1664 Hearth rolls Iffa & Offa
In 1662, the Irish Parliament declared that "From and after the twenty-ninth day of September, 
in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and sixty two, every dwelling and other 
house and edifice that are or hereafter shall be erected within this Kingdom of Ireland,... 
shall be chargeable ... and are charged ... for every firehearth, and other place used for firing
 and stove within every such house and edifice as aforesaid, the sum of two shillings, sterl., by 
the year, to be paid yearly and every year at the feast of the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin 
St. Mary, and the feast St. Michael the Archangel, be even and equal portions." The tax was to be
 paid by the tenants, not the landlords. Lists, of those required to pay, were made by county, 
barony, parish and townland. The lists are known as "Hearth Money Rolls."

The original documents were destroyed in 1922. The following list is taken from an appendix in Canon
Burke's "History of the Town of Clonmel." The term "fitz" for "son of" was used to indicate a time
of decent and not surnames.

1664 Hearth Money Rolls for the Baronies of Ida and Offa. Co. Tipperarv
(p) in the H.M. returns where there is more than one hearth, the number is indicated in brackets. 
Carrick - Daniel Connelly, Daniel Maher, Donough Flynn, David Magher, John Pendergrast,(thirteen obliterations), 
Henry Davies, John Bryan, John the hatter, James Mortimer, James Linch (2, an oven and a kiln), 
John Faker (2), James Neale junior (3), John Potter, John McGrath Junior, John Carew(2), John Corrigan, 
Ignatius Driver, John O'Fyne, James Paton, John Fline, John Fitzmurray, John McGarth junior, John Cudihy, 
James Comerford, James Meagher, John Slane, John Pill, James Neale jun., Giles Daniel), John Brenoge, 
James Canane, Corn. Bryan, Kenedy Quin (2), Michael Samott (3), Morish Mahony, Morish Whelahan, Marcus Henrahan,
Michael Lynch, Philip Brenagh, Peter Cahoe (3), Peter Linch, Peter Cullnane, Phillip Brenagh, Peter Brenagh,
Peter Milward (3), Paul Dugin, Richard Dixon (3), Richard White, Richard Dowly, Richard Conway, Robert McTeige,
Richard Brenagh, Robert Butler, Thomas Shephard (3), Thomas Reyly, Teig Hickey, Thomas Gaule, Thomas Kerwicke, 
Thomas McGarth, Thomas Stasie, Thomas Neale (3), Thomas McDanniell, Thomas Mortimer, William Headin (3), 
William Barnard (4), Walter Wallice (3), Walter Neale (3), Walter Cfeare, William Hennard (2), Walter Deveran (3),
Walter Andren, Walter Callure, William Kennedy (3), Walter Pollane, James Hartrey, William Clayton (2), 
Katherine Sutton (5), William Hackett, Teige Kealy, Thomas Kealy, James English (2 and a forge), William Ryan, 
William McEdmund, Walter Butler, Donnough Dwyre, Thomas Welsh, Phillip Kennedy, Edmund Wedner, David Woodlock, 
Edmd. McCleare.

(q) Richardstown - Bryan Hogane (2), William Shea, Dermot Costello, Dermot Neale, William McDavid,
John Duigin, Thomas Cantwell, William Donoghow, two waste houses.
Mainstown - Pierce Neale (2), John Connolly, Morrish Linchey, William McJohn, John Neale, Thomas Neale, 
Teige Carrow, three waste houses.
Butlerstown- Edmund Mandeville (2), Edmund Laffan, Brennen Helane, John Power, Dermot Funell, 
Morish McThomas, Teig Micane, Phillip Dempsey, three waste houses.
(r) Ballyneale - John Shaw (5), John Carroll, William Sexton.
Lisdobur- Lewis Davy (2), Brian Meane, William Mahoony, Daniel Sexton, John Welch, Thomas McWalter, 
Philip Kennedy, James Daton, Philip Meane, William Neale.
Mologh - James Blanchfield (2), Patrick Quean, Donogh Kelly, Edmond Clenane, William Dergan, Ellice Carrew.
Figlassy - John Neale (2), John Shea, David Neale, Nicholas McDavid, William Hogan, James McJohn, 
John Quine, Dermot Morrish, Teig Dowley, Richard McWilliam, waste four.
Ballynecloony - Pierce Daton (2), Richard Hanyne, Philip Hanyn, James Welsh, Thomas Shea, 
Ellen Mahoony, William Webstere, Richard Hogan, three waste.
Ardcollum - Thomas Quoan (2), waste house.
Ballynoran - John Butler (2), Thomas Browder, William Leahy, Morris McEdmund, waste house.
Balynemony - Nicholas Roche (2), John Twohy, Thomas McGarth, John Phelane, two waste.
Curraghdobbin - Thomas Mandevilte (2), Morris Power, Lewis Walsh, William Gonigh, Peter Wall, John Morris, two waste.
Muerety - Walter Elmer (2), John Phelan, James Dwyer, Nicholas Knaron, John Mahoony, David Hennessy, 
John Butler, Mologh Phelan, Morris Guise, three waste.
Contagh – Thomas McGarth (2), John Murphy, Francis Thomas, Darby Murphy, Edmund Bourke, William Kenna, three waste.
Ballythomas - Murtagh Doran, Edmund Tobin, Thomas Davin, Moris Shulavan, Thomas McEdmund, 
John Burke, three waste.
Ballydine - James Mandeville (2) James Morrish, David Cowny, John Cowny, Michael McTeig, 
Richard Birne (a forge), Edmund Hogan, John Carbry, William Hogan, Morris Walsh, one waste.
(s) Maganstown - James Dwan, David Seaton, Philip Seaton, one waste.
Kilsheelan - William Mulloony, Thomas Leamy, William Burke, George Clarke (2), John Wall, 
James Meagher, three waste. B 
Ballyneraha - John Mandeville (5), John Cooke (2), Richard Cormac, Connor Carroll, Rowland Cooke, 
Edmund Kennedy, Cormack McDonnell, David Ryan, John Gow, Darby Quidehy, Edmond Mire, James Melode, 
Edmond Hogan, Thomas Shea, Richard Maloony, Mrs. Mandeville (2), four waste.
Poulekerry – Thomas Webb (2), James Dalton, David Hogan, Peirce Neale, NoanyHally, two waste.
Newton Anner – Michael White (4), Edmund O'Moloony, John Foley, Thomas Walsh, Daniel O'Foley, 
Neat O'Daniel, Darby Cleare, Ellen Breen, two waste.
Ballinamore - Dermot McGartn, John Daniell, Richard O'Mullryan, James O'Daniell, Edmund Hogan, Donough Hogan, one waste.
Seskin - Philim O'Neale (2), Peirse Conway, William Trehy, William Loghnane, William Rea, 
Turlogh Daniell, David Connell (a forge), Mclaghlin Forin, three waste.
Ballyglasheen - Mrs. Valentine Blunt (5), James Heelan (2), Donogh Dwyre, William Connell, John Kennedy, 
Philip Dempsey, Pierse Dempsy, William Godfrey, Jophn Maher, Richard McJohn, Ellen Kelly, two waste.
(t) Milodstown - Thomas Clarke (2), Richard Thompson, Edmund Hanye, Dermod McGarth, James Clancy, William Quinlan, two waste.
Kilnoryse - Donough McWilliam, James McJohn, James Comerford, Richard Harrell, two waste.
Cloughcorrigeen - Francis Neale (2), Paul Roughan, John Hogan, Catherine Wall, Ellice Brittan, 
Ellen Quirke, Margaret Wall, William Cooney, Thomas Butler, three waste,
(u) Templeheny - Michael Gwin (2), John Bawn, Hugh Bee, Connor McDonough, Josneagh Egane, William McTeige, 
Edmund Duggin, Richard McTibbott, John Bevane, John Gregan, Thomas Crottie, Darby Skehane (a forge), two waste.
Ballyboe - Edmond Bacon, Loughlin Quigley, Thomas Friscan, Roger Murphy, Hugh Quin, William Loghlin, 
Thomas Anglasny, Margaret Butler, Edmond White, John McThomas, Edward Mandeville, Catherine McRichard, 
John McOwen, Teig McJohn, Qwen Walsh, four waste.
Killorney - Oliver Walsh (2), Richard Morrissy, Edmond O'Shehan, Morris Currin, Margaret Ultagh, 
Edmond Wall, John Healy, James Dempsey, Theobald Butler, Thomas Fennessy, Walter Walsh, 
William Connolly, John Crehane, Derby Clansy, Jane Neale, Pierce Connor, David Helane, 
Teige Moloughny, Connor McRyan, James White, (44 names obliterated), Stephen Cooke, James Roe, 
James Walsh, Thomas McJohn, Michael Spillane, Owen Quigley, Murtogh Mahony, Donough Morrissy, 
Daniel Mahony, Elizabeth Brenoge, Teig Maher, Thomas Shea, More Dungane, Donough Egane, 
Pierce Dalton, Donough Clovane, William Mongan, Augustus Kehoe, Teig Trohy, John Evistin, 
Edmund Helane, Thomas Mahoney, Jeffry Walsh, William Grady, Giles Kelly, Patrick, Henden, 
Thomas Royly, Dermot Boggy, Thomas Massan, Richard Lunty, Terlogh Dulane, Daniel Dwine, 
John Magher (a forge), David Stoake, five waste. 
Coolonan - James Walsh (2), William Connell, Edmund Brittan, Donogh Grady, William Welsh, John O'Fennessy, two waste.
Lisnetubrid - John Butler (2), Pierse Butler, Pierse Cantwell, Donogh Cleare, Pierse Butler, 
John O'Mahone, Philip Phelane, James Poore, William McDonnell, Andrew Bushell,
Catherine McPhilip, Thomas Healy (a forge), William Kelly, Robert Poore, John Connell, 
William Roe, William Morrissy, Constance Duevane, Edmund Mulcahey, William McBryan, 
James Stapleton (2), Ellen McJohn, six waste.
Templny -Darby Quin, Mary Welsh, David Lyne, Elizabeth Quin, Jeffry Walsh.
(v) Breanermore - William Lunny, Richard Dan, John Hine, Dermod Dolohanty, John McDarby, 
John McPhilip, James Morris, Phillip Meagher, Morris Reily (2), two waste houses, the mill of Kelleagh.
Tulaghea - Pierse Butler (2), John Daniell, John Croake, Richard Daw, Morris McEdmund, 
Robert Patrick, William Kervicke, three waste.
(w) Priorstown - Owen Hogan, Daniel Higgin, John Ftahertie, Danil Givey, two waste.
Butlerstown - Mr. John Mandeville (2), Peter Wall, Simon Forestall. 
Kilolane - John McDermot, John McTeig, one waste.
(x) Clenleamy - John Murphy (2), Pierce Richard, John Maxy, William Bough, Connor Bane, 
Teig Meagher, three waste.
Powerstown - Teig Murphy (2), Edmond Connor, John Mackey, Joane Cones, two waste.
Redmondstown - Edmond Phillip (2), Darby Meagher (a forge), William Kearne, David Hennessy, 
James Welsh, David Dorney, John Rissord, Thomas Welsh, Thomas McRichard, three waste.
Ballivoher - Donough Edmund, John Meagher, Thomas Meagher, John Currane, three waste, (five obliterations).
Rathkivan - John O'Neale (2), one waste.
Ballinmony - John Mullraine (2), John Meagher, James Deraley, John Moholohane, two waste.
(y) Rathronan - Henry Thompson (2), Daniel Ryan, Daniel Deane, Logh Shellane (a forge), 
Loghlin Hicklane, John Dwire, Darby Raghter, Donough Meagher, Thomas Bourke, Thomas Heale, 
John McRichard, two waste.
Orchardstown - Richard Kelly, Darby Meagher, John McDonogh, Edmd Kelly, two waste.
Lawlestown - Walter Dowgan, John Neale, two waste.
(z) Lisronagh - Teig Carrol (2), Edmond Heffernan, William Cassin, Darby Carroll, Willaim Growe (2),
Daniel Cleary, Ellen Hornet, William Curran, William Burke, Theobald Burke, Richard Howett, David
Hogan, Daniel Carroll, David Hoghy, Teig McEdmond, Daniel Helane, John Doughey, Redmond Howett,
Margaret Lonergan, John Neale.
Monemehill - Henry Francis (2), Pierce Daw, Teig McJohn, two waste.
Cahirclough - William Dwyre (2), Edmond Helane, William Helane, Morris Murphy, James Wodloke, 
Teig Neale, Thomas Keating, Darby Hogan, Thomas Dwyre, Joane Daniell, John Dorny, four waste.
Killmore - David Welsh (2), Philip Connell, Bryan Daniell, William McTeig, John Hogan, Constance Hogan, 
Edmond Hackett (2), John David, Owen McRichard, John McRichard, Thomas Butler, Connor Mulryan, 
Daniel Heffernan, Richard Power, four waste.
Garranmorhy - William Edmond (2), Walter Welsh, James Keyley, Thomas Brenane, William Richard, William Clensey, 
Morris Dowell, John Rowe, Philip Rowe, John Ailen, John Mullryan, Donogh Meaghan, Constance Daniell, four waste.
(aa) Ballygarrane - Philip English, gent, John O'Fahy, Bennet White, Edmond Brennock, Donogh Heine.
Garryroe - Brian O'Lonergan, Edmund fitz Maurice and Kenedy ni Davy Lonergan, Francis Hurley, 
Donal O'Hogan - Fiants Elizabeth.
(bb) Knockenanama - Pardon to Pierse Butler and More ny Brean his wife, 1599. 
Ballytarsney – Nicholas Hackett, gent, Richard Hackett, kern, Connor O'Meagher, Thomas Butler, gent, 
Richard fitz John O'Maher, yeoman, John Kearney fitz William, Walter fitz Redmond Hackett, yeoman.
Mollaghnoney - Edmond, Walter and Thomas Butler, gentleman. - Ibid.
(cc) Ballyclearahan - James Ballaughe Butler, Richard fitz Edmd. Tobin, Morough McCahill, kerns, Patrick Purcell, 
Gibbon Blanchfield, horseman, Edmond and Jeffry Mockler, James and Nicholas McCodie, yeoman. - Fiants, Elizabeth.
(dd) Moortown - Richard Keating, gent., John Keating fitz Richard Duf, and David Burke, yeoman, 
Thomas and William Brenagh, husbandmen.
Kilballynemona - Morish and Derby Buren, Robt. reough, Garret fitz Edmund Prendergast, Garret Fennell,
Dermot O'Donnell, MIaughlin and Terence McShane O'Donnell, Conor fitz John Daniel, yeoman,
William McDonough, Thomas O'Kennedie, Thomas Burke fitz Richard, Edmund Burke fitz Edward. - Ibid.
(ee) Ballmdoney - Morris Phelane, husbandman, Richard roe Keating, gent, Mahon O'Hogan.
Ballythomas - William Bourke, Loghlin O'Mulrian, Morish English, Donagh McQuin, yeoman, David
McHenry Bourke.
Nicholastown - John Keating, Richard Keating, gent, Edmund Keating, yeoman, William Keating, 
John Bourke, yeoman, Robert Keating, yeoman, Richard Butler, gent.
Garryroe - Edmund fitz Maurice Lonergan, farmer, Richard Burke Dermot, Francis Hurley, David Hurley, 
Daniel O'Hogan, Kennedy McDavid Lonergan, Brian O'Lonergan, John Daniel, John McSheehy, 
Edmond and Barnaby Karney fitz Philip.
(ff) Cahir and Mortlestowne Parishes - Edmund Daniel (3 and a klin), Thomas White (2), 
Richard Goulding, Mathew Evans, Walter Poore, Leonard Creagh (2), Thomas Carroll, Thomas Cooke, 
Constance Daniell, Walter Nory, William Murphy, James Murphy, Patrick Shurthall, Thomas Meagher, 
Nicholas Butler, Nicholas Morony, Thomas Kearney, Daniel Hickey (a forge), Edmund Tobin, 
Thomas Cohane,Philip McWilliam, Connor Duffe, Daniel Hickey (a forge), John Pendergrass, 
James McWilliam, Thomas McAdam, Thomas Roe (2), Thomas Tobin, Piers White, William Hogan, 
John Browne, Philip Mullany, Edmund McAdam, (six illegible), William Roe, Thomas Powell, 
(four illegible), John Riddle, Garret Mageon, John Milode, William McEward, Walter Morrisshy, 
Philip Meagher, Phillip Corane, Thomas Dee, Edmund O'Quirke, Roger Keneghane, Daniel Meagher (a forge), 
William McQuin, Andrew Laid (3 and a oven), Phillip Keatinge, Patrick Tobin, David Hickey, six waste.
Cahir Abbey - Jeffry Mockler (2), John Scolane, Piers Butler, Teig Gow (a forge), James Walsh, 
David McShane, William McTeig, Daniel Clavane, Thomas Scolane, John McKelly, David Bourke, 
James Bath, Millany Lorkane, Roger Lonergan,Richard McShane, Richard Toben, Joane Luby, two waste. 
Ballybradoc - Edmund Keating (3), John Carroll, Teig Maher, William Heany, John Dowdy, Manus Lahy, Evans David, 
William Meagher, Murtogh Phelane, Richard Hennessy, two waste.
Kilcommonbeg - John Fennell (5), Richard Valkine, Brian Daniel), Edmund Daniell, William Boy, Morish Daton, 
David Hickey, John McMahon, John McTeig, John Cahasy, Conor Dugan (a forge), one waste. 
Clonmore - Darby Leagh, Darby Doorane, David Hogan, David McWilliam. - H.M. Returns
(gg) Rochestown - William English fitz Eustace, gent, John English, John Wall, Redmond English,
Edmond Keating, Teig Etermen McGillepatrick, Edmund English fitz John, horseman, 
Edmund English,gent, and Ellen Morris, his wife, John Piers, and James his sons.
Ardfinnan - James and David Gall, horsemen, David Agherane, Brian O'Byrne, Edmund Brenagh, 
James Butler fitz Theobald, William fitz James Brenagh, John Butler, gent, James Tobin, John O'Donil, 
David Hickey fitz Thomas, Piers Forstall, Thomas O'Comyn, Edward Blake.
Clonacody - Edmund Butler fitz Theobald, Derby Meagher, Philip McTeig O'Meagher.- Fiants, Elizabeth:
(hh) Neddans - Teig Duff McDonogh, James Ronane, vicar, Edmund and Jeffry Prendergast, yeoman.
Lackmackrish - Richard Prendergast fitz Maurice, gent.
Rathogally - Thomas Prendergast, Robert Prendergast, husbandmen, John Prendergast, Thomas fitz John, 
Robert fotz John, kerns, Robert Fitz Thomas, yeomen.
Cloghcully - Patrick English, kern, Laurence Brennagh, horseboy, Derby McDonil, David ftiz Morris, yeoman, 
Edmund Butler fitz Thoebald, Thomas Fennessy, Willaim Kelly.
Mollough - Waiter Prendergast, yeoman, David fitz Edmund O'Donnell, William Flaghie, John fitz Morris McDermodie, 
David McShane and John McRorie McGrath. - Ibid
(ii) Knockeen - Donel reogh O'Keanedy, husbandman, William Hykey, weaver, William McEvarde,
husbandman, Morris fitz Robert Pendergast, yeoman.
Tullaghmelan - William Wall, horseman, Edmund Prendergast, clerk, Donagh O'Glissan.
Ballymorris - Daniel McPhilip McRorie McGarth, gent, Brien Kennedy, Teig O'Brien, Turlogh O'Kennedy, 
William Cleary, Ulick Burke, fitz William fitz Thomas and Honor Kennedy his wife, Edmund fitz Philip Prendergast, 
John Birne, Conor O'Meagher, Thomas fitz John fitz Geoffry, William and John fitz Thomas McGarth
Ballybeg - Gerald Prendergast fitz Philip, Edmund and Jeffry fitz James Prendergast, yeoman, 
Catherine Margaret and Grany, daughters of Donald O'Trohie, physician, James Fennell, physician. Symon Cantwell.
Graig - David McEdmond Galdie Burke, gent, Patrick fitz David, Gillepatrick 0'Dowle, Edmund O'Rian, 
Edmund O'Farrell, Conor Tenors, yeoman, Richard Grace, gent, Thomas Butler, Rorie O'Brien, yeoman, 
Richard Hackett fitz Philip.
Knocklofty - Thomas Keating, John and Manus McHugh O'Donnell, Dermot McCon O'Daniell, Edmund Prendergast, 
Morris fitz Robert Prendergast, yeoman, Rorie McDonil O'Meagher, goldsmith, James Butler alias Goldie, gentleman, 
Dermot McQuin O'Donil, Donogh O'Donell, James English fitz Walter, William reogh O'Mehollaghan, 
James Keating fitz Richard, yeoman. - Ibid.
(jj) Newcastle - Geffry Prendergast, gent., John fitz James Prendergast, James fitz Thomas Prendergast, yeoman, 
Philip and Hugh O'Meagher, carpenters, Morris Prendergast, carpenter, Owen McDonogh McGarth, Morris Brenagh, 
Morris Byrne, husbandmen, William German, William Keating, James Prendergast, gent., 
Owen and Morris Aherne, Geoffry brack Prindergast, John McDonel Aherne, Maurice McRedmond Condon, 
William McMorris Tobin, Teig McDonel Jenowan, Thomas Morcho, kerns.
Kilnecarriga - Richard fitz Morris Prendergast, yeoman, Edmund Prendergast, gent.
Croane - Thomas fitz Robert Prendergast, horseman, Garrot Prendergast, Walter Prendergast, husbandmen.
Clasgany - William Birran fitz Richard, husbandman.
Garryduff - Thomas leith Prendergast, Thomas O'Keating, husbandman, Morris Kinagh Prendergast, 
William fitz Thomas Butler, Theobald Butler, sheriff, Thos. McGilleniff O'Dwyer, yeoman, 
Derby O'Dwan, harper, William Burke, gent, Thomas Berran fitz Richard.
Curraghcloney - Donogh ap O'Hallinan, yeoman, Connor O'Cullinan.
Ballysallagh - James fitz Geoffry Prendergast, William O'Carran, Edmond Keating, farmers, 
John fitz Robert Prendergast, Morris Carragh Prendergast, husbandman. -Ibid.
(kk) Gormanstown - Thomas Keating, James Keating, Kenedy O'Lonergan, husbandmen.
Tullagh - Nicholas Daton, James fitz William oge Butler, David Fanning, Thomas O'Cashen, 
Donal McEa buy, Edward Kelly fitz Barnaby, John Keating, Turlogh O'Haleghan, Thomas O'Haleghan, 
Edward Keating,Edward Prendergast.
Kildonogh - Theobald McWatter, Brian O'Donel, Edmond fitz James Prendergast,
Kildonogh (con’t)- horseman, Geffry and Robert fitz James, kerns, James Nevill Prendergast, Thomas Prendergast.
Garryroe - Richard Burke Dermot, Francis and David Hurlie, Donal O'Hogan, Kenedy McDavie Lonergan,
Brian O'Lonergan, Edward fitz Maurice Lonergan.
Frehans - Thomas Prendergast fitz Robert, gent., Thomas Wall, John O'Kenedy, Conor McGranell, 
Alstrum Bourke fitz Richard, Walter Prendergast, gent., Felix O'Mulryan and Simon Lonergan, kerns, 
Thomas O'Morrssey and David Healie, horsemen, Jeffry Prendergast, yeoman.
Killmeen - Thomas roth fitz James Prendergast, gent., Edmund Prendergast, husbandman.
Ballyhestie - David and William Bourke fitz Thomas. - Ibid.
(ll) Burgess - John McGarth McEneas, gent., Rory McEa McGarth, Hugh McRorie McGarth, 
John fitz Thomas Lonergan, yeoman,
Kilcoran - Donogh O'Dowdy, husbandman, Mahon O'Dea, husbandman.
Whitechurch - Richard fitz Maurice Prendergast, Manus McShihie, yeoman, William O'Corban,
husbandman, Redmund and William English, kerns, Walter fitz Henry.
Rehill - Teig O'Heffernan, Walter Neale, James O'Haghir, James Helane, Patrick O'Haghir, 
Hugh Keogh, John Bathe, Owen Clancy, yeoman, John fitz William Burke, Edmond O'Donull, 
John McDonoghow, Darby O'Meagher, James Hickey, Philip Braghan, William McOwen, husbandmen.
Roosca - Redmond Comyn, Thomas fitz Theobald Purcell, William Butler, Edmund McShihie.
Ballydrenan - David Oge Lonergan, horseman, John fitz William Lonergan, husbandman, 
Donogh O'Fennesy, smith.
Tubrid - Philip Oge Lonergan, yeoman, William Greehan, Daniel O'Reilly, husbandmen, 
Donogh Moel McGarth.
Ballylomasna - Owen McGarth, John McOwen McGarth, gents., John McTomie, Flan McOwen and Rorie McThomas, farmers.
Drumloman - William McDonnell, Teig O'Lonergan, horseman, William McShane McGarth, William McThomas, 
Donogh O'Kennedy, Donogh O'Loughnan, John Loughnan, husbandmen.
Ballingarran - Daniel O'Heyn, William Lonergan, husbandmen, Philip English, Owen J. Connerie. - Ibid.
(mm) Shanraghan - Richard Keating, gent., Richard more Tobyn.
Carrigvieale - Donogh MacShane oge Barehie, gent.
Coolenaallagh - Patrick English, Donnell reagh O'Kenna.
Clogheen - John O'Hylane, shoemaker.
Ballyboy - Maurice fitz Edmond fitz Gibbon, gent., Thomas O'Hogan.
Castlegrace – William O'Mighan, yeoman, Willaim McTeig O'Gorman, Dermot O'Ryan, 
John O'Hickey, carpenters, Owen Corban and John Butler, butchers, 
Phillip McEdmond O'Lonergan and William McGarth, tailors, Dermot Ahearne, weaver, 
Gillpatrick O'Hickey, smith, Richard English, Garret McThomas McGarth, John O'Sheelly, 
Mathew Flyn, husbandmen, Dermot O'Donnell, John English, yeoman, Donogh Molony, goldsmith.
Carriganroe - Patrick English.
Garryduff - Derby O'Dwan, harper.
(Some of the townlands enumerated in Shanraghan parish belong at present to County Cork)
Alphabetical list not complete
Place          1stname      2nd name   Pref     Antall hearths
Carrick        John          the hatter         1
Carrick        Walter       Andren              1
Carrick        William      Barnard             4
Mologh         James        Blanchfield         2
Contagh        Edmund       Bourke              1
Carrick        Peter        Brenagh             1
Carrick        Philip       Brenagh             1
Carrick        Phillip      Brenagh             1
Carrick        Richard      Brenagh             1
Carrick        John         Brenoge             1
Ballynoran     Thomas       Browder             1
Carrick        Corn.        Bryan               1
Carrick        John         Bryan               1
Ballythomas    John         Burke               1
Ballynoran     John         Butler              2
Muerety        John         Butler              1
Carrick        Robert       Butler              1
Carrick        Walter       Butler              1
Carrick        Peter        Cahoe               3
Carrick        Walter       Callure             1
Carrick        James        Canane              1
Richardstown   Thomas       Cantwell            1
Carrick        John         Carew               2
Mologh         Ellice       Carrew.             1
Ballyneale     John         Carroll             1
Mainstown      Teige        Carrow              1
Carrick        William      Clayton             2
Carrick        Walter       Cleare              1
Mologh         Edmond       Clenane             1
Carrick        James        Comerford           1
Carrick        Daniel       Connelly            1
Mainstown      John         Connolly            1
Carrick        Richard      Conway              1
Carrick        John         Corrigan            1
Richardstown   Dermot       Costello            1
Carrick        John         Cudihy              1
Carrick        Peter        Cullnane            1
Carrick        Giles        Daniell             1
Lisdobur       James        Daton               1
Ballynecloony  Pierce       Daton               2
Carrick        Henry        Davies              1
Ballythomas    Thomas       Davin               1
Lisdobur       Lewis        Davy                2
Butlerstown    Phillip      Dempsey             1
Mologh         William      Dergan              1
Carrick        Walter       Deveran             3
Carrick        Richard      Dixon               3
Richardstown   William      Donoghow            1
Ballythomas    Murtagh      Doran               1
Figlassy       Teig         Dowley              1
Carrick        Richard      Dowly               1
Carrick        Ignatius     Driver              1
Carrick        Paul         Dugin               1
Richardstown   John         Duigin              1
Muerety        James        Dwyer               1
Carrick        Donnough     Dwyre               1
Muerety        Walter       Elmer               2
Carrick        James        English             2 and a forge
Carrick        John         Faker               2
Carrick        John         Fitzmurray          1
Carrick        John         Fline               1
Carrick        Donough      Flynn               1
Butlerstown    Dermot       Funell              1
Carrick        Thomas       Gaule               1
Curraghdobbin  William      Gonigh              1
Muerety        Morris       Guise               1
Carrick        William      Hackett             1
Ballynecloony  Philip       Hanyn               1
Ballynecloony  Richard      Hanyne              1
Carrick        James        Hartrey             1
Carrick        William      Headin              3
Butlerstown    Brennen      Helane              1
Carrick        William      Hennard             2
Muerety        David        Hennessy            1
Carrick        Marcus       Henrahan            1
Carrick        Teig         Hickey              1
Ballynecloony  Richard      Hogan               1
Figlassy       William      Hogan               1
Richardstown   Bryan        Hogane              2
Carrick        Teige        Kealy               1
Carrick        Thomas       Kealy               1
Mologh         Donogh       Kelly               1
Contagh        William      Kenna               1
Lisdobur       Philip       Kennedy             1
Carrick        Phillip      Kennedy             1
Carrick        William      Kennedy             3
Carrick        Thomas       Kerwicke            1
Muerety        Nicholas     Knaron              1
Butlerstown    Edmund       Laffan              1
Ballynoran     William      Leahy               1
Carrick        James        Linch               2 an oven and a kiln
Carrick        Peter        Linch               1
Mainstown      Morrish      Linchey             1
Carrick        Michael      Lynch               1
Carrick        David        Magher              1
Carrick        Daniel       Maher               1
Carrick        Morish       Mahony              1
Ballynecloony  Ellen        Mahoony             1
Muerety        John         Mahoony             1
Lisdobur       William      Mahoony             1
Butlerstown    Edmund       Mandeville          2
Curraghdobbin  Thomas       Mandeville          2
Carrick        Edmd.        McCleare.           1
Carrick        Thomas       McDanniell          1
Figlassy       Nicholas     McDavid             1
Richardstown   William      McDavid             1
Ballynoran     Morris       McEdmund            1
Ballythomas    Thomas       McEdmund            1
Carrick        William      McEdmund            1
Carrick        John         McGarth    junior   1
Carrick        Thomas       McGarth             1
Contagh        Thomas       McGarth             2
Balynemony     Thomas       McGarth             1
Carrick        John         McGrath    junior   1
Figlassy       James        McJohn              1
Mainstown      William      McJohn              1
Carrick        Robert       McTeige             1
Butlerstown    Morish       McThomas            1
Lisdobur       Thomas       McWalter            1
Figlassy       Richard      McWilliam           1
Carrick        James        Meagher             1
Lisdobur       Brian        Meane               1
Lisdobur       Philip       Meane               1
Butlerstown    Teig         Micane              1
Carrick        Peter        Milward             3
Curraghdobbin  John         Morris              1
Figlassy       Dermot       Morrish             1
Carrick        James        Mortimer            1
Carrick        Thomas       Mortimer            1
Contagh        Darby        Murphy              1
Contagh        John         Murphy              1
Figlassy       David        Neale               1
Richardstown   Dermot       Neale               1
Carrick        James        Neale      junior   1
Carrick        James        Neale      junior   3
Figlassy       John         Neale               2
Mainstown      John         Neale               1
Mainstown      Pierce       Neale               2
Carrick        Thomas       Neale               3
Mainstown      Thomas       Neale               1
Carrick        Walter       Neale               3
Lisdobur       William      Neale.              1
Carrick        John         O'Fyne              1
Carrick        James        Paton               1
Carrick        John         Pendergrast         1
Muerety        John         Phelan              1
Muerety        Mologh       Phelan              1
Balynemony     John         Phelane             1
Carrick        John         Pill                1
Carrick        Walter       Pollane             1
Carrick        John         Potter              1
Butlerstown    John         Power               1
Curraghdobbin  Morris       Power               1
Mologh         Patrick      Quean               1
Carrick        Kenedy       Quin                2
Figlassy       John         Quine               1
Ardcollum      Thomas        Quoan              2
Carrick        Thomas       Reyly               1
Balynemony     Nicholas     Roche               2
Carrick        William      Ryan                1
Carrick        Michael      Samott              3
Lisdobur       Daniel       Sexton              1
Ballyneale     William      Sexton.             1
Ballyneale     John         Shaw                5
Figlassy       John         Shea                1
Ballynecloony  Thomas       Shea                1
Richardstown   William      Shea                1
Carrick        Thomas       Shephard            3
Ballythomas    Moris        Shulavan            1
Carrick        John         Slane               1
Carrick        Thomas       Stasie              1
Carrick        Katherine    Sutton              5
Contagh        Francis      Thomas              1
Ballythomas    Edmund       Tobin               1
Balynemony     John         Twohy               1
Curraghdobbin  Peter        Wall                1
Carrick        Walter       Wallice             3
Curraghdobbin  Lewis        Walsh               1
Ballynecloony  William      Webstere            1
Carrick        Edmund       Wedner              1
Lisdobur       John         Welch               1
Ballynecloony  James        Welsh               1
Carrick        Thomas       Welsh               1
Carrick        Morish       Whelahan            1
Carrick        Richard      White               1
Carrick        David        Woodlock            1