Human Rights Law and Resources

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
European Convention on Human Rights
Chather of Fundamental Rights - European Union
Human Rights Act 1998 (UK)
Constitution of Ireland
Good Friday Agreement

Human Rights Commission
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Irish Council for Civil Liberties
Committee on the Administration of Justice
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Amnesty International

Data base of the case law of the European Convention of Human Rights
The United Nations Human Rights Treaties
International Human Rights Law - SOSIG
Human Rights Library (U. of Minnesota
UK Gov
British Council Human Rights Network
Human Rights Unit (NI)

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Human Rights Centre QUB
Irish Centre for Human Rights (NUIG)
Scottish Human Rights Trust
Human Rights Lawyers Association

Center for International and Comparative Human Rights
Human & Constitutional Rights Colombia Law School
Women's Human Rights Resources University of Toronto
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
Human Rights Internet
Human Rights International Homepage

Organisations promoting civil liberties online

American Civil Liberties Union
Electronic Frontiers Australia
Center for Democracy and Technology
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Cyber Rights and Cyber Liberties (UK)
Derechos Human Rights

Electronic Frontiers Canada
Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA)
Electronic Frontier Ireland
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Free Expression Network
Global Internet Liberty Campaign

Human Rights Watch
Internet Freedom
Internet Free Expression Alliance
Index on Censorship
Feminists against Censorship
Imaginons un Réseau Internet Solidaire (IRIS)

Reporters sans Frontières
Peacefire Organisation
Privacy International
Kriptopolis (Spain)
Internet Society

Irish Law

Maintained by Sean E. Quinn, Lecturer in Law, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Co. Donegal, Ireland.