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Beginning:: February 19, 2001

The purpose of this section of the WEB Site is for the Members of the Rootsweb Ireland Mail List to provide a brief amount of information about their Research Interests, of a nature similar to that of a Tiny Tafel Format, so that others get an idea of who is searching for whom. :)

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SurnameList MemberRemarks
"B" Section
BACONBL GarciaCo. Westmeath
BAILEYDeanne StumpCo. Westmeath
BAILEYSharon Smith 
BAILEYLarry Dodds 
born Loughbrikland, C Down in c 1819
Max Coughlantransported to Australia in 1836 for stealing a pocket book.
BALLMarcia LandrumLewannick & Altarnun, Cornwall UK
BAMRICKCherie BamrickCos. Carlow & Laois
BANAHANEllen HemondCo Roscommon, dates unk
born 1828 or 1830 in or near Dublin
parents were John and Mary
GregM: Jane MARTIN (b: 1838 in Ireland, probably in Dublin)
parents were Owen and Ann
Children: Ann (b: ABT. 1858 in Ire), Mary (b: ABT. 1858 in Ire), John (b: ABT. 1859 in Ire), James (b: ABT. 1861 in Ire), Jane (b: ABT. 1863 in Ire), Nicholas (b: ABT. 1864 in Eng), Bessie (b: ABT. 1865 in Ire), Margaret Anne (B: 1870 in Drogheda Workhouse, Ire), Sara T. (b: 1872 in Mass.), Catherine Agnes (b: 1875 in Mass.)
BANNON Patrick
(Patty the Mason)
Ellen BrownKillyculla, Co. Fermanagh
CHURCH, Elizabeth
Wendy TaylorMy convict ancestors convicted in dublin . Elizabeth in 1807 and John before 1809. Trial records were destroyed. John's death certificate listed parents unknown. Elizabeth's death certificate we can not find. Has anyone out there in Ireland lost a couple of family members maybe sent to Australia around that time.
BARRETTTed MeehanTipperary
Bapt: 1833 in Ennistimon, Clare
emigrated to Canada and then moved in Sauk Co., Wisconsin
Jocelyn Harveyson of Patrick and Mary (Stack) Barrington
Children: children were Patrick Roger, William, George, Thomas John, Edward Peter, Joseph Martin, Lee Francis, Mary Eva, and Anna
BARRINGTON, PatrickJocelyn HarveyM: Mary Stack
Children: Thomas, John, Patrick Catharine - All born in Ireland.
Only children known to emigrate to Canada: Patrick and Catherine
BARRETTRosemary Quinn(Piqua area-pre1856); (East Cambridge- 1840-1875)
BARRETT, Edward A.
B: 11/27/1875 in County Mayo
D: 6/13/1943 in Pittsburgh, PA USA
Father: Patrick Barrett
Mother: Bridget
Pat BarrettM: Mary Hughes (B: 12/24/1872) on 5/28/1889 in Philipsburg, PA USA
Children: Edward, Mary, James Patrick, Samuel John, Andrew Peter, Thomas Anothony, Anna Margaret, Helen Bridget and Robert Edward
BARRETT, JamesMyra DuffyDublin, c1830, Esther, Kingstown, Co. Meath, 1863
BARRYJames CoxCo. Westmeath
BARRYMary WickershamBallyduff, Waterford
BARRY, Thomas
B: 1815 ? in Cork?, Ireland
D: between 1870 & 1880 in Biddeford, Maine
immigrated: before 1847 to Canada or Maine
Lois MartinM: before 1847 to Alice Maher (B: 1820's or 1830's)
Children:: Ellen Born 2/8/1847-Calais Maine; Honora born 1850- Biddeford,Maine; Margaret born 1853, biddeford, ME; William, b. 1856, biddeford; Mary Ann, b. 1857, biddeford; James, b. 1860, biddeford; Catherine, b. 1862, biddeford
BEATTIERobina ElliotBallymena, Larne
Jim BeattieM: Agnes? Gilmore (d/o Hugh Gilmore)at Ballycopeland in the Parish of Donaghadee, County Down
b: approx 1878 Antrim, Ireland
Sean Caldwellm Annie Wetherall?... b 12 Sep 1875 Lurgan, Lower Killybegs, Ireland
BENSONNancy ReebKiltimagh, Co. Mayo
BENSON, Martin,
m. Sarah Regan
John KellySligo
BENTLEYDick Dickinson 
BEVERLINFraserCo. Westmeath
BEVERLINNita in AustraliaFrom Coleraine, Presbyterian
BLAKE, Michael,
b. ca. 1820,
m. Mary, b. c. 1820
MichnTedIRL>Westchester Co. NY
BLOWICKKay A WeberCo. Mayo
BOLANDNancy ReebKinaffe, Swinford, Co. Mayo
BOLANDAllyson Jardine 
BOYLECherylCo. Armagh
BOYLEDot Denning GudgerIreland
BRADY, William
Trevor Page.A plasterer.
BRADLEYCherylCo. Tyrone
BRADLEYFiona BrooksMeath
BRADLEY, Abbey/Deborah/GobnaitDonaleneM: O'CONNOR, Michael ca. 1837
first child, Nora born 1838 Portduff, Co Kerry
Prob aunt to Bishop Denis Bradley of NH, from Knockeen, Co Kerry, son of Michael and Mary (Kerins) Bradley
BRADLEY, Ellen Rose
born approx. 1846 at Erdenagh, Ireland
Mother possibly Mary.
Stew WATSONFirst recorded event for Ellen Rose was her marriage in New Zealand on 20/6/1865 to Thomas WILSON. At this stage no idea how and when she arrived in NZ.
BRADLEY, JohannaDonalenebpt sponsor for Mary O'Connor in Raeneen, in1846. Mary dau of Michael and Abbey (Bradley) OConnor.
BRADLEY, JohnDonalenebpt sponsor for Ellen Connor in Castleisland, Co Kerry. Ellen dau of Michael and Abbey O'Connor.
BRADLEY, MatthewDonalenebpt sponsor for Mary O'Connor in Raeneen, in1846. Mary dau of Michael and Abbey (Bradley) OConnor.
BRADLEY, MichaelDonalenebpt sponsor for Winifred OConnor in 1859 in NH.
BRANGANNancyaround Ballycastle, Moyarget, Parish of Ramoan
BRAZEL (Brasil?), Patrick
B: in the parish of Clonmel in ca. 1825/26
jim emmersonjoined the 33rd regt on the 15 july 1846
M: isabella in 1851 in berwick upon tweed in 1851
BRENNANNancy ReebKinaffe, Swinford, Co. Mayo
B: 1864
ChristiM: COLEMAN, Francis in Norwalk, OH
BRENNAN, William
B: c1840's in Arless, Co.Laois
d: After 1872 in Arless/Ballickmoyler
Michael BrennanM: c1860's in Arless/Carlow to Unknown
Children: Mark Brennan, James Brennan, Ellen Brennan, Edward Brennan
William Brennan is my Great,Great Grandfather who is buried in Arless Graveyard, Co. Laois. This graveyard is situated next to the Sacred Heart Church, Arless, Co. Laois. William Brennan and his family lived in and around the villages of Arless and Ballickmoyler and his son's worked as Slater's both locally and in Carlow Town which is only 5 miles South of Arless. I am looking for anyone who may be a descendant of the above listed Family.
BRANNELLYAnne Carty AdamsCoolourthy, Abbeyknockmoy, GAL, IRL to PA.NJ, USA
B: 1858 in Ire
D: after 1938
Virginia Adams PierceParents: John William Bresnahan(Ireland) and Julia Stokes (Ireland)
Twin to Patrik J.
B: Feb 1818 in Ire
D: 20Jan1911 in St. Louis, MO
immigrated: 1860-1862
Virginia Adams Pierceknown children: Bridget Bresnahan and John William Bresnahan *note: Patrick Bresnahan is named on the d.c. of Bridget (Bresnahan) Walsh, as her father
M: Michael WALSH in Ire
children:" Patrick (b.Mar1843Ire.), Michael (b.1844-49Ire.), Peter (b.Apr1850Ire.), Mar y (b.Mar1852Ire.), Thomas B.(b.Jan1857Ire.), James W. (b.6Apr.1858Ire.), Willie (b.abt.1859Ire.)
B: Ireland
immigrated: to Australia(date unk.)probably Brisbane
Virginia Adams PierceParents: John William Bresnahan(Ireland) and Julia Stokes
BRESNAHAN, Cornelius
B: abt. 1800 in Ire.
D: before 1860 in NH
Immigrated: before 1850
MaureenM: Mary Margaret Fleming (B: abt. 1800) about 1830 in Ire
Children: ?Margaret (Haggerty), Andrew, Julia (Leary),Hannah (Coleman)
Family may be from Kerry. Margaret with three children possibly in Manchester NH in 1860. Cornelius death record not found and might be in US census in area in 1850. Andrew married in 1855 to Mary Leary in Manchester NH, Julia married in 1863 same location to James Leary brother of Mary. Margaret (relationship not proved) to Peter J. Haggerty in 1868. There may be other older children.
B: abt. 1890 in MO.
D: 3 Nov 1909
Virginia Adams Pierceparents: Patrick J. Bresnahan/Josephine M. Dunn
B: Aug 1860 in Ire
D: after 1938
Virginia Adams PierceParents: John William Bresnahan(Ireland) and Julia Stokes (Ireland)
Married: Cornelius O'KEEFE (b.June 1855, IN) in 1882
Children: Ellen(b.Aug1860), Julia(b.July?), Nellie(b.July1888), Josephine(b.Dec1890), Cornelius(b.Apr1895), John E.(b.5Dec1895 &d.28Feb1967), Margurite(b.Aug1899)
*note: all the children were born in Indiana
B: Ireland
Virginia Adams PierceParents: Patrick J. Bresnahan and Josephine M. Dunn
Children: Mrs. Cleary(there are probably others) immigration: to Australia(date unk.)probably Brisbane died: before 1938
BRESNAHAN, John Lawrence
B: 15 Sep 1887 in MO.
D: .16Jan1930
Virginia Adams Pierceparents: Patrick J. Bresnahan/Josephine M. Dunn
M: Rose Isabelle McCORMICK on 29Aug1914 in St.Louis, MO
children: 8, daughter(b.1915), daughter(b.1916), son(b.1917), son(b.1918), daughter(b.1920), daughter(192?), son"twin"(192?), daughter(b.1927)
BRESNAHAN, John William
B: abt. 1828 to 1838 in Ire
Virginia Adams Piercefather: Patrick Bresnahan
spouse: Julia STOKES
Children: Patrick J. (b1858), Benjamin (b.1858, twin of Patrick J.), Ellen (b.1860), Thomas (b.1866) Julia (b.1868), Michael J. (b.5Oct1877), , Hanna(b.?), Bridget((b.?).
B: 7 Sept 1868 in Milford, Cork, Ire
immigrated: to Australia(date unk.)probably Brisbane
Virginia Adams PierceParents: John William Bresnahan(Ireland) and Julia Stokes
B: 30 Oct 1894 in MO.
D: .9 May 1970
Virginia Adams Pierceparents: Patrick J. Bresnahan/Josephine M. Dunn
M: Frederick J. HERRE on 5Aug1911 in St. Louis, MO.
children: 4, son(b.1912), daughter(b.1915), daughter(b.1919), son(b.1924)
B:: 5 Oct 1877 in Tullylease, Ire
D: 13 Apr 1936
Virginia Adams PierceParents: John Wm. Bresnahan and Julia Stokes
1st spouse: Mary GILMARTIN on 23May1911 in Trenton, Clinton Cnty., IL
children: 1, possibly 2 infants
2nd spouse: Bertha LANCASTER abt. 1918 in Harrisburg, IL
children: 8, daughter(b.1919), daughter(b.1921), daughter(b.?), son(b.1926), son(b.1929), daughter(b.1930), son(b.?), son(b.?)
BRESNAHAN, PatrickVirginia Adams Pierceknown children: Bridget Bresnahan and John William Bresnahan *note: Patrick Bresnahan is named on the d.c. of Bridget (Bresnahan) Walsh, as her father.
B: 1858 in Ire
D: 18Jan 1918.
Virginia Adams PierceParents: John William Bresnahan(Ireland) and Julia Stokes (Ireland)
1st spouse: Marie NOLAN
2nd spouse: Josephine M. DUNN on 17Nov188 in St. Louis, MO.
B: 6 Mar 1866 in Milford, County Cork, Ire
Virginia Adams PierceParents: John Brusnihan and Julia Stokes
B: 1883 in MO.
D: .9 Feb 1927 in Los Angeles, CA
Virginia Adams Pierceparents: Patrick J. Bresnahan/Josephine M. Dunn
1st spouse: Margaret M. FITZGIBBON abt.1913 in St.Louis, MO
children: 2, daughter(b.1915), daughter(b.1916)
2nd spouse: Jane Ellen EGAN abt. 1919 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
children: son(b. 1920)
BREWER, PatrickImKylesnanaSon of Richard BREWER and Ann KENNEY. They migrated to Canada C1850 before migrating to Michigan, USA where he married and raised his family.
BRIDGMAN NWBeryl O'GormanLimerick
B: ca 1827 in Tipperary
D: 1905 in Geelong Vic Australia
Wendy TaylorParents: Patrick Broderick and Penelope Rockford
1851 in Sydney Australia to Catherine Kenefick (b: 1820)
Childern: Patrick, John, Henry, Penelope, Catherine, Margaret
BROGANDarcy FreemanRoscommon/Leitrim to NY
convict, sent to Australia on Marquis of Huntley 1828
CarmenHis wife Ellen/Elleanor (nee HORAN) followed with their six children aboard Roslyn Castle in about 1836. Possible resident of Scariff. Born about 1791 Co Clare. Ellen was born about 1822.
BROOKS/ESFiona BrooksLouth & Dublin
born Co. Tipperary 1834
Heather NansenTwo brothers arrived S.A. 1855.
Brother to John Brophy.
born Co. Tipperary 1825
Heather Nansenarrived S.A. 1855.
Brother to Denis Brophy.
John believed to have gone (and stayed) in Victoria.
BROSNAHAN, ElizabethBeryl WhatsonM: Patrick CONNELL in Inch St. Lawrence 1828, Limerick.
Three of their children went to Australia.
Catherine arrived 1863, married Michael Quinlan, 2 sons, one died as baby, second one, William died in WW1. Catherine is buried in Waverley cem.
James arrived 1865, married Jane Williams 1867 at Kempsey, these are my gr-grandparents. Many children, I have details of all, and in contact with descendants.
Margaret arrived 1865 with James, married 1.Fitzpatrick, had 4 children, then married 2.Thomas Clarke, no chn. Margaret, Thomas and two unmarried daughters all buried in Clarke vault, at Waverley.
BROWN from the SHETLAND ISLANDSBrenda Mooney 
BROWNBob ColesCo. Down
BROWNFiona BrooksDublin
BROWN, Samuel Joseph
B: ca. 1832
came to the US in about 1850
Janice WardMarried a Susanna RUSH b. 1846, Louisiana, parents were born in Ireland.
Children: Samuel Joseph BROWN, Ann BROWN, Frances DESALES BROWN, John BROWN, Esther BROWN
BROWNEJames CoxGalway
BROWNENancy ReebKiltimagh, Co. Mayo to Phila, PA
ca. 1800
BROWNEKay A WeberWexford
BROWNE, Patrick
came from County Cork
died in car accident May 1909
father: Patrick Browne
mother: Bridget Kiley or Clary
ParnellFamilymarried Catherine McCarthy (from County Clare) at Belfast (renamed Port Fairy, Victoria, Aus) in 1867.
Catherine's mother - Mary Deveraux, and father - Daniel McCarthy.
BROWNELLClonmoreStackallen, Co. Meath
BUCKLEYVirginia Adams Pierce 
BUCKLEYBarbara SheperdDublin?
BULKELEY/BULKLEYPhil BulkeleyDirect Descendant of: Sir William Bulkeley Beaumaris Anglesey
Web Site: The Bulkeley-Bulkley Descendants Webpage
Mailing List: Bulkeley Mail List
BURKENancy ReebKiltimagh, Co. Mayo to Phila, PA
BURKEJoseph E Burt 
BURKELucy SjaanLeitrim
BURKE, Daniel
born in Ireland abt. 1835
Polly ToddHe came to the US in 1844. He was about 8 yrs. old ,when he arrived in the US.
M: Mary Dennis
children: William Thomas b. July 1885 d. 1956, John b. Aug. 1877, Rosa b. July 26, 1889, Clara b. April 1876, Charles b. Dec. 1883, James b. Oct. 1870, Margie b. Dec. 1881.
BURNS, Elizabethharvey calichman 
BUTLERFiona BrooksCo. Mayo
BUTLER, JohnEmb7177Co. Clare to Sedalia, Pettis Co. MO Edna
born 15 April, 1839, County Clare, Ireland
EdnaFather's name JOHN BUTLER, mother's name unknown
Roman Catholic...
BUTLER, Michael
born ca. 1839 in Ire
A.J. RossSpouse's name: Mary (B: ca. 1841 in Ire)
Children (All born in England): Mary (B: ca. 1862); Annie (B: ca. 1864); John J. (B: ca. 1865); Henry (B: ca. 1870); Margaret (B: ca. 1871); Joseph (B: ca. 1872); Rose A. (B: ca. 1875); Eliza (B: ca. 1877); Catherine (B: ca. 1870)
BUTLER, William
William Patrick ButlerGreat grandfather Patrick Butler from Kildavin in co.Wexford. William would like to know if anyone is looking for these Butlers? He is from County Carlow, but is working in the U.S. right now. Please reply directly to me:
Clicking on the EMail Link will send your message to Debbie at [email protected]. This is William's Point of Contact for now.
BUTTIMER, Abraham (John)
b Abt 1802 Bohona, Cork, Ire
d 25 Jun 1886 Unknown?
Sean Caldwellm Abt 1830 Tamar Shorten? b Abt 1806 Cork, Ireland. d 1851
b 12 Sep 1848 Derryvreen, Kilmeen, Cork, Ire
d 1918
Sean CaldwellM: James Giles
Parents: Abraham (John) Buttimer and Tamar Shorten?
BUXTON from NORFOLKBrenda Mooney 
BYRNETracy LowryImmigrated to Ohio, 1840's - 1860's.
BYRNEN ReebBohola & Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo
BYRNE, Charles
GAine Byrne1st Marrriage: Johanna NOLAN RC Parish of Myshall, Co. Carlow. Johanna born abt. 1800 probably and died before 1835
Children of Charles BYRNE and Johanna NOLAN::
1. Honoria BYRNE b. bef. 1819 married Andrew/Andy LAWLER 183
2. Elizabeth BYRNE b. bef 1820, married Edward MAHER. Edward b. abt. 1812 Ballytarana, Parish of Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny. Died 1896. Elizabeth died 189.
3. Mary/Mary Ann BYRNE b 1820 married John NOLAN of Co. Kildare.
4. Thomas BYRNE b 1822. Emigrated to US in 1848 and moved to Illinois. He was my gg grandfather.
Surname changed to BURNS in the US.
2nd Marriage: Nancy HEARY.
Dau Margaret born 1835.
Surname changed to BURNS in the US.
BYRNE, Denis
b. 1766 Dunroe
Judith Byrne married BRIDGET KAVANAGH
issue: James, Ann, Bridget, Denis, Thomas & John
BYRNE, Elizabeth
B: Feb., 1835
Judith Byrnemarried NOLAN, James
a son, Denis, born February 1863
BYRNE, Elizabeth
B: Oct., 1865
Judith Byrnemarried HANLON, James in the Bagenalstown area of Co. Carlow
BYRNE, James
b. 1798 Bagenalstown (Muine Bheag), Carlow
Judith Byrnemarried Elizabeth (Eliza) Brennan
issue: Denis, Brigid, Michael, Mary, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Patrick, Anne, Ellen, James.
BYRNE, James
b. 1842 Bagenalstown Carlow
Judith Byrnemarried Mary Delaney
issue:Margaret, Elizabeth, Julia, Josephine, Ann & James.
b. 1829 Dunroe
Judith Byrne married Susan Whelan
issue: James, John, Elizabeth, Denis, Michael, Thomas, Patrick, Luke, Joseph & Ann.
BYRNE, MarcellaMary Shortismarried Matthew NOLAN Carlow, c1822 WIC
BYRNE, Michael
Sheila M. MartinKilcullen, Co. Kildare
BYRNE, Terrence
b. 1729
d. Oct 1 1807
GAine ByrneBallyloughan, Co. Carlow
BYRNES, MichaelPat DWere last known to live in Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Michael Byrnes and Bridget Leonard were married in Charlottetown P.E.I. in the year 1835
Their son John was born in the year 1845
Their daughter Catherine was born in 1836
BYRNES, Thomas
born 1817
Mary ShortisM: In 1839 Dublin, to Elizabeth MOONEY of Co Down.
Parents: Thomas & Anne Byrnes. James & Bridget MOONEY

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