Parish Registers of the Churches

The parish registers of the various religious denominations take on an added importance, for the period prior to 1864 or 1845 (as the case may be) because civil registration began so late in Ireland.

The parish registers in Ireland are circumscribed by the restrictions imposed on the Catholic Church in penal times and by the loss of many Church of Ireland registers in 1922.

The repositories where the parish registers may be consulted are considered later. The repositories have on open access: details of the parish registers that they have available for consultation.

There is on microfiche and available for consultation in the LDS (Mormon) libraries the International Genealogical Index (I.G.I.). It is compiled predominantly from parish registers and is a convenient way to prepare for searching parish registers.

In recent years there have been a number of youth employment schemes, which have resulted in parish registers being computerized at a local level. It follows therefore, where a person has exhausted the central repositories in a genealogical search, enquiries should then be made at a local level.

When searching through the Catholic Parish Registers in particular, it will be noticed that Latin is often used.

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Catholic Church

Church of Ireland

Presbyterian Church


Mayo (part of)-Marriages

With the information obtained from the Baptism, Burial and Marriage entries you may now have got back a further generation.

The mode of inquiry should be as illustrated previously in the case of the civil records.

The Primary Valuation of Tenements and Tithe Applotment Composition Books will now add to the information already obtained and they should now be considered.