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On each Roll Call Page you will find two ways to find the names listed. The first way is to use the links near the top of the pages. These links are similar to the following one shown and you may click on the Letters below to start your researdch:
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You also may click on the links at the bottom of each page to go to the individual sections.

Sorry, there are no plans on indexing each and every name on the list. No one has the time to undertake such a task.

You can post your Roll Call Submittals just by clicking on this link and filling out the information:

Rootsweb" Ireland List Roll Call Form Page

About Roll Call:

Some Hints and Examples to guide
your Roll Call Submittals

What is the "Roll Call" List

The Roll Call List shows the surname intersts of the List Members in a condensed form. Our Roll Call List is intended to show a little more than just names, dates and places. However we do not wish to post extensive biographies onto the Roll Call Pages due to space limitations.

Is it Mandatory that every Member of the
Ireland List be placed on the Roll Call Pages?

The Answer is "No", a List Member may choose not to have their information included in the Roll Call. However, We is assumed that every list member wishes to make their genealogy information known for that is the main purpose of joining such lists as this one. Therefore we also assume that everyone on the list agrees to being placed on the Roll Call Pages, unless they specifically state they want to be excluded.

Whenever you post your messages on the Mail List, you run the risk of someone noticing your names and checking them against the Roll Call List. If the Names are not on the List, then they could be placed into the folder containing the names to be added to the Roll Call.

The Roll Call Page Format

Every Roll Call List has a format. The Main Format chosen for the Ireland Email List is the HTML 3 column format. We chose HTML over a Text version because HTML Versions can be prettier and the ability to generate Email links can be done. WEB Site Links can also be done with an HTML format. The Text Format doesn't allow for clickable links.

Infomrmation for the Roll Call Page.

The presentation of the informattion submitted for this page is one similar to the Tiny Tafel, but revised to allow more information to be shown than the average Tiny Tafel is intended to show. The added information includes such things as Birth Dates and places, Baptismal/ Christening Dates and places, Death Dates and places, Immigration and Naturalization Dates and places, Marriage Dates and places, Spouse's Names, Children's Names, Web Site Information, and Contact Information (i.e. Email Addresses Only). This information is split among the three colums of the List.

What is a Tiny Tafel?

A tiny tafel is a shorthand way of telling people what genealogy lines you are researching. Among other things, they tell who you are and give the next person an idea of where and when your ancestors lived. Each line tells the soundex code for the surname, the surname, the first and last date you have information on that surname, and the first and last place you know they lived.

The Tiny Tafel was intended to look something like this example:

Name of Submitter:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
(Other Information may be added here as well)
Soundex CodeSurnameDatesLocation
A143Appleton1506 - 1800England
A143Appleton1776 - 1965New York USA
A143Appleton1869 - 1920Wyoming USA
B626Bricker1750 - 1800Pennsylvania USA
C425Callaghan1867 = 1889Dublin, Ire

However some people didn't like, or understand, the intent of the Tiny Tafel - so they altered the information placed on the tiny tafel to suit themselves. Even though most Tiny Tafels are controlled by a program, the program allowed ample space in most of it's preprogrammed slots to very the information.

The Result was that sometimes instead of a Surname of a family, you would see complete names of a person being researched. Instead of a Span of Years in the Dates Column, you would see the Day, Month and years pertaining to the birth and death dates of the person. And instead of seeing one location such as Pa, England, Ireland, or other. You would see double entries, such as England>Pa., Limerick, Ire>Pittsburgh, Pa. Sometimes you would see multiple entries, such as: Ire>Pa>Mo>Co>NM>CA>Aus.

If you get the chance to see several Tiny Tafels by various people, then odds are you will see numerous variations of the same theme.

Some examples to further explain things.

The Roll Call was intended to be a shorthand version of one's personal research, much like the Tiny Tafel... however the desire to allow more information on the Roll Call was figured in.

The Intent of Roll Call was still not to be expansive as a Pedigree Chart or Family Story spanning several Generations, but it also was not to be as limited as the Tiny Tafel.

The Looks of the Roll Call Tables were chosen to look like this:

SurnameList MemberRemarks

  1. This column is for the Surname, or full name of the Person being researched. Dates relating directly to the Surname or Person (such as Birth, Death, and Immigration) may also go here to help acheive a more balanced appearance to the Web Page.

  2. This column is for the Researchers Name and Email Address.

  3. This column is basically for everything else, so please try to condense your information.

An Example of a Roll Call Entry

Examples are often easier for people to follow than wordy explainations. Let's say your research says this about the Person you wish to submit to the Roll Call List:

Jim Smith, born in 1832 in Ireland, Died in 1900 in Ontario Canada. Jim Married Josephine O'hare (born 1840 in Dublin, died 1930 in Toronto, Canada) in Liverpool, England in 1866. Let's also say there is a WEB Page that mentions your Jim Smith at Http://

Your submittal could look something like this:

SMITH, James Your name/handle ([email protected]) born in 1832 in Ireland, Died in 1900 in Ontario Canada, M: Josephine O'hare (1840 ~1930) in 1866 in Liverpool, England. Smith Genealogy Page Http://

Or perhaps this:

Jim SMITH (born in 1832 in Ireland, Died in 1900 in Ontario Canada), Your name/handle ([email protected]), M: Josephine O'hare (1840 ~ 1930) in 1866 in Liverpool, England. Smith Genealogy Page Http://

The variations of the Sumittal can be done in many ways, but they all would turn out to look something like this:

SurnameList MemberRemarks
SMITH, JamesYour name/handleborn in 1832 in Ireland
Died in 1900 in Ontario Canada
M: Josephine O'Hare in 1866 in Liverpool, England.
Smith Genealogy Page

You may click on the "Your name/handle" and/or the "Smith Genealogy Page" above to see an example of how those links work.. but the Link to the WebSite Should go nowhere and please don't send email to the person above. To the best of my knowledge, the person or email address doesn't exist. :)

Your Entry on the Roll Call Pages may also look like this, to give it a more balanced look and to conserve line space.

SurnameList MemberRemarks
SMITH, James
b:1832 in Ire
D:1900 in Ont. CA
M: Josephine O'Hare
(B: 1840 ~ D: 1930) in 1866 in Liverpool, England.
Smith Genealogy Page

"Why shouldn I Make my submittals This Way?"

Actually this is a very good question, I am sure glad I thought of it! LoL

But seriously......

The First point is to save time in converting your text information into an html format used by this WEB Site. By sending in the information in a condensed manner and according to Individual Family Groups, much time is saved by our not having to weed through 2 or 3 paragraphs of commentary to get the information required for an entry on the list.

Another point is conservation of space. This Free WEB Space was offered by Rootsweb and even though it is unlimited, they might consider the use of too much space as taking advantage of their kind and generous offer. In addition, making your submittals brief, but yet retaining the bare essentials, will make other List Members happy when they don't have to scroll through screen after screen of an entry which they have no immediate interest in. :) It would be far too much work, at this time, to index the Role Call Pages in order for people to go directly to a Surname.

We recently saw the Third Point in action. Personal concerns demanded the time one could spent working on this site be spent to "take care of business". When one has a team of people who can cover for each other in the event of unforeseen circumstances. However, when there is only one person doing the work, then something has to be put aside until later. It is sad that needs are always more important than wants! :D

It's as simple as that. :)

All Submittals are welcome to this page, no matter what the length, and let there be no micunderstanding about that point. :) The Members appreciate the information and the List Mom Appreciates it as well. However the lengthier a submittal is for one single entry - the better chance it has of being put aside until time permits us to work on it.

Thanks, once again, for your assistance in our attempt to try to get these pages done as soon as possible. :)

For your convenience, the Online Roll Call Form is Located at:

Rootsweb" Ireland List Roll Call Form Page

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