY  Sarah was born1758 in LOUSIA CO Colonial VA and died : 1827 in Anson Co NC.  Thomas and Sarah Diggs Ratcliff / Ratliff's Decsendants became what is fondly referred to as the "River Ratliff's" since they lived close to the Pee Dee River. Thomas' Half brothe Jame's Descendants became the "Up The Kuntry Ratliffs " since they Settled in The Cason Old Field / Gulledge Counmunity of Anson Co.

    Quaker meeting organized, 1755 -- 1840s. Cemetery located 1 1/2 mi. west.” The actual location of the Pee Dee Meeting was on the Old Cheraw Highway south of Cordova, near the Hailey’s Ferry crossing of the Pee Dee


    For a view of Sarah's Degge / Diggs family goto the Paradise-reef sit of Patti Lamb

  • Children of Thomas and Sarah Ratcliff / Ratliff

          ( i ) ELIJAH RATLIFF b: 1787 in ANSON CO NC d: 16 OCT 1871  *******  ( My Ancestor )

         ( ii ) WILLIAM RATLIFF b: 1779 in ANSON CO NC d: 1840 ( No Marriage Found )

         ( iii ) SARAH RATLIFF b: 1790 in ANSON CO NC m: John Flowers , Jr she d: 1829 Anson Co

        ( iv ) THOMAS RATLIFF Jr  b: 1788 in ANSON CO NC  d: aft 1860 m: Aranetta (Nelly) LILES moved to Kemper  Co Mississippi.

  • ( v )  MARY POLLY b: 1795 in ANSON CO NC d: aft 1840 m: abt 1816 Robert Wilson

  • ( vi ) JULIA ELAINE RATLIFF b: 1797 in ANSON CO NC m: Abner Curtis b:  abt 1792 d: 1868  (son of Elijah Curtis & Sarah Hamer )

  • **********************************************************************************************************

  •  ****************NEXT " ELIJAH RATCLIFF / RATLIFF "*****************

          Eijah Ratliff son of Thomas Ratcliff / Ratliff -----Elijah was my Grt Grt Grt Grandfather b: 1787 in Anson County, North Carolina

  • Death: 16 OCT 1871 Elijah was a Quaker and up to 1811 he was a member of Piney Grove - Marlborough Co SC Meeting House.

  • Elijah Married  NANCY JERNIGAN b: 1791 in RICHMOND CO NC and died 21 DEC 1811 in ANSON CO NC  His will can be found @

  •    Anson County, NC - Will of Elijah Ratliff, 1865

  •  Nancy b1791 in RICHMOND CO NC daughter of  SAMUEL C JERNIGAN b: 19 NOV 1771 & wife RACHEL HAND b: 10 JUN 1773 in ST LUKES PARRISH,QUEENS ANNS MD.

    Children of Elijah and Nancy  were

  • ( i ) SARAH ANN RATLIFF b: 1812 in NC d: aft 1850 m: Matthew Milton Terry b: 1814 son of Champness Terry  & Johanna  Jernigan.

  • ( ii ) RACHEL RATLIFF b: 14 SEP 1813 in ANSON CO NC  d: 4 MAR 1878 m: Benjamin SMITH b: 6 SEP 1802 in Anson Co.,NC

  •     They  later moved South from Anson Co to Tippah Co.,MISS .in 1853        

  • ( iii ) WILLIAM FRANCIS RATLIFF b: 1814 in ANSON CO NC ( My Grt Grt Grandfather ) he married Mary Jane Hinson daughter of Elijah Clay Hinson  


       ( iv ) WINIFERD RATLIFF b: 26 MAR 1816 in ANSON CO NC d: 29 MAY 1878 Prentiss , MS
                        Jan 1833  m:  Thomas SMITH, JR. b: 28 MAR 1813 in Anson County, NC d: 22 MAY 1889 in Prentiss County, MS

  •   Married: 1 JUN 1833 in Anson Co.,NC  later moved to PRENTISS CO Mississippi  


       ( vi )  HENRY M RATLIFF b: 31 OCT 1821 in ANSON CO NC d: 31 May 1899 Tippah Co., Mississippi

  •   m:  Frances Crawford b: 19 SEP 1824 in Anson Co., North Carolina


  •                          CLARK  AND CHARLOTTE HINSON.

  •  ( viii )ELIZABETH (BETSY) RATLIFF b: 7 JUL 1825 in ANSON CO m: 1845 ELI MARSHALL DIGGS son 

  •                          of  RILEY DIGGS & MARY FRANKLIN

  • ( ix ) THOMAS J RATLIFF b: 1827 in ANSON CO NC m: MARY HELEN RATLIFF daughter of

  •                  JAMES HAMER RATLIFF Cason Old Field Anson County & Thomas' Cousin.

  •  ( x ) James ( Jim ) b: abt 1830  ANSON Co in  March 1850 m: SARAH KNOTTS daughter of John iKnotts family from Colonial Md

  • ( xi ) ELI RATLIFF b: 1831 in ANSON CO NC  m: LAURA ATKINSON

  • ( xii ) SUSAN RATLIFF b: 3 MARCH 1832 in ANSON CO (PEE DEE AREA ) NC m:18 DEC 1845  her Distant Cousin


  • ( xiii ) PLEASANT RATLIFF b: 1837 in ANSON CO NC d: JUL 1888  m: MARTHA JANE COLE b: Abt 1837  d: 10 SEP 1915

  •                  She was the daughter Stephen COLE b: 02 SEP 1792 in Richmond Co., North Carolina

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • *********** WILLIAM FRANCIS RATCLIFF / RATLIFF *****************

    My Next Ratliff Generation is My Grt Grt Grandfather William (b:1814-d: bef 1873) who married Mary Henson ( b:1814-d:aft 1873 her father was Elijah Clay Hinson /  Henson. William Ratliff stayed and farmed  in Anson County along the west side of the Pee Dee River East of Morven,N.C. the Pee Dee River Port of Old Sneedsboro. Other Ratliff's settled the Cason Old Field / Deep Creek area of Anson. While some moved Southwest to Mississippi along with members of the Smith Family, Mcrae Family and others.  I look at the recorded wills in the anson Co Counrthouse and found no Will for William F Ratliff but I did find Mary J Ratliff's Will and probate where she stated she was a Widow --daughter Ida Ratliff was named as Exc.

  • William Ratliff & Mary Henson / Hinson's Children:

  •  ( i )  CHARLES HENRY RATLIFF  b: 11 DEC 1842 m: ( 1 ) Emma Pratt   & (2 ) Julia  C Dunn ANSON CO NC USA

  •  ( ii )  LUCY HELEN RATLIFFF  b: 1845  d: 1918 m: 1861 --Alexander Graham Wall b:1835 - d: 1909 Lived in Lilesville

  •               1880 Census list Children of Lucy Helen & Alexander G Wall

  •           ( a )   Thomas b: abt 1863 Lilesville,N C

  •           ( b )   Mary    b: abt 1865 Lilesville,N C

  •           ( c  )  Sarah "Sallie" Ann b: 21 Aug 1867 d:  8 Jul 1922  Lilesville N C

  •           ( d  )   Alice b:  25 NOV 1869   d  13 Jun 1952 Lilesville, N C

  •           ( e  )    Ida   b: 27 JUL 1872    Lilesville, N C

  •           (  f  )    William b: abt 1874  Lilesville N C

  •            ( g )    Alexander Jr b: 21 FEB 1878 -d:    07 MAR 1922  m: Melissa Olevia  Whipp  Anson Co  Lilesville,N C

  •  ( iii ) ELIJAH WELLINGTON RATLIFF   b: 29 AUG 1848 m: Julia Helen Grady in 1869 in Sneedsboro Anson Co NC

  •          Children of Elijah & Julia Helen Grady:

  •     Rosa Pickett RATLIFF b: 20 JUL 1870 in McFarlan,Anson,N C d: 21 Oct 1958 m:Henry Durant Ruscoe

    1. Has No Children William Giles RATLIFF b: 1873 in Cairo,Anson Co.,NC
    2. Has No Children John RATLIFF     b: Abt 1876 in MORVEN,N C
    3. Has No Children Mary Maude RATLIFF  b: 1878

         ( iv )    B T  RATLIFF                 b:   14 OCT 1852  d: 26 Mar 1877   is Buried in one of 8 Marked Graves to be found in the Olf Thomas ratliff Grave Yard  outside of Cairo Anson County where Thomas Ratcliff original  Plantation home would have been over looking the Pee Dee River  just off  SR  1826  

  •  ( v ) IDA RUTH  RATLIFF b: 7 NOV 1859 d: 21 Sep 1907  m: 18 Oct 1876  JOEL J HORNE b: 2 Jul 1847 - d: 21 Sep 1907 Lilesville, Anson Co

  •        Joel was the son of Burwell Horne and Elizabeth (Betty) Meador

  •            Children of Ida Ruth Ratliff & Joel Horne

  • 1.       William Alonzo HORNE b: 1877

  • 2.        Annie Belle HORNE      b:  12 Oct 1878  d: 4 Oct 1981  Wadesboro, N C

  • 3.        Mary Elizabeth HORNE b:  5 Jul 1879      d:  7 Oct 1955  Wadesboro, Anson, N C

  • 4.        Ina Della HORNE          b:   9 Jul 1881     d: 11 Feb 1976

  • 5.        Joel Ransom HORNE     b:   Aug 1894

  • 6         Paul R. HORNE             b:    Sep 1897


  • ************** CHARLES HENRY RATCLIFF / RATLIFF  ********************

  • Charles Henry Ratliff (My Grt Grandfather )b:11 DEC 1842 in  Anson Co N.C. first married Emeline Pratt then married Julia Catherine Dunn (My Grt Grandmother )  Charles d: 3 JUL 1919  and is buried in thed Morven Cemetery next to Julia Catherine Dunn --Emma Pratt Ratliff is Buried in the C H Ratliff Cemetery off Hailey Ferry Rd down from Gum Springs Baptist Church.

  •   Charles Henry Ratliff Proudly Served in the Army of the CSA.   for             

  •  Roster of 31st Regiment,  - Co. B, 31st Regt. N.C. Troops (the "O.K. Boys")



  • Marriage 1 Emeline (EMMA) S PRATT b: 1848  daughter of  John A PRATT & Mary Ann ADAMS * Emma is Buried @ what was The C H Ratliff Cemetery off Hailey Ferry RD ---C H Ratliff is buried in the Morven Cemetery.


        ( i )  FRANK JAMES RATLIFF b: 1869 in ANSON CO NC he moved WEST    to Texas 

  •        Frank Died Feb 1945 in Cameron, Texas

  •                Uncle James "Frank " Ratcliff  & His wife 1941 He favors his father

  •        In 1941 he listed his Children as

  •           Charles ( Charlie ) 23
                1 Frank Jr 21 
                2 Emma 17
                3 Evelyn 15
                4 Nelson 12

  • ( ii ) CHARLES W RATLIFF b: 22 JUL 1874 in ANSON CO NC d: 30 Oct 1945 he m: Margaret Dunn b: 1870 daughter of                 John Dunn and Susan R Martin

  •          Charles W Ratliff  and Margaret Dunn Ratliff  Buried in the Movren Cemetery, Morven,N.C family plott .

  •          their sons were John R Ratliff  and Armond Ratliff .

  • ( iii ) ALBERT  CLAUDE RATLIFF b: 1879 lived in Anson Co N.C. and d: 1935

  • Marriage 2 JULIA CATHERANE DUNN b: 23 MAY 1861 in Anson Co NC, She died 19 JAN 1922 and is buried next her Husband in the Morven Cemetery  Family Plot.

  •  Julia Catherine "Kate Dunn "was the Daughter of Capt John Richard Dunn CSA & Susan R Martin daughter of George W Martin son of Scottish Immigrant George Martin of Argyle Scotland.

    Children :

  •  ( iv ) SUSAN ELIZABETH " Bess " RATLIFF  b: 28 AUG 1887 ANSON CO NC  d: 18 JUL 1972                ( My Grandmother )

  •        Susan Elizabeth Ratcliff m: Hiram Eugene Braswell Sr  son of Hiram Brown Braswell and Mary Jane Boyette . Photo is a Wedding Picture !

  •  ( v  )  NELLIE VIRGINIA RATLIFF   b: 16 SEP 1883   ANSON CO    d:  7 FEB 1954  buried in the Kibler Family Plot Morven Cemetery

  •                   Nell m: John Jacob KIBLER b: 11 DEC 1870 d: 26 DEC 1957 in MORVEN,N C

         ( vi ) MARY ALICE RATLIFF           b: 13 JUL 1885 in ANSON CO,N.C.     d: 21 JUL 1972  buried in Asheville NC

  •                    Mary in DEC 1919 m: Martin Hampton Lowery b: Feb. 5, 1862 -d: Jan. 16, 1935 b:  Morven Cemetery

  •           Naomi Lowry Dowis ( L ) & " Mary Ratliff Lowry" on the Right visiting in Hendersonville about 1968


          ( vii ) JOHN DUNN RATLIFF            b: 21 APR 1889 in Anson Co NC  d:  4 SEP 1934  buried Morven Cemetery NC 

  •       John D Ratliff   m: Rosa " Vera "  Gathings b:1890 d:  17 JAN 1978 in Anson Co,N C buried Morven Cemetery Morven,NC    Photo  also found @ Bill Foster's Find A Grave entries

  •   ( Viii ) EUNA ESTELLE RATLIFF      b: 21 SEP 1894 in ANSON CO NC   d:   2 JUN 1976 buried Shiloh Methodist Church Anson CO          


                         Euna Raliff   m: LAURANCE RAYMOND DIGGS b: 24 DEC 1891 in Cairo,Anson Co.,NC

  •   ( ix ) EUGENE H RATLIFF   b: 14 AUG 1890 in ANSON CO  (served WWI ) d:  20 JAN 1922 buried Morven Cemetery

  •   Found @ Find A Grave entries by Bill Foster

          ( x ) CHRISTINE RATLIFF              b: 9 MAY 1896 in ANSON CO   d:  MAR 1977 in CALIFORNIA

  •    ( xi ) PAUL RATLIFF                        b: 8 OCT 1899 in ANSON CO  d: 14 JUN 1966 Calif

  • Paul & Inez White Ratliff

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • ****************************SUSAN ELIZABETH " BESS " RATCLIFF **************

  •  Click to enlarge.  Susan E Ratcliff -Braswell ( Bess )

  • She was a Clerk Dispatcher for The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

  • She served as a Justice of The Peace for The State of North Carolina   ( Anson Co Judical District )


  •  *****************************************************************************************************************            

  • Thanks to Patti Lamb (Journey Through Generations)  an excellant report and reference site:

  •   ( As of Jan 2008 this url did not work )  ???  

  • --Members of the Ratliff family gather from around the County for a reunion each year at the Old Bethal Community Building across from Historic Bethal Church on Highway 742 South of Wadesboro,Anson County,N.C. I have been attending this reunion since the 1950s when my Mother and Grandmother took me. I still have Great memories of Southern Fried Chicken Legs and 6 different types of potato Salad.

    There are several Family Cemetaries in Anson Co and Church Cemetaries where members of my Ratliff line are buried. Such as the Morven Cemetary Northeast of Highway 52 and SR 145 in Morven,N.C. where my Grt Grandparents and Grt Grt Grand Parents are Buried: Confederate Veteran Charles Henry Ratliff and family are buried there along with my Grandparents Hiram Eugene Braswell Sr & Susan Elizabeth Ratliff-Braswell. Location of other previous generations prior to the Civil War years is unknown since time & nature have claimed the family burial plots except The Thomas Ratliff Cemetery  East of downtown Cairo, Anson Co NC. There is a Degge / Diggs cemetary accessable to the public in the Pee Dee / Cairo area where the old Diggs Plantatation was.  The Cemeteries are found on line @ Find A Grave.



    Some of My Family lines I have little information and have reached "Dead End Leads" on are My Minnick line and My Dunn line.

     My Davis / Combs / Minnick Connection with related The Jesse Family.

  •  Thomas Jefferson Davis b: 1826 Surry Co NC d: 1905 Lebanon, Russell,Va

  •             My Minnick line is the Russell County,VA. Minnicks of my Grt Grandfather William "Will" Bonapart Minnick who married Virginia "Jennie" Davis also of Russell County Virginia. Will is reported by family as the son of  Jacob Minnick. Viriginia "Jennie" was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Davis and Sarah Combs of Russell Co Lebanon Virginia. Sarah Combs is reported to have been of "Indian Heritage" via her father John Combs. Will and Jennie moved to Dewitt, Mo as pioneers / Will was a "Teamster" and accidently killed in Dewitt. Virginia Davis Minnick then moved after Will's Death back to Virginia where my Grandfather Naylor Foster met Will & Virginia's daughter Etta in Wise County,Va.  Naylor & Etta evently settled in Henderson County, N.C. and Grt Grandmother Virginia lived there with them until her death. All are buried in Hendersonville. A related Russell Co Va family is the Jesse Family . Jesse and Minnick Family Members married Thomas Jefferson Davis & Sarah Combs Children:


  • Name: Sarah Ann COMBS
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 1822 in TENN (Native American Heritage )
  • Death: 1896 in RUSSELL CO VA USA
  • IDNO: 40+152>2.3

    Sarah is reported to be of Native American Heritage via her father.

    SOURCE: ELIZABETH MINNICK SMITH ([email protected])

    Marriage (Married 18 Jul !848 )  THOMAS JEFFERSON DAVIS b: 1826 in Surry Co NORTH CAROLINA  he moved to Russell Co Va. He was the son of Caleb Davis and Lydia Bartley of Surry Co N.C.

    Children of Thomas Jefferson Davis & Sarah Combs :

    1.    VIRGINIA "JENNIE" DAVIS b: 11 APR 1874 in RUSSELL CO VA she m: William "Will" Minnick son of Jacob Minnick.
    2.     DOC CALEB DAVIS b: 15 OCT 1853 in RUSSELL CO VC m: Nancy C. "Nannie" JESSEE b: 21 JAN 1854 in , Russell Co.,
    3.    ELIZABETH "BETSY" DAVIS b: 1857 in RUSSELL CO VA married : Noah D. Kernan JESSEE b: 9 APR 1858 in , Russell Co., VA
    4.    HANNAH DAVIS b: 1 FEB 1860 in COPPER RIDGE RUSSELL CO VA m: William M. "Bill" ADDISON b: 16 MAR 1855 in Copper Ridge, Russell Co., VA
    5. Has No ChildrenSARAH CATHERINE DAVIS b: 6 APR 1861 in VIRGINIA m: H. H. SUTHERLAND b: Abt 1861 in , Russell Co., VA
    6. Has No ChildrenCHARLES HENRY DAVIS b: 27 AUG 1857 in RUSSELL CO VA m: Mary Ann "Molly" FIELDS b: JUL 1853 in , Russell Co., VA  Charlie  died: 16 June 1922 in Russell Co. Va.
      • Married: 20 NOV 1880 in , Russell Co., VA
    7. Has No ChildrenTHOMAS JEFFERSON DAVIS JR b: 1 JUL 1863 in VIRGINIA m: Alabama SUTHERLAND b: Abt 1864 in , Russell Co., VA
    8. Has No ChildrenJOHN DAVIS b: 5 MAR 1852 in ,Buchanan Co.,VA m: Caroline MITCHELL b: Abt 1852
      • Married: 4 JUN 1874 in , Russell Co., VA
    9.   MARTHA E DAVIS b: 18 FEB 1862 in VA
    10.    JAMES A DAVIS b: 6 FEB 1865 in VA m: Laura E. B. JESSEE b: 1870 in , Russell Co., VA
      • Married: 7 JUN 1888 in , Russell Co., VA
    11.    LYDIA DAVIS b: 12 APR 1870 in VA
    12.    JESSE DAVIS b: 5 APR 1850 in VA
    13.    HUGH CAMPBELL DAVIS b: 26 APR 1867 in VIRGINIA m: Mary Casly STROUTH b: 3 NOV 1875
      • Married: 13 APR 1892 in , Russell Co., VA
    14.    Lucy B. DAVIS  b: 16 NOV 1865 in ,Russell Co.,VA m: James B. CASTLE b: Abt 1865
      • Married: 14 JUL 1892 in , Russell Co., VA
    15. Has No ChildrenMargaret DAVIS b: 1871 in ,,VA m:


    My Minnick / Davis / Foster connection

  • JACOB MINNICK  b: abt 1840-1850  M: LOUISE LEACH . Jacob died aft 1877 in Russell Co Va
  •        The Minnick line moved down from Bucks Co Pa to Washington Co Va via the Great Philidelphia Wagon Rd.
  •       At this time as I see the Minnick line : Jacob was the son of Jacob Minnick Sr.  b: Abt 1803 in BOTETOURT or WASHINGTON CO d: in Russell Co LEBANAN VIRGINIA . Jacob Sr was married to Elizabeth Smith who died before the 1850 Census. Jacob Minnick Sr's father and mother were  Peter Minnick & Catherine Wurtmiller (Wirtmiller ) of Washington Co Va.
  •        Catherine Wirtmiller was the daughter of  John`Wirtmiller.
  • Children of Jacob Minnick Jr were:
    1. WILLIAM BONAPART MINNICK b: OCT 1872 in LEBANON,RUSSELL CO VA m: VIRGINIA "JENNIE" DAVIS b: 11 APR 1874 daughter of Thomas J Davis & Sarah Combs.
    2. SARAH (SALLIE) E MINNICK b: 11 NOV 1874 in VIRGINIA she married Emmett R. JESSEE b: JUL 1871 in ,Russell Co.,VA m:  19 NOV 1895 in ,LIVED IN THE CASTLEWOOD AREA OF RUSSELL CO VA.
    3. THOMAS J MINNICK     b: OCT 1877 in RUSSELL CO VA m :  MAGGIE  E. WALLACE  24 DEC 1898 in , Russell Co., VA


  • Russell Co is located in the far southwestern part of Virginia. In 1745 the area now contained in Russell County was formed as a part of Augusta County. Between the years 1769 and 1785 it was contained in Botetourt, Fincastle and Washington Counties. Russell County was formed in 1786 from Washington County Va.  Botetourt & Washington Family is where my Minnick Family settles before Russell Co is Formed . The Minnicks did go West after Daniel Boone Blazed the Trails through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky  West to Missouri.

  • .   

  • ************************************************************************

  • The area which became Russell County contained about 3000 square miles or 1.9 million acres. The boundary lines extended northward from Clinch Mountain to Cumberland Gap on the Kentucky border and eastward to a point near present Bluefield, Virginia.

  • Dunn Family Scotland / England > The Carolinas (Moore Co >Montgomery Co > Anson Co ,N.C. )


  • My "Dunn" Family is via my Grt Grt Grandfather Click to enlarge. John n Richard  Dunn of Anson County.N.C. John Dunn was a Veteran of The Confederacy and Carpenter by trade who arrived in Anson County at the same time other Dunns, Mcraes, Mc Clendons and Nivens settled there. He is buried in the Morven Cemetary along with members of my Ratliff family , other Dunns and Nivens. There was a movement of Highland Scots to North Carolina via the Cape Fear region as emigrants approximately 1749 thru post American Revolution. This emigration to America is discribed in "Voyages to America" found on line via North Carolina Office of Archives & History (Colonial Records Project Home Page )The Highland Scots of North CarolinaThe "Voyages to America" by Highland Scots was filled with sickness and death with immigrant families suffering aboard over crowded ships causing the deaths each voyage of familiy members at sea making tracing genealogy harder.

  • Any Help I get researching The Dunns of Anson Co N.C. & the Minnick Family of Russell County Va is appreciated.

    Family Heritage / Genealogy Reference Books I Recommend and use are: The Collections of the Anson County, Davidson County, Davie County,N.C. & Madison County Heritage Books (found at the Salisbury Branch of the Rowan County Library). Also The "Concise Records of Fork Baptist Church".

    ******************Some interesting Genealogy Sites*******************

    County Genealogy Site worth Visiting Anson County N C at NCGENWEB NCGENWEB goto the Records Section and Churches

    Davie County NC Genealogy( **************************************************************************************************

  •                                             Cemetery Research  I've done !

  • I am a contributer to FindaGrave  @ (  )


    Diggs Family Cemetery  Pee Dee / Cairo area of Anson Co  Later Diggs were buried at Shiloh Church and the Morven Cemetery.

        Morven ,N.C. Cemetery

  • Pleasant Hill (McFarlan, N.C. ) Cemetery



  • ********************************************************************************************* My   I have a few Photographs Posted ********************************************************************************************* Ron Booe's Family with Fosters and other families related to my Davie Co Lines

    ************ Another FAVORITE WEB SPACE SITE is that of my Distant Foster Kuzin (Gary L Foster ) Ancestors of Gary L Foster's Site Gary is A Pioneer in Our Foster Family Genealogy Research!

    DNA Testing to help determine Genealogy Pedigree & Descendant Lines. 2004 and 2005 have me getting involved with the FOSTER DNA PROJECT*I am participant #109 in Foster Group7./a> If your a Foster / Forster Male I hope you test with the project to compare your results to my markers to help clear up alot of Questions. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* ON LINE Family Wills:

     Elijah Ratliff   File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives Patti Smith Lamb [email protected] Elijah Ratliff’s Will [pages 208-216] Anson County, NC

    My Ancestor John Orrell  is found @

    My Ancestor Daniel Orrell @

  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________

    Symbols  & Flags  my Ancestor's have used.

    My Fosters , Orrell , Ratcliff and Braswell Families started out in the 1600s  under this flag below  to the new world !

    St. Georges Cross
    This flag was carried to the New World by most of the early English explorers. Its use can be traced back to 1277

    Then King James stipulated that all ships of both English and Scottish registry were to fly this flag from atop their mainmasts. The Cross of St. George was to be flown from the foremasts of the English ships, while the Cross of St. Andrew was to be flown form the foremasts of the Scottish ships. As the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery were of English registry and did not embark upon their historic voyage until December of 1606, it logically follows that on this voyage their flags conformed to the royal decree of the preceding spring.

    The Union Flag, created by James in 1606, continued in use as a purely symbolic banner until 1707. Then, during the reign of Queen Anne, the parliaments of England and Scotland were united to form the new nation of Great Britain, and Anne officially adopted the 101 year old banner as the national flag of the newly created nation. In 1801, when Ireland became a part of Great Britain, the flag was redesigned to include the Cross of St. Patrick (red, diagonal), the patron saint of Ireland. It is in this form that the British flag exists today.

    1606 English Union Flag representing the Union of England and Scottland under King James I.


  • As The English Colonist  United against their  English rulers they created a new flag

  • This next flag was adopted June 14, 1777  by The Continental Congress who resolved, "That the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes alternating red and white; that the Union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation".

    Colonial American Flag best known as the Betsy Ross design.





  • Virginia


    North Carolina

    South Carolina

    South Carolina

                                graphic - Seal of the US Navy                                                          Return to home pge

  • CSA                                  USN                                                                      USS Newport News CA 148 

    My Pioneer Families used the Great Philadelphia  Colonial Wagon Road to travel South from Pennsyvania ; Maryland ; Virginia to Reach  the Guildford Co / Rowan Co /Forsyth "Wachovia "Settlement Area. 

    Later Colonial Troops fought at the Battle of Shallow Ford of the Yadkin River. Area of Present Day Davie and Yadkin Counties NC

  • *******************************************************************************

  •                                       Some  County Maps Anson Co NC and  Wachcovia / Old Rowan / Davie

  • ********************************************************************************************

  •  Anson Co NC  West side of the Pee Dee River


  • Sources: 

     (1)  Freepages @ Rootsweb Reports of William Lindsay Foster ; Joe Payne's "Descendants of John Shelton " & "Descendants of Mary Aka Glumdalclitch Franklin"

  • (2)  FamilyTreeMaker Genealogy . com  Reports of Charles Chuck Foster / Anita M Ramsey / William L Foster.  

  • (3)  Billy G Foster Phd "Foster Family of  Flanders , England , & America " CD Volumes 1-3

  • (4)  Geo-Cities Report of Athol Foster.(Fosters of Dekalb Co )

  • (5)  Faye Moran's  Web pages ( The Jarvis Family & Other Relatives )over 240 Families and their Descendants.

  • (6)  Foster Quest Web Pages by Jared L Foster & W L Foster.    Fosterquest

  • (7)  Forster Family and Clan History by Gerry Forster 2004.

  • (8)  Gary Foster's  Reports and research Information

  • (9)  Davie County's Genealogy Web Site (Elizabeth Harris) 

  • (10) Family Bible Records and Personal Knowledge

  • (11) Davidson Co NC Heritage Book  ( Foster Family Reports )

  • (12) Davie County NC Heritage Book  ( Foster & reated Family ) 

  • (13) "The Foster Family"  The American Genealogy Research Institute Arlington,Va. copyrighted 1973 & found in the Library of Congress Card Cat .

  • (14)

  • (15)   Fork Baptist Church (Davie County NC) Cemetery records.

  • (16)   McCubbin Files  Located at Rowan Co Salisbury Library 3rd floor.

  • (17)  Family history / Genealogy Room Anson County Library  Wadesboro , N.C.

  • (18)  "The WILLIAM RATCLIFF / RATLIFF FAMILY of Maryland and Anson Co , N.C." by Howard  S Hazewood & Betty Carson.  Also Direct Mail correspondance.

  • (19)   Anson County Heritage Book. ( Ratcliff / Ratliff & Braswell Families )

  • (20)   Clarence E. Ratcliff's Research and on line Book about "The Ratcliff Family who came to the  American Maryland Colony" in 1682. Ratcliff Family Web Site . Ratcliff Family Data Base.

  • (21)   Research and Guidance of My Cousin Guy Braswell  as well as "The Braswell Family " by Guy Edward Braswell and Judith Braswell Yandle (Published 2001 before Guy's death.

  • (22)  Patti Smith Lamb 's Genealogy pages on line "Journey Through The Ages": Information on our Ratliff and related Anson Co NC Families.

  • ( 23 ) Jesse Genealogy Service &  Jim Jesse's WFT @ Rootsweb

  • (24 ) Beth Smith ( ) Researcher is the Granddaughter of Ellis Minnick .

  • ( 25 ) Caswell Co NC , NC Deeds (researched & compiled by Betty Foster, of Winston Salem, N.C )


  • ( 27 )

  • ( 28 )  Main sources for Chart:   The Visitations of Hertfordshire, 1572 and 1634, p.143

  •       ( a )

  •     ( b )

  • ( 29 ) Yale Law School Web

  • ( 30 ) My Fellow Davie Co / Old Rowan Co Foster Family and related Family researchers : Research assistance  and  information from Charles C Foster ; Connie Foster Jackson (Connie passed away  August 9th, 2007 ) ; Wilma Foster Cox ;  Bonnie Piper ; Steven Aderholt ; Charles Money ; My Grt Aunts Jakie and  Dean (Sisters of my Grandfather Naylor C Foster )

  • ( 31 )  Miscellaneous Genealogy & History Resources for                                                        

  •          Anson County    @

  • Click to enlarge.

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