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Beginning:: February 19, 2001

The purpose of this section of the WEB Site is for the Members of the Rootsweb Ireland Mail List to provide a brief amount of genealogical information about their Surname Interests.

A few notices about this list:

  1. The information on this Roll Call List is to be used for Genealogy Purposes only.
  2. All names and information on this list are with the approval of the individual. Anyone wishing their names to be excluded from the Roll Call List may ask to have their data removed - or not included in the Roll Call.
  3. Entries by people who are no longer List Members may, or may not, be removed as we see fit and find the time to do so. Requests for removal will by the submitter will be complied with, although the removal of the entry may not be immediate.
  4. The list may contain errors. So please check your information when you see it on the Roll Call List. Also remember to click onto the Email and WEB Site Links which are in your entries to see if they are working.
  5. You can scroll down and browse the lists on each page, or click on a letter below to go directly to the desired section. You also may go to the end of each page and click on the Roll Call Page you desire.
  6. Please Remember that these lists are constantly Under construction, in theory at least! :) Report any errors you find and we will attempt to corrected them in a timely manner.

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    The purpose of the On-line Response for is two-fold. Not only does it make it easier way for most List Members to Submit their data for Roll Call, but it also provides some conformity in the Submittals. This helps quicken the task for the one posting the information to the site. :)

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SurnameList MemberRemarks
"A" Section
ALDRICHNot Released
for Roll Call
Aldrich Bios
B: 1797 in County Tyrone
D: 5-Aug-1872 in United States
immigration date: Abt: 1800/20 from County Tyrone
Corey A. Ruff-YarbourFather: Alexander
M: Ann Tracy (b: 1794) in County Tyrone
Children: John Tracy Alexander, Eliza Jane Alexander, Mary Alexander, and Chassie Alexander
ALGORSandy WEIRBelfast, Orange, Linen
immigrated to western Pa and northeastern OH.
born 7 May, 1847 in Belfast(?)
StarkeyParents: John Andrews and John and katherine Breese
ARCHIBALDAnne DuffCo Antrim
ARKINSMary Shortis1828+, Clare, Cork>Vic. AUSTRALIA
ARMSTRONGPaul DavisCounties: Wicklow, Dublin
ARMSTRONGNita in AustraliaFrom Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG from Northumberland/DerbyshireBrenda Mooney 
b Abt 1834 Belfast, Antrim, Ire
Sean Caldwellm Sarah Simms? b Abt 1838 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
Father of Robert ARMSTRONG.
b 6 Nov 1866 Antrim, Ire
Sean Caldwellm Abt 1897 Christina Johnston? b Abt 1870
Parents of Robert: John Armstrong and Sarah Simms?
ATKINSONClonmoreLisburn, Co. Antrim
b. 1851
Jamie Riutcel 

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