Murray, ó Muireadhaigh, ó Muirí A Gaelic surname meaning descendant of Muireadhach, which personal name may have meant ‘a lord, a master’, it was a popular early Irish name. A sept of the Uí Mhaine in Mayo and Roscommon, a great-great grandfather of mine was Patrick Murray a cobbler from Westport. A sept in Cork. A sept in Westmeath. Mac Muireadhaigh (MacMurray) of Donegal. Also a Scottish name, where in 1990 it was the twelfth most numerous name. Of territorial origin from the province of Moray. In east Ulster the name would be of Scottish origin. MacMuireadhaigh; which is Mac Murray of Galloway. The English surname may be from the Middle English murie meaning ‘merry’. In Ireland in 1890 Murray was the eighteenth most numerous surname, the estimated number of bearers was 19,600, and it was to be found in every county. It was principally to be found in Dublin, Antrim, Cork, Down, Galway and Mayo. In the United States Murray is the 122nd most numerous surname with an estimated 203,500 bearers, and it is numerous in the state of Delaware, In England and Wales in 1996 it was the 98th most numerous surname. In Scotland in 1995 it was the 12th most numerous surname.