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Roll Call Form Instructions

The following information is necessary to know before using the Roll Call List Submittal Form.

  1. Please note that this form might not work with every Browser. If making a complaint aboaut the form not submitting the data, please state what type of Browser you are using.
  2. To use the form, simply fill in the blanks, then type your comments (if any) in the Comments Box. Once this is done, and you check your data for errors, then click the send button.
  3. When you click the Send Button, the information will be placed in the Outbox Folder of your Mail Program and it will be sent the next time you send and receive mail.

This form does not send the information directly to us via email. Once you filled out the form and sent it, then you have to go into your email program and click the send/receive mail button for it to be sent.

This form also does not automatically post your information to the WEB Site. That is done manually.

Finally, This form is primarily for use by the Members of The Rootsweb Ireland-L (and D) Mail List. If you are searching for Irish Ancestors and interested in Ireland and the Irish, please join the Rootsweb Ireland-L Mail List. :)

1. About Yourself:

Date of Submittal:          Month:          Year:   

Handle/Name:       E-Mail Address:  

Are you a "Rootsweb" Ireland List Member?      Yep, Sure am!    No, I am not.

2. About Your Research:

This Submittal is for an::      Individual      Family      Surname

Surname being researched:     

In the block above, please feel free to enter the Surname of the Person being researched.

Individual Data

Surname:                    First Name:     

Date of Birth:              Place of birth:     

Date of Death:            Place of Death:   

Immigration Date:        From:                

Father's Name:            Mother's Name: 

Family Data

Marriage Date:        Location:               

Spouse:                   Spouses' DOB:     


The list of children will be listed left to right and top to bottom. Therefore the three children's name across the top are the three oldest

Space is only allowed for 21 Children since rarely does one find families with more than 20 children attributed to one man or woman. If you need more space, then fill in the rest of the children under Comments.

If the subject of your research has more than 21 children, and some of them died at a very young age, say from birth up to 9 or 10 years old (or never made it on a census), then you can omit those children so that you can use the spaces below. Young children tend not to have children of their own to help with your research much. :)

Please submit children with their own families on a new submittal and post just the names below.


Additional Commentary


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