French Huguenot Sources

The Parliament of Ireland in 1674 passed an Act granting letters of naturalization to Protestant refugees predominantly from France who were known as Huguenots. Colonies were established in Dublin, Kilkenny, Portarlington, Waterford, Cork and Lisburn, and they started the manufacture of silk, gloves, lace, cloth, and linen.

Examples of Hugenot surnames are:

Barre, Blacquiere, Boileau, Chaigneau, Du Bedat, Champion, Chenevix, Corcellis, Crommelin, Delacherois, Drelincourt, Dubourdieu, Du Cros, Fleury, Gaussen, Logier, Guerin, Hazard (Hassard), La Touche, Le Fevre, Lefroy, Lefanu, Maturin, Perrin, Saurin, Trench, Des Vignolles.


Huguenot Surnames

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