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12-29-2005 was the last update of this site. See heading "Site Changes", located below, for a recent list of changes to the site. This was a Major Change to site.

The cemetery additions and update is still planned but timetable pushed back to mid year.

You are welcome to browse the site. If you wish to post your family tree or link your tree to our site please E-MAIL us and we will be glade to have you as long as the roots are Norwegian and have ties to this area of IL. We are also seeking members for our Genealogy Guild, click on MEMBERSHIP (left side of page) to learn more about us.

This WEB site is predominately of Norwegian ancestry who settled and lived in Illinois, predominately in the Nettle Creek Twp of Grundy County, Big Grove Twp of Kendall County and Mission Twp of LaSalle County and the sounding areas.

This site is a free site to be used for personal genealogy searches. I do request that a copyright credit be given for any of the information that was obtained at this site whenever a written document will be published or dispersed to others. BUT the information cannot be copied in its entirety and published for monetary gain.

My name is Richard J Jolley and I am the Webmaster of the site.

Many have contributed help and information for this site:

Constance Peterson Dye, California.

Kay Estensen, Illinois.

Wally Hanson, Illinois.

David Wicks, California.

Ralph Peterson, Washington.

Anita Peterson, Texas.

Williams Jones, Japan.

Many others that have joined our Yahoo group and others that have just e-mailed with additional information.

As you will note the INDEX to this site is on the Left side of page. Click on anyone of these to go to page of interest.

We will be glade to help in your search by using what information we have available here. But we cannot spend any time doing personal research. We have books, databases and handwritten transcriptions for the Norwegian Cemeteries in this area or can recommend other sites that may help you.


03-28-2004 On Family Tree Page I have updated the following Family Trees: Wicks On Grundy County Death Index page I have added Morris Daily Herald Year End Obit Index for years 1931 thru 1961. Also have added Obit data for obits appearing in Morris Daily Herald from April 15, 2002 thru Sept 23, 2003. On this page alone we have over 17,000 names.

06-01-2003 On Grundy County Death Index page I have added a new section for Book 1A deaths occurring between 1878 - 1904. This new section provides the exact death date and other information for about 3/4 of those in that index. This was compiled from microfilm of Grundy County Death records for 1878 thru 1904.

On Family tree page I have added the outline for the Wicks family

04-13-2002On Family Tree pages I have updated the family tree for the Peterson and Thompson families.

03-31-2002 On the churches Page I added a link to Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church. This will link you to the Church Web site where over 1000 pages of the history of this Church are posted. Covering from 1880 to 1980. It covers the high lights of the church for these years and a very detailed history from 1931 to mid 1940's

In the near future I will be posting Fox River, Helmar and West Lisbon cemeteries.











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