de Nugent, Nugent, Gilsenan, MacGiollaSeanáin A surname of Norman origin (from a place called Nogent in France). Gilbert de Nugent was made Baron of Devlin by Hugh de Lacy, and in 1621 Richard Nugent became Earl of Westmeath. An English family called Nugent from Winchester settled in Cork, they became the Uinnseadún (Mag Uinseannáin) sept whose chief lived at Aghavarten Castle near Carrigaline. The Gaelic sept MacGiollSeanáin of Meath and Cavan more often anglicised as Gilsenan has also been anglicised as Nugent. In 1890 Nugent was principally found in Armagh, Dublin, Cork, Tipperary and Tyrone, and the estimated number of bearers was 3,360. In the United States Nugent is the 2,233rd most numerous surname with an estimated 16,500 bearers.