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Welcome to the Ireland List Links Page. Below you will find various links which are placed here to help you with your Irish and Ireland Searches, as well as your Genealogy Research. Please visit our other Links Pages:

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General Links
General Genealogy Information

Genealogy for Everyone


Irish FAQ: The Famine

Irish Genealogy FAQ

Woodgate.Org Genealogy FAQ

The Irish Frequently Asked Questions from Usenet Newsgroups

Genealogy and Searches


Genealogy Instruction Beginners, Teenagers, and Kids

Genealogy for Children and Teens

Welcome to the world of genealogy

Genealogy Software

Hamrick Software

Familysearch Free Software Downloads

Brothers Keeper Genealogy Software Downloads

*Family Tree* Free Legacy Software Download

GensoftSB Software Download


Tiny Tafel Editor

Distant Cousins

Genealogy Search by Country

Australian Searchers

Australian Convict Index, 1788-1868

Archives of Canada

Irish Culture and General Information

All Irish Ancestors

Annual population chart for Ireland

Architectural Dublin / 17th Century

Futrell Family Web SIte

U.K. Northeast Mail List

Ireland Culture

Ireland General Research & Query Records Board

Ireland Site Home Page

Irish Abroad

Irish American Genealogical Resources on the WEB


Ireland at a Glance

Ireland List archives

Irish Pages

Phoxxe Den: Celtic Triads

Tales of West Ireland

The Dawsons of England

Genealogy Society of Ireland

Travel Ireland

Irish Genealogy and Searches

Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy

RootsWeb's guide to tracing family trees

Transcriptions from Primary Sources

Irish Genealogy

Locate Place Names in Ireland

Irish Records At The Family History Library

RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing (Irish) Family Trees

Swift Guide to Ireland - Irish Genealogy

Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy Research

Finding the origin of your ancestors in Ireland

Beginning Irish Research

The Irish Ancestral Research Association


National Archives of Ireland description

Libraries & Archives in Dublin, Ireland

Irish Genealogical Societies and Periodicals

Irish Heritage Centres

Northern Ireland Selected Resources

What Does it Mean to be "Irish" ?

Soft Spot For All Things Irish?

New Books for Irish Research

Sources & Strategies for Determining an Irish Place of Origin

Taking a Genealogical Research Trip to Ireland

Using the Internet for Irish Research

What to Do When Your Irish Parish Registers Start Too Late

Irish Research: Suggestions For the Beginner

LIST: Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland

LIST: 1851 Census Returns of Ireland on CD ROM

REVIEW: Griffith's Valuation CD - (Ireland)

Irish Music

The Ruby Murray fan page.


Irish Music International

Folk Music of England, Scotland,
Ireland Wales and America

Celtic Midi Files

Irish Folk Songs

Brian Cullen Presents Irish Ballads

Rick's Music Pages


Irish Eyes are Smiling!

Irish Jokes: An Alternative Web Site

Genealogy Humor

Irish History

The Unmasking Ancient Irish History


Results of Fire and Famine: Census Records in Ireland 1813-1911

Irish Chiefs of the Name

Archaeological and Historical Journals

Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland

Irish High Crosses

StudyWeb´┐Ż: History__Social_Studies: Ireland

A History of the Irish Race

Ireland: History


Irish Chiefs

The Death of Brian Boru

Living History

Irish History on the WEB

The Aspects of the Ulsters

About Ireland History

Ireland Unfree - The Famine Managed Genocide

The Great Famine in Mayo

Irish Views of the Famine:

Ireland's History in the 1900s

Ireland's History

Douglas Family History

Information Please: Irish History

Irish Famine Victims

History of Ireland

Irish Emigration

Archeology in Ireland

Information on the Irish State

Architectural Dublin / 17th Century

A Brief Guide To Irish Archaeological Sites



Irish Geography

Information on the Irish State

Architectural Dublin / 17th Century

A Brief Guide To Irish Archaeological Sites


Photos and Maps

About Irish Images

Ancient Faces


County Dublin Road Map

County Map of Ireland

GOING HOME: County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Irish Aerial Photos


Map of Ireland

Map of Ireland

Maps of Ireland

More Maps of Ireland

Much More Maps of Ireland

Maps of Ireland: Dublin 1610

Map of Ireland c. 1500

Maps of Ireland: IRELAND, 1550-1653

Mapquest UK

North of Ireland Ordnance Maps

Old Photos of Ireland

Photos of Donegal

Photos of Ireland

More Photos of Ireland

Misc Irish Images

Photos of Ireland of 100 years ago

Irish Surnames. Clans and Timelines

Hylit Irish Names

All Irish Clans and Names

Irish Surnames

Irish Surnames and Timeline

Irish Time Lines

The SurnameWeb Maguire Genealogy Center

Irish Records

Brosna Cemetery Inscriptions in County Kerry

Irish Cemetery Records On-Line

Irish Records: What are they?

National Library of Ireland

The Ireland CMC Genealogy Record Project

Irish Tombstonea and Cemeteries

The Recording of a Cemetery


Famous Graves

Cemetery Photos

Irish WEB Site Stuff

Irish WEB Stuff

Index of /holiday-hall/03-stpatrick

Misc. Links


Irish Prints

County Links

County Carlow Genealogy

Special Note:

The links provided on this page are due to a group effort, of sorts, by numerous List Members of the "Rootsweb" Ireland Mail List. A thanks goes out to them all for their posting of the Sites they find on the Internet to the "Rootsweb" Ireland Mail List.

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