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The Ireland Mail List WEB Site
Awards Page

On this page are the Awards which this Site has won. I accept the following awards on behalf of all those who helped make this site what it is today.

This Web Site was is a group effort. Many Members of the Ireland Mail List contributed Stories, poems, information and links which found it's way into these pages. Other People, which include Members of the Mail List, and a few outside the Mail List, not only furnished us with ideas and suggestions, but also used their time to let us know of any errors which slipped by undiscovered.

Yet others helped with the pages because they used their time and efforts to put their own sites online which contained music, images, and text for any and all WEB Site Masters, Mistresses and Designers to utilize.

For a long time this site will be constantly changing. New poems and stories will be added, New Names on the Roll Call will appear, entire new pages of topics not even thought of may come online and some older things may disappear or be reformatted to save as much space as possible. All this will be done in the continuing effort to inform, assist and entertain the Members of the Ireland List.

And finally, Thanks goes out to those who nominated the Site for these awards, whether that person who nominated is the award giver or a Member of the Ireland Mail List. :)

Now let's get on to the Awards. :)

The Awards

Irish Roses Site o' Excellence Award Honoring Celtic Spirit
~Award Presented by~
Anne's Irish Roses Website

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