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Cousin Chart

Cousin Chart

0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2 GC N 1C 1C1R 1C2R 1C3R 1C4R 1C5R 1C6R 1C7R 1C8R
3 GGC GN 1C1R 2C 2C1R 2C2R 2C3R 2C4R 2C5R 2C6R 2C7R
4 2GGC GGN 1C2R 2C1R 3C 3C1R 3C2R 3C3R 3C4R 3C5R 3C6R
5 3GGC 2GGN 1C3R 2C2R 3C1R 4C 4C1R 4C2R 4C3R 4C4R 4C5R
6 4GGC 3GGN 1C4R 2C3R 3C2R 4C1R 5C 5C1R 5C2R 5C3R 5C4R
7 5GGC 4GGN 1C5R 2C4R 3C3R 4C2R 5C1R 6C 6C1R 6C2R 6C3R
8 6GGC 5GGN 1C6R 2C5R 3C4R 4C3R 5C2R 6C1R 7C 7C1R 7C2R
9 7GGC 6GGN 1C7R 2C6R 3C5R 4C4R 5C3R 6C2R 7C1R 8C 8C1R
10 8GGC 7GGN 1C8R 2C7R 3C6R 4C5R 5C4R 6C3R 7C2R 8C1R 9C

Keeping track of family relationships can be complicated and hard to figure out how one person is related to another, especially when you come upon second, third, or fourth cousins. It really becomes confusing when you begin to "remove" those cousins. Below is a chart I have found very helpful, and hope you will also. For those seasoned genealogists it's a piece of cake, but if you are just learning the ropes as I am, then this chart will definitely come in handy.

CA= Common Ancestor
C= Child
GC= Grandchild
GGC= Great Grandchild
S= Sibling
N= Niece/Nephew
GN= Grand Niece/Nephew
GGN= Great Grand Niece/Nephew
#C = Cousin relationship, e.,g.,1C= First Cousin, etc.
#R = # of times removed, e.,g., 4R= 4 times removed, etc.

* The box marked CA on the chart in the upper left-hand corner is the Common Ancestor of two people.
* Identify the relationship of the first person to the common ancestor, e.g., child, great grandchild, 8th grandchild, etc. Find that box on the top row.
* Identify the relationship of the second person to the common ancestor, e.g., grandchild, great grandchild, 3rd great grandchild, etc. Find that box in the left-hand column.
* Follow the column straight down from the top row and follow the row straight across from the left column. Using the chart like a maps mileage chart follow the two columns until they intersect. The box where the two meet is the relationship between the two people.

Confused about "removed" so was I until I came across this piece of information.
"Removed" means the number of generations between two people. Stay with me now as I give an example.
Susie and Jim are sister and brother.
Susie's has 2 kids Mary and Jane
Jim has 2 kids John and Joe
Mary and Jane are 1 cousins to John and Joe
Mary has 1 kid Jimmy
John has 1 kid Susie
Jane and Jimmy are 1 cousins 1 removed. They are 1 generation apart, Jimmy and Susie are 1 cousins because they are in the same generation. If Jimmy has a kid it would be Jane's 1 cousin 2 removed.

And that's all there is to it, once you understand how it works it becomes easy to figure out. If you would like to download this chart it is available at the State Library of North Carolina.

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