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Figuring out relationships between two people can be extremely confusing, but the chart below should help.

For more information see Cyndi's List: Cousins and Kinship.

How it works

Step 1: On the top row, find the relationship of one person to the common ancestor. Follow the column straight down.

Step 2: On the left hand column, find the second person's relationship to the common ancestor. Follow that row straight across.

The relationship will be found where the row and column intersect.

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
0 CA Ch GCh GGCh 2GGCh 3GGCh 4GGCh 5GGCh 6GGCh 7GGCh 8GGCh 9GGCh 10GGCh
2 GCh N 1C 1C1R 1C2R 1C3R 1C4R 1C5R 1C6R 1C7R 1C8R 1C9R 1C10R
3 GGCh GN 1C1R 2C 2C1R 2C2R 2C3R 2C4R 2C5R 2C6R 2C7R 2C8R 2C9R
4 2GGCh GGN 1C2R 2C1R 3C 3C1R 3C2R 3C3R 3C4R 3C5R 3C6R 3C7R 3C8R
5 3GGCh 2GGN 1C3R 2C2R 3C1R 4C 4C1R 4C2R 4C3R 4C4R 4C5R 4C6R 4C7R
6 4GGCh 3GGN 1C4R 2C3R 3C2R 4C1R 5C 5C1R 5C2R 5C3R 5C4R 5C5R 5C6R
7 5GGCh 4GGN 1C5R 2C4R 3C3R 4C2R 5C1R 6C 6C1R 6C2R 6C3R 6C4R 6C5R
8 6GGCh 5GGN 1C6R 2C5R 3C4R 4C3R 5C2R 6C1R 7C 7C1R 7C2R 7C3R 7C4R
9 7GGCh 6GGN 1C7R 2C6R 3C5R 4C4R 5C3R 6C2R 7C1R 8C 8C1R 8C2R 8C3R
10 8GGCh 7GGN 1C8R 2C7R 3C6R 4C5R 5C4R 6C3R 7C2R 8C1R 9C 9C1R 9C2R
11 9GGCh 8GGN 1C9R 2C8R 3C7R 4C6R 5C5R 6C4R 7C3R 8C2R 9C1R 10C 10C1R
12 10GGCh 9GGN 1C10R 2C9R 3C8R 4C7R 5C6R 6C5R 7C4R 8C3R 9C2R 10C1R 11C


GG = GreatGrand
N = Niece or Nephew
R = Number of times removed
S = Sibling
Ch = Child
C = Cousin
CA = Common Ancestor
G = Grand
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