Murtagh, ó Muircheartaigh A Gaelic surname, a sept of Meath, meaning descendant of Muircheartach meaning ‘expert navigator’. In addition there were other septs. In 1890 Murtagh was numerous in Westmeath, it was also to be found in Dublin and Sligo. The estimated number of bearers was 2,956 (including variants). Nagle, de Angulo A surname of Norman origin, meaning ‘at the angle or corner, from residence thereat’. Gilbert de Angulo was one of the earliest invadors. They were granted lands in Meath and became barons of Navan. Branches of the family settled elsewhere. Woulfe suggests that Mac an óglaoic (son of the soldier), a sept of Sligo who were erenaghs of the church of Killery, near Lough Gill, is so anglicised. In 1890 Nagle was principally found in Cork, and the estimated number of bearers was 1,750. In the United States it is the 2,931st most numerous surname with an estimated 11,000 bearers.