Other repositories of records

Registry of Deeds

The Royal Irish Academy

The Royal Irish Academy is located at 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2. Telephone : 6762570, 6764222, 6761642. The Academy was founded in 1785, by a royal charter of George III, as a society for "promoting the study of science, polite literature and antiquities" and immediately set to work publishing scholarly papers, amassing a library, taking innovative steps such as the establishment of a country-wide network of meteorological observatories, and offering awards for learned essays to encourage intellectual activity.

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It is open Monday to Friday from 9.30 a. m. to 5.30 p. m.. The Academy was established by royal charter in 1786. The library has amongst its collection the largest and most ancient genealogical manuscript collections, together with seventeenth century government records and much other miscellaneous genealogical source material in Ireland.

The Linen Hall Library

The Linen Hall Library is located at 17 Donegal Square North, Belfast BT1 5GD.

Telephone (01232) 321707; Fax (01232) 438586.

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It is open from 9.30 a. m. to 5.30 p. m. (closing at 4.00 p. m. Saturday). This library was founded in 1788 and has a very good local studies collection.

Irish Land Commission

The Records Branch of the Irish Land Commission is located in Bishop Street, Dublin 8. Telephone 4750766. The documents in the Land Commission have been catalogued on a barony basis by estates. This catalogue as referred to above is available for inspection in the National Library of Ireland. The documentation concerns estates acquired under the various land acts and consists mostly of : Abstract of Title, Description of Estates, Inspectors Report, Surveyors Report and schedule of Tenancies.

Land Valuation Office

The Valuation Office is located at Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.

Telephone : 00 353 (0)1 817 1000 (Fax 817 1180)

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Irish Roots Article

It is open Monday to Friday 9.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m. (closed for lunch 12.30 p. m. to 2 p. m.). This office has the Primary Valuation for the twenty-six counties with accompanying maps. It has records of valuation since 1852, showing occupiers of property.

Representative Church Body Library

This is located at Braemor Park, Rathgar, Dublin 6.

Telephone : 00 353 (0)1 492 3979; Fax 4924770.

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It is open from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p. m. (closed for lunch 1 p. m. to 1.45 p. m.), Monday to Friday. This library has a wealth of documents relating to every diocese in Ireland. Some transcripts of records deposited in the National Archives.

The Presbyterian Historical Society Library

The Presbyterian Historical Society Library is located at Church House (Room 218), Fisherwick Place, Belfast, BT1 6DW.

Telephone (0232) 323936.

The library is open from 10 a. m. to 12.30 p. m. Monday to Friday and also on Wednesday from 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.. This Library contains much manuscript material concerning Presbyterian families.

The library has baptismal and marriage records of Presbyterian Churches in Ireland, many of these are on microfilm here and in the Public Records Office Belfast, The Library has three card indexes : one is for published sources, the second is for manuscript sources and the third is for church registers. There is a file of family records in the form of brief biographical and genealogical notes compiled in the course of various searches. Among the sources in the Library are : The Heartmoney Rolls 1663-69 for the counties of Antrim, part of Armagh, Derry, Tyrone and the Subsidy Roll of County Down; the 1774 Householder's list; the 1766 Religious Census; the 1775 Petitions of Dissenters. The index to the church registers 367 congregations throughout Ireland.

The Irish Manuscripts Commission has published a Guide to Irish Quaker Records (1967), Part II of which lists documents available in this library.

There is also a library located at : Friends Meeting House, Railway Street, Lisburn, Co Antrim, which library has records dating from 1673.

Dublin Local Studies Collection / The Gilbert Library

This Library (which is part of the Dublin Public Libraries) is located above Pearce Street Public Library, Pearce Street, Dublin. Telephone (01) 6777662. NOTE closed for renovation until Autumn 2001.

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It is open Monday to Friday (10 am to 1 pm, 2.15pm to 5.30, closing at 5 pm on Friday), and Saturday (10 am to 1 pm, 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm).

Amongst the sources for family history here are :

Griffith�s Valuation - microfiche

Tithe Applotment Books - microfilm

Ordance Survey first edition 6-inch maps -

Ordnance Survey Letters of John O�Donovan

Census Returns 1901 for Dublin - microfilm

Church of Irieland Parish Registers for Dublin - microfilm

The Famine Immigrants 1846-1851

Memorial Records (The Great War)

Index to wills.

The Family History Library

The Family History Library is located at 35 North West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah (UT 84150) in the United States. It has been established by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The library has three major collections of previous research that has been already done by others :

Family group records collection This consists of millions of forms with information on families all over the World. The information has been submitted by users of the library and has not been verified.

International Genealogical Index (I.G.I.) This is an index of the names of persons with details of baptisms and marriage, it is compiled predominantly from parish registers and is a convenient way to prepare for searching parish registers.

Family histories The library has thousand of family histories. Some of these are books and some are microfilm or microfiche copies.

The record for the British Isles are on the third floor and the staff are very helpful and very professional. A visit to this library by a genealogist is well worth the trek to Utah. There are Family History Centres throughout the world which are branches of the library. Most are located in meetinghouses of churches and all persons irrespective of religious affiliation are welcome to use the centres. Volunteers will help you use the resources at each centre.

A person can do a great deal of genealogical research at theses centres by requesting copies of records from the Family History Library. Most records are on microfilm or microfiche and can be loaned to a centre for a reasonable fee. The centres are not able to respond to postal inquiries.

Latter Day Saints Library Dublin

The L. D. S. Genealogical Library in Dublin is located at the rear of the Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints at Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. Telephone (01) 8309960.

Open at various times Wednesday, Friday (evenings) and Sunday (mornings).

This Library has on microfilm the indices for births, marriage and death from 1845/1864 to 1921 for the whole of Ireland and to 1959 for the twenty-six counties. In addition the L D S Library has on microfilm actual registers for the 1800�s.

This library has the I.G.I. on microfiche.

Latter Day Saints Library Belfast

The L. D. S. Genealogical Library in Belfast is located at the rear of the Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints at 403 Holywood Road, Belfast. Telephone : 00 44 028 9076 8250 / (01232) 643998.

It is open on Wednesday evenings.

This library has on microfiche : The Genealogical Library Catalogue, which lists the complete holdings of the Family Library in Salt Lake City. The International Genealogical Index referred to above. The indices for births, marriage and death from 1845/1864 to 1921 for the whole of Ireland and to 1959 for the six counties. In addition the L.D.S. Library has on microfilm the actual registers for births and deaths to 1877 and for marriages to 1870. A few reference books and guides are also available for consultation.

Other L.D.S. Libraries :

Scarsfield Road, Wilton, Cork. Telephone 00 353 (0)1 341 737.

Doradoyle Road, Limerick.

Racecourse Road, Belmont Estate, Derry (building work in progress at the moment).

Family Records Centre (FRC), London

The General Register Office for England and Wales is based in Southport (Telephone 00 44 1704 569824). There is a FRC (shared with the Public Records Office) located at St. Catherine's House, 10 Kingsway, London WC2B 6JP, where a person can go through the indexes without fee. Telephone 00 44 151 471 4800.

Website : www.statistics.gov.uk/nsbase/registration/certificates.asp

Open from 8.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m. Monday to Friday.

General Register Office for Scotland

This is located at New Register House, Edinburgh EH1 3 YT.

Website : wood.ccta.gov.uk/grosweb/grosweb.nsf & www.origins.net.

Telephone 00 44 131 334 0380. Open 9.30 a. m. to 4.30 p. m. Monday to Thursday, closing at 4 p. m. on Friday.