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Advice to Beginners

Personal Observations

In my opinion, if you now have, or think you may ever have, an interest in your family history, talk to your older relatives. NOW! Don't wait, they won't be around forever. Get their stories.

Secondly, keep track from the very beginning of where you got every little bit of information. If you don't, you may end up retracing your steps, or scratching your head and wondering just where that date or this place came from. Save yourself some trouble, and start out documenting your sources from the very beginning.

The Importance of Documentation

In addition, do not expect to be able to find all the resources you need to research your family available on the Internet. While more and more information is becoming available online every day (some of it for a fee), the vast majority of genealogy sources still need to be tracked down in more traditional research venues: homes, libraries, courthouses, etc.

Where to Start

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